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How do u feel about Lena dragging Monel so hard that he's never coming back to the show lol

How do you feel about Kara telling Mon-El she loves him and giving him the one thing that reminds her of Krypton and her FAMILY - that necklace? MUAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAH REST IN PEACE, SUPERCORPSES.

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yall cant act like sana ignoring ramadan and its rules isnt ooc sana who loves her religion and has mentioned how crucial it is to her like this revenge plot is putting me to sleep but you know what would have been better? her turning to her religion when she felt lost and alone and finding comfort in her gods and the customs of islam like idc about the fact that skam is supposed to be all about drama sana has made this mistake before it's unrealistic to think that she didnt learn from it

ROOM FOR RUBY: leg room

ALRIGHT so i talked about this ealier today but i wanted to wirte out my own personal take on the latest su episode coming out. i know what its about and while it aint what i wanted it seems like it will be good. wont know till it comes out. but until then i was thinking more about my own personal theroy on what the epsiode would be about. and i was pretty dang close tbh. i started thinking about it more and actually wanted to flesh it out more. so i thought and drew up some fake story boards and made my own version of this epiosde. 

leg room. 

it would start the same as how the actual episode starts. but instead of one comet theres all the rubys crashing towards earth. the closet one landing is near the gems house instead right infront of their house. 

the comet crashes and steven and the others race over to the crash to see what it was that crashed .

once they find the crash site they see and find


leggy has crashed on earth and just starts to get up. the gems and steven would be hiding watching her for a bit. garnet says they should bubble her. going on to saying shes dangours . and i can see futures that she would rather not see happen. steven says no tho and wants to try and talk to her first. saying maybe she will be nice.and understanding

leggy runs away. 

they try to stop her but as soon as she saw them she run to the nearest tall grass and got away. steven would then proceed to spend the rest of the night chaseing after her with the other gems. garnet would know where shes heading but wouldnt have enough time to see into the future to till where shes going exactly without her getting away. they keep up this chase with leggy mangaing to stay out of site and losing them. 

as leggy would get more and more away from them she would be making her way to the barn. she eventually gets there and starts looking for her ship. its right in front of the barn so she quickly opens the door and runs in. she would run up to the control panel and start trying to fly the ship away. but she quickly remembers she dosnt know how to fly it solo. she just starts mashing the buttons frantically trying to get it to start. making all that noise gets lapis attention and lapis quickly finds her in the ship

she then in a moment of brilliance jumps out the window and falls on the ground. she then runs back into the fileds trying to lose lapis but not being able to shake her with her being able to fly and all. she quickly catchs her and grabs her with her water powers and starts demanding answers. like why shes back on earth and what she was doing at her home. but before she can ask more ruby starts screaming like shes panicking. begging her to let her go while tearing up 

lapis is going to ask why but ruby wont let her get a word in still screaming to the top of her lungs. she gently drops her down and leggy quickly grabs hold of her legs and slowly rocks back and forth crying. lapis gives a akward *aaaaaaaaaare you ok???* ruby shouts * IM NOT OK. NOTING IS OK* she goes on to explain how this is all to much. she was just meant to come here to get someone but everything went wrong. that she was only made a few weeks ago and dosnt know how to handle any of this. and then she goes on about how steven and the gems kept hurting her. they lied to her. tricked her. hurt her . and now shes all alone on this planet she dosnt even know. at this point you cant understand her becuase of loud crying/gasping at air. 

lapis would feel bad for her. she kneels down and says she understands. she was lied to before and tricked to. and the gems hurt to before. they poofed me and locked me away from everyone i knew. i was alone for a very long time. 

leggy stops crying for a momment and looks at lapis. lapis says she is sorry for trying to hurt her and says she wont anymore. and promises not to let anyone hurt her any more ethier. ruby would ask how she can trust her. lapis would pause for a momment and say you cant. i wouldnt blame you if you never trusted me or anyone on this planet. but one someone lies to you you gotta look for the ones that are honest to you. . would you be willing to see if im one of those people

ruby takes a momment to answer. and gives a quick nod with eyes full of more tears and hugs her. she would awkwardly pap her head. lapis would ask her what do you want to do now. ruby would think and answer i gotta find the other rubys. they fell down here to we gotta find them. lapis says ok but thats going to take some time. were going to need the gems and stevens help. ruby says no and looks like shes going to panic again but lapis promises her they wont hurt her again. and they wont trick her ethier. not with me on your side at least. they lie to me ill take all the worlds water….again. 

lapis comes back to the barn with ruby clenching her dress and hiding behind it. perdot comes home with pumpkin saying *noting like a midnight walk in the cold wasteland that is beach city* or something like that lol. 

she notices the ruby and asks what shes doing here. and why is so stuck to your lower half. leggy looks away shly. 

lapis says she will tell her later. she asks her to call up steven and the others but they already are there. garnet coming out from behind the barn like *howdey* 

lapis asks why they were there the whole time and garnet says yep. i saw what would happen if you talked with feety *steven: leggy* leggy right. and that was the best possible out come. us talking to her would have done no good. steven says hey and aproachs leggy but leggy makes a scared noise and hides burrys her face int lapiss dress. lapis paps her head and and moves slighty to hide her more and lapis gives a slight nod of no to steven. 

lapis says we need to go find the other rubys. i promised leggy here and we gotta do it. 

leggy: whats a leggy.

steven would say b but we dont even know where to look. and even with garnets future vision it will take her a long time to find a out come in tthe future where she  finds them all let alone all of them. . it could take weeks. 

lapis says she dosnt care and we gotta. leggy would look up at her with star eyes. 

steven says . alright. and looks at leggy. and says i know we tricked you before. and i understand if you dont trust us right now. but we would want to help. we will find the other rubys i promise. leggy gives a slight look before hiding her face  again. it would show lapises face and she says. welcome to the barn. and it the episode would end


and thats about it. a whole frekin fan episode i came up with lol. 

this is bascally what i really want from the next epsiode or just a future episode. just the gems earning the trust of other gems and having to work hard to get them to join. i know theres a high chance something like this will never happen but i can dream. this was alot of fun to write and draw for. *excuse the sketchy art tho*

i really like the idea of leggy becomeing a memeber of the gems. i feel her becoming one feels the most likely and least forced. since she is the youngest gem and is still learning things. hell she could even learn how to use her gem powers from steven at one point. i thought alot about this and almost want this to be a full on au. like what would keep happening in these future fake epsiodes. like leggy asking way steven come back to save them. or what happend to jasper. and even starts learning from peridot  and becomeing smarter. like just imgine peridot teaching leggy all sorts of things about earth and gem stuff like tech and things. 

and i also like to think she learns fast about her powers and even at points figures out crazy powers that other rubys cant even tho. like i love the idea of her learning how to fly. like shooting flames out of her feets

yeah i fucking drew those things sue me LOL. i just had all these ideas and wanted to share them. i hope you were at least somewhat entertained by my crazy ramblings.qwq

i can rip you apart with my teeth

i can tear your skin off with my claws and burn you with my gaze

but oh, i could never hurt you.

i can draw blood with a single nail

i can bite and scratch and scream bloody murder while you die

but oh, i could never hurt you.

i can sink my fangs into your neck

i can pull you apart, dismember you with ease until there’s nothing left of you

but red

but oh, i could never hurt you.

you could cast me aside

you could break my heart and fear the monster that is me

you could run away screaming, and i wouldnt chase you.

i wouldnt blame you.

i would let you go.

but you promised you wouldnt. because you love me.

and i love you.

so i will rip apart those who hurt you, and tear their skin off with my teeth.

i will burn them with my gaze and sink my fangs into their neck

i will pull them apart, limb by limb until they are nothing

but red

because oh, no-one is allowed to hurt you.

A!!!!!!!!! I’ve missed you so much !!!!! How are you??????? We used to be so close with Jessica and we started the clotpoles network bc of our urls!!!!! We haven’t talked in a really long time but you were always so so so so so kind and i rlly loved u The Most out of all the Merlin blogs !!!! ur fics were always A+ and i loved reading them ! The Raven??? still to this day once of my Favs !!!!!!! i  miss u so much ahhhhhh 😩

Send me a 💗 and i’ll compliment you 


One Day & Thank You

Hey you guys…

So my (new) tumblr finally turned 1! 

Honestly, there are still times where I want to delete because people havent been too thrilled that I’m back. 

I also felt like I have to prove to people that I’m not a bad person. But then I realized..for what? 

People will always try to create negative energy in different ways.  But like Jackson said dont let the negative energy get to you.. Jackson should be a motivation speaker…lol

But I realized in life people are not going to like you when you have your own opinions and dont follow the norm.

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this is just a little note about the closet, in light of recent events in this fandom.

it’s hard to put this into words, but I feel that there are people who need to hear this reiterated by as many people as possible, because so many people just don’t get it. i’m gonna be super candid and honest here, which sounds absurd because few people in real life would get to hear this kind of stuff from me, but for those of you who are heterosexual and don’t quite understand… here are a few of my thoughts. Note I am just one person and not everyone’s experiences are the same at all so you may find your experiences differ and that’s okay! :) :)

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my mom looked at michael during the bbmas and said " he looks like the boy that all parents cringe at when they see their daughter bring him home. and they say that they never want you to see him again, but you sneak out of the house to be with him anways. and just to let you know, if you snuck out of the house to see him, i wouldnt blame you. like, damn"

i love your mum