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Hey Liza, I'm curious if you watched the episode tonight? I know you haven't been watching so much, but since this is the "big episode" I didn't know if you'd decide to tune in and watch the trainwreck. If you did, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I read a few comments under the THR article that Lana retweeted that this is definitely the episode that'll win her her long overdo Emmy. Seems legit.

Yes. I decided to watch a) because I was home and @counttotwenty was available to watch at the same time b) Regina/Lana snarking material c) the ep seemed safe in regards to Rogers and potential love interests (it was)

Comments under the cut (be warned, there be negative opinions down below)

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I can't remember where, but I'm pretty certain Adam said in one of the post-finale interviews that the EF scene with Henry and Lucy was a flash forward scene that happens after Lucy knock's Henry's door in Seattle.

I’m with you on this Nonnie but I actually had this conversation with people when the finale aired and was in the minority on my interpretation of that order of events. In this article Natalie Abrams calls the EF scene a “flash forward” but she is using the term to distinguish those EF scenes from the usual EF scenes which are always in the past. Eddy does the same thing when he says “We saw that in what we realize are flash forwards, and then at the very end, Henry has grown up and he looks like he left home.” In terms of the finale any scene with Lucy is technically a flash forward in time from the main story and that’s how I think they were using the word. 

But just from the episode itself the order of the EF scenes and the doorway scene is suspect. Lucy asks Henry “Are you Henry Mills?” which implies she has never met him before which means that the EF scenes come after the doorway scene. This would set up a story with the LWM being the “present” and the EF being the “future” and would also eliminate any need for a curse on Henry. But I think most people are approaching the story with the idea that there is a curse on Henry as well as on Regina, Hook, and Rumple and perhaps a bunch of other fairytale characters we don’t know about yet. 

Eitherway the finale set up two separate stories. First EF Lucy searching for Henry and protecting the book and second LWM Lucy trying to get Henry to save his family. If EF is the flashback then we know that Lucy’s mission fails or takes her into the LWM and that eliminates some of the drama because we know where she ends up and where Henry ends up. And while in S1 that worked because while we knew everyone got cursed we didn’t know who everyone was in the EF or the twist on their fairytale story, I don’t think it would work as well this time. But if the LWM is the flashback then we are left with a lot of questions about how they get to the EF and who else made it there with them and what happened to Henry and where did the darkness come from. To me it would be a more interesting way to tell the story.

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When your best friend jimin blames you for his girlfriend breaking up with him. When in reality u caught her cheating on him and confront her about it.

Here ya go~ I hope this is angst-y enough. 

I wanna write a Pt 2 of this, but you guys tell me if I should?

Jimin Scenario - Listen Pt. 1

Jimin has always been the sweetest person you’ve known. He’s kind to everybody, treats everyone equally, and finds good in every single person when no else can. Knowing him for all your life, you’ve seen his bad side that he never shows to anyone. As sweet as his smile can be, the scariest he can be when he’s mad.

But not how he is right now. 

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Vernon - Kiss kiss fall in love

Request: Hello!! How are you? I am new to your blog and I was hoping you would take my request😊 May I have a scenerio where Vernon falls in love with a half Japanese and half American girl? Thank you x

Note: Since the request was pretty open I just made it into fluff

It hadn’t been long since you started working at Pledis, well maybe it can’t really be considered working as you just helped out your mom who was part of the staff of Pledis. She was in charge of their hair and while she wasn’t born In South-Korea she still managed to get hang of the language a little bit. You on the other hand were only fluent in Japanese and English… When your mom got the chance to style Pledis artists your family moved to Korea. You didn’t mind, you tried studying Korean but it certainly wasn’t that easy. 

All you’d been doing was holding/getting stuff for her and getting her drinks, it was a small job for in the summer when others took some time off but the pay wasn’t bad and you got to meet some idols so why not. You’d met Nu’est briefly and you even got to talk a little with the members of Pledis Girlz who spoke (some) English. 

It was honestly a dream job for you. And today it was Seventeens turn, you knew about them but besides Woozi, Seungkwan and Vernon there weren’t that much familiar faces. You always tried your best to learn the names the day before you met them (even if you’d never talk to them) just to be sure. But this time there were 13 members and it had proven to be a little difficult. 

When the day came you were more than impressed. They were all so nice and they even tried talking to you, this guy Hoshi started talking in Korean when your mom probably explained you didn’t understand and he started speaking Japanese! You were glad you could talk to an idol with confidence that you wouldn’t fuck up. He also uncovered that you were mixed and he immediately wanted to set you up with Vernon because ‘hey you’re like the same’ you were slightly offended because, it doesn’t work like that, it’s just race. But he quickly explained that it was because you would understand each others problems as being called a ‘halfer’ by some people and such

You were still slightly skeptic that was until you met him. He was so sweet and shy how could you not like him (and I mean we can’t deny this boy looks effing fine). He made a pretty great first impression for you. He was so down to earth and also oddly smooth… Like not flirting but it’s just the ways his eyes twinkle when talking to you or his little laugh when you tell something funny that make your heart flutter. Little did you know that he was scared you’d hear his heartbeat when you blushed your hand against his arm as you helped your mom do his hair.

You were getting some well earned rest by sitting on about the only couch that wasn’t occupied and checking your tumblr. You quickly changed the app when you saw Vernon approach you. “I hope I’ll see you again Y/n… My hair’s never looked this great before haha.” But you both knew he didn’t want to see you again because of his hair. “Hansol we’ll see eachother tomorrow again don’t you remember? You have to do a stage and you gotta look fresh.” At this moment even you saw the way his face lightened up.

“Oh nice! I mean… Aju Nice…” He said with a horrible wink. “You moron…” this caught his attention, “Oh oh what did I hear there? I-I didn’t quite catch that??”  

“Nothing, I said nothing” you bluffed. “Nono I think I heard something? It sounded a bit like… uhm moron? Hmm?” you kept denying and playing along with his game and before you knew it he was tickling you until you were close to crying of laughter. 

You were now very close to Hansols face and he had noticed too. You were about to say something but he made sure you didn’t by giving you a short kiss. “I normally don’t do this after meeting someone just that day but I just, you’re so lovely… So uuhm…. you want me to do that again or we awkward buddies now?” he asked with a shy smile thinking he already knew the answer.

“How about you take me out and we’ll see…? But for now, you know what? Fuck that why not?” playing hard to get was never a thing you were good at. Also saying no to Hansol wasn’t really easy and you had the biggest crush on him let’s be real.

So he kissed you again but a little longer this time, really savouring the moment. Just after you parted your mom came to get you to leave. “Wait Y/n here my number I guess you’d want that hah.” “Charming as always. But thanks!”

Of course Vernon got teased so much as Hoshi saw everything that happened and he was not gonna let go of it easily how he basically set you two up.


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This is a topic that came up with AP Psychology and I'm not sure if you have an answer to this, but I was wondering if there was any link between ADHD and Bilingualism? Would being bilingual help with ADHD symptoms at all?

Okay, so it took us a while to come to an answer on this question!

For those of you who are confused or sceptical about any possible link between ADHD and bilingualism, here it is:

  • ADHD associated with executive function (EF) deficits. (This is what we call executive dysfunction.)
  • While bilingualism associated with EF enhancements.

This paper, published in 2014, sets out to investigate the combined effect of ADHD and bilingualism on EF (It’s an open access paper!). 

Specifically, the paper looks at two aspects of EF, called shifting and inhibition. Shifting is the “the ability to shift between mental sets or tasks,” while Inhibition is the “ability to suppress dominant or prepotent responses.” (p.3)

ADHD has been shown to negatively affect one’s ability to shift between tasks, and there are higher switching costs for people with ADHD (that is to say, it takes more effort). Likewise, ADHDers are poorer at inhibiting responses.

Bilingualism, on the other hand has been shown to enhance shifting abilities, and there are lower shifting costs for bilinguals than for monolinguals. Likewise, bilinguals are better at inhibition, too.

With this in mind, the researchers hypothesises that perhaps the EF improvements demonstrated in bilinguals would mitigate the deficits observed in ADHD.

What they found, in fact was the complete opposite.

The research found that bilingual ADHDers performed significantly worse than monolingual ADHDers, with regards to EF. They had significantly poorer reaction times and accuracy on shifting tasks. Interestingly, monolingual ADHDers also had poor accuracy, but had reaction times comparable to non-ADHDers.

“These findings might indicate that whereas monolinguals with ADHD were able to compensate for their difficulty by routing their efforts toward one aspect of performance [speed], bilinguals with ADHD were not able to compensate for their poor ability in either aspect of performance.” (p.12)

So, in answer to your question, it appears that bilingual ADHDers are worse off with regards to executive dysfunction, than their monolingual peers.

- Prue

Great. So, if you have ADHD, being bilingual actually makes switching gears more difficult than being monolingual and having ADHD? That is so sad. I have an immense difficulty switching between English and Spanish. It’s so bad that when I’m having a Spanish conversation and someone randomly throws in an English sentence, I will not understand the English, even after several repetitions. The same thing happens when people throw Spanish into English, but somehow not quite as severely. Sometimes I pretend to speak only English or only Spanish when I’m in a situation when both languages are being tossed about, which happens a lot in the US. I definitely have not applied for jobs as a bilingual teacher—only as an ESL/EFL teacher—because I can’t switch back and forth.


#12: Video Games

Requested: No

Rated: PG-13— Swearing

Ashton: He would be so into Call of Duty, he’d be yelling at the tv. (”Die zombies die!”) Your face would be buried in your textbook as you tried not to laugh at your boyfriend’s frustration. He would make small pew pew noises as he shot the zombies dead. You would let out a small giggle as you looked up from your reading place and he would turn to you, (”It’s much harder than it looks Y/N.” “I doubt it.”) Then he would set his controller down and look at you, hazel eyes staring at you in disbelief, (”Are you kidding me? It’s so hard to kill these effing zombies.” “I bet I could do it.”) Ashton would just scoff at you before tossing you the other controller. (”Okay… if I win you have to make dinner for the rest of the week-” “I already make the dinners…” “Fine- you have to do my laundry for a week.” “Okay, and if I win, you have to drive me where ever I want for five days. No matter what time it is.”) He shot daggers at you, (”Game on Princess.”) 

Calum: You were in a nice hot bath when there were loud gun shots and the revving of engines startled you. Quickly you shot up and wrapped a towel around your body and ran downstairs only to find your boyfriend engaged in a game of Grand Theft Auto 5. (”CALUM!” “What babygirl?”) You walked in front of the tv and he paused his game. (”I was having a nice bath and then I heard gunshots and I was so scared something happened to you.” “Oh sweetie, it was just my game.”) Adjusting the towel, you started to head back to the bath as you heard Calum start up his game again. (”Just turn it down a little please Cal.” “Of course Y/N. I’ll be up in a bit.”) You returned to the bath and got in, the sounds still loud, but a little quieter from earlier and you found yourself laughing at your stupid boyfriend.

Luke: After a long day at work you came home wanting to curl up on the couch with your boyfriend and watch scary movies, but when you entered the shared apartment, Luke was found planted in front of the TV playing Destiny. The stupid game he wouldn’t stop playing. It would be three in the morning and he would still be playing, so you sighed to yourself and headed to the kitchen to make your guys’ dinner. Loud profanities would escape his mouth but then he would shut up super quickly and turn around to look to see if you were home, knowing you hated it when he swore. His eyes would land on you as you got the mac n cheese off the stove. (”Hi lovely. When did you get home?” “A few minutes ago. Didn’t want to disturb you.”) You put the noodles in bowls and headed over and placed yourself right next to him, resting your head on his shoulder. (”Long day?” “Mhmm.”) The warm noodles filled your stomach as Luke turned off his game and ate with you in a comfortable silence. 

Michael: He had a thing for comics… so for his birthday you got him Arkham Knight. After he ripped the paper to shreds he put the game in and started playing. (”Come watch me babe.” “Alright Mikey.”) You would sit between his legs and his arms would be wrapped around as he played his game, getting a little too into it. (”Fuck you Riddler! Die Joker die!” “Swear Jar.”) You could hear him huff behind you and he would reach into his pocket to hand you a dollar. (”That’s not fair though. I’m playing a game, and it’s my birthday Y/NNN” “Too bad Clifford, you swore.”) Laughing to yourself, you took the dollar and started to get up and retrieve the jar that had countless dollars in it, mainly from him, but Michael tightened his arms around you. (”Stay.”) So there you were, resting your head against Michael’s chest all evening while he played his game. 

DAY 3108

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Birthday - EF Kris Ayer

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

happy birthday Kris .. love and welcome to the Ef family and to the Libran community .. which I must say is somewhat personal .. love from the Ef  ..

 Ef Miri Zardav/

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

…. and its Miri’s birthday too .. so we wish her a very happy birthday .. love and happiness .. from your Ef

This is atrocious ! I have been waiting to hit the sack from 8 pm and have only just realised that its past the hour of 1, going on to 2 and i need to be up for work by 6, and its devastating .. !! 

Hehe ..

Part of what life treats me with .. and brings on anger and concern in the eyes and the words of my dear Ef .. fear not I shall rest well later .. or even later ..

As you can see from the expression on the face how involved I can get when work is at hand .. I mean look at it .. there is another story going on in that ‘empty head’ of mine, and the slate in front of me states something else .. 

Hee hee ..

Lots of he hees coming about isn’t it ..?  

So stop .. to bed now and tomorrow shall be a better connect .. perhaps from the sets .. or then late at night .. or the day after .. 

Heck .. yes .. day after its going to be another award in Delhi .. and for what .. ?

Its for the social media connect .. so I shall dedicate the award to my Ef, because if it was not for you I would not get it ..

But let me get it first .. na ..? they may just decide not to .. that would be like a cold water shower at the North Pole ..!!

And so endeth the lesson .. GN ..

Amitabh Bachchan