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I just wanted to do a quick appreciation post for one of my favorite pinnipeds of all time, Chippy the sea lion.

Sea lions generally stay, well, in the ocean.  Chippy decided to swim 100 miles up the San Joaquin River and attached irrigation canals until a farmer found him chilling by the roadside.  The farmer called the Highway Patrol, who raced to the scene, determined that yes, that was a sea lion, and called a higher authority (in this case the Marine Mammal Center).  While they waited for the experts to arrive, Chippy decided that the trunk of the CHP patrol car would be an even better place for a nap, so he hauled his 300 lb self up there.  (If you look closely in the pictures, you can see the dents he left).  When the MMC staff and curious journalists arrived, he took the opportunity to pose winningly before being cajoled into a large crate and driven off to Sausalito.  But in case his adventurous spirit and flagrant disrespect for the Law wasn’t enough to endear him to you, upon examination it was discovered that Chippy had done all this with a bullet lodged in his head.  What.  A.  Badass.

Chippy was nursed back to health and released with a radio transmitter which tracked him around the Bay until he got tired of it and neatly deposited it on Pier 39 before going off to further, unknown adventures.

Dating Dean Winchester would include:

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·         Gruff morning hedgehog hair

·         Running his hands all over you

·         Whispering sweet things in your ear

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OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue the MC kidnapped by Saeran fic! It's so good, so sweet, I love it so much!

Wahh I promised it by the end of the week but I’m 52 minutes late >o<

I’m sorry guys  。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。

I hope you still enjoy? There were quite a few requests for the third part aha thank you all <3


Click here for: [Part One] [Part Two]

Note: If you haven’t read the first two parts, the 3rd part miiight not make sense in terms of how the story ended up here XD


“Are you… lying to me?”

“No,” you whispered, crawling towards him and enveloping him into your arms. He deserved all the affection that you could offer.

He lifted his head, meeting your eyes. His mint-teal eyes captivated you—such a unique colour… You felt your eyes closing, and you began to lean in subconsciously. (Also because you were still affected by Seven’s damn drugs.)

A series of knocks came at the door, and the two of you immediately jumped apart. Saeran regained himself, running a hand through his bleached hair.

“I have to go,” he said with a hint of hoarseness in his voice, taking on a cool, nonchalant expression again, hands in his pockets.


The bedroom door swung open from Saeran’s kick.

The lights were shut. The bed was made, even though you had sat on it earlier. Everything was neatly organized just as Saeran had left it.

Even though you were supposed to be there, waiting for him.

Panic stirring in his chest, Saeran dropped the box of pizza onto a nearby desk. His eyes scavenged the entire room. There had to be some traces of where you had disappeared to.

Oh god, what if another of the Saviour’s servants had taken you away? Had it been discovered that he hadn’t locked you in the dungeons? But… he really didn’t believe you deserved such cruel treatment. And he… he couldn’t bear to do that to someone else. Locking someone up and restricting their freedom, that is. Why would he do that, when he’d been traumatized by his own experience?

No matter how badass he looked, Saeran Choi would never willingly abuse anyone.

Maybe under the influence of drugs, but god, even then, he regretted it every damn time after sobering up.

“MC?” he cautiously called out, shutting the door behind him in case anyone heard. He couldn’t risk getting caught hiding you in his room. It had been of his own will, and against the Saviour’s orders.

A light bang came from his walk-in closet.

“Oof!” He heard you squeal.

In a mix of relief and worry, he opened the closet door, only to find you sitting in his clothes on the floor. You looked at him like a deer caught in headlights, eyes wide.

His eyes travelled down your body, noticing that you were wearing one of his black hoodies, unzipped, and… was that a pair of his boxers? Holy cr-

“MC…” he struggled to maintain a steady voice. “What are you doing?”

You grinned, giddily zipping up the hoodie. “I’m being you!!” you giggled, eyes shining with pride.

Saeran stared blankly, wondering if it was really the drugs still in effect, or if this was just your normal self. Or perhaps a mix? Either way, you were really… vulnerable.

He swallowed hard, averting his eyes from your body. “So uh, where are your own clothes…?” he asked.

You gasped, shock filling your features. “What the- I think they disappeared!! My clothes ran awayyyy,” you wailed, swinging your sleeves in the air. “What do I do, Mr. Kidnapper!?!”

He sighed, “They can’t run away, MC. And I told you before, my name is Saeran.”

“Okaaaaay, Saaaaeran,” you grumbled, standing up reluctantly from your slightly uncomfortable position.

“Anyway, I uhm, brought dinner for you. Figured you’d be hungry by now?” Saeran gestured to the box of pizza on the table.

Your eyes lit up at the sight of it, and jumped into his arms in excitement. Then, you backed off, remembering how the two of you had almost kissed when you were this close earlier. A light blush tinted your cheeks as you looked away.

Covering up for suddenly distancing yourself, you posed a question instead. “Saeran… A-am I allowed to do that?” you said softly, asking for permission to touch him. He’d had a panic attack earlier, after all, so you wanted to make sure he was comfortable with your touch. (Even though it was also an excuse for backing off just now.)

The man in question was blushing, turning his head to the side to avoid your eyes. “I don’t mind,” he mumbled. “C’mon.”

You followed him with your eyes as he threw a few blankets on the floor, under the ceiling window. He also tossed a couple pillows, then turned back to look at you questioningly. “Are you coming or not…?”

Secretly, he wondered if he was doing this wrong. Being sweet, that is.

You nodded shyly, walking over to sit down. He flashed you a brief, impish grin as you did, feeling his heart rise in pride that you were willing to spend time with him like this.

You flopped yourself back onto the pillows, staring up at the sky from the large window on the ceiling.

Above you, you could see colours in the sky, and at first you thought it was the Aurora Borealis. Saeran chuckled, “Wow… a night rainbow. How rare.”

“Huh? Night rainbow…?”

“Look, MC,” he pointed. “The colours are only just vibrant enough to make out. Since our Mint Eye Headquarters are so high up on the hills, we see pretty amazing night scenery here. It’s also why I requested to have a room on the top floor, so I could install the window just for this.”

You smiled quietly, noting that he really seemed to appreciate the natural beauty of the sky. The two of you quietly munched away at your slices of pizza, appreciating each other’s presence under the view. Neither of you even knew how much time had passed, but the stars continued to move across the sky.

At one point, Saeran suddenly turned his head quietly to you, and you boldly returned his intense stare. Eyes fluttering shut, you found yourself leaning in once again. This time, no one would interrupt.

His lips covered yours skillfully—though you struggled not to burst out laughing from the thought of how your first kiss with him was filled with the taste of pizza. His kiss was hesitant, almost as if wondering whether you’d accept all of him or not. You crawled onto his lap, pressing your lips harder against his to deepen the kiss.

He groaned, quickly wrapping his arms around you, trying to feel for more of you. He gazed at you passionately, hand at the top of your zipper. “Please… MC,” he murmured softly, grazing his lips at your neck. “Let me have you.”

“Yes,” you moaned quietly, placing your hand over his to pull down the zipper, revealing yourself to him.

Although the whole kidnapping situation was plain weird, and neither of you knew what tomorrow would bring, or what the “Saviour” would do to you from now on… in this very moment, in this very night, you were together. And that was all that mattered.

I can’t believe blackrock has officially… ended. It was many years ago I started watching it.

I look up to Zoey, who helped me come to terms with the fact I like girls, the fact that I could be unabashedly happy with me, and the fact that anxiety is a constant battle that I win everyday I get out of bed. teaching me in blackrock that disabled people can be and are amazing, and that talking mental illness is not something to be ashamed of.

I look up to Teep, who at least in blackrock didn’t (assumed couldn’t) talk, for having such a big impact on me seeing that disabled individuals can be in any and every thing, and even be hecking badass. That you can convey so much more through actions than words, and that caring go your friends is not something to be ashamed of.

And God, God, do I look up to Rythian, who helped me make friends, love writing and not be afraid to write my characters complex and even tragic in some cases, even if my friends would tease me sometimes (oh look, Austen is roleplaying again…).

I look up to my Dad, who saw a scared, imaginative, and in-the-closet but didn’t know it yet, 11 year old and said, “Do you want to see a video? it’s about a girl, a boy, a dinosaur and a land with magic and monsters.”

I know you’ve moved on, Minecraft isn’t your thing anymore, that the story hasn’t “ended,” because you passed it down to us but… thank you. so much. you have no idea what a big impact on me this was. that this was the reason I started drawing more, the reason I’m the person I am today.

I haven’t watched Minecraft videos in a while, maybe a little over a year, but when I saw this I was in tears.

This meant so much to me. This means so much to me. I’m in tears now.
Thank you, @rythian and thank you @zoeyp. For giving a little kid a world in which they could thrive and grow.

Makeup Senpai

A/N: Hello, everyone! So, this fic is dedicated to the amazing @topbananapuff , who always endures my Iwashimizu wearing makeup headcannons and said ‘wtf bro Ebumi wears it, too.’ Enjoy

Summary: Iwashimizu loves wearing makeup, but he needs a little help. Good thing Ebumi’s around.

Iwashimizu stood awkwardly by his locker, hands clasped together and eyes downcast. Most of the team had already headed home for the day, eager to take real showers and eat at home. However, Iwashimizu couldn’t leave yet. He had a mission to complete.

If he could muster up the courage to even start it, that is.

A loud bang sounded from the other side of the locker room, making Iwashimizu wince. So, Ebumi was still here. Iwashimizu still had time to ask him. But his body just wouldn’t move; his feet felt like lead and his body felt like his blood had been replaced with sand. The opportunity to reach out to Ebumi was slipping away with each passing moment.

Somehow, Iwashimizu managed to drag himself toward the sound of Ebumi’s laughter and general chaotic noise. He stopped at the end of the row of lockers and stared for a moment. Ebumi would hate him if he asked. What if Iwashimizu had just imagined the whole ordeal? Then he would ask a ridiculous favor and Ebumi might never be able to forgive him for being so stupid.

“Oi, jolly green giant. You need something?”

Ebumi’s voice sliced through every thought in Iwashimizu’s mind. A blush rose to the blonde’s cheeks. He had Ebumi’s attention. If he asked now, it would all be over with and he could go home.

“E-Ebumi-san -” Iwashimizu stuttered out.

“Nah, none of that formal bullshit. Just tell me what’s up.” Ebumi said.

“I-I was wonder i-if m-maybe you c-could, uhm, i-if you could…”

“Spit it out, skyscraper.”

“T-Tell me how your makeup stays so nice!”

Ebumi cocked an eyebrow at the blushing first year. He knew he had a reputation for being kind of a delinquent jackass, so this had probably taken every ounce of the kid’s courage. Scanning Iwashimizu’s face, Ebumi took note of the nearly perfect eyeliner wings on the blonde’s eyelids and the clumped mascara on his lashes. A shame, really - Iwashimizu had such long, beautiful eyelashes already. Ebumi was jealous.

“What are you talking about?” Ebumi asking, hoping for more details.

Iwashimizu looked down. “W-Well, your makeup never runs during games or practices. A-And it always looks so smooth, like you just applied it.”

Ebumi preened at the compliments. “Of course. I’m the shit. My makeup is fucking fantastic all the time.”

“C-Could you teach me?”

If it were any other first year, Ebumi would have told them to fuck off and die. Yet, when he looked at Iwashimizu, with his soft voice and kind eyes and general brightness, he couldn’t say no. The blonde needed confidence and goddamn it, Ebumi was going to make him looks so good, Iwashimizu would have no choice but to be a sexy badass.

“Show me what you use. Come on, whip it out, let’s go.” Ebumi commanded.

Iwashimizu’s face lit up. “Th-Thank you, Ebumi! Uhm, let me just find my case.”

Ebumi waited. He watched Iwashimizu dig around in his backpack and fish out a little floral patterned makeup bag. He had to admit that with how shy Iwashimizu was, he had expected a plain black case. Apparently the giant was full of surprises. Iwashimizu handed to pouch to the winger.

The contents were absolutely pitiful. Cheap eyeliner and mascara, the worst matched shade of foundation Ebumi had ever seen, and a few tubes of chapstick and lip gloss that were old and dried out. How was Iwashimizu even surviving? Ebumi was so goddamn high maintenance that he wouldn’t let anything that cost less than 1400 yen touch his face.

“This is all trash. Who even uses pencil eyeliner anymore? And this foundation doesn’t match your skin. This fucking lip gloss is so old they don’t even make this brand anymore. What the fuck, Iwashi?” Ebumi ranted.

Iwashimizu curled in on himself. “Sorry, Ebumi. I-I can’t buy it very easily. People look at me weird when I try.”

“Then fuck ‘em. Here, I’ve got extra stuff. I’ll give you real makeup and half your problems will disappear. You like that natural pink color for the lips, right?”

“Oh, no, Ebumi! Please don’t give up your things!”

Ebumi laughed. “Quit worrying so damn much. Ise keeps buying me this shit to woo me. It’s working but I ain’t going to tell him that. So it’s fine. Now, do you like natural pink or not?”

Iwashimizu nodded shyly. “I like them to be light and shiny.”

“Figures. You like the shojo manga heroine look. You do that for yourself or to impress someone?”

“Uh, well, I like the way I look, so I guess myself. But -”

“It’s the little fucknut who’s trying to be a winger, isn’t it? God, don’t do your makeup for that fucking shithead. You wanna look pretty? Look pretty. Do it for you.”

“I do. But sometimes I add a little extra to…nevermind. It’s so silly.”

“What’s fucking silly is that you don’t have any glittery eyeshadows when I know for a fact you like glitter. You got twenty of those goddamn glitter pens in your bag right now. I’ve got some of that, too, and you can have it.”

“Thank you.”

Ebumi ignored the gratitude, reaching into his own backpack to find his makeup case. It wasn’t difficult; the thing was bright pink with ‘TASTY BITCH’ written on it. Opening up the pouch, Ebumi pulled out all the essentials: liquid eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and lip pencils, foundation, eyeshadow. He decided against blush. Iwashimizu blushed so much that he didn’t need it.

“Take them. Dump the other shit. This is all waterproof, so it’ll stay on in a fucking flood. Now, open your eyes so I can teach you how to put on mascara.” Ebumi ordered.

Iwashimizu obeyed. Ebumi began slowly rolling the mascara on, carefully flicking the brush at the end of the lashes to create a sharp point. He smirked when Iwashimizu gasped in amazement. God, the kid really needed to gain some standards. Any middle school girl could do this in two seconds.

It was then that Ebumi realized that Iwashimizu wasn’t like him. Iwashimizu didn’t have the confidence to storm into a makeup shop and demand that the stylists teach him. He probably couldn’t ask his mom for help and the girls at school would probably laugh at him. Iwashimizu had taught himself. No wonder the blonde was so excited; it was like finally having a mentor.

“Pucker up. Lips next.” Ebumi said.

Picking up the lip pencil, Ebumi carefully traced Iwashimizu’s lips. Goddamn this boy was lucky - his lips were soft and pouty. Ebumi dabbed a bit of lip gloss on to finish up the look.

“There. You’re fucking fab, Iwashi.” Ebumi said.

“Thank you. It feels…different. Not in a bad way, of course! It’s just -” Iwashimizu said.

“It’s okay. I used to use crappy makeup, too, before I realized that it fucked up my skin. It’s different, but you like it, right?”

“Oh, yes! I love it!”

“Great. Show me how to do the eyeliner wings. I can never get them right, and I’m pretty sure Ise tired of my bitching about it.”

“O-Oh. Okay. See, you just have to trace and fill. Like this.”

Iwashimizu placed a gentle hand beneath Ebumi’s chin, tilting his head up to get a better angle to apply the eyeliner. Hands unusually steady, Iwashimizu drew a perfect line across Ebumi’s eyelid and drew a small curve to the side and brought it back down. He filled in the space and started on the other eye. Once he finished, he offered Ebumi his compact to examine the work. Ebumi let out a loud laugh, startling Iwashimizu.

“You amazing bitch! I look like a goddamn model! Thanks.” Ebumi said, slapping Iwashimizu on the back.

“I’m happy to help. Thank you for helping me.” Iwashimizu said softly.

“We should probably get the hell out of here. I bet the little fucknut’s waiting for you.”

Iwashimizu giggled, and Ebumi wondered how Gion hadn’t already made a move. Gathering his things, Ebumi followed Iwashimizu out of the locker room. Sure enough, Gion was waiting outside the entrance, sitting on the ground and drawing in the dirt. Iwashimizu gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder.

“I was wondering if you were ever coming out, Udo. I’ve been waiting forever.” Gion said, getting to his feet and dusting off his pants.

“I’m sorry. Ebumi and I were talking.” Iwashimizu said.

Gion made an unimpressed face and looked at Iwashimizu, search the taller boy’s eyes for a lie. Instead, he noticed how big Iwashimizu’s eyes seemed and how…well, Gion couldn’t describe it. He just knew it made his stomach twist and his heart beat weirdly.

“What’s up with your face? It’s weird.” Gion blurted.

Iwashimizu’s cheeks burned red, his eyes downcast. Ebumi growled and marched over to the shorter boy, grabbing his ear. Gion shouted and began to slap at him.

“Give us a sec, Iwashi. Gion forgot something in the locker room.” Ebumi gritted out.

Ebumi dragged Gion into the locker room and slapped him in the back of the head. And then he did it again. And then one more time for good measure. Gion rubbed the now sore spot and glared at Ebumi.

“What the hell?” Gion snapped.

“What the fuck was that? ‘It’s weird’ - I should cut off your fucking dick, you dumb shit. Why would you say that to Iwashimizu?” Ebumi hissed.

“Because that’s how it made me feel!”

“Well, I hope you’re feeling fucking pretty now because you’re going to walk out there and tell Iwashimizu how fucking pretty he looks. You’re going to say ‘wow, Iwashi, your eyes really pop today’ and ‘geez, your lips are so shiny’ and ‘holy shit, your hair looks amazing.’”

“Why would I say that? It would make Iwashi uncomfortable.”

“God, you’re a fucking dumbass. Just listen to your smart as hell senpai and tell the giant he’s pretty, okay? Shit.”

“But -”

Ebumi slapped Gion upside the head once more. The brunette scowled, but relented. After agreeing to follow Ebumi’s orders, Gion wandered back outside and stood awkwardly next to Iwashimizu. The blonde looked a bit sad; maybe Gion had really hurt him.

“Hey, Iwashimizu.” Gion said.

“Y-Yes, Gion-kun?” Iwashimizu asked worriedly.

“You look pretty today.”

Iwashimizu blushed, tucking his hair behind his ear shyly. “Thank you.”

“You wanna get something to eat on the way home?”

“Uhm, sure! McDonald’s?”

Gion became flustered. “Sure.”

Ebumi smirked as he watched the two walk away. It was official; he was the best senpai ever. He just hoped the little fucknut wouldn’t fuck it all up. He didn’t want to have to cut the shorty’s dick off; that would definitely make Iwashimizu upset.

(Peter Parker x Reader): Wake Up Call

Summary: Peter plays a prank on the reader. 

A/N: Stepping out into Marvel fics so be gentle with me (apologies for spelling and grammar)

As you got out of the shower you still didn’t feel very awake, you should have know better, but here you were, running on less than five hours of sleep and regretting every minute of it.

What really woke you up was when you looked in the mirror to see your usually (Y/HC) hair now a vibrant teal. You gasped and blinked your eyes rapidly, hoping this was just a trick of the light due to your still bleary eye sight but you were just met with the confirmation that your hair was, in fact, an eye watering blueish-green.

You angrily stomped out of the bathroom, still only wearing your towel straight over to Peter’s room as you whisked the door open. You heard him yelp but when he turned to look at you he broke out into giggles.

“Peter,”  You muttered as you stared Peter down, menacingly dragging your finger across your neck. “You are so dead.” You stated before hurling yourself at him in a blaze of fury.

“Jesus Christ (Y/N)! It was just meant to be a joke!” Peter yells as he tries his best to deflect your hits.

“How dare you, Peter Parker.” You huff as you give up on doing any physical damage and walk out of the room, “You are the worst roommate ever.”

“(Y/N)…” Peter calls out, following you out of his room as you go into your own. You head straight to your closet to get dressed while Peter sits on your bed, “I didn’t mean to piss you off, I just thought it would be funny and look really good.”

You come out of your closet, dressed and cross your arms over your chest defensively, “You thought this would look good?”

“Well, yeah,” He replies lamely, “And it does,” He adds, looking up at you.

“Well, in that case…” You say, a small smile creeping across your face.

Peter grins and hops up to hug you, “Just so you know, I wasn’t joking, you look hot as hell.” He adds.

“It’s growing on me,” You reply, walking over the the mirror on the back of your door, “I do look kind of badass.”

“For sure.” He replies, slinging his arm around your shoulders, “Does this mean that you forgive me?” He asks.

“I’m still totally going to get revenge.”

Dating Johnny Gat Would Include...
  • murder as a couple bonding activity
  • really though, johnny would be a great bf
  • like know how loyal he is to the boss? he would be twice as loyal to you, he loves his partner so much
  • he’d pretty much always be looking out for you
  • like if anyone would ever try to hurt you because of your association with him, he would absolutely eviscerate them
  • this man has already lost one of his loves, he will not lose another
  • so he’d be pretty protective of you
  • you’d probably have to work to get him to ease up a bit
  • you can take care of yourself, so you don’t need him looking after you all the time!
  • if you said something like that to him, he’d definitely lay off because he wants to respect you and your thoughts
  • you would be one of the few people that actually gets to see him without the glasses on
  • but really, he prefers to have his glasses on so he can see how great you look!
  • you mean more to him than pretty much anything else in the entire universe
  • and he would do anything for you because you only deserve the best

i also have some stuff relating to his “death”, so i’ll put that under the cut in case you don’t want that 

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Why Vaati Should Be In Hyrule Warriors

1. look at this little sinister dork and tell me he shouldn’t be in HW. Yeah you can’t.

2. Vaati is a very important villain in the history of Hyrule, second only to Ganondorf. He was defeated then came back then defeated then came back AGAIN. Badass little dude.

3. WIND MAGE think of the spectacular attacks he could do!

4. Look at THIS! Imagine this flying over Hyrule field how fuckin cool would that be. Btw, Vaati Has five forms.

5. Vaati’s never been realized in 3D, so there is a ton of creative leeway (there you go designers have at it)

Bonus: Vaati could fight next to Ghirahim and in case you haven’t noticed that is the best thing ever

which early roman emperor should you fight

Augustus: …okay, I guess technically no, you shouldn’t, the dude beat Marc Antony and that’s pretty badass, also all the statues make him look really tall… but please fight Augustus. punch Octavian in his smug little face. he might be shocked enough that you can get away if you book it. please, just give him a bloody nose from me.

Tiberius: fight Tiberius. dude’s a perv and he’s not really good at anything, including war, so you could definitely win, hands down. also I had to write a boring as fuck paper on this dude and I’m still bitter, so knock him down for that, too.

Caligula: no, no, do not fight Caligula. I don’t care how much shit about him is just made up, that is a dangerous fucking guy and I’m not sure if you could win–and god help you if you lose.

Claudius: aw man, wouldn’t you feel like kind of a bad guy for beating Claudius? I mean, you would definitely win, and he strikes me as kind of whiny so I see why you would be tempted to give him a little slap every once in a while, but I think you would feel bad about it. your call.

Nero: FIGHT NERO. he has a face meant to be punched. (also please beat him up on behalf of Poppea and Sporus, they have more than fucking deserved it)

Galba: ehh. he strikes me as a tough guy, so you might be in for a struggle, but he was also emperor for seven months. how hard could it really be? fight if you’re up for some sport.

Otho: emperor for three months. fight away–or if you’re being generous, just laugh at him and let him go his merry way.

Vitellius: fight him. who cares. hit him over the head with that stupid shield.

Vespasian: nah. dude has a Red Forman-esque forehead and sounds like a badass, you would definitely lose.

Titus: are you nuts? no, god, no, don’t fight Titus–UNLESS you are Jewish and have a bunch of tough Jewish friends to back you up. in that case, yasher koach, my friend.

Domitian: ehhh. be careful with this one. if you can get him alone, then you’ll be able to kick his ass because he’s a nervous little fucker, but look out for his backup, it could get dangerous. bring the Praetorian Guard as your own backup.

Nerva: noooooo, don’t fight Nerva. he’s just a very nice old man doing his best. he looks like my grandpa. don’t fight him.

Trajan: DO NOT FIGHT. have you seen Trajan?

Hadrian: listen, I know he’s a hipster and it might be tempting, but please don’t fight Hadrian. he has a lot to do, and he’s gonna go through some rough stuff, and also he’s way tougher than he looks and will catch you off guard. the exception is that you have a very good chance of winning if you pick a fight around or just after 130 CE, but if you do that then you’re an asshole and I will fight you.

Antoninus Pius: he looks like a nerd. fight him if you want, I think you’ll win, but don’t go too far–just, like, bully him and take his lunch money or something, that’s enough.

Marcus Aurelius: also a nerd, but surprisingly badass. I would steer clear–but give him a good solid slap if he starts talking about letting his son be emperor, he deserves that.


I feel like the character design of Seraphina Picquery is hinting at her being a bisexual. The second I saw those side curls of hers, I was instantly reminded of Josephine Baker as she rocked that iconic look™. And Josephine Baker, in case you didn’t know, was a 20s and 30s era actress-singer-dancer and also a spy for the French Resistance in WW2. Aka, she was the baddest bitch of the era, and also she was hella bi. She hooked up with Frida Kahlo when Frida visited France. Also, Josephine Baker was a civil rights activist. Just, think of all the cool shit ever, and she either was that or could have been that if she tried.
To have Picquery’s character styled similarly seems very telling to me, and it would be an incredibly badass homage to Josephine if likeness of her was made the fucking PRESIDENT of Magical America. That would be crazy awesome. Though it can be annoying to have queer characters as side characters, having Picquery be a non-heterosexual black woman in the 1920s in the most powerful job in America would be really fucking cool, even if she is a side character. It would really show just how different No-Maj America is from the magical version of it.

I know we have all seen this image at least fifty times now since the last chapter was released but I can’t get over this.

Claudia Phantomhive was at one point the Queen’s Watchdog. Not her husband. Her.

Now with that in mind, can you imagine just how badass this woman could potentially be if she is considered to be one of the first Watchdogs (She could very well be the first. If you look at her parents, neither of their last names look like ‘Phantomhive’)? This woman took care of all loose ends that would make the Royal Family look bad. She would solve cases for the Queen and even kill people if needed. Imagine people talking about the Phantomhive family and then coming to their manor to find that the Head is in fact a woman. A woman that could take your head off with a sword or put a bullet through you with a gun if she wanted to. Imagine her sitting in a chair surrounded by a bunch of badass Phantomhive servants. 

I really look forward in hearing more about Claudia and you should be too because we just know her name and know she could potentially be yet another amazing female character in this manga. 

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I think Carter as Weir’s guardian is interesting, personally, and don’t find any real issue with it. Fave stories that I’d like to see continued: Skin and Silent Running are the ones that jump right to mind. Fallout/XCOM crossover sounds badass and if you don’t feel too swamped with everything else, would be neat to see.

@nebthtet said:

In my case it’s basically the same. Carter as a guardian is something that will always be good. For the stories Skin and Silent Running but also the Broom Closet. And Clone AU. Damn, I like them all :) Fallout/XCOM - absolutely. Although personally I’d prefer something within XCOM/F1-F2 setting (just my sentiment towards the classics). Whatever you’ll decide to write - I’m looking forward to reading.

   Okay, Carter as Weir’s guardian is staying. May try and attempt some oneshots from that point in time. I’ve got this whole post-bureau story about Carter, maybe it’s about time I start putting some of it on here.

   As for the Fallout Crossover. My idea was to set it after New Vegas. So it’s West Coast Fallout themed, though my Lone Wanderer is involved.

   (I think Fallout 3 is okay, but I regard Fallout 4 from on top a mountain of salt. Don’t expect a lot F4 mentions)

   The thing is though, I’ve been imagining a XCOM/Fallout crossover for awhile now. I’ve ended up developing two versions over time.

   The first one, is a complete melding where versions of the XCOM characters exist in the Fallout universe. This one would let me play around with the characters more. (Tygan a Follower scientist that had been forced to help the Enclave? Bradford the Ranger, a struggling vet from the war with the Legion? Shen the daughter of an ex-Brotherhood Knight who now makes machines to protect settlements? I could do a lot of different things here)

   The second idea involves ADVENT opening up a dimensional gate to the wasteland for…reasons I won’t spoil here. I like this version because Tygan and Shen’s reaction to some of the ‘science’ in the wasteland would be hilarious.


Scans from Super Mario-Kun volumes 47 and 48. I actually did like how badass Iggy, Roy and Ludwig looked in these shots.

… Buuuut because this is Super Mario-Kun, whatever badassery you’d think these three would be doing doesn’t happen. At all.

(*Scans are mine, please don’t go reposting them.)

Imagine Sam telling you to stay out of his room

Stay out of my room…. Samuel had asked you to stay out of the room… The room in which you both shared…. the room in which you had your stuff and where you slept. It was more then his room, it was also your room. And the finger point didn’t help your curiosity.

 "[y/n] did ya hear me?“ He asked snapping you back into reality. 

 "Yea, stay out of your room.” You answered as you looked at him, plotting. 

“Ok, I’ll be done soon. I love you.” He smiled before leaning down and kissing your cheek, a place you didn’t think the kiss would go. 

“I love you too.” Acting like you didn’t just think he was going to kiss your lips. 

When he was out of the room, and you heard the door close echo through the hall you looked at Dean. “He was acting strange." 

 "Totally.” Dean replied, taking a sip of his far too early opened beer. 

“I’m going to go get my computer.” You casually said, when Dean registered your words though you were already out of the room. 

“Why don’t you just use my computer?” He stuttered as he jumped up after you. 

“Dean we both know that you use my computer for everything or Sam’s.” You hissed behind your shoulder. 

“Yea well what about watching some television?" 

"I would prefer to watch Netflix on my laptop, you may join me." 

"But Sam said…" 

"Exactly.” You whispered as your hand found its way to the knob. 

 "Hey Sam, I know you said not to come in but I forgot my lap…“ You opened the door and your breathe hitched when you saw the scene before you, Dean peeking in and covering his eyes in distress as he did. 

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 For Sam looked at you like a deer in headlights, shock written on his face as he saw your eyes locked on his hand, a small black velvet box sat there. It was too small to hold anything else other then a ring. 

He finally snapped back and looked at the content of the box, it was nothing much, just a sapphire ring. But to him, it was perfect for you. 

He had loved you for years, and he had it all planned out. He wanted to dress up, and lead you to the room, which he planned to fill with candles and roses. He was going to play soft music as he sat you on the bed and told you that he was so lucky to have you, and that he wanted you forever. And then he wanted to make love to you on the rose petal covered bed. But here you were… Ahead of schedule. 

 ”[y/n]… I said…“ He panicked 

 "I know…. I just…. Needed my laptop.” She stuttered out as she slowly backed up, “but I will just use Dean’s.” You then started towards the living room, leaving Sam alone. 

“Thanks for the warning Dean.” He snapped as he glared at his elder brother. 

“I tried man, I couldn’t stop her." 

 "It’s fine, she was going to find out later.” Sam breathed as he ran after you, to see you sitting on the couch, your leg bouncing and your eyes fixed on the floor as you covered your mouth. He slowly exhaled and sat beside you, “[Y\N]?” He asked placing a hand on your leg, causing you to look at him. 

“Sammy.” Her eyes were brimming with tears. 

“Listen, I love you. I always have, even when you were dating that one douche…" 

"Matthew.” You chuckled, remembering how he was so scared that Sam would kill him. 

“Yea, I mean when Bobby said he was going to recommend us to a hunter, I never thought it would be a badass like you. I was so nervous to even ask you on that date after that werewolf case. I am so glad you said yes, and that you were ok with Dean coming on the date too. I have fallen more in love with you everyday and I want to continue for the rest of my life. And I am ok if you say no but I just ask that you…" 

"Yes.” You whispered 

 "say…. Wait did you just say..“ 

"Yes, I love you so much Sam, and I would love to spend the rest of my hunter’s life with you." 

"Okay.” He whispered as he slowly took the box back out and handed it to you. You slowly opened it and looked at him, “I love it." 

"I love you.” He pulled you close and kissed your temple as you slowly put it on and looked at it. 

“I love you too.”

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Names Aren’t Important

Request- Hey gorgeous, could you do a Dean x reader where the reader was previously a really good spy in the supernatural world (like James Bond level) but she had been forced to go into hiding. The reader decided to take up hunting and when the Winchesters hear about This highly intelligent brilliant hunter they source her out and Dean falls for her instantly but her past catches up to her and the reason she had to run in the first place returns … I got carried away 😂 series? I love your work xoxox

A/N- Woooooo! Can’t wait to continue this one. I love spy stuff! I dunno how James Bond -ish I made this but really hope you like it! ALSO I’m so sorry, but kinda not really, about the nickname :P I honestly couldn’t think of something better. I was sooo excited to write this that I wrote even though I’m sick, which was a lot less harder than I thought :P Any who… Tell me what you think! x)

Dean x Reader (Not yet)

Ex- Spy!Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Word Count- 1662

“We should look in the drive?” one of the demons asked the others.

“No. Our orders were only to retrieve the drive, not to take a peek,” answered another.

“Crowley will never know,” the third reasoned.

The second one rolled their eyes, “Crowley always knows.”

“Well I’d like to see the names of some of these assholes that we’re probably gonna kill anyways,” the first said. She brought out her laptop, inserted the flash drive, and waited for it to load. “Here we go-” she said. “Ugh-”

“What?” a demon asked.

“The first names that pop out or those damned Winchesters,” she answered.

The others groaned, “Just keep scrolling.”

“I don’t think so,” you say as you stab one of them with your knife.

“What the fuck? Who the hell are you?!” the one in front of the laptop shouted.

“Nuh- uh. Names aren’t very important,” you answer.

“Who cares what this bitch’s name is!” a demon shouted as they ran toward you, blade in hand.

He slashed upward but you dodged, so he brought his arm back down, missing again. You grabbed his arm and pulled him toward you and your knife. You pushed him away as he flashed orange.

“I don’t very well appreciate being called a bitch,” you chuckle. Then throw your knife toward the last demon. It landing between her eyes. She flashed orange and fell onto the chair. You walk over take your knife and throw the body to the floor. “Gonna need this chair more than you,” you say. You close the folder containing the list, “Have to safely eject these damned thing or else they’ll get corrupted,” you whisper to yourself as you take the flash drive.

Then you call your employers.

“Have you acquired it Black Widow?” they asked.

“Yes. I have it,” you tell the person on the phone, flipping the flash drive in your hand. “Do I destroy it?” you question. No answer. “DO I DESTROY IT?” you asked again, emphasizing every word.

“No…” they answered.

“What? Are you sure? This… This flash drive has the names of all hunters in the world. If the demons get it, hell if any supernatural creature, even the angels, get it-” you say.

“I said NO. Do not destroy it. It can be useful to us. Now your next course of action is to go underground for a while. We can’t have those demons getting that flash drive,” they said.

“Useful how?” you inquire.

“That is not for you to worry about.” they respond.

You sigh, “How long?”

“For as long as we deem necessary,” they ordered and hung up.

You put your phone away and stretched out your muscles. “So much for that huh guys?” you say to the now dead demons on the ground. Then more appeared in front of you, “Guess the fun’s not over,” you say with a smile while putting the flash drive in your pocket, and taking out your knives.

They charged toward you. You punch the first demon in front of you, bring your arm back and plunge your knife into the demon on your right. It bursted with an orange glow and fell to the ground. You throw your other knife toward the demon you punched. The last demon threw you across the room. You hit the wall hard and you dropped your knife. You groaned as you saw the demon, with a confident smirk, inch toward you. You took out your gun and shot him twice. Which the demon apparently wasn’t prepared for. Who would suspect someone with iron bullets?

“What’s taking you idiots so long?!” shouted a voice with an accent, just as you were leaving. You turned toward the voice and see a dark haired man in a suit. “Well- Well- Well, I don’t suppose you were the one who killed my boys?”

“And… Suppose I did?” you question with a smirk.

“Well I’d have to kill you. Though… I’ve never seen you before. Who are you?” he inquired, his eyes twinkling with curiosity.

“Like I told your boys here, names aren’t important,” you respond with a shrug.

“They are when you’re speaking to the king of hell,” he said, his voice full of power and menace. Though you didn’t flinch for a second. “I’d love to chat some more but you have something I want.”

“You’re not gonna be needing this,” you say, as you take out a make shift gas grenade that you made. This is the first time you are actually going to use it so you really hope it works. You flipped the switch and threw it at him, and at first nothing happened. He laughed as he saw you run toward a room, but then the grenade went off and it released a mist of holy water. You smirked as you heard his scream. You didn’t have time to celebrate though. Once you got inside the room, you closed the door behind you, and quickly drew a devil’s trap on the floor.

The king of hell was quite pissed since he charged in, blew down the door, and fell right into your trap. “You little bitch,” he said in a low threatening voice.

You didn’t respond. You bolted right out of there before his back up comes. You went to your safe house, or rather a bunker your parents had told you about. It was huge, especially for one person, but that’s what was great about it. It had everything you needed and more. You stayed there for one week, only leaving the bunker for supplies. Only one week because you were bored. You were so used to being out on the field, killing demons, beheading vampires, stabbing werewolves, and the like, that you couldn’t sit still. So naturally, since you couldn’t go back to work, you took up hunting. You figured it wouldn’t be all that hard since you already killed supernatural creatures for a living.

You went out on your first official hunt as a hunter. It was vampires, but it seems there was already a hunter on the case. You asked him if you could tag along and seeing as it was a rather large group, he agreed. His plan was to sneak in through the back and kill off all vampires on the first floor then work your way up. It wasn’t a solid plan but you didn’t mind.

“And try not to get us both killed,” he said, you simply nodded.

“Um-” you whisper, “How about I get as many as I can with dead man’s blood. I’m pretty fast,” you say.

He gave you a weird look, “You sure about that kid?”

“Yes sir, and if all else fails then I’ll make for a great distraction,” you say with a smile.

“Alright, well let’s see what you got kiddo,” he responded with a confident nod.

You nod back before you swiftly make your way inside, and after five vamps the others caught on. Thought it wasn’t that much of a worry since the hunter helped you out after he killed the ones you paralyzed. It was so much so easier with someone other than yourself. The hunt sure was over sooner than you thought it would.

“That was pretty impressive kid. You don’t look that old… How long you been a hunter?” he inquired.

“Uh-” you chuckled, scratching the back of your neck, “This is actually my first hunt as a hunter,” you admit.

“Really?” he said, seeming impressed. “Well could’ve fooled me. What’s your name kid?”

“Well I never really thought names were important before… in my - old job they had this nickname for me, Black Widow, like in the comics,” you tell him, slightly embarrassed.

He chuckled, “I can see why. Well since you’re new to this hunter business here’s my numbers in case you need someone to back you up for a front. Most people use the FBI front but other get a bit creative. I’m usually in charge of the phones but I’ve got two idjits manning them right now. I’ll tell them about you since you seem to like working with others.”

“That would be great thanks. I’m so used to working on my own that having someone there is fun. Here’s my number, in case you ever need my help,” you respond.

He nod, and pats your shoulder, “I’m Bobby by the way. It was nice meeting you,” he said before he headed toward his car.

“I look forward to working with you,” you answer.
“Sounds like a badass,” Dean says taking a swig from his beer.

“Is this uh- Black Widow person even real?” Sam questioned.

“You think I make this stuff up kid?” Bobby responded.

“No offense Bobby but it sounds too-” Sam starts.

“Fake? Like angels, demons, werewolves, vampires, jins-” Bobby counter.

“Alright- Alright I get your point,” Sam says.

“Whoa - Whoa we still need to check em out right?” Dean said.

Sam rolled his eyes, “Really Dean?”

“I meant meet them you perv,” Dean teased, only to receive a bitch face from Sam.

“Calm down boys, I still have to make arrangements and we don’t know for sure if this Black Widow even wants to meet you guys,” he answers.

“What? Who wouldn’t want to meet me?” Dean says defensively.

“Right cause you’re a total catch,” Sam says.

“Boy- We’ll see tomorrow it’s late. Black Widow is probably sleeping right now,” Bobby said.

“Are we really gonna call this hunter Black Widow?” Sam inquired.

“Well until we know Black Widow’s real name… Yes,” Bobby answers.

Sam shrugged in response, Dean had an unyielding smirk, and Bobby just shook his head.

Though, as Bobby said it was late, but you weren’t sleeping. You were reading through the mountains of lore in your library. You figured hunting would require a larger range of supernatural knowledge and even though you had somewhat of a head start you felt the need to know more.

Hope you liked it! x)
Part 2


ok so Halsey was supposed to start cuz the lights went down but I guess they were having technical difficulties so we sat in the dark for like 5 minutes lol She started with “Castle” (I recorded if anyone wants to see). I’m not sure about order but she played ghost, empty gold, hold me down, and hurricane. She was so good live and she looked beautiful as always! On stage she looks so badass but then you meet her and she’s so sweet and a little dorky(in a good way). After her set I went and got checked in for VIP. They lead us to the room where Halsey was. David told us no kissing so she doesn’t get sick and no piggybacking in case she would get hurt. Halsey said something I couldn’t hear and I think Jenna heard me say that to this girl cause she went over and said something to Halsey and she repeated herself louder. She said she was sorry the set got cut short 2 songs due to technical difficulties. Then we started to meet her. She was so nice to every single person and did whatever pose they wanted. When there was like 2 people in front of me I saw the girl I kinda talked when I couldn’t hear what Halsey was saying had a Polaroid camera and asked if she would take one for me. She was nice enough to do it for me! When it was my turn I handed my phone to David and I gave Halsey a letter I wrote and some Swedish fish. She said she would read the letter and I told her it was sweet and she said “the candy or the letter? Haha dad joke!” . I told her I included something I wrote that was like something she used to post on tumblr and she said “rip” I asked why she deleted it and she said she got sick of the kids and that it was one less social media account to deal with. She said she made a new one or will make a new but she is going to let people find it by themselves. I asked her if she would make a video showing how to play “Trouble” on piano and she said she would but then one of the others guys there said they were thinking about that already so Halsey said “my piano player is way ahead of you.” Haha she asked what poses I wanted to do and I said one hugging and one doing the most sexual pose she was comfortable doing. We couldn’t think of one and I told her to just pick. She couldn’t think of one so she called Jenna over asked her but she didn’t want to say sexual cause she thought David wouldn’t like it so she whispered it to Jenna. Halsey asked if there was anything I was uncomfortable with and I said no. Then she said “ I could do one grabbing you from behind”(while putting her hands up to her chest) so I was like yeah lets do it!! We did the hugging one first then when we did the 2nd one, David was smiling and said “oh that’s inappropriate” haha then Halsey started laughing. Then we hugged and while we were hugging I said “you’re so fucking pretty” and she said something I couldn’t hear but then talked about how imagine dragons said it was a family friendly tour and she wasn’t even aloud to swear on stage(or I’m guessing do the grind for hold me down since she didn’t do that) because it wasn’t her tour. I told her I would come to her next tour and she said “for sure!!” And hugged me again. Then I was done and David gave Jenna my phone and she put it on a table with the rest of the phones so no one could record the songs she was gonna let us listen to. I asked Jenna if I could hug her and she said yes. I asked if she was the girl on halsey’s Instagram the other day and she said yes. I told her she was really pretty and asked her name(cuz I didn’t know it then) she told me and asked my name and said it was nice to meet me. I also hugged David and thanked him for taking the pics. When everyone got their pics Halsey said it was nice to meet everyone and that she felt really bad she was on stage for such a short time. She then I said I’m gonna let you guys listen to the 2 songs that got cut which was “roman holiday” and “colors” she left and and while we listened to those songs Jenna handed out posters. Those songs sounded so good and I’m so fucking excited for her album! After that we got our phones and left. That was the best experience I ever had with an artist and I’m amazed at how nice her and her team was! It was such a good time! I love her! 😊

Is it just me or does Lovelace’s ‘death’ (assuming it’s real) like, really illogical? What does it do to the story apart from give the others the typical motivation to really do something to the bad guy? Yes it reminds us how terrible Kepler is (but we knew that) and how dire the situation is (we knew that too) but Why her??

Character deaths as plot devices can sometimes work but, this one felt super cliche? And after a year of seeing this happen over and over again in other media (this is yet another dead black woman on the cusp of everything and heroism getting shot down.), it just feels a bit… disappointing. And really unfair. And I’m peeved, to say the least. No tears just a bit of a ‘are you for real?’ facial expression I had at that moment.

I feel like making Lovelace, of all people, into the linch pin is a bit… it feels like a huge discredit to her character. Yeah she may have 'died’ standing up for herself and her crew, which is badass, but I never got the impression that she would admit defeat and put herself in harm’s way like that. She doesn’t sacrifice, she fights like hell. Maybe sacrifice in this case IS how you fight like hell. I don’t know.

But if she’s now gone from the story? That means she won’t get to find out what happened to her, she won’t get to see the home she’s been looking for, she won’t get to take down Goddard. Feels really unjust to me. She was representation too- the only black woman (canonically that we know of) on the ship and now?? It’s Tragic, of course, but only because of how she’s been treated rather than her situation. If that makes sense.

Well. Just hoping she is somehow alive or what Kepler shot wasn’t her but an alien clone or something. Anything.


I HAD A REALLY GREAT MAIL DAY and got some unexpected packages, as well as some that i was really looking forward to!!

FIRST i told you guys i would keep you updated each time i had something exciting on the crowley cosplay-front, and LOOK! that first picture is a picture of the ram horns i’ll be using for it. THEY LOOK KILLER but adorable so that’s nice

AND I GOT MY WINCHESTER CASING BRACELET FROM ZERBE and it fits perfect and is perfect, it’s delicate and tough and badass YESS

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Would you recommend Bones? It looks like a very good show but I would be starting on season 1 and there are 11 seasons so far? So Idk...

Yeah I would, as long as you don’t mind forensic crime dramas with gross looking skeletons (although thank god bones doesn’t have a lot of victims of like rape or SVU type deaths which is imo a huge relief) Its a case by case kind of show, there’s no rush to get through the 11 seasons- you can just kind of cruise through it at your own pace. There’s not many cliffhangers and things like that which will force you to binge-watch except like the finales. 

The characters are fantastic. Its one of those shows you cant even pick your favorite and many are strong badass ladies (two mains chars are woc). Great female friendships (this show annihilates the bechdel test). They deal with sensitive topics very delicately. The stories are always well written and interesting. The romances are very slowly built up, realistic, and satisfying (its like the definition of slow-burn romance the first few seasons tho). It doesn’t really fall into one genre it can be hilarious, or action-thrillery, or devastatingly sad, and sometimes episodes almost border on crack which is always fun to shake it up a little. 

The main character, Bones, is one of my absolute favorite female characters of all time- I’m not even going to go into detail or this will get too long. She has the most amazing character development through the series. Booth, the other main, has some good development too (in the beginning i found him to be kind of bitchy lol and he kinda gets more lovable and goofy as you go on).

If all that sounds good to you I’d give a shot and see how you like it!