wouldn't mind having that in a game

A little part from an old radio show with Eren, Connie and Mikasa’s voice actors! (1 and 2

For the subtitles : 
Kaji Yuki (Eren) :
Ishikawa (Mikasa): pink                            
Shimono Hiro (connie): green

It is important to know that the Voice actress answered this in a quick question/answer game, and therefore had to answer with the most obvious trait that first comes to her mind in few words
It is not a general analysis or to say that’s all what Mikasa is! 

It is also important to note, this dates back to the day only seven episodes were aired from the anime! but I thought it was too cute not to share  :)

Kaji Yuki (Eren) : 2nd question was “what kind of character Mikasa is ?” and you answered “Eren is my life”
Shimono Hiro (connie) : well , it is obvious to see her
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): yeah, there’s no one but Eren!
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : aah did you hear that, all Erens in Japan? (he actually says all Eren-san(s))
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): I doubt there is any Eren!
Shimono Hiro (connie) : well , some Eren could exist but.. haha
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : If your name was Eren too, wouldn’t you be happy to hear her say “Eren is my life”?
(don’t you just Love Eren’s VA?) 
Shimono Hiro (connie) : well I would be happy though ..
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : sorry this is not so funny ! Anyway, for Mikasa, this is the obvious thing about her?
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): that’s right, Eren is everything for me.
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : yeah well, Mikasa and Eren’s past unveiled a little in the anime.
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): yeah, that was awesome. No wonder she fell in love!
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : Ah really? For women he was that cool?
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa):  in fact, maybe the whole humanity fell in love with him!
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : Whole humanity??
Shimono Hiro (connie) : -laughingWhole humanity? You’re exaggerating !
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : -laughing- Men and Even titans??
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): definitely! right?
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : why not ask the writer there, he is a man too!
Shimono Hiro (connie) : He did, He did! Even titans fell in love like: EEGGOOOO!!!
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): ERREEEEN!!

Kirby Inktober Day 22 – Favourite OST (Draw what comes to mind as you listen to it!)

beautiful, enchanting, and elegant, yet intimidating, cruel, and powerful… it’s those qualities that i love about queen sectonia, and her battle music (specifically, “moonstruck blossom”) conveys that feeling really well in my opinion

a ton of other songs could have made it into this position (because kirby games always have wonderful soundtracks!), but i felt like i had a strong ~~~vision~~~ or whatever for a drawing based on this song

…and i just wanted to draw queen sectonia lmao

Inktober prompt #19: Flight

First time drawing Paula and Poo!

And guys, when Mr. Saturn says they want to fly, this isn’t exactly what they had in mind.

I wonder who’s gonna have the job of explaining to the village elders why one of their subjects is strapped down to a homemade rocket and terrified for their life.

My mind is blown, my eyes are stained with tears, and I am filled with determination.

This is singlehandedly the greatest Undertale fic I’ve ever read.

If you’ve already finished the game and desired a happier ending for Asriel, I highly recommend CourierNew’s ‘One by One’. Not only does it explore the hidden mysteries of the game in such an immersive and believable way, but I feel the biggest success of this fic is how it explores the effect that resets and events had on the characters, particularly Sans, and especially Frisk.

It’s consistent, the characterization and tone is on point, it expands on already established lore, and in the end, I feel like this fan work provides a perfect sense of closure to those who wanted more out of the Undertale experience. Please give it a read if you’re interested. 

So, Ubisoft wants to create games from time eras/places that aren’t that know? Try Yugoslavia. Or at least something on that territory. The countries have an interesting history, and with a bit of Templar and Assassin mix thrown into the bunch = a successful game. Boom.
(It would be awesome if we would play as Gavrilo Princip, the guy who basically started WW1, and the game ending with that famous assasination on Franz Ferdinand.)

it’s probably bigger on the inside (idk if this has been done before, but if he carries around ketchup and hot dogs, he’s gotta carry around other types of dogs too right)

* You pet the dog.
* You pet the dog.
* You pet the dog.

* It’s possible you may have a problem.