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Asks: Lance, Coran, Lotor, Alfor

lance: what’s your favorite type of humor and do you have a favorite meme?

first of all, i only joke in memes, it’s gotten to that point, so ig that’s my favorite type of humor?? and i hate to pick a favorite, but i do solidly have, like, 20 to 30 quality pictures of kermit saved on my camera roll, so…

coran: what is your favorite show, other than voltron?

probably young justice. another kids show lmao, but it’s really good and i’m a slut for dc comics

lotor: how concerned are you with your looks?

not really concerned, ig? i mean, i like to be wearing nice things, but i don’t have that much commitment to how i look beyond that.

Alfor: When faced with conflict, would you rather fight or flee?

i would rather fight, i’m pretty confrontational.

things I wish someone had told me when I was recently coming to terms with being a woman who isn’t straight:

1) if your first relationship with a girl is messy: a lot of us don’t know how to go about it because we have little to no models of healthy w/w relationships around us, and we struggle and it doesn’t work out or ends badly. this doesn’t mean you or any of us are straight or should’ve stayed straight. it doesn’t mean you’re never going to be happy with a woman. if your first experience, or second experience, or third experience with women isn’t the rosy picture of bliss without any problems that you pictured it would be, it just means you’re human. don’t hold the concept of relationships with other women up on a pedestal; it’s wonderful and great to be with women but it might not save you from the things that are wrong in your life like you fantasized about when you were first coming to grips with your sexuality, and it definitely won’t be without struggle because interpersonal relationships aren’t ever without growth and change. 

2) that feeling of panic and “I’m going to be alone forever I’m never going to find another woman who loves me or “I’m not xyz like other gay/bi girls why would anyone want to be my girlfriend” is a normal feeling. no, you aren’t going to be alone forever, but feeling that way is something that nearly every one of us goes through. 

3) you may find yourself idolizing the first relationship you have with another woman, you’re so relieved to have that “I’m going to be alone forever” feeling gone and that your sexuality is Real, that you put all of your eggs in that basket and forget that there’s even a possibility of it ending. you might find yourself terrified of that one relationship ending, or have it end and feel like you can’t be alive anymore because the happiness had been so intense and now the heartbreak is even more so. 

if you’re someone who is also attracted to men, you might feel like these feelings are more intense or more overpowering than any time you’ve been in love before. if you aren’t attracted to men this might have been the first time you felt that way about anyone. and you might find yourself feeling irrationally paranoid that someone’s going to take it away from you. if you break up with your first girlfriend you might find yourself more depressed or angry than you’ve ever been about a breakup before. but you’re going to be ok even if this relationship ends. you don’t just get one chance at happiness with a woman. it’s like any other breakup, it’ll suck but you will be alright. take a step back. realize what is healthy and unhealthy about the ways you are dealing. make new ties, heal, grow.

3) if a woman ever treats you abusively it’s ok to call it abuse. some so-called radicals especially in certain separatist spaces are gonna push logic that tells u that abuse is a “just a straight people thing”, that being/staying with a girl is something you do to be radical, and if you “really love women” then gay relationships won’t require as much work and will automatically last forever / last longer / be healthy - those are idealizations. although heterosexuality does propagate more chances of abuse due to a power dynamic of misogyny, abuse is not just a straight people thing and anyone can be an abuser. your abuser doesn’t get let off the hook because she’s also a woman. call it abuse. cut ties with the people who try to push back against that. cut ties with the people who tell you that your sexuality is better as a function of radicalness than of building happy, healthy relationships. realize that any relationship will take work and have flaws. make new ties, heal, grow. 

4) it’s ok to not be experienced and to not know what to do. you are in good company, even if that doesn’t feel true. not knowing how flirting, dating or sex is going to be, and being nervous about that is a place where all of us are at one point or another - lesbians and bi women aren’t a herd of ultra confident, experienced people who are all going to laugh at you or turn you down because you don’t know what you’re doing. it can be intimidating to put yourself out there but you’re allowed to exist in the LGBT dating world / social scene without being experienced, I know that’s a common worry.

5) you don’t have to be attracted to every gay girl you meet, that’s not a reason to second guess your attraction to women. you don’t have to be attracted to, or say yes to, first girl who asks you out or flirts with you. you don’t have to fall in love with the first girl you like, or the first girl you date. you might feel pressured to hurry up and get into a relationship with a woman, once again to “prove” your sexuality, but you don’t have to rush to do that. you should go on dates with / have sex with / get into relationships with people because you’re attracted to them, you want to, you’re excited about it, not because you’re trying to fill a hole where you think certain experiences should go ASAP. 

if Get A Girlfriend Right Now is your core goal you’re going to end up forcing yourself into interactions that aren’t sincere, which is not only dishonest but also doesn’t help at ALL with the whole second-guessing if you like women internalized homophobia thing. taking years to find a woman you enjoy dating or having sex with doesn’t mean you’re secretly straight, it means we have a narrower dating pool and an even narrower group within that who are compatible with you, as well as a hell of a lot of internalized shit to go through . 

6) if you have unrequited feelings for someone you’re not evil, you’re not pathetic and you’re not going to spend your whole life unhappy and stuck. best friends, straight women, people who live far away from you, sometimes it can seem like you can’t seem to fall for someone in your reach. that’s normal too. you won’t be stuck forever. and you aren’t terrible, you aren’t predatory or a burden, your feelings aren’t a curse on those around you.

this is is ok to reblog and add on to if you have other tips / things that you want to say; I just wanted to make a post reaching out to women who a) recently realized their sexuality, b) have known their sexuality but don’t have much experience or c) are feeling isolated or unsure of themselves.


SHELTER. (2016) || shigeru is message to his daugther.  

To Rin - From : Dad ヾ There was just so little time left after you were born. I don’t know how much love I managed to pour into raising you after your mother died… But your smile kept me going. (^_^) I would like to have come with you, but I couldn’t. I wanted you to forget everything and move on… I knew you’d be alright. But you’ll get lonely, and remember. I know you’ll grow strong, and read this letter some day. I really wish we could have spent more time together. I’m sorry. You were so young back then, too young to understand what they meant. So let me repeat…
My final words to you…..”

Bed Share Headcanons (Gentlemen)

(Some do not consider themselves gentlemen, though…)

(I’ll be using this picture as a reference)


  • In his playboy days…probably every bed share would end in sex
    • But “Shingles” for him, and sometimes there’d be another girl on his other side (he was p smooth back in the day)
  • Now, Genji’s cyborg body doesn’t require sleep, so while he may cuddle with you on occasion, he doesn’t see the point in cuddling up to cold metal to try and sleep at night
  • Instead, he’ll sit beside you on the bed as you sleep, meditating all night in power saving mode
    • Sits just like he does in the game, criss-cross and perfectly still
  • Watches you sleep, staying attentive of any signs of nightmares or sleep peralysis


  • “Shingles” for him, too
  • But watch out because this asshole smokes in bed, so if you want him to stop, make sure you address that early in the relationship
  • Hums cheesy country songs to you as you fall asleep
  • Every so often will peck you on the forehead
  • But he will always sleep in later than you
    • Doesn’t matter if you sleep in until 2 pm, he’ll sleep later
    • So if you want to get out of his hug on you, you’ll have to wake him up


  • Not a really touchy feely guy, so probably the “Cliff Hanger” or the “Pursuit” as you try desperately to get cuddles out of him
  • On days when he’s feeling frisky or possessive, then he’ll spoon you
    • And you are not allowed to leave the spoon either
    • He’ll keep a tight grip on you all night and give a sort of growl if you try to get away
  • But if I think about it, Reaper probably doesn’t sleep much, so many nights you’ll be in bed before him

Soldier: 76

  • “Loosely Tethered” on most nights
    • Needs his broody soldier space, but still likes some physical contact from his s/o
  • On other nights, “Sweetheart’s Cradle”
  • His breathing when he sleeps is so husky and sexy (unless you’re sleeping with pre-fall Jack)
  • Isn’t exactly a sleep talker, but he’ll mumble in his sleep, supposedly having a war flashback
    • And sometimes the flashbacks/nightmares can get bad, too, and you’ll have to wake him up
    • But afterwards, that’s when he’ll pull you into the “Sweetheart’s Cradle” because the poor dad needs love


  • When you first share a bed with him, his spirit dragons are NOT happy about it
    • They’re like “who is this newcomer? Why do they get to be so close to our master! Usurper!”
    • Headcanon that his spirit dragons are possessive of Hanzo at the start of your relationship
  • So for the first month, they’d sleep between you and Hanzo, giving you menacing stare every time you tried to edge closer
  • But after you gain their trust, they’ll let you cuddle their master
    • Except Hanzo isn’t too touchy feely, so most of the time it’d be a “Cliff Hanger” or “Leg Hug”
  • If he’s in the mood, though, he’ll give you a “Sweetheart’s Cradle” (holy shit, you’re so close to the tiddy now!)


  • Trashmouse thrashes in his sleep, so when you first start sleeping together, you’ll wake up in the “The Grab” (with you gripping onto the mattress for dear comfort)
  • But once you and Jamison click, he because ultra clingy!
  • As soon as you cuddle into bed…Bing! He zips in after and wraps all his limbs around you
    • And no escape, either, he can hang on like a baby koala!
  • He still thrashes, though, but since he’s holding you, he’ll take you with him
    • So while you may start on the left side of the bed, you may wake up with him on the right or even on the floor!


  • You can’t share a bed with him because the extra space is occupied by a turret


  • “Honeymoon Hug” and you’ll be his teddy bear
  • If you need space, he’ll give it to you. I mean…he’s totally not pouty about it…he can sleep on his own…sure
  • Like Jack, he’ll also get war nightmares too, but he’s better at hiding it
    • He’ll put on that hearty smile and swear he’s fine
    • But if he was hugging you during his nightmare, you can probably tell by how tight his grip got that he was having a flashback
  • Loves massages before bed


  • Also snores, but not as badly, and it’s more wheezy
    • I’ve made a theory that he has asthma in the past, so he may wake up suddenly gasping for breath (that irradiated outback air did a number on him)
  • Likes it when you lay on his tummy
    • It’s rather relaxing too—slowly rising and falling as he breathes
  • Surprisingly, he’s an early riser


  • This boy’s life is music, so he’d fall asleep to faint, relaxing music
  • “Zen Style” is totally him
  • Wakes up to music, too, so you’ll fall asleep to peaceful sounds and wakeup to some peppy techno
    • Gives the best wake ups because of this
    • “Mornin’, sunshine!”
    • And boi, can he cook good breakfasts


  • Ok, does anyone know if omnics need to sleep?!?!?
  • Guessing that he goes into a sort of sleep/power saving mode at night
  • Like Genji, he’ll sit next to you in bed, hunch over and go into sleep mode
  • His orbs continue to rotate around him, and watching them can help you fall asleep

NCT 127 Pastel Wallpapers

Black Version

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((Headcanons for the Overwatch girls and things they’d do as your girlfriend n stuff. <3 Enjoy!! Requests are now open again also.))


-Will steal your jackets and big t-shirts. She loves the fact that they smell like you.

-Loves to take you out for fish and chips, casual and fun dates are her favorite.

-Takes plenty of selfies with landmarks of places she visits to show you. Usually talks about how she wished you were there and how the pictures would’ve been even better with you in them.

-Brags about you to everyone.


-Has the coldest hands and feet, will often ask you to warm them up.

-She loves sharing her work with you; it means the world to her if you care about what she does and saving the world.

-She loves cuddling, if you’re sitting down and reading she will just curl into you.

-Gets you a jacket that matches hers, is extremely happy when you wear it.


-Brings you to the gym with her. She doesn’t care if you don’t want to work out; she just wants your support and a good spotter.

-Will carry you if she notices you’re tired.

-Has very cute nicknames for you in Russian.

-Is the absolute best at massages.


-Always watching out for your health, gets worried instantly if you sneeze.

-Often makes really cute things for you to wear. She knits!

-She loves holding your hand, and being close to you.

-Does her best to teach you German and how to take care of your wounds.


-Will do your hair like hers.

-Has no problem glaring at anyone who tries to flirt with you.

-Loves to show you around Egypt. She likes when you take interest in her culture,

-Buys matching shirts and outfits for you.


-Is very subtle about her love for you in public, but is extremely loving when you are alone.

-She sleeps better when you are next to her.

-She knows you’re the one when you comfort her about Gerard.

-Tends to steal your sweets.


-Often talks about you on her livestreams.

-Gets you into a movie with her as her love interest bc she refused to do the movie unless you played her lover.

-Will sit on your lap in public and hang all over you, Hana doesn’t care who sees.

-She tries to cook Korean food for you, note the try part. You eat it anyways to be nice.


-She makes literally almost everything she gives to you.

-Is thrilled/impressed when you know a lot about her country and culture, she then proceeds to recommend movies for you to watch.

-You make her feel safe in large crowds, and she appreciates your understanding and kind nature.

-Laughs whenever you think something is spicy, proceeds to playfully tease you about it.


Happy Joshua Day Wallpapers

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Spring Break College!AU with Tyjo

A/N: alright guys so here is the spring break au/headcanon with Tyler. There will be a Josh one too! I will post it only if this post gets to at least 75 notes!!!! Josh will not be posted if it’s any less!!!! So pls REBLOG and spread this around!!!!!!!!

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The Signs as Things I Heard at Ohayocon 2017

Aries - “Can I snuggle in some alcohol?”

Taurus - “Ya know how many pictures of wolf dicks I have saved on my computer”

Gemini - “It’s all fun and games until Anal Sanctuary is on the screen”

Cancer - “As the person’s who’s ass is going to be slapped, I would like to pass on that”

Leo - “we have to return to our rooms, they say the furries come out at night”

Virgo - “Did Lady Gaga just kill people????”

Libra - “Everyone always blames the cults”

Scorpio - “I’m pretty sure everyone can appreciate a good butt”

Sagittarius - “Yeah but, did you cry about it?” “YES!?!”


Aquarius - “I thought we had an agreement that we weren’t gonna homestuck but, you had to pull out the grey facepaint”

Pisces - “Why couldn’t they just like barbies”


Woozi Day Wallpapers

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You Saved Me

I demand a group hug when the professor is found in Lady Layton. Plus Katrielle and Alfendi. 

Though, I feel like Randall would be first in line to hug Hershel (especially since he didn’t receive a hug during Miracle Mask), along with the rest of the Monte d’or gang, Desmond, Layton’s parents, Dr. Schrader, Don Paolo, Janice, the Black Ravens, Rosetta Stone–  

You know what? Just give me a credits picture where all of Layton’s friends are hugging him at his welcome home party. That’ll be enough,     


#ringdoll#pictures preview-Shen(grown size)and Chen(teenager size)with ancient Chinese style for this January.

In addition to official pictures preview,we are sharing more with you today.For characters,Shen was goblin while Chen was human being,they encountered and became acquainted with each other later.

We also have interesting story in filming earlier.It took more than one week to film them in forest and by seaside rocks.Guess what happened?Our 5DMRKIII was unfortunately drawn into the sea by the tide waves when these pictues were  exactly being taken.Then it collapsed.We tried our best to fix it and eventually saved part of pictures.Fortunately we are so happy with their effect.

Hope you would like them too.If you do,please share it with your friends.


Topp Dogg Wallpapers

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Words are our favorite right?! So as an American Indian High School Librarian I want to share my favorite with you: “Much money and many precious lives would have been saved if you had fought my people with Books instead of Power ”  -Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Paiute American Indian Activist

I love being a librarian, and I love fashion! I have no particular style, other than, if like it, I will try it on! And of course if it is on sale, even better. This picture is from a day that I hosted with students, it was a Decades Book Club where every month we explored books, music, etc from a particular era… this is my 1950’s rockabilly dress. 

Dana Lowery Ramseur, MLIS

Central Cabarrus High School, NC

School Library Media Coordinator American Indian Education Program Coordinator 

Twice React To: You dancing in your underwear

Nayeon would smile and watch you from the doorway and, when you notice her, she’d wave. “Don’t stop on my account.”

Originally posted by imnayeonie

Jungyeon would give herself a way as soon as she saw you, laughing instantly. “So this is what you do when I’m gone, huh?”

Originally posted by 9moms

Momo would honestly join you. You might get shy at first but she’d definitely encourage you to keep dancing with her.

Originally posted by nayeoff

Sana would start recording you or taking pictures so she could save them for later when she missed you. “You look so cute!”

Originally posted by misamo

Jihyo would probably get a bit embarrassed just because you were in nothing but your underwear. She’d try to get your attention while looking away from you. “Jagi…Can you…stop for a second…”

Originally posted by 9477

Mina would giggle, a bit surprised but happy to see you enjoying yourself, even if it’s in such a silly way. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you let loose like this…”

Originally posted by yeowangs

Dahyun would start clapping and cheering, probably being as embarrassing as possible. “Woo! When are you gonna audition for JYP?”

Originally posted by ahnsoboss

Chaeyoung would be surprised but would start singing along to whatever you were dancing to and probably tease you. “Do I have to take my clothes off too?”

Originally posted by dahyunniie

Tzuyu would find it hilarious and take pictures for blackmail later. She’d wave at you when you finally noticed. “I’m glad I came home early.”

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NCT February Boys Wallpapers

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rufusyouwanker  asked:

For the ship thing, can we have some white rose?

Who said “I love you” first?

It prolly went something like this:

Ruby: *arguing* Why are you behaving like this?!
Ruby: ….. Oh.
Weiss: ….
Blake: You could have saved yourself days of endless arguments by just saying something earlier.
Yang: *looks at Blake like* …… -________-
Blake: o.o …. *goes back to reading*

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?

They both do. Because their faces are so cute. <3 Weiss has a sneaky candid photo of Ruby on hers, and Ruby has a selfie of both of them with their weapons.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

Weiss. She uses glyphs to make steam from the sink even when she’s not showering, just to write on the mirror.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

Ruby likes to make things, and they’re really crappy, and then Weiss puts them on her fridge or something like a proud mom. But Weiss likes to shower her with pretty shiny gifts and new clothes and stuff.

Who initiated the first kiss?

Ruby. Definitely.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

Ruby. She is just happy to be awake and alive. ^_^

Who starts tickle fights?

Ruby, when she’s bored. And Weiss in an attempt to get revenge. Either way, Ruby always wins.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

Neither. Because shower time is alone time.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

Ruby. Because she is bored and wants attention.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date?


Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Ruby would be hiding up on the couch, yelling instructions to Weiss about getting rid of it, while Weiss chases it around the floor telling Ruby to shut up so she can focus.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?

Both. They karaoke love songs together.


Girls’ Generation OT9 Wallpapers

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kythen  asked:

If no one's asked for them yet, ☼ kurodai please? (◕‿◕✿)

Thank you for saving the day! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

who would be the one to randomly adopt a puppy without consultation: Daichi! Like Kuroo doesn’t mind, he likes dogs too, but he can’t believe that he actually is the rational and responsible one when it comes to these kinds of things because Daichi has no self-control when it comes to puppies whatsoever. 

who would force the other to take aesthetic pictures of them: Kuroo! This boy would even artistically direct it himself, to suit the mood/aesthetic he wants to convey. He would take aesthetic pictures of Daichi or ask Daichi to take aesthetic photos of him, and of course take aesthetic couple pictures together.

who would do stuff they think is stupid just to make the other one happy: Daichi knows that it’s stupid. But he doesn’t mind humoring Kuroo from time to time. Besides, the look of surprise and delight on Kuroo’s face is worth it.

who picks out the horror movies to watch just so the other will cling to them: But these two are hard to scare though. Although, they’re trying to one up each other by alternately choosing, just waiting for the right movie that would shake the other to the core. But so far, no one has won yet… (Kuroo came close, but Daichi claims that he cheated and that he didnt flinch because of the movie, but because of Kuroo’s hand that brushed the small of his back)

who is constantly studying and who is constantly trying to distract them: Both are in college prep classes, but Daichi was initially shocked to know that Kuroo does indeed take his education seriously. And while Kuroo’s face of concentration is unfairly attractive, Daichi knows hes more interesting than the book Kuroo is trying to absorb. Basically, Kuroo needs a break and Daichi needs cuddles so… it’s win-win really.

who initiates the facetime calls whenever they’re separated: Kuroo does. The sap had said that he needs his daily does of the Sawamura face to get him through the day. Daichi will never say it, but he low-key feels the same way.

who is more likely to storm out after a fight and who is more likely to cry when they do: No one. These two are not one to back down from each other. Storming out or walking out after a fight would mean defeat. Daichi is more like to cry though, out of frustration (but he won’t do that in front of Kuroo)

who stays up way too late binge-watching their favorite shows: Kuroo. He can’t handle cliffhangers and suspense so he waits for the entire season to be over. It doesn’t help that he watches multiple shows at the same time, that Daichi isn’t sure how Kuroo can even keep up with the different stories, or don’t get them mixed up. 

who bites the other’s ear when they’re feeling frisky: Daichi, and how he abuses this once he learned that Kuroo’s ears is one of his erogenous zones. (This coupled with a few choice words is enough to get Kuroo hot and bothered and aching…)

who sprays the other with water when they’re washing the car: Kuroo would spray the both of them, because by that time, he’s already climbed the back of the hand-me-down truck Daichi’s gotten from his dad, and he’s using the spray as a shower, pretending that they’re making the newest music video for a bop summer song.

who has more fun decorating the house during holidays: December baby Daichi. He’s really excited about the festivities and goes all out and forces Kuroo to help him make their home holiday ready.

who is more likely to give the silent treatment when they’re mad at the other: Kuroo is all sarcastic words when irritated, but he’s deathly silent when mad. (Daichi is quite passive-aggressive when he’s mad at Kuroo about something.)

who plays with the others’ hair more: Daichi was so delighted to find that despite it’s anti-gravity defying characteristic, Kuroo’s hair is actually soft, and he just loves the feel of it under his hands. It’s a plus that Kuroo actually purrs…

who is more likely to climb all over the other one when they’re bored: Daichi climbs over Kuroo either by his own will, or Kuroo pulling him by the waist to make him sit on top of him.

who tries to kiss the other as often as they can: Daichi, because he immensely enjoys kissing Kuroo and seeing how his face heats up and reddens, especially if the kisses are spontaneous ones.

who pouts when the other one tells them to shut the fuck up: Daichi is the one who usually asks Kuroo to shut up, in which Kuroo just replies “Make me” with a damning smirk.

who initiates the sex and who walks away when the other is riled up: These two are equally thirsty for each other, so they’ve had their fair share of initiating sexy times. Daichi tried to walk away once he got Kuroo riled up one time and Kuroo made sure that he paid for it dearly.

who always forgets the umbrella and who holds it when they actually have one: Daichi doesn’t bother bringing one in the first place, much to Kuroo’s exasperation. But then, he gets to use his umbrella and it’s not like he had anything against sharing it with Daichi.

who demands showering first in the mornings: Daichi. Kuroo takes a lot of time conquering his hair, so it’s best that showering is out of the way so he can do other productive things while waiting for Kuroo to win that futile battle.

who sneaks into the shower with the other one in the mornings: Kuroo does, with a whole speech prepared on how they should do this everyday because it’s helping the environment. Daichi doesn’t usually buy it because he knows why Kuroo sneaked into the shower, and it’s not for that noble cause.

who prefers riding the roller coasters and who prefers playing the games: Kuroo is more adventurous and more adrenaline seeking, so he tries all the rides as much as he can. Daichi is more competitive and always seem to prove something.

who will text the other one thirty times in a row until they respond: Kuroo would spam Daichi’s inbox. In Daichi’s defense, his phone is on silent, non-vibrate mode for text alerts, so he didn’t notice that Kuroo’s been texting him. (Kuroo is like “who puts their phone on silent but not vibrate? you need to do one with the other!”) (It vibrates when it’s a call).

who always forgets to charge their phone overnight: No one does, because they both make sure to charge it before they go to sleep.

who comes up behind the other and slide their hands into their back pockets: It’s a habit they both have, so they do this to each other quite often, but Kuroo more so than Daichi.

who tries to get hugs from the other as often as they can: Kuroo! He likes warm hugs and Daichi is as warm as any heater, and it’s a bonus that it hugs and cuddles (and kisses) back. And there is no feeling that would compare to having Daichi wrapped in his arms. 

who is louder and who constantly has the tell the other to be quiet: Kuroo is generally the louder, between the two of them, but Daichi doesn’t constantly tell him to be quiet. Other times, Daichi is loud along with him that it’s other people who tell them to be quiet.

I thought no one would ask, but thank you! @kythen Please enjoy! (#^^#)ゞ

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