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whispers quietly that i dont like a lot of talon aus tbh

like- i understand the appeal of a ‘darker’ version of a character but???? ‘talon au tr/acer’ seems to be becoming more and more popular and it…. disturbs me. lena is a happy and go lucky character who strives to do the right thing. i can’t see her as anything else


emerges from the void just to kinkshame friends and family

did someone say shitposter gaster

Ha you’re kidding me
With Mark at 7 million and Jack about to get to 4 million there is no way I matter to them… I mean yeah I draw them but… They have way more to deal with, way more to worry about, than just one annoying person who’s feeling left out. I’m just some person. I’m literally just a number of a subscriber. I’m worth “one” – I bet they gain and lose way more than one subscriber a day. I really don’t matter, okay? Not to them and sometimes I feel like to no one else either.
Thank you for being kind, but honestly that’s insane, there’s no way.


#dont talk to me about bellamy in this scene okay #dont talk to me about bellamy in this episode at all #he risked everything #like he always does #to find her #no matter how much resentment he may carry towards her for leaving him alone #he would move heaven and hell for her #and after three months the first thing he hears about clarke #is how shes being hunted #and he drops everything to ensure her safety #forgetting his own #and here he is #and he sees shes tied up; so she must be still alive #and he stops dead in tracks and has to swallow back the tears #because his princess is still alive #and he can finally take her home with him


No more fears, no more doubts.


“Thank God… You’re alive. You’re safe.”

“Am I?”

“You’re with me now. It’s the only thing that counts.”

NYC taxi driver is fined $25k for refusing to pick up a black female executive and her two daughters
Taxi driver Cabbie Baqir Razamay have to pay $25,000 after a judge said he refused to pick up passengers because they're black, passing them over for white riders in Manhattan in 2013.

Everyday racism. Discrimination 101.