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Ted's car and Aiden's race car have such personalities of their own that maybe they should get a name. wouldn't you agree? (love the comics, by the way. I've been obsessing myself with them so much lately, to the point I've read it 5 times only this week) + (aah extremely belated happy birthday!)

They actually do have names

Ted’s car is Fee-jay (the fake fj cruiser)

Aiden’s car is..well…just Carr, and omg thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy reading my comics!

one (1) stinkie on the house

BBS as cinnamon rolls
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Mini, Marcel
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but is actually a cinnamon roll: Terroriser, Nogla
  • Looks like could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Wildcat, Evan
  • Looks like could kill you and can actually kill you: Lui
  • Sinnamon roll: Jonathan
Imagine Optimus Hearing His Emotionless Crush Laugh

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(A/N: Oh my gosh, thank you!! (*≧∀≦*) And of course you can; always ready to write some OP!!)


How Optimus found himself flustered at just the thought of you was beyond him, and anyone else. Perhaps he saw something in you others didn’t see. If so, it must have been something really small, because you were by far the hardest person to figure out. Practically void of any emotion, some suspected that you may have actually just been a robot. The lush, (h,c) locks on your head and the need for organic food proved other wise, but still, some couldn’t help but wonder.

You didn’t talk much, and if you did it was usually a short, forward comment or answer. Most times you’d only reply with a grunt, letting your friends know they had your attention. Everything was pretty much a guessing game with you. The Autobot team would have to watch very carefully for any indication that you liked or disliked something. It was a bit difficult and frustrating at times, but no one really said anything, except for Bee of course. When asked the reason for your stoic attitude, you merely shrugged and continued to stare a head with bored eyes.

Still, by some strange power of the universe and probably Primus himself, you had caught Optimus attention. At first it was just a small, light feeling of the spark, perhaps just a tiny bit of admiration, but soon enough it had blossomed into something much more. When the Prime realized he had a crush on you, he was just as confused as the others. He didn’t tell them, but it was sure damn obvious with how awkward and stiff he suddenly seemed to get when around you.

Today was certainly no different, as Optimus stood at the monitors of the make shift base, cervo to chin and the other resting on his hip. With such a serious expression on his face, he was certainty hard at work watching over Detroit. But nope. His mind was elsewhere, and the particular thing clouding his processor happened to be you. He just, could not figure out what it was about you that he liked.

Yes, you were very pretty in his optics. With such soft hair, beautiful eyes, and a perfect body, he was shocked when he found out you were single. But it couldn’t be just your looks that had him stutter for words. There had to be something else that made him so fond of you, but what was it? It was killing the Prime not knowing, he knew there was something more, but he just could not figure it out. One thing he was sure of, was that before professing any notion of his crush for you, Optimus wanted to be dead certain that these strong emotions where not just for appearances. He wanted to love you for you; looks simply being an added bonus.

The Autobot leader sighed, dropping his arms to turn and face the living area. There you sat, idly passing time by scrolling through your phone. It would have probably been easier for the large bot to determine the deep, hidden reason for liking you if you hadn’t been in the general facility. He was all to aware of your presence from the very moment you set foot in the old factory, and he just as quickly had become stiff and distracted. Every time he tried to focus on work or some other matter, it was like his spark and mind were tugging at him to look at you and only you. Just now realizing that he had been staring for quite sometime, his cheek plates heated up before he sharply turned to face back at the monitors. Yet, as he did so, he couldn’t help his fleeting optics to at least have one more peak.

In stead of admiring you in your stillness, Optimus field of vision had been obscured by an object running in on fire. The loud shouts and panicked screaming caused you both to jump, and upon quick realization, it turned out that the object of danger happened to Bumblebee. The room erupted into chaos as Bulkhead came rushing in with Sari in tow, the first desperately trying to save his small yellow friend. Jumping into action, Optimus picked up Sari just before she got trampled over and set her down on the desk.

“What happened?!”, he asked, trying to aim his extinguisher at the zooming target.

“I don’t know!!”, yelled Sari in a panic.

Optimus groaned, shooting his mod multiple times and still missing every shot as his teammate was quite fast when freaking out. He shouted for Bulkhead to keep him still, but the latter was too busy freaking out as well to have heard him. With in a matter of moments, the flaming bot had run straight into his leader, resulting in both suddenly being covered by white foam. Prowl stood to the side, cool as ever and holding an extinguisher himself. Optimus, having regained focus, glared down at the yellow mech disapprovingly. Bee quickly took notice of this, apologized, and left just as quickly as he showed up. The others had followed him, shouting his name and trying to keep up.

“Hey! Wait a sec-“, Optimus called, jumping up and ready to chase after the mischief group when something had caught his audio receptors.

He’s never heard this noise before; it sounded almost like a snort? Looking back toward the noise, Optimus found himself shocked. You sat on the couch, legs bunched together stiffly, hands covering mouth, and eyes squinted at the corners. He’s never seen that expression on your face, or any for that fact, and when Optimus was about to ask if you were okay, the un expected happened.

You started laughing. You were laughing, and it was the most appealing, angelic thing the large mech had ever heard.

Optimus felt his entire body freeze, his mind being filled with the foreign sound that was your laughter. Feeling something trickle down his face, he figured the source of your joy was the ridiculous appearance from the left over foam. He couldn’t complain, actually he couldn’t do much at all, as he was too busy being awestruck by how lovely you seemed in that very moment. The way you doubled over, holding your stomach as your hard laughs turned into short gasp and snorts in between. How you face had lightened up, and the rose color of your cheeks had become more prominent. Just in general, how happy and elighted you seemed had Optimus Prime at a loss of words and then some.

As his blue optics continued to watch and observe this unusual act by you, it had finally hit him. The missing piece he had been stressing over since the day he noticed just how special you were had finally hit him. Optimus wanted the best for everyone, it was just who he was, but the one person he had wanted the most for was you. Someone, who he had not seen a single smile till this very moment, and now having seen it, he realized just why he had fallen head over heals for you. It was these rare moments, these glimpses of who you were, that had Optimus Prime feeling passionate for you.


  • Yang: *Yang walked into the office of her wife who is hard at work despite it being so late at night.* Hey Blakey. Time for bed.
  • Blake: Uh-huh. Just give me a few minutes. *Blake mutter, typing at her computer without even looking from the screen.*
  • Yang: Sigh, Really Blake?
  • Blake: *Blake's ears perked up as she paused for a moment raise her head to see her wife in her pj's crossing her arms.* What?
  • Yang: You are doing it again.
  • Blake: Doing what?
  • Yang: *Yang sighed loudly, rolling her eyes as she walks over to the deck Blake sat at.* You are over working yourself again with the White Fang. Again.
  • Blake: What? No I'm not. *Blake frowned.*
  • Yang: Yeah. You are. *Yang corrected, taking a seat on Blake's desk Watching her wife checking her body out.*
  • Blake: Sigh, Yang. *Blake started, shaking her head slightly to regain her focus.* I have an important document I have to go for my dad about the new Faunus human worker's rights in Atlas. I'll be with you in bed once I'm done. I promises. *Blake said as she began to type once more which was halted by Yang hopping off the desk and turning her chair towards her blonde wife.* Hey.
  • Yang: But you said that for the past four night, kitten. Most of which you didn't come to bed till four in the morning, getting only an hour of sleep or didn't at all. Plus last night you didn't at all. You fell asleep right here. *Yang reminded Blake as she leaned down to eye level with the cat faunus.*
  • Blake: *Blake quietly gulped and a glance down Yang's loose top reveal much like must nights they slept Yang wore nothing underneath.* I lost track of time is all.
  • Yang: Yeah I know. That's why I came in here to save my beautiful wife from her workaholic self. *Yang smiled placing her hand on her chest as she took a dramatic pose.*
  • Blake: Heh, What's that suppose to mean? *Blake smiled back at her wife's goofiness.*
  • Yang: What time is it?
  • Blake: *Blake Raised an eyebrow and turned her head to the clock.* Uh, It's like nine sommmmmmmmmmmmmmmfuck. *She curse not realizing that is was nearly one o'clock in the morning.*
  • Yang: *As Blake groaned, massaging her tired eyes, Yang took this opportunity to take a mount herself in Blake's lap facing here as she wraps her arms around her shoulders and giving her wife a kiss.* I know that it is important to you that after all of your hard work of taking back the White Fang and actually making great headway on equal right for Faunus. I know you want to help out you dad and mom as much as you can and I will help in every way I can. But you have to slow down. I love you and hate to see you work yourself to death. *Yang smiled, kissing Blake softly as the cat Faunus places her hands on Yang's hips, leaning forward to deepen the kiss.*
  • Blake: Hehehe, okay. Okay. You made your point, babe. I'll call it a night and We'll go to bed. *She laughed as Yang kissed her cat ear as she saved her work and turned off her computer.*
  • Yang: Yay. My kitty is getting a full night sleep tomorrow!. *Yang cheers throwing up hands briefly before Kiss Blake again.*
  • Blake: Yes Ye-Wait? Tomorrow? Why not... to... *Blake questioned until Yang removed her top.*
  • Yang: Well. *Yang smirked* It's already late. May as well stay up and have fun. Wouldn't you agree? *Yang asked slowly removing Blake's shirt.*
  • Blake: I wasn't tired anyway. *Blake smiled as she picked Yang to move themselves to a more comfortable lace to have their fun.*
  • ~Two days later~
  • Kali: So How are my girls?
  • Yang: We're great. Blake is sleeping now.
  • Kali: And the advise I gave you?
  • Yang: Works like a charm.
  • Kali: Hahaha. Like Father like daughter.

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Michiru and Setsuna with 22

Things You Said After It Was Over

I assembled her outfit carefully. It would have been more appropriate, I suppose, to have dressed her in a suit. I even looked at them, hanging in her closet, ran my hands over the wool/cashmere blends—those were her favorite, suitable for all season a relatively wrinkle resistant, hanging nicely on her narrow frame—but I couldnt select one. Laughably, I worried that she might be uncomfortable. Our minds are erratic things at the best of times, and I coudn’t begin to explain how my mind wandered in this dark hour.

And so I selected something more casual. The blue shirt with the pearl buttons I liked so well, the one that brought out the eyes she would never open again. The navy sweater with the deep neck to contain the warmth her body no longer held. One of her whisper-soft undershirts, she was always so picky about that layer closest to her skin, and I refused to let anything harsh touch her now, of all times.

I misted a little bit of her cologne on the sweater. She would smell wrong, scrubbed medically and devoid of the spice of her own scent. No tiny smear of oil and grass to round out the smell I knew as Haruka. But this would help, at least.

Most people left me alone to my ministrations.

You are not most people.

“I think she will look lovely in that, Michiru.” You appeared, like always. It’s not as if you go places, you are simply in them when one looks up. It’s very off-putting.

I didn’t respond to you. What would you have me say? She looked lovely in everything, even that awful mustard suit she liked so well. Even that terrible purple shirt that matched my pink one. She wore it whenever I suggested. I don’t know that she actually even liked it, but she liked the idea of belonging to me. Belonging was so important to her. She wore it with cuffed chinos and loafers without socks, as if the shirt by itself wasnt—what did Mina call it? Lesbian Dad. Yes, as if the shirt wasn’t Lesbian Dad enough on its own.

I laughed in spite of everything.

You smiled and drifted to my side. “She was very funny, wasn’t she? Sometimes without trying to be.”

I looked up at you. Why were you talking about her? Why try to bring her to my mind? If I can just focus on what needs to be done, I can survive one more day. I push the way her shoulders came up when she laughed from my mind.

“I hope the catering is all in order, Pluto.” I folded the clothes into a bag. “And the flowers.”

“Everyone is taking care of everything, Michiru. It’ll be the kind of ceremony she deserved.” You reached out to me, but I stepped away.

“If Mina has her way, I’m certain there will be an open bar.” I clutched the bag close to my body. “If you’ll forgive me, I need to deliver this to the funeral home. God knows what they would dress her in without my intervention. I am her only real family, you know, I must be involved in every aspect, so, if you please, I’m sure you know the way out.”

You stood for a moment, frowning. “May I come? I could drive, even. I know you don’t usually drive…” You trailed off sadly.

“No, that’s fine. It’s not as if the only one with a license in this house was Haruk–” Her name stuck in my throat like a hard candy, and my body cried out for air. I looked up to the ceiling, as if some agent of mercy who never existed would swoop down and restore her to me, or at least bring me along.

Your arms were around my shoulders, gripping me tightly. “It must hurt so badly, Michiru.”

I remembered to breathe again. “Life is meant to be pain, and everything we love is meant to be taken away from us eventually. I’m no different from the rest of the world.” I can’t move, can’t let go of the bag, shaking now. I hope she doesn’t notice that I am losing my careful control, that my heart cannot bear the flood of memories. I can survive, if I cut it off, if I allow it to become the shriveled brown nothing it was before Haruka scaled the walls of my secret garden and brought it to life.

“Haruka’s love wasn’t a punishment for you.” You said it so simply, and I hated you for seeing through me.

“Stop.” It was both command and plea.

“You were so wonderful for her.” Every word she said was like a lash unto my back. “You brought so many lovely things out in her.”

I looked at the bed, and all I can see is Haruka snuggled happily under the covers, her hand reaching out to me as always, always looking for some small affections. I can feel my cheek against her shoulder as we sat in the park together, Haruka pointing out particularly charming birds she doesn’t remember the names of but likes the look of, tiny feathered tennis balls of things, hardly graceful at all but very much loved by her. She loved to feed the pigeons. I teased her about it.

The memories grew dark, they always did, they never stayed in the light of the past. I didn’t protect her. The only banner I swore myself to, and I failed. She was covered in blood and in bruises, she was shaking and she couldn’t breathe. And what did I do? Nothing. I rocked her in my arms and told her I loved her. That she was brave. That she had done well. And then it was over.

“I’m so sorry, my love.” I didn’t even know I had said it, and as soon as I heard my voice echo off the walls, I sank to my knees. The weight of her loss too heavy now to bear. You came to the floor with me, and I shook my head. “Leave me alone.” I took a deep breath and tried to yell, but it came out a weak whine. “Let me die.”

You held me tight and whispered in my ear. “You did everything you could for her. And we’ll do everything we can for you.”

“I’m nothing now, I don’t care about the world, I don’t care about the Princess, I don’t care about Crystal Tokyo. I will fail all of you. All of you. And I’ll laugh while I do it.” I tried to pull away, but you were too much. “Damn the world anyhow!”

“No, no, you don’t think that.” You paused. “You might think that. But Haruka, you can do it for her. She died trying, Michiru, we have to take up the sword for her. And you’ll see how we love you, and you still have a family. Michiru, don’t give up.”

You were so sweet, to love me, Pluto. To assure me that I was loved. You did drive me to the funeral home that day, and you sat with me for many hours in the aftermath of her loss. I never healed. I carry her with me like a ragged cross, rubbing the skin from my back and digging splinters into my blood.

That was a year ago.

I do not believe in an afterlife, a heaven or a hell. Heaven and hell is too terrifying a concept for me—I cannot be separated from Haruka for eternity. But my only peace will come with oblivion, and so I look forward to it. I have seen this day a thousand times, this battle we will fight. I am pleased to report I never survive. That I will follow Haruka into the darkness. I am not afraid, Pluto.

I’ve laid out the pink dress Haruka liked so well on the bed. If you ever loved me at all, please lay me beside her. The paperwork is in the top drawer of the desk.

I love you, my friend.

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But wouldn't you agree that proliferation is always an enormous cause for concern? That North Korea's status as a defensive power could rapidly change into an offensive one once their technology is perfected? I hardly believe an unstable dictatorship should serve as a noble champion against U.S imperialism...

  1. Yes, nuclear proliferation is always cause for serious concern, especially in a dictatorship like North Korea. 
  2. No, I’m not particularly worried about North Korea becoming an offensive power; they’re surrounded by other strong military powers and are under close international scrutiny, they have almost nothing to gain from acting offensively. The bigger worries are in escalation and instability.
  3. The point Aly was making was that, regardless of the other problems it poses, North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons is an effective deterrent against American invasion (or Chinese invasion, or Japanese invasion, or South Korean invasion), and thus provides a stabilizing effect on international relations.
  4. North Korea is not a “noble champion” of anything, recognizing that their government acts strategically and rationally is not praising them, it’s giving them the same academic treatment we would any other country

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Hey I couldn't help but notice... but the gif you just used for jimin in your post about calling them daddy also shows how he is dominant. Even though it is subtle it's still there haha the fact that he had to change from her holding his hand to him holding hers is just funny. Wouldn't you agree? Haha

that’s exactly why i used that gif 😭😭 

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Okay okay okay, so Nagasa is always forced into a dress by karma, right?I think it's time for Nakamura and Asano to avenge Nagasa and put Karma in a dress with make up and everything. Wouldn't you agree?

Asano suffers the most from these Karma cross-dress asks. The sight is unbearable and nobody will ever let him live down the fact that he helped in getting him in those dresses.

(Yes, there will be more.)

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Remember how Katara rejected Aang's kiss, yeah well I hate it when people say that she was confused because of the war and all that shit, like no she just didn't want to kiss some bald headed 12 year old lol, and in the kiss during the invasion episode too people keep saying "Katara blushed that means she likes him" nah lol that was an embarrassed blush wouldn't you agree, not a blush that showed she liked him, Kataang is so sorry lol 😂 but they do win with the last kiss can't argue much there.

1) Read this post by @araeph the showcases the dialogue between Zuko and Katara and Aang and Katara prior to the finale. You’ll see Zutara developing into something natural and mutual, while Kataang falls apart into nothing more than arguments about Aang’s training, Ozai, and the kiss before the invasion. 

2) Aang literally exploded on Katara in Love is a Battlefield, so if that’s the kind of relationship Bryke want for her, than okay… you’ve won Most Abusive Ship of the Year (congrats on beating out Maiko, it’s hard to do, but you did it!!!). Aang behaves like the kind of boyfriend who won’t hurt you, but he’ll punch the walls and smash the dishes to show just how much he could hurt you. 

3) Prior to that kiss in the finale, Aang and Katara hadn’t talked at all… not since the Ember Island Players when he snapped at her for not focusing on their relationship and forced a kiss on her. She said she was confused about their relationship’s status and that she wasn’t ready. That position was never resolved. All we got between that argument was Aang beating Ozai on sheer dumb luck alone and Katara making googly eyes at him as soon as Zuko says the ‘real hero is the Avatar,’ because Bryke needed to stroke their Hero Always Gets The Girl egos. That was literally it. That’s the only reason Aang ended up with Katara— Bryke couldn’t stand the hero winning nothing at the end. 

4) When they kissed again, there was still no discussion about where they stood, where they were going, or why Katara’s feelings were suddenly so different. Are we honestly supposed to believe she went from day to night just because he beat Ozai?! She literally cringed the last time he kissed her, but okay, Bryke, okay. 

So. No. They did not win. Kataang has won nothing ever. Except maybe the Most Contrived Relationship of the Year award.

  • Solomon Wreath: How else was I going to see my favourite student on her special day without popping up uninvited outside her window? Such behaviour strikes me as being vaguely unhealthy, wouldn't you agree?
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: A visit from you strikes me as very unhealthy.
  • Valkyrie Cain: I'm going to cut this short before you start hitting each other. Solomon thank you for your help and thank you so much for the present - it was really nice of you.
  • Solomon Wreath: My pleasure.
  • *Solomon kisses Valkyrie's cheek*
  • Solomon Wreath: Happy Birthday again.
  • *Skulduggery stalks out and Valkyrie follows him*
  • Valkyrie Cain: What do you think it all means?
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: ...
  • Valkyrie Cain: Are you sulking?
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: Me? No. I don't sulk.
  • Valkyrie Cain: You sound like you're sulking.
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: I'm just waiting for the violent urges to subside.

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The end of the episode was not so much Anne recognising her feelings than her being brave enough to apologise/clarify her stand to Gilbert. Wouldn't you agree? It's way too soon for her to like him that way and for her to confess. Neither of them are in love with each other but they seem to have a connection; Gilbert with his admiration for Anne as a smart, quirky girl, the likes of which he’s never met and Anne with her growing sympathy for his situation and remorse for how she's treated him.

They are definitely not in love. I think they both like each other, in the way 15 and 13 year olds like each other. Butterflies, affection, feelings that they maybe haven’t felt before. I mean, Anne doesn’t flee that kitchen after shrieking, “I’d be a terrible wife!” without some sort of feeling towards Gilbert. She’s clearly associating him as someone she might pair off with, one day. I don’t think she was in any way going to confess feelings to him at the end of the episode. I think she was just going to say she was sorry, just simply apologize. I think you’re right though, they have an obvious connection and I think they both know it. What I like about this interpretation is that we don’t have to rely on Anne telling us how she feels about Gilbert Blythe and taking her word for it. I think what we’ve seen on the screen is likely what LMM imagined Gilbert and Anne’s early interactions in the book, but Anne was such an unreliable narrator when dealing with her feelings on anything she didn’t want to acknowledge that readers tend to think she actually hated Gilbert Blythe in the books. But yes, I think we’re on the same page with this.