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if i can ask, is this SleepyWhatever guy bad and mostly do like, dirty stuff? every time i hear about porn artists being horrible people im always like YEAH, they draw porn, of course theyre awful. is it bad to think like that??? cause thats how i feel every time

I mean, not all prOn artists are bad but i would lie if i told you that ton of them don’t have some shady bs going on…

Some prOn artists are amazing people and I know a few that just do it bc they need money, but it’s true that the ones who shine the most (bc tbh they are the ones that people support the most) are the assholes… 

I drew Noel Fielding, one of my favorite comedians of the BBC. He’s also the author of one of my favorite quotes to live by: ‘Life is nonsense, so wear silly shoes’.
5 hours, colored pencil.