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I’ll Find My Way Back To You//Part Three

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SURPRISE! It’s short, I know, but I was in a mood to write and thought I should give you guys a filler of what’s about to come next. If you enjoyed reading it or if whether or not you guys want me to continue this, I would absolutely LOVE to here your thoughts on this one. Let me know HERE. Checkout my Masterlist HERE.

Part One / Part Two

Word Count: 1.5K

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The kiss that will set them free is the kiss you most desire.

She never says “Kiss the one you most desire.”, only “The kiss you most desire.”

So imagine the Queen says that, Jace and Simon are panicked as the vines trap them and Clary looks really really flustered and keeps mumbling under her breath.


The Queen is a little (literally) shit and tells Clary to speak up and Clary explodes, shouting.

“I said it’s neither of them! It’s not me wanting to kiss any of them. The kiss I most desire? Them! The two of them, kissing each other! Here. You have it. I just want them to be happy together.”

The Seelie Queen would be soooo unprepared for that. And Jimon would be hella flustered.

Taeyong as your brother would include:
  • he would be a great big brother 
  • you two being best friends 
  • asking eachother for advice 
  • if you ever had a problem he would want to be the first person you talked to
  • picks you up from school or other places
  • buying you stuff from cities he had concerts in
  • he would be always looking after you 
  • he would scold you if you didn’t listen to him or you wouldn’t do something he wanted you to 
  • “have you eaten??”
    if you would say no then he would buy you a lot of jummy food 
  • him begin really protective over you
  • he would be texting you everyday just to know how was your day
  • he would want to pick a great boyfriend for you but you wouldn’t listen to him ofc
  • he would has your picture in his wallet
  • when he gets upsed he always looks at your shared photography when you two were babies
  • he would always treats you like a baby 
  • “y/n even if you’re going to be 30 and you’ll be married and have a lot of kids you will be always my little baby sister OKAY”
  • he would talks a lot about you with a big smile on his face to his members like how great, kind, funny, beautiful and smart you are 
  • but then his face gets seriously and he said ‘’but if you ever hurt her i will end all of you i promise’’
  • just kidding not really
  • he would want to protect you from this ugly world 
  • like if someone says something mean to you he would be always ready to fight them 

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Are you having people request from the list of prompts you reblogged? If so could you do "is that my shirt?" With Harry and Murphy I feel like it would be hilarious

“… Is that my shirt?”
Karrin, freshly showered after her run-in with slime monsters, looked down at herself and back up at me, a blonde eyebrow quirked. “What gave it away? The Incredible Hulk, or the fact that it’s about two feet too long?” She held out her arms. The sleeves flapped like flags. “Alright, on a scale of one to ten, how bad is it?”
I waved a hand uncertainly and rubbed my chin. “A few shades up from circus tent fashion show, a few shades down from child trapped in parachute.”
She rolled her eyes. “Perfect.“
“Maybe if you fold the sleeves up a little…” I suggested.
She did. Or at least tried to. After five minutes of watching her work, I got up from the couch, grabbed a bottle of McAnally’s dark from my ice box, and settled in for the long haul.
“You could at least pretend to look like you’re not enjoying this,” Murphy said. With a grunt of frustration, she finally gave up and flopped down beside me. I passed her the bottle and she took a long swig.
“Come on, the amount of times I’ve been caught in my boxers during a fight?” I said. “This is like a vacation.”
She snorted out a laugh, no doubt recalling the time all my clothes had been vanished by a magical barrier, or that one incident where I’d been arrested for public indecency after a toad demon had interrupted my shower.
“Feel better?” I asked, as her giggles died away.
Her cheeks were pink, but with humour now, instead of embarrassment. “You’re a champion idiot, Harry.”
“Uh huh,” I said. “Always.”

True love is looking at your bias and thinking: “Sweetie. I love you, and I would steal all the stars in the night sky to see you smiling and happy,” while two seconds later thinking, “This butt is really coming for me, dO YOU WANNA GO YOU JERK?! COME AT ME AND I’LL FIGHT YOUR ASS!!”

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“She’s hiding behind the sofa.” OR “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.” for poly Junkers/fem!reader if you don't mind? Thank you!

[Poly Roadrat is my fucking jam, I hope you enjoy this babycakes!]

It was so late at night and you could feel it, the tired ache in your bones as you knelt down on the cold rooftop trying to repress a yawn that was making it’s way out of you, the small sound caused Roadhog to turn and look at you, his mask cocking to one side, a silent question. “Sorry, just so tired” you mumbled and blinked your eyes.

“Hmm” was all that came out Roadhog as he simply moved one massive hand to give you a sympathic back rub.

Normally the two junkers would do thier heists on their own but you had wanted to come help them plan this one out, if you had known it was going to take this long to get all the needed information you would have skipped. You were shocked Jamie even planned ahead for these things, you always thought he just barrel rolled in like the mad man he was.

Seemed there was at least some method to his madness.. As if he knew you were thinking about him Junkrat whirled around and gave you a big crooked grin before making a scribble on the paper. “Can’t say we don’t take ya out ‘nywhere now darl’” a giggle escaped him as he eyed you up.

“When I said we should do more together.. I meant like dinner, movies, a ride in the countryside” you sighed, waving your hand at him in a dismissive fashion as you rambled to yourself.

“Wot would ya wanna do tha’ rubbish for? this is way more fun” He replied shifting a little moving towards you now.

You sighed leaning against Roadhog, your larger then life boyfriend moved you so you were sat on his lap instead of the cold tiles as you both watched Jamie hop from peg to good foot as he peered over the edge of the rooftop and licked his lips, watching who was coming and going.

“We won’t be much longer, promise” Roadhog said with a small hmm, he stroked your sides trying to warm you up a little.

Hours seemed to pass before Junkrat cackled and knelt down to join you and Roadhog as you cuddled up, bored and half asleep. “Alllll done” he offered you his hand and you gladly took it letting the smaller junker lift you to your feet, giving you a large sloppy kiss on the face.

His aim was awful, but you took the chance to give your smaller boyfriend a smooch on the cheek. Roadhog standing himself and brushing down his knees. It was now 4am and you were more then exhausted, you were tempted to ask Roadhog to carry you but felt bad, you stumbled along behind your partners.

Your tired eyes glanced around and soon saw a coffee shop and you sighed, the look of longing on your face as you stopped dead in your tracks to look. Junkrat and Roadhog soon noticed their girlfriend wasn’t behind them, they turned and saw you, both looking to where your attention was drawn.

The smaller junker limped over to you and put an arm around your shoulder. “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.” you said, not realizing the massive grin which spread over the lanky males face. Roadhog sighed, hidden by his mask, but then again… coffee did sound like a good idea.

“Well that does sound like fun… don’t it Roadie?” a cackle escaped as he brought out one of his bombs and lit it.

Before you could do or say anything the bomb went off, blowing the door to the small coffee shop across the street. The alarm went off but your partners didn’t seem to care as they just strut into the place like they owned it. Soon tinkering around with the machines, getting them going after Roadhog managed to rip the alarm out the wall.

You sighed and sat at one of the tables, Junkrat hobbled over and leaned down kissing you on the lips, you made a happy sound before he pulled away.

“I wanted ta make ya a coffee but I didn’ get ‘ow that crap worked” he shurrged, he would have set it on fire…

“Here” Roadhog came up behind Junkrat and handed you a coffee, just how you liked it.. There was sirens in the distance and the three of you left, coffee cups in hand before there was an even louder explosion.

You and Roadie shot Junkrat a look as you sipped your drinks, he shrugged a little but grinned, the very face of innocents.. Least no one got hurt… and you got your coffee..

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If Noctis wasn't royalty, would you give him a second glance?

*skids back into Tumblr proper after avoiding my feed for almost two days because spoilers* K BACK AFTER BEATING EPISODE PROMPTO SO WHAT’S THE QUESTION AGAIN?

Would I take a look at Noctis if…


I don’t care that he’s royalty tho. I don’t want to be queen. I just want his D.

Cause he’s fucking hot. And needs to be doing me. With Ignis. And Gladio. And Prompto.

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GAM you don't have to publish this but I have an issue with the 'new' pride flag. I absolutely agree with intersectionality, you know me well enough for that, but I feel that the two 'extra' rows make it look weird, and that it'd be even better if they were vertical, columns, on the side. I just wanted to say this out, feel free to publish if you feel it's an opinion worth discussing, just yeha

Hmm, I wonder if it would send a better message too? Like poc encompass this issue, not just added to it?

But the thing is, pride flags have changed constantly since we made them and there is always room for more inclusive designs.

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also for when u do start to write, can I request smthn with fem reader and mccree, please? idk what tho tbh, playful teasing of one another. like they have to one up and get the other REALLY flustered. thank u

Of course, love! Btw, love the icon ;) (Takes place post-Recall)

  • You swear it starts out as simple banter that normally happens between you and Jesse
  • But then you had to mention that you could shoot the farthest and get it dead center on a target with a handgun
  • The minute the words left your mouth, you immediately regretted it
  • Next thing you know, McCree’s dragging you out to the shooting range and makes the target two times the distance than it normally is
  • You hesitantly pick up the weapon in front of you and you only prep yourself to shoot when you see the smug ass look on your boyfriend’s face
  • “Go on, darlin’. Just remember our lil’ bet.”
  • Ah yes, whoever won would make the other do every chore for the next week
  • And you know that McCree leaves paperwork until the day before the deadline (aka when Winston finally gets fed up with him for not handing them in)
  • So you take a deep breath in as you steady your hand and fire a shot at the target
  • You squeeze your eyes shut and the only thing you hear is Jesse whistling
  • “You weren’t wrong, darlin’. I’m impressed.”
  • Nonetheless, you still keep your eyes shut until Jesse shoots with Peacemaker and then you dare to open your eyelids just a slight bit
  • Jesse brings the paper target in and you clamber around him to see where your bullet landed
  • If your erratic heartbeat and your giddy laugh wasn’t enough to prove your victory, it was the blush that tinted your boyfriend’s cheeks
  • You only bring him in for a kiss and wrap your arms around his waist before Jesse leads you away from the shooting range while he rubs patterns on your back
  • Deep down, you know that Jesse doesn’t mind doing certain things for you
  • But you won’t deny that it was nice to be able to prove your ability to him

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Matthew Daddario Imagine

Matthew had been working extra hard the last few months so it was time for good earned vacation and that’s what you two did. Both of wanted to go somewhere closed off and were you could be alone. Matt rented a house on the country side. It was quit and beautiful.

“This will be great. Quit and just you, me” he said as you entered the house. Soon you two started to make dinner, Matt got the wood for the fireplace and you cut the food. You looked over at Matt, he was smiling and looking closely at you.

“What?” you asked cleaning your hands. He chuckled and said thing you never knew he was thinking of.

“I was just thinking. What would you say if one day you and me move to a place like this. Somewhere quit, away from people. We could get a house like this just maybe a bit bigger. The living room could be like this, I like this. And we could get like 2 dogs who are well trained and get a long with kids.” you listened to him speak, walked to him. Matt put his hands on your waist and pulled you closer looking into your eyes.

“You’ve thought about having kids with me?” he nodded. “How many?” you asked getting even more excited.

“Two. A boy and a girl. I could teach the boy football and you could teach the girl all the girly things I don’t know” you laughed a bit and kept listening to him speak. “Would you like that? Do you want all that? With me?” with a smile on your lips you kissed Matt.

“More then you can imagine” he smiled hearing you say that. Now the future Matt had told you about, was much clearer. You could see little kids running around with 2 dogs. Could see making new amazing memories with Matt. You never thought like that before, but since he came into your life, the future that used to be blurry to you, now was so clear and you just couldn’t wait for it.

Pride Month Day 27 - Shopping

This one is kind of based on me and my fiance for the months before we got engaged. We would look at rings and point out ones we liked but pretend that we weren’t both thinking about the same thing. So I thought I would write about Alya and Marinette doing the same thing. 

“This one’s so pretty!” Marinette said, pointing.

“I like this one’s setting better I think,” Alya said, pointing at another ring.

“Oh, that is nice,” Marinette agreed. “I like the way the stone is cut.”

“Are you looking for anything specific?” asked the shopkeeper, smiling knowingly. These were advertised as engagement rings, after all, and the two young women were clearly a couple.

Marinette’s face heated up. “We… we’re just looking.”

“Yeah,” Alya said, smiling as she squeezed Marinette’s hand. “Just looking.”

The shopkeeper looked amused and left them alone. Marinette felt her heart beating quicker as she clung to her girlfriend. “Just, you know, for future reference, I like that style of ring a lot.”

“Why would I ever need to know what kind of ring you like?” asked Alya, feigning innocence. Marinette nudged her and she giggled. They had been discussing the possibility of marriage a lot recently, but only in vague terms. Those late night talks hung heavy in both of their minds as they pretended that their interest in the rings was only casual.

“What’s your favorite?” Marinette asked, biting her lip nervously.

“I like this style but I think I’d prefer a different stone, not a diamond. Diamonds are so typical.”

“Well, you should tell that to someone you want to get married to, shouldn’t you.” Marinette said, teasing.

Alya rolled her eyes and kissed her cheek before they walk out of the shop, hand in hand, hearts full of excitement for their future.

TalesFromYourServer: Just Plain Gross

Not a server, but I’m a host so I still get to hear some of the stories.

Last night we had a party of 11 come in. They must have had some problem with the server because they treated her like absolute garbage, but were so nice to everyone else. They would never look her in the eye, never said thank you, tipped only a dollar, stuff like that.

At my restaurant the hosts double as bussers so they leave and I assume the position to bus the table with the server. We find not one, but TWO dirty diapers on the table just sitting on plates. One, that’s just disgusting. Two, either they changed the baby in the bathroom and brought the diaper out with them to the table or they changed this baby’s poopy diaper at their table.

So sure, me and this server had to be the ones to throw away your baby’s diaper full of poop. But YOU are the nasty group of people who changed your baby’s diaper at the table you all were eating your dinner on.

By: smanl21

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People say you can't compare the two but I promise, there is a LOT there. If more people really looked into it like they do with Larry then they would see it but many just don't bother.

You may be right. But personally, I’m so burned out on BG 1.0 that I just can’t with BG 2.0.

And while I’m not paying close attention like you are, I am watching more than the average person in the GP and while there are oddities, nothing is screaming FAKE about Bear at this point (pre-birth, yeah, absolutely).

Plus the simple fact that Cheryl is not a nobody from nowhere USA that can pretend to have a kid or borrow someone else’s. Whether she birthed a baby or not, there is one and that kid is hers legally, so that’s a massive difference that can’t be overlooked.

And maybe they will somehow retcon Liam out of the situation, but I find that pretty unlikely. 

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Imagine that the gang found out about Darry and two bit being together because one of the other guys walked in on the two them basically dry-humping each other while making out

HOOO BOIII! the gang would go absolutely WILD bro and they would never be able to live it down like… they’re making waffles two years later and everything is peaceful before dally is just “y'all remember that time we caught y'all humpin’ each other on the couch?”

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Will you and your larries friends help with a project for zayn if i do one? I would really appreciate bc it seems like hes not having a good time and if you look deep in his stuff -like management and all that- seems like theyre shit... and i just wanna send him some love even if its just this time, also i don't think everything we saw about him the last two years are... really him? I just feel like hes in unhappy place rn and all he seems to have are zigi stans who only care about them :(

I’m not Zayn’s biggest fan, but I’m sure there are people who’ll want to help so I’m posting for them :)

Once again I got an idea out of nowhere and it’s stupid one xD

So Anti has stolen 20 chow chow puppies (if u don’t know how they look liek, just google them) and wants to put them in Jack’s house as a prank (even though he just wants a place where to keep them) so he asks Dark to look after them while he’s gone doing something else. 

Dark is all like: “Why would I ever do you a favor Especially favor like this?” But after Anti’s certain amount of whining Dark finally promises to take care of the puppies for while.

So Anti goes his merry way and Dark just sits there with his expensive suit middle of twenty chow chow puppies.

When Anti comes back he takes the puppies to Jack’s house and hides somewhere to see Jack’s and Wiishu’s reaction.

When those two come back they’re just so confused and in shock but Wiishu is the first one to run to them and just cry happy tears while Jack is still confused like how tf did 20 puppies get into his house?? 

Then Anti appears behind him laughing like lol it’s just a prank bro and Jack tbh is pretty mad. Twenty puppies sure sound like heaven but actually taking care of them considering the environment? Naaah dude. So Jack is angry like: “Why in the ever loving fuck would you bring 19 puppies in my house??” and Anti just laugh but soon cuts of like: “Wait what do you mean by 19? I brought twenty of them.” And then he looks off really confused thinking whether he counted wrong or he accidentally lost one.

But in reality the one lost puppy is in Dark’s office. Because he stole it :3

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Hey Evan. I've been working on my sv series for some time, almost a year now, And recently Ive rewritten things many times not feeling too satisfied with the results. I genuinely want to keep with this because its fun but im having trouble because i dont feel its good enough to bring out. Do you have any advice to lend?

Write until you’re ALMOST satisfied.

Something that really helped me with season two was that, I had a lot of wild ideas for how it would end but had no concrete one for how we’d get there.

Just look at what you’ve written, see how they can relate, and make your characters do things THEY WOULD DO to get there. After a certain amount of time and effort it starts to feel much more satisfying and “right”, you know?

I have no doubt you’ve already put weeks of work into this - months, even. But there’s no such thing as satisfaction in all this. You do the best you can, for as long as you can (but don’t write for more than half an hour a day!) and you’ll eventually have something you’d be proud to show. That’s how it felt for me, anyways.

Good luck!

Grasping the Obvious

Bucky Barnes was in love, and it seems that everyone figured it out but you. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, tiny segment of angst. 
Author’s Note: Don’t you love fluff? I do. After writing angst for three days straight I could use a little fluff. Enjoy! This is 3000 words long! 

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