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Hi. Polyamorous gal here. I'm dating two men atm. Our relationship is basically your AU's dynamic. I'm the Yuuri, the one who brought them together. They aren't together but they know each other. They are extremely respectful about the relationship (and vice versa) and they both love me very much. I'm pretty sure calling our relationship a harem with power imbalance would make them both go "um wtf." Thanks for your time. I suggest people who think that the AU is a harem read up on polyamory. :^D

I’m very happy for you, that sounds like a wonderful relationship! ^ ^ Polyamorous relationships may not be as common nor as well understood as other kinds of relationships, but they exist and I’m glad that you have an arrangement that works for all of you. Again, to my knowledge “polyamory” is a pretty broad term that can take many forms, but even when the relationship I depict in my AU inevitably varies from yours, I still hope it remains respectful to the label. ^ ^ All the best to the three of you! <3

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Brendon!!!!!!! I'm Freaking the fuck out!!!! So like I was super liked by a girl on tinder and I usually never go through the girls cause like I always date guys but like (girls are cute sometimes) and like i swiped right on her and we fucking matched and she messaged me and idk ??? I haven't opened it like i'm dead

aww i would try talking to her, you never know what could happen and a little chat never hurts

All about the tickets and a kiss (Ethan)

Summary: Ethan surprises you with a date going to an arcade and you guys make a deal. Whoever gets the most tickets takes all. 

Warnings: None. Awful summary though. 

A/N: I always wanted to go on a date to the arcade, and with Ethan, it would be so fun. The arcade is like Dave and Busters I just didn’t state it. I hope you guys like this! 

It’s been four months since I started dating Ethan, it’s been amazing so far. We were always close friends, but eventually, we caught feelings and things went from there.

Right now I was getting dressed to go on a date with him. He said he had a surprise for me but to dress casually. Which I did black jeans, a tank top with a red and black flannel I borrowed from Ethan, and my Vans. Maybe it was a picnic date? Or a trip to the movies. Whatever it is I’m sure I will love it.

He always does something extra it’s just in his personality. I looked in the mirror one last time fixing a strand of hair that was out of place. Soon. I heard knocking on my door, must be Ethan. I grabbed my phone and bag, then went running towards the door, trying not to trip. I was clumsy good at falling over nothing but Ethan was there to make sure I was okay then laugh at me after.

I opened the door and there stood Ethan, I took his appearance in still amazed by how beautiful he looks. He was dressed in a gray jumper, black jeans with rips that he made himself, and Vans that were matching mine. Something so simple, but he makes it look good.

“Take a picture it will last longer,” he smirked glazing over me.

“Shut up E,” I giggled giving him a hug. I inhaled his cologne in the embrace, something I do to remember the small things about him. “Where are we going?”

He looked down at me still holding me in his arms. “It’s a surprise.”

I frowned knowing him it’s probably something extra that he didn’t need to do, I was never one for surprises and he knows this. It doesn’t stop him from doing it anyways.

“Frowning like that will give you wrinkles babe,” he joked.

I rolled my eyes but smiled nevertheless. “Let’s go before you get memory loss,” I said grabbing his hand leading him his towards his car. He opened the door for me, I got in putting on my seat belt. He ran over to the driver’s side and got in.

He put on his seat belt then turned on the car, ‘Slow Hands’ came on the radio. I hum the tune as he backed out of the parking spot. I started singing the lyrics to the song.

Soon Ethan joined me in singing the song. It was always fun jamming out with him, sometimes he gets way into it and I have to remind him to focus back on the road. We have been driving for about 20 minutes I only know because I check my phone.

“Are we there yet?” I whined turning to look at him. I was also enjoying his beauty, the sharp jawline and fluffy hair that was my weakness.

“Almost,” he answered his lips lifting up into a smile.

He turned the wheel and we pulled up in a parking lot. I look at the building and saw that we were at an arcade. I start smiling like a kid going to a toy store. I was talking about going to an arcade a few weeks ago and he actually surprised me with this.

“Ethan,” I whispered still taking it all in. It was something simple I didn’t need an expensive restaurant date or anything too crazy. It was the little things that mattered to me.

He found a parking space and turned off the car, “Are you surprised? Is this okay?” He asked looking worried that I didn’t like it.

“This is perfect E, we could just cuddle on the couch as a date and I would be perfectly happy,” I said then went to kiss his cheek.

He laughed and then we got out the car walking hand to hand to the entrance. When we got in it was a line at the front desk, it was crowded but what do you inspect on a Saturday evening. The walls and carpet were some crazy patterns, the bright light lit up the place, some pop song I didn’t know blasted through the area.

I heard the different games going off and the people talking and laughing. It was filled with high energy as it should be and I couldn’t wait to play the games. Ethan paid for our passes and we got our cards with the money on it.
“Where to first?” Ethan asked.

I looked around and saw the basketball game called Super Shot. I was decent at basketball and Ethan was to, so it should be easy tickets. Start with the easy stuff and work our way up.

I pointed over to it. “Let’s start with basketball.”

He nodded and we walked over to it, we slide our cards in the slots.

“I bet I’ll get more tickets than you,” I challenged.

“Okay, let’s make a deal whoever gets the most tickets with all the games we play the winner gets to pick out the prize with all the tickets both parties won.” He said grabbing a ball.

“Deal,” I replied also picking up the orange ball.

“And a kiss,” he declared turning to glance at me.

“I laughed. “Fine with me, now let’s play.”

We pressed the start button and the buzzer sound went off, the countdown started. I threw the ball and it made it in the hoop, I threw the second ball and it missed, bouncing off the rim of the basket. I groaned but continued to throw ball after ball my score going up.

I heard the tickets come out of the machine I hope I have more than Ethan. The time ran out and I saw I scored more and I pumped my fist in the air.

“Looks like I am in the lead,” I said grabbing my tickets. Ethan bend down and got his.

“It’s not over yet Y/N,” he responded looking for another game to play. I love it when he gets competitive.

The evening turned into night and we played many games.
Spin the wheel, Pac-Man, skeeball, air hockey, speed of light, and the dancing game. We ate at the bar we weren’t old enough to order alcohol but we didn’t need it anyway. After we ate, we played a few more games that didn’t involve tickets. Like a game called Dark Escape 4D, it had monsters in it and you had to shoot them to survive. It came with 3D glasses and you could feel the creature’s breath on you.

Honestly, my favorite game here with Ethan not so much. Soon it was time to count the tickets we been collecting so went over to the counter for the worker to count them in this container.

“Who do you think going to win?” Ethan asked.

“Um…I think me,” I answered putting my finger under my chin acting like I was thinking hard about it.

“If you say so,” he replied turning back to the worker.

The employee turned towards me with my paper with how many tickets I won. “You have 1167,” she said. Then she turned to Ethan holding out his paper. “And you have 1065,”

I smiled feeling accomplished that I got that many tickets. “Looks like I won,” I beamed.

“Yeah, you did let’s go pick out your prize,” he said grabbing my hand leading me to the prize area,

It was so much to pick from of course some of the stuff was too much, I don’t know how they think people could get that many tickets. I looked around to see what caught my eye, I really wasn’t going to use Ethan’s tickets. He deserved to get what he wants even with the deal.

“What do you want Ethan?” I questioned.

“You mean what you want you won the deal fair and square.”

“What about we get something we both like then? I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“Is that what you really want?” He asked making sure.

I nodded happily, glad he was agreeing with me. After some time of looking around saying why so many points for that thing or no I don’t want that. We agreed on this big Batman plushie, it looked like a cute monkey. We also got some candy since we had a few points left over.

We got our things going back out to head to the car. Today was a long day but it was worth it spending time with Ethan. When we got to the car Ethan stopped me from putting the Bat monkey in the car that was twice my size.

“You forgot a part of the deal Y/N,” he addressed.

“Ah, I did,” I replied pretending like I didn’t know what he wanted.

“I want the lips,” he demanded pouting.

“Oh, you do,” I teased. Before he could respond I stood on my tip toes since he was a few inches taller than me. I closed my eyes and kissed him, his lips were soft and tasted like the virgin strawberry daiquiri he had. His hands ran through my thick curly hair, I was going to do a quick peck on the lips to tease him but he was going in with a passionate kiss.

I melted into his kiss my heart fluttered, it amazes me even after this time he still makes me feel this way. I nibbled on his bottom lip then pulled away catching my breath. I realized we just made out in public but I didn’t care.

“The best boyfriend ever,” I said giving him a hug with Batman at the side of us.

“The best girlfriend ever,” he said kissing the top of my head.

“I had a wonderful day thank you so much, Ethan,” I responded.

“You’re welcome now let’s go to your house to cuddle,” he said letting go of me. I smiled glad to have a guy like him in my life.

I actually have a Bat Monkey that I won, it takes up half of the room in my bed. But I’m happy I got it. Anyways, Ethan is amazing! He would be the best boyfriend.

Imagine being comforted by Stiles

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Imagine request: you and stiles are best friends. And your date goes horribly wrong with this guy you thought actually liked you. And you call him crying to pick you up. And he brings you to his house and you guys chill in his room and you explain what happened. And he comforts you. You end up spending the night.

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Supernatural Survey

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1. What season did you start watching Supernatural?

I started watching around September last year. Binge watched the entire thing with my boyfriend and then made it through season 12 painfully slowly (I do not like being caught up).

2. Who was the first character you fell in love with? 

Sammy <3

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3. Who was a character that you hated at first but grew to love? 

Meg 2.0. I didn’t like original Meg but when Rachel Miner took over the character, I fell in love. And I ship Megstiel big time.

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4. Which character would you most want to be in a long-term relationship with? 

Mick <3 You all know me. I don’t need to explain this lol,

5. If you could go on just one date with one character, which one would you choose? 

Gabriel or Castiel. Dating Gabe would be super fun and dating Cas would be cute and awkward <3

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6. What would you do on the date? 

I genuinely have no idea.

7. Which character would you most want to be like?

This is a tough question as there are so many I’d love to be like. If I HAD to choose, it would probably be Rowena because she is a BOSS ASS BITCH.

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8. Which character would you most like to see brought back from the dead? 


9. Which character would you most like to punch?

I feel that Metatron is the most picked character on this question but I would pick this little asshole…

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10. Who is your absolute favorite character? 

I don’t know!! I have so many. Either Mick or Castiel.

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11. Which “Big Bad” do you think was the worst?

Pfft I don’t even know. Probably the Leviathans because they couldn’t be killed. That was horse shit.

12. Which character are you most like? 

I’d like to think I’d be like Jody or Claire or Charlie but I’m probably most like Meg 2.0.

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13. What death hit you the hardest? 

I was legit in denial and shock for three days when this beautiful man died UNDESERVINGLY.

14. What season finale hit you the hardest?  

Swan Song no doubt. Season 5 in general was incredible but when Sam and Adam (yes, I remembered) fell into that hole… my heart died.

15. What are your ten all-time favorite episodes?

There are too many but The French Mistake is definitely my favourite episode.

16. What’s been your favorite season? 

Season 5 or 11.

17. Who is your favorite angel? 

I can’t choose between Gabriel and Lucifer so both ^^ (IT’S NOT CHEATING.)

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18. Who’s your favorite demon? 

Crowley, obviously.

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19. Who’s your favorite evil character? 

Arthur Ketch. As much as I do hate him, I love him so much too.

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20. Do you have any Supernatural ships? 

Megstiel. Saileen. Dean & Jo (what is there ship name?). Donna and Jody <3

21. Who’s your favorite supporting actor?

There are so many!! Mark Pelligrino, Adam Fergus, David Haydn-Jones, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr, Ruthie Connel.. ugh so many.

22. What’s your favorite quote from the show?

I have tons but my two favourites are:

“Hey Assbutt!” - Castiel, 5 x 22


“I mean, guys like us, we’re not exactly the type of people they write about in history books, you know? But the people we saved, they’re our legacy, and they’ll remember us, and we’ll eventually fade away, too. That’s fine, because we left the world better than we found it. “ -Sam, 12 x 18.

23. If you could cast one famous actor in an episode of SPN, who would you chose?

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. A Supernatural/X Files crossover is my fucking dream.

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24. If you could write your own episode, what kind of creature would you like to see included?

I don’t even know to be honest. Probably something ridiculous like Centaurs because… you know… they are fucking CENTAURS.

25. Who’s your favorite girl that Dean’s hooked up with?

JO <3

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26. Who’s your favorite girl that Sam’s hooked up with?

None of them?

27. What are some of your favorite convention moments? 

The fucking Influence question someone asked to Misha and Jared. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

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28. If you were going to guest star (or be a recurring guest star) on SPN, how would you want your character described? 

I’d just want my character to be a BOSS. 

29. What do you hope to see in the next season?

I’d just like it to be a little more fluid rather than feeling super messy.

30.-40. If you had to choose…

Bobby or John? 

Bobby. Why is this even a question?

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Bela or Ruby? 


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Jess or Madison?

Neither? Madison if I had to pick.

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Jo or Lisa?


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Charlie or Kevin? 

Charlie. Though I loved Kevin.

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Balthazar or Ash?


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Cas or Crowley?

I refuse to choose.

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Ben or Claire? 

My gurl Claire 

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Jody or Donna? 

As much as I love Donna, Jody always wins.

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Sam or Dean? 

Sam girl til I die

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Totally not a would you every question but could you elaborate about your dating a bts member answer? :))))

ooo yeah sure! in the hypothetical, impossible case that they were interested in dating me (and viceversa ofc), I think it could never work with jimin, jungkook or yoongi. this has nothing to do with me not appreciating them as much as the others (I love em all equally) but mostly based on what kind of longterm relationship I would like to have in the future! jimin is too much of a homebody for me, I need change constantly and I think he’d go crazy with someone like me (and the other way as well). jungkook.. well, the age gap (my limit is 2 years younger), and yoongi is too similar to me - we both love our privacy and space, are passionate about our personal dreams, and do not prioritize romance. I think we’d accidentally end up forgetting that we have a partner in the first place 😂

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this still going? if i were dating u, we would lay in bed all day, play some games in the late evening, i'd make u breakfast and dinner, take u out to the park so we can lie down by some trees on warm afternoons and watch the stars at night, i'd draw u anything u want and all i'd want is to hold hands while we're buried beneath blankets and pillows

this is again like super cute and ideal adn like damn need me one like this!!!! you are too sweet and i dont feel i deserve this much love but bless <3

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Cam you see Shawn dating someone in the medical field?

Maybe! It would be hard though because that’s a profession that isn’t very flexible, unless she goes on tour with him as his personal nurse or doctor ;-)

Doctors do take vacations, but they work long, hard hours and it’s much harder to get away.

They’re saving lives and making a difference. That’s not something you can just up and leave to go see your boyfriend for. Like for me, if a project is turned in a little late, no one is going to die so I totally 100% respect those in the medical profession out there! You do something I could never do!

Prayer Request

So, do y'all remember when I asked you to
Pray for my daughter when she was in the hospital in January? And I had posted an update saying it was all okay? Yeah, well apparently that pediatrician had no idea what she was talking about. Thankfully my daughter’s doctor does.
She has something that I guess is relatively common in babies and usually fixes itself by six months. So, we got her an ultrasound to see if it had fixed itself. We were essential told that most of the time it’s either fixed or the same. Well, hers has gotten worse. It sound like way worse. So, in a few weeks we have to drive to a bigger city with a bigger hospital for her to get more tests done and it sounds like, eventually (in the next month or so), she will have to go through surgery.
Prayers would be amazing! Thank you all so much. Let me know if anyone wants to be kept up to date and thank you again to those who prayed last time and will be this time.

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lmaoo the interviewer was playing around and asked niall to “role play” that the guy was a father of a girl that was going out with niall on a date and how would niall explain the song, slow hands, to him. and niall said something like “well it was her that hit on me, so it wasnt my fault and so i asked if she wanted to come back and she said yes” and the guy was like “and then she asked to do laundry, how do you get sweaty doing laundry?” and niall said  “…..it was a big load” and then everyone started laughing and he realized what he said and was like “uh, big load of wash….it was a big load of washing…..” and everyone was cracking up and then he goes “yeah, that just happened…” and laughed lol he tried rEAL hard to save himself lol 

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I see prompts are open yay! Please tell me all about Ford finding out about Bitty and Jack.

Ooh, this is interesting, because I don’t feel like it’d be an announcement, but just something Ford finds out when Jack visits or the like. I mean, it could go the other way, like Lardo could be, “heads up, Bitty’s dating our ex-captain” and Ford would be like, “okay? why are you telling me?” (She’s a theatre background, what is a Bad Bob to her?) I think she’d be pretty chill with it, and coming from theatre, like being gay is not an issue, esp in college (and even at the professional level) and esp if we go with the oft reblogged “Ford is gay” headcanon.

But here is a small fic that is only half based on the above…

Ford double checks the dozens of pages Lardo has given her for the upcoming roadie. She thought dealing with dressing room allocation was hard (and it is, one hundred percent) but figuring out room allocations is somehow worse, particularly when she’s new, and hockey players are more superstitious than the girl who played Johanna in Sweeney.

“So, who was it I’m meant to pair Oliver with?” Ford asks, grabbing for the red pen she’d stuck into her bun earlier. She comes out with a green one. It’ll do.

“Wicks. But really, he’d be fine with any of the guys in his year.”

Ford makes a note on one of the pages. “Okay, then I think I’m–Oh, shit.”

“What is it?” Lardo looks up from her sketchbook.

Ford double checks through all her sheets before she says anything. She’s not worrying, because there’s no time for that, she’s just already hating the amount of extra work she’ll need to do to fix things.

“I’ve left Eric, um, Bitty,” Ford corrects herself, still getting used to hockey nicknames, “off the rooming list.”

“Oh, that. Nah, you’re good.” Lardo goes back to her drawing. “He stays with his boyfriend when we’re playing up there.”

“Boyfriend?” Ford double-checks.

“Yeah. He’s in Providence. And he’ll drive Bitty to the games and practices and stuff. Should’ve emailed you that. My bad.”

“That’s fine.” Ford grabs another pen from her hair, forgetting she already has one in front of her. It’s red this time. “Just thought I was going to have to redo an entire afternoon’s worth of work.”

“Right,” Lardo says. “I can see why the minor freak out.”

“Excuse you, I did not freak out.” It’s half a lie. Ford has so many notes on these sheets, but she’s not freaking out, she’s managing. It’s all part of it.

Lardo looks up and smiles at her. “Knew you’d be fine at this.”

Ford takes the compliment with a gracious nod, and goes back to ticking off the rooming list against the team names. All accept Eric.

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Mr. Min - Chapter 06

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 26,321 

A/N: I’m so sorry.  I don’t think I’m capable of doing short chapters anymore.  Feel free to read this on AO3 instead if your app messes up.  

And a huge round of applause to the always lovely, @avveh, for beta-ing this behemoth.  I’m so sorry to put you through that lol.

Prologue - Ch 01 - Ch 02 - Ch 03 - Ch 04 - Ch 05 

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jean valjean modern day headcanons bc i don’t see it often

  • owns 5 dogs, all were once strays that he found
  • raising cosette with 5 dogs.. can u imagine… it precious 
  • one of the dogs is called ursula. when marius finds that out, he dies
  • he has such a guilty conscience for his past, he tries his best to give to charities when he can 
  • can u imagine big strong jean valjean, holding hands with tiny small cosette… precious
  • started greying when he was 30 
  • always has mints and butterscotch in his pockets 
  • always was down for tea parties with cosette, tiara and everything 
  • he is the hot single dad 
  • once went on a blind date with javert… it went well but jvj had to go earlier and he forgot to split the pay like he said he would… javert is bitter policeman neighbour and jvj can’t understand why he won’t call him back
  • probs makes the worse dad jokes, an example: 

cosette: ‘can you draw me a bath please?’ 

jvj: ‘*already laughing as he grabs the pen and paper*’ 

feel free to add some??

Dating Archie Andrews Would Include:

• Him letting you wear his clothes because he thought you looked cute in them

• “Here- take my shirt”

• “I have my own clothes… like right there”

• “Take mine, I insist”

• Telling you about how he used to be with Grundy, and you accepting it because he realized it was wrong

• Always playing with his hair

• “It’s soft, just let me touch it for a few more minutes”

• Him returning the favour and playing with your hair too

• “I’m not gonna complain, that feels nice”

• Sleeping over at each others houses and just cuddling while watching movies

• If you couldn’t spend the night you would text each other about random things and watch movies at the same time, from your own houses

• Being a part of the gang, and having everyone bother you about Archie

• “So, is he good in bed?”

• “Kevin- stop”

• Veronica and Betty making jokes about you stealing Archie from them

• “And I thought I would get Archiekins… oh well”

• Neck kisses from both of you

• Him always tracing patterns on your arm or stomach, and you doing the same to him

• Constant little dates at Pop’s, or the drive-in before it closed

• “I really actually like your face”

• Being the first person to hear his songs when he made them

• Often sitting while he recorded and listening, helping him with lyrics when he couldn’t think of any

• Encouraging him whenever he doubted his talent

• “Maybe music isn’t for me”

• “Archie Andrews shut your mouth, you are amazing”

• Helping Archie decide whether he wanted to go live with his mom

• “I would but- all of you guys are here, especially you. I can’t leave you, and I can’t leave my dad. Not now, not while all of this is happening”

• Always playfully shoving each other

• Eating breakfast and dinner with Archie and his dad, whenever you would spend the night

• Lots of forehead kisses

• Complimenting him just to see him blush and stutter

• Always making each other laugh, often without even meaning to

• Jughead always pretending to gag when he’d see you two kiss once he started living with Archie

• “Guys, i’m in the same room, please don’t start fucking”

• “Shut up Juggie, you’re just jealous”

• Chasing each other around the house because you were playing tag, or just trying to catch each other

• Archie’s dad seeing you sometimes and just shaking his head with a smile

• “You two never will grow up, huh?”

• “Never, Mr.Andrews”

• Always saying quiet “I love you’s” to each other

• Super protective Archie

• Always going to his football games and wearing his jacket, knowing he liked seeing you in it

• “You’d better win this game for me, Andrews”

• Endless nicknames, very rarely ‘normal’ ones

• “Arch, you’re my little apricot”

• “(Y/N)… why an apricot?”

• “Don’t question me”

• Him always walking around his house shirtless when it’s hot

• “Damn, Andrews. Lookin’ good”

• Him always flushing when you’d make your usual comment about him being shirtless

• He would always jokingly respond anyways

• “It’s hot, leave me alone”

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Blurb Starter #36. “And you’re naked. Okay.”

Friends who couldn’t hold their liquor were the worst. Normally, you would get super frustrated having to take care of an inebriated friend.

This time however, you had to admit that it was rather amusing.

When Bucky Barnes arrived at the Avengers Tower, he had been mysterious and a tad closed off. Everyone sort of gave him his space and waited for him to warm up to what was going on. He did eventually which pleased you.

Now, he was drunk off his ass and it was the funniest thing ever.

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Xiumin as your boyfriend

- headcanons that nobody asked for but everyone wants 11/10

The Beginnings:

  • He strikes me as the type of person to want to have a pretty steady bond with someone before dating them.
  • You two would likely start out as good if not flirty friends, but after some time he’d give in to his feelings and take you on a date.
  • It’d be something simple but cute, either Starbucks or a walk in the park and then going to a food-truck. Idk anything he thinks up on the spot that means you’d get to know each other better so probs not a movie.

After dating a while:

  • Somehow he’d know everything about you, since he’s such a trustworthy person you’d end up telling him new random little things about you most every day.
  • Speaking of trustworthy, you’d have only one Relationship Groundrule: no getting jealous unless there was something to be jealous about.
  • Meaning, he wouldn’t care who your friends are, you wouldn’t care who he’s hanging with, neither of you would ever be worried about the other cheating etc.
  • He’s just such an honest and sincere person I can’t imagine him ever not taking a relationship seriously and fucking behind your back.
  • For your first anniversary he’d take you somewhere special, maybe even splash out on a weekend away or something romantic.
  • He’d constantly feel guilty when he has to leave for tour or concerts, even if he would only be gone a couple days.
  • Even after you reassure him you don’t mind and that you’d soon see each other again, he’d pout and cuddle into you. He misses you and wants to be with you all the time.
  • This is a good time to mention; he is quite clingy.
  • Minseok would cherish and crave being with you. He’s not intense to be with like the beagle line thankfully, he’s gentle and relaxing to have around.
  • Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his moments.
  • Every now and then he has a “mad 5 minutes” and he laughs and teases and pokes you, making a total bellend of himself tbh whilst you try and fail to keep a straight face.

Habits and other shit:

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Imagine...Dean Using Bad Pick Up Lines

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Request: Congrats about your anniversary! Can I request a really fluffy dean x reader where they’ve been dating for awhile. Like maybe one night they go to a bar with Sam and dean uses all his bad pickup lines on his girlfriend.

Pairing: Dean x reader

A/N: I’m simultaneously proud and mortified at myself for this…

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Shiro’s eyes shot open as something suddenly popped in his thoughts. He winced at the neon-green digital numbers on the clock for a moment before being able to read the 3:24 AM glaring on the screen.

He rolled onto his other side to be greeted with the sleeping face of his husband, Keith.
Shiro smiled, lifting a hand to gently brush some hair off of Keith’s face.

“Hey love, you awake?” He whispered.

Keith let out a little noise as he slowly woke up. “Y-yeah…something wrong, babe..?”

Shiro dropped his hand from Keith’s face. “I was just wondering..”


Shiro paused.

“You still-” he tried to find the right words- “like me, right?”

There was a deafening silence for nearly two minutes as Keith’s face slowly shifted from tired yet concerned to an expression that screamed “are you for real”.

“…Shiro….we are…literally married. We’ve been married for three goddamn years, we’ve been dating for five. Why would you even ask that.” Keith said, the volume of his voice louder than the previous whispers.

Shiro pouted. “But still, you like me, right?”



he likes to read

(this wants with all its heart to be a multichapter fic but i need instant gratification sooo)

He likes to read.

He likes to read and Kent likes him, and he really doesn’t know what to do about this fact.

Kent ran into him – well, ran past him, really – on a morning jog, in a usually deserted area of the community park where trees have been planted and are carefully watered to give the appearance of a verdant, lush grove in the middle of sunny, dusty Nevada. He was standing against a tree and reading, and when Kent jogged back to ask what he was doing, the man laughed and pointed to his book. Walden.

Kent’s never read it. The man shrugs. “It’s about a man who gave up his whole life to go live in the woods,” he says. “I used to go to Walden Pond and re-read it once a summer. But now I’m here and, well… this is as close to the woods as I can get.”

His name is James. He’s a high school English teacher. He shakes Kent’s sweaty hand and asks his name, what he does for a living.

Kent blinks at him hard. “You…” he starts. He was about to say, you don’t know?

“Me? You do me?” James cracks a smile. “Is that a pick-up line?”

His smile is sunny, and Kent breaks a little bit inside. He finds himself quickly enough to say, “Would it work?”

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kilometri-and-co  asked:

My favorite levi trope is that he loves cats because i love cats and i love people being nice to cats and feeding them.

The vet nurse was cute.

He wore scrubs covered in colourful little cartoon animals and his sneakers were lime green. He cradled cats with both arms, staring deep into their eyes as he carried a one-sided conversation with all the gravity and solemnity of a conversation between adults. He didn’t make his voice higher or speak adorable nonsense. He picked them up and asked them, by name, how they were feeling. He nodded, his sombre expression made more so by the frown that would crease his brow.

“I heard, Grandpa, you had another belly ache.”

Grandpa slowly reached up one paw and placed it gently on ‘My Name Is Levi!’s chin. The vet nurse nodded, thin lips puckered in thought.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Levi looked at Eren and it was amazing how his expression didn’t exactly change but there was something else that shifted in his countenance. Something that went from the subtle familiarity with which he handled Grandpa to a sort of deadpan surprise.

“You’re not Mikasa.”

“No, um.” Eren wrung his beanie in his hands. “She’s on vacation. I’m pet-sitting.” He looked nervously at Grandpa who had his paws curled against his chest. He looked at Eren almost accusingly with big yellow eyes. You did this to me, they seemed to say. There will be a reckoning.

“What happened.” Levi didn’t pose it like a question. He said it like it didn’t matter; he wouldn’t believe whatever nonsense Eren came up with anyway, he’d figure it out soon enough. He said it like he was on Grandpa’s side already. Eren felt ridiculous. More than the early drive to the vet and Mikasa’s inevitable wrath, he resented Grandpa for making the cute vet nurse look at him like he was the world’s biggest idiot.

“He’s an indoor cat—“

“I know.”

“Right.” Eren looked down at his feet. Levi’s stare was unwavering. “He ran out last night while I was putting out the garbage. I think he ate something weird.”

The vet nurse sighed. He shook Grandpa a little in his arms. A gentle reprimand.

“You, sir, know better.”

“I’m sorry. God, Mikasa is going to kill me.”

“This happens more often than you think,” Levi said. He looked up at Eren with an arched eyebrow. “Boyfriend?”

Eren looked at him, startled by the bluntness.

“No, I’m single.”

Levi’s eyes widened and Eren only then realised his mistake.

“Ah!” They stared at each other, Eren in mortification and Levi in shock. “Ah! No! Yes – I mean no! She’s my sister!”

Eren felt him shrink in on himself. The butterflies in his belly turned into a flight of kamikaze’s plummeting devastatingly into his gut.

Then Levi smiled.

Just a faint upward tilt to the corner of his lips. His eyes were laughing, though, and now he was actually looking at Eren properly.

“You’re Eren, right? Mikasa’s mentioned you before.”

“…Really?” To her vet nurse? “Why?”

Levi looked down at Grandpa and Eren had the nagging suspicion he was avoiding Eren’s eye.

“You should ask her.”


“You scheming cow.”

Hi, Eren,” Mikasa’s tinny voice said sweetly through the receiver. “The holiday’s going great, thanks for asking! How are you?”

“I panicked! I thought I’d killed Grandpa!”

“Arsenic couldn’t kill that dumb cat. He’s just a dramatic old shit who’s just senile enough to enjoy visiting the vet. Did you meet Levi?” And Eren could tell by the smug edge to her tone she knew everything already.

“I hate you. I’m never cat-sitting again. That was mortifying, I’ll never live this down.”

“No, bud, you owe me. When’s the date?”

Eren sighed.

“Next Wednesday.”