wouldn't if i could

Wow I’m just so jealous of how much the larries are enjoying themselves now that they accept their idols lie to them like a rug depot.

Killua needs more hugs!!

ok but consider: cheerleader Neil Josten


- so we all know neil’s mom said he couldn’t play exy

- you know what the next best thing to playing exy is

- obsessively watching exy and cheering for it

- his mom didn’t really mind (well, he did at first, but neil somehow convinced her it wasn’t terrible) as long as he didn’t get attached to a squad and shit

- boy picked up so much skill from local cheer gyms everywhere

- he trained sO HARD (like half because if he was better they put him closer to the game so he had a better view)

- his tumbling passes were legendary. with his speed he could do the craziest shit like so many back handsprings. a back tuck. crazy twists and everything.

- even though he’s a guy he’s still soooo short

- at one point his coach decided to make him a f l y e r - like this little 5"3 muscular ass boy getting tossed like 20 feet in the air by these peppy girls in short skirts - just imagine

- he kept going until sometime before his mom died, when he realized he might have put a bit too much effort into the sport. people don’t see boy flyers and pass it off, and one of his teams almost made it big. almost- neil’s mom made him mess up their last routine and they left shortly after crippling the squad’s chances at nationals

- neil never really cheered again after his mom died, but he sometimes watched the vixens’ routines, mentally noting their strengths and weaknesses and what they could do with them, but he never said anything because he only knew katelyn and… it’s katelyn

- no one knows about his cheer days. not even andrew. uNTIL

- one day neil is out running and hey look up ahead near the exy stadium it’s the vixens holding practice

- he’s totally just gonna go right by them because exy but then he hears some shouting

- as he gets closer he sees some guys trying to talk to the vixens. from the look of their body language and the girls’ tense stances, it’s not going well

- neil gets closer and hears some very rude and derogatory things being said

- he promptly tells them to fuck off, may have added a threat or two. the guys bail.

- the vixens tell him they had it covered but thanks anyway, and one is like “hey, you wanna have a real practice today?” like totally joking

- neil’s brain is like fuck it

-  “yeah sure can you guys fly me in a basket double twist”

- who are you and what have you done with our starting striker

- neil just basically joins their practice

- katelyn’s reaction was priceless

- not as priceless as andrew’s expression when he sees his boyfriend being thrown into the air by a bunch of cheerleaders on the way to practice


high school !!!!!

summer hinoka and takumi doodle~

When Keith Leads Voltron

When Keith is leading Voltron I don’t want it to go well-I don’t want Lance to hop into Red, Allura into Blue and Keith into Black and things are like how they were before just without Shiro and  some angst over him being gone. 

I want us to see the strain it puts on Keith.

I want to see Keith try to lead the group and fail. I want him to come up with a plan that doesn’t work in the slightest. I want the plan to have a horrible consequence and he breaks down over it. He blames himself for what’s happened. He knows if he keeps making mistakes it could be Hunk or Pidge or Alura or Lance or an entire planet that pays the price. 

I don’t want the only pain we see being Shiro’s absence, I want it to be the huge hole Shiro’s left that Keith is just too small to fill being an important plot point. 

And the impact this has on the team could be golden-Allura having to bite her tongue because she remembers how well it went last time a Galra lead Voltron and ends of speaking her mind, which destroys Keith completely-Allura sees him the same as Zarkon? Who could deal with that. 

And Pidge, who’s always been family oriented, getting frustrated at losing Shiro and maybe getting angry that Keith honesty thinks he could fill the father role that Shiro had started to play? Maybe she feels ignored, her ideas not quite as appreciated with Keith ‘the Hot-Head’ Kogane the same way they would have been before. 

Hunk would most likely not get angry or frustrated at Shiro’s loss, but him getting angry wouldn’t be what affects Keith-it would be how afraid Keith being in charge makes him to go out on missions or even just follow a simple plan because, who knows, maybe this one will be his last. It certainly feels more likely now. 

And with all of his stress and pressure and fears, Keith would be close to breaking point, close to collapse; he really wouldn’t have the energy to deal with Lance’s teasing or jibes. Keith might lash out and shout at Lance, hurting him, or maybe just ignore Lance, making him feel even more like the 7th wheel even with only 6 of them. Lance wouldn’t intentionally make the situation worse (”Hey man…”) but it doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t inadvertently hurt his rival.

I want to see Keith leading Voltron to not be a good thing-not at first. I want to see the boy who’s used to following Shiro’s orders and advice be looked to for orders and advice and messing up, going from the fastest lion to a much slower one and not quite adjusting right, going from being the right hand man to the man itself who can’t even process his grief correctly.


Day 5: Last Match

This week would not be complete without some angst~ ( u w u ) Takes place after Fukurodani loses their final game of the season.

(Disclaimer: I have not read / am not currently reading the manga.)

  • Hwasa: Tell me your fantasies babe
  • Wheein: I wish I was a dragon
  • Hwasa: No I mean -
  • Wheein: But instead of fire I breathe jelly beans

That moment when Moriarty licks the dust that is mostly Sherlock’s skin and insinuates he wants the taste of fresh skin instead. In which he also says “doesn’t taste the same”, like he HAD in fact tasted the fresh skin before. That very glorious moment you realize, with extreme pleasure and equal part disappointment, that this is all playing out in Shelock’s head.

Bonus: (gif4) Sherlock inhaling deep with an almost unnoticeable gasp, like he was feeling that tongue on his skin. Could’ve even felt it at a subconscious level and probably there had been an actual physical reaction to all of this. ‘Cause this was one hell of a wet dream.