would you like am or fm

I Jim-in (there is no Jim-out)

It all started with this cute chubby-cheeked sexy piece of mochi here.. Could not find the video that got me into this lil obsession.. But this was my first glimpse of BTS

Then I did my “research”.. And the first MV i got to watch was No More Dream.. And my eyes will be always be glued at this cute lil pc of…. I love the way he dances.. Full of intensity.. And of course the abs… Who wouldnt stare at those?? (I even send my hubby a pic of this and said I miss his abs too..😉😉)

Then I saw these.. And Spring Day became my first favorite BTS song.. It’s funny how I tried to sang the song and my kids will be looking at me with the “what the hell is my mom saying?!” look on their eyes

And from then on it goes haywire.. Every free time I got, (usually after sending my son to school and while the youngest takes his aftie nap and at night after my kids go to bed) I will do my 😄😄ahem, ahem research where I binge watch videos of them.. MVs, bangtan bombs, Kkul fm episodes, Show performances, concerts..during the first week, it came to a point that i would already sleep at 3 am and had to wake up at 7am for mommy duties.. I do not regret it at all.. If I may say that this research has actually have a real purpose… 😏😏😏 you see I got two kids..two charming 👬… And watching BTS interact with each other somehow gives me a glimpse on the dynamics of “brotherhood”… And someday I hope that my boys will eventually have friendships like that of BTS..

And of course they are eye candies right.. I mean visuals, vocals and dance moves..overall package.. Right??!!!

Then there is Jikook… Omg.. Dont even know where to begin…

❤ first analysis video I watched was @kookminworld0507 and that video turned me into a Jikook shipper especially the “JM hidden in JK’s room in Osaka”..that was mind blowing and my imagination just got so wild that I couldnt stop thinking of it for days…

❤ @jikookmacchiato body language analysis was so on point.. She got some eagle eyes to notice all the little movements and reactions..

❤ I love how Jikook made me feel so squishy and flusterred..if I may use the Filipino term “kilig-to-the-bones”…

❤ the way JK stares, when he rarely blinks and he got those heart eyes for JM..

❤ the way JK teases JM but also the first one ready to defend him

❤ the way they shower each other compliments

❤ the way the tables have turned and you will see how differently JK now treats JM..how he is not distant or shy to express his LOVE for him.. (JK2013-2014 vs JK 2017)

❤ the way JM makes JK thirsts for him..the SEXUAL TENSION urrhgh!! 😗😗😗

❤ JK having a doctoral degree on JIMINOLOGY and JM on JUNGKOOLOGY (😜😜😜 tryin to be funny but I guess I failed…😜😜)

❤ Satellite Jeon is lit af.. He really looks like a lost puppy when JM is out of hos sight ( imagine how he felt when JM fainted during a fanmeet and JM not being able to perform with them.. Maybe that was

when he truly realizes how much JM meant to him)

❤ Jeonlous and Jimlous (Jeonlous is kinda cute but Jimlous is scary 😱) but I guess their kind of jealousy is somehow beneficial in a way.. It is a good to prelude to…you know what… (Ok wait I dont know if there are minors who are reading this right???)

❤ love how the other members who are trying to cover up usually are the ones who spill the beans just by judging how they react to Jikook’s interactions..

Ok this is getting long… I am going back to my research 😜😜😜

Ps: I, as much as possible, is trying my best not to read Jikook ff specially the smut ones.. It makes me miss my hubby who I get to see just once a month 😔😔

Ok..that’s all for now.. 😆😆😆

Love Like You Uke Chords

C          Dm
If I could begin to be
Em                Fm
Half of what you think of me
       C           A
I could do about anything
            Dm           Fm
I could even learn how to love
C              Dm
When I see the way you act
Em                  Fm
Wondering when I’m coming back
       C           A
I could do about anything
            Dm           Fm        Cmaj7
I could even learn how to love like you

Fm        Cmaj7      Fm   Fm
Love like you x 2

         C                 Em
I always thought I might be bad
       Am             Dm
Now I’m sure that it’s true
        G               Em
‘Cause I think you’re so good
       Cmaj7          Cm
And I’m nothing like you

Look at you go
I just adore you
  Am              Dm
I wish that I knew
         G                Em             Cmaj7   A7
What makes you think I’m so special

C             Dm
If I could begin to do
Em                             Fm
Something that does right by you
       C           A
I would do about anything
            Dm           Fm
I would even learn how to love
C                       Dm
When I see the way you look
Em                        Fm
Shaken by how long it took
       C          A
I could do about anything
            Dm                       Fm         C      A
I could even learn how to love like you
Dm                 Fm     Cmaj7
Love me like you

This week’s featured member is @ttx-nature!

“My name is Dominik and I am in love with nature photography. I started uploading my work on dom-ii.tumblr.com which is also my personal blog. Don’t hesitate to write me, I would love to talk to all of you :) ”

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You know I am always giving examples of Dareon and Raff the Sweetling while making posts about how Arya is holding on to her identity while training at the HoBaW. But by doing so I am overlooking one of the most important point. You see, when Arya first notices Dareon in Braavos, her natural instinct is to beg him to take her to the Wall to Jon, the only family member who she knows is still alive. I would like to point out that by now Arya has already seen what she can achieve by staying with the FM and yet she wishes to be reunited with her family. To me, this is perhaps the strongest testament that for Arya her family and her identity means everything and that nothing can make her give that up.

Love Like You
Love Like You

Ignore mediocre ukulele playing. Tried my best to figure out chords I didn’t know. Hope you all enjoy. My voice is a little high so I put it on Capo 5. The original key would be Capo 3.

C              Dm

If I could begin to be

Em                         Fm

Half of what you think of me

             C                  A

I could do about anything

                       Dm                  Fm

I could even learn how to love

C                         Dm

When I see the way you act

Em                                 Fm

Wondering when I’m coming back

              C               A

I could do about anything

                       Dm                  Fm          Cmaj7

I could even learn how to love like you

Fm            Cmaj7       Dm  Fm

Love like you

              C                             Em

I always thought I might be bad

                  Am                Dm

Now I’m sure that it’s true

             G                        Em

‘cause I think you’re so good

                Cmaj7         Cm

And I’m nothing like you

                      C                         Em

Look at you go, I just adore you

    Am             Dm

I wish that I knew

           Fm                Cmaj7            Dm   Cmaj7

What makes you think I’m so special

C               Dm

If I could begin to do

Em                                Fm

Something that does right by you

               C                A

I would do about anything

                        Dm                   Fm

I would even learn how to love

C                          Dm

When I see the way you look

Em                      Fm

Shaken by how long it took

            C              A

I could do about anything

                       Dm                  Fm          C

I could even learn how to love like you

anonymous asked:

Do you think Yoongi has become so distant with Jimin? I mean before & right after the debut, Yoonmin were clingy to each other & didn't hesitate to show skinships or teasing publicly via twitter, etc. Now I have a feeliing that Yoongi just.... ignored Jimin.

Long post incoming!

I definitely don’t think Yoongi is ignoring Jimin or that they’ve become distant at all, just watching recent videos you can see and feel that they’re both really close. If anything the fact that they’re not more openly affectionate on twitter or with skinship publicly is just proof that they’ve gotten extremely comfortable with each other, they don’t need to be hanging off of each other to show their affection.

In my opinion, the reason why YoonMin is popular, why it’s my favourite ship, why people are so adamant that “YoonMin is real!” (which we’ll never know anyway, that’s for you to judge) is because the way they express their affection for each other and they way they interact is so different from nearly every other ship. You look at JiHope and all their ship moments are so explicit (imstilljihopetrashtootho) - Hoseok pretending to kiss him, hugging each other, jumping on each other - and the same goes for a lot of the other ships, they’re all mostly quite open with each other and if they have a “ship like” interaction it’s usually physical and YoonMin aren’t really like that. 

Read more under the cut~

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Good day listeners, I am Atsushi Sakurai, the vocalist of BUCK-TICK. Regrettably… David Bowie is not with us anymore. I was a lonely and reticent teen… his songs always brought me to the edge of the universe and gave me lots of beautiful dreams. It has not changed until now. Henceforward they will certainly…always, always…give me dreams… David Bowie-san… thank you. I would like to listen to “Wild Is The Wind”.

Atsushi Sakurai’s radio commentary on FM COCOLO

Seoul Fan Meeting 10 Sept 2016

Note: Please do not repost this outside tumblr. If you want to share it elsewhere, please just share the link. Thanks. I did not check the recordings and I just relied on my one week old memory when I typed this. There can be errors in my recall.

I have struggled in my heart for like a month- to go or not to go, since the FM was announced. I couldn’t go to Korea for more than 63 hours because of work problems, it would be so tiring and I couldn’t get tix on yes24 on the first day, together with all the bad things that happened in the week when I wanted to go. And then all the what-ifs in my heart after I decided not to go… Seeing Kang Chul weekly made it worse. And it looped over and over in my head until the end of August when i finally decided, ok, I would go and asked my colleagues for the day off back… I am so sorry for all the troubles I have caused.

My seat was far away from the stage, and this year, the hall is so much bigger and with the lighting, LJS was practically just a bright dot in my eyes. I was sitting near the back last year but I could see his face clearly with my eyes, this year, he was just a bright dot. However, even with that and someone screaming like crazy non-stop right next to me… Seoul FM is still the best. LJS is not good in languages, not that this is any secret, but that is a fact, and he got stage fright. Even though I can only understand about 60% of what he said with the screaming right next to me (the Korean fan sitting right next to me kept screaming and shouting throughout the FM) and my far-far-from-good Korean listening, it feels really warm to be there. He is much more comfortable in talking in Seoul compared with other FMs, and the noona MC is the same one in all these years, she knows him and she can get him to talk and she can understand him. I remember there was a moment when she asked him something, and he didn’t reply anything, she said something like, “I am not a mind-reader, you need to say something before I can translate it.” (She didn’t really mean translation, but she would try to elaborate after he said a few words and ask him questions to lead the interview along.) When LJS was just stuck there without an answer, I was thinking, haha, this is so Jong Suk. A non-fan would probably be demanding for the money back, but I think it is so cute and so him.

@rainy9 and I guessed the guest might be Yoon Kyun Sang before the FM, I was surprised when Zion T appeared singing JS’ fav songs. Haha, but then later YKS did really appear, and that fan girl who was selected to be on stage by the game was so lucky hahaha. The screaming for YKS was so much louder compared to that for Zion T. How unfair it is for Zion T… He should be much more famous. LOL

It just feels so good to see them together. YKS and LJS. Seeing JS with his friends made me feel warm and fuzzy, like how it feels like when I saw his instagram updates yesterday with YKS and LSK. Only more so when you were there in person. 

Some of the things I would like to record down from the FM. The scene when the Oh Sung Moo and KC first met in the real world, initially it was like an episode’s length, but they cut it. (I checked out the script last night, it was in ep 6 and that scene stretched for almost 2/3 of that ep.) And he often practises his lines with his friend Park Key Joon (his friend as YJ). MC asked him to try doing one of the scenes from the drama and after a short pause to choose which scene to do, he did the lines from bathroom scene in Ep 3, he said he could still recall the lines because he is the type who needs to memorise the script well before filming. And he rates his look 3 out of 10 and his acting in W 8 out of 10. And he needs to get fat with the new upcoming movie. And when he mentioned his close friends, he included YKS, KWB and PKJ. He drinks with YKS. He said he could drink a lot before getting drunk because he could still remember things after drinking a lot, but noona MC told him if he feels dizzy etc, he is already drunk. I remember the one and only time I got drunk and I asked my friend the same thing why I could remember and think clearly when I felt this dizzy, I should not be able to remember if I am drunk right? LOL

Of course the best thing for going to FMs is being there with friends. @rainy9 whom I have known for so long and we think alike on many things, but just meeting her for the first time, @hitoritabi who lives just one metro station away from me, but we meet more in Seoul than here where we live lol, sobaniitezutto​ who shares so much JS memory with me, and we just didn’t have enough time to chat this time, and rainyfox​ whom I met for the first time, you draw amazing fanart and I feel really touched by the messages on your ins, I should have chatted with you more, hope we will meet each other again!

And we ended our day by going to see the place where Kang Chul jumped off the bridge. It was just so much fun with you all.

A photo posted by korea.travel.art 藝(偽)文青遊韓國 (@korea.travel.art) on Sep 10, 2016 at 8:25am PDT

I’ve been up too late tonight and so the thought that came to mind was that I really wanted a radio station called The Bisexual Agenda (or maybe a different name), which would play songs with positive, accurate bi representation, written by the bi community (and I mean all of our very diverse bi community), and instead of commercials would have bi community news and giveaways of bi-themed merchandise like bi pride flags. It would be in an alliance with a similar pansexual radio station, a similar asexual radio station, and a similar aromantic radio station.

It wouldn’t have to be in a traditional AM/FM radio format, if it was a podcast like what WTNV does, that’d suffice.

If you like my idea, maybe boost it? Thanks.

Kai: I am dark.
Chanyeol: Do you want to go whitening?
Sehun: I am fair.
Kai: Do you want to go tanning?

Chanyeol (when talking about album sales): What about people like Suho?
Suho: Chanyeol bought his own copies (implied: to increase his own album sales)

i believe these are the two situations that led to everyone hating chanyeol and wishing him dead. but why is no one talking about how 4 days later after that ‘problematic remark’, chanyeol says on sunny’s fm, that he loves kai’s dark skin and thinks it’s sexy? or do i really have to remind you that chanyeol himself said his own sister is tanned? would he really ‘hate’ all tanned people when his own sister is tanned? and about the suyeol situation, like, yeah, so what. suchen call each other ugly. so what. and suho also fired back tho? tbh right now we’re supposed to have a freaking great time, the pathcode teasers were amazing, their album is pretty much the album of the millenium, exo’s winning everything and they recently had their 3rd year anniversary. why do some international fans have to ruin everything. they did it a million times before, it’s time they stop with all their shit.

[EDIT] oops i forgot to explain why i put that sekai quote in there: my point is that both quotes are similar, first is a statement (I am dark/fair) and then a question, asking if the person wants to change his skin tone. and depending on how people’s opinions are about dark and fair skin, the question whether their skin color should be changed can either be offensive or not. but if we generalize both questions, they just simply ask ‘do you want to change your appearance?’. so where’s the difference? why does chanyeol got tons of hate while kai doesn’t? (not that kai deserves hate, but chanyeol also doesn’t deserve hate … and this is just my opinion^^)

Hate U Like I Love U (Part 3)

Hey guys!! So here it is part 3 of Hate U Like I Love U. I am uploading from my phone right now so I couldn’t upload any gifs but will do later my lovelies!!
Hope you enjoy reading this!! If you would like Part 4, then please do request for more!! 😊😊🙏🏻

(Part 2)

I lay there on my bed staring at the ceiling. Downstairs, I could hear my family laughing and talking about something they consider interesting I guess. I had the radio on in my room to block out the noise. They were playing The Velvet Underground on the FM. The faint strumming of the guitar filled the silent lifeless air in my room. I closed my eyes and hummed along with the tune, trying to forget the unfortunate occurrence.

I couldn’t help but wonder how he met my sister. He was younger than my sister, I was sure of that. My sister must have been in second year of college by the time he was in his final year of school. She is not even into the kind of music he played with the band he was in. He was a punk rock kid. My sister is a ballet girl. I remember, how because of Y/S/N I had to take up dance. She would drag me to ballet classes along with her.
I opened my eyes and stared back at the uninteresting ceiling which happened to capture my attention once again. I narrowed my eyes and tried to figure it all out. However, I didn’t know what could I have probably achieved from figuring out this meaningless subject I was pondering over. They were together now and it didn’t make sense to just me. What was the use after all when everyone is happy?

The song on the radio changed. It was my favourite band now, with one of their best song. Asleep by The Smiths came on the radio and my eyes were close once again. The soothing melody and the lullaby-like track instantly made me calm and forget about the pain I was experiencing after seeing his face once more after all these years.

I slowly started to feel numb and sleep and exhaustion was slowly taking over my body. As I was dozing off, I swear I heard the door open and a few steady footsteps on my wooden floor.

*after an hour*

As I tried opening my eyes, I saw a tall blurry image of a guy sat next to me. Lazily, rubbing off the remaining sleep from my eyes, I finally opened my eyes.
There he was, sat on the armchair next to my bed, Clifford. Michael had a sad apologetic look on his face and his eyes were glassy from the tears welling them. I could see him gulp down his fear as his adam’s apple moved.

“Hey Michael.” I tried to get rid of the awkward tension.

“Your parents and Y/S/N went out for some shopping. I decided to stay back.” I nodded

“You didn’t go with them?”

“No. I guess we needed to talk right?” He stuttered. He was a wreck from the nervousness.

“Talk about what? Wasn’t everything settled that year?”

He raised his eyebrow and the pain left now, replaced by anger.

“You know, shit happens Michael!”

“Yeah you would say so” leaning in closer he looked straight into my eyes. His piercing green eyes were a shade darker from the annoyance “cuz you didn’t suffer the pain I went through. This was the biggest shit that happened to me. I am not happy Y/N. There wasn’t a day I didn’t think of you. Yet with time, we became so close to strangers that it seemed like I was non existent in your life.”

He looked down towards his feet and I couldn’t have felt worse for what he was going through, all because of me.

“Michael, life is eventful I guess. That’s all I can say. There is no use of saying all this anymore. When things ended between us, it ended for a reason and we are here today because it was supposed to be like this!”

“Oh!” All the emotions left his face and his face was as pale as snow, with no feelings.

“I sound harsh don’t I?” I smiled to seem okay. Though, I wasn’t and I am not sure how was I going to pretend to be okay.
“So how are you?” I tried making small talks. I tried to make things okay.

“Fine I guess if you are so okay.” He got up and turned around to leave. His pace reflected the anger residing inside of him.

I shook my head at his remark and watched him leave. I made a big mistake letting him go and it was something I cannot stop regretting about. Today it all came tumbling down on me. Now, how was I to carry this burden and move on?

Part 2

Hope you guys enjoy it!!❤️❤️
- Iskra xx

Letters To A Stranger

Hyungjin smiled as he sat down, pulling out the ad that the local hospital put out. He had always loved making friends, and he was pretty lonely since he left his family to come to Seoul. When he saw the ad, wanting people to send in letters for a pen-pal type program, he knew it was what he needed. He pulled out a pen and paper, tapping his chin before beginning to write. “Dear Person” he frowned, scratching it out before beginning again.

“Dear Future Friend,
You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I would like us to get to know each other. I’m not a interesting guy, but I’d been told I can be a good friend. I really hope those people were lying to me. Haha. Anyway, I’ll tell you a bit about myself, to give you an idea of who I am and how I tick. My name is Park HyungJin, but everyone calls me E.Den. I work for KBS Cool Fm at night while I’m attending classes at KNUA. Music and performing is a passion of mine. I’m kind of new to Seoul, so I don’t really talk to a lot of people. I love making new friends because I enjoy the company and attention of other people. I like to make people happy. Even if just in passing, I like to make people happy even if it’s just for a split second. A person smiling is when they’re at their prettiest moment, to me. I love smiles. Anyway, umm… I’m a pretty simple guy, so maybe we can become friends, yeah?
Your (Hopefully) Future Friend

He smiled as he finished, nodding and slipping the letter into an envelope, sealing it and writing the address down before walking to the mailbox, putting it in and flipping the flag up.