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Headcanon that Kaz gets bored after SoC and CK takes place because those were the best puzzles of his life and he got such a rush out of seeing them take place. After that, he feels like everything is dull and boring and depressing. "Sure I COULD rob the bank, but it's too EASY. What if we tried to... Scam the Council of Tides?" And Wylan and Jesper are to the side like "NO. WE ARE NOT SCAMMING THE COUNCIL OF FUCKING TIDES."

honestly he…. totally would

I mean, what could top everything he did in soc/ck?? when’s the next time he’ll get to that big a scale. he was dealing with an international scheme of epic proportions when will he eVER do that again 

I think he’d start off small though and try to slowly cause his own problem

“oh, how could I have known the last three businessmen I’ve disposed of also have captured the attention of the council of tides. what a coincidence.”

“what, that shipment was meant as a gift for the council? what a shame the man in charge of it docked the boat in our territory.”

and eventually he’s just. casually screwing them over 

but not enough to get himself killed

… yet

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rfa + v in a hunger games au where they are from the same district as mc? like would they form an alliance with mc, try to kill them like everyone else, etc?

okay but i really love this request even though i haven’t read the books is years oops hopefully this is fine


  • So he’s definitely the most athletic of the RFA, so he’s got that going for him
  • He would team up with you without hesitation considering he fell in love with MC on the first day in all the routes z e n keep yourself together
  • Anyway you should consider yourself hella lucky because he is willing to do anything to keep the two of you safe, even killing the other tributes
  • He would probably be one of the most likely to kill to keep you safe
  • I could even see him killing other tributes not out of self defense so you could get out of it quicker
  • If it were down to the two of you at the end, I think that he would sacrifice himself so you could live
  • He might be a little hesitant about it, but in the end he would do it 


  • Honestly he’s probably one of the first one’s to get killed even though that makes me so sad to say/think
  • But if he does make it past the cornucopia he is constantly worried
  • His tactic is to hide from everyone else and hope they all end up killing each other
  • I doubt he would form an alliance with you though, he doesn’t trust anyone, and if he didn’t know you at all before this he would probably think that you’re just tying to trick him and kill him later
  • Considering the environment that you’re in, you can’t really blame him
  • Even if he makes it past the cornucopia, I doubt he would last that long
  • Hiding will only get him so far, and he doesn’t have any survival skills


  • She’d definitely get farther that Yoosung, but she wouldn’t be in the last three
  • Imo she’d probably lose 6-4?
  • She’s non confrontational so as soon as it starts, she runs as far away as she can
  • She has pretty good self defense skills though so she could last a little while off of that alone isn’t it canon that she knows like karate or something else? but if it isn’t it should be
  • So if you ask her to team up with you, she’d definitely be hesitant, but after a little bit of thinking she decides to trust you
  • Especially if you did something to win her trust, like saving her from someone else


  • Honestly? Like Yoosung, I could see him being one of the first one’s to die
  • But if he does make it past the cornucopia, he would last two days at most
  • He has no survival skills and I doubt he’s that athletic
  • I don’t think he’d form an alliance with anyone, because he doesn’t trust anyone lmao
  • He really has no strategy to how he would survive
  • Like he mostly tries to stay away from people but he’s not really good at hiding and that can only work for so long
  • Probably would get a lot of donations (?) just from how beautiful he is
  • I know I would
  • I mean what?


  • He could probably make it about half way through
  • He has some idea of how to survive, and he like basically the rest of the rfa lmao tries to stay away from everyone else
  • He’d def team up with you if you asked him
  • Strength in numbers, right?
  • Also if you know literally any survival skills he’ll be happy
  • He would especially team up if he knew you before, because not only could he trust you he’s basically been in love with you since you first met


  • Ohhhh oh no
  • Can I just make it so that he’s not blind in this?? cause that wouldn’t be fun to write rip
  • Okay so again, like the rest of the rfa, he’s not going to attack anyone directly
  • He would fight if he had to for self defense, but he wouldn’t kill them
  • I could see him being averagely strong? and has pretty good survival skills so he could probably last a while
  • He probably could win if he was willing to kill the other tributes
  • He would definitely team up with you
  • Or really anyone, he doesn’t really want to be in it by himself, if you’re the first person to ask him then yeah

There are some things I would change, if I could
I would teach you how to braid your hair, I would
Keep you out of the sun at high noon and tell you 
Not to pick at your face until it bleeds I would
Warn you that your skin won’t bounce back
The way it once did. If I could whisper in your ear
At the piano stool and convince you to sit still if I could
Tell you that you will regret not paying more attention
In physics class
If I could show you, somehow
What a gift it is just to sit and be taught
If I could make you
Read more, play more, dance more, smile more
If I could, I would
I would change all that.

But I would never sew an extra inch on your favourite
Crop top
Or tell you to climb down off a single barstool
I wouldn’t deny you not one line, one joint, one pill, I would
Not take back one word spoken in anger
Or undo any of your misdeeds
I wouldn’t unkiss a single lip, I would never
Silence you
Not ever
I would never tell you to think about
Your reputation
I wouldn’t rewind a single heartbreak
Or forgo not one infatuation, or backseat affair
I would not warn you about any of those half-loves 
Or shield you from any of those canon ball boys
I would take none of that away from you 

Because I know what it is to be loved wholly now
In all my volume and for all my nicotine scars.
I know now what it is to love myself too
And you taught me that
On those wild nights
When the room spun away from you and
You grasped at the walls and floor for balance
And you felt so lost then, and so afraid and so tired, but
You held on to you, to us
You held tightly on to all that we were 
And all that we could be
And I would not change that

To: You

If I said I was sorry
You wouldn’t believe me
I opened your heart
And then I broke it
I opened you up to love
Then betrayed your trust

There’s not much I can say
And nothing I can do
You can’t see my face
Nor my regrets
My tears
Or my face
I am more than sorry
For how I’ve hurt you

I want to fix it and to fix us
I may have exposed your heart
But you made your way into mine
Seeing you hurt because of my mistakes
Brings me to my knees
Turns out we’re both disappointed in me

There’s not much I can say
And nothing I can do
You can’t see my face
Nor my regrets
My tears
Or my face
I am more than sorry
For how I’ve hurt you

If you would let me get it back
I would work my whole life for your trust
Even though I’ve made stupid choices
You still mean the world to me
And I can’t see me without you
I will always love you

There’s not much I can say
And nothing I can do
You can’t see my face
Nor my regrets
My tears
Or my face
I am more than sorry
For how I’ve hurt you

One last time, here’s an apology
From the bottom of my heart
With all that I am
I admit I fucked up
If I could take it back, I would
I am more than sorry for the pain and disappointment
I want to fix it
I want to fix us

There’s not much I can say
And nothing I can do
You can’t see my face
Nor my regrets
My tears
Or my face
I am more than sorry
For how I’ve hurt you

If Jim Morrison were still alive today
he’d be fat and bald and singing Katy Perry songs in Vegas
You know he would
and Janis would be a host on the View
hangin’ out with Whoopie and bowing down
in slavish sycophancy
at the altar of Kanye and Kim
You know she would
And John Lennon would be side to side with Dylan
pimpin’ Super Bowl Chevrolets
with the desiccated dregs
of their fading talent and fame
You know they would

I mean, the past is not pristine
We look back, again and again
through rose colored glasses
at the generations past and like to think
that they were pure and clean and tidy
but come on now, take a cold, hard look
they were a mess
they were a laughingstock
they were a disaster
just like you
just like me
just like all of us
take a look at the person to your right
they’re a disaster
take a look at the person to your left
they’re a disaster
now take a look in the mirror
what do you see?
a disaster, that’s what you see
but when you and me and everyone you know
are dead and gone and in our graves
we’ll all be remembered
as angels and superstars
you know we will

‘Cause everything looks better in hindsight
but the past is not pristine
the past was not simple and easy
or straight black and white
and contrary to popular opinion
there were no good ol’ days
of chocolate malts and apple pie
of small towns and honest morals
of family and friends and the good life, right there
within everyone’s reach
there were no good ol’ days at all

When you say,
“Let’s go back
to the good ol’ days.”
Do you mean the good ol’ days
when marriage was sacred
between one man and one woman?
when the Mexicans stayed in Mexico
and left the good ol’ US of A to us?
when women knew their place
was in the kitchen
or in the bedroom
on their knees?
when colored folk were free to choose
between staying on the farm
or hangin’ from a tree?
Is that what you mean when you say,
“Let’s go back
to the good ol’ days.”?
‘Cause those good ol’ days
may have been good
for rich
but they weren’t so fuckin’ hot
for anybody else

You see, the past is not pristine
for African-Americans or lesbian-Americans
for Mexican-Americans or Guatemalan-Americans
it’s not pristine
for impoverished Americans or transgender-Americans
for atheist-Americans or Muslim-Americans

The past is not pristine
and if you’re still able to examine our history
and see tended gardens and sparkling cobblestone streets
then maybe you should look at your hands
because the dirt has got to go somewhere
doesn’t it?

Made with SoundCloud

Title: Mercy

Song: Mercy by Duffy 

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,095

Warning: smut!

Request by @winsmut : I have an idea for a dirty fanfic/story. It involves slightly drunken karaoke (because of the nerves), the reader singing Duffy’s “Mercy” and surprising Dean with her badass talent. It makes him realize the feelings he’s had for them. You get where I want to go with this?

A/N: Hope you like it! This is written from Dean’s perspective. Enjoy!!

Y/N slammed another shot before turning to the stage. “Y/N, come on, it was a joke! Come on, don’t do this.”

“I can sing Winchester, just you watch.” Leaning back in your seat you just shook your head. No use trying to stop her now.

Stumbling just a little she picked out her song and jumped on stage. “This, this is for a grumpy old man who says I don’t have talent.”

As ‘Mercy’ by Duffy started up she closed her eyes, bobbing her head to the music. Grabbing your beer, you walked over by the stage. Might as well get a good spot right?

I love you but I gotta stay true

My morals got me on my knees

I’m begging please

Stop playing games

Y/N hadn’t been wrong, the girl could sing

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i hate you

Prompt: Simon and Penny defeated the humdrum when he kidnapped them. Therefore Simon never loses his powers or discovers he loves Baz. It’s their classes 15 year reunion and baz and Simon are both coming with their respective families.

wow this took a lot longer than I thought it would
i shortened it to 10 years because fifteen years is a really long time
hope you like it

There is no way I’m going.


If I have to see him again… I don’t think I’d survive the encounter.

Him. The Chosen One. The hero who saved us all.

It’s been ten years since we last shared a room together. Ten years since we fought at each other’s throats. Ten years since he proposed to Wellbelove at the leaver’s ball. Ten years since she said yes.

Ten years…


The whole thing is long and sentimental. People hugged and cried, laughing together and catching up.

I shook hands with Niall and Dev again. They’re both married men now, with wives and a couple of babies each. It’s been a while since I called them my minions. Marriage has made them more mature, that’s for sure. Maybe I’ll actually stay in touch with them this time around.

I also see Bunce and her husband, who flew over from America for this. They’re newlyweds. And of course she keeps her last name. Classic Bunce. I give her a stiff congratulations and she gives me an even stiffer thank you before she goes off in search of Snow.

I am sitting on the couch, staring at the wall, most definitely not trying to avoid Snow when a little girl bounces into the room. And when I look at her, it’s like getting socked in the stomach.

Because she looks exactly like him. Pure blue eyes. A mass of bronze curls. Even the moles, for Crowley’s sake. There’s not a trace of Wellbelove in her.

She sees me looking at her and skips over, landing on the couch with a plop. “Hi! I’m Cherry!”

I blink. Did he actually name her Cherry? “That’s a pretty name,” I say. “How old are you?”

“I’m six!” She announces proudly.

“Crowley, they started popping them out early,” I mutter under my breath. “Do you have any siblings?”

She pouts. “No. I really want a little brother!”

“I’m sure that Simon and Agatha will grant you that wish soon,” I say bitterly.

She looks at me curiously. “How do you know who my Mommy and Daddy are?”

I can’t help it; I smile and ruffle her hair. “You look exactly like your father. It’s not hard to tell.”

She beams at me. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Baz,” I tell her.

“Hi Baz!” She says. “You’re so nice. Lots of the other adults are nice too, but I can tell they don’t want to talk to me. But not with you.”

Before I can reply, I hear it.

“Cherry! Where were you? I told you to stay in my sight!”

If seeing Cherry was a punch to the gut, seeing Snow again was like being tackled by an entire rugby team. It’s been ten years, but he looks almost exactly like I remember him. He’s got the sun in his hair, the sky in his eyes, and constellations of freckles on his skin and it hurts, it physically hurts to look at him. Still so irritatingly handsome.

“Daddy!” Cherry smiles and bounces over to him.

“Snow,” I say.

“Baz,” he replies coolly, and something in my chest twangs at the sound of his voice. I hate how he does that to me.

“Cherry, go find your mom,” Snow says to her.

“But I don’t want to go find Mommy,” Cherry whines. “She never lets me have any fun! It’s all ‘stand straight and stop being loud and smile more and be polite.’”

I laugh. “That sounds like Wellbelove.”

Snow glares at me.“Cherry, go. I’m not kidding around.”

Cherry frowns but she goes. Once she’s out of earshot, he says pointedly, “Her name is Snow now. Not Wellbelove.”

I stiffen. “I know. I’m not a fucking idiot.”

Snow sighs. “Baz… it’s been ten years. How about we put all this shit behind us, okay? We can be friends.”

For a second, I consider it. Friends with Simon Snow, the Chosen One, the one that I’ve wanted for so long… if you asked me ten plus years ago, I would have never thought it’d be possible. For us to exist. Together. Without killing each other.

It would be… nice. To talk and hang out and laugh like normal people.

But then I think of him and Wellbelove (I refuse to call her anything else) and Cherry, of his little family unit, of the pain of seeing him every day without being able to touch him and kiss him and be with him and my stomach twists.

“Fuck off, Snow,” I sneer at him, because that’s the only way I can talk to Snow. With sneers or insults or baleful looks.

He’s angry now. “What the hell is wrong with you, Baz? Why do you even hate me so much? What did I ever do to you? The past is the past! We were kids back then, for fuck’s sake! God.” Snow shakes his head with disgust. “No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend. You’re too much of an asshole for anybody to love.”

I open my mouth to spit a reply but suddenly I’m frozen and I can’t breathe and I can’t speak and I can feel the tears forming in my eyes and just no no no

I spin around and I run, tearing out of the house and past confused houseguests but I don’t care because I just need to get away get away from him and his awful beauty and his awful words and I can’t fucking cry in front of him and Aleister Crowley

“Fuck you, Snow,” I yell. “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you! I hate you! I hate you I hate you I hate you IhateyouIhateyouIhateyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou--”

I watch him run. Goddamned Baz. He’s always like this, even after so long. What did I even say? Why does he even care about what I say?

“Aren’t you gonna go after him?”

It’s Cherry. She’s got her hands on her hips and she looks mad.

“No, I think he needs some time on his own,” I say, staring at the door.

“Go talk to him!” She says. Her face is getting red and I can see the beginnings of a tantrum. “He’s your friend! Go make him feel better!”

“Cher, it doesn’t work like that. We’re not friends. He hates me, and I hate him. He made my life miserable at school ten years ago.”

“Ten years is a really really long time,” she replies hotly. “Longer than I’ve even been alive! Does it really matter anymore?”

I stare at her. “Cher…”

She pushes me. “Go!”

And I go.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Snow?”

“I… I’m…”

“Spit it out.”

“I’m sorry. I… I didn’t mean it.”

He won’t look me in the eye and he looks anxious  and even though I hate him (I hate him) I can’t help but notice how hot he looks when he’s biting his lip like that and fuck me why do I notice these things about him?

It’s the tenth anniversary of our graduation from Watford.

I might never see him again.

Fuck it.

Baz grabs my shirt and pulls me forward and suddenly we’re kissing we’re kissing and I can’t be kissing him why am I kissing him fuck I’m married and I’ve got a kid and he’s a guy but he’s kissing me and I’m kissing him back and why am I kissing him back I hate him I hate him I know I do but then why am I running my hands underneath his shirt and why does it feel so good?

Because Crowley, it feels so good, just being with him with my hands on his body and his cold lips pressed against mine but it shouldn’t because I hate him, I hate him, I hate him! He’s the guy who tortured me for eight years, the guy who –

–the guy you were obsessed with for so long, the guy you followed around everywhere until even Penny got tired of waiting with you and had to limit how many times you were allowed to mention his name in a conversation–

–because I was complaining about him! I hate him I hate him!

When you were proposing to Agatha he crossed your mind, didn’t he?

No, he didn’t! He didn’t, he DIDN’T!

Isn’t he the reason you never go to Bath and Body Works with Agatha anymore? Because all of the woody scented body sprays and products remind you of a bathroom that smelled like cedar and bergamot?

That’s not true! It’s not! It’s not!

And why do you have a twenty five item list in your head of all the things about him you’re not allowed to think about?

Because he’s an annoying git and I hate him I HATE him–

And why is it that whenever you see something that reminds you of him you feel that weird ache in your chest?

Stop it, stop it, stop it!

You know that feeling, don’t you? It’s that feeling you felt on Cherry’s first day of school and Agatha told you to quit moping around the house. It’s the feeling you got when you were waving goodbye to Penny as she boarded the plane to America.

Please… please!


Snow breaks away first but instead of stepping backwards and glaring at me like I expected him to do, he collapses into my shoulder, tears streaming down his face.


“I’m sorry,” he cries into my ear. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

“Sorry about what? Why are you crying?” I don’t know what to do with my hands so I just hug him close, leaning into his overwhelming warmth.

“God,” he whispers. “I love you, Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, and I’ve missed you so damn much.”

My little bro came up to me like he was gonna tell me something important and then he just screamed in my ear and I thought “who even does that”

And then it occurred to me exactly who would

I drew this ages ago and never posted it whoops

reaction gif / picture to every song on mind of mine

1. mind of mine
it’s like you know something is coming and you are #aware and on the radar

2. pillow talk
like you know.. it’s gonna be a BOP YOU SEE YOU’RE ABOUT TO LOSE YOUR FUCKING MIND

3. it’s you
we all know how good this one is like i literally am sobbing in this very moment

4. befour
you kind of sense how shady the title is and the song is a bop and you’re like BOPING

5. she
a! BOP! A! B O P!

6. drunk
summer song like just.. summer song

7. intermission flower
so.. peaceful.. and beautiful… and amazing.. and……

8. rear view

9. wrong
i cannot believe they did that like i cannot comprehend zayn and khelani killed me like this and birthed me at the same time 

10. fool for you
if you thought zayn has some amazing singing and writing capabilities… wait for this one like im literally sobbing so hard i just it made me feel so much

11. borderz
keep in mind this is the one i like the least and yet.. it’s grammy worthy

12. truth
bruttaly honest……… i think it’s about his feelings in 1d it’s literally a mixture of anger and disappointment at least it sounds like that to me and it’s just like im so proud of him

13. lucozade

14. tio

this is sex. sex sex sex. i can’t even comprehend he DID THIS,……….

15. blue
another beautiful slow song.. so peaceful… beautiful…

16, bright

i would die for this song I WOULD D I E I LOVE IT SOOO!!! MCUH!!!

18. she dont love me



Preachers Kiss
Sarah Lacey Ann
Preachers Kiss

preachers kiss

soundcloud link (in case tumblr audio fails me yet again)

baby pink and ruby red
blood and guts inside me, yet
i am pure, and real and true
the devil keeps bringing me back to you

the sun did rise and i did cry
salty tears, and used meat in my eye
lick caramel ice cream be sweet inside
you’re everywhere and i can’t hide

i needed to love you
you couldn’t decide
but when you did
my blood and guts fried

a predator going in for the chase
your fingers inside me, poison embrace
came to my senses, we can’t live like this
i was so overjoyed, that god damn preacher’s kiss

you needed to fuck me
you said you missed
the fire between us
and i just couldn’t resist

of course it turned out bad
you can’t fuck a girl and then get mad
that i fell for you, you knew that i would
i hate that i wouldn’t take it back if i could

starscarlet  asked:

do you think Magnus would wear a man bun


he absolutely would

i feel like he would absolutely hate the trend though… like he would just be all “ughhhhHHHH why is everyone so obsessed with man buns… :/ they’re stupid and weird and not even that cool….” and everyone else would be like “MAGNUS. MAGNUS. YOU’RE LITERALLY WEARING YOUR HAIR IN A MAN BUN AT THIS VERY MOMENT.”

his excuse would be that he’s not trying to be fashionable, he just needs an easy way to keep his hair back. (no excuses magnus u have a man bun deal with it)

edge-of-foreverr-deactivated201  asked:

Idea: When Han went back to smuggling after he left Leia when they lost Ben he would occasionally send Leia things he thought she would like from all the places he went to. (This is 100% canon u can't deny it)


he would

he so would

I have so many headcanons about this but tbh this is a Golden One. Thank you, friend, for bringing this to my attention

and I mean going back into smuggling he probably came across some old Alderaanian artefacts, like little trinkets or perfumes or prayer rocks or silk, you know, small things that cost a fortune because they were rare commodities, but even if he were up to his ears in debt again he’d splurge on them and either send them to her or leave them for her the next time he came across a resistance base. 

and then, of course, whenever he came back to a resistance base and docked there, he’d never actively seek Leia out but he’d always come back to the Falcon to find her asleep in the bunk, he fingers curled around the worn sheets, and he’d crawl in with her and they’d just hold each other and sleep

im in so much Pain