wouldn't that be awesome though

When Cherik accidentally spills into your RL
  • So this is a thing that happened.
  • Mr. Pink: (from downstairs) Uh, Pink what are you watching?
  • Pink: (from upstairs)... Why do you ask?
  • Mr. Pink: Because Zelda has been interrupted by Erik going 50 Shades of Grey on Charles.
  • Pink: WHAT?
  • *Pink flies downstairs in time to see YouTube auto-play to a Cherik E.T. AU fanvid on the living room TV*
  • Pink: Uhh....
  • This story is also known as why you shouldn't inadvertently hit air play when you are watching cracktastic Cherik YouTube fanvids on your iPad.
  • Unless you have an amazing husband who thinks it's hilarious.
  • Things got worse when I closed YouTube on my iPad and the videos still wouldn't stop playing on the TV. WHY? Where were they coming from????
  • The CHERIK WOULD NOT GO AWAY. Mr. Pink got an education.
  • And he will not let me live it down.

Headcanon that Bellamy never drives the truck because he’s a fucking DAD about it, like Raven or someone is in the passenger seat like Jesus Blake ease up but step on it - yet Bellamy is too busy squinting at the dash with his hands at ten and two o'clock because dammit, the kids are in the back, are they wearing their belts.

Okay but hear me out –

A Downton Abbey AU where Harry is the heir to his father’s title and estate, but he’s never really felt like he fits in. He loves his family and he loves the village and the people in it, but he’s never given much for propriety and social classes and all that which seems to be all everyone around him thinks of. He can’t find himself to care much for all the girls who throw themselves at him in London during season, and he doesn’t care for the way all his father’s friends try to push their daughters at him when they visit the estate. None of them are what he wants, simply. Though, of course, he doesn’t know what he wants instead. He’s always felt different, but he’s never quite understood why. That is… not until he gets a new valet. Everything changes the second Louis Tomlinson enters his life, and rules and manners and propriety and society be damned because Louis Tomlinson is everything Harry’s ever wanted but never knew he did. And in a whirlwind of forbidden romance the two of them figure out themselves and each other and that, despite many doubts, love really does conquer all. Aaaand they live happily ever after 💛

fibonacchossequence replied to your post: HOLY PLOT TWIST  JUST REALIZED YJ BIG BANG ISN’T…


maggie you don’t even know what I’m writing 

for all you know 

nightwing could have been turned into a pie by klarion 

and wally came by it thinking it was meant for him and ate it 

so the entire story may be about nightpie crumbles traveling through Wally’s digestive tract and discovering his heart is in his stomach

or maybe wally gets turned into a macaroni penguin and likes it when dick pets his hairs