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So, someone mentioned how Andrew liked neck kisses and all I could think of was how that physical show of affection was perhaps one of the few things that wasn’t tainted enough for Andrew to be physically or mentally repulsed by it and I was suddenly drowning in headcanons. Allow me to indulge on the few I could think about without feeling that I might stumble upon a possible trigger:

  • Neil pressing his nose to the underside of Andrew’s jaw makes something stupidly warm and fastidiously content want to hug his not-boyfriend but he knows he doesn’t like feeling contained and he doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable but he’s moving away an
  • Neil using his fingernail to draw lines on the palm of Andrew’s hands as he lays on top of his other arm, making sure to assure him that he can take his hand away whenever he wants to, while staring dreamily at his hand makes it a little easier to associate softness and delicacy with his touch
  • Neil sliding his hand around the crook of his arm as their walking 
  • Neil tracing each line and curve of his countenance with delicate touches of his fingers as their siting astride the edge of the fox tower (i.e. thumb brushing softly and slowly across eyelashes as he stares blankly at the dazed look on his face, fingers curling as they follow the curve of the outer shell of his ear then to the line of his jawline, etc.) then slowly coming down to cup his jaw and ask for a yes before softly pressing a gentle kiss to the lips Neil had pointedly avoided touching with his fingers

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I haven't heard ONE larrie, not a big larrie, or a little larrie, or a larrie anon explain or discuss the fact that Louis directly compared his and his mothers relationship to his and Freddie's. Like HOW do you disregard that? That fact ALONE, that Louis's would say that, makes Larry or babygate impossible. If I believed in larrie, there would be no way to rationalize it to make Larry make sense. I don't care if you think Louis signed his life away, that wouldn't come out of mouth EVER.


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Customer was rude because I wouldn't give him 8 cents off his order. I even offered him free shit, used my politest customer service personality. He said he wouldn't come in again and honestly, good riddance.

Waiting for one of your favourite comic artist to return to drawing/writing after a long hiatus like

no one who doesn’t wear glasses is allowed to write or draw anything about glasses again

if Matt’s eyes had been “fixed” by the Garrison then wearing the glasses he USED to need would have made him UNABLE to see clearly, so he wouldn’t have kept them on, and Katie, who presumably can see without glasses, would also have been unable to see through them.  Looking through corrective lenses you don’t need makes everything blurry because they’re changing the focus of your eyes by a certain amount and if it was already correct that just takes them out of focus by that much.  Wearing glasses with the wrong prescription lenses can give you a terrible eyestrain headache too, it’s not something you’d do voluntarily.

the only way that scene makes sense is if he had had the lenses changed to plain glass!

Okay in order to stop being really annoyed with Voltron I’m just going to assume that Matt did get the lenses changed to plain glass because he wanted to give them to Katie as a memento she could wear, and he just kept them on up to the point he gave them to her because he’s a dramatic binch and thought it would be a cooler reveal to just take them off like ta-daa than if he’d explained it all first.

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Good luck on your second attempt at collecting your cat's pee

Thank you for the luck anon, alas, it didn’t happen. And now she’s just more stressed and more unhappy, so I’m giving her a break from the vet for a few weeks, so she can settle down, the poor thing. She’s a sensitive, anxious wee soul.

For Mother’s Day: Tier List of Evillious Moms*

* Not to be taken seriously, because if it were I wouldn’t try to fit them into rigid tier rankings to begin with.

(New and improved with edits because I forgot a character and I figured out how to compromise on a joke.)

Top Tier:

  • Meta Salmhofer
  • Clarith’s Mother
  • Banica Conchita

High Tier:

  • Rin
  • Clarith
  • Mei Miroku
  • Mariam Futapie

Mid-High Tier:

  • probably Chartette Langley
  • probably Lukana Octo
  • Mikina Freezis

Mid Tier:

  • Anne Lucifen d'Autriche

We Just Don’t Know Tier:

  • Maria Moonlit
  • Milky Eights
  • Mikulia Greonio
  • Riliane Mouchet
  • Mira Marlon

Mid-Low Tier:

  • Rahab Barisol

Low Tier:

  • probably Behemo’s mother

S*** Tier:

  • Meguru Conchita
  • Ma

S*** Tier And Also Not Even My Real Mom:

  • Eve Moonlit
  • Irina Clockworker

Are You A Demon Or My Mother:


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I know furries are strange, I agree but wtf do you mean "There is no judgement here unless you’re, like, a furry or smth"? Just cause they enjoy something we find strange doesn't mean they should be judged as less. No one is talking down on Jumin's kink of cages and that's also weird as shit.

There’s a very thin line between my humour and my seriousness. Sorry if you were offended. I’ve since removed it from the post. I did not mean it seriously. I also personally believe that Jumin doesn’t have a kink of cages and I’m going to scour his route until I find where it explicitly says so. I know of the chatroom you mean when you speak of his ‘kink’, (Day 10 00:44 “If I see Elizabeth 3rd again…” however, while it says:

It doesn’t mean he has a kink. I’ll return to this ask when I find concrete evidence of one. Thanks for your input and sorry if I offended you.

good day to remember that dr. p.ame.la li.lian isl.ey isn’t white, anyway i love you guys but i’m off again. be good to yourselves !

Nugganites (Not to be confused with the fabled Nougat Knights, famed in dwarfish mythology as the ancestors who, at the beginning of the world, created the treacle mines and other subterranean sweets.)

Raising Steam.

The dwarfs are one of the most complex and developed races in the Discworld, and this is still incontrovertible canon. This is a book about how the world keeps spinning, about maturity, about preparing for change, about social responsibility, about terrorism and politics and cultural and industrial revolutions, and Sir Terry refused to let that keep him from giving us Nougat Knights.


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new silena hc inspired by @linaisbluepancake ‘s silena drawings

ooc ; I have this in my rules already but ??? just a reminder that if you seriously favor romantic relationships over platonic ones / only collect romantic ships / I see you not having any platonic interactions on ur blog -  I probably won’t follow nor interact with you. shipping is fine, but if you seriously don’t give platonic relationships a chance & not give your muse buddies as well, don’t even bother following me?


I think it would depend on where he saw her….

If he saw her the day of Sam and Becky’s “wedding” well.. I don’t think he would take it well. Whoever he’s with, he would likely shrug it off, make a joke… but once he’s alone, that’s another story all together. 


“A Ladder.”