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What A Beautiful Mess This Is

Audrey Jensen x Reader imagine because I’m absolutely in love with them. And there aren’t nearly enough. And she’s really hot.

Synopsis: Someone’s found out about your (not so) little crush and they won’t stop texting you. Noah thinks Audrey’s acting strange, and you? Well you’re just a bucket of feels for the dark-haired girl. Is falling in love in Murderville really a good idea?

Warning: Swearing? Because let’s face it, if it weren’t tv, Audrey would be swearing like a sailor.

Dear Diary,

Can I just say fuck you? Because fuck you. We were supposed to be friends, diary. You had my back and I wouldn’t drop you in water. But no. You had to be all open and now someone knows about my crush on Audrey. Ok, so it might be my fault but you need to take responsibility too. -I just- I keep getting these texts, threatening to tell her everything. I almost told her today, because you know, all that bullshit about hearing it from me than someone else. I really should. If I told her they wouldn’t have anyth

“Whatcha writing?” you jumped, not expecting to hear Noah behind you.

“Christ. I’m actually writing an apology letter to your mother. You know, so she knows why I killed her only son.” you glare at him, giving him a light push.

“Tasteful. If you do, could you at least record an episode for my podcast? My listeners deserve a good memorial episode, or an explanation. That would be amazing. Can you imagine? A killer explaining-”

“You’re way too into this. Maybe you should see a therapist.” You sit on your bed, an expectant look pointed at Noah. “Why’re you here, Foster?”

“Can’t a guy just randomly visit a bud?”

“Not you.” You folded your arms over your chest, worried about what he had to say.

Your phone vibrated suddenly, startling both of you.

She wouldn’t want you anyway. You would never be as good as Rachel.

Your brows furrow and your teeth trap your lip, holding back tears. Noah raised an eyebrow in curiosity but you just shook you head.

Giving you an odd look, he stuffed his hands into his pockets. “I feel like Audrey’s hiding something. I wanted to know if you knew anything.”

“Audrey? Being weird? Dude, she’s, like, the definition of weird. We all are.” Noah joined you on your bed, his expression grim.

“But more so than usual. She was all shifty. She kept asking weird questions about you.” She was asking about you? Was it bad weird? Was it good?

Oh god. You thought. What if she found out about my crush on her.

“(Y/N), (Y/N)! What do you think is wrong with her? Do you know anything about it.?” At this point he had grabbed onto your shoulders, shaking you out of the horror of your realization.

“No, I-I don’t. I have to go.” You grab your jacket and head out of your room. You heard Noah running after you, but you needed to see Audrey.

The run to Audrey’s house only took five minutes, but it felt like you’d been running for miles. When you finally got there all of the adrenaline wore off and that sinking feeling  returned. What was going to happen to your friendship if she rejected you? You had no idea how she felt about you. You turn around, berating yourself for even thinking this was a good idea. 

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” Of-fucking-course she would open the door. Putting on a big smile you turned to face her, ready to lie your way out of the situation. C'mon (Y/N), you thought, deny, deny, deny.

“Noah was a little worried about you. He said you were acting a little weird. I just wanted to check up on you.” Atta girl. That sounded solid enough.

“But you decided not to?’ Her eyebrows furrowed with the accusation.

"I just didn’t want to bother you. I kinda rushed out here without thinking.” She opened the door wider and gestured for you to come in. You followed her into her room, closing the door behind you.

“Ok. You want to talk? Let’s talk.”

“I d-don’t kno-” The words died on your tongue, you couldn’t say a thing. Coward.


“He said you were asking about me. And being shifty. I don’t know. I just needed to see that you were ok.” She was intimidating as hell and fuck, if you didn’t love her even more for it.

“That little shit. I, ah, wanted to know what kind of things you like. We don’t know each other that well, is all.” Your eyes widened. That was it? That wasn’t weird at all. Fuck, you thought she knew.

“I knew what?”

“I said that out loud? I mean, nothing. You knew nothing, I know nothing.” Audrey walked up to you, and you can’t help but think her stalky gait is adorable. She was an inch away from your face. You tried to keep your eyes locked on hers and not on her soft, pink-

“No. I want to know what you thought I knew. You’re hiding something from me.”

Your phone vibrated again and you jump away from her, almost relieved that it interrupted you. Until you read it.

Thinking about telling her? I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

In a sudden fit of rage at this person who just wouldn’t stop tormenting you, you grabbed Audrey’s neck, pulling her close enough to smash your mouth onto hers. It took her a beat, but then she bit and licked and pecked back and oh god you loved this girl. Her tongue explored your mouth and all you could think was how long you’ve wanted this. How much you’ve wanted this. How perfect it was.

“Audrey,” you whispered when she pulled away for air. Her chest heaved, hair fell into her eyes and you couldn’t think of a moment when she looked more beautiful.

“Is this, is this what you were hiding?” You couldn’t trust your voice so you just nodded, reaching out to stroke her cheek with your thumb. “You’re an idiot. I’ve been flirting with you from the moment we met. Fucking love you, (Y/N)” You just giggled, too busy soaking up the moment to care about details. She loved you. That was the only thing you could think of.

“Love you better.” You rested your forehead against hers, still giggling every few seconds.

As you were leaning for another kiss, your phone buzzed in your pocket.

“Screw it.” You nodded, leaning back in. It rang again. Someone was calling you.

“Just…let me tell them…to piss off.” Your words came out in short bursts, still breathless from the kiss.

“Hello?” You answered. The number was unknown but you didn’t think about it too much. You got random calls all the time.

“Hello, (Y/N).” The robotic voice on the other end made your blood run cold. “You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you? I was so looking forward to telling Audrey myself. That’s ok. I’ve got plans for the two of you.”

You look up at Audrey. Her eyes darkened, a determined expression on a her face.

“I’m going to kill that sick son of a bitch.”

“Can you do an imagine where you’re on a walk with your crush and you start giggling because you can’t believe you’re with him, but you won’t tell him so he makes you tell him?”

okay, so my friend and i had the idea to co-write an imagine, so this is what we got! (if ur reading this dude can you join my blog and be co-author forever thanks) While writing this, I realized that some suggestions you guys left me way back when had come into use! let me know if you guys like co-writers, maybe they could come back. also, please leave some requests in my ask, for I will be running out of them soon! 

oh, one last thing. this imagine is in first person since the temporary co-writer (thatsupernovanexttothedoor) likes it that way…

“Kinda Magical”


“Ahh shit, my bad–” I look up to see a hand outstretched towards my direction. Avoiding the black spots clouding my vision, I looked up to meet eyes with who I believe to be the most attractive guy in school.

“Oh uh… Don’t worry about it, I’m really fine.” As he pulls me up, he smiles in a way that actually makes him look relieved. I doubt it though, why should he care about me? I’m just the girl from his Chem class. Him on the other hand, he’s got practically the whole neighborhood chasing his really nice ass.

Even so, he continues this fabricated act of kindness.

“Are you sure?” he asks, examining my head. “We bumped heads pretty hard.” I rub my head, I guess it does hurt a little, but it’s not like I’m gonna tell him that.

“Yeah, I’m really fine.” I say, and try my best to crack a smile. I could tell he couldn’t believe it, but what else was I to say?

“Can I get you an ice pack? My house isn’t too far away from here…” he trailed off, and before I could even politely turn down his offer like the socially correct little girl I’m supposed to be, he had grabbed my hand and started pulling me in the direction of which I could only assume was his house.

It wasn’t that far into the walk, thick with awkward silence, when I decided to speak.

“You can uh, let go of my hand now.”

“Oh… Yeah, sorry about that… I wasn’t thinking.”
I watched his hand slip back into the concealment of his magically deep male jean pockets, disappointment evident on his face.

“Thanks, but it’s not like I’m going to run away from you the first chance I get!” I joked, making him laugh as well. We started to fall into the same silence as before, but there was something nice about. Like we didn’t have to talk to really communicate. I know it sounds weird, because we just met, but I was starting to believe his smile from earlier just might have been sincere.

We walked down the blocks together, the silence no longer awkward. I was also no longer half a step behind him, but side by side, arms brushing every so often. I had to think, this situation, it really was like one out of a novel huh? Who would have thought I would end up walking to a cute boys house for an ice pack today. Sure not anything I would expect. So really, you can’t blame a girl for a small giggle can you?

“What?” He looked down at me with a playful smile on his face.

I quickly stopped the girly sound before he could notice. “Uh, nothing. It was probably like, a bird…”

“The sound I just heard, was most definitely NOT a bird.”

“Well,” I tried to quickly think of a save, “it couldn’t have been anything else.”

“Anything else translating to an adorable laugh from the cute girl I happen to be walking with?”

I looked around for a brief moment, then realized he was talking about me.

“Maybe…” I sheepishly admitted. Trying to hide my much too obvious mix of embarrassment and pleasure from the compliments he had just so nonchalantly dropped on me.

“So, what were you laughing at?” he questioned, with the same playful smile from before, now including a bonus eyebrow wrinkle.

“Eh,it wasn’t anything really.” I said, looking away from him to hide the redness crawling across my face.

“Oh,please,” he joked, “you just can’t not have a reason to giggle!”

“No seriously it was really nothing…” I said as an attempt to save myself.But there was no way out.

“This answer doesn’t satisfy me,” he chuckled, “How about we play a game – Truth or Dare?”

“Dare” I said, not thinking about what he was able to ask. I didn’t think much into it, however. I had a still sore head, and was in hopes for the ice pack.

“I dare you to pick truth!”

I groaned. “Oh no, you’re not one of THOSE guys?!”

“Only when I need to be,” he winked. I mentally cursed myself for not picking up on his smoothness earlier.

“Just ask the question…” I said, currently annoyed.

“Why were you laughing earlier?” he asked. I threw my head back, but only to bring it back up immediately after, grimacing in pain. But got a second,I could forget it. I just caught a full eye to eye glimpse of his sexy deep brown eyes.

Big mistake. I can’t lie to those, they’re GORGEOUS!

“It may or may not have been because I am walking along this side walk with you which is actually KINDA magical…”

“And why is it so magical?” he asked after.

“Well because…we’re two different people whose paths are never bound to cross. Everyone in this town would die to have you, and I just sit a row behind you in Chem Lab.”

He stared at me with a blank expression for a second and then just burst out laughing. Typical. I should have known. But then he stopped, grabbed my hand, and pulled me into a kiss.

“I think it’s pretty magical too.”