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Yuri Plisetsky: has an amazing performance that isn’t choreographed or put together by someone else. He expresses himself freely and shows off his skills in a way that shatters people’s impressions of him. Huge impact, mad dancing, he’s fierce, he’s in the senior league and is ready to take over the world of figure skating in his own, self-made, true style.

Significant part of the fandom: “so extra lol", “put some clothes on my smol angry kitty son", “it’s just a phase haha”, “he strips for Otabek ;)”

AU where everything's the same except Jumin and Jaehee have a work relationship like Ron Swanson and April Ludgate

Jaehee: Where are you going?

Glam Choi: I want to talk to Jumin about Sarah.

Jaehee: You have to schedule an appointment.

Glam Choi: How bout now?

Jaehee: Mr. Han’s not here.

Glam Choi: He’s right there, I can see him.

Jaehee: I’ll let you know when he’s available.

Jumin: [raises glass to Jaehee through his office window, Jaehee raises hers back]



“I thought I was having this meeting with Jumin Han…?”

“I’m afraid Mr. Han is currently dead.”

how the rest of the fantastic foursome reacted to pj falling

phil-broke character, laughed a little, but looked to make sure he was ok

dan-didn’t even realize what happened because he was so invested in holding up the couch cushion well in front of his senpais

chris-stops for a moment after realizing pj fell and looks disappointed and disgusted that pj would do such a thing

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Do you like Newton Scamander?

Sweet Merlin, no. He has to be the most aggravating and frustrating man I’ve ever met. He literally wrote a book on how to keep illegal beasts, including how to hide them from authorities. He continues to enter this country with illegal beasts in that god damn suitcase of his. Someone should lock him up. In handcuffs. In a jail cell. In my jail cell.

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He is a little cute. In an annoying way. In a ‘he needs a spanking’ kinda way. Over my knee. Or my desk. 

Merlin, why am I telling you this? NO I hate Newt. If you see him, tell him I’m going to arrest him for being a distraction to the head of Magical Security. 

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May you do a caucasian Roxy talksprite with a tad bit shorter brown hair with her bangs dyed hot pink, thick black glasses, and a bi pride scarf? if you wouldn't mind also including a version without the scarf that would be fantastic!!! Thank you so much, your edits are wonderful!!!

Hope this is to your liking and thank you!

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As soon as life returns to normal, so will you. Back from the dead.
Not without you.

It’s just a day like any other for Jacob Kowalski. As to say, a perfectly brilliant thing.

Jacob has a routine, for mornings: get up, get dressed (in positively smarter clothes, in his positively more colorful, less crumbling room), walks the three blocks of buzzing New York life to the door of his bakery, and prepare for the first clients of the day. Jacob has spent the small hours of the morning - light but a grey thought along the roofs across the street, one of those suspended moments which lately, for no reason, make him hold his breath in anticipation - making pastries and waffles, donuts and pies, cleaning the shiny coffee machines and making sure his young and carafree clerk didn’t make any mess the night before. He loves every minute of it. He loves every minute of it, and of the following chores too - serving people and busy business men and dainty ladies and kids with a mess of cents and hungry eyes. He talks, laughs, bid good morning and good day, mysteriously forgets to ask the right price from the hungry-eyed kids. And that is it. Jacob finds himself slipping towards afternnon without even realizing it. An absolutely normal day, no surprises, no thrills.

Except for the unexpected clients waiting by his door, of course. 

No, it’s not the blonde lady wandering around his shop like a light-stepped hawk and coming in through the door in a cloud of rushing velvet and rose perfume at exactly seven past nine a.m., seven days a week - the blonde lady who seems to forget every single time what her order is meant to be and who blinded him with the most heart-stopping smile of the world the first time he remembered it for her, and who once touched his arm sendind tendrils of electricty all the way to his core, and who despite dripping warmth like coalesced sunlight sometimes, sometimes watches him with the most desperate eyes-

Err. Anyway, no, it’s not his - the - blonde lady. The figure waiting by his door is a man, a pale, smartly-dressed man with thick black eyebrows and a cane, and has been staring absently at Jacob’s shop window for the best part of ten minutes.

Now, Jacob Kowalski may be a curious man - as his Nana never, ever tired of reminding him - but he knows when to stay quiet and mind his business, and from the mortally focused way he’s staring at the gilded letters of his name the gentleman seems more than able to dig holes in people’s skulls with a single glance. Still. Still, jacob Kowalski has also been in the war - and there’s something sickengly familiar in the minute shaking running through the gentleman’s body, and something that has nothing to do with New York’s Autumn winds. So he finds himself dropping the rag he was lucidare with on the counter, slid around its corner, and going to open the door - keeping his movements slow, cautious, untreathening. Jacob pushes his door open. The gentleman starts, shoulders tensing, a shot of alarm flashing across his face. Jacob stops. Nice and slow, suggests a voice in his mind, British accent like peppermint sprinkles on a cake. Let him come. On his own terms.

“Would you mind a cuppa coffee, mister?” he asks, nice and slow. “Maybe something sweet, too.”

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I used to work at Anericam Beagle and because I just couldn't get anyone to sign up for the stupid credit card, they just wouldn't schedule me for weeks on end. And I was a *fantastic* worker otherwise. So I'd like to give a big bolded, bronzed "FUCK YOU" to them, and every other retail company that forces this down their employee's and customer's throats. The customers hate hearing the spiel almost as much as employees hates giving it.

There is actually a site that you can get that. -Abby