would you please stay and please be mine

Imagine being Rick's girlfriend and Negan wanting you.

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You and Rick have been together since the prison had gone down.

You were with him and Carl and eventually grew closer. You had stayed by his side all to keep him safe and alive.

The time he hasn’t responded you it had made you cry and you kept talking to him in hopes he would hear you.

You were crying and kept your head down.
“Rick…Rick…please…please just wake up…you can’t leave…not yet…I…I love you…I really do…”
He opened one eye and smiled
Getting your head up you yelled “Rick!”

In that instant you grabbed him and held him in a tight hug.

He laughed and said “Never thought I’d wake up being so happy…”

You held him and said “Rick…I thought you would leave me…”

Pulling out you continued “Just wait till I get Carl!”

You tried getting up but he caught your arm and pulled you in a kiss. You kissed him back and when he stopped he told you “Didn’t wanna know my thoughts before getting Carl?”

Shy you blushed and laughed. You then said “I…I didn’t expect you to hear it! Well…now you know and…”

He kissed you again and after said “You sure are cute when you’re nervous!”

You laughed and got out of his hold to go and get Carl. That day had one of the most beautiful moment you had since the outbreak.


As you were in Alexandria, your relationship with Rick, Carl and Judith had just seem to grow stronger.

The morning Maggie felt sick, Rick and the others were preparing to leave and get to the Hilltop colony to get a doctor for her.

After what you and your group did to the Saviors, you always felt worried that something would happen to Alexandria or worst to the people that were dear to you.

While everyone was preparing to get Maggie out, you had decided to get whatever you needed and go with them.


However as you walked to the RV Rick stood in front of you and said “Y/N…You need to stay here and look after Carl and Judith…I don’t want you out there…It’s not safe…”

“No I need to go…” Before you could say anything more he cut you off and said “You can’t, you need to stay here and keep the others safe, especially Carl and Judith”

As he said the words you saw Carl get in the RV and looked back at Rick.

“How am I suppose to keep him safe if he’s going to?”

As you said you got in the RV and continued

“Besides Gabriel and the others are looking after Judith!”

By then Rick just had to let you come along.


In the RV you stayed by Maggie’s side and held her hand. You comforted her and made sure she wasn’t in too much pain.

The road was long and even longer as some men had been blocking the path. The sight of them had made you even more anxious about Alexandria and you could only hope that your home was going to be okay.

You were all now at the end of the last road and once more it was blocked.
Luckily Eugene came up with a plan to trick the Saviors who were following you, by driving the RV while the rest of you walked in the woods to reach destination.

As you prepared to walk in the darkness, before you could leave you had hugged Eugene and thanked him for what he was willing to do for all of you.


You had all been walking in the woods for about an hour in the dark. Even in the dark you still held and stayed by Maggie’s side.

The more you got further from the road the more you seemed anxious. Something felt wrong, sure there were high chances of all of you walking towards walkers but something felt else just felt just as sinister.

And that’s when you were right.

You all heard whistles coming from each side of the forest. All looking at each other, you all ran as far as you could together trying to get away from it.


Unfortunately, you all had to come to a stop as you were surrounded by so many people and a few cars came driving along the road.

A man came up to all of you and brought Eugene to show all of you that the plan had failed. He then said “I’m going to need all of your weapons and on your knees…”

Rick stared at him and that’s when the man pointed his gun at Carl and ordered “Now…”

Rick looked back at everyone and you. He seemed so confused and just had to accept what was happening.

The other Saviors came up to you and frisked you to take your weapons.

Afterwards you all got on your knees, even Maggie.

Afraid her condition might get worst you had stayed next to her to hold her if anything were to happen.

As everyone was on their knees, the man called for someone and they came back with your friends that had left looking for Daryl that morning.

It had surprised you and honestly seeing them alive relived you but it also made you nervous.


As You were all lined up , the man then walked over to an RV and knocked on it.

A man walked out, you couldn’t see his face but you heard him say

“Pissin’ our pants yet?” He smirked and walked out of the darkness.

And continued “Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close…”

He was tall and was wielding a barbed wire baseball bat. In all honesty, he scared you and you couldn’t look at him straight in the eyes.

He walked over to the other end, where Carl was and said “It’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon…”

“Now which one of you is the leader” he said. His man pointed at Rick and he continued “You’re Rick right? I’m Negan”

Hearing his name had scared you even more. You had heard horror stories from this man and had hoped you all had eliminated him when you attacked the Saviors but unfortunately you knew now you didn’t.

Negan continued and talked to Rick about how his men were killed by you and your group.

“You are so gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes…” He had a serious looked and suddenly smiled and said “Yes you are!”

He started to speak again and walked along the line to get a closer look of everyone’s face.

But when he got to you, he stopped and stared. You stared back up and made eye contact with. His smile got even wider and he had a sparkle in his eyes. Love at first sight wasn’t something Negan would’ve believed in but seeing you he knew what the feeling meant.

You on the other hand stared back on the ground.

“And who do we have here?!” he said

You didn’t answer him but Rick almost got up until Negan’s man held a gun behind him to get him to get back on his knees.

Negan laughed and said “Oh…I get it…she’s your other half!”

Rick could only stare at you and back on the ground.

“Yeah…a fine piece huh!… Man, this is going to be hard to pick someone to beat…”

He stayed in front of you and playfully arranged his outfit and hair as if to impress you and asked you “You like this? Huh! Come on honey…Me and you…can you picture it?”

You glared at him and he laughed and said “Don’t tempt me like that! Not here! There’s other people here, not to mention your man…”

He then got closer to Rick and said “You see Rick…we’ve been investing in all of you…you have shit…you give it to us…If not..”

He showed his bat named Lucille as he walked along the line and said “All this…all this is just a pick out of which one of you gets the honor…”

He paused and continued “But seeing as you are all scared shitless now! I’m willing to be lenient and offer a different deal… We’ll only take half of your shit! And no one’s needs to get hurt…physically! That is.”

He walked back to you and stared at you again “Yeah…half of your shit…” And laughed

In that instant Rick knew what he meant, Negan wanted you and half of Alexandria’s supplies. Rick wanted to get close to you but couldn’t he saw the fear in your eyes as Negan shamelessly stared at you .

He started to feel even more anxious and nervous and tears started to come to his eyes. It was clear he was crying and try to held it in.

He felt so weak for not being able to do anything to save you, to save his son and to save his friends.

Negan shook his head and walked back to Rick and said

“No…No…You can’t cry! You’re their leader! You can’t be weak like this, I mean you weren’t weak when you sneaked behind my back and killed my men right? So you can’t be weak when i’m offering you a better deal than I’ve ever offered to anyone.”

Rick was having a hard time to breathe between his sob, he shook his head and managed to tell Negan

“She’s…she’s mine…you…can’t… you can’t have her!”

Negan could only laugh and say “Rick…this is the only deal…You don’t want to leave with someone’s dead body right?”

Rick could only keep saying “She’s mine…”

Negan smiled and told him “Yes, like I said I’ll take half of your shit…and half of your shit includes her!”

While pointing his finger at you.

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may I please request the hosts helping their s/o through a bad panic attack?

Headcanons || Fluff + TW: Anxiety/Panic Attacks

A/N: Click here if you need images to help with anxiety and here to help get through any attacks. Stay strong, please know that everything will be okay.

Tamaki: His eyes would widen and he’d immediately run to you, asking you what was wrong but when you began to hyperventilate, he’d make sure you were breathing properly and ask you to stay with him—if the other Hosts were around him, he’d order one to get a medic right away and he’d hold onto you, your face snuggled in his chest as he tries to calm you down by giving you forehead kisses and telling you that things were going to be okay.

Kyoya: He’d drop his notebook and pen, not caring where it went as he goes to your rescue, placing his palms on your shoulders as he asks you strictly to maintain your breath. He knew about panic/anxiety attacks fairly well, so he was understanding about the situation. He would make sure you stayed with in the current moment, and also kiss your tense knuckles as he breathes with you.

Haruhi: She knew about anxiety/panic attacks, so when she realized you were starting to grow into one, she’d slightly freak out for a moment as worry runs through her brittle bones. She’d ask you to stay with her and to follow her breathing steps, plus she would hug you tightly and tell you that things were going to be alright, and to continue breathing as she wiped away your tears.

Honey: He’d wonder what was going through your head, but then he would cry at the sight of you losing touch with the present and once you hyperventilate, he would jump into your arms and tell you to hold onto him tightly—almost as if you were him with Usa-chan, and he’d beg for you to continue breathing and kiss your tear-stained cheeks with sloppy, caring kisses.

Mori: Widening his eyes, he’d drop the items in his hand or if he wasn’t holding anything, he’d throw his hands in his hair. Running to you, he’d place his palms on your tense arms and sternly ask you to breathe with him as he inhaled deeply then out very slowly, and once you shivered, he allowed you to rest on his lap while he soothes you by petting your hair and saying it will be alright.

Kaoru: Sometimes his brother—and even himself—would experience anxiety come knocking in harshly, so when he sees you losing it, he would be there to catch you when you felt the need to faint and also ask you to breathe with him as he places his palms on your chest, trying to provide as much physical comfort. Kissing your forehead, he’d mumble “it will be okay”s repeatedly.

Hikaru: He would be insanely worried; he’d immediately run into action without saying anything for a while and allow you to rest your head against his chest or his lap, and he’d comfort you gently by hugging you. He’d mention how things would be okay as he insisted you breathe with his pace and he would kiss away the tears that were on your reddened cheeks.

When I see you today, I really hope I bite my tongue. I hope I ask you how you’ve been and I hope I never tell you I miss you. I really hope I don’t tell you that I let someone else touch me last night or that I cried for thirty minutes on the phone with my friend because of how wrong I felt or how I showered for an hour scrubbing at my skin until it was raw to get the sick feeling off me. I hope I just tell you that you look well and that I don’t ask you to come back.
—  I messed up and I’m sorry

I will love you to the best of my ability, but please know that if he comes back that I will choose him over anyone, even you. I would swim oceans for you, but I would drown for him.

I will care for you as much as I can, but please know that if he calls in the middle of dinner with you, I will go outside and answer the phone. Your voice is music to my ears, but his lips are home to me.

I will want you more than most anything, but please know that if he comes knocking on my door I will ask him to stay all night. Your hands fit mine perfectly, but his touch is what I fall asleep thinking about.

I’m sorry that I may not be there all the time, and I’m sorry that I may call you by the wrong name when I laugh as you tickle me, but he has always been who is on my mind.

—  He will always be who is on my mind
He never prevented me from crying. When I was sad, he would be like go ahead let it flow. Everyone always tried stopping me. He never did. He knew. Oh, he knew pain. He knew nostalgia. He knew, he knew, he knew..
He would hold me and kiss me, as warm tears stream down my face. And his. He wanted to see me in every mood of mine, he wanted to experience every feeling I had. He wanted me the way I was. He never tried changing me. Never tried stopping me of doing something I felt like doing. And day by day we would consume each others souls. We would unite more and more and more. I honestly feel that if i lose you..oh if I lose you. My hands shake at the idea of it and my heart turns cold and frightened, it stops. Please, stay my love. If I lose you it will be like losing a part of myself, while all the others are shattered.
I know people say dont rely on other people to be happy. Or dont get attached to people so much. But I did. And I dont regret it, coz ur the best thing that ever happened to me. And if I lose you, I will be dying day by day, slowly, in a torturing way. Coz there is no remedy for memory and there is no remedy for ur love, thats so unique I just love you so much, please stay. Please.
—  Please Stay// mine 
Please don’t leave me. I’ve had to many people walk out on me. People who said they were there for me or they would be here to love me each day that goes by. It’s all bullshit. I’ve asked this of people before but please you’re the only good in my life right now. I need you. You keep me sane. Please just don’t leave me here alone. Stay by my side, I beg of you.
—  1:21am
I realised I was in love with you when it hit me that the pain you could cause by leaving would be 100 times greater than the ache that anyone else who I thought I loved had ever inflicted on me.
—  I realised that maybe you’re the only one who I have ever loved that is worth loving.