would you still be my friend if

Wow! So I can’t believe I’ve hit this milestone, but I hit 1000 followers this week! When I first started this blog I thought I would be lucky to get even 200. I am so excited and happy to share fandom with all of you beautiful and wonderful people!

I have gone from being mostly Mass Effect to mostly Star Wars to mostly GoT content so I feel pretty lucky to still have so many awesome mutuals from across fandom! To celebrate my milestone and all of you, I decided to list and say something nice about EVERY SINGLE ONE of my gorgeous mutuals!

I put a couple of my ultra-faves up top first to give my best fandom friends their time to shine. After that it is alphabetical, but just know that I love and adore all of you so, so much.

I just want to thank everyone, mutuals, followers, and blogs I follow, for making this blog what it is and allowing me to share my thoughts and emotions with all of you. I am so happy to be here :’)

P.S. I will probably do some sort of small gif or drabble giveaway as well sometime in the next couple of days so keep a lookout for that!

@sweetorganza MY BEST FRIEND ON TUMBLR! The love of my life. I am so grateful for our friendship. I sometimes sit back and think that if I hadn’t had the courage to share my embarrassing boatsex fic, we never would have met. Talking to you every day keeps me sane and I thank the old gods and the new for helping me find another sassy Scorpio Jonerys lover who supports my writing, makes me laugh, and reminds me of what’s important. You’re seriously one of my favorite people in the world Jenn and one day when we’re rich retired ladies we’ll travel the world together sipping wine and reflecting on the war for Jonerys in 2017 hahaha <3

@oadara The queen of Jonerys and Dany defense. One of the first Dany-positive and Jonerys-positive blogs I found. I am so lucky to know you, Yara. You’re smart, you are kind and respectful, and you tirelessly defend our faves and our ship in an ocean of negativity. I’m so glad I met you here on tumblr and am so grateful to share in this ship with you. Being mutuals with you is an honor :D

@angels-are-robots One of my best friends from tumblr. I love you Jeannie! Thank you for beta-ing my atrocious writing and being a good and supportive listener and friend. I hope you are having fun at Comic Con because I am literally dying of jealousy haha. Long live Spider-Man and Jonerys friends XD

@ellimomo One of the kindest and most positive people on tumblr. The queen of reaction gifs and Jonerys AUs. Always supporting me and cheering me on. You’re beautiful inside and out EJ and I love you so much. Thanks for being a good friend.

@annabelleebythesea You make the most amazing gifs and I am so grateful for them. You showed me so many Jonerys parallels that I hadn’t even thought of during Jonerys week last year! I am so glad to share this fandom with you, Tiffany, and every time you say something nice on my gifs it makes me so happy because I aspire to your skills! So glad we are mutuals <3

@luvd80s2 One of my best Jonerys friends! I love chatting with you about our faves and our love for 90s hunks and alternative music haha. Keep being wonderful!

@batfleckwaynes I love your content! You make the coolest gifs and edits and your blog shows the best stuff in the DCEU. Cool url too!

@bellarkes100 We share two controversial OTPs haha. I love Bellarke and I’m so glad to have you in the Jonerys fandom with us XD

@blackfyre-queen We have only been mutuals for a short time, but I am always happy to see notes from you! I love your beautiful icon and that URL—SO COOL!

@blackleias One of my favorite blogs. Epic mix of discourse and humor, and we both love Star Wars, GoT, and a lot of the same ships. You’re amazing.

@blue-roses-in-a-wall-of-ice You are the actual sweetest! And such a good writer. I will never stop being amazed that you’re a young whipper snapper, because you are wise beyond your years. You have a great future in writing ahead of you. I just know it. Your fics are a gift to our fandom!

@cataclismnoir A great blog! Thanks for supporting my content and loving Jonerys with me!

@clairelessly One of my favorite humans. We just became friends this year but already I feel so close to you and trust you so much. You make me smile all the time and I am so grateful that Alex worked with you so that we could meet. You’re a beautiful person in every single way. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

@daenerystubborn You make some of the most beautiful edits I’ve ever seen! I am such a big fan. And your blog is so beautiful omg.

@daisysy You make my blog feel so loved! I always love getting notes from you on my answers! And I love your blog too and your awesome icon. Long live Emilia love <3

@danykinkfic The official Jonerys stand-up comic. Makes me actually lol at least once a day. You writes great fanfic and are a good friend :)

@doublehex The king of snark. I can never tell how you really feel about anything but I know that most of the time it’s good haha. You’re a good writer, a fierce defender of Jonerys, and some I’m happy to share this fandom with. It turns out we don’t disagree on everything.

@dreamofspring My favorite GoT gif maker. I love your trademark style, your colorings, your fonts. You are the actual best. I am so honored that one of my favorite blogs ever follows me haha. And it always makes me happy when you share my content on one of the fandom blogs you’re a member of!

@elephantirrelephant One of the hottest women in the world. The queen of Hannibal discourse. A cinnamon roll of perfection.

@eliamartvll Okay I mean this when I say it—you are the nicest person I have met on this website haha. I have never seen a negative thing from you, only kindness and love for every person and ship in this fandom. You are a gift and ilysm.

@emison-evak New follower but I love love love your blog! You have the funniest and most excited reactions to Jonerys, just like me. I love reading your asks and answers :D

@fbdarkangel I never get to hear from you but I always love seeing you on my dash! We share a lot of the same fandoms and I am so happy we are mutuals!

@gendryatrash One of the nicest people I know. You leave nice comments on my embarrassing selfies and I am so blessed to know you haha. I love Gendrya and all of your Gendrya content. You’re amazing.

@gendryxaryatrash A great blog. I love your Gendrya content!

@gera-3-blog Weirdly enough the first time I saw the boatsex leak wasn’t even reddit. It was your blog with the flailing Kermit gif hahaha. I instantly followed you and then wrote my first Jonerys fanfic. I’m so glad we love BioWare and Jonerys together <3

@guileandgall Another one of my oldest and fave mutuals! Even though my content has changed so much I’m honored you still follow me. I love your writing and your BioWare stuff. You’re a great writer and a good friend and you’re always positive and nice to everyone!

@heylowday You make the cutests sort of fanfic/gifset hybrids for Jon and Dany and I love them! The one of Jon introducing Dany and Sansa was SO SWEET. I love them :D

@hileywwe Always able to make me laugh. A hardcore Jonerys defender and hilarious women I adore.

@i-likecalibrations We’ve been mutual so for long now! I hardly ever post Mass Effect anymore so I am so honored and grateful that you still follow me. I still love your blog!

@insomniarama Honestly one of my favorite people on my dash. You are the khaleesi of funny and interesting tags and like your descriptions says, you have some quality shitposts haha. Excited to watch your live blog of the episode tomorrow night XD

@jon-snuuu A fellow Jonerys lover and defender. I love sharing this fandom with you and you’re blog is wonderful!

@jonvalyrian Badass url and wonderful blog. I am a proud follower haha and love seeing notes from you on my content!

@junsnuh One of my fav mutuals. Thanks for always giving interesting input on my posts and also for giving me a laugh with that icon haha.

@jxlight Your art is so good and I miss it so much. Please make more Nat I miss you!

​ Such a nice person and great blog. Your blog title is very fitting for you because you seem to be a multi-shipper who treats EVERYONE with respect and kindness. It’s rare and I’m so glad we have kind souls like you in the fandom. Also it always makes my day when your reblog my mediocre gifs and tag it “beautiful edit.” You’re kind of the best <3

@khaleesiwhitewolf I love seeing the funny stuff you add in reblogs haha. Glad you love Jonerys with us <3

@ktwrites One of my first Jonerys mutuals! I love having you in the JonerysChat! You’re so friendly and kind and I love talking fandom with you!

@lightning—farron You’re awesome! I’ve seen your edits in the tag for months so I was thrilled to get a follower from you. Cool url, too! Love Final Fantasy.

@lindsattt My friend in real life. Spent too long in China so now I am sad. I miss you and hope I can see you for the wedding. Love you forever.

@lizstargaryen Such a sweetie! I love seeing your commentary on Jonerys and your side blog is great! So glad we have you in our ship.

@maitsiak Another one of my real-life friends who is trusted enough to see my trash side. I know nothing about K-Pop or K-Dramas but everything on your blog is adorable, as are you. I love you so very much. You’re an angel.

@misshoneywheeler The person I can go to when the wank is too much to bear haha. Thanks for tolerating me and providing pep talks sometimes. You write freaking amazing fics, too. Oh and I love your blog and all the beautiful people on it.

@mpaty1475 A Jonerys veteran! One of the first Jonerys blogs I followed. I love seeing your comments and kudos on my fanfic because I have a lot of respect for you. Thanks for following me :D

@mrsharington You’re so kind! I love seeing you on my dash and in my notes, and I love your delicious Kit content haha.

@msariayoureakiller The queen of my inbox hehe. I love getting asks from you. They are always so interesting and you give me such great ideas and valuable insights. And you do all of this as yourself instead of anon so I know who to thank for the awesome discussions. So grateful to have you as a follower!

@mudinyourlungs Idk how you got left off the first time! I am so sorry! But you know I love your blog and your analysis of Dany and Jon! You’re smart and you take no shit haha. I love it <3

@naerysv Thanks for doing so much for our fandom! I love our JonerysFics and JonerysOnline blogs so thanks for all you do! You’re the best! Your blog is so beautiful! I’ve been following for a long time and I am

@princessdany One of my fave blogs! Your edits are great and your blog is so cute. You’re the best <3

@repeat-script Love talking with you about Jonerys and sharing your love of Jon. You’re the best!

@sansastarkthequeen I really enjoy your blog :) I’ve read some really interesting metas/discussion AND you make cool edits. What’s not to love?

@seleya A quiet mutual but someone I still love to see on my dash and in my notes. Your blog is beautiful :)

@she-3p0 This is my real-life best friend guys. She never uses tumblr but I’m including her because she’s one of the most important people in my world, my maid of honor, my closest friend, and one of the only people from my real life who has access to my embarrassing fangirl side hahaha.

@sleeplessme Another Jonerys veteran! I can always count on you for the latest content and to defend and love Jonerys with me. You’re amazing Irina!

@soulisthirsty One of my fave mutuals. So funny and awesome, and you love The 100 and Vampire Knight with me! I love chatting with you and freaking out over fandom wank with you haha. Your blog is amazing. Stay wonderful!

@starsandskies Another one of my oldest mutuals! You have the best Dragon Age and Mass Effect content! Thanks for always tagging me in stuff and being so sweet and awesome. You’re so wonderful and I absolutely love your blog and you forever.

@stray-arrows I’m new to your blog but I really like it, especially your defense of Jon.

@tayl0crow I am so glad you still follow me after all this time haha. I know you’re mainly a J/S shipper so thank you for tolerating my constant Jonerys hype. Your blog is beautifiul!

@thatgirlnevershutsup I love your blog! You provide some much-needed humor to my dash and you always throw a like at my personal posts and other crap I think no one will care about haha. I love being mutuals with you :)

@thatryderasshole Your blog and icon are so funny. I’m glad you follow me even though my Mass Effect content is few and far between lately!

@thefairfleming My actual fave. Your blog is so lighthearted and fun. I can always count on you to bring some positivity when the fandom drama is too much. You also wrote one of my favorite Jonerys fics EVER. The best :’)

@thepathtovalhalla I love your blog! Great GoT content. Thank you for following me and supporting my content!

@thereddoorhouse Your blog is so beautiful! I love following you and I love your URL!

@tiramisu-with-dorianp We’ve been mutual for a long time and I’m so glad you still follow me even though I don’t post much gaming content lately. You’re so kind and your blog is amazing!

@truegodofthearena Awesome content creator with beautiful gifs! I love talking Jonerys with you! I feel like I’ve really made some awesome friends in this fandom and you’re one of them.

@trueloveforeverbeautyandthebeast One of my oldest mutuals! I love your beautiful blog! We share some of the same fandoms in addition to Jonerys and I love all of your content! You’re just wonderful and so kind to everyone. I love following you <3

@tudorstuart A real-life friend haha. I am so lucky you still follow this trash blog. Also embarrassed that you have access to my absolutely filthy fanfic. Oh well! Hahaha. Still the best professor I’ve ever had. I try to be like you as a teacher and I don’t think I could have had a better role model :’)

@unapologeticreylotrash I am so honored that you still follow me even though I am a primaril GOT blog which has nothing to do with ours haha. I love your Reylo content and your sense of humor. I hope we get some Reylo love in The Last Jed!

@valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl One of my top favorite GoT blogs. Your tags are always hilarious and your content is such high quality. And your writing! That Jonerys fic you wrote for the contest gave me LIFE. I love following you so much :D

@vorchagirl The first person I followed on this blog haha. I LOVE your Mass Effect content. Your love of Shenko made me love it even more and your fanfic is some of my favorite of all time. Your blog is amazing and your content is wonderful. I am so honored to be someone you follow after all this time and even though I have basically become a place for GoT discourse haha. You’re so cool Lena and such an awesome writer and person in general. I admire you so much.

Okay, so about yesterday; I have a few things I would like to clear up and as amusing as I find some of the asks to be (special shout out to the anon who sent me the message they meant to send Jack lmao), I would rather just address it in one post and get it over with than answering all the asks.

If you expect me to go back on my word, don’t even bother reading this any further - I still stand by everything I said. Saying that, yes, I could and should have worded some of the things better and I will be the first to admit to that. Reading back and talking to a few people, I realise that me saying that us “being friends is a bit of a fetch” is mean and was a completely unnecessary comment added on my part, so I sincerely apologise for that. Everybody is different and grow attached to others at different rates - although to me it may have seemed like we were “just” mutuals who talked a couple of times, Jack might’ve considered us to be closer than I thought so and could have been/was hurt by that comment. So again, I am sorry for that statement, it was completely unnecessary and yeah, well, I fucked up and shouldn’t have said that.

I’ve clarified this in my second response last night, but I want to say this again because people either don’t read at all or just pick and choose what they want to read/hear. A lot of people seem to think I invalidated all mental illnesses and said they are (as in mental illnesses, the umbrella term) not an excuse for not working. I never, I repeat, never used the phrase “mental illnesses” as a whole, because I do not have knowledge and/or experience of all the mental illnesses there are. My statement was NOT a general statement, it was directed at anxiety and situations similar to his. Again, my wording was not clear enough last night, and I apologise for that. Invalidating all mental illnesses as an excuse to not work was never my intention and I don’t believe that at all - and anxiety isn’t always an invalid excuse. I would never get involved and/or talk about something I have no knowledge and/or experience of. Anxiety and depression is a thing I am very familiar with, so please do not think I’m talking out of my ass and don’t know what I’m on about, because I do. Just because I don’t share much about my personal life, especially about the negative things going on and the demons I fight on a daily basis, that doesn’t mean that my life is perfect and that I have no history of anxiety or depression. You all have been very quick to jump on the band wagon and come at me for my comments because “I don’t know any backstory/history”, but y'all don’t know mine and have been very quick to assume that I don’t suffer of any mental illnesses.

PS.: The Anons who are trying to nitpick everything I’ve stated and telling me I lack empathy, that my statement was disgusting and I was making fun of mental illnesses (like, seriously dude, wtf?) - Maybe your message would have been more valid and less ironic if it wasn’t followed by a “kill yourself” statement.

So uhh, yeah. There’s that.

No one asked, but I’m saying it anyways. Supercorp is a non-canon ship. Kara isn’t gay. There is nothing hinting at her being gay or even bisexual. Nothing at all.
I’m bisexual. I’ve fallen for one of my best friends before. Kara and Lena don’t look at each other like two people in love would. Lena doesn’t treat Kara like her girlfriend like some shippers seem to think. They’re friends. Clearly JUST friends. If you ship them, that’s fine. But, just remember, it’s a non-canon ship. It’s a really popular ship, but it still isn’t canon. As someone who has fallen in love with a friend before, is female, and is bisexual, I can say pretty confidently that there is nothing in Supergirl that even suggests Kara or Lena are into each other. People are complaining because of what Jeremy Jordan said in the singing interview about them being just friends, but guess what, the dude is human too. He clearly didn’t mean to offend anyone and he’s apologized twice now. They’re really heartfelt apologizes too. Stop being blinded by hate and stick to the facts. Don’t start sending a guy hate mail because most of Tumblr seems to think he’s homophobic now even though he’s been a proud ally for years. I didn’t think heterophobia was an actual thing until I started seeing all this hate against Mon-El, Jeremy Jordan, and everything going on in the Supergirl fandom in general, but I’m sad to see that it looks like it’s true. Please, stop the hate.

dreamer9817  asked:

I want you to be on my debate team, my company's board, to represent me in court and to be present at UN meets to bring world peace.

TRUE STORY, I was with friends last night and we were discussing the ever-present worry of what you would do if Trump appointed you to some cabinet position. (This is entirely a joke, there is no possibility that Trump would appoint me to any cabinet position.) (This is not a joke for my friend.) (That is another story which I am not going to tell because it’s not about me.)

Article III appointments–to the judiciary–are one thing because you’re independent. Article I appointments are generally not independent and can you imagine having to answer to that man? *shudder*

I ultimately decided that I would only accept the position of Trump’s Poet Laureate (it’s still open), and only so I could write him the following poem:

The guy who appointed me is a giant chump
You guessed right it’s Donald Trump

I was not even drunk. Now you see why there is zero chance that Trump would appoint me to a cabinet position.

IN ANY EVENT I tell this entirely irrelevant story to point out that it is HIGHLY unlikely that I would do a good job at any of the above because I am very bad at taking orders from anyone. My debate partner and I squabbled horribly. I’m a spoiler on company boards. Definitely please don’t ask me to represent you in court; I have depression and I forget dates, and also I know almost nothing about motions practice. The UN would unite only to censure me.

But I would write Trump the DAMNED WORST POEM any president has ever had if I were poet laureate, so can we go for that instead?

there i was.
sitting on
your couch,
you dance
to shakira.
little did
else know,
you used
to abuse

little did they
know, you
would break
me down
but you didn’t
know it was
abuse, you
were just
towards me
and my

little did they
know, you
used to call
me names
and ruin my
with the lies
you would tell.

little did they
know, you
still try to
call yourself
my best friend,
even after
everything you
have done to
me. always
calling me
and useless
to you and
your games.

little did you
know, i was
forced to
and i was
forced to

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I don’t have any mormon family but I dated a Mormon boy for two years when I was like 14/15 and let me tell you. It fucked me up so bad. Like. That shit was crazy toxic. I was a young bisexual on birth control and he kind of viewed me as a heathen for it. He policed what I wore and did with my body and told me I would never be pure enough and just. Wow yikes. But the worst part was when a gay family friend of mine died, he said it was a good thing and that there was one less freak in the world. I still think about those words every single time I see a mormon missionary and I know I can’t paint them all with the same brush but it’s just. So so bad dude

anonymous asked:

I read your tag ab Kiri having pet turtle(s) and... what if one day, as he's having lunch with Sero and just suddenly realize his friend reminds him of his pet(s) (if u hc Sero as a vegetarian) and just "I'm naming my next turtle Sero." "...... huh? Where'd that come from?? "

(On the turtle ask still) or he names the turtle Hanta!

Just so you know this is the cutest thing I’ve ever read holy heck ! ! ! ! I bet Sero would absolutely love it too aaaahhhhhhh !!!!!!! 

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She is my ex, but I'm helplessly still in love with her. Just the way her eyes sparkle in the sun and the moon, and all the freckles that dot her face like constellations. She is a true master piece. And as of lately, she's been acting kind of off. Since we broke up, she has made it clear she doesn't like me anymore, but now she is acting funny and I don't know what it means. I would give anything to have her back, but if I can just have her as a friend it's okay. I just want her to be okay.

That last line is so sweet 💛💛


When you don’t have brown lenses and all your Lucy cosplays are in various stages of unfinished, why not improvise with blue and cosplay your favorite country AU? 🙄


I still can’t wrap my head around FT being over. It’s one of those stories that just felt like it would be around forever, always updating and keeping me company. I wouldn’t have made it through undergrad as glamorously without the Guild, the friends I made through FT, or Lucy as such an amazing role model.

Of course I’m probably never going to treat it like it actually ended. FT is always going to be with me. The adventures, the friends, the good times and sad; they’re always going to be a huge part of my life. That also means achieving my goals just like Lucy did 💖

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Hey Miia what do you do when your friends put down your interests? I'm always encouraging my friends yet I don't feel that same flow to me. Every time I'm into something it's problematic, not going to happen, dumb (in their eyes) and it brings my mood down. I often find myself just nodding my head when they tell me because I rather not get accused of "blaming someone". At this point I don't know what to do. Should I just never bring up anything about myself anymore? Thanks Miia you're the best.

one of the worst feelings in the entire world is when you’re extremely passionate about something but someone STILL proceeds to shoot you down or say something like “no one cares”. friends would never do that. rather, true friends are friends who always support you endlessly despite potentially disagreeing with whatever it is your mind is set on. something i say a lot is “communication is key”. it’s important to not bite your tongue and to be able to say that you don’t feel like your friends are truly fitting into their roles in your life as what they’re supposed to be: your friends. at the end of the day, you have to be the one to close your eyes when you sleep. you have to live life through your eyes and feel all the things you feel. a lot of people go through all the motions in life, regretting not being able to do what they love. pursue your interests as you never know what they can turn into (unless you’re into child porn or something. please dont become a child porn star). it may be painful to be surrounded by people who don’t encourage you, but use that as motivation to succeed in your passions. 

at the end of the day, people who discourage you may not fully understand why you’re interested in something and therefore voice their concern in a way that sounds dissenting. this doesn’t neccessarily mean they’re bad people, but try not to take it to heart if this is the case. however, i will say this. i don’t know everything about your friends, but it is very toxic to be putting so much effort into a friendship but not having it be reciprocated since you did say that you encourage them. i would definitely evaluate all aspects of your friendship with them and see if this lack of effort from them is a common theme because if it is, then life is too short to not be surrounded by loving and supportive people. im so lucky to have such amazing friends who always encourage me to work hard and start things like cheerleading and shit like that even if they think it’s dumb 

Things I loved about Spider-Man: Homecoming:

-Peters video diary opening during Civil War.
-The soundtrack
-Literally anything Ned said or did.
-Peter saving the cat from the fire too.
-The cheesy videos Cap had to make for detention and gym class.
-“Yeah he’s kind of a war criminal now, but the video is state required.”
-Tony on screen is always a good thing.
-Spidey trying to use web shooters in the suburbs.
- “No thanks, I don’t want to celebrate something built by slaves.”
-Marisa Tomei as Aunt May
-the diversity was pretty nice
-Him naming the suit lady Karen
-“Yeah Spider-man!”
-“Yeah Iron-man!”
-“If you really cared you would actually be here!” *Tony steps out of suit*
-The ‘I survive NYC’ shirt with hello kitty pj pants. -Michelle drawing people in distress.
-Peter during all the hoco pictures
-“I’m watching…. uh… porn?”
-Ned when he used the web shooter and saved peter.
-Tom Holland’s acting when the build collapsed on Peter.
-Peter not needing the fancy suit to still be a hero.
-“Actually, my friends call me MJ.”
-The bathroom scene with Happy and Peter.
-Possibly Pepper and Tony engagement??
-Aunt May in the end.

sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.

Positivity about the signs

My gemini sun is taking over and so I’m feeling filled with positive things to say!!

Aries: These individuals are so fiery and fun to be around. They’re the friends that’ll volunteer you to do something you would have never done otherwise but have fun doing anyway. They give off these lovely energetic vibes and are some of the most outgoing people you’ll ever meet. Even if they are shy, they still show their amazing lively personalities in one way or another.

Taurus: These people are so down-to-earth and are actually secretly so caring and sweet it’s fantastic. Their the person you want to go out to a movie with and yes they actually will share their popcorn, stop with the stereotyping guys. Their also so level headed they’re just the right people to talk to when you need advice.

Gemini: These guys are so much fun to be around omg they’re always so humorous and playful it’s just great. They’re the best people to hang out with when you need a good distraction from life. They give off such optimistic vibes it’s just great. Even if they’re a shy Gemini you can just tell by their laugh that they are full of fun. And they always have the best topics to chat about! They’re great at keeping awkward silence away. 

Cancer: These people are so sweet and pure omg I love them. I swear they’re even cute when they’re pissed. Sure they can be a bit emotional but that just means you’ll never have to worry about them hiding something from you. They’re some of the most kind people I have ever meet and honestly I really hope my next girlfriend is a Cancer!

Leo: You are so kind and generous and yes you are a bit prideful but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It’s lovely to have people around who like themselves, it brings positive vibes. I always find that there is something magnetic about a Leo’s personality which makes everyone just love them which I am super jealous of, you guys are so lucky!

Virgo: Ahhh you guys are so kind and organized I LOVE YOU. I love that while you can be super kind and caring you also can be real and serious and just get to the damn point it’s awesome of you. You’re also such hard workers and I can really appreciate that! 

Libra: I love how kind you guys are and omg may I just say that you are all so pretty! You make such fun, nice, and funny friends. You may not be my favorite sign but I can still find plenty of things I love about you guys. Like you give off such great vibes <333

Scorpio: You guys are so hot and yet so cool and that is awesome. I love your sarcastic sense of humor and your powerful presence. Sure you intimidate me a bit but hey I still think you guys are wicked cool. You’re always like that badass friend that people are always just aspire to be!

Sagittarius: YOU ARE SO MUCH FUN TO BE AROUND OMG. I love adventuring you you guys you are so exciting and yet so chill and omfg I just love how accepting you are of everything. Idk why but I just love your good vibes and your explorative attitude and how you take initiative.

Capricorn: I absolutely love the energy you put towards your work. I mean I absolutely aspire to be like you in that aspect! Sure you can be a bit serious at times but I’ve seen that you can still be really nice! You’re also just so much more level headed than the rest of us plebeian non-Capricorns that like honestly I bow down to you.

Aquarius: Ahh I love how unique you guys are! You groove to your own beat and that is just fantastic, I really wish I could be more like that! You’re also so smart like that is so great. I also always have so much fun when i with you guys like I really appreciate your presence.

Pisces: Oh my you sweet little thing I know you’re really sensitive but you’re so kind and empathetic it’s just so lovable. You’re so caring and your smiles are always just the most heartwarming things. Ah I may not get along with some of you due to your sensitivity but I still really love this sign and your cheerful, calm, caring vibe.

The Types Reacting to an Insult

Tells them to shut up: ESTP, ISTP, ESTJ, ISTJ

Backlashes with perfect comeback: ENTP, INTJ

Takes it as a personal attack: ISFP, INFP, ENTJ

Apologizes for some reason: ISFJ, INFJ, ENFJ,

Will probably cry: ESFJ, ESFP, ENFP

Laughs and agrees: INTP

Whipped Cream (Jungkook smut)

Originally posted by nnochu

Description: Jungkook is your roommate. Among other things, his habit for baking shirtless made it… ‘difficult’ to live with him.

Themes: Smut, baker, collage, roommate au

This fic contains: Smut, adult content, food play, arguing, drinking, mentions of threesomes, swearing

Characters: Jungkook x You, Yoongi, Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung

words: 7.5k

For this fic I used inspirations of food play and the roommate au from two anons <3

A/N: I refused to come back from my hiatus until I had something for my lovely and patient followers <3 (also, I was keen to come back so i’ll edit this and fix mistakes later)

@chanyeolingss, @jn-jngkk, @sugaspen <3

It wasn’t necessarily the pile of dishes or the trail of clothes that seemed to almost constantly hover around Jungkook like he was some annoying ass Avatar or something that got you so mad. It wasn’t the thick fragrance of his cologne or body wash that drifted through the open plan of your shared apartment every morning, or the smell of his musky sweat when he returned home from his evening jog, or from when he emerges from his room- having clearly just having a ‘fucking mind blowing’ wank. It wasn’t the soft melodies, or exciting electronic beats that flooded from his open window and into yours, nor his big and copious amounts of jackets and coats that made it nearly impossible to get your own fucking clothes from the rack next to the front door. Your frequent burning irritation had nothing to do with his presence, with the evidence of his existence in your apartment and life; it was with the man behind it all. It was with him. With fucking Jeon Jungkook. Ok, and maybe it was also for his fucking annoying baking habits. Did he really need to bring that shit home? Didn’t he get sick of it at work?

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