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Last weekend it was decided that young Pillomin will be traveling back to Peewick to meet with the village herbalist. Since then I’ve been slowly building this bit of Sheena-Pea’s apothecary! Still needs more herbs, but I’m getting there. I wanted to make a piece of set that would give you (and me) a break from the soggy woods behind my home. It’s beautiful back there, but it keeps raining when I’m trying to shoot. Plus my downstairs neighbors are probably wondering just what the heck I’m up to out there, in the rain, with a bunch of stuffed animals. I had to hang Pillomin’s breeches up to dry when I got in last week.

Sheena-Pea is based on my real-life friend Sheena who runs the shop Branch and Beak and who makes a variety of witchy goods for your body! My favorite item that she makes is an essence of amethyst and lavender anointing oil that comes in roll-on tube so you can apply it to your temples (and everywhere) when you want to be calm. I use it all the time because honestly, I need it. Ha!
Sheena is also one of the funniest ladies I know, just a real good egg. I have doubts that I’ll be able to write her character with the wit that she has, but I’ll sure try.

Give her shop a look, and thanks for staying tuned!

I’m shooting to get Chapter 2 shot, written and edited by Friday so I can release some brand-new beasts into the shop this weekend. I’m really holding myself back from posting them now because Pillomin hasn’t met them yet. It’s difficult!

You Can See My Wings?

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“I’m an Angel if the Lord” said the man in a deep gravelly voice.

You looked at Dean and snickered. How could the man standing before dressed in a trench coat be an angel? Then lighting flashed blinding you, and the shadow of angels wings appear right behind him. The lightening faded but you could still see a faint outline of his wings.

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RULES: Tag 10 people you would like to get to know better

Tagged by: @ren-chu I have no idea what this is, but, cuz im tagged, i’ll try (even if I dont know 10 people..) I am still new to tumblr, so, onegaishimasu :)

Name/nickname: development of my nickname: andrewharry8610 –> 0DuAlBlAdEr0 –> W01fyL0v3r –> Kyima – I usually use the last 2 nicknames

Relationship status: I love myself :)

Favorite color: Green green greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

Pets: I have no pets, but I would like a cat maybe? p.s. my friend mentioned that I have a lot of pet fishes, but I don’t own them, my grandma does.

Last song I listened to: Ginga Tetsudou no Penguin by  Aiobahn & Yunomi

Favorite TV show: I dont watch TV :)

First Fandom: MINECRAFT!!

Hobbies: Listening to music, playing minecraft/league of legends/the binding of isaac: rebirth/SAS4 (nobody will probably know this game)/BTD

Books that I’m currently reading: I dont read books, and I read some Korean manga as im Korean :)

Favorite book: I have no favorite book.

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: I have such bad memory, but the thing that I remember is raw chicken DX Once I ordered chicken strip from a restaurant, and they gave me a raw chicken strip and it was disgusting.. ugh

Favorite place: The chair in front of my table in my room in my house. Well, any place with AC and wifi is good for me :)

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lol I only have 2 friends that I know


You think all these kids are cute and nice well my friends they didnt have good pasts

Daisy- yes that’s her .. She was crested in a lab by a terrorist group that wanted to make super human weapons she was the youngest of the project and her powers would not awaken so she was trapped in a tube . there was one day that one of the scientests had enough and they set the lab on fire daisy was still in there she burned but didn’t die. She was saved by an unknown skeleton in the anti void he healed her with what stranth he has but could not make her human again but her soul still is

Jet : as you have seen from rps and posts she’s born with an illness like inks but its more faitle because she was born with a tiny soul and was damaged by a magical being when she was a baby so the only thing keeping her alive is error strings holding her soul together . growing up she was prone to falls and was in a hospital more then not luckelly her brothers paperjam and palette where always there for her even after ink and error forgot about her and pushed her away

Shade: ( sensitive subject warning ): shade was born from nightmare because nightmare was taken advantage of by a witch just for her pleasure . the first year of his life nightmare was happy and had actually loved haveing a little one of his own after seeing all his gang with kids but shade was showing powers of his mother and nm became depressed to the point where he became so ill he could no longer do his thing and dream had to take care of both him and shade . as shade became older he wanted to journey so to help with his father condition he left and nightmare gave him the crown before he left to insure him he still loved his son

Avenir : he was from the final timeline after the reset button was destroyed and frisk save then from the underground . pap and mettaton setteled down ( dispute sans wishes ) and had avenir their lives where great and undyne was helping ave with training and school ( and cooking ) . but one day ave was out with monster kid and frisk and came home the building all the monsters lived In was covered in dust all the monsters where killed . no one knows what happened but ave was pulled into the anti void by gaster . he’s in denial that everyone is gone because growing up he was protected from bad things too much

So here is the pasts of my babies feel free to ask any questions

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Hiya Jamie, I love your videos. I'm about to come out to my family as trans, I came out as a lesbian in 2015 despite knowing I was ftm because I was scared of their reaction. They're so supportive but I'm honestly frightened of leaving the lesbian community, I've made so many friends and have a close support network within the community. And I'm worried about how transitioning will affect that. It makes me feel not trans enough by being so worried which ik is silly but yeah. Sorry for this rant

Hey, don’t apologise, rant away. 

I identified as a lesbian for a time before coming out as trans, and did make some friends from this community, but they weren’t my close friends and I (though choice) lost contact with them after I came out. 

I would hope that if they were really friends, they would support you and still continue being your friend after you came out to them. 

If you’re starting to feel ready to come out, or like it’s something you want to do fairly soon, you could maybe try and build connections/friends within the trans community. Not instead of your current friends or anything, even if they are fully supportive and everything it would likely still be very helpful to be friends with/in touch with other trans people. 

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hi angel i asked this before but you didn't reply (no worries honestly i'm sure your askbox is flooded); do you have any tips for sexy club dancing? both w/ your S/O (mine is a cis male & im a cis female so any extra tips on that would be gr8) & just with your friends (i guess more toned down)? i have good rhythm & have had compliments before i jst wanna up my game & wanted to see if you had any advice! REGARDLESS, i hope you enjoy yr day! thank you for your blog and never-ending good vibes <3

hey boo! sorry about that. i’m still trying to answer all y’alls questions.

but look here & here :) also check out the rest of her videos, she does lots of dance tutorials :)


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Hello, it's me again! It's been pretty chilly here these last couple weeks, BUT, there was a single flower growing outside my door and I wrote it down in my phone so I would remember to tell you my thoughts. We're a lot like flowers. Some of us have more tenacity than others (like my little friend) while others grow in season when they're supposed to. Either way, they grow. Don't let others shame you because you grow differently than they do. Much love. - G

Ugh I still want to know who you are 😭

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I have 2 mutuals with George, one of them was actually in one of his videos. He's like the perfect guy and even if he wasn't YouTube famous I'd still be into him. I low key just wanna text him and hang out but I'm not gonna harass my friends for that info like some stalker fan. Idk even if it was just cute chatting or a one night stand I'd be happy. I've fallen for him 💀

Wow that’s really cool though! Maybe you can find yourself at a party with Joji one day ;) But I get what you mean with the harassing your friends. I mean, I don’t think they really would mind but you still never know how people might think so yeah. And yes…I would also be happy with a one night stand!

Joji’s Sluts Support Group
Send me your sin (or just any thoughts at all) and we can discuss it

I’m just so in awe of my friends here who have kids and still geek out over things and write ridiculously good fanfic bc like

Growing up I believed that I would graduate college and like, immediately get married and have kids and never think about my obsessions again

And it’s really comforting (and pretty badass) to see parents who like, write the smuttiest fic I’ve ever seen in my life and are really passionate about fandom and talk about their kids (who you guys usually call mini or little or even wee versions of yourself and that’s so effing cute????) and it just makes me smile bc I never thought I could do those things but now I know I can

You guys are amazing and you inspire me so much

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do you think it'd be possible for them to stay friends if percy and annabeth broke up (do you think if they DID, it would be an amicable/mutual break or a fight)? and a little bit off topic but do you think there would be more tension if either of them started dating afterwards (tho not immediately)? (especially if one learned their new partner was of the "same sex")? :)

u’ve come to the right place lmao i love breaking percabeth up. it’s one of my favorite things to do. i have a very long fic about it somewhere on this blog that still needs to be edited and posted on ao3 shhhh

and i also have like a whole bunch of breakup headcanons listed somewhere on this page

there’s SO many ways that i can picture breaking them up and the reactions vary on the situation but i think generally speaking…i don’t think they’d be able to be friends right away, not for a long time. there’s too much between them for those feelings to just like..go away. they’d need distance from each other. after that distance and time, if they didn’t get back together, they’d be friends, yes i think so. i think there’d be some more chafing/interest in their new partners if one of them dated somebody of the same gender, definitely. the same feelings you always get when your ex dates somebody else except amplified because there’s the sexuality component on top of it. but they’d both get over that eventually and i think they’d actually have an easier time being friends if they were dating a partner of the same gender because they wouldn’t feel like they had to compete with them and/or they’d just accept that their sexuality isn’t compatible with the relationship (if that’s why they broke up, of course).

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Hi there! To the anon picking apart peoples' weaknesses to distance themselves from them - I do that too, always,*especially* with those I love. I want to know their (and my own) flaws etc. exactly, so I can decide whether they are such as I can live with or not. Same goes for whether the person would still be dear to me when the inevitable predictability settles in. I want to love people with my eyes open - makes me much more at ease, and, I guess, eliminates many sources of disappointment.

See, I don’t know if this is the best way to look at people. Yes, you want to be wise about choosing your friends, but you also have to realize that there will always be people who are just hard to live with. That doesn’t mean they don’t need someone like you as a friend, though.

I know I’m hard to live with and deal with. I’m sarcastic and sharp-tongued, I hole myself up without explanation and grow short-tempered if disturbed. It’s not easy to live with me, I’m sure. But there are people, friends and family, who don’t give up on me. They know that I have flaws, but they see me as a person who can become better, and they don’t have to decide to love me based on my flaws.

And I can do that with others, too. We all should.

Yes, seeing the weaknesses of others can be helpful. But loving people with your eyes open doesn’t mean that you stop loving them “when the predictability sets in.” Or when they become hard to love. Or when they start acting annoying. Or when they don’t do what they should all the time. That kind of relationship is one that is focused on you, and not on the other person.

There is no person in the world who is going to seem dear to you 100 percent of the time. That’s not how real relationships work. Ever. There is logic involved in relationships and people, but you shouldn’t use logic to decide if you’re going to be friends or fall in love or even treat another person the way a person should be treated.

People are going to disappoint you. But disappointment is part of life. If you’re never disappointed, you’ll never grow. And, let me tell you, if you can stick with a person despite being disappointed by him, your relationship will be incredibly strong. I know this from experience.

Basically, I’m saying that we shouldn’t let the flaws of others dictate whether we love them or invest in them or not. And I’m taking lots of words to say it in.


Six Facts About Me

I was tagged by @generalatomicsgalleria! Thank you so much for that, my friend! Hopefully I can think of six things about myself that are worth mentioning.

1) I’ve been writing fanfiction since I was twelve. It started with cheesy Naruto stories and eventually led to Fallout 4! I still remember my very first fanfic. *shudders* Dark times…

2) Other than Fallout, one of my other obsessions is Game Grumps. I’m absolutely in love with Dan Avidan (I even write about him sometimes, but that’s beside the point) and when I’m having a rough day at work, sometimes binge watching Game Grumps episodes is the only thing that I find myself looking forward to. 

3) My goal is to have an original story finished and on the road to being published this year. I’ve had tons of ideas swarming my mind these last few years and I’ve been too anxious to actually write anything other than fanfiction, but I’m actually going to push myself now!

4) I’m currently in an amazing relationship with my best friend, Matt. It started out when we were 13 through a Naruto roleplaying game called shinobilegends. Of course any long distance relationship between two 13 year olds would be rocky. Things went south for a bit, and we ended up doing our own thing on our own sides of the country for awhile. We eventually ended up together in the end when we were 21 and 22, he moved to Nevada to start a life with me, and I can honestly say I’ve never felt more peaceful and content as I do when I’m with him. 

5) I love Chinese food. Seriously, I could eat it every meal of every day for the rest of my life and probably not get sick and tired of it. 

6) Sometimes I fantasize about going on talkshows to talk about my “#1 New York Times Best Seller” book. *dreamy sigh* Maybe one day…

And for this, I’m going to tag @badwolfinwinterfell, @p4ladin, and @rockruffandroll

Good bye to the boy that I once loved & called my friend & forever.

The sad truth is if you would have tried I could have gone on always & forever loving you. I am not stupid to this reality. But you didn’t try & you stopped loving me so I had to do the same.
It’s ok though because you taught me lessons no one else will now & I have learned to love again, better & stronger this time.
So thank you for that but you still leave a scar on my heart & I see it everyday. So I can’t get over it not yet. But I do know that this scar will soon fade away, along with the memory of you.

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this is totally random but, what lion do u think u would be given based on what allura told us from episode 1?

OOoohh, what a fantastic question! Thank you so much for asking it!

I would say 75% chance yellow, 25% black.

I’m not terribly aggressive or brave or adaptable, but I’m kind, and I’m good at supporting people with words and deeds, though I do sometimes get lost in my own worlds and my own projects and forget to engage outside my comfort zone. When I get passionate about something, though… Yeah. There was a whole fundraiser at my church that is still going strong today that started with me and my best friend when we were like ten. I was the one who wanted to do it, and she was the one who would actually ask people for money because I was too shy. If I met an enslaved race of people and had both the power and the opportunity to DO something about it, I would be all over that. I relate to Hunk a whole, whole lot, and not only because of the weight thing. 

Also, on a more superficial note, I enjoy cooking, especially for my friends and family. I’m not a chef or anything, but I like trying new recipes and even making my own. I love the culture of food and the way it brings people together as much as I love it for flavor and satisfaction. And all the times in my fanfiction where Hunk rambles off a bunch of food science? That’s off the top of my head. I barely do any research at all. I watch a lot of recipe videos and cooking shows purely for entertainment, never intending to cook any of the things, since my diet is rather restrictive at the moment. I think me and the yellow lion would get along super well. Plus, I’m not a good fighter and I’m not very mobile, so I would be appreciative of all the armor. (And I get motion sick, just like Hunk. Here’s hoping that Yellow has special inertial dampeners.)

Less likely but also possible would be Black. I don’t particularly enjoy leading, and if anyone else was available who was better suited for it, I would be happy to bow out. But if needs must, I can rise to the occasion. More than once I’ve been thrown into a small group to do a project, and when no one else took control I kinda sighed, bowed my head, and started discussing what we wanted to accomplish and how to split up tasks. I’m the oldest of eight and was Managing Editor of my college newspaper for two and a half years, so I have some experience. I’m much more the soft-spoken, you-can-do-it-and-I’ll-help-you kind of leader than the aggressive, lead from the front kind, though. Ah, I think I have some things in common with Shiro, too.

Again, thanks for the question! That was fun. I spent like all day thinking about it.

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if youre still taking those requests could you do Quiet Me for kunikidazai? sorry if youre not but you write kunikida and dazai really well!

send me characters and a prompt

Leave a “Quiet Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character trying to calm another down [be it from crying, from lashing out, feel free to specify.]


Nightmares are probably the oldest friends he knows.

He used to be terrified of them as a child; he would wake up yelling and struggling to free his limbs from the sheets and bury his tears into the covers, muffle his sobs and breathe deeply to calm down before he awakened anyone else. Nightmares were but a reflection of too many experiences in too few years; the consequences of bothering the wrong people, on the other hand, were quite real.

Nowadays his vocal cords have grown sore of screaming; his eyes dried up long ago. Now only his accelerated heartbeat as he stares at empty darkness betrays his brain’s success in torturing him; most times he only turns to lay on his other side and closes his eyes again, determined not to lose sleep for such an unoriginal reason.

Tonight is not one of those times.

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rules: complete the survey and say who tagged you in the beginning. when you’re finished, tag people to do this survey. have fun and enjoy!

1: are you named after someone? yes, jesus christ 
2: when was the last time you cried? thirty minutes ago
3: do you like your handwriting? i like my cursive handwriting
4: what is your favourite lunch meat? i dont eat meat
5: do you have kids? no and i dont want thm i want cats
6: if you were another person, would you be friends with you? no irl i can come across as a standoffish bitch before any one gets that im a sweet bitch and it’s tm effort plus im clingy
7: do you use sarcasm? yes
8: do you still have your tonsils? yes
9: would you bungee jump? i dont jump for a thrill i jump to die
10: what is your favourite kind of cereal? i don’t
11: do you untie your shoes when you take them off? no
12: do you think you’re a strong person? i’m w e a k
13: what is your favourite ice cream? cookies and cream
14: what is the first thing you notice about people? their style
16: what is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself? im hairy
17: what color pants and shoes are you wearing now? black shorts, black flip flops
19: what are you listening to right now? the air conditioner
20: if you were a crayon, what color would you be? black
21: favourite smell? incense, tires, roses, lipstick, vacuumed carpet, ponderosa pine trees
22: who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? smeone i went shopping with
23: favorite sport to watch? ice skating
24: hair color? black
25: eye color? brown
26: do you wear contacts? no
27: favourite food to eat? smoothies
28: scary movies or comedy? …scary
29: last movie you watched? the truman show
30: what color of shirt are you wearing? black
31: summer or winter? summer
32: hugs or kisses? kisses
33: what book are you currently reading? kaplan lsat premier 2016-2017
34: who do you miss right now? no one
35: what is on your mouse pad? idk it’s blue
36: what is the last tv program you watched? black mirror
37: what is the best sound? piano, vintage organs, twangy reverby guitars idk
38: rolling stones or the beatles? rolling stones
39: what is the furthest you have ever traveled? morocco 
40: do you have a special talent? music
41: where were you born? florida

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P, the girl still waiting on her letter,

This is my first letter to a P, but probably not my last. Do you mind terribly if I tell you about my (maybe) P?

He’s incredibly sweet and we have so much in common. A few months ago, one of my friends told me he was interested in me, which I completely blew off because who in their right mind would be interested in me? I’m gross. But turns out she was right, and for the past month, I’ve been falling for him too.

He’s a gentleman, a hardworker, and complete nerd. We can talk for hours about nothing in particular. He remembers little things about me, like my favorite color and my dog’s name. I remember the little things about him too. I’ve never had such an easy time talking with a guy before, especially not a guy I’ve pursued. 

Him and I are hanging out tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m sorry this letter isn’t directly for you, but it is for a P. I hope that means something.

With love,

E who hasn’t gotten a letter either.

i so vehemently hate those self deprecating suicide memes i used to defend them as my coping mechanism until i realized that all they were doing was as driving me closer to suicide and they were DIRECTLY the cause for a depression spike in my friend group, my loved ones were suicidal for the first time in their lives and i know it had everything to do with those memes. it hurt me so bad to see that. i could see it when they would make a suicide joke then their laugh would break off and they’d look away. like i won’t go around personally telling people to stop and im a hypocrite because i still laugh at them but at least consider the truth in that constantly telling yourself you’re worthless and should die still isn’t helpful even when it’s in meme form

fox emoji review

what a good friend! soft eyes and face. i love this boy 5/5

something feels off about this to me but, nonetheless still a good fox 4/5

microsoft back at it again with the thick lines. it looks like a bootleg firefox mascot 2/5

oh.. oh my god…. a soft boy. a good boy. a friend boy. i would trust him with my life and my wallet 6/5

more beautiful foxes.. less pure than samsung yet still soft and trustworthy 5/5

i mean, it is a fox. i think. it looks more like a shiba inu if anything with the colors and round snout. still, shiba or not, nice fox 3/5

what the fuck. what the fuck is this. this isnt a fox 0/5

a realistic approach, he might seem intimidating but he’s really just misunderstood. he would guard you with his life 4/5

this is like the emoji one fox except with less soul and dark intentions. this is the kind of fox who would rob you behind a denny’s, and the mortal enemy of all foxes 1/5