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Bruises On Another (finale)

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Prompt: Steve doesn’t know where they come from, and he isn’t exactly sure why they’re there. All he knows is that his body is littered in bruises, and there’s something different about them. They aren’t just bruises, and they certainly didn’t come from a trip in a step or clumsiness. No, Steve knows there’s more behind the marks that litter his body.

THIS IS A SERIES: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - finale

Pairing: Slow!Burn Steve x Reader

Warnings: marks, bruises, pain, physical abuse, force, sexual inclinations, etc. I mean no disrespect to anyone or to upset anyone, this story starts off rough but I can say that things will get better.

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

P.S. This a soulmate AU.

I will NO LONGER be adding anyone to the Tag’s List!


You smiled as you noticed Steve’s car pull up on your drive way, grinning from ear to ear at the sight of him. You wasted no time in making your way over to his car, and leaning over, you grabbed ahold of the handle, swinging the door open. You were greeted by the grinning face of Steve, who had one hand resting on the steering wheel and another reaching out for you. You accepted it with eagerness, slipping into the passengers seat.

“Good morning.” You greeted, your voice soft. 

“Good morning to you too.” 

You smiled, letting go of Steve’s hand to reach around yourself and slip on your seat belt. And as you met Steve’s eyes, you were faced by the warm brown hues that you loved oh-so much and never failed to bring about an air of warmth through you. “How are you this morning?” Steve asked, and despite the smiles upon your faces, a tense atmosphere grew. You knew Steve meant well and you completely appreciated his support - he was the only to ever show you any - but sometimes you liked to forget that your life had once been like that.

With a solemn expression, you set your clasped hands in your lap and stared at your bare arms. “I had a nightmare last night.” You admitted softly, remembering the way you’d woken up in a cold sweat, tears in your eyes and practically gasping for breath. It had been a month since everything, a month since your father had been arrested and sent for one year in jail. A month since all rights he had over you had been provoked. A month since your life had been turned upside down and Steve had walked his way in, and made you better.

“But they’re getting better.” You reassured, glancing up at Steve who smiled sadly your way. Leaning over, he pressed a kiss against your cheek and smiled your way. “The new place is working out well?” Steve asked, and you nodded, a more meaningful smile coming upon your lips. Because of your case, you’d been given a house to live in for a year that would be paid for and then after that, you had to start paying rent yourself. Of course at the moment you were already looking for a job - you needed something to do anyway now that you were completely alone when at home.

A lot of things had changed, even if just a month. You and Steve officially started dating, while it was never publicly announced the two of you had come to the realization yourself’s. You’d stopped covering every inch of your body and while the bruises still lingered, they were getting better and you were tired of hiding you were. And, probably the biggest thing, you felt happy - for the first time in a long time.

“Perfect.” You reassured, grabbing ahold of Steve’s hand again.

“Well then, should we get going?” Steve offered, turning back to his steering wheel. You nodded, shifting your body so that you could lean against the window. With a distant gaze, you looked out the window and fiddled with your mother’s necklace, that Steve had gotten fixed for you, around your neck. Life truly was looking up for you, and even though you knew you may never recover from the abuse you’d suffered, you felt like maybe finally you were free.

Steve put on the radio and with a satisfied grin, the two of you started singing loudly in the confinement of his car. You couldn’t help but glance at the side of his head with a loving look - after a month of everything, realization had welled over you. Steve was the one, your soulmate, and while as a child you’d never believed in those type of stories, it was the only thing that made sense. Your mother use to tell you about the stories of your father and how when she’d met him, there was no doubt in her mind that he was the one.

After everything your father had done, you still didn’t hate him - you could never. He may hate you, but your father had been destroyed by the death of your mother. You truly believed that they were soulmates and losing her had completely broken him. You’d never been able to understand it before, the death of your mother had hurt you and there wasn’t a day that went by that you didn’t miss her. But now, understanding what it felt like to have someone to love, cherish and appreciate, you couldn’t imagine losing Steve.

The death of your mother had destroyed your father and in his sick mind, he’d put the blame on you. It did not excuse his actions in anyway, but it made you understand him and his actions a little bit more.

You wished that you could’ve had a normal life - could’ve been loved by your father but that would never happen, not now at least. But maybe Steve and the love he bathed you in would be able to fill the hole in your heart.

It was about fifteen minutes later when you and Steve arrived at Hawkin’s high school. Though you’d only been there a short while, it felt a whole light brighter and happier then it had when you first arrived. You and Steve walked hand and hand into the school, and eventually you begun making your way to your first class, that you so happened to have together, English. You’d gotten it into Steve’s routine to arrive early, since you never wanted to experience a situation like your first day of school.

On your way, you just so happened to pass by Billy. You tried to ignore him, but as he passed you in the hallway he so subtly bumped into your shoulder, aggressively. Which in turn caused you to drop your books to the ground and with a gasp, you let go of Steve’s hands and gazed back at the mullet-haired boy. “Watch it, slut.” Billy spat, glaring at you.

“Hey, Bil-” You pressed a hand against Steve’s chest, silently telling him to stay back. Turning to him, you glanced out of the corner of your eye at Billy as you whispered to Steve; “it’s fine.” Steve seemed reluctant to back down but after moment, stepped back and you turned to continue walking.

Though it seemed Billy wasn’t done; “hey, Y/L/N, i’m curious. How is it you can bounce back so quickly?” He questioned and you paused in surprise; “wasn’t it a month ago you were trying to get into my pants?” You’d taken a lot of slack over the coarse of two years, meaning, it had allowed you to stay calm even when people tried to provoke you. You could feel Steve’s anger rolling off of him, but he knew not to say anything - not if you didn’t want him to.

Instead, you leaned down to pick up your books with the help of Steve and turned to look back at Billy.

“You really are a whore.” Billy spat once again, desperate to get the last word in.

“You know what, Billy?” You questioned, no hint of malice in your voice. Billy silently told you to go on, raising an eyebrow. “It won’t always be that bad.” You mumbled, watching his eyes widen in surprise. “And I feel bad for you, hiding all that anger and sorrow within you.” You finished off with that, leaving Billy in a stump as you reached for Steve’s hand and continued on walking. 

It was a moment later, when you were farther away from Billy that you noticed Steve’s eyes on you and with a smile, you turned and were met with a grin. “What?” You questioned, laughing bashfully up at him.

He shrugged; “nothing.” Steve chuckled, “I just like when you speak up for yourself.”

“Well I learned from the best.”

“No,” Steve shook his head, puzzling you. “You had it in you, the whole time - you just needed a little help getting started. You’re the toughest person i’ve ever met, Y/N.” You paused in surprise, not quite expecting such endearing words in that moment. But eventually Steve’s words sunk in and you smiled, your cheeks growing red. Steve’s hand moved to cup your face and with a soft look, he rubbed his thumb down your cheek much like that day in the police station.

“I love you.” You whispered, loving the way Steve’s eyes lit up upon your confession.

“I love you too.” He replied, without hesitation, leaning down to press a kiss against your lips. You immediately responded, sighing when he leaned back.

You’d never forget the events that unfolded in your life - you’d never forget the way you use to fear everything and anyone or how you’d flinch from any movement. You’d never forget, even when they were gone and faded, the bruises that had littered your body and had been caused by none other then your father. You’d never forget the lonely nights spent in your bedroom, crying, wishing everything could just go back to the way it was.

But as you gripped Steve’s hand, stared at his loving eyes and begun making your way to class, you realized maybe Steve could help lessen the pain. Even just a bit.


Let me know what you thought below!

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Still Get Jealous

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Requested by @foriternity  @southsidepea :Ur next Sweet Pea x reader should b about him being jealous

Here you are, love, I hope I did okay I’m still getting the hang of this. Enjoy and don’t forget to ask me for a request

“You know I hate it when other people see you in that uniform” Sweet Pea told you as he pulls your body into his.

You were from the Northside with a beautiful home, stable and happy family to anyone you’re family was the only perfect family in Riverdale. Now on the other hand you’re long term boyfriend Sweet Pea lived on the Southside his home was the trailer park like Jug, and his family he didn’t like to talk about it. You meet Sweet Pea when Jughead worked at the Drive-In.  When you heard he was losing the Drive-In you knew you had to be there for him. His dad would come to check on him every now and then and that moment you saw Sweet Pea you’re total definition of Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

  “Hey it’s not my fault I’m a River Vixen”

“Yea it kinda is. You know what why don’t you quit and keep the uniform too entertain me huh.”

For some reason he thinks he can get his was if he does that stupid smirk of his.

  “Why don’t you just come to the game and watch me cheer instead.”

You put you’re hands on Sweet Pea face so you’re foreheads touch and make your lips nearly touch his. Teasing him hoping he will come too the game .

“You know how I feel about those Northsiders. I’ll pick you up after the game alright baby girl.”

  “Fine pick me up at 8pm.”

You gave Pea a quick kiss on the lips and pulled back too see his brown eye size you up. To mess with him you gave him a little turn. He shakes his head giving out a little laugh. It made you sad when he started getting on his bike. You hate seeing him go, you wish he could just put up with some Northside kids for a couple hours just so you can spend more time with him.Before he leaves you walk back up to his bike and give him one more kiss.

  “Hey I love you Pea.”

“I love you to Baby girl”

2 Hours later

The Bulldogs won the game all thanks to Archie and Reggie’s team work. After every game someone throws a party but you never went. Picking up your things with the rest of the Vixens in the locker room. One by one the girls left leaving you alone in the locker room. As you closed the door you began to walk to the parking lot too wait for Sweet Pea. You two had a secret place so no one would judge you being picked up by a Serpent. It was all Pea’s idea You honestly didn’t mind be he side it would be safer.

“Hey Y/L/N are you coming too the party or what?”  

You looked over the shoulder to see Reggie walking towards you.

  “No I’m no. I just gonna head home”

You kept walking trying to get away from Reggie. You just wanted to get spend the night with Pea.

“Awe come on. I’ll even take you. You know next year when Cheryl leaves next year you’ll be captain of the Vixens and I’ll still be captain of the football team. We could be the power couple of Riverdale high. Sounds nice right…Perfect even”

During his whole speech he traps you against his car getting extremely close to you.

  “As tempting as that is I’m transferring to South Side High next year. Believe it or not my dad found a better job out there. So why don’t you go too the party, get drunk , go home and enjoy your night with your left hand.”

You look up and to you’re right and see Sweet Pea and if looks could kill teh back of Reggie’s head would be gone.

  “Now if you don’t mind Reginald my boyfriend is waiting for me.”

You pushed his shoulder to walk up to Sweet Pea. You hear Reggie start his car and drives away. You tried to wrap your arms around Sweet Pea’s neck but he just go on his bike. Before he started his bike you grabbed his hand with one hand and placed your other hand on his check.

  “Sweet’s what’s wrong”

“I’m fine how’s you’re Northside football player boyfriend”

  “OMG are you jealous?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that Pea thinks I would cheat on him with Reggie.

“ I’m not jealous”

  “Oh really. So if walk back to him you would be totally fine.”


  “Sweet’s do you remember what I told you when you dropped me off”


  “Well I said ’I Love You ‘ and I mean it with all my heart. I love you Sweet Pea and that will never change. You’re kinda stuck with me.”

“And I’m totally fine with that. Now let me show you how much I love you”

stronger ❖ jongin (5)

❝Can I kiss you?❞
❝Why are you asking?❞

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

fluff, angst, dad!jongin au, ceo!jonging, daddy tbh, smut (in future/next chapter), age gap, if you don’t like, don’t read | velvet

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Two weeks had passed since you started working for Kim Jongin, the weather outside was getting colder and the Christmas vibe was starting to be more and more strong. All around Seoul people put their Christmas decorations, transforming the usually black and white city into a colorful flower. In your apartment building your neighbours hung their best lights, they even already did their Christmas tree and you started to pull out your decorations. Even the Kim’s Company adorned the building with beautiful red and white lights that looked very expensive.

We decorated a Christmas tree and❞ Taeoh jumped around you as you walked into the company building ❝and we saw a Christmas movie where Santa Claus, he put a gift under the tree

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Damon needs to back off his high horse sometimes, but so does Elena. Sometimes she's just so self-righteous, and together I'd think she and Stefan would drive each other nuts, them and their moralizing platitudes. Elena and Stefan have journal writing, brooding, and self-righteousness. They make me think of a boring old couple. They are too similar, their personalities and reactions. I don't understand why I would want to watch the two of them when it seems like there's no growth, no fire...

The issue I have with anons like you who say things like this is that it just feels like you guys don’t watch the show.

Sometimes she’s just so self-righteous, and together I’d think she and Stefan would drive each other nuts, them and their moralizing platitudes.

When did this happen though? This doesn’t look like a couple who drives each other nuts because of their “moralizing platitudes”

Elena and Stefan have journal writing, brooding, and self-righteousness.

Legit, JP said that the narrative need for Stefan and Elena writing in their respective journals disappeared because they found each other to confide in:

Julie Plec: In the beginning of the series it was very important to have the journals because the two of them didn’t have anybody to talk to about their deepest feelings. Stefan is alone and caring this huge secret and needed an outlet for that. Elena was spiritually alone in that she’d lost her parents and didn’t feel like anybody really understood what she was feeling and where she was coming from, and so they were able to express themselves on paper. But the minute they felt in love they had each other. He doesn’t need to write something down if he doesn’t keep secrets from her, and she can express herself to him, she can open herself up to him, so the actual dramatic need for the journals diminished just by definition of putting those two into a relationship. (source)

And you can see that in their relationship:

They make me think of a boring old couple.

External image

I mean, I guess.

I don’t understand why I would want to watch the two of them when it seems like there’s no growth

You guys mistake constant arguing for growth because Stefan and Elena consistently grow with each other, that’s the point.

They push each other to feel the things they don’t want to feel, they push each other to be better people, they push each other to be vulnerable, they push each other to push themselves and they do, that’s what growth is, that’s not trying to turn someone into someone they’re not, that’s not finding them good enough as they are, that’s not being moralistic to a destructive degree, that’s challenging each other and instigating development and growth. Literally.

Also DErs keep mentioning “fire” but what fire did Damon and Elena really have? They just both looked exhausted and over it:

External image

And their sex scenes are pretty muted. So if you don’t like SE that’s whatever, do you, but you’re projecting things onto them that aren’t actually there.

For @thiamlife, hope you enjoy it.

Prompt: 7. “What? Does that feel good?”

85. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” “I’m not jealous.”

Word Count: 2059

If there was something Theo wasn’t concerned about it was his looks. He knew he was gorgeous, had a body to die for, as well as amazing eyes and handsome smile. There was no reason to be insecure about himself. And, because he knew that he was good-looking, it didn’t come as a surprise when someone threw themselves at him. It could be annoying, but hardly a surprise.

Sinema nights always tended to bring Theo his fair share of people interested in him, both girls and boys making eyes, throwing flirtatious smiles, buying him drinks and rubbing against him if he felt like dancing. Theo usually didn’t mind the attention, those nights were harmless fun and those strangers were people he would most likely never see again. It wasn’t a big deal.

At least, until this night it had never been a big deal.

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while discord is down ill just post these i gu e s s

so these two drabbles are a remix/continuation/add-on to @sadrien‘s fic plan bb 
you probably need to read it to understand what’s going on in these two but its a fic where the whole class tries to get marinette and adrien together with cute Class Misadventures
so yup happy birthday chai!!! (there’s another fic coming your way later so look out for That)

plan bb chapter 11: kim really sucks at this

“That was the least convincing thing I’ve ever seen,” Nino says.

“Yeah, it was mostly just weird as hell,” Juleka adds.

“It probably would’ve worked better with anyone else,” Sabrina suggests.

Chloé scoffs. “ I could be more convincing.”

Alix stops laughing to wiggle her eyebrows at Chloé.

Chloé chucks her nail file at her.


Chloe really had to steel herself for this one.

How the idiots in her class thought this would work, she would never know. Why her of all people, she would extra never know.


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What I want to see in Season 3 (or 4) Stranger Things: 

A big family dinner/get together with the Wheelers and the Byers, with Hopper and El present as well.

Jonathan and Nancy being all cute, smiling at each other and holding hands beneath the table. 

Mike and El being cute and awkward in front of family. 

Ted Wheeler accidentally assuming - or making an awkward joke about - Joyce and Hopper being together. Either Ted saying something that is for once secretly brilliant and observant (and totally unexpected) about the two, or makes a clueless joke to Hop about Joyce, e.g. “happy wife, happy life”. While Karen would be too busy staring at him, thinking “WTH do you know about a happy wife”, Joyce and Hop would be embarrassed and Jonathan and Nancy would just look at them as they struggle to act normal and keep up a facade. Jonathan and Nancy would then smile at each other enigmatically, recalling the night at Murray’s, and Nancy would lean in to Jonathan and whisper “I knew it”, giving his hand a squeeze.

(Btw, if anyone wants to write fanfiction about this, feel free, and I would greatly appreciate it, and will read it immediately!)

Brave of Heart and Calm of Mind (Chapter 3 of 3, + Epilogue)

Pairing: Logicality

Prompt: “I don’t want you… I need you.”

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort with a Happy Ending (now)

Words: 3927

Rating: T

Triggers: No major ones, but self-doubt/self-hatred and relationship conversations if those kinds of things upset you.

Read on AO3 here

Chapter One | Chapter Two


‘“You have always been, well, incredibly accepting, and patient, and I have no doubt that you would try to make my inadequacies work for you in every capacity, but that is the trouble, my dear.”

The word ‘dear’ stirs something nostalgic and sweet inside Patton. He lifts Logan’s hand to his mouth and kisses it again, just because he can.

“What are you afraid of?” he murmurs against them.

“Hurting you.”

Patton looks up, wondering. Logan’s eyes are closed.’


It’s here at last, the happy ending. Sorry for the small delay, I only just got done with my midterms and had to put the editing of this chapter on hold. Then I realised the chapter was kind of trash so I had to rewrite about half of it, but anyway - here you go. Tag list and more at the end, thanks so much for a great response, and I hope you enjoy!

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Wonwoo as your boyfriend

Disclaimer: this is just my opinion

  • Where do I even start with this toll bean
  • First of all wonwoo seems like a very shy boyfriend
  • I feel like he would not only be shy around the members or even just out in public but i feel like he would be shy if you kissed him
  • Or after a really heated kiss he would just smile and look flustered
  • Which you wouldn’t notice because you would also be flustered
  • But I also feel like sometimes wonwoo wouldn’t be shy at all like
  • Wonwoo knows he has a deep asf and hot voice and He would use that to his advantage
  • Lets say he back hugged you which would make you die but not the point
  • He would whisper something cute in your ear knowing that his deep voice always made you fall for him harder and harder
  • Basically there would be two sides shy wonwoo or sexy asf wonwoo
  • and you loved both sides of him
  • Okay but not only would he be shy and hot he would also be a majorrrrr dork
  • He would randomly start singing to you which you would expect to be sweet and romantic but nope you thought
  • He would make his voice sound like he was dying on purpose cause we all know this boy can sing
  • And he would also sing weird songs to you which would result in both of you dying of laughter
  • But the times where he would actually sing for you
  • You would almost die because his singing voice was that amazing and you loved hearing it
  • I feel like hes the type of boyfriend to cuddle with you and just start softly singing in your ear
  • Which would eventually put you to sleep since his voice was so calming and sweet
  • I also think that wonwoo would be the cuddly type
  • Like come on he wears big huge sweaters and has sweater paws that just convinces me he would be a cuddly boyfriend
  • Like he would wrap his arms around your waist pulling you in for a tight back hug
  • Or he would just bear hug you while swaying back and forth with you resting your head on his chest
  • If you were laying down he would pull you as close as possible and just rub your back
  • Or run his hands up and down your arms
  • I also feel like if you were ever cold he would instantly give you his jacket and he would comment on how cute you looked
  • But he would also laugh at how big the sweater was on you
  • Because if they are big on wonwooo they would be a full on dress on you.
  • Also with wonwoo I feel like hes the type of boyfriend to like lay with you
  • But I’m talking anywhere
  • Like if he was tired from practice and you came to visit with him he would lay his head on your shoulder and fall asleep
  • If you were at home watching a movie wonwoo would lay his head in your lap and would fall asleep
  • Which also brings me to my next point
  • That wonwoo would love when you play with his hair
  • Like if he were laying in your lap and you were playing with his hair
  • He would get a cute little smile with his eyes closed
  • Content with laying in your lap and also that he was with you
  • I also feel like there would be many movie nights
  • Wonwoo would just put in a movie and wait for you to come and lay with him
  • And if you didn’t lay with him right away he would pout at you and give you cute little looks until you would eventually give in
  • Because he would be too cute to even resist
  • I feel like during the movie wonwoo would stare at you a lot just taking in how beautiful you were
  • And when you would look at him he would just keep staring into your eyes the whole time causing you to blush and look away
  • Which would plant a small smile on wonwoo’s face
  • Also if you guys were talking about something serious or even just about your day he would keep eye contact the whole time
  • I also think your relationship would be those cute couples who take super aesthetic photos together
  • And there would also be super cute couple pics of you taking by the members who catch you guys doing something cute
  • And the photo would later be sent to you making you both smile
  • Also i feel like wonwoo would be the type of boyfriend who would always be there for you because you are always there for him
  • Like he would appreciate you always there for him when hes stressed out or had a terrible day
  • And if you were ever to break down he would try and do everything for you because he would want you to give you the same kinda comfort as you give him when he is down
  • Wonwoo would also make you laugh a lottttt
  • Just so he could see you smile and hear your laugh
  • But I aslo feel like you would do the same to wonwoo because hes deep laughter would make you start laughing
  • One because it was contagious and two because he was just so adorable when he laughs

Overall you and wonwoos relationship would be one of the cutest ones and would include tons of laughs and cuddles and tonssss of lazy days with movies he would always be there for you and vice versa    

Story Time

So when I was like 12-13 y.o. I had about the ugliest crush on this guy at my school.  Like he lived across the street and we rode the bus together, but if he wasn’t on the bus it was the Worst Thing, and immediately meant that the day was going to be a Bad Day, and I would spend the rest of it looking at his empty seat in the classes we had together like “What if he’s just coming to school late?”  Also he was dating my friend (well, middle-school “dating”) for most of the time that we knew each other so that was awkward.

Well, I was going to get his attention somehow, and fortunately, I had A Plan.  Which consisted of two parts:

  1. Talk to him ad nauseam about Lord of the Rings, which I had just discovered.
  2. Punch him.  Yeah, you read that correctly.

Okay.  To be completely clear, it wasn’t like this was actually Thought Out.  Really my plan consisted of “get bae’s attention in whatever way possible” and one day I saw him walking and I guess it clicked in a part of my brain that if I hit the poor kid he’d have to look at me and so I got up a good run and clobbered him over the shoulder.  And then abruptly ran away giggling, like an idiot.  No, we never went out.  But in defiance of all odds, he did continue talking to me after that.

So it turned out that Andreth’s Foolproof Ploy for Attracting the Menfolk needed to be revised.  I cut out the second item, bringing my strategy down to only one point: talk to him ad nauseam about LotR.  And actually, that’s how I started dating my current boyfriend.  We started bonding over our shared love of fantasy novels.  We’ve been together nearly 5 years now.

So that’s the point of my story, I guess.  Whoever you are, whatever gender(s) you’re interested in, there is someone out there for you.  And the old saying about “be yourself” gets thrown around all the time, but for real: if you can’t be yourself around the person you’re interested in, how can you expect them to care about you?  Do you want them to fall in love with a shallow mask that you put on over your true self?  Because keeping up that mask will be exhausting, and some day it’s gonna slip so…why not be honest from the get-go?

Don’t try to force a relationship, kids.  If it’s meant to happen, it will happen.

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In the promo for the next episode of twd, Rick and Daryl have a quarrel ( haha, I had to) but seriously it looks like it gets physical. I’m??? I saw the clip of it and I was like ummm ok. But I’m lowkey excited. (if you haven’t seen the clip I thinks it on AMCs twitter page)

I did see the clip and this was my literal reaction:

Like, it went by so fast, I had to go watch it multiple times, because I couldn’t believe my own two eyes. It was bad enough Daryl had the nerve to say Rick looked like shit, like have you looked in a mirror my guy? But now he’s punching him and putting him in illegal chokeholds, and I’m sure whatever it’s about is stupid and they just wanted to call back to their first meeting, but I would still very much like to fight Daryl right now. Just when I was starting to not roll my eyes every time he was on screen. But I also think it could be good for them to have some tension, so… as long as Rick gets to punch him back, I’m okay with this. 

anonymous asked:

I love your RWBY and Berseria crossovers so much!! Would you mind drawing Yang and Eizen brawling or anything? Thanks! <3

Have you ever heard of the word “CONSEQUENCE” ?? Think about the collateral damage! I’m not sure anyone could cover that, I mean I still have debts to pay for the last explosion on the bar!!

So two stunning characters, both dashing, both smashing, and their moves are ground-breaking, so let’s just have them THUMB WRESTLING!

Eizen has been flipping his coin literally for centuries, so his thumb must be more than just powerful.. but on the other hand (lol) Yang still has her semblance and you know… Yang being Yang.. so anything could happen here!

Kirumi stopping her s/os wedding to confess.

-Kirumi never thought she would do something like this. But when she saw your eyes looking into hers from the alter, she knew that it was the only option.

-Everyone in the room stared in shock, but Kirumi just walked forward with confidence. In her head they weren’t there. It was only s/o.

-This was the first time she’d seen you in what… two years? She couldn’t even remember why it ended.

-And it was the same for you. Why did you leave someone as amazing as her? You guess it was the fact she was so busy, you thought it would be easier if you weren’t there.

-As she finally reaches you she can only think of one thing to say. As a tear rolls down her blushing cheek, she manages to choke it out.

-“Miss/Mr s/o. I am in love with you.”

-Of course by now you were crying to. You were about to say something back when you got a weak tap on the back.

“S/o… I…” it was your groom/bride. The one you were supposed to be marrying.

“I don’t think I can…. I mean you should…” before they finished their sentence they took a deep breath and handed Kirumi the rings.

-You couldn’t believe it. It was all so fast, yet you knew it was the right thing to do.

-You took one look at your was-to-be lover and thanked them for all they’d done for you. But now it was time for you to be with Kirumi.

-All the blurred away except for Kirumi as you heard her say the words you always wanted to hear from her.

“I. Kirumi Tojo. Take thee….”

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Hey, I was just wondering 1) what does it take to get into a music school/program at uni. 2) what exactly is a music major do (like courses, projects, etc) I’m planning on majoring in music when I go to uni so this would be a lot of help

Hey! So first of all, I have actually written two eBooks on these exact topics! You can find them here. I get really in-depth on these two questions in these books, so if you’re looking for a long-form answer, I’d look there.

As a brief overview: to get into a music program, you need to have a good audition. Grades can be overlooked, a lack of non-music extracurriculars can be fine. The important thing is to audition, and perform confidently and to the best of your abilities. Every school has a different skill level for their cutoff. Julliard or Oberlin are going to be much, much, much harder to get into than, say, your local public university. If you aren’t already taking lessons for your instrument, you should start!

Music majors learn music theory, aural skills, music history, and their instrument, with additional classes regarding how to teach, how to compose, or how to conduct, depending on their specific major. Your senior and maybe your junior year, you will perform a recital, which is a concert of just you! You’ll also be in some sort of large ensemble all four years.

I hope this helps!

Some of the most iconic quotes from Ragnarok

You’re lucky i have really good memory.

-”Now you might be wondering, why i, Thor the god of thunder ended up here” 

-”Hold on, let me just circle back around- i thought we were really connecting just then” 

-”BEHOLD- my stuff”

-”I named this one Des and this one Troy. Together they are destroy” 

-*upon seeing Loki’s statue* “what the-” 

-”Hello Father.” “Oh shit”

-”I present Thor, prince of-” “No no no, you had one job.” 

-”I swear i left him right here” “Right here on the sidewalk or in that nursing home that’s being demolished?

-”I don’t know, i’m not a witch” “No? Why do you dress like one then?” 

-”I can’t believe you’re alive, i saw you die, i mourned for you!” “Im honored?” 


-”you think you’re some kind of sorcerer? Don’t you think for a second you second rate-” 

-”Kneel” “I beg your pardon?” 

-”she’s the, It starts with a b” “trash” 

-”I don’t see thunder, but i do see sparkles!” 

-”Oh do you know each other?” “I’ve never met this man in my life” 

-”He’s my brother!” “Adopted.” 

-”aw now he’s threatening me” 


-*being dragged away* “AGH LOKI”

-”It sounds like you had a very intimate relationship with your hammer, so much that losing it was comparable to losing a loved one” “that’s a nice way of putting it” 


-”Oh and Loki, Loki’s alive! Loki, look who it is!” “I have to get off this planet” 

-”YES, THAT’S HOW IT FEELS!” “Sorry i’m just a fan of the sport” 

-”What’s the team called?” “the uh.. revengers” 

-”i want revenge, you want revenge, and you uh..” “I’m.. undecided” 

-”Surprise!” “OW!” 


-”THE SUNS GETTING LOW THE SUNS GETTING LOW” “Would you stop that?!” -”You’ve been on other planets before!” “yeah! one!” “Well, now it’s two”

-”wait you’re just using me to get to the hulk. That’s gross” 

-”Just give me twelve hours” “i can do it in 2″ “…I can do it in one” 

-”Were going through there” “the devils anus?” 

-”We might as well be strangers now, two sons of the crown set adrift” “I thought you didn’t want to talk about it” “…Heres the thing” 

-”Loki, i thought the world of you, but lets face it, our paths diverged a long time ago”

-*holding back tears* “yeah, maybe it’s for the best if we never see each other again”  

-”Hey, lets do get help” “what?” “Get help” “No, that’s humiliating” 

-”Do you have any other ideas?” “No” “were doing it.” 

-”Help my brother’s dying, get help!” *Flings loki at enemies* “HELP HIM” 

-”It’s a luxury ship, like for orgies and stuff” “did she just say this ship was used for orgies” “yeah, don’t touch anything” 


-”This looks like a gun” *fireworks and loud music erupt from spaceship* 

-”In return, i wish to be granted safe passage through the anus” 

-”You know i don’t like that word” “What? mainframe?” “What? why would you think-? Slaves!” “Oh sorry sir, prisoners with jobs” 


-”But man, you’re really the worst” 

-”Who are you? Thor, god of hammers?” 

-”I saw you coming” “Of course you did” 

-”You’re late” 

-”Hit her with your thunder!” “I just hit her with the biggest thunder bolt in the history of thunder and it didn’t do anything!” 


-”Asgard is not a place, it’s a people” 

-”Oh Miek’s dead, i stomped on him and felt bad so i’ve kind of just been holding him all day”  

-”It suits you” “I might hug you if you were here” “I’m here” 

-”Do you think it’s a good idea to go back to earth?” “Of course, the people there love me!” “…Do you think its a good idea to bring ME back to earth?” 

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uh was it just me or was Dean like turned on when Cas said 'I'm your Huckleberry' and ISN'T THAT SLANG FOR 'I'M THE MAN YOU'RE LOOKING FOR'????


Firstly (everyone’s screamed about this already; I’m still DYING fyi), Dean and Cas watch movies together (or Dean makes Cas watch his favourite Westerns like a cool, cultured hubbie should do). 

God, just look at Dean’s lowkey scandalized face saying “Babe! How dare you suddenly forget the MOVIE Tombstone!”

(Meanwhile I’m laughing at Cas’ casual, vague summary of it because you have no idea how many times my mom talks like this when my dad would ask her if she remembered a certain action movie [he’s an action movie buff]. To my mom, the action genre consists of two things: guns and blown-up cars. That’s it. They’ve been married for 25 years.)

Secondly (of course), Cas watches these movies because Dean wants him to despite not having a fetish/obsession with Westerns and cowboy paraphernalia like Dean does. Happy Dean = Content Cas. 


Yep–popularized by Tombstone, the phrase is 19th century slang for ‘I’m the man you’re looking for’ according to Urban Dictionary (or ‘the man for the job’).

Dean: *fondly confused/flustered* *swallows* *licks lips*

Here, Dean’s voice catches on a gasped inhale as he shakes his head (both in disbelief and amusement) at Cas’ endearing antics.

UGH. Textbook married.

Maybe once I gather my wits I can write proper meta alongside flailing but we’ll see–like I said, there’s barely any sub left in that text, if you ask me  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 gif credit: x x


  1. Dean had a good snore-ful sleep after sleepless grieving nights post-Cas return.
  2. Cas knows Dean sleeps like “an angry bear”. AN “ANGRY SLEEPER…LIKE A BEAR”.
  3. Cas (who “doesn’t sleep”) makes Dean coffee in the mornings.

*What Cas is actually thinking* “Nice job, Jack. Now I must make your father coffee again. I didn’t resurrect myself for this.” 

I want you to want me

“Wait, no, let’s take the other corridor.”

“But that will take so much longer!”

“I don’t care. Come on!”

Draco ignored Pansy’s pouting and dragged her along. What were the teachers thinking, hanging up all these mistletoes around the castle? There were so many, it was so hard to avoid them all. Also, it was only November 17th! Couldn’t they at least have waited until December?

Cursing under his breath, Draco turned to the corridor that was still mistletoe-free. Well, at least it had been this morning.

“Oh, come on,” Draco groaned as he suddenly found himself and Pansy standing beneath a gigantic ladder. Filch was on top of it, fumbling with the fateful plant Draco had come to loathe.

Since he was a child, he had been very superstitious. Ignoring the mistletoe wouldn’t do it. It was bad luck. And Pansy knew this very well, judging from her smug expression. She had been taught the same by her parents, but, unlike Draco, she chose to try her luck. At least she usually did.

“Well, go on,” she said, grinning at him. Exhaling loudly, Draco pinched the bridge of his nose.

“This is ridiculous,” he grumbled.

“I’m waiting.” Pansy’s grin only widened when Draco huffed and blew his hair out of his face.

“Alright, alright.” He leaned over to her reluctantly, but panicked, when she suddenly closed her eyes. She couldn’t be serious! Dear Merlin! Hastily, he planted his lips on her left cheek and immediately started walking again. There! Surely that would count!

“Hey! Draco,” he heard Pansy call after him. Nope, he would keep walking! He would keep walking and avoid these bloody mistletoes this time! Getting back to the Slytherin common room couldn’t be that impossible!

“… no, I remember you specifically told me- Ouch!”

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” Rubbing his nose, Draco glowered at the person he had just collided with. The Weasel. With Granger in tow. Magnificent!

You bumped into me,” Weasley said in an accusing tone.

“Whatever, Weasel! Now get out of my-”

“Oh, mistletoe,” Granger interrupted him, pointing at the ceiling.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Draco looked up, then back at the other two standing in front of him. Oh, damn it!

“Come on, let’s just go,” Granger said, taking Weasley’s hand.

“We can’t,” he whispered. “We have to kiss.” Granger rolled her eyes at him, but Weasley’s face turned serious. “No, we really have to kiss. It’s bad luck if we don’t.”

Huh. Weasley wasn’t as dumb as he looked after all. With an exasperated sigh, Granger pulled him down and kissed him for much longer than was necessary. When Draco cleared his throat, they finally stopped.

“What, you want one, too?” Weasley asked, arching his eyebrows.

“Well, I was standing under the damn thing, too, wasn’t I?”

Understanding hit Weasley’s face and Draco would have loved to take a step forward and slap him. His dumb face was just so infuriating. Before Draco could do anything, however, Granger shoved her boyfriend and he stumbled forward.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Weasley asked, turning his head.

“Well, obviously, you two are the ones with the superstitions. And I already kissed you, so you can go and kiss him.” The way she said it was so nonchalant, it made Draco gape at ther. Okay, so he definitely didn’t want to kiss her. But did she understand how revolting it would be to kiss the Weasel? Well, of course not. She did it willingly. On a regular basis. Yuck!

When Weasley turned back around to Draco, his face was so pale, Draco thought he might faint.

“Ugh, let’s just get this over with,” Draco murmured.

“No, please, Hermione, no, please don’t make me do this!”

“I’m not making you do anything! You were the one who said you have to kiss under the mistletoe.”

“She’s right,” Draco said through gritted teeth. He closed the gap between them and wrinkled his nose. “Just… hold still.” Draco placed both his hands on Weasley’s shoulders and tried to ignore the way his bottom lip was quivering. His lips looked very chapped.This was going to be worse than he had thought!

If he hadn’t already cheated when he had kissed Pansy on the cheek, Draco would have done the same with Weasley. But he couldn’t cheat fate twice in one day! Ugh!

Just a quick peck. Light. Very light. Lips barely touching. Yeah, that wouldn’t be so bad, right? Ugh, if only it weren’t Weasley!

“Merlin, Malfoy, just do it already,” Weasley groaned. Clicking his tongue once, Draco stood up on his toes and gave Weasley the quickest kiss in history of all kisses.

“Ugh! Now excuse me, I need to go wash my mouth,” Draco declared and started hurrying off.

“Ron. Ron? Are you okay? Are you crying? Oh, you’re gagging. Come on, stop it!” Granger’s voice slowly died down behind him as Draco ran down the stairs to the Dungeons. No, wait, he couldn’t walk down that corridor. There were at least three bunches of mistletoe down there. The one on the left had only one. That he knew of. And he’d have to walk through half the castle again. But one was still better than three. Okay then.

As he walked, Draco kept his eyes to the ceiling. He wouldn’t let himself get into another situation like that. Yuck! Weasley! Disgusting! He’d probably never forget it. November 17th, the day he had kissed Ron Weasley. Why? Why??

He wiped his lips with the back of his hand and began running when he spied the bunch of mistletoe he had been dreading. Luckily, no one else was in the corridor. Heaving a sigh of relief, Draco slowed down when he suddenly heard footsteps approaching.

“Potter!” Draco narrowed his eyes. “Wandering the corridors all alone?”

Why couldn’t it have been Potter? Why couldn’t he have bumped into him under the mistletoe? This really wasn’t fair! Draco was doing everything, but still he had the worst luck! This was just infuriating! And honestly, it was kind of Potter’s fault he’d had to endure kissing Weasley. If Potter had been with his stupid friends, it might have gone very differently.

“Why aren’t you with the rest of your little trio? Tired of being the third wheel?”

Potter blinked.

“I am, actually.”


This was no fun when Potter was being honest.

“What about you? You look a bit ill. Are you okay?”

Draco tried very hard not to think about his lips touching Weasley’s. This would probably haunt him for a very long time. Instead, he rolled his eyes.

“How sweet. Nice to know the Saviour cares.”

Potter was about to respond, when his gaze fell to the ground.

“What’s that?”

Draco followed Potter’s gaze and almost choked. Was that mistletoe? Growing, actually growing out of the cobblestone while they were standing there? But mistletoe usually grew on trees!

“You can’t be serious,” Draco muttered. This was insane. But… he was with Potter. This would be the perfect opportunity to steal a kiss without having to reveal his feelings for the stupid git. “Ugh, can this day get any worse?” Draco moaned. Yes, yes, act like this is the worst thing that could have happened right now! He watched as Potter slowly examined the plant.

“Is that…”

“Yeah,” Draco said, trying to sound as displeased as possible.


There was a brief silence, in which they both avoided the other’s eyes.

“Well, since we’re not exactly standing under it… Let’s just ignore it,” Potter babbled. Draco’s heart fell. This was his opportunity! Why was Potter being so difficult?

“We can’t just ignore it. It’s bad luck,” he mumbled. He felt so stupid. Potter was probably seeing right through him. From the corner of his eyes he saw the Gryffindor shuffling his feet, while his eyes were still glued to the ground.

“That’s just some stupid superstition, isn’t it?” Potter said with an arched brow.

“It’s not,” Draco insisted. “People… people have died after ignoring it.” It was utter bollocks. And Potter probably knew it. Draco considered just walking away. Potter was right, they weren’t standing under the mistletoe, so the rules probably didn’t apply here.

“Oh.” Potter paused while Draco suppressed the urge to kick the mistletoe.  “Well, if it’s that serious… we better not risk it.”

Draco’s head snapped up. What? Had Potter just… What?

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whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.

After that last lil’ comic, I though: “What if Joey gave the script to Bendy?” And this happened! Hope you like it and congrats on the 2,000+!

Oh this is accurate as hell. 

Quick Little Detail I Noticed:

Victor has a shit ton of lamps pointed towards him in bed. Like I get having a lamp on your nightstands but it struck me as a bit odd that they would be shining at really harsh spots if her were to just turn them on willy nilly in the middle of the night. 

Then I had the thought that ‘Omg those lamps are actually in really good positions for reading in bed.’  (Plus they’re adjustable!!!!). Like I can just imagine Victor curled up in bed with Makka (and Yuuri of course) enjoying a good book until a reasonable hour before going to bed. Yuuri is a night goblin and usually stays up later than him but that’s a different story … 

Look at this shit! the lower lamps are pointed towards Victor’s lap and the other two look to be shining over his shoulder. Now I don’t know about you, but if I were to have four fucking lamps hovering next to my head this set up would make sure just about every uncomfortable reading position you can imagine is well lit. 

Then of course I remembered the little fact that in the Bluray version Victor’s apartment is absolutely crawling with books:

I’ll just say I’ve always subscribed to the headcannon that Victor is a well read fellow so I might be a wee bit biased but I definitely think those lamps have aided Vitya in his nightly romps around various literary worlds. 

tl;dr: Vitya’s a late night bookworm y’all.