Summer Squad Bashes

June is approaching and with it comes the squad being able to hang out again. But, we don’t want just us. We want to expand this shit. Have some get togethers, meet some other awesome local stoners like ourselves. We are gonna have smoke seshs, parties, nature blunt hikes, camping, drive-in theater groups, and other stuff my imagination hasn’t even thought of dragging into reality yet.

Before we can do that, we need to figure out who even wants to get in on it. Additionally, we want to be comfortable with you and that’s where this post comes in.

Reply to this, like this, reblog it, honestly idgaf, just make it apparent to us you’re interested in this stuff.

We are going to digest what we get and go from there. We really want to hang out with you guys and we are so excited to see what this summer brings.

Make yourself familiar to thceattle, wouldyougowithmee, spicer-and-rice, and myself to pop up on our radar. This summer is going to be bomb af, who is interested?