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Haven’t drawn Robin in the bunch but will soon. But oh my god look at these boys!

You got the pretty psychotic birb, the hot piece of sarcastic shit, the cinnamon roll birb(his hair reminds me of a birb imo), and you got the sexy af sociopath.

I’m planning to draw a few comic skits of them with Robin included. And of course some shippy doodles such as Smaylor, Nygmobblepot, Neclan anndd hehe.. Julnathy…biteme..;;


Happy New Year! I’ve got a new song for you guys!

I decided a month or two ago to upload this song on the first day of 2017 with the hopes I could start the new year on a positive note. This is a song about self forgiveness and healing, something I’ve struggled with for a while. I hope that you like it. I love you!

I really want to talk to my followers and get to know you guys so let's do the thing

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Red Queen would you rather:

- would you rather be a new blood or a silver?
- would you rather have MareCal happen or bring Shade back
- would you rather make rescue Mare from Maven or Rescue the Dagger Legion from the Choke
- Would you rather get a book reccomendation from Julian or watch a movie with Cal
- Would you rather get to read the first ten chapters of King’s Cage or change the last ten chapters of Glass Sword
FMK: Cal, Kilorn, Shade