would you like to download the mp3 file

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my bias is jimin but wow, the other members got me weak too. literally EVERYONE in bts is a freaking bias wrecker! one moment i think it's hobi and then bam! rap mon smiles and the world is lit and then it continues on from member to member. so much suffering 😫

YES, i feel like my bias lists changes drastically day to day they are all amazing :/

Anonymous said:please please please listen to jelly by hotshot,,, it’s an amazing song and they deserve to win after finally having a comeback after 2 years,,, the dance is a++ (choreographed by the one and only noh taehyun of course) p.s. if you see the same ask on other people’s blogs it’s bc i’m sending it to a lot of people HAHA

okay i’ll check it out ^

Anonymous said:hi dear, i appreciate your efforts for uploading the contents very much! do you perhaps have thoughts of uploading BTS mp3 download links or mp3 files? it would be of great help! thank you!

no because now they upload songs to spotify almost instantly after release which is free and i dont want to do anything that would ever take away from their streaming 

Anonymous said:so I first got into kpop(I was into two groups at the time and bts just so happened to be the second group) in April this yr so like before the billboard I was a fan of bts I wouldn’t really call myself army since I wasn’t here for any of the eras or first wins etc :/ but I really appreciate how passionate they are towards their music and fans.. it’s really genuine:(

i dont think it matters how long you have known a group to be considered part of the fandom, if you like them and follow them you should be able to consider yourself an army! and same, i love how genuine they are towards us and how much they love what they do ;;

how to download tumblr videos

works for safari and chrome.

start playing whatever video you want to download on your dash or blog. 

right click and something like this will pop-up

choose inspect element

something like that will show up with a bunch of coding scroll down until you see a video file. 

it will be like https://www.tumblr.com/video_file/ and then some numbers

click on that and a new tab will open with the video playing.
from there right click again

choose download video as and that’s all. also works for music but the file would be an mp3 file.