Girlfriend Series; Wheein

hwasa / moonbyul

  • now for my side hoe wheein (( also i think i finally found a way i like doing these so i might redo my other ones idk )) 
  • ok so i see her as being really feminine when it comes to traditional gender roles so you would def approach her first but she was sending u suggestive glances all day ok even if she denies it she did it
  • like u know the tv cliche thats like “act natural ur crush is coming this way” and then they do some ugly weird ass shit 
  • thats wheein 
  • she the type to ask hwasa for advice on asking you out/date practice
  • “ok hyejin you be (y/n) and i’ll be me" 
  • “when do we make out" 
  • “hyejin no" 
  • ok so first date would be like a movie and whatnot and she would try to act really subtle about you wanting to hold her hand 
  • but you’d laugh bc "wheein poking my fingers when you think i’m not paying attention isnt subtle" 
  • she a special typa girl down in the south we call them classy hoes 
  • she’d want to play hard to get so bad but like at the end of the night she’s the one to lean into the kiss first
  • if she really really liked you she would be a nervous wreck around you 25/8 
  • like after one of your dates she’d be too nervous to talk to u bc here u are dropping her off at the door of her dorm and your hair looks so soft and nice 
  • the rest of the girls would be creeping from inside and when they saw how nervous she was moonbyul would be smug af opening the door like
  • "would u like 2 come in” ;-) 
  • and wheein would be liek????!? what 
  • and thats the first time u met mamamoo 
  • the girls would all love u after they met u and they would always annoy wheein with dumb ass questions 
  • “when is your next date?? you need to be prepared" 
  • "do you want me to make you cue cards so you dont freeze up again”
  • “when r u going to ask them to be official???" 
  • "hey if this doesnt work out between you two you wouldnt be mad if i swooped in would you?" 
  • the rest of mamamoo would be more involved in your relationship than you and wheein 
  • "hey wheein get ready i just called (y/n) and said that you’re taking them to the amusement park" 
  • "i know but when you get scared you can hold their hand trust me i saw it in a drama once you’ll thank me later" 
  • so when you two went to the amusement park she would 100000% be terrified on every ride u went on 
  • and of course would squeeze your hand so tight that you think she might break it but it’s okay because her hands are soft and nice and they fit real well in urs 
  • and afterwards when she is trying not to puke at the greasy smell of amusement park food and you trying to feed her some funnel cake, you would ask the big question 
  • "hey wheein do u want to be my girlfriend??" 
  • and she would almost choke on air because what a question how did you ask it so nonchalantly and also she’s happy that u asked her and not the other way around bc she probably would have peed herself if she had to ask u
  • she’d say yes btw
  • and once you two were done w ur date and you were standing in front of the door to her dorm (which had become a routine between the two of you), you were leaning in to kiss her but then you heard the front door open and the two of you looked towards it and there were three excited looking, barefaced girls all smiling
  • and you were trying to hold back your blush but wheein would be so embarrassed 
  • "so how did it go?" 
  • and they would look between the two of you expectantly 
  • "it was great!! i had such a fun time with her. thank you for taking me,” and after you said that you’d lean into kiss her cheek and say “girlfriend” and then u would walk away 
  • and all of them would be like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 
  • "yongsun be quiet" 
  • ok so wheein is the type to only get into a relationship if she could legit see herself having a future with them she doesnt have time for flings 
  • and such she would be such a needy and loving girlfriend but don’t tell anyone else
  • if you told hwasa about the fact that you once had to give wheein a piggy back ride to the kitchen bc you were hungry but she didn’t want to be left alone wheein would give u the silent treatment for 5-7 business days
  • the two of you would rarely ever fight?? and when you did it was over meaningless things and the fights only lasted for 10 minutes tops 
  • i think she’d want to be with someone who has the same views as her/acts like her/thinks like her so there would never be arguments abt morals or anything 
  • but occasionally there would be the times when she would come home late every night and leave early every morning and you would be :’(
  • bc u just want to see her and when you bring it up she would get kinda defensive 
  • "you know that i’m doing this for us. when i’m at practice or at a show or at the studio i’m always always always thinking about you and it makes me mess up choreography sometimes so i should be the one that’s mad at u" 
  • i know i said this about lit everyone in this god forsaken band but 
  • duets 
  • anywhere. anytime. 
  • in the car on the way to dinner?? "OH SHIT BABE LISTEN IT’S LIM KIM" 
  • "ya i know i hear it" 
  • in the middle of grocery shopping?? "BABY THEY’RE PLAYING UM OH AH YEH" 
  • and then she would do the dance in the deli aisle bc why not she lives to see you blush
  • ya she’d be gone sometimes BUT when she was home she would lit never leave you alone
  • you two would always cook together but both of u would mess up so bad and end up ordering take out
  • i’m getting so carried away w this
  • she texts like a 40 yo white mom just to make u upset
  • "LOL (Y/N) I totally agree with you! *14 emojis that have no correlation to what u 2 r talkin abt*”
  • “wheein calm the fuck down”
  • she tells rlly bad jokes and she laughs at them rlly hard
  • you don’t think they’re funny but wheein happy makes u happy
  • when she’s promoting or on tour she will always bring you something back
  • no matter what it can be like a seashell that she found or something that cost like 100 dollars ???
  • “wheein you didn’t have to bring me anything”
  • “shut up”
  • always rapping at the most inappropriate times
  • “wheein is2g we r literally  in a doctors office shut up”
  • she would take uglie pics w u all the time
  • probably would squeeze ur butt and say “noot noot”
  • I want to fight her
  • when she tells you she loves you she would make sure everything went perfect but lbr she aint slick
  • she wants to tell you over a fancy dinner
  • but she tells u at 4 am when the two of u cant sleep so ur eating hot pockets and playing monopoly
  • and she just comes right out and says it no hesitation
  • she would try to hide the blush on her face afterwards but once again, she ain’t slick
  • literally will not wait to tell everyone about ur relationship she wants everyone to see u and ur beautiful self
  • ok so u would probably end up proposing to her and she would cry for like five minutes b4 she said yes
  • bc wtf what did she do to deserve such a neat and lovely person like you and sometimes she questions if you really love her but here u r, asking to spend the rest of your life w her
  • she would always show off the ring but she’s still tryna be subtle (it doesn’t work)
  • she would yawn and overdramatically stretch her arms in front of hwasa’s face
  • “we get it wheein”
  • “LOOK THO”
  • I could see her waiting till marriage to actually have sex so idk ur just gonna find out when the time comes
  • das it thanks ples care for jung wheein

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uhhhhh apparently it's gonna rain in like 20 minutes or smth nd i'm so happy ????????? we haven't had rain since february or march, it's so dry here ;( my parents were talking abt having a party or smth so uh would u like to come to my virtual rain party ? 💌 invite is urs

YES!! question: is it the cool rain or is it the hot rain bc its been humid over here too n i dont enjoy that as much ): but its ok i shall go regardless ! 💕

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Hello! Could you do one for me? :) Sleeping with Yoongi would be like... Thank u! ^^

Coming right up ^^

Sleeping with Yoongi would be like:

  • “Stop hogging the blanket”
  • “Stop needing the blanket”
  • It would last a looooong time
  • Like every so often someone would need to come check to see that the two of you haven’t died
  • But they’d do it in a stupid way like sticking their finger under your nose to see if you’re still breathing
  • God help you if you sneeze in your sleep
  • We all know Yoongi loves (and needs) his sleep, so if you’re a restless sleeper…
  • “When did I roll onto the floor?”
  • “Who knows?”
  • If you’re naturally cold (icy feet, cold hands, etc) you best bundle up
  • Yoongis don’t like the cold
  • And if you have cold hands, for god’s sake dO NOT STICK THEM IN HIS ARMPITS
  • Taehyung learned that the hard way
  • “Yoongi, maybe it’s time we get up”
  • “It’s only been 16 hours…” *snoreee*

Send me a “___ with ___ would be like”

daddy!calum would get an email from you, calum’s daughters art teacher requesting for a meeting which left calum confused bc his daughter was an angel. she always followed the rules and was an excellent student, so immediately calum went in for the meeting!!! he walked in w his hands in his pockets a bit grumpy as to why he had to have this meeting in the first place (especially on a saturday morning) but was taken back when he walked into room 201 which was what he had written on a little sticky note but this room was in a little back corner of the school and was overcome by amazing artwork!!! and u were there in your overalls and white paint covered tshirt and apron and headphones painting a piece you have been working on and when u saw a man walk into the door u smiled and immediately took out ur headphones and said “uh excuse me i’m sorry, mr hood right?” and calum walked in a little more towards you and said “uh yes” and u went to shake his hand and u realized u had paint on ur hand and u said “uh wait i’m sorry” and calum giggled and said “it’s okay” and he shook ur hand causing u to blush a little bit!! and he would be like “so uh my daughter…did she do something wrong?” and u would be like “your daughter, oh no no, it’s more like she’s done everything right, that’s why i called you hear” and calum would be a little confused and u would say “your daughter is so good at art, i think she could really make something of this, i think you should put her into some extra art classes on the side” and calum would be like shocked and be like “wait really? I’ve never seen any of her artwork, do you u happen to have any?” and then u would be like “yeah come with me” and u and cal would go into this back dark room and u would turn the light on and it’d be this huge secret little studio with tables and easels and paints and every art thing you could ever imagine and there would be little seconds of different art work for each art student and u would take cal over to his daughter’s and it’d be these beautiful pieces all over the wall" and calum would be so shocked and in awe and then u would walk back out into the classroom and like u would walk by your painting and cal would be like “u know this is really amazing” and u would be like “ehhh it’s a little something” and he would be “maybe my daughter would enjoy taking classes from you, i mean if she wanted i’d love to do some extra work with her, but i love your daughter i wouldn’t make you pay me” and calum would be like “well let’s make a deal, you give my daughter some extra art classes, and i’ll pay you by taking you out to dinner” and u would both laugh and blush and smile and you would be like “I’ll see if i can fit that in my schedule” and u would both be so smiley and omg

request by: @besdeyou

dad!5sos night!!!!

ashton if ur reading this i would let u kick me in my face and i’m free this friday if u would like to come meet me in a kmart parking lot and kick me in my face