• Akutagawa: I saw you on TV today.
  • Atsushi: What? Which channel?? People are filming me!? Is Dazai-san behind it again!?!?
  • Akutagawa: Animal Planet

Looks like you’re in luck, Maya, it seems my Freddy is cool with the occasional hand holding lmao.

Also, can you really blame me for laughing? your astronomical levels of thirst for this bear is both amusing and adorable~

seriously though, i’m glad you like my Freddy!


Happy Birthday, Rin! ♥


I’m getting too distracted by all the “oral activity”… 😅😅😅

Edited: 1st teaser

I think the thing that never makes sense to me about Kaylor shippers is the fact that let’s just say Taylor was in a same sex relationship, don’t you think her not coming out proves that she’s not ready? The first thing they ever tell you about anyone who is gay is that it’s something they themselves need to be comfortable with and that it’s not your secret to tell so like literally what the fuck this is elementary school shit if you actually support her then you wouldn’t be analyzing and forcing your opinion like I? Don’t? Get? It??????