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Lick, Sip, and Suck - A Drarry oneshot

“I beg your pardon?” Draco stared at Weasley, sure that the drinks he had already consumed so far this evening had led him to mishear. “Did you just say the words lick, sip and suck to me?”

Weasley just shrugged and passed shot glasses to both Potter and Granger beside him. They were all crowded together against the busy bar, and Draco scowled every time a stranger bumped into him. He was pretty sure the acrid smell of stale cigarettes had seeped into the fibres of his clothes by now and he would need to throw them away. It was probably in his skin too. He hated this bar. He hated Weasley. He hated tequila and fiestas. He was too warm, too tipsy, and entirely too close to Potter.

“That’s the name of the game Malfoy. I didn’t make it up,” Weasley said as he offered a shot to Draco as well.

Draco stared at the glass skeptically, glanced at Potter who quirked an eyebrow at him, and then grudgingly accepted it. Potter was clearly challenging him and Draco couldn’t just give in.

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Bit of a Flirt

Request: Can you do a TJeffs image with 16,18, 21?

16: You’re cute with glasses.
18: What are you five?
21: Don’t give me that look! It’s not my fault!

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Warning: lots of sexual innuendos/jokes, swearing? but when do i not swear in fics lmao

Kink Tag: none!

Period: Modern

Song: “Thin Air” - Olivia Holt ft. Jordan Fisher

A/N: So I collabed with @daveeddiggsit for this one and it ended up way cuter than we expected?? lol hope you enjoy!! (also there are several criminal minds references bc i’m like that)

You pushed your glasses back up the bridge of your nose as you continued typing away at your final thesis paper of the semester. Hair up in a bun, and some ratty university sweatpants on, you were looking a little worse for wear. But that was normal during finals week, right?

The library you had been holed up in for the past five hours was dead silent, allowing you to completely focus on your paper. Your eyes were glued to your laptop screen when you heard the sound of a chair scraping backwards but you were too in the zone to look up. As long as they didn’t disrupt your concentration, you’d be good.

“You ever think that the reason you’re wearing glasses is because you’ve been staring at that screen pretty closely for about two hours straight?” You heard a curious, deep voice interrupt your thoughts.

“You ever think about how the library is a quiet place for people to work,” you retorted without looking away from your screen.

“If you really want a quiet place to work, we could head back to my place and work on some other things too, if you know what I mean.” You could practically hear the smirk grow on his face.

“That sounds like one of the first lines in a Criminal Minds episode. Hard pass.”

“You like Criminal Minds? How about you let me profile you.

You finally glanced over and you could see that there definitely was a smirk on the very attractive man’s face. His hair was wildly curly, yet somehow tamable to an extent, facial hair adorned his defined jawline, and his amused brown eyes stared into your slightly-narrowed ones.

If you weren’t supposed to email this paper to your professor in six hours, you probably would’ve taken him up on his advances, but what was more attractive than Smirky Guy was an A on your paper. Which you then turned back to.

“Are you seriously just going to keep ignoring me?” He asked.


“I’m just going to keep flirting with you until you talk to me.”

“You call saying random pick up lines to a girl whose name you don’t know and receiving little to no response flirting?”

“Yup.” He said, mocking you.

You rolled your eyes and continued to type your paper.

“Aww, come on, four eyes, take a break and talk to me. It won’t hurt anyone.”

You completely turned to him. “‘Four eyes,’ really?” You raised an eyebrow at him. “What are you, five?”

“Hey, ‘four eyes’ isn’t a bad thing. You look cute in glasses.” He grinned at you and even added a wink this time.

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Thanks, Sport ( stiles stilinski smut )

writer : wantstobeastilinski
pairing : Stiles Stilinski x reader
warnings : cursing, unprotected sex ( don’t t be silly wrap your willy ), dirty talk??? idk anymore its just smut
requested by @barry-stilinski
A/N I changed it from chemistry teacher to coach bc coach is my soul animal

Class was never something you enjoyed. Sleeping somehow always came into the picture during those horrid 45 minute periods.

Today was no exception, the sound of Coachs voice making you insanely tired. You propped her chin in your palm and dozed off.

“(Y/L/N), wake your sorry ass up!” A voice boomed, causing you to fall over in your seat. Your eyes were wide in fear.

“I’m up! For the love of god, I’m up!” You yelled, flinging your arms around. The class erupted into laughter and you felt your face heat up.

“Ah screw off.” You grumbled, standing up. Coach chuckled and crossed his arms. “You, Ms.(Y/LN), will be serving detention after school. My office, right at 3:10.”

You groaned and threw your head back. “Why?!”

“Because, you’ve caused me to have to yell at least five times this week, and it’s only Tuesday!”

“I could’ve pranked you."You pointed out, and he raised an eyebrow. "I would not of pranked you, Coach, because you, sir, are the best.”

“That’s what I thought.”

After school, you trudged to your locker and put your things away, explaining to your best friend why you’d have to miss out on your plans.

“This is like, the fifth detention this month!” She exclaimed and you raised a brow. “Excuse me, I’ve had more then that, thanks to my uncanny ability to piss of even the sweetest of teachers.”

“How do you get Mr.Yukimura to give you detention again?”

“Ah, that one. You see, I decided to tel him to kindly fuck off when he told me I was wrong.”

“Sweet lord.”

You smiled and said your goodbyes as you slipped to the boys locker rooms. You knew there would be shirtless guys, and it made you quite happy.

You threw the doors open. “Coach, I am here to do whatever your horrid idea of torture is!” You yelled, causing guys to whip their heads towards you. Your eyes raked down some of their bodies and you smirked.

“Y/L/N)! Stop looking at them!” Coach yelled, covering your eyes and leading you to his office. “The conditioning for freshmen is starting. You just checked out freshmen.”

“Coach, in Beacon Hills, somehow every male is a hunk.” You stated, throwing your stuff in the corner.

“Including me?” A voice piped up, and your head swirled around to see Stiles Stilinski. That boy was one of the hottest males you had ever laid eyes on.

“Do not answer that. He’ll be bragging about it for weeks.” Coach warned. You rolled your eyes.

“Why is he here, anyway?”

“He’s serving detention with you. And since I’d rather watch freshmen and Greenburg suffer, you’ll clean my office. Then leave, I don’t care.”

“I thought you said it was for freshmen”

“Greenburg must suffer.”

With that, the man blew his whistle and all the guys left. “Don’t do anything stupid!”

It was silent for a moment or two and you glanced at Stiles. “So, I’m not cleaning whatsoever.” You stated, crossing your arms.

He raised a brow. “What?”

“Listen, you very attractive individual, I have had enough detentions with coach to know even if I do clean, he’ll yell at me. And, I refuse to SURPRISE him in the slightest.”

“Is that your motto?” He chuckled, leaning against the wall.

“Yep. Make sure everyone knows I’ll mess up their lives even if it’s s on accident.”

It was quiet for a moment until he spoke up again.

“So, what’d you do to get detention?” He asked.

“Ah, its multiple things. Yesterday, I told some kid to shove it, then continuously fell asleep in his class.” You stated. Tilting your head, you raised a brow. “You?”

“Complained about the lack of sex in my life in the middle of class.”

A snort escaped your mouth. “Good going, Stilinski.”

“You know my name?"He asked curiously.

You nodded. "Yes, not only are you best friends with the lacrosse captain, you are quite attractive and funny.” You looked him up and down. “Just my type.”

He smirked and pushed himself off the wall, walking towards you. “Oh really now? Never would’ve thought.”

You two were so close now that your chests were almost touching. It felt like lava was pooling in your stomach and you looked up at him.

“Sooooo, wanna change your lack of sex?”

He spluttered, moving back. “What!? I was just flirting……now?”

You laughed, hopping on coachs desk. “Yes, now. I also have had a lack of sex, and your attractive. Win win.”

The boy stared at you, mouth agape. You rolled your eyes and unbuttoned your shirt, showing off your bra.

“Listen, Stiles. You can either stop standing there and come fuck me into oblivion, or you can clean this room and I leave. Maybe that Isaac kid would fuck me?”

His eyes suddenly turned dark and he walked closer to you, pulling you closer to him by your legs.

“I like the first option.” He stated huskily, smashing his lips against yours. You let out a gasp of surprise, not expecting him to be so…..dominant?

He moved his hands up and down your sides as he kissed you intensely, a small moan escaping your lips. He smirked and pulled away, looking at you.

“I can’t wait to hear more of those sounds.” He says, moving to unbuckled your pants. You go to his, quickly trying to unbutton the khakis. Those damn khakis will be the death of you.

He finally slides your pants down and you get his unbuttoned. Before you could yell out in victory, one of his fingers dance over your clothed heat. You let out a gasp and look up at his smirking face.

“You like that, princess?” He teases. You nod and he moves your panties to the side, letting a finger circle your clit. You let out a moan and move your head to the crook of his neck.

You let your hands dance down to the tent in his boxers and palm him through it, letting a low groan escape his lips.

“Listen, Princess.” He says lowly, making you gulp. “As much as I would love for you to continue what you’re doing, we don’t have much time, and I want to feel that tight pussy wrapped around me, okay?”

You nod and remove your hands. He quickly pulls your underwear down, his following suit. Your eyes travel to his member, the tip glistening in pre cum.

He pulls you closer to him by your legs, and his tip teases your entrance. You move your hands to his hair as he slides into you slowly. He gives you a moment to adjust, and once you give a soft mewl, he speeds up.

“Stiles!” You cried out, pulling at his soft brown locks. He growls, looking down at where his member is entering you.

“There we go, princess.” He praises as you clench around him. “There we go..”

You were panting, the feeling of him inside you one you wanted to feel forever. Heat started to build up in your belly and you let out a long moan.

“I’m close, Stiles.” You whimpered into his shoulder. He moved his hand to cup you chin and looks into your eyes as he speeds up.

“You go ahead and cum, princess. Cum for me.”

That’s all it took for the coil to break, loud moans and whimpers falling from your lips. He watched in awe as you threw your head back, your eyes shutting tightly.

The feeling of you clenching around him made him let go as well, filling you with his seed. He let his head rest on your shoulder as his hips stuttered, the last of his load filling you.

It was quiet for a moment, the only sounds the two of yours pants and breathing.

He looked up at you, a smile playing on his lips.

“Coach is going to be pissed.”

All I Ask

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Originally posted by totheendofthelinepal

Based on Anonymous Prompt: Hello! May I request a Bucky x Reader, in which they break up and it is based on the song All I Ask by Adele? You can choose in which era and all, I love your writing anyway! Have a lovely day and good luck with all the requests :) x


Based on Anonymous Prompt: Hi! Could you do an imagine where the reader dated Bucky for a year before he was frozen in wakanda and they broke up the day he will be frozen and everyone in the avengers team got sad, reader and bucky cried too cause they all thought they’d stay forever together. But years later, when the reader thought she forgot about Bucky, Bucky was now unfrozen and they reunited in a restaurant with the rest of the avengers team?

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You Should Know Better Pt.3

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five)  (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen) (Part Fifteen)

Summary: During class, Natalie arrives late and as a punishment, Joe demonstrates a procedure on her. As a result, things begin to shift in their relationship and blood begins to boil - in a good way. 
POV: Natalie
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie, Landon
Word Count: 2582
Author’s Note: This picks up four days later…blah, blah, blah. ALL ABOARD THE SMUT TRAIN BECAUSE IT’S PULLING OUT OF THE STATION SOON. 
Quote:   “Before we start, do you give me permission to touch you?”



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Just pretend to be my date.

Authors Note: This was a requsted prompt. Hope you lovelies enjoy it. Xx
List of my other Prompts found HERE

You hate weddings, they are always full of cute couples who are madly in love, not to mention the dancing, oh goodness, the dancing that never seems to end. Don’t forget about the few groomsmen that do happen to be single — the minute they do their speeches they get to drinking — and that is when they get annoying. If they aren’t hitting on you, they are making fools out of themselves. Then, there is that one couple that is always being very touchy under the table who ultimately slip away and bang in one of the cleaning closets or they sneak off to a hotel room available upstairs.

You sit at the table, sipping your champagne as you watch  little girls happily dancing around a few shy boys, you assume they are brother considering they are all shy and just standing awkwardly with their parents chuckling from the table.

Your eyes catch a glimpse at a handsome man who has two little girls pulling him to the dance floor, you can see him smiling widely as he allows them to tug him to the middle of the dance floor, insisting he dances with them. 

One of the little girl’s steps on his shoes and he dances her around on his feet, her smile widening as he treats her like a princess before doing the exact same thing with the other girl who was patiently awaiting her turn.

You are distracted when a somewhat tipsy man flashes you a smile, asking you to dance, but you shake your head. 

You just saw him dancing with two other women and you definitely are not going to be one of the many women he tries to dance with in hopes to snag one of them. You have learnt your lesson before with that one, one too many times.

“C'mon, a lovely lady likes you should be dancing, not sitting here on her own.” He shakes his head, gesturing to the large table you are in fact sitting alone, only accompanied by the champagne.

“Not true,” You shake your head, “I have champagne.” You hold up your flute glass,

“One dance?” He tries to persuade you but you are not budging, you do not want to dance, at least not with him… At the moment, you’d much prefer to dance with the sweet man who is happily giving his attention to the little girls’ who want nothing but to dance while their parents drink at the table.

“My date would be very upset with me.” You lie, placing your champagne glass to the table. 

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BIGBANG Reacting to being caught staring down their crush's dress

Ultimate Masterlist

BigBang Masterlist

Ultimate Masterlist


He would stare down your dress and not truly mean it but at the same time he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. There is just something about you that had him staring at you in general and suddenly as you were closer he found himself admiring your chest by looking down your dress. When you catch him you’d be confused but once you caught on you’d grab his attention saying, “Um, excuse me. My eyes aren’t down there,” and his cheeks would blush lightly but he’d just smirk at you. Giving a wink trying to play off that he was staring at your chest but also to try and hide that he was slightly embarrassed to have been caught.

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He would definitely not mean to look down your dress considering he is a highly religious guy. He’d be kindly admiring you but as you got closer he the height difference to see straight down your dressed and see your cleavage. Without meaning to he would seemingly stare shamelessly. “Excuse me?” you’d snap him out of it and he’d look at you for a moment without saying anything before he’d give you a sheepish smile. He’d be highly awkward and wouldn’t know what to say.

Originally posted by taeyangspecs


He would stare at you innocently and as he got closer to you he was taken by your looks and then as he caught sight of your chest he’d be taken away. He’d be overwhelmed looking down your dress because that is meant to an intimate thing. He’d continue staring and get a small smirk and his head would snap up to your face as you clear your throat. He’d have a cute shy smile and would mutter a small “sorry,” before smiling and trying to talk to you.

Originally posted by softbeom


He would openly stare at you if he knew you a bit. If he didn’t know you at all then he’d be a little less open about it. When you catch him he’s just going to smile and a sly look. He’d give a small apology because he respects people and definitely respects you. He’s slightly worried you’ll be judging him and hold a hatred for him after this but he won’t ever admit that.

Originally posted by cheonjaes


He would be way more open about it than G-Dragon. He’d do it in a way that made it very clear he was staring while he spoke to you. He’s constantly look down and up and back almost as if tempting you to catch on. He would try and pass it off as playing around but you would find it slightly obnoxious as to how he was so open about it. He’d be slightly saddened by the fact that he had upset you  but he wouldn’t let it stop it from doing it again.

Originally posted by whybae

AH! These guys are a huge weakness of mine!! Thank you for asking this and I’m so glad to have you request me! I really hope you like this!
- Admin Happy 

Backstage, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader is a celebrity and goes to see Hamilton? + Lin

Words: 1210 (*Daveed’s voice*: whaaaaaaaaattttt?)

Author’s Note: You guys are insane! I hit 150 followers yesterday and I have hit 200 already! Also, someone take Lin away from me I can’t stop writing for him. Also, someone requested an Anthony fic…i’m so ready to sin.

Warnings: Long. Like, wow. It’s long.

Requests are open until the end of the month! Please send some in!

Askbox | Masterlist | Part Two | Part Three Part Four

After brushing shoulders with Daveed in college, where he was a track star turned theater major, you knew he was off to do amazing things.

That much was confirmed when you heard whispers of a breakthrough musical with Daveed’s name involved. You didn’t know many details, until it debuted off-broadway and it made headlines all over the world.

As you spent most of your time traveling for work, you hardly found yourself in New York at the right time to watch him in his Broadway debut.

Due to a little downtime, you found yourself in the city that never sleeps with a few months to yourself. You immediately texted Daveed.

To: Daveed

heard anything about some hip-hop/rap/historical musical? got tickets for this week’s matinee, any interest?

From: Daveed

told the cast you’re coming. they all died.

You giggled, happy they were excited you were coming, especially when they had such amazing people seeing the show on a daily basis. Thanks to several fortunate television gigs and a movie here or there, you were able to work your way to a successful career.

The day of the show came slowly, and you were practically bouncing on your cab ride there from excitement. A few people recognized you on your way into the theater and politely asked for pictures.

You posed a few times, checking the time to make sure you were seated well before the show started. You chatted with a few people you recognized on your way to your seat, before finally plopping into a seat and pulling your phone out.

A few people had already tweeted the pictures you posed for.

Saw @(Y/N) headed into Hamilton! Super nice! I expect a West Wing-inspired pic from Lin soon!

Ah, your short stint on West Wing 10 years ago. You nearly forgot how much Lin enjoyed the show. With a little scrolling, you noticed Lin had replied to the tweet with a simple shocked-faced emoji.

You went through to like and retweet a few things, deciding to respond to Lin’s tweet later. The lights flickered, signalling the start of the show was upon you. You closed your phone just as the announcements rang out over the speakers, followed by the opening notes.

You were probably the loudest audience member they ever had. You were completely entranced by the performance, on your feet after every show-stopper (particularly the ones that involved Daveed), reacting along with the audience.

You sat in awe for a moment after the final bows. You scrolled through your phone again, greeted with several texts from Daveed inviting you backstage. You opened Twitter again to rave about the show, to find a tweet from the same fan who tweeted before:

I don’t know what’s more amazing, watching Hamilton or watching @(Y/N) watch Hamilton.

Backstage was just as interesting as the actual show. The cast danced around each other, very familiar with one another’s routines. You’d never seen a group move so seamlessly together, and they were all moving around you.

The first was Daveed, who quickly embraced you and started rapidly firing off polite conversation, the usual, ‘How have you been? How long has it been? You’re famous! That’s cool.’

You posed for pictures, some cast members approached you individually and you chatted with them for a bit. Eventually, you begged and pleaded for a picture with as many of the ensemble you could manage and they were very happy to accommodate you.

You thanked the women playing the Schuyler Sister for portraying strong, interesting females, especially as people of color. You told Daveed you think he did alright.

You could barely stop yourself from blubbering over the men, completely enamored by each of them. In particular, Leslie may have been the smoothest, most interesting human being you had every met.

You were particularly hyped about Okieriete who, while played a loud mouth on stage, had quite the charming voice and the kindest smile.

Then, out came Lin. He made a bee-line to you, joining in the little group that surrounded you. You kept your attention on Alex Lacamoire, who was happily chatting about transition.

“-then Schuyler Sisters hits you out of nowhere! It’s all so seamless, your orchestrations were completely breathtaking, a truly amazing job.” You gushed, nearly at a loss of words, trying to remember every positive thought that had run through your mind during the show.

He was very gracious and kindly asked for a picture. Then, you turned to Lin.

“This,” You gestured to the stage around you, “May just be a game changer for me, as a performer.”

“That is the best compliment you could possibly give.” 

He quickly dived into a conversation, expertly dodging any talk about the show and settling on a conversation about your shared interests. His eyes sparkled, suddenly remembering something.

“Do you have time? I promised I would do a quick Periscope Q&A and try to convince you to do it with me.” Without a second thought, you responded.

“I would love to.” He escorted you further backstage and into his dressing room. He fiddled with his phone for a moment, mumbling about being ‘Old Man Miranda’, which you giggled at.

“Guys. History is being made here. I have someone in my dressing room…” He trailed off, watching as the messages came pouring in. His eyes struggled to keep up. He suddenly shifted so you were in frame with him.

“Hi everyone!” You called out, reading the first messages you saw, which mostly consisted of your name in capital letters. Finally, a legitimate question came in, “The show was alright, maybe a six out of ten.” You answered casually, before immediately breaking, “I loved it! I am in love with everything and everyone involved. I’m actually looking into getting married to the show.”

You answered a few more questions before Lin decided to call it quits and say goodbye to the viewers. You took a seat on the couch in his dressing room, and he dove into a conversation that lasted well into the night.

Realizing the time, you decided it was best to call it a night and try to hail a cab. He moved you through the building, saying goodnight to a few stragglers, and into the street.

“You’re in New York for awhile?” He asked, adjusting the strap of his backpack on his shoulder.

“Until I decide on another gig. Taking a much needed break.”

“So you’ll be free if I ask you out to dinner?” He sheepishly asked, still fiddling with his backpack straps just to keep his hands busy.

You giggled, wondering how this man could make you feel like a school girl with her first playground crush all over again.

“How could I say no?” He grinned at you for a moment, before noticing a cab approaching. He whistled, hailing it and holding the door open for you, “You owe me a date.” You pushed your index finger into his chest, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek before climbing into the cab.

As you settled in, your phone dinged loudly, you dug through your purse, seeing it was a message from Daveed.

From: Daveed

did he ask you out? this is important. i have money on this.

Missing You Already - Daniel Imagine

Fandom: Now You See Me

Pairing: Daniel x Reader

Today was a really hard day at work for me. My boss made me to work two more hours then I usually do and I had to fill in a lot of papers. Now I´m on my way to home. It´s cold and I put my hands in my pockets to try to warm them a little. A crowd on my right catch my eye and I turn my head to see what´s going on. I see some male magician performing and I think about staying to watch a couple of minutes. I always loved magic tricks, but I always watched from behind, I never wanted to be in the center of attention. I decide to stay so I approach the crowd and stand in one of the back lines. 

As I stand I see that the magician is very handsome. He wears a confident smirk which only makes him more attractive. He shuffle the deck of cards and they suddenly fly up in the sky. In one swift movement he catches them all. Everyone claps including me. 

“Hello everyone, I´m Daniel Atlas. Today I´m going to show you some tricks. But remember, the closer you look…the less you see.” He says pausing for a effect. Then out of nowhere a white pigeon flies out of his jacket. 


Daniel did more tricks and I stayed to watch them all because he´s really good. I didn´t planned to stay this long, but I guess this is somehow contagious.

“Now for my next trick I´ll need someone from the audience.” Daniel says and I immediately step back. He watches through the crowd, some girls are twirling their hair, coming closer, just to get his attention. But…with my luck, his eyes land on me.

“You. With the leather jacket. Would you be kind to come here next to me?” He asks me kindly and I step in front nervously, “What´s your name, love?”

“Y/N.” I answer looking anywhere but at his eyes.

“Y/N, wonderful name. You don´t have to be nervous, I´m not going to cut you in half.” He jokes and everyone laughs, me following. I finally look at him to see him smiling softly, and now he have some different spark in his eyes than he had before.

“Take one card and write your name on it.” He gives me the cards and I pick one. He also gives me a pen and I write my name on the card, two red hearts.

“Now put it back into the deck.” He says and I do as he told me. He shuffle the cards, looking at me. I smile and he winks, I feel heat rising up in my cheeks but I ignore it. He hands me the whole deck and I take it.

“Spread them, but backwards.” He says. I spread the cards and he takes one out, my card with my name on it. He shows it to the audience and they clap, I smile and hand him his cards back.

“And that would be all for today! Thank you for coming!” Daniel shouts and everyone gives him one last applause before they all go in their own ways. I turn around to leave too before I hear him call my name. I turn around and see him coming towards me.

“Hey. Would you maybe like to have a drink with me?” He asks me with a smile.

“Sure, why not.” I answer and his smile widen into a toothy grin.

Daniel and I are sitting in Starbucks, drinking coffee. He told me something about himself, we talked about his magic and laughed. I´m having a great time, especially after a hard day like today.

“So Y/N, what do you like to do?” He asks me taking a sip of his coffee.

“Well I like to listen to music, write sometimes, but I also love magic. I mean I just watch.” I chuckle at the end and he grins.

“You are cute.” He says suddenly and I look at him, my eyes searching his face for any sign of joking. I can´t find any.

“Thank you.” I say looking down at the table with a smile.

“What´s that behind your ear?” He asks and I look up at him confused. He leans over the table and put his hand behind my ear, then he shows me a beautiful red rose. I smile softly taking the rose.

“Thank you, it´s beautiful.” I say.

“Not as much as you.” He says dreamily and I feel butterflies in my stomach. I met this guy half an hour ago and he´s already making me feel wonderful.

“Do you want to take a walk?” I ask him and he nods.


“Thank you, I had a great time.” I smile, still holding my rose.

“I had a great time too, I´m really glad I spotted you in the crowd.” He says and we both smile.

“Can you give me my card for a second?” I ask him and he takes it out. I write my number under my name and give it back to him with a smile.

“If you want, give me a call sometimes.” I say and kiss his cheek. He grins widely and I turn around to unlock my doors.

“Bye Y/N.” I hear him say and I turn around.

“Bye Daniel.” I say back and enter my place.


I enter my house, take off my shoes and jacket. I sit on the couch and after fifteen minutes my phone vibrates. I look at my screen to see a new message and I smile.

~Missing you already, Daniel <3



Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 4.810

Warnings: nothing, just fluffy stuff and maybe a tiny bit of smut

A/N: I know, I know, I know … it’s summer in Germany, but I’m such a huge autumn fan, so please don’t hate me that this plays in the autumn … I need something like that to survive the summer :D

Bucky needed, from time to time, time just for himself. He was happy to be back in New York and to be a part of the Avengers. He was happy to know that he was still able to do something good in his life. But even after six months, Steve still acted like a mother hen around him, and so Bucky decided it was time for him to rediscover his old home town.

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Willow’s song

I was inspired by one of my favourite scenes of the movie The Wicker Man (1973). I’ll leave the link if you want to watch the scene and understand better what’s going on in this fic, it’s only 4 minutes long. Well you don’t have to watch this scene or the whole movie to get the story but it gives more emphasis.

English is not my first language.

The scene

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, explicit sexual content, dirty talk

“Aw Sam Jesus Christ not again!” you ranted

“What’s wrong this time” Sam shouted from the bathroom with an annoyed tone.

“Come and see numbskull” you invited him to join you in the basement.

Sam appeared on the doorstep, half of his face was covered in shaving foam and the other half looked as smooth as a baby’s bottom. In a different situation you would have found that irresistible but this time you were really angry at him.

“I’ve already told you never wash white and coloured clothing together.” you were pulling out the washing machine all the ruined clothes and piling them up in the laundry basket. It wasn’t the first time that happened but you were really pissed off. Sam moved closer to inspect the mess he had made.

“What can I say? Light blue is pretty close to white. And light green, and light grey.” he said with such nonchalance that made you even angrier.

“Well then fuck it, this was my favourite shirt and it’s ruined.” you got up and looked at him with a threatening gaze, your hands resting on your waist.

Sam knew he wouldn’t be able to get away easily; he only saw you being that angry two other times and he wished there wouldn’t be a third. The only thing he could do was hold your own.

“Where’s the issue? Besides, you look better when you’re not wearing any clothes.”

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“Let me make a deal here.” The older man said, his dark eyes fixed on the blond. Amber felt her skin crawl at his words, knowing that whatever he was going to offer wasn’t going to be good. “So your boyfriend here, doesn’t seem to have the money I need.” He spoke to her as if having an intimate conversation. “And I’m not too happy about that.”

Amber’s heart hammered in her chest as she waited for him to get to the point.

“I have a beautiful home. It’s filled with many wonderful things and you would be well taken care of there.”

Amber could feel the tears welling in her eyes as the man spoke. She started to shake her head vigorously. 

“You would be a beautiful addition to my home.” He continued, ignoring her silent protest. “If you come with me, I will give your boyfriend an extra 72 hours to get my money to me.”

She kept her eyes on the ground, her head still as she thought. Eden was in trouble and she had a chance to help him. If he were anyone else, she wouldn’t give a second thought to saving herself first. But, the man spoke kindly to her and Eden needed her.

Embarrassment - Part 2

Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary:  A drunken game of truth or dare reveals what Y/N didn’t want anyone to know. She’d been perfectly and contentedly miserable before her slip up, but the confrontation over her little secret, which she avoids at all costs, quickly catches up.

Words: 1,378

Paring/Characters: SteveRogersxReader, the rest of the fam

Warning: Maybe a curse? Reference to alcohol consumption

Author’s Note: There’s still no Steve in this… Honestly, this one is just about making the Reader part of the Avengers Family. It makes me happy, hope you guys like it too. Next part you’ll get lots of Steve, promise.

Part 1

That was how you spent the morning, actually the whole day, in the tower. First, you retreated to the gym, not working out but playing on your phone and wallowing in self-loathing until Sam came in for a run on the treadmill mid-morning. “Ah, so this is where you’ve been hiding?” He asked, his mouth quirking up into a smirk as he selected the right speed for him.

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Double-Sided Coin (Side Ch.1)

Pairing: Chanyeol x You/OC
Genre: Angst, Dark Themes, Slight-Romance, & Slight-Fluff
Words: 3,094
Song(s) That Inspired Me: Crazy
POV: 2nd Person

Summary: Everyone knows that love can take turn into something dark, and while there are healthy obsessions, what Chanyeol feels for you is anything but healthy. In fact,it’s dark, twisted, and down right creepy. Unfortunately for you, as soon as he landed his eyes on you, it was done deal. Nothing and no one can turn his attention away from you…

Important Intel: prologue | ch.1 | ch.2 | ch.3 | ch.4 | ch.5 | ch.6 | ch.7

Personal Intel 1: Subject – Park Chanyeol

Currently sitting at your desk and feeling a tad bit happy to be taking a break from field work, you typed away on your work computer, gathering intel and other stuff related to your upcoming undercover mission. Your eyes glanced at data after data, feeling determined to make sure that no mishaps occur this time around. Your fingers glided over the keyboard as you typed away corrections, additional information, and other miscellaneous things to your intel. You leaned back in your seat, grabbed your water bottle, and took a couple of sips as you looked over the classified document. You pursed your lips as you found yourself thinking and feeling that there is something missing, but what?

Suddenly, it hit you like a ton of bricks. You planted your feet firmly on the floor and then gave yourself a good shove, resulting your chair sliding over to a huge file cabinet. You shot up from your seat and pulled out one of the cabinets. You quickly flipped through the many terminated agents’ files until you found the person you were looking for. You pulled it out and stared at it blankly.

           “Park Chanyeol”

You flipped open his file and searched through his case notes that he left behind. As you flipped through, you couldn’t help but feel like you were being watched. You quickly turned around and scanned the room, searching for abnormal shadows.

           “Get a grip Joyce. This is a high-secured building. No one is allowed in.” You thought, hoping to ease your worries, however, no one was allowed out either.

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Finally graduated college! Hehe some of you guys have watched me struggle through high school and college and now it’s the adult life. This one is for my lovely unnie. Happy birthday and congratulations on your engagement ♥

           You crossed your arms around your stomach and slouched down a little in your seat. Youngjae, sitting next to you, stared in bewilderment. “What in the world are you doing?” he asked.

           “I’m embarrassed,” you mumbled. You lowered your cap over your eyes as to avoid detection from potential curious gazes.

           “Of?” he prompted. Youngjae was still giving you a weird look. You were acting completely out of character and he wasn’t quite sure what was causing it.

           You sat up in order to glare at him with your fullest potential. “It’s embarrassing being out in public while pregnant.”

           “What? Why?” he sputtered, utterly taken aback by your answer. Youngjae blinked at you, absolutely mystified. Of all the answers out there in the world this was the one he thought least likely to be yours. Who in the world even would think like this? His wife apparently.

           “Because,” you responded with the air of someone speaking to an imbecile. “People would look at us and know that we’ve had sex.” You whispered the last part.

           He burst out into laughter. Across the aisle, an elderly grandmother pursed her lips in disapproval. You elbowed Youngjae in the ribs. “Shut it!”

           It took a while for him to collect himself before he spoke. “Wait, but nobody really thinks that when they see a pregnant woman.”

           “I do,” you replied stubbornly. You crossed your arms tighter around you in absolute determination to hide your protruding stomach. He gave you an odd look.

           “Well, I guess you’re my special fluffball. Most people in the general public, let me tell you, are much more interested in how many months along and the gender.”

           “That’s on the outside. But inside they would know.

           “Well of course.” Not it was Youngjae’s turn to be impatient. “You studied biology. How do you think you got to be here? If people didn’t have sex, you and I wouldn’t exist!” When he was excited, Youngjae found it difficult to control the volume of his voice.

           A child was now sitting on her seat, peering at the two of you curiously and furtive glances were being sent your way. “Youngjae, shut up.

           But your husband was on a roll. “Sexual intercourse,” he declared, “is the wheel that continues evolution and is the process that allows for the continuation of species. Meiosis and genetic cross-overs are wonders that produce organisms, each different than the next. It is only our culture that has tainted it with a negative connotation. Otherwise, it’s perfectly natural.”

           “Oh gosh,” you remembered, suddenly mortified. “My parents will know too.”

           “Of course. Surely they know that their married daughter is no longer a virgin. They must have learned something from their own experiences.” He had both eyebrows raised now.

           “They’re going to look at us and imagine-”

           “Stop.” Youngjae cut you off. “I think they would be less concerned about how the baby got there and more focused on the fact that they’re going to have a grandchild to hold. A sentiment I wish you would also adopt. Although I do have to admit I quite enjoy the process too.” He added with a mischievous grin.

           You covered your face. He was utterly shameless. Youngjae gently pulled your hands away. “I never knew a baby was all it took for my brave lioness to be fallen. Don’t worry. When you go out in public with the actual baby, people will know you’ve done the deed too. You can’t just leave the baby at home and shield him from the outside eye forever.”

           “Yeah but then they’ll be distracted by how cute the baby would be.”

           Youngjae rolled his eyes and got up as the bus rolled to your stop. “Logic, what is that?”

           He held your hand as the two of you walked to your parents’ house, ready to give them the good news. “So, we’re telling them the baby was conceived on a particularly rowdy night. I think chains and handcuffs were involved.” You slapped a hand over his mouth as his eyes gleamed with jest.

           “Yoo Youngjae, kindly keep your mouth sewed tightly shut!”

           He pulled away and with an impish grin, continued. “Conception dream also involving lots of leather and happy times.”

           You kicked him. “Being with you in public while pregnant is probably the most embarrassing.”

           “Being with me? Why?”

           “Because not only would the public know that I’ve had sex, they’d know I did it with you.

           Again, this answer was out of his imagination. Youngjae’s mouth fell open as the insult sunk in. “Wow,” he said, dumbstruck. “Just wow.” But it only took him another half a second to recover. “Doesn’t stop the world from knowing what you did with me anyway.”

Sickbay Confessions

gif belongs to trekmystars

Title: Sickbay Confessions

Pairing: Archer x Reader

Word Count: 1,002

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Jonathan made his way towards sickbay.  He got news of your injuries on the alien planet only five seconds ago.  He had reservations about sending you down to the surface, but you told him that you could handle it.  Archer knew you could handle yourself, but some planets were unpredictable.  The captain had a feeling something would go wrong.  He hated being right, especially since you were the one that had gotten hurt.

The doors to sickbay opened as Archer approached them.  Phlox approached him, as he was walking away from your biobed.  “[Y/N] needed an unconventional form of medicine, so she might be a little loopy,” Phlox informed the captain.  “I told Trip and Mr. Reed they could return to their duties  [Y/N] seemed to get the worst of it.  You can ask her what happened when she recovers.”

Archer nodded, padding towards the biobed that you were laying on.  He rested his hand on your arm, gaining your attention rather quickly.  You tried to sit up, but Archer put his hands on your shoulders so you couldn’t get up.  “You need to rest [Y/N].  Doctor’s orders.”  The captain released your shoulders when he knew you wouldn’t move.

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The Great Escape (Part Three)

Word Count: 2105

Warnings: Mild Language

Immediately, Peter orders all the boys back from their hunt. They begin grabbing their bows and arrows and sharpening their swords and spears.

Peter had instructed that you be tied to a tree in the clearing to prevent you from running amidst all the commotion, and now you watch uneasily as the boys prepare for the pirates’ crusade.

If the pirates wanted you, they must know you have the map, right? So there’s still a chance you could negotiate with them, couldn’t there be?

You want to bang your head against the bark. Had Pan kept his end of the deal, you could have bargained with the pirates on your own terms instead of just being a fucking hostage.

You look up, finding none other than Peter himself staring at you. At once, he marches over to where you’re bound and clasps his hands together.

“Alright, love, we’ve had our fun, but now you’re going to have to give me the map.” His voice has lost it’s default smug, self-satisfied tone and instead been replaced by one much more assertive and firm. The voice of a leader, you think. Or, perhaps, a dictator.

“I’m not giving you the map.” You spit, watching him flinch.

He nods his head for a moment as if pondering to himself before unsheathing his sword from his belt and placing the tip against your throat.

He lowers his voice and repeats again, much more threateningly, “Y/N, give. Me. The map.”

You feel your lower lip quivering, but mange to keep your head raised high and reply, defiantly, “No, Pan. If you want the map, you’re going to have to kill me first.”

God damn it, Y'N! Give me the bloody map!”

The sudden angry outburst is so unlike Peter, it freezes you. He is no longer the composed boy he usually is, and finally, you can see his true fear surfacing.

He hastily shoves his sword back into his belt and grabs you by your shoulders, causing you to let out a scream.

His eyes are powerful and desperate, and he speaks quickly, “Y/N, give me the map, and you can leave this camp free. No going after you, no dragging you back. Deal?”

You try to shrug him off of you, put doing so with your arms tied behind you is impossible. “Really, another deal? Why in the world would I trust you again? We had a deal, and you broke it!”

He compresses his lips, as if desperately searching for a solution. Then, he bargains again, “I’ll cast you the portal back to Storybrooke! You can go home, and you never have to look back ever again. Killian won’t take you home, Y/N, he is going to kill you! Just give me the map!

“Oh no, I don’t think that belongs to you, Pan.” An unfamiliar voice suddenly cuts through the campsite.

Peter’s face instantly transforms with terror.

You both turn to see the man strolling into the clearing. He’s tall with jet black hair and sea blue eyes. There’s a small but menacing looking army of men behind him, all bearing daggers and scowling faces. You see something gleaming off the tall man’s hand, and it takes you a moment to realize there’s no skin there at all: it’s a shining, silver hook.

“Killian.” There’s no denying the edge in Peter’s voice as he levels his head towards the pirate. The Lost Boys look completely unsure of what to do.

“Good evening, Pan. I believe you have something we want.” The pirate replies, calmly.

Promptly, the crowd of Lost Boys part like the Red Sea to reveal you, still bound to the tree.

Killian walks towards you, and you try to swallow the lump in your throat.

He kneels in front of you, and kindly says, “Hi, love. Is it correct you have my map?”

You try to distinguish whether his intentions seem genuine or not, and when you can’t, you just nod slowly.

Killian smiles, seeming satisfied that you confirmed what he already knows. “Yes, of course. Now, would you like to give it to me?”

Everyone’s eyes are on you. Peter’s stare is miserable, and you want nothing more than to look away from all of them. However, you keep a straight face and find your voice before declaring, “I need something in return.”

There’s a rustling throughout Killian’s army, but he shoots them a look to quiet them. Then, he turns back to you, and his eyes almost give off sympathy. “Well, dear, it seems you’re the one tied in ropes here. Is that really the position you want to negotiate me in?”

God damn it Peter.

“I want you to take me back to Storybrooke. That’s it, nothing else.”

The pirate seems to consider your offer before standing back up. He walks over to where the Lost Boys and his army stand in their separate herds, with Peter right in front of him.

“I’ll take the girl. This seems fair, does it not? No trouble to you or your Lost Boys, in exchange for a captive. What do you say?” Killian holds out a hand, and for a second, you feel hope rise in your chest.

But then, you see Peter reach for the sword in his belt and unsheathe it, and you know all chances of this being a clean trade are off.

“No. The girl stays with us.” Peter’s words are plain and fierce, and you desperately want him to take them back.

Killian seemed unmoved by this. “But, Peter, of what purpose does this girl have to you if she will not give you the map?”

Peter does not budge, and a Lost Boy speaks up, “Pan, he’s right! Just give her to him!”

“Shut up!” Peter spits behind him, and the boy falls silent.

“Could it be,” Killian continues to push, “that perhaps Neverland’s beloved boy king has developed a crush?”

Killian’s army erupts with laughter, and you feel your cheeks burn hot. This can’t be happening.

Peter stills the army by drawing his sword on Killian, the tip pointed at his chest. He is furious, his arm nearly shaking in anger.

Killian just raises his hands, still looking vaguely amused. “Listen, Peter, I didn’t come for a fight. We know if I had, your Lost Boys would be smeared all across the forest floor by now. Instead, I would like to propose an idea.”

He stands up on one of the rock platforms, beckoning everyone’s attention. Loudly, he proclaims, “I think we should let the girl decide. After all, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her precious little map.”

Stepping down, Killian strides back over to you, and lays a hand on your shoulder. “If you, Y/N, so desire to stay here on this wretched island of ruffians and count on Lover Boy to get you home, so be it. But, if you would prefer to give the map to its rightful owner and board the ship destined for your exact location, then now is the time to speak up.”

Once again, every pair of eyes in the camp are on you, waiting on your answer.

You look for Peter’s, and his face is pleading with you: Please. Please don’t do it.

You don’t know what it is. You have absolutely no reason to trust this boy with his golden hair and horrible games.

But then you think back to what Peter warned you about Killian. Was this a decision between the lesser of two evils, or a matter of life and death?

The handsome pirate’s smile glistens. You make your choice.

“Okay…” You finally say. The Lost Boys and Killian’s army lean forward, listening intently.

“Okay.” You repeat. “Killian, I’ll go with you.”

Killian’s grin is ginormous as he orders two of his men to untie you. You watch as Peter’s face crumples, his shoulders slumped. For the first time, Peter Pan seems truly and utterly defeated.

You rub your sore wrists as the ropes that held you captive fall to the ground. Killian holds a bent arm out to you, and you link yours through it. He smells of musk and cologne.

“Well, Pan,” he says charmingly, “I guess we’ll be off.”

One last time, Peter looks at you, but you try to draw his attention to something else: Killian’s sword.

You dart your eyes toward it and then look back to Peter, raising your eyebrows to see if he understands.

He appears confused for a minute, but then it seems to connect: he nods his head and reiterates, “Guess you’ll be off.”

You act even before your mind can tell you what a stupid idea it is. Pulling Killian’s sword out it’s holder on his black leather belt, you shout, “Peter!”

You throw the weapon to him, which he successfully catches. Killian shoves you to the ground, but Peter is on him in a matter of seconds.

Killian’s army immediately presses forward, all of them going for Peter, but the Lost Boys hold them off, lifting their spears into the air.

Killian is swearing at you a mile a minute, but Peter holds the sword at his throat, silencing him. Then, he says, “You and your men are going to get on your boat, and you’re going to leave here, without the girl. Never again will you return to Neverland. Understand?”

The pirate’s eyes are cold and spiteful, glaring at Peter. He turns to where he threw you on the ground and hisses, “You stupid, stupid girl! You really want to spend the rest of your eternity with him? Trust me, sweetheart, he can’t give you what I would have given you!”

He makes a thrusting motion with his hips, and you crinkle your nose in disgust at the implication.

Peter pushes the tip of the sword farther into the Killian’s Adam’s apple, causing him to let out a grunt. “So? What will it be?”

The pirate finally returns his angry gaze to Peter. “Fine.” He snaps. “Fine. Men, we’re leaving.”

Peter keeps the sword pointed at Killian. “Not so fast. Pirates, please drop your swords into a pile near the fire before you head off. Thank you, and have a chipper day.”

One by one, the brutish men drop their weapons in the center of the camp before heading off back through the woods.

Killian is the last to go, shooting you a deathly look before he leaves.

Then they’re gone, and it’s just you, the Lost Boys, and Peter.

Peter throws Killian’s sword to the ground and tucks his own back into his belt. “Well, that was quite the ordeal. Boys, trail behind them to make sure they’re leaving in a discreet manner.”

The Lost Boys clear out, now leaving just you two.

You have no idea what to say. Peter’s slow to make eye contact with you, but when he does, his expression swims with uncertainty. Wordlessly, he goes over and helps you up. He lets go of your hands the second you’re steadily upright, as if touching your skin hurts him. He backs up, giving a few feet between you.

“Why?” He asks, finally. “Why did you choose me?”

Why did you choose him?

“I…I don’t know.” You respond truthfully.

“What do you want from me, Y'N?” Peter’s voice sounds hurt and confused, and the question baffles you.

“What do I want from you?  You’re the one who wouldn’t let me leave in the first place! What do you want from me?

This triggers something in Peter. In a matter of seconds, he’s in front of you again, his hands cupping your face and his mouth a speck away from yours. His words sound pained and aggravated. “You know what I want from you, Y/N! I think you’ve known since the second you got to this island. But you never wanted it from me, and so I played games, and I wouldn’t let you leave. But now you’ve done this and I need to know, why did you choose me?

You see the same broken, desperate boy you saw moments before Killian came, and it’s just as scary now as it was then. “What are you talking about, Peter?”

He bites his lip, and you swear for the briefest second there’s tears welling up in Peter Pan’s eyes. But then his face hardens, and he drops his hands from your face.

“You know what, forget it.” Peter says, bitterly. “Whatever your reasons are, they probably have nothing to do with me anyway. You’ll have your portal cast in the morning.”

Before you can respond, Peter is gone, teleported elsewhere.

Saving Mr. J

This is my first Joker imagine, I hope you all like it!!! Send me your requests if you have any or if you want there to be a part 2 to this imagine.

Summary: reader sees Mr. J in an alleyway injured and alone so she helps him.

Joker x reader

Word count: 949 words

Warnings: mention of blood and mild language


Your POV

The air of Gotham City was silent except for the light sound of your sneakers hitting the pavement. A sigh of exhaustion escaped your lips after a long, tiresome day at the hospital. Although you admired your job, since you’ve dreamed of being a doctor for as long as you can remember, the work can be draining and quite emotional. 

Sadly, you couldn’t find a cab once you left work. So you decided to walk your way home since you didn’t live far from the hospital. You quietly prayed to yourself hoping you would reach your house without any distractions. 

As you passed a dark alleyway, a low groan came from within it. While your mind told you to keep walking, your body followed the noise of pain. 

“Hello? Is anyone here?” You squeaked out in fear but also concern. 

“Fuck off” A man growled followed by the sound of a gun cocking. A cold shiver of fear ran down your spine but you didn’t give up. Once you saw a glimmer of the gold firearm you slowly made your way closer to the unidentified man.

“Please. I heard you in pain and came to see if you were all right. I’m a doctor, I can help you.” A growl of dissatisfaction emitted from his throat but he tossed the gun on the ground adjacent from him, allowing you to turn on the flashlight on your phone, and get close enough to inspect the wound of the man laying on the grimy ground of an alleyway with his head against a brick wall. It seemed like a nasty stab wound that cut pretty deep into his skin. After inspecting, you promptly took a glance at the man and sucked in a breath. Green hair, pale skin, tattooed skin, blood red lips… The Joker. Hastily, you try to remain calm and stay focused on the task at hand. 

“I need to take off your jacket and unbutton your shirt, sir.” You state. Luckily, he was wearing a button up shirt instead of a regular tee. Not even giving him time to answer, you gingerly take his arms out of his shimmery gray suit jacket and unbutton his clean, luxurious, white shirt that was now soaked in blood in the abdomen areas, revealing his pale, toned chest and abdomen.

Quickly, you pull out all the items you have in your purse that can help you attend to the injury; hand sanitizer, gauze, bottled water, and Neosporin. Trying to do the job as quickly but carefully as possible, you sanitize your hands, rip out a pack of square gauze pads, and apply pressure on his wound causing him to let out a noise of discomfort. After you manage to soak up as much blood as you can, you pour the little amount of water left at the bottom of your water bottle on a new gauze pad and clean the wound. 

“This next part will sting a bit.” You warned before spraying Neosporin on his injury. The second the antiseptic spray hit his opened gash, a string of cuss words flew out of his red painted mouth. Along with an attempt to move away from the pain but you steadied him in his place by placing a strong hand on his incredibly well-defined chest. A deep blush crept its way upon your cheeks as this was the closest you’ve ever been to a man. 

For the second time during the procedure, your head was lost but yet again you carried on with your job. Lastly, you covered the wound with a dressing gauze. Once you stated you were all done, you listed a set of instructions for him to follow to keep the wound from getting infected which he rolled his eyes at and helped him sit up against the brick wall which he also didn’t take too kindly saying, “I don’t need any fucking help getting up.” 

“Now,” He immediately reached for his gun and pointed it directly at your temple, “Give me your damn phone.” Fumbling through your purse, you found your phone and handed it to him with shaky hands. Of course, he would do this. How could you help a criminal, Y/N? Suddenly, realization hit you. You saved a murderer’s life. He’s going to kill you and many more after because you saved him.

“Frost, bring the car.” Joker ordered then hung up the phone and managed to stand up on his own with the help of the wall behind him.

“Tsk tsk, what am I gonna do with you.” He spat, looking as if he was thinking about what he was going to do to you. He looked far more intimidating when towering over you.

“P-please, Mr. Joker… sir, let me go. I promise I won’t breathe a word about what just happened to anyone.” You pleaded with tears starting to cloud your vision. You didn’t have a desire to end your life currently. You’re still pretty young. You aspired to do great things and save people’s lives. Now, all your dreams will be crushed by the hands of a murderous criminal. 

“Shhh doctor. As far as anyone knows, you’re already dead.” 

Everything went pitch black and the last thing you heard was the sound of tires screeching from a distance.

Sex, Sweat and Liquor

A/N: This is a rather lengthy one, purely because I got so carried away with it!

Pairing: Roman Reigns x Reader

Word Count: 3,155 (I was not joking when I said this was lengthy)

Warnings: Smut, swears, alcohol!

Summary: Your date stood you up, and while you’re waiting alone at the bar, someone better comes along, and you just so happen to hit it with each other off pretty well.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write one when Kamui/Corrin is hurt protecting her husband (being Saizou, Nishiki/Kaden or Takumi) bonus points if you throw in the kids~

[Well I already did Takumi, so let me just throw in Saizo and Kaden ;D]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Saizo: He’s by your side in an instant and stops at nothing to bring you to the healers. The guttural roar that escaped his mouth when he saw you fall was one that rang in your ears even hours after it happened. 

You were limp in his arms, feeling nothing but pain rip through your body from its source, a poisoned kunai in your leg. Saizo had long since pulled it out, his muffler tied painfully tight around the wound to try and stop the bleeding.

He didn’t even have a harsh word for you, he was so scared. It was something you never wanted to see again, that look in his eye. That utter fear of losing the one he loved. 

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