wouldn't change for the world

  • what kageyama says: dumbass hinata
  • what kageyama really means: hinata, i am quite socially inept and it's difficult for me to successfully show my feelings and respect for you, largely because of my behavior in junior high and how it affected me. however, you were arguably the first person at karasuno to put your trust into me and that has had a lasting effect on our relationship. i cannot communicate how much i appreciate you and how much you have helped me become a better setter, teammate, and person, but the use of this word is the best i can do. though you make a countless amount of errors and you can sometimes be too energetic, loud, and unnaturally confident, you astound me with your natural reflexes, speed, stamina, and jump. whenever you make a mistake and waste your talent, it makes me upset because i know you are capable of so much more. i have a unique relationship with you, unlike any of our other teammates, because you have truly helped me feel comfortable and realize that i should just accept who i am. i often have strong feelings of dislike towards you, but i love you for who you are and i would never change any aspect of you, even when you fumble a receive or miss a block. you really are one of the dumbest people i have ever met, but i wouldn't change it for the world.

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you ship pedophilia (sansa/petyr) AND abuse (reylo)? 😩

One thing to keep in mind, is that ships aren’t really a choice. I am attracted to certain parings because of who I am and what has happened to me in my life. 

One thing to know about me, is that some fucked up sexual shit happened to me when I was really young, and it has affected me in a number of ways. I know a lot of people say that both of these ship hurt victims of rape, and I can’t speak for those people. I can say, that many people find comfort in these ships. 

I have struggled my whole life with the idea of being tainted, of having this great darkness over me, and never knowing if I will be able to fight it. So for me, these ships are about accepting darkness, about finding balance with the dark inside yourself, and growing stronger from it. 

Also, so you and others know from a psychological standpoint, it is completely normal for victims of rape to fantasy about controlling sexual encounters. I didn’t know this for 15 years, and for so long I thought something was wrong with me. When I learned it was normal I burst into tears and didn’t stop crying for 5 minutes. It was people like you, with messages like this, that made me think there was something wrong with me.  

I don’t view those ships as pedophilia and abuse, that is not what they represent to me. And just so you know, sending this message makes one feel like they are being attacked. Even if you don’t mean it to, when I got this message I felt like you were attacking who I am, what I enjoy, and how I cope with my childhood rape. 

You probably didn’t mean it that way, but what did you think would happen when you go into someone’s ask and leave a message like the one you left. In my life I have never gone into someone’s ask and asked them why they ship something while insulting the ships. 

I am happy to talk to anyone about my ships as long as it is done with respect. 

Sometimes, on clear and warm summer nights, Steve picks Max up and they drive half an hour out of Hawkins to the closest airport, picking up burgers, fries, and vanilla milkshakes on their way out of town. 

Steve parks near the fence surrounding the airport runway and he and Max sit on the hood of his car, dipping their fries in their milkshakes (the burgers were eaten en route) and watching the planes take off. 

Max enjoys the time spent with her honorary big brother, listening to and laughing at the stories he makes up about where each plane is headed.

Silently, they both dream about one day permanently escaping Hawkins. 


concept art of the Straw Hats post-timeskip 


Favourite Albums - From Under The Cork Tree, Fall Out Boy (2005) (Part 1)

(Part 2) 

so that’s the way it is…. you watch a single episode out of sheer innocence then you blink and it’s a year later and you’re scavenging through ao3 for the eighth time at 2AM on a weeknight clicking on the ff with dumbest plots because you’re so obsessed with this couple and nothing seems to be enough least of all canon because it’s so fucking tragic and in the end you’re the only one to blame because YOU KNEW A ROMANCE BETWEEN AN IMMORTAL FLIRT AND A DAMAGED TEABOY COULD’VE NEVER ENDED WELL BUT YOU LET IT COME TO THIS ANYWAY

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How about 7 for Supercat?

seven. half-dressed.

“Cat?” Kara pushes open the balcony door to Cat’s bedroom, and steps inside. Pulling her cape over the threshold, she shuts the door behind her. “I’m back,” she adds, and looks around the room for her girlfriend. The bed is rumpled from earlier but empty, and Kara is just about to use her super hearing when Cat steps out of her en suite. 

Kara might be a little sappy because it’s late and she’s tired, but the light behind Cat makes her glow, and she feels her lips part as she lets out a rush of breath. “Finally,” Cat growls, and pads across the carpet quickly to reach out for the straps of Kara’s cape. 

She’s tiny—she’s always tiny, but especially like this; barefoot and stripped down to a nightgown and in front of Kara dressed up in her uniform—but when she tugs on the fabric Kara leans down to her. “I don’t care if there is a meteor headed directly toward us, you are not taking any more calls from your sister.”

Kara wants to laugh at Cat’s forcefulness like this, because she’s charming and cute and, yes, frightening, but Cat doesn’t give her the chance. She leans up a bit and pulls Kara closer and kisses her deeply, picking right back up where they’d left off earlier that night. 

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Nugganites (Not to be confused with the fabled Nougat Knights, famed in dwarfish mythology as the ancestors who, at the beginning of the world, created the treacle mines and other subterranean sweets.)

Raising Steam.

The dwarfs are one of the most complex and developed races in the Discworld, and this is still incontrovertible canon. This is a book about how the world keeps spinning, about maturity, about preparing for change, about social responsibility, about terrorism and politics and cultural and industrial revolutions, and Sir Terry refused to let that keep him from giving us Nougat Knights.

  • Jack: This time tomorrow he'll be back in 1918.
  • Ianto: In his own time. Would you go back to yours, if you could?
  • Jack: Why? Would you miss me?
  • Ianto: Yep.
  • Jack: ...I left home a long time ago. Don't know where I really belong...Maybe that doesn't matter any more.
  • Ianto: I...know you get lonely.
  • Jack: Going home wouldn't fix that. Being here, I've seen things I never dreamt I've...loved people I never would have known, if I'd just stayed where I was. And I wouldn't change that for the world.