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I feel like this team would collapse in itself if they didn’t have their tsukkomi team-mom  Captain Tsukinaka to keep them in line….

…either that or they purposely torture him to keep from being bored.

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since I did Seijoh!Hinata, the laws of equivalent exchange told me I should edit Karasuno!Iwa, too. this AU is so. ideal.

except that he and Nishinoya will have to fight to the death for uniform #4.

about  mark . .. when i first got into smrookies i was like “omg we’re the same age! ” but i didn’t see him like that you know? it was more like a childhood friend type of love. but now…. he’s growing up and he’s showing deep meaningful sides of him, and sometimes when he smiles i feel all warm inside and… it’s been years now and we’re both growing up and *girl in a sappy romantic high school drama voice* i’m starting to see him as a man *cups face and blushes*


What kind of music would all the peculiar children listen to?!

Millard-Everyone would assume that he only liked classical but if you really looked into it he would like hard rock.

Emma- Softish stuff like Don McLean and maybe some Billy Joel and the Beatles type stuff

Olive- She would really like tounge twisting songs like ‘Life is a Rock’ or tHE ALPHABET AEROBICS

Enoch- Probably rock n’ roll or some kind of weird pop punk. Alternative in general

Horace- He would really like classical, but you can’t say he didnt like pop

Jacob- A bit of everything.

Hugh- tbh I see him as a pop rock type of person

Fiona- It really depends  on her mood. One day it’s The Who, the next it’s Bon Jovi. Maybe the next week shes all about Elton John

Claire- She just likes music in general. Anything will do for her.

Miss Peregrine- Shes all about that classic rock life

BTS reaction to your white t-shirt being soaked through...

It was pouring that day you cursed yourself for choosing to wear a thin white t-shirt with you favorite lacy black bra underneath.. sigh, this would not have been a problem if you were just going home,but no you were on your way to your project’s partner house, to make it even worse he was your crush and that shirt happened to become basically transparent… the project was due the next day, no turning back…

Jin: The first thing that would have caught his eye was the temping swell of your boobs that were barely concealed by that almost see through bra, if he could just look hard enough he would have seen your nipple. He would have choked out his greeting, having not been adamantly prepared for how sexy you would be rocking the wet cat look.

“I can lend you one of my t-shirts, can’t have you catching a cold”, he’d say nervously trying his best to not give in to temptation.

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Suga: He would definitely be an inner monologue guy, why hello there he’d say but i doubt he was speaking to you personally maybe to another part of you. He’d rip his eyes away from your chest, trying his best to not slip up and accidentally say the word boobs in a sentence. As he tried his best to concentrate he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore because he could see the way your breast rise and fall with every breath you took.

“Is that her nipple I see right in the center in that flower pattern, oh hell nah!”, he’d say to himself, as he rushed to go find you some clothes.

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J-hope: As he opened the door a very non manly squeak would have escaped his lips as he drank in your appearance, you shaking would  have crossed his mind in a totally different way, which was you squirming under him in his room, but such was not the case as he pulled you in and ran to go get a towel stopping for a moment to steal himself and calm his raging boner.

“You know if this wasn’t a serious matter I would’ve pinned you against the wall as soon as you stepped through the door”, he’d say under his breath.

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Rapmonster: Sigh…daddyjoon, is there anything i need to say?

You looked so innocent, but the fact that you were soaking wet with that sorry excuse of a clothing stuck to your skin, he thought he had never wanted to spank and fuck someone and then feed them ice-cream and rap them up like a burrito in his life. He would clench his fist and try his best not to use his dominant voice on you.

“Did you want me to cum in my pants?”,he’d say a bit frustrated.

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Jimin: He would definitely turn into a tomato and become shy and squishy the moment he saw your thin clothes clinging to every curve and then his eyes would be stuck on your assets that might have well been on display in a flee market. He’d unconsciously lick his lips, however being the gentleman he is, he’d also offer you dry clothes and a towel. storing away the image of you for.. uh… future reference.

“I almost had a minor heart attack”, he’d say to himself trying to calm his heart rate.

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V: He’d blatantly stare more from the shock than attraction at first, but while asking you if you wanted to change his gaze would linger a bit too long on your chest, he’d definitely be flustered given that he liked you a lot.

“Would you like a slice of melons.. uh.. i mean melon”, he’d say not really sure how to fix the awkwardness.

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Jungkook: He’d be a blubbering mess blushing, hands flailing and then accidentally hitting your boob in his flustered state and then try to apologize for hurting you by rubbing the area, but then registering that he is in fact groping your boob, all while trying to hide the tent that formed in his tight pants.

“i am soo sorry, please don’t think i’m a creep.. but i really like.. you”, he’s say while scratching the back of his neck.

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Missouri Gothic

- small towns dot the countryside, the locals will not look at you. they have been here for so long, they will be here when you are dust.

- there are no records of who or what is buried near the old abandoned church. you are told not to breathe when you pass the graves.  what ever sleeps there in the dark of the earth does not sleep easy does not sleep gentle

- a man wears a t-shirt that reads “put me out of my missouri” you laugh, he does not.  you avert your gaze, he does not.  finally you look at him, there is a pleading desperation in his eyes.

- there is a small landslide near the hill where you used to search for fossils as a child.  it has revealed a skeleton impossibly large with too many teeth.  you would swear that some of the rocks look like eyes and that they moved when you moved.  the next day the bones are gone, no one will speak with you about what you saw

- seven generations of your family have been buried in the same graveyard.  seven sons of seven fathers all buried in the earth.  blood for the hills, teeth for the hills, flesh for the hills.  keep the hills silent, keep yourself safe.


So guess who bought me vegan dumplings and let me wear her sunglasses? I’ll give you a clue it was starfirepilgrim!