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Would Fresh even be able to inhabit PJ?

It’s probably not ideal for a parasite to latch onto PJ. While it isn’t… like… entirely impossible for a parasite to grab his soul and take control, there’s a lot of other details that they probably would look at and go “Oh gosh no I’m not gonna take the blob dude”. 

Some of these are:

  • “HA! I got you n…and now I’m a puddle. How do you de-puddle? UH… DUDE? HOST? CAN YOU PLZ TELL ME?! STOP SCREAMING AND TELL ME HOW TO NOT BE A PUDDLE?”
  • “YES! I got the sou… Woah WOAH DUDE is this body fully INK? I can’t operate a soul swimming in INK?! I will -” (parasite looses the grip on the soul and falls off)
  • (and even if they can stay on) “… THERE’S SO MUCH INK HOW CAN I EVEN SEE WHERE I’M GOIN?!?”

So it’s like.. a trade off. Want a soul with a medium/large amount of magical energy? Well then be ready to be a puddle for a few weeks to feed off of that energy!

Note: This is all my viewpoint on parasites and might not land up with how parasites act. 


“ Everything you and I have got it takes so long to find,
                      maybe that’s why we try. “

Imagine Woozi asking you to sing for him even though he knows how shy you can get about singing in front of him, just because he loves the sound of your voice.

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Your thoughts on Kenny? (If u want)

Gladly :)

I’m not so good at analyzing stuff but can I just say that I fucking love Kenny

I think some people misunderstood him cuz he left Levi all alone and stuff but the fact the he was “scared” of taking care of a child or that he believed that he was unfit to be a father says a lot about him

Even Levi seemed to be sad when Kenny’s time was about to come to an end which means that he wasn’t abusive or cruel otherwise Levi wouldn’t have cared about what happened to him

I don’t think he was as heartless as he appeared, if he was, he wouldn’t have spared Levi a glance when he found him sitting beside his dead mother

I think he was confused, obsessed with power but he wasn’t a bad person  

I don’t know if he left Levi because he thought he could take care of himself or because he turned the innocent boy into a monster like himself but either way he looked sad

He was just overtaken by what was happening around him and didn’t once think about what’s right and what’s wrong

So he was sassy, loved power and a little creepy?

#scarred for life 

But he was not a bad person, and that’s only my opinion of course 

I wonder if Juggie willingly attending homecoming with Betty in 1.11 is his way of apologising for his behaviour at his birthday party? I can’t imagine a school dance being any more Jughead’s cup of tea than a house party is, but yet there his is, and looking fairly contented too, might i add! I’m sure big strides were made in their relationship after the lovely reconciliation scene at Pop’s in 1.10. Relationships are all about compromise and making each other happy, even if that means sometimes prioritising your partners happiness above your own. Bughead are still learning and I’m sure Jughead realises how important homecoming is to Betty, and wants to put the effort into their relationship. I don’t want to get my hopes up for anything in particular next episode, but all I’m gonna say is if Jughead is the one to ask Betty to be his date to the dance, then i will absolutely die of feels! CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE!?!?

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