would you look at this effing set

#12: Video Games

Requested: No

Rated: PG-13— Swearing

Ashton: He would be so into Call of Duty, he’d be yelling at the tv. (”Die zombies die!”) Your face would be buried in your textbook as you tried not to laugh at your boyfriend’s frustration. He would make small pew pew noises as he shot the zombies dead. You would let out a small giggle as you looked up from your reading place and he would turn to you, (”It’s much harder than it looks Y/N.” “I doubt it.”) Then he would set his controller down and look at you, hazel eyes staring at you in disbelief, (”Are you kidding me? It’s so hard to kill these effing zombies.” “I bet I could do it.”) Ashton would just scoff at you before tossing you the other controller. (”Okay… if I win you have to make dinner for the rest of the week-” “I already make the dinners…” “Fine- you have to do my laundry for a week.” “Okay, and if I win, you have to drive me where ever I want for five days. No matter what time it is.”) He shot daggers at you, (”Game on Princess.”) 

Calum: You were in a nice hot bath when there were loud gun shots and the revving of engines startled you. Quickly you shot up and wrapped a towel around your body and ran downstairs only to find your boyfriend engaged in a game of Grand Theft Auto 5. (”CALUM!” “What babygirl?”) You walked in front of the tv and he paused his game. (”I was having a nice bath and then I heard gunshots and I was so scared something happened to you.” “Oh sweetie, it was just my game.”) Adjusting the towel, you started to head back to the bath as you heard Calum start up his game again. (”Just turn it down a little please Cal.” “Of course Y/N. I’ll be up in a bit.”) You returned to the bath and got in, the sounds still loud, but a little quieter from earlier and you found yourself laughing at your stupid boyfriend.

Luke: After a long day at work you came home wanting to curl up on the couch with your boyfriend and watch scary movies, but when you entered the shared apartment, Luke was found planted in front of the TV playing Destiny. The stupid game he wouldn’t stop playing. It would be three in the morning and he would still be playing, so you sighed to yourself and headed to the kitchen to make your guys’ dinner. Loud profanities would escape his mouth but then he would shut up super quickly and turn around to look to see if you were home, knowing you hated it when he swore. His eyes would land on you as you got the mac n cheese off the stove. (”Hi lovely. When did you get home?” “A few minutes ago. Didn’t want to disturb you.”) You put the noodles in bowls and headed over and placed yourself right next to him, resting your head on his shoulder. (”Long day?” “Mhmm.”) The warm noodles filled your stomach as Luke turned off his game and ate with you in a comfortable silence. 

Michael: He had a thing for comics… so for his birthday you got him Arkham Knight. After he ripped the paper to shreds he put the game in and started playing. (”Come watch me babe.” “Alright Mikey.”) You would sit between his legs and his arms would be wrapped around as he played his game, getting a little too into it. (”Fuck you Riddler! Die Joker die!” “Swear Jar.”) You could hear him huff behind you and he would reach into his pocket to hand you a dollar. (”That’s not fair though. I’m playing a game, and it’s my birthday Y/NNN” “Too bad Clifford, you swore.”) Laughing to yourself, you took the dollar and started to get up and retrieve the jar that had countless dollars in it, mainly from him, but Michael tightened his arms around you. (”Stay.”) So there you were, resting your head against Michael’s chest all evening while he played his game.