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parts from the album FOUR where harry and louis’ solos fit together pretty darn well (harry left ear louis right)

  1. ready to run
  2. 18
  3. fools gold
  4. fireproof
  5. stockholme syndrome
  6. illusion 
  7. once in a lifetime 
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“Lady Melisandre wore no crown, but every man there knew that she was Stannis Baratheon’s real queen.”

(late) Inuvember AU Week ➸ (Game of Thrones, Stannis Baratheon & The Red Melisandre ➸ ft. Sesshomaru and Kikyo)

*Dedicated to my most amazingly brilliant some kind of wonderful overseas queen @magical-campanula <3 *

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Invisible + Rain
5 Seconds of Summer
Invisible + Rain

I just thought this song would sound v nice with rain in the background, so just close your eyes and listen to it :’)

  • works better with earphones / headphones
  • please do not remove credit / repost without credit or i will hunt u down
  • full original song credits to 5sos + anyone else involved in the song writing process

masterlist | request

24 genji icons for anon- all 110x110px! mostly the young genji and default skins, but there’s also two extra icons (+ bg recolors) with the sparrow and carbon fiber skins. 

credit isn’t necessary, but it is appreciated! please do not use these icons as a base for your own editing purposes.

you can find all of the icons on imgur.