would you look at all that rage

Cait: Oh thank God…FaceTime working…
Sam: (Waves + grins) You got this Hun…wouldn’t of looked too good if I was there and then playing the PR Samzie Show the following night…quid pro quo and all that…you would of looked a player otherwise Babe…just enjoy yourself…
Cait: I know…can everyone see the screen okay?
Sam: Sure can…So proud Cait…we can do this…just work…
Cait: Love you…See you in a couple of hours…I got this…

Me: 🤔 So that’s why Sam didn’t attend OW…protecting her again…best stay below deck for a while longer…storm still raging…running low on snacks and vino if anyone cares to join…


So y’all know I made that one post about “What if Yoonbum kills himself”? well I thought of a better one. I thought “What if he does it in front of Sangwoo” like dude that would be a hell of a scene. I saw a post where (SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 15) some one thought “hey you know that chick that Sangwoo is hanging with? What if he lures her in his house to try and kill her but changes his mind and makes Yoonbum kill her” and Sangwoos all like “do it my precious do it do it do it” and fucking Yoonbum is done with his shit and fucking stabs himself. Imagine the look of RAGE in Sangwoos face!! That would be fucking insane man I actually don’t mind that ending cuz then Sangwoo would probably lose his shit and start screeching with hatred and pull his hair and omg I’m probably gonna write a fanfic about this. 

My friend and I who have both seen all episodes of Supergirl were talking to a girl today who has only seen the first season and I was saying that I was really hoping Alex would become Batwoman and she said “well Alex isn’t a raging lesbian, so” and I just looked at my friend like, honey you’ve got a big storm coming

Broken Pieces~Eisuke Ichinomiya


The past may not be forgotten, but it cannot be changed.

A shattered frame of a lovely couple laid on the ground, glass shattered everywhere. “What don’t you understand?” You asked, leaning onto the table for support.

Two weeks, two weeks he had been cheating on you with some younger woman. The girl was probably around her early 20’s with golden blonde locks with blue eyes. According to the bidders who have been suspicious of both of them, they usually met at different hotels or expensive restaurants.

Today you finally found out as your rage began to become unbearable. Slamming your fist onto the table, they both looked up at you. “Y/N, you know I lov-” You picked up a chair and threw it at his head, only missing him by a few inches. He turned to look at me with remorse as your anger and hatred grew even more.

“All I’m going to ask Eisuke, is why? Why would you do this to me?”
His face became pale as the girl behind him said, “Obviously you weren’t good enough for you, so he had me!” She smirked at you as you grabbed another chair, throwing it at the girl.

As she dodged it, you pulled out a picture of Eisuke and the girl kissing. “Do you see what you’re leaving me for? DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU’RE LEAVING ME FOR? You’re choosing some lust filled call girl over the woman who has been there for you since the beginning?”

Pulling out a lighter, you lit the picture on fire. “Pathetic.” You threw the photo in the trash before walking straight to Eisuke.
You yanked on his tie and narrowed your eyes. “Listen to me very closely,” You said as his eyes were in full shock. “You will never find a woman like me. You’ll try to search for me within them, but you’ll only fail. You wanna know why?” He only gulped in response as you darkly chuckled in response. “I was the only woman who has ever cared about you. The only woman who has stuck by your side. Good luck finding her.”

As you walked out the door, you managed to flip the table and smash a few pictures on the ground.

It had been a week since you had recently resigned from Tres Spades and took a job waitressing at a nearby cafe. Taking night classes at the nearby University, you often spent most of your days in the library. It was another late night session at a nearby coffee shop as you took a long sip of your coffee.

You failed to notice a particular red and grey suit approach you. “Pretty lady!” You groaned as you pulled your hood up. You didn’t need to look up to notice that Soryu and Baba had been sit in the seats in front of you.

“The boss is a wreck without you.” You scoffed as you continued to read your textbook. “Screw him, if he cuts me out of his life, I’ll gladly leave.” Baba gave you a sad look as Soryu only sighed. “Y/N, please try and be reasonable.”

You glared at Soryu as you sharply said, “Reasonable? Are you serious right now? So, if you had a girlfriend and she cheated on you, you’d want to be “reasonable” about it?” Soryu scratched the back of his neck as you rolled your eyes. “Why should I care about his well being? He has a new girlfriend, she should be taking care of him.” Baba coughed as Soryu awkwardly looked away.

“Yeah..about that girlfriend..” Baba started as Soryu continued. “She’s a complete nuisance. She keeps begging Eisuke to give attention to her, she talks about you behind your back. It’s frustrating because he just sits in his office, shades drawn, bottles of alcohol everywhere.” Why am I not surprised? You thought as you took another sip of coffee. “Then she gets irritated whenever he talks about you. How he misses your smile, your coffee especially.” You chuckled at the memories, if only you could turn back time.

“Will you at least talk to him tomorrow?” Baba asked as you sighed in response.

“I was planning on going to the li-”

“Please Y/N, he really needs you.”

You sighed and looked at both of them. “Expect me to be there.”
The next day, you walked into the penthouse with no hesitation. As you walked through the front doors, the bidders stopped to look at you with shock. “Where is that bastard?” You asked coldly as they pointed to his room.

As you walked up to his room, the one you both used to share together, you heard whimpering and sniffles. Walking through the door, you saw the girl straddled on Eisukes lap, tugging on his tie.
“Eisuke!” She whined, her voice high and annoying. Her hair was perfectly curled, while she wore a low cut white shirt which showed much of her chest and cleavage. She had also wore blue short shorts, as she kept whining.

“Why won’t you touch me anymore? You haven’t touched me since that girl found us!” She tried to grab his hands place it over her hips as his hands just fell to the floor instead.

You cleared your throat as Eisuke shoved the girl off and stood up immediately. “Y/N,” He said as he began to walk towards you. “You came…” He tried to stroke your face as you slapped his hand away.
“Don’t.”You growled as he backed away.

The girl stood up as she walk over to Eisuke and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Eisuke…” She purred as she smirked at you. “Why the hell did you ask for me?” You asked, your tone cold as ice. Before he could respond, the girl said, “Yeah, I thought I was good enough for you.” You chuckled as she shot you a glare.
“Well clearly not.” The girl gave me a dark look as she said, “He probably got bored of you.” She began to glide her fingers upon his chest as she continued. “Probably because you obviously can’t make him feel the way he needs to be.”

You scoffed and rebuked, “Yet, how many men have you done that too? I mean, that’s your job, isn’t it? Being someone’s mistress?”
That clearly shut her up as Eisuke pushed her off of him.

“Y/N, I-I need y-”

“SHUT UP!” I screeched as both of their eyes enlarged. “You keep clinging onto me as if I’m supposed to support you through every major crisis!”

“Bu-but y-you are!”

You laughed darkly as you said, “That’s funny, why don’t you look at your new girlfriend for support then, huh? Isn’t she your everything now?” Eisuke tried to get closer as you held up your hand.

“Y/N, she’s nothing to me! Honestly!” He yelled as he tried to reach out for you, but fell on the ground. The girl walked towards him and started crying on his shoulder. “But I thought we had something! I though all those times at the hotel meant something!”

Rolling your eyes, you began to walk out the door. “Y/N!” He cried out as you walked down the stairs. “Don’t leave me! Please don’t!”

As you walked past the bidders, they gave you sad looks. Strolling to the door, you finally walked out. Finally leaving the broken pieces that shall remain broken, never to be put back together.

Sorry…I was up until 1 AM writing this story…🙃


Can you write one were the reader has an abusive boyfriend and when he finally finds out he gets super mad and beats him up? That would be great.

So this is my very first JokerXReader in english, I hope you like it Anon and of course all my other supporters! <3 Requests are now open, leave them all at my old blog, to be sure I will get them! 


„What’s this?! Hey! I’m talking to you, you little slut!“

Your eyes were filled with tears as you looked up to your boyfriend.

He was in a rage, like everyday when you came home from work and you were fucking sick of it.

„This is not mine“, you said quietly.

„Not yours? Okay …“, he said, suddenly very calm.

He turns his back at you and right after you wanted to stand up from the floor, -where you laid since he has beaten you down-, he comes back and kicked you in the stomach.

You cried out in pain.

„DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME!“, he screamed as he holds the black dress infront of your nose.

„Who gave you this? Come on, tell me, who did it? I will beat the fuck out of this freak!“

You asshole, you thought, HE will beat the fuck out of you, if he sees the bruises on my body tomorrow.

„Haven’t you heared me, slut? I asked you something.“

„Fuck off, Cole“, you hissed with the last power you had in your body after this nightmare.

„Well, good. I hope you have nice and long dreams, because you will not get out of this apartment until you told me which bastard gave this to you.“

And with those words, your boyfriend leaved you alone on the cold kitchen floor.

Your body ached and you felt so alone and stupid again.

How did you got into this?

How did you deserve this?

Cole wasn’t the abusive boyfriend from the beginning.

When you two first met, he was caring and just lovely to you.

But then things changed.

As soon as you started living togehter in your apartment, he became more and more jealous when he sees you talking to other men, even if it just was your neighbour or something.

It was ridiculous.

A few months later everything you were in, was a total mess.

Cole lost his job, so you decided to go searching for work by yourself, even if you had to go to college besides.

You didn’t told him about your job.

You knew he would lock you away forever, if he finds out, that you’re working at a nightclub as a singer and dancer.

Ever since he began to ask, where you have been all the night, you always said you were with your best friend and studied for several exams or just college work.

Of course he did not believe you anymore as he heared this excuse a little to often from you.

So that’s how it happened.

How you get beaten up from your boyfriend, the one who always said he would be there for you, if the times become hard.

You don’t even know, why he stays here with you any longer, when everything he says about you, is what a little slut you are and that he knows, about all the man you had behind his back; what clearly wasn’t true at all.

He was sick and all you wanted was to get away from this man.

But how could you, when you were lying here on the cold floor and can’t even move because the pain in your body was too much.

If you could only stand up …

Maybe you could call for help, was the next thought you had.

But what help?

Your best friend wasn’t in town at the moment, visiting her parents because of spring break.

The police, would arrest you.

At the first look you seem to be an innocent little girl, but if they would take a closer look at your life, ooh they would find something that no one ever would’ve expected from you.

But what if …

Your head (still in pain, from the hard hit on the ground), turns to the kitchen counter.

Your phone … if you could only reach it.

Carefully you tried to pull you up at the ankle of the fridge.

„Fuck …“, you whispered as you came up on your legs again.

You prop yourself with your arms at the kitchen counter as you try to write a message, at the only person that could get you out of this hell.

Mr J I’m sorry to hit you up at this time, but I’m in a very bad situation and please could yo help me?

I wouldn’t ask you if I could ask someone else, but this is an emergancy, I need help, right now. And I will never ever ask you for anything again, if you help me. I’m in my apartment and can not open the door, ‘cause my boyfriend literally has beaten the fuck out of me. Please …



The moment when you click at the send button on your phone, the lights in the apartment turned on again and your boyfriend was standing right infront of you.

His look straight at your phone that you were holding in your hands.

„Please … don’t …“, you whispered as he took a big step towards you and whacks your phone out of your hands.

„What are you doing, sweetheart? Are you texting for help? One of your lovers, maybe? DO YOU?“, he asks aggressiv.

„No, I just …“, you couldn’t speak further, because he grabbed you by your neck.

He was choking you and you tried to pull his hand away.

His grasp hurts and your air was getting thinner and thinner.

„L-leet go … off me …“, you begged with a chocking voice.

„Come on you slut, tell me the fucking truth!“

Tears ran down your cheeks again.

„It’s not true, I did not cheat on you“, you said whining.

„Liar!“, he spits out and throws you against the next wall.

You feel warm blood running down from your forehead, as you hit on the ground again.

Everything seems so blurry, the room was circling around in your eyes.

You couldn’t even scream, you were too weak, your body had to deal with too much damage.

„I loved you, (Y/N). I really loved you. But you don’t even care.“

That’s it.

This is how your life should end up?

You’re nineteen years old, not even finished college and-

Suddenly a loud bang hits you out of your blurry mind.

You turn your head a little, but what you see there in the hallway must be an hallucination.

Three really big hechman were standing there and in front of them you saw your boss, green slicked back hair, a half unbuttoned shirt what makes you see his chiselled and also tattoed chest and a baseball bat in his hands.

The Jokers look was murderous, as he saw you lying on the ground, your boyfriend still obove you and ready to bring it to an end.

„So“, the Joker starts swinging his baseball bat.

„You must be the little fucker, (Y/N) told me about.“

„W-what … I-I don’t understand, t-this must b-be an misunderstanding …“, Cole stuttered.

His eyes were wide in fear and you could almost feel how scared he was.

No one, really no one, wants to mess with the Joker, when he’s mad.

„Really? Than you should tell me, why your now ex- girlfriend, lies on the floor bleeding and damaged as hell“, Joker said through squinted eyes.

With every word he said, he came in closer to Cole, while Cole just wanted to have more space between him and  Joker.

„She … she …“, Cole started searching for an explanation that sounds reasonable.

„WHAT?“, Joker growled and seized Cole by his neck.

„I’m sorry“, Cole whispered.

Now it was his turn to cry out in pain, ‘cause the next thing that happened, was that Joker slammed his baseball bat in Coles face.

„Murphy, would you please be so kind and help (Y/N) to stand up and lie down on the couch, while I have a little chat with this young man?“, Joker asks almost calm.

One of his henchman, -you know him from some business meetings at Jokers club, yes the one you were working at-, carries you to the couch and helps you to get comfortable with all your injuries.

In the background you could still hear Cole’s whining.

„That doesn’t feel nice, right?“, you hear Joker saying.

„Get up!“

„Bob would you help him get up“, Joker said in a very pissed off inflection.

The second henchman, -a real life Godzilla, if you want- brings Cole back on his feet.

He was crying and beggin‘ for mercy.

„Ooh, Cole your such a filthy little bastard.“

Cole cries out in pain again, after Joker hits him in the stomache several times.

„Look at me. Look at me!“, you hear his rough voice saying.

„Now tell me, does it feel nice to get beaten up like that?“

Actually Cole couldn’t say anything, except for a quiet moan.

His whole face was bloody and his nose looked like Joker broke it a few times.

He couldn’t even stand without Bob‘s help.

„Bruce, the hammer, please“, Joker said smiling at his third goon.

The man handles him an old carpenter’s hammer, with a wooden helve in which the words HAHA were engraved.

„NO PLEASE!“, Cole screams in panic.

„I’m sorry! I’m sorry for everything! (Y/N), please I know I hurt you and that was totaly wrong, but please don’t let him do this!“

You turn your head as far as you can, after Murphy fixed your neck a little to make help the pain more bearable.

Joker looked down at you, holding the hammer casual in his right hand.

He was waiting for your opinion, what surprised you more than a little bit.

„What do you say, doll? Do I have to let him go?“, he asks, his voice now a little more soft, as he stroke your cheek.

„Beat him up“, you said without any emotion in your voice as your eyes glanced at Cole.


„Mr J?“

„Yes, doll?“

„Thank you“, you smiled at him.

He smiled back at you.

„Thanks for the present“, he said and give an evil smirk to Cole.

„And (Y/N).“


„Don’t call me Mr J.“

„Why?“, you asked a little confused.

„‘Cause you’re mine now and I don’t want you to treat me like your boss any longer“, he said.

You opened your mouth in surprise, but Mr J just lays his finger onto your lips and shoke his head.

„Later“, he said.

„This work has to be done.“

He swings the hammer in his hand and started laughing as soon, as he hits Cole’s face again and again, and again.

Until you can’t hear any sign of life from Cole anymore.

You did not look up, you know what Joker has done and that was enough for you tonight.

Meowing at the Mirror

Chat Noir hops on the chance to protect Marinette again when the threat of another akuma targeting her arises. Just like the last time, he doesn’t hesitate to strut his stuff, and just like last time, Marinette makes faces behind his back.

She might have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for the fact that they were in a room full of mirrors.

(AO3) (FF.net)

The fifth time Lila got called out on her lies, it was Marinette who had had gotten fed up and didn’t hesitate to set the record straight before she left school.

Nobody missed the furious look on Lila’s face. After all, it was an expression they were fast becoming familiar with.

“Do you think she’ll be akumatized again?” Alya asked as Lila stormed off in a fit of not-very-righteous rage. “This would be, what? The fourth time? The fifth time? The sixth? You would think that she would stop lying to everyone at this point.”

Nino made a noise of agreement as Adrien froze. The idea of sweet, kind Marinette being targeted just because she pointed out the obvious lie (Lila had tried to take credit for something Marinette had done, which was completely and utterly uncool) was awful. She hadn’t done anything wrong, and just like when Juleka called out Lila for a lie a week ago, she had been fairly nice about it and had tried not to make a big spectacle out of it, like Chloe had a week and a half prior. Normally, such a thing wouldn’t cause an akumazation.

Lila was not normal. It seemed that having her lies pointed out made her feel personally victimized, and feeling personally victimized got her akumatized in a flash. Adrien suspected that she still would have become Volpina the first time even if Ladybug had found a gentler way to point out that she and Lila had never met, were not friends, and did not “share the same secret”.

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sentence starters –> team starkid

  • “What the devil is going on here?”
  • “I’M IN A RAGE!”
  • “Let the record show that I am SUPER ahead of schedule.”
  • “What would Zefron say at a time like this? We’re all in this together.”
  • “Put down that cheesecake.”
  • “Did you get my text?”
  • “And you’d think killing people would make them like you, but it doesn’t… It just makes them dead.”
  • “What have you done with the Zefron poster, you horrid bitch?”
  • “Everything looks a little brighter from on top of a lap.”
  • “I’m not homeless! Anymore…”
  • “Redvines - what the hell can’t they do?”
  • “This is all your fault, ____.”
  • “Remember, boo’s are for ghosts, and cheers is where everybody knows your name.”
  • “Not everyone’s perfect like me.”
  • "Our way of life is ‘lassiez-faire’.”
  • “… Shit.”
  • “A buffalo monster! In a cape!”
  • “Not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died.”
  • “I can’t get her out of my head and every time I look at her I have these pains in my chest and I just know it’s her fault, that bitch.”
  • “Those are stretch marks, they happen.”
  • “You are acting like Garfield on a Monday.”
  • “You stupid goddamn robot!”
  • “Drop the attitude, _____.”
  • "Calculus was TOUGH!”
  • “It’s gonna be totally awesome!”
  • “What the hell is a Hufflepuff?”
  • “Damn that GLEE, always making twisted abominations out of everything!”
  • “Oh my God, _____, stop texting me!”
  • “What if I were to just… break your fingers?”
  • “He thinks I’m cool, we’re tight.”
  • “Or we could travel around the mundane British country side…”
  • “_____! I said I was joking!”
  • “A song is a dick in sheep’s clothing.”
  • “God did this to us! Damn him to hell!”
  • “Take off your clothes.”
  • “I am a tough bitch.”
  • “So, you guys like Star Wars jokes?”
  • “I am woman, hear me SMASH!”
  • “Cool doesn’t come from other people - it comes from you!”
  • “I consider myself to be a very reasonable uptight bitch.”
  • “_____, shut your ungodly, lopsided mouth and quit interrupting.”
  • “Welcome hotties, nerds and tools.”
  • “I once had a flirtatious relationship with a stack of hay.”
  • “Tequila makes me a dirty slut.”
Classic Movies Trivia

Gone With Wind : At nearly four hours long, this is the longest running of all movies to win the Best Picture Academy Award.

- Vivien Leigh later said that she hated kissing Clark Gable because of his bad breath, probably caused by his false teeth, a result of excessive smoking.

- Three of the four principal actors–Leslie Howard, Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable–died at relatively young ages. Olivia de Havilland outlived them all by at least 40 years and is the only one who remains alive (as of 2014). Ironically, her character is the only one who dies in the film.

Casablanca: “Here’s looking at you, kid” was improvised by Humphrey Bogart in the Parisian scenes and worked so well that it was used later on again in the film.

- Humphrey Bogart’s wife Mayo Methot continually accused him of having an affair with Ingrid Bergman, often confronting him in his dressing room before a shot. Bogart would come onto the set in a rage. In fact, despite the undeniable on-screen chemistry between Bogart and Bergman, they hardly spoke.

Rebel Without a Cause : T-shirt sales soared after James Dean wore one in this film.

- The opening scene in the movie with Jim Stark and the toy monkey was improvised by James Dean after the production had been shooting for nearly 24 hours straight. He asked Nicholas Ray to roll the camera, that he wanted to do something. Ray obliged and the improvisation went on to become the famous opening scene.

- The film was originally going to contain a kiss between James Dean and Sal Mineo.

Singin’ in the Rain : Gene Kelly insulted Debbie Reynolds for not being able to dance. Fred Astaire, who was hanging around the studio, found her crying under a piano and helped her with her dancing.

- The “Singing in the Rain” number took all day to set up –and Gene Kelly was very ill (some say with a fever over 101).the director was ready to send him home. He ad-libbed most of it and it only took one take - which is what you see on film.

Wizard of Oz :  Judy Garland had to wear a painful corset-style device around her torso so that she would appear younger and flat-chested.

- A recent study claimed that this is the most watched movie in film history, largely due to the number of television screenings each year as well as the various video/DVD releases, which have enabled children of every generation to see it.

- The ruby slippers were silver (like in the book) until MGM chief Louis B. Mayer realized that the Technicolor production would benefit from the slippers being colored.

Breakfast At Tiffanys : Although not visible on camera, hundreds of onlookers watched Audrey Hepburn’s window-shopping scene at the start of the film. This made her nervous and she kept making mistakes. It wasn’t until a crew member nearly got electrocuted behind the camera that she pulled herself together and finished the scene.

- Holly’s whistle when she hails a cab for Paul was actually dubbed in. Audrey Hepburn attempted to learn how to whistle with two fingers, but could never produce the desired sound.

-  Hepburn was very self-conscious of her performance while Capote was on set as she felt inadequate as the Holly he had envisioned.

A Streetcar Named Desire : Fitted t-shirts could not be bought at the time, so Marlon Brando’s apparel had to be washed several times and then the back stitched up, to appear tightly over the actor’s chest.

- There was some bad blood between Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando at the beginning of the shoot, but these conflicts had nothing to do with acting style. Brando was simply annoyed at Leigh’s typically British manners and stuffiness. The two acting giants eventually became friends as the shoot progressed.

I think we need to talk about Mikey’s anger. 

In “Journey to the Center of Mikey’s Mind”, when his brothers are trying to find Mikey’s inner self they’re confronted by 4 aspects of his personality. Anger, Gluttony, Annoying, and Weird. 

Out of all of his personality traits: Anger is the biggest. While his other personality traits are regular sized with the exception of his annoying side which happens to be quite smaller than his brothers probably expected. 

But Anger is huge, his anger towers over all the other personality traits and you would think that he would act much more like Raph with his temper and angry outbursts. 

Look at Leo, Raph, and Donnie’s reaction to confronting Mikey’s anger: 

They’re shocked. And while it’s hard to see their exact facial expressions, you can definitely see that Donnie & Leo’s eyes are widened with shock and awe at Mikey’s inner rage. It’s like they never knew Mikey held this much anger within him and that’s what this post is all about: Mikey’s Anger

We all know Mikey to be a laid-back guy with a big heart, he doesn’t like conflict and he would rather have confrontations sorted out with a hug rather than a fist. But he’s willing to fight when push comes to shove and he’ll do anything to protect his family from harm. 

Besides the exception of Leo and Master Splinter, Mikey’s able to keep his anger under control better than Donnie & Raph combined (at least in the 2012 version. Donnie in the 2003 series was the biggest pacifist). He’s able to take a breath and calm down before jumping to conclusions. 

So imagine their surprise when they confront his anger head on inside of Mikey’s mind. How this towering giant is looking down on them and their sudden realization that their baby brother has been able to keep control of this monster of emotion. 

And the realization that Mikey has more pent up anger than he leads on

Mikey keeps his anger under control by moving forward and staying kind & positive in the situations around him. But that doesn’t mean that his anger is gone because it’s a constant part of who he is. 

Can you imagine if Mikey lets this anger loose on a enemy or even worse: on one of his brothers? I think he has enough anger inside him to kill someone. 

This was a great insight of Mikey’s mind and how it works, but I just hope that they don’t throw this entire episode away in favor of more slap stick situations. I want Leo, Raph, and Donnie to treat Mikey a little different after saving his inner self. 

(PS: Please Don’t Remove Anything From This Post. Thanks

What if Sherlock tears Mycroft’s notebook into shreds, though. Ripping through every list, every carefully inked word, ever damned reminder of the past. Vicious, and snarling, spitting with self-hate and rage: “Is this what you want?”

For once, Mycroft is (almost) speechless. “Sherlock. I-”

Rip. Rip.

Sherlock laughs, bitter and harsh. “Look, Mycroft. All gone! If I tear it up, it doesn’t exist. You don’t need to worry about my every fail-”

“Sherlock, would you just listen? I don’t think you’ve failed at-”

But, Sherlock’s eyes are wild, and his hands shake, and he drops the notebook. “Why do you bother with the bloody thing anyway?” His voice is cracking, and Mycroft’s heart breaks. “It’s just a reminder of every time I stumble, every time I fail, when I’m weak-”

Mycroft swallows. Sherlock’s words are strange and foreign to him. “Who told you that?” he asks, voice soft.

Sherlock shakes his head. “I- I-”

His hands are still shaking, and Mycroft makes his decision. Ever so carefully, he steps forward, and gently takes hold of Sherlock’s wrists. “Stop it. Just, stop it.”

Sherlock’s eyes close, and Mycroft feels his brother’s body sag, exhausted with… everything. This was my fault. A week in a prison cell, I should have realised.

Sherlock’s hands clench and unclench, and then he’s suddenly gripping onto Mycroft’s forearms. “I’m-I’m sorry-”

Sherlock’s knees buckle slightly, but Mycroft pulls him close, holds him up. He doesn’t know for how much longer he can do this.

Enough. There is still time for this.

“I’m here, Sherlock. I’m here.”

Most people have heard the saying “your eyebrows aren’t sisters, they’re twins”, or something along those lines.

I am pretty sure whoever coined that phrase was not a teenager in the 90′s when over-plucked sperm eyebrows were all the rage. I was, and I can assure you that my eyebrows never look like sisters. They’re distant cousins at best. 

I Thought You Were Different (Part 23/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 22

“I’m sorry.”

Natasha looked up from her tablet and sighed, looking at you with a sadness and regret in her eyes that you had never seen before; in all of your years of friendship, this was new and a little unsettling to say the least.  The last time you had seen her she was seething, her eyes full of a fire and rage that scared you, though you would never give her the satisfaction of knowing that.  The last time you had seen her, she was your rival.  

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Im not sure what,
but it feels like something has shifted.
My burdens feels lighter,
my spirits lifted.
The clouds are not so dark,
and day light breaks through.
I no longer feel my chest tighten,
in rage and fear when I look at you.

I wish I could say it was forgiveness,
but that would be a lie.
This is just letting go,
letting all feelings pass by.
Maybe its not healthy,
but I feel better than before.
The numbness has washed over,
and now any pain I can ignore.
I have to shut out a lot of the good,
to keep out all the bad.
But this still and quiet void,
is the calmest storm I’ve ever had.

So forget the butterflies,
forget love ever after.
I’ll take this I dont give a damn smile,
and this care free laughter.
My heart may be closed for business,
but Im down to play the game.
I like you better when its just for fun anyway,
Because lets face it, well never be the same.
So long as I dont give a fuck,
and your good to go.
Who cares about feelings?
Just smile and no one will know.


anonymous asked:

What did DR said to the dangerous driver when the video muted? don't you think he is a bully? if you have some problem go to the police...

I hear you.

1. Watch his latest video about his friend being killed 5 years and 1 day ago of the morning the road rage happened.

2. The police would have taken 2-3 hours to get there probably and then would not have done anything anyway.

3. He would have kept harassing us like all bullies do until they get bullied themselves. 

4. A bully is someone who picks on someone who is smaller and weaker than them.  A car driver who passes fast, close and revs their engine loudly and THEN pulls over looking for a fight IS a bully.

5. Harley was simply protecting us and he is triggered by bullys as you obviously saw in that video.

valancystirling48  asked:

Can you do most to leAst list of the rfa,v, and saeran of who has the dirties/foulest language? And if its not too much trouble can you also do their choiciest/favorite swear words for each?

Thanks again for sending it in again and sorry for taking so long I had to think of some words they would use and even then I didn’t really think of any.

1. Saeran; Pussy, Bitch, Asshole, Dick
2. Yoosung; I’m mean he rages all the time I’m guessing so I don’t really have specific list but it would probably consist of Motherfucker, Fuck You and etc.
3. Zen; Asshole, Ass, Dick, etc.
4. Jaehee; When she’s doing judo just imagine her doing kicks and just imagining it’s Jumin’s face so she would be like bitch ass bitch, motherfucker, you fucking asshole
5. Seven; Just random words that he thinks make him look like a cool guy
6. Jumin; FUCK FUCK, You incompetent ass
7. V; My cinnamon roll would never say bad words.(except when you’re doing the frickle frackle if you know what I mean)

alucardimpaler-deactivated20170  asked:

'A moment of weakness' ((I wanna see your priest for this one xD ))

(Oh boi, breaking out the Dimi)

13. Your muse is being beat up by mine, something your muse did must of been the last straw.

Dimitrios stood there, fist clenched tightly in great fury, standing over the vampire as he shook with pure and utter rage. He caught wind that the moron touched his daughter, which any who did would face consequence for. 

He looked down at the creature, eyes blazing with Godly wrath and teeth bared in a grimace as he clenched his blessed brass knuckles in his fists.

“You thought you could lay a hand on my daughter, didn’t you? And you thought that you could get away with it too. Well, guess what? Both God and I see all, and both of us have unmatchable fury. But, unlike our gracious father, I, have no mercy.”

I would recommend that for your own personal well being you back away slowly.” shock had given way to blistering fury minutes ago and ashanti couldn’t remember the last time they’d been so mad. all they knew is that whatever had happened afterwards wasn’t a good thing. they didn’t even know who’d come up to them and chose not to look up lest it be the face of someone that had the potential to set them off into a fit of rage.

17 Thoughts While Watching SEVENTEEN’S PRETTY U

1. They put “One Fine Day” in the lyrics
2. Why didn’t Wonwoo get a hamburger to the face?
3. These are trained professional bowlers. Do not roll down the alley like them
4. They have sprayed everything and no one’s called the police yet?
5. Keep Hansol in Pink
6. Jeonghan, S. Coups and Jun have profiles crafted by God
7. Mingyu wants to jump through fire for Wonwoo (I would)
8. The Aesthetics are going to be all the rage on Tumblr
9. Mingyu and Joshua listening to Trap music while they drive or nah?
11. Dino looks so innocent with all the fireworks
12. That’s not how you park a car…
13. Don’t let DK carry the snacks
14. We legit just got one Minghao closeup
15. Smiley Woozi is the best Woozi
16. Wet Seventeen? hmmm
17. I swear Seungkwan only ran in one scene cause he’s too “Diva” for this life.


Gif source:  Kylo

Imagine having had Jedi training with Kylo Ren when you were younger, and before he left for the dark side he spared you, but now you and he fight each other, and you get him pinned under you, his lightsaber in your possession, but you can’t bring yourself to kill him, so you beg him to come home.

——— Request for anon ———

“I should have killed you when I had the chance,” Kylo grits out through clenched teeth, looking up at you with rage. But even his words aren’t enough to make you move the blade of your lightsaber the extra inches it would take to end his life. You shook with hurt and conflict. Knowing once and for all that you were completely unable to end the fight here and now.

“I can’t kill you. I love you. Please, come home!”

waddledeeart  asked:

*INHALE I'm sorry but since when do YOU have the right to determine someone's worth? If anyone could just determine other people's worth, then what's stopping me from reducing you to a half chewed wad of gum on the bottom of my fucking shoe? You're just salty that pamala is greater than anything you could achieve in a millenium. If she's "nothing", then what does that make you? Non-existent!? Probably something far worse. Even a mother couldn't love you. Go on. CRY. You salty sack of shit.

Attacker:“…you dont know who your messing with,so keep your mouth shut.i dont care if what i did was "right”.all i care about is that she is gone…“
They grinded thier teeth looking at you with complet rage