Endeavour Art Student Academic AU ficlet inspired by @glimmerice​’s prompt.

Hello there, would you like a tour of the studios? Room 208 is divided into individual studio spaces. This one belongs to Morse. It’s not much, just four walls—well, three walls—well, more like two and a half—but it’s where Morse spends most of his hours. Watch out you don’t step on anything, like that box of wall tacks! (Why is that on the floor, anyway?) If you’d only ever seen his work, you’d never know what a complete mess his studio is, or he is, for that matter. His paintings are so deliberate, and clean, at first glance. All rounded geometric forms grounded in muted planes of color… but if you look closely, you’ll see the paintings have a surprising amount of emotional content.

He’s not here at the moment. He’s probably across the green stealing packets of saltine crackers from the coffee shop. I don’t know how he manages to run on tea, crackers, and sriracha, but he does. For now.