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since, personally, I'm hoping for the next Bond movie to be titled "In Arcadia" who would you like to play Bond since Craig doesn't seem to do it again? - someone who really admires you but is too socially awkward to actually talk to you

Aw, man, you made me grin like an idiot, anon. :D I am very easy to talk to, btw, anon or not, and I love talking to people.

I love that you love the In Arcadia stuff. Seriously, I adore that verse and the characters and I’m just delighted that someone who isn’t Eve or me is interested in it. :D Honestly my first choice for the next Bond would be Luke Evans. He’s the right age (37), he looks amazing in a suit, he looks amazing in a fast car, he’s done his share of action films and can believably kick ass, he has that right mixture of well dressed charisma and tough badassery, he’s charming and sexy in that slightly sleazy way Bond needs. I used to love the idea of Idris Elba as Bond, but lbr, Elba is getting too old to start with his first Bond movie and he’s too busy doing a bunch of other things, so Luke Evans it is. I mean, look at him:

He’s not 100% ideal (partly because he looks way better with some facial hair than clean shaven, but Bond needs to be clean shaven), but he’d be a thousand times better than Craig and he’d be better than literally any other actor people habitually suggest (I mean, Tom Hiddleston???? Tom fucking Hiddleston? Tom Hiddleston looks like I could kick his ass).

But yeah, tell me you don’t want Luke Evans and Richard Armitage beating the crap out of each other while Mark Strong watches them with a condescending little smirk. :DD

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oh wow! 10 rereads! you beat me i'd tell ya! LOVING that fic would be understatement ya feel? Reading some parts of it just physically hurt me (in a good way), these two idiots are so obliviously AND intensely in love with each other yet they still try to hold back out of fear of driving each other away and aaah! that's just the beginning of my feels! also after that ending I suppose it would be a nice start for some cute shots for the sequel! I'm still looking for the author! i wanna thank them

Mnn! I adore the way it was written, and how it was so easy to emphasise with those two dorks and how stupid and in love they were. the communincation flaws were so nerve wracking but not in a way that you get sick of it?? it just captured their relationship so well?? 

Okay so on that topic, I actually wrote some stuff based on that verse but I never posted any of them because, well, it’s not my story to add onto I just loved the concept and had fun messing with it as an exercise I guess??