would you please stay and please be mine


     “You know what I hate - Hic! -about vampires?”

     You looked up from the increasingly interesting tabletop and to your boyfriend, who was sitting in the chair beside you with a beer in hand and a smile on his face.

     “What?” he asked.

     You put your hands on Dean’s knees and leaned forward, face a hair’s breadth away from his as you flashed a conspiratorial smile. “That they kill people. That’s not cool.”

      Dean shook his head and laughed, putting his half-drank beer down on the table beside him. “You know what, I hate that too.” He closed the gap between you, lips brushing your ear as he whispered, “That’s why we kill them first.”

      “OH MY GOSH!” You tripped over your own feet and went tumbling forward. Dean’s strong arms catching you around the waist was the only thing that kept you from face-planting. “We do that - Hic! - don’t we?”

     “Yeah,” Dean tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, “we do do that.”

     You looked up at your boyfriend and flapped your mouth like a fish out of water. Then you burst out laughing and practically fell over as Dean tried in in vain to get your squirming form firmly seated in his lap.

    “What?” Dean asked, pulling your back flush with his chest.

     “You – Hic! – said – Hic! – DO DO!”

     “I … seriously?” Dean sighed and slid his hand under your legs, standing from his chair without warning and hoisting you into the air. “Come on, I think you’ve had enough for tonight.”

     “What? Nooo,” you whined, clawing at Dean’s arms to no avail.

     You tried to wriggle free and find your way back to the library, but it was no use. You’d have a hard enough time getting out of this situation when you were sober. Drunk you stood no chance. So with a resigned sigh you went still in Dean’s arms and let him carry you back to your shared bedroom, suddenly finding yourself drifting in and out of consciousness with the new-found calm.

     “Goodnight, Sweetheart,” Dean whispered, kissing your forehead as he laid you gently on the bed.

     You mumbled in response and reached out, catching Dean by the wrist and holding on with what little strength your fatigued body had left. “Stay,” you muttered, voice muffled by the pillow your face was currently pressed against.

     Dean squeezed your hand and tucked it under the blanket. Then the mattress dipped and you rolled back as the eldest Winchester crawled in behind you.


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Liberty Pt.2

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters:  Bucky Barnes, Natalia Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo (mentiones briefly)

Warnings for this fic: Angst, eventual smut in future chapters (slow burn), running away, profanity, violence (futue chapters).

Word count for this chapter: 1113

gif isn’t mine!

Captain James ‘Bucky’ Barnes was a peculiar man, how he sailed the seas for most of his 27 years. He was born at sea, he would most likely die at sea. All pirates, including those in the farthest corners of the maps, had heard of the infamous Captain. You? You were the governor’s daughter, secretly hoping to be taken out to seas and to be set free.


“Please- Sir I’ll do anything, please just let me come with you.” You hoped he wouldn’t turn out too bad if he let you stay, but if he didn’t…

“Well, miss Y/L/N, welcome aboard the St. Brooklyn…”


Tell me, sweetheart… Why would a rich and beautiful girl like you, run away from a place like Port Royal, hm?” Bucky asked, you and him both were sitting in the Captain’s cabin, it was cosy, full of gold and silver alike, lavish furniture- this man was definitely not like most of the other pirates that your father had told you about; poor, dirty, unhygienic.  

You studied him for a moment, “I, er, I have been stuck in Port Royal since I was a babe, I haven’t gone further than 2 nautical miles outside the border, Sir, I have a thirst for freedom and to put it quite frankly, your boat called to me.” You fiddled with your fingers as you awaited his reply.

First of all, it is not a boat, my dear, secondly… there are plenty other ‘boats’ in that harbour-

Don’t ask me why I didn’t board the others- I would be… easily recognised. Everyone in Port Royal knows who I am, my friend Peter will be the only one to- wait… What did you do to the letter?

Bucky huffed. “What do you think I did with the blasted letter? I’m a wanted man. I’m not becoming wanted for kidnapping-

I’m 19- almost 20, well over a year over the legal I’m-allowed-to-make-my-own-decisions age, Sir, I assure you it won’t be kidnapping if I am the one who boarded your ship on my own will.” Bucky gave you a skeptical look then rolled his eyes.

As someone who had come across many a stupid person, he didn’t think you would be the type to run away- you had a perfect life- of course, he wasn’t in your boots, but you seemed intelligent, healthy, surrounded by protection and you most likely lived in a luxury mansion. What could possibly be wrong with your life?

Alas, he didn’t know a thing.

The need to be away from your home was clawing at your chest and it was annoying you to the point where you had tried to escape multiple times, only to be caught by your handmaiden- you had kept making up excuses to cover yourself.

Your father paid little to no attention to you once you had turned 18, he had arranged a marriage for you with Commodore Zemo, a man of fortune and wealth, he was 15 years your senior, though that was normal for any arranged marriage. The man was a weird one, to say the least.

If you’re going to stay on my ship, you’re going to have to know the way of the seas. You can’t just sit around and do nothing, as you would probably do back at Port Royal, you are the Governor’s daughter, after all.” There is a knock at the door, Bucky shouts a 'yes?’ and a handsome man with ebony hair and dark skin enters.

Y/N, this is my first mate, Sam Wilson, Sam… this is the stowaway I had to find.” You looked between both of them and shook Sam’s hand, he adorned a smile so sweet, but he had a firm grip to say the least.

Sam smiled and said a quiet hello. “Captain, we’re heading into rough waters, orders?

Hoist the sails, gain speed, it can’t be too bad,” Bucky smiled. “If anything gets a little rusty, we have Wanda.

Aye Cap.” Sam exited the cabin, as the door shut you could hear him yelling orders, and the scurrying of feet died down.

What is a ‘Wanda’, Sir?

Ha ha, Wanda is a witch we have onboard, a good friend of mine actually, ah, don’t look like that! She helps us keep the ship from capsizing when we head into the rough water.” Bucky grinned, he enjoyed seeing such a beautiful girl squirm hearing the word ‘witch’.

You had never been one to believe in magic, your father told you stories when he came back from his voyages to Tortuga, Brazil, Egypt, he would go for so long. You had skimmed the room once more to find a large globe in the corner.

May I?” you questioned, timidly. Bucky nodded in response, he furrowed his brow as your fingers danced along the curvature of the three-dimensional atlas, you had only come into contact with one of these in your 19 years, a much smaller one in your father’s office.

Tell me, Y/N, how educated are you on the modern charts?” You whipped your head around to see the cocky man leaning back in his chair, you could feel him eyeing you up and down as if he could read your body language. “I don’t have a Sea Artist, he pissed off a siren on the coast of Portugal, fell for their trap, he was a good man, though he never learned how to cut back on the humour when something serious was going on. Any chance you could help me out and be what I need most, and maybe more?

Sir, as a woman growing up with a Governor as a father, I have studied the maps since I was able to read and write. I know how to navigate throughout the entire world but-” You were cut off quickly when Bucky gave you a confused glare.

He intimidated you, only slightly, his tall manner and dark looks were different than the men you had encountered before. If you had to compare between you both, you would be the lamb and he the lion. His jaw was sharp and defined, as if carved by the sharpest of swords. His hair fell in bronze and brunette tresses across his forehead and you could swear you could see red in his cheeks, most likely sun stained from being at seas for so many years. It contrasted against his olive skin.

In all your mature years you had been exposed to drunken, ugly miscreants, he was by far the most beautiful man you had ever laid eyes upon, and you felt an alien sensation fluttering in your lower part of your stomach as he lifted from his chair, in that moment you had yet to be exposed to the ways of the world, you knew what intercourse was, you had been shown plenty of scientific diagrams, though you had no idea what this pleasant feeling was.


As Bucky’s legs carried him closer to the damsel in his cabin, he could smell a change in the air; it was you, you see Bucky was not just any normal human being; he could feel and know what anyone else was feeling, a good trait to have as a pirate. He could feel the blush spread from your bust to the tips of your ears, he could feel your heart fluttering behind your ribs as he neared you. As he spoke his breath gently whisped across your forehead.

Yet.. an innocent soul like you has never traveled the seas? Oh, darling, you will be of great use to me, I will show you the world beyond this one, just you wait.


A/N. So! Part 2, I hope everyone likes it, and enjoys reading it. Like i said this fic is gonna be a slow burn on both ends. Bucky is intrigued by Y/N, he knows she is an innocent soul looking for new things so HES GONNA GIVE EM TO HER AYEEEE 

I had some help from the LOOOOOOOOVERLY  @papi-chulo-bucky thank you!!

- Chloe x

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‘Falling’ in Love

Originally posted by ethan-support-group

Request: Hi hi. I’ve read your “x reader” stories and I love them 💖  I was wondering if you would do an Ethan x reader imagine where y/n is a fan of Ethan and meets him at a convention and its like a love at first sight kind of thing?

Summary: Fem!Reader is at a con for the first time and quite literally falls  in love :D ……..ok I’ll see myself out

A/N: Hey y’all this is a cute fic full of nervous!Ethan so if that’s the kinda thing you’re into then you’re in luck. For real though, once I started writing this I couldnt stop, I don’t know why but I was bit by the inspiration bug and cranked this bad boi out. Also, anything in italics is a personal thought in first person that either the reader or Ethan is having. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 853, goldilocks zone :D

Warning: I cursed a couple times? Maybe just once? Can’t remember. Also nervous!Ethan is adorable? Read at your own risk he too cute.

Requests are open! Send some in pls I have one left in my inbox so pls!
r e q u e s t s o m e t h i n g

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Cicatrices (Scars)

Chapter I “The meeting”

Chapter II “Butterflies”

Chapter III “Playing with fire”

Chapter IV “I feel the same”

Chapter V “Now I forgive you”

Chapter VI “I wish it could be easier for me not loving you”

Chapter  VII “I love you…” 


G Dragon




“New tattoo”

Song Mino

“You need to be quiet…”

“You’re gonna regret it”

“It’s been a long time”

“Wake up!”


“The girl at the bar”


G Dragon

“Let’s stay like this forever”

“The letter”

“I’ll protect you”


“Please don’t go”

“He doesn’t deserve you”

“New look”

“GD is mine!!!”


“Fan meeting”

“Meeting new friends (Cheating on him)”


“You’re gonna be my mine”

“Backup dancer”

“Early morning” 

“This would never happen again”

“You’re going to be an awesome dad”

“Please remember me”

“A little secret”

“TOP’s sister”

“Broken dreams”



“Stay away from her”



“I regret what I said”

“I’m so mad at you”

“Love at first sight”

“GD’s girlfriend”

“From hate to love there’s just one step”




“Should we give us one more try?”



“Monsant cafe”


“Be my wings”

“I trust you… but I don’t trust him”

“Drunk gf”



“A stupid mistake”

“If she’s happy then it’s fine”

“His number one fan”

“Will you?”

“Are you willing to lose everything because of this?!”

“Pregnant crush”

“Why can’t you love me back?”

“Just a little smile… that’s all it takes”

“Just a little misunderstood”

“I didn’t mean that”

“I don’t love you anymore”

“First date in the Emergency Room?”

“Gf fainting on stage”

“More than just sex”


“If you…”


Song Mino

“Good night kiss”

“All nighter”

“Is so beautiful”

“The gift”

“I’m tired of being hurt by you”

“Breaking up”

“Beaten up”

“Meeting the family”

“Bedtime story”

“A happy song”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you”

“I really like you”

“The dress”

“The side chick”

“Happy anniversary”

“The side chick” part 2

“Way too much drinks”

“Roller Coaster”

The side chick” part 3

“Movies night”

“Mino vs Bobby”

“You’re my princess”


“The side chick” part 4 FINAL

“Nice to meet you”

“I’m sorry too”

“Pepero game”



“If they come back they’re yours, if they don’t they never were”


“What loving someone really means”


“BODY” Part 2

“I was worried”



“Thank you stranger”

“Another chance”

“New hair”

“More than friends”

“Wedding day”

“I never felt like I deserve you” Part 1

“Horror movie”

“Friendship” Part 1 PO (BLOCK B)

“This is not the end”

“I’ve never kissed someone before”

“Friendship” Part 2 PO (BLOCK B)


“I never felt like I deserve you” Part 2

“Friendship” Part 3 PO (BLOCK B)

“Is not real, is called acting”

“Birthday surprise”

“How can you make me laugh when I’m not even in the mood to smile?”


“Some people say that our true love is only the first one, and the others, the ones that come after are only to forget”

“You hate that you love everything about him”

“Have you ever asked yourself why love has to be such a pain?”


G dragon / Song Mino

“Mother and son”

“Late at night”

Christmas special

“First Christmas” G dragon

“Mistletoe” Song Mino

“Surprise” G dragon

Dialogue Prompts: Angst No.2
  1. “Just say you love me… please…”
    “I’m sorry, I can’t…”
  2. “I never loved you.”
  3. “You’re the reason why my whole life as been a lie…”
  4. “I can’t count on you even if my life depended on it and right now it does…”
  5. “Kill Me… I don’t care… It’s better than being stuck with you.”
  6. “Can you just stay? Please…”
    “I think it’ll be better if I go…”
  7. “I-It Wasn’t… I DIDN’T MEAN TO…”
    “You never “mean to” but it just happens… right?”
  8. “You were never mine… I never had that right…”
    “I’m sorry…”
    “Yeah… I am too…”
  9. “You can’t keep coming back and expect me to welcome you with open arms… It doesn’t work like that…”
  10. “What could you possibly want now (G/N)?
  11. “Would you just li–”
    “Why should I?! So you can lie to me again??”
  12. “I l–”
    “Please… Don’t…”
  13. “I need to go… get out of here…”
  14. “In what world did you think that would possibly be okay?!”
  15. “This is what you were after all along… You never loved me… You loved the idea of owning me…”
  16. “What do you want me to do??”
  17. “Why do you keep picking on me?!”
  18. “Why can’t I let you go…”
    “I did… but apparently, it’s not enough…”
To Your Future Boyfriend (Mark Tuan X Reader)

His hands on his cheeks as he cried. He had screwed up, and this time he knew it was permanent. By tommorow morning the news will have already made the headlines

‘Kpop idol Mark Tuan, cheats on his girlfriend of 2 years Y/N, with a fan’

He tried explaining, tried to convince her, it was the alcohol not him. Yet deep down he knew, he was completely aware of what happened that night and could never forgive himself for what he did. With his weak and numb body he tried to get up. Passing the empty bottles of beer that were laying on the living room floor he made his way to the bathroom. He stared at the image in front of him. He didn’t look like himself any more. His eyes puffy and his clothes dirty, the beard that was starting to grow since there were days since he last took care of himself. He took a deep breath. He knew what he had to do. The next morning you were quick to arrive at your shared apartment to pick up your stuff.
“Mark?” You called out but there was no response. Not caring too much you went upstairs and started packing. The pictures of all the memories you had made together casually haunting you whenever you accidentally glanced at them. It took you about an hour to finish packing and you were surprised Mark wasn’t there yet. As you entered the kitchen to leave your key at the table when, you noticed a small white envelope. Curiosity took the best of you as you opened it.

“To your future boyfriend,

I don’t know you, but I’ve learned to be jealous of you. See the one who is in your arms, I was once able to call mine. Please take care of her because I couldn’t. She is angel that you were lucky enough to meet, so fragile and beautiful please protect her, because she is like porcelain and you might break her. Please take care of her, she’s been through so much, her worst fear is being alone and when she’s mad at you, only give her love and oh God, never make her cry, it would be a shame. Her eyes words from the most beautiful poem. Some nights she thinks something might happen to her, please stay awake whispering sweet nothings into her ear and holding her close until she closes her eyes. That way she can see you in her dreams you’d be her sweet Prince, her guardian angel. Take her to new places, she’s bored here always seeing the same things. And lastly, don’t worry about me, even tho it kills me I won’t bother you again, by the time you’ll read this I’ve already become dust…”

I’m so afraid to lose you. Your the most realest person it seems almost not real. I’m so very deeply in love with you. I would be so lost without your beautiful smile that I wake up to. That I call mine every single day of every single year. I really hope that we can last forever. 

Because this feeling is something I’ve never felt properly and I love it so much. I want it to be my special feeling. My addiction. My healthy habit. That only you and I share.

Stay with me. Please.

—  @poetpastry
Imagine being Rick's girlfriend and Negan wanting you.

(Alright I know I had the Andrea request to post before this one but I still wasn’t done with it…sorry :’( but I had this one ready so i’m posting it before. Don’t worry tomorrow I promise i’ll post the other request :D. Hope I got this request right and it makes sense, it’s quite a long one…Gif not mine/Found it on google)

You and Rick have been together since the prison had gone down.

You were with him and Carl and eventually grew closer. You had stayed by his side all to keep him safe and alive.

The time he hasn’t responded you it had made you cry and you kept talking to him in hopes he would hear you.

You were crying and kept your head down.
“Rick…Rick…please…please just wake up…you can’t leave…not yet…I…I love you…I really do…”
He opened one eye and smiled
Getting your head up you yelled “Rick!”

In that instant you grabbed him and held him in a tight hug.

He laughed and said “Never thought I’d wake up being so happy…”

You held him and said “Rick…I thought you would leave me…”

Pulling out you continued “Just wait till I get Carl!”

You tried getting up but he caught your arm and pulled you in a kiss. You kissed him back and when he stopped he told you “Didn’t wanna know my thoughts before getting Carl?”

Shy you blushed and laughed. You then said “I…I didn’t expect you to hear it! Well…now you know and…”

He kissed you again and after said “You sure are cute when you’re nervous!”

You laughed and got out of his hold to go and get Carl. That day had one of the most beautiful moment you had since the outbreak.


As you were in Alexandria, your relationship with Rick, Carl and Judith had just seem to grow stronger.

The morning Maggie felt sick, Rick and the others were preparing to leave and get to the Hilltop colony to get a doctor for her.

After what you and your group did to the Saviors, you always felt worried that something would happen to Alexandria or worst to the people that were dear to you.

While everyone was preparing to get Maggie out, you had decided to get whatever you needed and go with them.


However as you walked to the RV Rick stood in front of you and said “Y/N…You need to stay here and look after Carl and Judith…I don’t want you out there…It’s not safe…”

“No I need to go…” Before you could say anything more he cut you off and said “You can’t, you need to stay here and keep the others safe, especially Carl and Judith”

As he said the words you saw Carl get in the RV and looked back at Rick.

“How am I suppose to keep him safe if he’s going to?”

As you said you got in the RV and continued

“Besides Gabriel and the others are looking after Judith!”

By then Rick just had to let you come along.


In the RV you stayed by Maggie’s side and held her hand. You comforted her and made sure she wasn’t in too much pain.

The road was long and even longer as some men had been blocking the path. The sight of them had made you even more anxious about Alexandria and you could only hope that your home was going to be okay.

You were all now at the end of the last road and once more it was blocked.
Luckily Eugene came up with a plan to trick the Saviors who were following you, by driving the RV while the rest of you walked in the woods to reach destination.

As you prepared to walk in the darkness, before you could leave you had hugged Eugene and thanked him for what he was willing to do for all of you.


You had all been walking in the woods for about an hour in the dark. Even in the dark you still held and stayed by Maggie’s side.

The more you got further from the road the more you seemed anxious. Something felt wrong, sure there were high chances of all of you walking towards walkers but something felt else just felt just as sinister.

And that’s when you were right.

You all heard whistles coming from each side of the forest. All looking at each other, you all ran as far as you could together trying to get away from it.


Unfortunately, you all had to come to a stop as you were surrounded by so many people and a few cars came driving along the road.

A man came up to all of you and brought Eugene to show all of you that the plan had failed. He then said “I’m going to need all of your weapons and on your knees…”

Rick stared at him and that’s when the man pointed his gun at Carl and ordered “Now…”

Rick looked back at everyone and you. He seemed so confused and just had to accept what was happening.

The other Saviors came up to you and frisked you to take your weapons.

Afterwards you all got on your knees, even Maggie.

Afraid her condition might get worst you had stayed next to her to hold her if anything were to happen.

As everyone was on their knees, the man called for someone and they came back with your friends that had left looking for Daryl that morning.

It had surprised you and honestly seeing them alive relived you but it also made you nervous.


As You were all lined up , the man then walked over to an RV and knocked on it.

A man walked out, you couldn’t see his face but you heard him say

“Pissin’ our pants yet?” He smirked and walked out of the darkness.

And continued “Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close…”

He was tall and was wielding a barbed wire baseball bat. In all honesty, he scared you and you couldn’t look at him straight in the eyes.

He walked over to the other end, where Carl was and said “It’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon…”

“Now which one of you is the leader” he said. His man pointed at Rick and he continued “You’re Rick right? I’m Negan”

Hearing his name had scared you even more. You had heard horror stories from this man and had hoped you all had eliminated him when you attacked the Saviors but unfortunately you knew now you didn’t.

Negan continued and talked to Rick about how his men were killed by you and your group.

“You are so gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes…” He had a serious looked and suddenly smiled and said “Yes you are!”

He started to speak again and walked along the line to get a closer look of everyone’s face.

But when he got to you, he stopped and stared. You stared back up and made eye contact with. His smile got even wider and he had a sparkle in his eyes. Love at first sight wasn’t something Negan would’ve believed in but seeing you he knew what the feeling meant.

You on the other hand stared back on the ground.

“And who do we have here?!” he said

You didn’t answer him but Rick almost got up until Negan’s man held a gun behind him to get him to get back on his knees.

Negan laughed and said “Oh…I get it…she’s your other half!”

Rick could only stare at you and back on the ground.

“Yeah…a fine piece huh!… Man, this is going to be hard to pick someone to beat…”

He stayed in front of you and playfully arranged his outfit and hair as if to impress you and asked you “You like this? Huh! Come on honey…Me and you…can you picture it?”

You glared at him and he laughed and said “Don’t tempt me like that! Not here! There’s other people here, not to mention your man…”

He then got closer to Rick and said “You see Rick…we’ve been investing in all of you…you have shit…you give it to us…If not..”

He showed his bat named Lucille as he walked along the line and said “All this…all this is just a pick out of which one of you gets the honor…”

He paused and continued “But seeing as you are all scared shitless now! I’m willing to be lenient and offer a different deal… We’ll only take half of your shit! And no one’s needs to get hurt…physically! That is.”

He walked back to you and stared at you again “Yeah…half of your shit…” And laughed

In that instant Rick knew what he meant, Negan wanted you and half of Alexandria’s supplies. Rick wanted to get close to you but couldn’t he saw the fear in your eyes as Negan shamelessly stared at you .

He started to feel even more anxious and nervous and tears started to come to his eyes. It was clear he was crying and try to held it in.

He felt so weak for not being able to do anything to save you, to save his son and to save his friends.

Negan shook his head and walked back to Rick and said

“No…No…You can’t cry! You’re their leader! You can’t be weak like this, I mean you weren’t weak when you sneaked behind my back and killed my men right? So you can’t be weak when i’m offering you a better deal than I’ve ever offered to anyone.”

Rick was having a hard time to breathe between his sob, he shook his head and managed to tell Negan

“She’s…she’s mine…you…can’t… you can’t have her!”

Negan could only laugh and say “Rick…this is the only deal…You don’t want to leave with someone’s dead body right?”

Rick could only keep saying “She’s mine…”

Negan smiled and told him “Yes, like I said I’ll take half of your shit…and half of your shit includes her!”

While pointing his finger at you.

My only regret was not hugging him back on that last day. I was so unbelievably hurt but he was holding me so tight with tears suspended in his eyes and my arms were lifeless by my side, and makeup was running down my cheeks. Maybe if I would have wrapped my arms around his waist….. I don’t know, maybe things would have ended differently.
—  I can’t keep holding onto that
Prompt List

Send in a number and a person. I will see what I can do.

Read Before Requesting Please: this

Request here; x


  1. You’re stuck with me
  2. Don’t you dare die
  3. I can’t lose you
  4. Please don’t leave me
  5. You look beautiful
  6. I’m not jealous
  7. Would you please shut the hell up
  8. Don’t walk away from me
  9. What the hell are you doing?
  10. What is taking you so long?
  11. You don’t scare me
  12. Leave me alone
  13. I hate you
  14. I can’t do it anymore
  15. Let’s do something fun for once
  16. You’re mine
  17. If you walk out that door, don’t ever come back
  18. Stay with me
  19. Get your hands off of me
  20. I can do it myself
  21. What happened to us?
  22. I swear to god if you ask me one more time whether I am OK I will rip your head off
  23. Did I say that out loud?
  24. Put some clothes on
  25. I should hate you, but for some reason I can’t
  26. Is there a reason that you keep staring at me
  27. I’m trying to flirt with you
  28. Kiss me
  29. I’m tired of being your dirty little secret
  30. We are done
  31. I’m pregnant
  32. Please say something
  33. Stop grabbing my ass
  34. It was just a nightmare. You are OK, I promise
  35. You are perfect to me
  36. I made a mistake, a big mistake and I regret it
  37. I wish you would stop walking around naked all the time
  38. Get out
  39. I missed you
  40. I need a hug
  41. Marry me
  42. I love you
  43. Why are you with me?
  44. Don’t talk to me ever again
  45. I want to spend the rest of my life with you
  46. You slapped me
  47. Please forgive me
  48. Are you cheating on me?
  49. You scared me
  50. You’re a jerk
  51. I need ice cream and pizza
  52. Don’t cry
  53. I don’t have anyone
  54. You have me
  55. I worry about you
  56. You’re my best friend, of course I’m going to worry about you
  57. Sit on my lap
  58. Will you stay? Just until I fall back asleep
  59. Don’t do that again
  60. You look so cute when you’re sleeping
  61. I can’t imagine my life without you
  62. I would rather have hope with you than certainty anywhere else.
  63. If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind
  64. My body is very attracted to your body, but when you speak, my brain gets angry
  65. You know, if you ever need somebody to come and eat your food, I’m there
  66. I do still love you
  67. I’m sorry I tried to bite you
  68. You’re looking way too hot right now
  69. 14 dollars? Is it magic fucking whiskey? Does a motorcycle come with it? Is it going to be served in Jesus’ shoe?
  70. Are you hurt?
  71. I’m gonna take a shower. And you’re gonna join me.
  72. I knew there was something different about you
  73. I’m not going to leave you here
  74. You’ll find me? Always.
  75. I’m just glad that you’re happy
  76. You don’t have to pretend with me
  77. I care about your feelings more than mine
  78. I can protect myself
  79. You know I’m always here for you
  80. I know its crazy but you’re the only thing in this whole place that feels right
  81. I like worrying. I’m very good at it
  82. I’m not used to someone putting me first
  83. I’m afraid that I’m not enough for you
  84. Come back to bed
  85. Give me my clothes back
  86. What did I do now?
  87. I want you back. I need you back.
  88. I almost lost you. Promise me you won’t do something like that again
  89. Do you love me?
  90. Promise me that you’ll be safe 
  91. You shouldn’t be with me
  92. Get your hands off my food
  93. Let’s just make out or something
  94. I’m useless
  95. Don’t say that
  96. You’re my best friend, and I love you
  97. I have a present for you
  98. I need you
  99. What’s this?
  100. I love it when you wear my clothe
  101. We’re not fucking friends and you know that
  102. Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry
  103. I can’t breathe
  104. Bite me
  105. Choose me
  106. Make me
  107. You come into my room and wake me up at 4 am to cuddle?
  108. You’re so fucking adorable
  109. You’re seriously like a man-child
  110. I’m too sober for this
  111. Oh god, I need a drink
  112. You said I’d have proper training!
  113. You’re too good for this world
  114. I’m ready to try again if you are
  115. Is that my shirt?
  116. You’re cute when you’re sleepy
  117. You’re bleeding all over my furniture
  118. You make me feel like I’m not good enough
  119. You smell like a wet dog
  120. When I’m as far away from you as possible
  121. Oh god, he’s serious
  122. That’s starting to get annoying
  123. I need a place to stay
  124. You’re Satan
  125. I haven’t slept in ages
  126. Welcome to fatherhood
  127. I didn’t think you could get any less romantic…
  128. They’re not your kids, back the fuck off
  129. I could punch you right now
  130. Are you going to talk to me?
  131. We need to talk
  132. Please put your penis away
  133. Don’t argue, just do it
  134. Hold still
  135. You’re not interested, are you?
  136. It’s my life to fuck up, not yours
  137. I can’t take it anymore
  138. You’re distracting me and it’s very irritating
  139. Stay here tonight

Preference Prompts;

  • Seeing them for the first time
  • Coming across an old photograph
  • Secrets they tell you
  • How they kiss you
  • Their nickname for you
  • Dating them would include
  • Them crushing on you would include
  • Favorite place to kiss you
  • Reuniting with them
  • How you meet them
  • How they cuddle you
  • How they react to your death
  • How they react to you getting hurt
  • Their pick up lines to you
  • Making up would include
  • How they ask you out
  • Having kids with them

Anything with anyone that you wish you don’t have to stick with this list or just the boys.

anonymous asked:

“Please just kiss me one last time?” Lams, please?

John knew that there was no happy ending for him and Alex. 

He had waited too long. The one time in his life had had decided to wait and sit back and let it work itself out had put him here - trying his best to pull himself together in the backseat of an uber on the way to pick up his best friend for said best friend’s bachelor party.

Alex had been the type to jump from person to person - falling in love hard and fast, and having those feelings fade away just as quickly. John had wanted more than that. He didn’t want to be another name on the long list of Alexander Hamilton’s flings, and above that, he hadn’t wanted to ruin their friendship.

Maybe it the romantic movies he filled his time with, but John had thought it would work out. Time would pass, and they would remain as close as ever, and as Alexander matured, they’d fall together. It’d be natural, it’d be easy; like it was always meant to be.

But Alexander had been dumped by Jefferson, and decided that the best way to deal with that was by getting drunk and finding the nearest willing body. John still wasn’t sure what had made him do it - he had known it was a terrible idea - but he had wanted. When Alexander had straddled his thighs and started to press wet kisses along his neck, John had made no move to stop it.

It could have been the end of their friendship. 

But instead they woke up the next morning, naked and sharing a bed, and Alex had kissed him once on the lips and said thank you. Later that day Alex had gone on and on about how happy he was to have a friend like John. 

Two weeks later, just as John was summoning the courage to go through with it and tell Alex how he really felt, Alex met Eliza. And the rest was history.

The ride to Alex’s apartment wasn’t long, and John was knocking on the door, his mind still whirring with thoughts he longed to push down. 

Alex opened the door, grinning wide. “John! Come in, come in!”

John walked in, and instead of taking his normal seat on the couch, remained standing. 

“Betsey is already out. Laf should be here in about half an hour, since he insisted on taking care of everything. Do you want a beer or something?”

“A beer sounds great.”

A cold bottle was pushed into his hand. “John, are you okay? Something seems to be bothering you.”

He blinked. 

Alex’s eyes were staring at him, wide and trusting. “You know you can tell me anything, right? You’ve been tense lately? You wanna talk about it? We should have a little bit of time before the others get here?”

John looked away. He drank half the bottle in one go. 

Alex placed a hand on his arm. “Dude, seriously, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t tell you.” John shook his head, and took another swig.

Alex stepped closer. “What do you mean you can’t tell me? I thought we could trust each other with anything.”

He sighed. “I don’t want to ruin this Alex. You’re my best friend, I don’t want to ruin this.”

“How could you possibly ruin this? We’ve been best friends for years, nothing’s going to change that.”

John dragged a hand down his face, hundreds of scenarios flashing through his mind, each worse than the last. He was here because he hadn’t acted - had let Alex free to figure out his own life, and had watched as Alex figured out his life with Eliza. 

“I’m still in love with you, Alex. Okay, that’s it. I’ve been in love with you for years and I can’t take it anymore.”

He turned to look out the window, unwilling to see Alex’s anger and disappointment.

He waited.

Alex’s hand squeezed his arm. “I don’t know what you want me to do.”

“Neither do I.”

Alex pulled him around so they were staring at each other. “Yes, you do. What do you want, John? I can’t say I’m going to call of the wedding, because that’s not happening. I don’t want to lie to Betsey like that, I don’t want to go into this marriage already planning an affair I can’t promise you that.”

There were a lot of things to break apart. John said nothing.

Alex stepped closer. “I’m not leaving Betsey for you John, it’s too late. But God, had you asked me a year ago even, I would have broken her heart without a moment’s hesitation if it meant I got to call you mine.”

The beer bottle slipped out of his hand, crashing onto the floor. “What?”

Another step closer. “Oh, my John. Please, tell me what I can do to help, please. I need you to stay in my life, tell me what I need to do to make that happen.”

He swallowed. “Please just kiss me.” 

“That’s it?”

John laughed. “That’s it? Yes. One time, one last time. I don’t want to force you away from your wife Alexander, but–”

He didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence because Alex’s hand was in his hair yanking him down to crash their lips together. 

Alex pulled away, a smile playing at the corner of his mouth, “you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

John’s hands went to Alex’s hips. “More.”

Bound 2/3

image cr. @krisinsanity

→ Vampire!Reader x Baekhyun

→ After the Vampire Empress saved the young man’s life, he was honor-bound to repay the favor.

→ Warnings: Smut.

Word count: 1,5K

The second the door of the empress’ chambers slam shut, Minseok tugs the confused Baekhyun down the grand hall decorated with maroon curtains and carpets. As Minseok hastily walked over the carpets, tugging Baekhyun along by his wrist, a chandelier would past their heads every now and that given that the hall was so incredibly long. Despite the length of the hall, it only take a few minutes to arrive to destination. In front of a door alike the empress’ only a little smaller, Minseok stopped before opening the doors with one and hand, the other pushing Baekhyun hurriedly inside. 

Inside was another bedroom chamber. 

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Breaking Broken Hearts [Jin Angst]


Genre: Pink Princesseu sadness and angst and tears and a lot of heart breaking moments.

Words: 1500+

“If the heart is the strongest muscle, then why does it break so easily?”

Originally posted by pangguk

Nothing hurts more than realising that no matter what you do for him, he’ll always make her his number one. And no matter how much you wished it was the other way around, you were always going to be his second choice.

It was his Jin’s birthday. A day where you could show him how much he actually means to you. A day where it was supposed to be perfect with only the two of you, hanging out. A day that was supposed to make him realize that you would do anything and everything for him.

It was supposed to be you and him. Not you alone, in this dark room.

Jin had promised to come home earlier. Even though it was his birthday, the boys still needed to perform their new song. It was just good since you knew all the fans were looking forward to it. And you had time for yourself to get everything ready until he got home.

You prepared his favourite food and made the kitchen look nicer than usual. It was tiring and you almost burned yourself several times while cooking. But what didn’t you do for him?

It was past 8pm when you started to get nervous. What if he forgot or couldn’t make it?
You picked up your phone, dialed his number and pressed your phone against your ear as you waited. Your call went straight to the voicemail making your heart drop.

Did he just ignore you?

You sank down on the chair and looked down at your hands. You knew where he was. You knew really well what he was doing.

Her. He was with her. Of course he was with her. Of course he would celebrate his big day with her. He still loved her after all.

You felt stupid, pathetic, hurt and crazy for loving a boy you knew would never see you as a girlfriend. You felt like breaking down, right there. Because it hurt more than anything. Because you knew the truth since the begining but kept hiding it from yourself. You knew everything was just a dream that wouldn’t come true. A dream that you’ve dreamed of since the two of you were in kindergarten,

Getting up, you started to clean the kitchen. Taking down the decorations and cleaning the table. Once you were done, you felt empty. Your heart felt empty. Empty but at the same time heavy. Could that even be possible?

You were tired, exhausted. Was your heart even able to stand more pain?Because you seriously wanted to give up. You wanted nothing but leave. Not only was you acting like an obsessed love sick idiot, but you were too naive to realize that you were blind because of love.

Maybe you really were dumb for being in love with a boy you knew was impossible to have

It was past 1am when you heard the front door open. You heard his voice, he was talking on the phone with her. He was laughing at something she was saying.

“She’s probably asleep, I’ll talk to her tomorrow” you heard him say as he came closer to your shared bedroom. You got a hard grip on the duvet and shut your eyes hard.

“Yeah, good night. I’ll see you tomorrow. Yeah, I love you

You pressed the duvet against your heart and shut your eyes harder to prevent the tears from falling. 

You heard Jin walking around the room but you had no idea what he was doing until you peeked up at him.

He was packing. Packing his clothes. He was leaving. He was leaving you for her. He finally got her back and was leaving.

You shut your eyes again and pressed your face into the pillow that started to get wet because of your tears while cluthcing your heart and keeping your mouth shut.

That night was one of the hardest night for you. As you laid there, beside him with the thought of him leaving you the next morning hurt. It broke you apart. The thought of not being able to wake up next to him after today killed you. It made your heart beat slower and extremly painfully.

As the morning came, you woke up after him. You wanted to stay there and stop the time. You weren’t ready to let him go although you knew it was the best thing to do for the both of you.

You found him in the livingroom after that you had brushed your teeth and got ready, with the suitcase beside him as he looked down to his phone, his fingers typing on the screen. He was still looking down at his phone when you came closer before he realised that you was there and placed his phone away.

“Hey” he greeted you and patted on the couch beside him. You gave him a small smile and sat down beside him.

It’s the last time I can sit this close to you, you thought.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come home last night… I got invited to a party and… Nana was there. You know I can’t say no to her, she’s my best friend. I hope you understand that” he explained and looked at you.

You nodded once.

“And I have something I want to tell you”

It was now. He was going to say it.

“Maybe… maybe we should break up? I’m not sure if I love you as a girlfriend. I see you as one of my closest friends. I’m… I’m in love with Nana. I’ve been in love with her since day one. You already know that… but now that I know that she loves me too, I want to make it work. I want her” As those sentences left his lips, you just felt your heart break into thousand of thousand pieces. You felt like your lungs were being ripped away and that someone was stabbing your heart with a knife every living second.

I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m sorry that you had to hear this. I know how you feel about me. I know you like me and that you care about me and I’m thankful for that. But I honsetly can’t control whom I fall in love with” he said and grabbed your cold hands in his big, warm ones.

You nodded again while tears streamed down your face. You haven’t been able to look at him at all since you first saw him on the couch earlier. You haven’t been able to open your mouth and tell him how you feel. 

That you don’t like him, that you love him. Love him with alll that you had.

“I’ll leave this house since it’s both ours. You can stay here, everything is yours from now on. And… please, try to forget about me, about us” he said quietly and squeezed your hands before letting them go making you finally look at him.

“I will leave. It’s your house. It was never mine to begin with. Please, stay here” you said quitely, afraid that your voice would break.

You stood up and I walked to the bedroom where you closed the door, locked it and sank down on the floor with your back pressed against the door. It was there you completely broke down. Letting the tears run down your face.

You knew this day would come sooner or later, but you didn’t expect the pain that would come with it. You didn’t expect your heart pounding so slow and painfully. You didn’t knew you had more than a heart. Because everytime you thought about it, it felt like your heart was breaking over again. Love was making you go insane. You didn’t expect it to rip you apart.

Because that’s what it was doing to you. It broke you, completely.

You started to pack your things while wiping away your tears every 3 seconds. You stopped when you heard that you got a message. Picking your phone up from the night stand, you saw it was from Nana.

From Nana 5/12-2015 10:16am:
“Who won? Guess he still loves me, don’t you think?”

And then another.

From Nana 5/12-2015 10:17am:
“I told you to give up. It would be a lot easier for all three of us.”

You clenched your fists and sat down on the bed and started to write something back before sending it.

“I love him. I didn’t give up because I love him more than anything else. I’m not angry at him. I’m just worried that he will get hurt, because of you.”

To be honest, you were never angry at him for loving her. You knew from the start how much she meant to him and how many things he has done for her. You three was best friends since kindergarten. It has always been like that. You loving him, he loving her, her loving another.

You still remember the day he showed up at your doorstep, drenched because of the rain. He looked so broken, so hurt and so lifeless. All because of her.

Will you even be able to forget about that night? Will you even be able to protect his heart from getting hurt again?

You knew that Nana’s talent was to break hearts, you didn’t want her to hurt Jin’s heart again. But was he going to listen to you? He was blindly in love with her, just like you were in love with him.

Were you going to let her break him apart again? Were you going to let that break you apart? Were you going to let broken hearts break again?

HI MY BUTTERFLIES! It’s been over a week since last time and oh gosh, I’ve missed writing soooo much! I know you missed me.

I was supposed to post a scenario on Jin’s birthday to celebrate his big day with you guys, but I had so much to do. This week has been very hectic and I’m so happy that it’s over. 

2 more weeks and then I’m free from school. Caaaaaaaan’t wait!!!

So back to the scenario. What did you think of it? Did you like it or nah? I honsetly don’t know since I’m totally dead in the head since BTS MV.

Oh, now that we’re talking about the MV. WHAT. THE, HECK?!?! I know I’m not the only one that has the biggest “wtf?” in my head rn. It srsly was soooooo good. It was perfect. But whyyyyy did they do this to us? I was so freaking confused and I don’t know what theory I should believe…

I’m honestly strating to get a headache because of this again lmao.

Please let me know what you thought of “Breaking Broken Hearts”! 

I love u all and thank you so much for reading! And thank you for 500+ followers!

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(The traffic dance gif is not mine. Ctto)

A Guide To Paranormal, Aliens, Cryptozoology, &    Everything Strange Shows/ TV!: Documentary Edition! ===================================

  • Ghost Adventures
  • Paranormal State
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Destination Truth
  • Paranormal Witness
  • Haunted collector
  • Ghost Hunters International
  • Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files
  • The Haunted
  • The Dead Files
  • My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera    
  • A Haunting
  • Scariest Places on Earth
  • Ghost Mine
  • Haunted Highway
  • Ghostly Encounters   
  • The Unexplained
  • Most Terrifying Places in America   
  • Ghost Lab
  • Weird Travels
  • Creepy Canada
  • The Haunting of…
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories
  • monster quest
  • Ancient Aliens
  • Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories
  • Most Haunted
  • Paranormal Cops
  • Haunting Evidence
  • Psychic Kids
  • Ghost Asylum


In No Specific Order!

*Please Note that This is just “Documentary & Non-fiction” Category Shows. NOT Fiction! Thank you and if I missed one you enjoy please message or comment and I would be happy to add!* -Stay Spooky!


A Beorn Fanfic

Based on two imagines found here and here

I blinked at the giant of a man before me, entirely sure I had misheard him.

“You what?”

A low grumble rumbles through his chest, one that peaks my own bear’s ears up.  "I cannot allow you to leave.“

I stare at him and then a smile twitches to my lips.  "Sure.  Right.  Like I’m going to believe you.”

But his gaze does not leave mine.  "I am being serious little one.  I will not have you out there alone again.“

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anonymous asked:

Can't remember if i already ask.. but Ikon reaction to you calling them drunk in the evening/ early night. Thank you :-)

(Thank you for your request sweetheart!!!)

Jinwhan: “Y/N how irresponsible of you…You could have called someone who would take advantage of your state…I am on my way to meet you.”

Yunhyeong: “Y/N are you alone? I don’t like you being alone while you are drunk.”

Bobby:“I am on my way to get you. Please tell me where you are.”

B.I:  “Where are you? I will meet with you.”

Donghyuk: “What is happening? Are you ok? Do you need help?”

Junhoe: “Don’t you know you should stay away from your phone when you are drunk? Please tell me where you are.”

Chanwoo: “Why are you drunk, Y/N? Did something happen?”

(note: gifs are not mine)

Every Milisecond

Request: could you do a oneshot where the reader died in both the original timeline and flashpoint, but when barry comes back from flashpoint they’re alive and he’s so shocked and overjoyed to see them? it can be romantic or not, it doesn’t really matter.

Prompt: After Barry lost you in both the original timeline and flashpoint he is glad to see you are alive when he returns from the flashpoint.

Words: 560

Warnings: Reader dies twice but is alive at the end. Lol weirdest thing I’ve ever typed. 

A/n: TBH I don’t like how this one turned out :( but maybe its because I’m looking to much into it so some feedback would be great. Happy Reading!

Originally posted by supercanaries

As I walked into S.T.A.R laboratories for the first time since I got back from flashpoint my heart stopped. There they were. They were actually alive. I had finally come to understand that I had lost them forever, but here they were. My mind flew to the both times I had lost them.

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When I see you today, I really hope I bite my tongue. I hope I ask you how you’ve been and I hope I never tell you I miss you. I really hope I don’t tell you that I let someone else touch me last night or that I cried for thirty minutes on the phone with my friend because of how wrong I felt or how I showered for an hour scrubbing at my skin until it was raw to get the sick feeling off me. I hope I just tell you that you look well and that I don’t ask you to come back.
—  I messed up and I’m sorry

Request Scenario: You end up breaking up with Jimin, but you find out you got pregnant…

Genre: smutty fluffy

Word Count: 1920 {it’s actually terrifying me how easy it is to write so much now without even meaning to}

A/N: I’m so so sorry for updating so slowly, school sucks ass, but I am apart it. so I can get a job and stalk BTS in the future and see all the concerts and fan signs and what not. But I’m hope you like it anon…:) xx


This was all a mistake, why did you even think this was going to work out. Panic was beginning to settle within your bones as you stuffed all your belongings carelessly into your bag.

“No… No, Y/N, stop. Please stop.” Jimin was leaning against the door frame, tears rolling down the cheeks you once loved to poke and to kiss. You knew this was what’s best for him, Jimin’s life would be so much simpler without you… or so you’ve been telling yourself for the past few days before building enough strength to tell Jimin that this was over. You wanted to be held by him, to tell him that it was you two against the world, but it was too much. You could see it in his eyes even when he was telling that a secret relationship really wasn’t that hard– it was. It was difficult for the both of you, all the hiding and sneaking around. You could also tell the pressure of being a good boyfriend and a good idol for his fans was getting increasingly hard to handle, so for him, you decided that it would be better just break it off now.

The back of your throat pained with the guilt of leaving behind someone you’ve loved for the past year, you had to pretend that you didn’t care about him anymore, it was easier that way. Right? Slamming the door against Jimin’s tear-stained face, you stumbled into your car before you let out a scream. Banging your tightly wounded fist on every surface, anger poured out of you.

Why was the entire universe just forcing you apart from the one person you loved the most in the entire planet. Why. And just to think that a week ago, you were laying underneath his weight while he made love to you like never before.


One year anniversary and Jimin thought what else will be better than to tease you endlessly through dinner.m, but insisting that you must at least act appropriate throughout his homemade full course dinner. The wine was coursing through your body, making you filled with heated passion for the boy sitting in front of you in an all black outfit. He knew just how much you craved him wearing all black, having his bright hair contrasting against the absence of color. But sooner or later, you were tired of this foreplay, pulling him into your kiss, you pushed him towards the bedroom.

“Someone’s eager…” He smirked, knowing you were desperate to feel him all over you.

“And someone’s an asshole.” You retorted back, shoving him onto the bed as you see his mood take a monumental shift.

Your back arched in pleasure as his rough hands massaged your breasts, your breathing quickened while your fingers tangled themselves in his sunset locks. Jimin loved to run his hands along the side of your stomach, just barely, before reaching for your back once more, pulling you into his body, skin sticking onto each other, melting into each other. After so long, he had every curve and edge of your body engraved into the back of his mind.

The teasing bites and his thick lips imprinting themselves all over your bruising neck. Your head thrown backwards as the your senses heightened with every touch you received from him. Your lips almost lost its cherry pigment because of the tight grip your teeth placed upon them. You had to have him, you body ached to be filled by him and only him.

“You ready baby?” It was small things like this when you know that you weren’t just having sex, he cared for you to know that he didn’t desire for a quick release. He wanted to be able to replay exactly how your body reacted to him. You soundlessly nodded, feeling you expand within while his length filled every part of you, the veins that ran up  along the side of his shaft, you felt it all. You knew he wanted to go slow, to watch you unravel right in front of him slowly, but you were selfish and needed him now.

“Faster,” you whined, begging for him to thrust into you until you were raw and still feeling the effects the morning after.

So consumed in the moment, Jimin gradually sped up his actions, rocking your entire body with his quick deep thrusts. You felt his length slamming against you in an incredible speed that made you almost lightheaded. Cradling you within his embrace, you couldn’t control yourself from biting onto his collarbone when you reached the peak. The intensity made you buzz with incoherent thoughts as Jimin rode you down from you high.

“Oh my god.” Your body tingled with every move as Jimin looked down into your eyes, smiling shyly before laying his lips down onto yours.

“I love you…” He mumbled tiredly against the crook of your neck, sending a dull shiver down your spine.


The revolting aftertaste remained on your tongue, even after the fifth cup of water. Your head pounded and even a glance at anything edible made you want to hurl.

“Are you okay?” Your friend looked at you worriedly. Just before you could answer, you sprinted into the bathroom once again and the contents of your breakfast decorated the floor beneath you.


Mentally running through the list of food you have eaten for past few days, your friend coughed gently for you attention as you were still huddled over the counter of your coffee shop.

“What?” You grunted, glancing at your friend who was now nodding towards the door.

Red-faced with a head-splitting headache was probably not the best way to see your ex’s best friends standing in front of you with questionable expressions.

“What’s going on?” You managed to speak out, you felt like you could die, but at the same time your mind decided to dive into the worst scenario for why the boys would be all here.

“We are not saying we know exactly what happened between you two, but we do know that Jimin is suffering because of it.” Namjoon walked forward from the group. You wanted to cry out saying he wasn’t the only one, but you kept your mouth shut and face blank.

“Well, I’m sorry for that, but that’s not my—” The fact that your own body couldn’t take the lie was the first sign that you have made a terrible decision.


Every step was heavy, you felt like the world was screaming into your ears all at once, but you kept on walking. Pushing through the door and blindly stumbling into the aisle of the store.

It cannot be… That cannot be why I’m sick.

Your back glided down the cold tiled wall as the small positive sign confirmed your assumptions. Toying the test around your hand, you sat with a calmness that hasn’t visited you in a while. Was it all that terrible though? The worst thing that could come out of this is that you will be a single mother, but you dreaded the moment you will have to tell Jimin. You won’t blame him for avoiding this, but deep inside, you also knew Jimin would take full responsibility because that was the boy you are in love with.

Now your hands decided to shake furiously as your heart began beating out of your chest with the dial tone beeping on your phone. Immediately after one beat, you could hear him sniffling from the opposite side.

“Y/N… Please Y/N. Please come back to me.” You bit your lips from bursting into tears from the hurt you heard in his crackling voice, you were beginning to wonder why you even left in the first place. What were you thinking. Why were you so stupid.

“You have time to meet up?” You whispered, trying to not sound like you were continuously having tears swell up from your eyes.

“Yes, oh my god, yes. Now? I can meet you now. Where are you.” You could hear him putting on a jacket and shuffling through the dorm, you also knew he was going to get in a lot of trouble for leaving at this late hour.

“No, you will get in trouble.”

“I don’t care. You are at home right? I’m walking out right now.” And so you heard the soft blow of the midnight wind through his phone.

Within ten minutes, you heard the doorbell rang through the house. Deep breaths, Y/N. Deep breaths.

“Hi–” you greeting was interrupted by a chilled jacket wrapping itself around you as you were pressed against his chest, breathing in his familiar scent, you momentarily closed your eyes in bliss.

“Y/N. I don’t know what I did wrong to make you leave me, but I am so so sorry. Please take me back. I’ll do whatever it takes, I need you, I cannot live without you. I haven’t been able to sleep, eat, or practice properly. Please, I’m begging you Y/N. Please please….” Jimin’s knee buckled as they came slamming down in front you, “please Y/N… Please be mine again. I cannot live without you.” He whispered defeatedly at the end, out of breath from the quick burst of words.

You stood there in silence as you stared at the boy kneeling on his knees. Would he still stay this if he knew what is growing inside of me?

“I’m pregnant.” You simply stated, not knowing exactly what you were suppose to say to break the news to the unexpected boy.

“Huh?” He tilted his head like a lost puppy with his fluffy hair sweeping to one side. Damn it, how. How does he still look so beautiful.

“I’m pregnant. With child. There’s someone growing inside me. Baby. B-A-B-Y.” After the first time, you could repeat this all day before he got what you meant because you were actually getting excited for finally acknowledging the treasure within you, or maybe it’s just the hormones.

Jimin’s eyes began to widen, while his mouth gapped open, he was in shock alright.

“I understand this was unexpected and definitely not what you want. We are still so young and this will ruin your image in so many ways. I don’t want be the reason why Bangtan looses their Army, but I’m keeping this baby even if you are in the picture or not.” You finally allowed the tears to flow freely down your face, dropping small puddles onto the ground.

“Don’t you ever say such a thing. I will take care of this baby and if we need to get married, then we will. Y/N, I love you so much that no matter what happens, I will always be there for you. For all I know, I’m happy this happened because you are returning to me. I don’t know if I’m ready to be a father, but I’m will do my best. I will not leave you over this because this baby will be taken care of by two parents. Okay?” Jimin cupped your face, tenderly lifting your chin up, so you could actually look him in the eye. His eyes shaping into their smiling slits, which twinkled even in the dimness of your living room. What did you do in your past life to deserve him…

You were now crying with joy, nodding like a maniac, trying to show just how grateful you were of him. You both knew many challenges will be coming your way because of this, but what mattered most was this baby and your relationship. It was you two against the world after all.


Jimin makes me cry. Hope you enjoyed this xx

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twentyonequasars  asked:

hey. hey you. first of all, i want to tell you that these feelings that you are having do not make you a bad person. and i'm really happy that you typed it all out, because it's not good to bottle things up, if you're anything like me, the eventual explosion will not be pretty. so keep venting. keep talking to us. even if you're feeling down on yourself right now, i know that you are TRYING SO HARD and it's completely evident. your friends, family, and your tumblr fam all love you more than 1/2.

(+)  i can even explain. i know your illness is trying to lie to you right now, mine does the same thing. but despite all these emotions you are experiencing, YOU ARE SO LOVED. i don’t know what the heck i would do if something happened to you, bean. please talk to us because we want to help if there’s any way that we can. please stay. please keep expressing yourself. i am here for you no matter what. i care so much i can’t even put it into words. 2/2.

Oh friend, thank you for being here. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. GOSH! You always make me feel safe and better and loved… You and Kate are the best, did you know that? I love you, my friend. 

Anyway, yeah. I know the explosion isn’t nice. I had it once and it was the worst night ever. But I can’t help bottle everything up, because I never wanna worry you guys and I’m a little bit… I don’t know… Afraid of looking weak. I don’t even know why. I’m just pathetic like this. But I’m being able of talking to you guys in here and writing a little bit and venting etc… But I know I need to try doing it more. But yeah, I’m trying pretty hard, friend. Like, I have been feeling so dead, but I’m trying to keep going… Even when I look like a completely zombie walking around. 

Thank you so much for being always here. I can’t thank you enough for all you do for me. You always have such kind words, fren. Love you lots. Hope you are okay and having a great day. <3

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