one (1) stinkie on the house

  • Yang: *Yang walked into the office of her wife who is hard at work despite it being so late at night.* Hey Blakey. Time for bed.
  • Blake: Uh-huh. Just give me a few minutes. *Blake mutter, typing at her computer without even looking from the screen.*
  • Yang: Sigh, Really Blake?
  • Blake: *Blake's ears perked up as she paused for a moment raise her head to see her wife in her pj's crossing her arms.* What?
  • Yang: You are doing it again.
  • Blake: Doing what?
  • Yang: *Yang sighed loudly, rolling her eyes as she walks over to the deck Blake sat at.* You are over working yourself again with the White Fang. Again.
  • Blake: What? No I'm not. *Blake frowned.*
  • Yang: Yeah. You are. *Yang corrected, taking a seat on Blake's desk Watching her wife checking her body out.*
  • Blake: Sigh, Yang. *Blake started, shaking her head slightly to regain her focus.* I have an important document I have to go for my dad about the new Faunus human worker's rights in Atlas. I'll be with you in bed once I'm done. I promises. *Blake said as she began to type once more which was halted by Yang hopping off the desk and turning her chair towards her blonde wife.* Hey.
  • Yang: But you said that for the past four night, kitten. Most of which you didn't come to bed till four in the morning, getting only an hour of sleep or didn't at all. Plus last night you didn't at all. You fell asleep right here. *Yang reminded Blake as she leaned down to eye level with the cat faunus.*
  • Blake: *Blake quietly gulped and a glance down Yang's loose top reveal much like must nights they slept Yang wore nothing underneath.* I lost track of time is all.
  • Yang: Yeah I know. That's why I came in here to save my beautiful wife from her workaholic self. *Yang smiled placing her hand on her chest as she took a dramatic pose.*
  • Blake: Heh, What's that suppose to mean? *Blake smiled back at her wife's goofiness.*
  • Yang: What time is it?
  • Blake: *Blake Raised an eyebrow and turned her head to the clock.* Uh, It's like nine sommmmmmmmmmmmmmmfuck. *She curse not realizing that is was nearly one o'clock in the morning.*
  • Yang: *As Blake groaned, massaging her tired eyes, Yang took this opportunity to take a mount herself in Blake's lap facing here as she wraps her arms around her shoulders and giving her wife a kiss.* I know that it is important to you that after all of your hard work of taking back the White Fang and actually making great headway on equal right for Faunus. I know you want to help out you dad and mom as much as you can and I will help in every way I can. But you have to slow down. I love you and hate to see you work yourself to death. *Yang smiled, kissing Blake softly as the cat Faunus places her hands on Yang's hips, leaning forward to deepen the kiss.*
  • Blake: Hehehe, okay. Okay. You made your point, babe. I'll call it a night and We'll go to bed. *She laughed as Yang kissed her cat ear as she saved her work and turned off her computer.*
  • Yang: Yay. My kitty is getting a full night sleep tomorrow!. *Yang cheers throwing up hands briefly before Kiss Blake again.*
  • Blake: Yes Ye-Wait? Tomorrow? Why not... to... *Blake questioned until Yang removed her top.*
  • Yang: Well. *Yang smirked* It's already late. May as well stay up and have fun. Wouldn't you agree? *Yang asked slowly removing Blake's shirt.*
  • Blake: I wasn't tired anyway. *Blake smiled as she picked Yang to move themselves to a more comfortable lace to have their fun.*
  • ~Two days later~
  • Kali: So How are my girls?
  • Yang: We're great. Blake is sleeping now.
  • Kali: And the advise I gave you?
  • Yang: Works like a charm.
  • Kali: Hahaha. Like Father like daughter.

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Remember how Katara rejected Aang's kiss, yeah well I hate it when people say that she was confused because of the war and all that shit, like no she just didn't want to kiss some bald headed 12 year old lol, and in the kiss during the invasion episode too people keep saying "Katara blushed that means she likes him" nah lol that was an embarrassed blush wouldn't you agree, not a blush that showed she liked him, Kataang is so sorry lol 😂 but they do win with the last kiss can't argue much there.

1) Read this post by @araeph the showcases the dialogue between Zuko and Katara and Aang and Katara prior to the finale. You’ll see Zutara developing into something natural and mutual, while Kataang falls apart into nothing more than arguments about Aang’s training, Ozai, and the kiss before the invasion. 

2) Aang literally exploded on Katara in Love is a Battlefield, so if that’s the kind of relationship Bryke want for her, than okay… you’ve won Most Abusive Ship of the Year (congrats on beating out Maiko, it’s hard to do, but you did it!!!). Aang behaves like the kind of boyfriend who won’t hurt you, but he’ll punch the walls and smash the dishes to show just how much he could hurt you. 

3) Prior to that kiss in the finale, Aang and Katara hadn’t talked at all… not since the Ember Island Players when he snapped at her for not focusing on their relationship and forced a kiss on her. She said she was confused about their relationship’s status and that she wasn’t ready. That position was never resolved. All we got between that argument was Aang beating Ozai on sheer dumb luck alone and Katara making googly eyes at him as soon as Zuko says the ‘real hero is the Avatar,’ because Bryke needed to stroke their Hero Always Gets The Girl egos. That was literally it. That’s the only reason Aang ended up with Katara— Bryke couldn’t stand the hero winning nothing at the end. 

4) When they kissed again, there was still no discussion about where they stood, where they were going, or why Katara’s feelings were suddenly so different. Are we honestly supposed to believe she went from day to night just because he beat Ozai?! She literally cringed the last time he kissed her, but okay, Bryke, okay. 

So. No. They did not win. Kataang has won nothing ever. Except maybe the Most Contrived Relationship of the Year award.

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A tall, sleek persian sauntered over to the umbreon, head held high and tail swinging low and lazily behind her. "My, your markings are certainly striking. You say you inherited them from your mother? Any idea where she is now?" She sits down, curling her tail around her feet. "Do you two keep in touch? As a mother myself, I find family invaluable, wouldn't you agree?"

“Oh well, I actually don’t know where she is. She left me when I was very young, saying something about how hard it was to care for my brother without having to be extra careful about my silver coat…”

“I wish I knew where my brother was though. As for your question, since I really didn’t know my family, I wouldn’t really know how to answer that.” 


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The end of the episode was not so much Anne recognising her feelings than her being brave enough to apologise/clarify her stand to Gilbert. Wouldn't you agree? It's way too soon for her to like him that way and for her to confess. Neither of them are in love with each other but they seem to have a connection; Gilbert with his admiration for Anne as a smart, quirky girl, the likes of which he’s never met and Anne with her growing sympathy for his situation and remorse for how she's treated him.

They are definitely not in love. I think they both like each other, in the way 15 and 13 year olds like each other. Butterflies, affection, feelings that they maybe haven’t felt before. I mean, Anne doesn’t flee that kitchen after shrieking, “I’d be a terrible wife!” without some sort of feeling towards Gilbert. She’s clearly associating him as someone she might pair off with, one day. I don’t think she was in any way going to confess feelings to him at the end of the episode. I think she was just going to say she was sorry, just simply apologize. I think you’re right though, they have an obvious connection and I think they both know it. What I like about this interpretation is that we don’t have to rely on Anne telling us how she feels about Gilbert Blythe and taking her word for it. I think what we’ve seen on the screen is likely what LMM imagined Gilbert and Anne’s early interactions in the book, but Anne was such an unreliable narrator when dealing with her feelings on anything she didn’t want to acknowledge that readers tend to think she actually hated Gilbert Blythe in the books. But yes, I think we’re on the same page with this.

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Okay okay okay, so Nagasa is always forced into a dress by karma, right?I think it's time for Nakamura and Asano to avenge Nagasa and put Karma in a dress with make up and everything. Wouldn't you agree?

Asano suffers the most from these Karma cross-dress asks. The sight is unbearable and nobody will ever let him live down the fact that he helped in getting him in those dresses.

(Yes, there will be more.)

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All lives matter, wouldn't you agree ?

Yes. I do agree. And the only people that don’t agree are the ones that feel the need to throw a blanket over a statement like “black lives matter” and cover it up with “all lives matter.” People who genuinely believe that all lives matter, truly care when black people are voicing our feelings on our oppression. If you agree that all lives matter, the statement “blacklivesmatter” wouldn’t bother you. Its not #OnlyBlackLivesMatter its #BlackLivesMatter. If you believe all lives matter, you’d want to work on why a large group of people are being treated like they don’t matter by their society, rather than silence them. If i say “pizza is edible” do you chime in with “but don’t you think all food is edible?” Do you reply with “whoa do you hate cheeseburgers?” No because you understand that liking one food isn’t tied to disliking another. Would you email Olive Garden and ask if they are anti Chinese food? Do you call burger King and ask why they dislike tacos? No. If “all lives matter” was a truly helpful movement it would have existed BEFORE black people started black lives matter. All lives do matter. And each group of lives has their own unique struggles. When people say “pray for Palestine” would you say “umm lets pray for everyone” when americans say “remember 9/11” are they dismissing Pearl Harbor? NO. So when a person says black lives matter. A statement inspired by the wrongful deaths of men women and children, and systematic treatment based on their skin color, and your initial reaction is to correct their statement, you have to examine yourself. You know who TRULY believe all lives matter? The non black people who support the blacklivesmatter movement. Being able to see past their privilege and help those oppressed because they care about ALL lives. You know who don’t really believe that all lives matter? Those who refuse to examine their own privilege, and silence the voices of the oppressed to form a movement that is more comfortable for themselves. So yes i do believe that all lives matter. And if you do, you’d work one the oppression of those being treated like they don’t rather than co-opt their movement.

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I feel like Akechi's haters are just screaming way louder than everyone else... I see a lot of people complaining about how everyone hates Akechi, but I rarely see actual hate. He even won the title of most popular. Wouldn't you agree that Akechi haters are the minority?

I don’t have statistics. But I do believe people who love Akechi will always have more power over those that hate him.

People who love characters:

- Will buy merchandise
- Will create fan content
- Will spread good word about the game
- Will buy the extra content for the game be it DLC or spin-offs if their favorite character is involved.

Those are always going to be much, much more valuable in the eyes of game developers. So, keep doing what you’re doing, because the haters have nothing.

I think one of my long term goals is gonna be learning how to pole dance. Why? I mean besides the obvious confidence boost, it’s literally such a good workout for your entire body, and the amount of strength and flexibility you gain from it, like… SO DESIRABLE.

I just really want to live out my dream of being a super fit, take-no-shit, warrior-like boss ass bitch.

Okay, folks, pay no attention to the pink mare behind the podium! Instead, turn your attention to the podium itself, and the unique artwork plastered upon it.

That’s a Pinkie Pie original drawing of Her Royal Highness, Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Surrounded by hearts.

What I’m saying is that today is a good day to be a Twinkie fan.

  • <p> <b>Noodle:</b> *opens mouth*<p/><b>Me:</b> hoooo she bout to do it!<p/><b>Noodle:</b> *opens mouth even more*<p/><b>Me:</b> hOoooooOoOOOO<p/><b>Noodle:</b> *speaks*<p/><b>Me:</b> HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoOoOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAH<p/><b>Noodle:</b> wouldn't you agree?<p/><b>Me:</b> *dies*<p/></p>