would you invite me to your parties


So your friends are throwing you a birthday party and you thought you’d invite her. She made you realize how stupid that would be though (“A Talon assassin alone and unarmed surrounded by Overwatch agents? Do you really want me dead?”) and refused your invitation. It made you sad, but you understand.

Yet she came anyway. Even after all that she said, she’s here. You’re pretty sure Jack’s losing it in the background but you already tuned everything out when she pulled you close to her.

“Happy Birthday, chérie,” she whispered and you smiled.

Yeaaaaahhh, sorry about the text, I don’t really write. ;-;  The idea hit me this morning and I had to draw it but then the drawing doesn’t really explain the whole story I had in mind so…

☃ Christmas Inspired Starters ☃
  • “I wasn’t sure what to get you.”
  • “When did this turn into an ugly sweater party?”
  • “I wish it would snow.”
  • “Wake up! It’s Christmas!”
  • “It’s Christmas Eve. That means I can open a present right?”
  • “Is this eggnog spiked?”
  • “Can you help me untangle these lights?”
  • “You can’t put alcohol in the hot chocolate.”
  • “Surprise! I’m your Christmas present.”
  • “I’d rather spend Christmas with you.”
  • “Who’d you piss off to get invited to this party?”
  • “You cannot do what you did last year.”
  • “Is that supposed to be a snowman?”
  • “Can I put the tree topper on this year?”
  • “I dunno, this tree looks a little bare.”
  • “Of course I would love spending Christmas with your parents!”
  • “Is it considered Christmas wine if I drink it on Christmas?”
  • “That tree isn’t even going to fit in the house! Why did you buy it without measuring it first?”
  • “I’d rather be someplace warm.”
  • “I burnt the ham, let’s just order a pizza.”
  • “Why is there a reindeer on my front lawn?”
  • “None of these Christmas lights work.”
  • “I slipped and fell on the ice.”
  • “I’m not any good at ice skating.”
  • “Here, you can wear my gloves.”
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I like you // I love you // You’re one of my best friends // You’re like family // You are family // I dislike you // I hate you // I’d kill you if I got the chance // I want you to like me // I’m scared of you // I would adopt you // I’d date you // I’d sleep with you // I’d marry you // I’m worried about you // You confuse me // You’re annoying // I pity you // I respect you // I trust you // I feel protective of you // I’d invite you with me to parties // I’d lend you my money // I’d borrow your money // You’re good-looking // I’m suspicious of you // I’m hiding something from you // You’re fun // You’re boring // I’m upset with you // You’re nice // You’re mean // I’m envious of you // You’re smart // You’re stupid // I look up to you // I think you’re a better person than me // I think I’m a better person than you // I want to apologize to you // I wish I’d never met you // I never want to forget you // I want to get to know you better

☃ Christmas Inspired Starters ☃


  • “I wasn’t sure what to get you.”
  • “When did this turn into an ugly sweater party?”
  • “I wish it would snow.”
  • “Wake up! It’s Christmas!”
  • “It’s Christmas Eve. That means I can open a present right?”
  • “Is this eggnog spiked?”
  • “Can you help me untangle these lights?”
  • “You can’t put alcohol in the hot chocolate.”
  • “Surprise! I’m your Christmas present.”
  • “I’d rather spend Christmas with you.”
  • “Who’d you piss off to get invited to this party?”
  • “You cannot do what you did last year.”
  • “Is that supposed to be a snowman?”
  • “Can I put the tree topper on this year?”
  • “I dunno, this tree looks a little bare.”
  • “Of course I would love spending Christmas with your parents!”
  • “Is it considered Christmas wine if I drink it on Christmas?”
  • “That tree isn’t even going to fit in the house! Why did you buy it without measuring it first?”
  • “I’d rather be someplace warm.”
  • “I burnt the ham, let’s just order a pizza.”
  • “Why is there a reindeer on my front lawn?”
  • “None of these Christmas lights work.”
  • “I slipped and fell on the ice.”
  • “I’m not any good at ice skating.”
  • “Here, you can wear my gloves.”

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline is a big and thougest gem. Tourmalines are mostly fighters but in ocassions they help terraforming with their super Blow. Watermelon, is the corrupted corrupted puffer fish gem in ‘’Beach party’’. Her gem is in her back, in a triangle form and double-colored. I invite you guys to make your own Tourmalines too and tag me so i can see them!

Curious fact: Tourmaline would be voiced by ‘’Glozell Lynette Simon’’ most known as ‘’Glozell’ a famous youtuber with a joyful character!

Topaz Loves you!









“Did you have to invite him?” You ask your friend… “Well, I mean no. But you invited some kid you used to babysit so can you really be mad?” … “First of all I did not babysit Jungkook! And second he’s a longtime friend not some douche bag we met a day ago at the bar!” your voice has gone up a few octaves and your friend winces… “Easy Tiger! You’ll scare the poor boy away" your friend adds… you turn to your left and see Jungkook emerge from the crowd… a familiar warmth spreads throughout your body as a large pair of dark chestnut eyes lock with your own…  “Y/N you didn’t tell me coconut head was ripped!” your friend’s eyes widen at the sight of him…he walks towards you with a purpose but before he can make it halfway an iron grip tugs at your waist and you’re trapped under 175 pounds of tanned skinned and way too much Axe body spray… “Y/N!” Carlos presses you closer to his chest once more before letting you go and placing a sloppy kiss to your cheek… you shuffle from foot to foot away from him …by this time Jungkook has already reached you ,his chestnut eyes clouding over … “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend” he whispers… “She doesn’t!” your friend is at your side instantly….”Carlos is just a friend!” she exclaims… before Carlos can protest your friend is dragging him away in the complete opposite direction… “That’s right. Y/F/N invited him two weeks ago when she was drunk” you explain… Jungkook nods …and as if on cue your friend is back at your side…

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comfort blurbs; squaad x reader

• all comfort imagines will be found under the tag #rbchilldown :)

✎ in which the reader is dragged into a party and reggie wants to get it on, which requires a little help from the group

*warning!! has some fighting in it,, reggie being a digusting lil crap,, & alcohol.‘if you don’t like that - do not read this. if you need anything, talk to me :)


A red solo cup filled with some sort of alcohol was pushed into your hands. Sweaty bodies were pressed againt you as music blared throughout the house.

You did not like the party scene, and you never did - but one thing’s for sure, being friends with Cheryl Blossom meant attending many parties. You went with Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, and Betty. You knew that Archie was there too, considering he would always be invited.

Previously, you had walked through the doors arms linked with Ronnie and Betty with Kevin and Jug trailing behind. Now you’ve lost them, probably due the crowd trying to do a perfect wave. You stood there until a force almost tripped you over.

The cup fell to the floor, staining the carpet. You looked up to see Reggie, smirking at you. Great.

“Well hello there,” He whistled, “Y/N - finally decided to look good huh.” A fake smile made it’s way to your face.

“Thanks Reggie.” Then you were about to walk away, until the boy grabbed you by the elbow.

“Instead of leaving, how about we go to the rooms? I don’t think Cheryl would mind, especially if a friend of hers haven’t lost their v-card yet.” You were disgusted, sure you haven’t lost your virginity yet, but how rude could he get.

“Are you kidding me?” Reggie must’ve taken it in the wrong context, as he held you by the waist as his smirk grew.

“I’m not, babe.” You tried to break free from his tight grip on your waist, and you struggled. Reggie’s smug demeanor changed to an angry one, considering that you were trying to get away. His hand moved from your waist to your wrist. Reggie held it tightly, and it was bound to leave a bruise.

You could almost see the gray beanie cap from Jughead, and a blonde making it’s way towards your spot.

“Reggie. Let. Me. Go.” You said through gritted teeth.

“I don’t think so.” He only pulled you closer to him.

“Y/N? Oh my gosh!” Kevin exclaimed, sparking the attention of Ronnie, Betty, Archie, and Jughead who were talking together. Cheryl, who knew everything that was going on in the party, spun around to see that Reggie was holding you tightly. Luckily, they weren’t drunk - like the rest

“Reggie, what do you think you’re doing?” Cheryl spat, hands on her hips. She sauntered over.

“What’s the little queen bee got to do with this?” Reggie spoke, protecting himself.

“I don’t know, maybe because you’re hurting her best friend?” Jughead shot back.

“Oh, so the emo speaks. Tell me, how are you going to save your friend? ‘Cause it seems she likes me.” You shook your head, to avoid any sudden confusion.

“Reggie, let go of her.” Betty said warningly.

“Or what?” Reggie spat. Veronica sneered in response, answering for Betty.

That was the final straw, Archie tackled him, which freed you from him. Soon, both of them were on the ground - which gave them an audience. Then the fight was over, Archie gained a black eye after.

All of you (except Cheryl) got out of the house and made your way to Pop’s, which was your only comfort.

The night ended with group encouragement from Pops and lots of milkshakes

✎ yeesh the ending sucks,, the whole thing sucks - but good news, a betty comfort blurb will come soon :)

No Pressure

#83: “I can’t swim!”

Lin Manuel-Miranda x Reader

Modern AU

Warnings: drowning, cussing

Authors note: Based off of real life experiences !! I never learned how to swim lmao and yeah here’s basically what happened except no hot guy showed up to save me

You always hated summer.
Yeah, sure, it was finally nice enough outside in New York where you didn’t have to wear a heavy winter coat and get bundled up, but trading your winter coat for a swimsuit was a choice you rarely would ever take.
You weren’t a social person, at least not a horribly outgoing one. But you had *friends.* So when you were invited to a summer party, how could you say no? Your friends had taken you shopping for a new bikini, and per usual, you went right along with whatever they picked out, even if inside you thought it was too skimpy and showed too much cleavage and was way to complicated to put on. Had it been your choice, you’d be wearing a t-shirt and shorts, sitting on a chair, reading a book. You would have even been fine with tanning, or rather horribly burning your skin.
To your dismay, when you arrived at the pool, all of your friends wanted to get in the water.
“Come on, Y/N!”
You struggled to come up with an excuse.
“Sorry, I don’t want to get my hair all wet. Just washed it. Got a date tonight.”
You lied, biting the inside of your cheek, begging for them to believe you.
Eventually, they nodded.
“Fine. But you got to get in the shallow side with us at least.”
You sighed with relief and allowed yourself to be dragged to the 4 ft area.
You smiled to yourself. If you could just keep them over here, then everything will turn out fi-
“I’m bored. Deep side! Sorry, Y/N.”
You had to swallow a protest.
They grabbed your hands and led you to the deep end of the pool. You wrenched yourself away from them and quickly hopped out of the pool.
“I can’t get my hair wet, guys! I’ll sit with my feet in!”
They began to argue, saying that they wanted a jumping into the pool picture.
“Then I’ll take the picture. Come on, I don’t want to get in.”
They pouted.
“We want you in the picture. Come on, just get in the shot!”
Grudgingly, you agreed.
Your friends ran off to harass some poor stranger into taking a picture for them, and you sat down on a chair, trying to figure out how to escape your situation without making it obvious that you could not swim.
Yes, you couldn’t swim. You had never been taught, and had always just stayed in the 4-5 ft pool. It hadn’t affected anything when you were little, but then in middle school everyone wanted to go deeper. It didn’t matter anyway. You weren’t ever invited to stuff anymore, why should you bother to learn to swim?
You were shaken out of your thoughts as your friends came back, with a quite handsome stranger behind them. He had dark black hair, tied back in a ponytail. He was tan, and was absolutely gorgeous. You were smitten the instant you saw him.
“Y/N! Come on! Picture!”
You sighed and got up and made your way to the edge of the pool. It was 16 ft deep, and the dark blue water looked unforgiving and cold.
Your friends grabbed hands and made the leap. You just had time to whisk your hand away before your friends had jumped in the pool, and were submerged under.
You breathed a sigh of relief.
The man handed back the phone to your friends, and they crowded around to get a glance at how they looked.
You turned to the man.
“Thanks. Sorry they disturbed you.”
He smiled.
“No problemo. See you around.”
He waved and walked away.
You turned back to your friends.
“You didn’t jump!”
You sighed.
“I told you. I can’t get my hair wet.”
Your friends rolled their eyes.
“SUCH a baby. C'mon guys.”
They walked away, leaving you standing there. You fought away tears as you reclined on the lawn chair and closed your eyes. Maybe if you napped they would stop bothering you…
A few minutes later, you heard a lot of snickering around you. You didn’t open your eyes, praying that your friends would eventually see that you were asleep and not bother you.
“Shh, put it there.”
There were lots of giggles, and you were getting curiously scared.
“Ready? 1,2,3!”
You felt the top of your bikini being lifted slightly, and something being put in.
You opened your eyes and shot up quickly. You began screaming as you looked what was in your bikini top.
A dead cicada.
There was a dead cicada touching your bare skin.
You lifted the bottom of the top off, and dropped the cicada out.
You screamed as you hurled the dead bug as far away as you could, and turned to your hysterical friends.
They were crying with laughter, and they sat wheezing on your chair. You glared at all of them.
“Fuck all of you.”
You got up and went to sit at the edge of the 5 ft pool. You were fuming.
Eventually, they came to sit next to you.
“Y/N, that was so funny! Your face-”
You got up and moved to a different edge, unaware that you were headed for the 16 ft pool area.
You sat down, and dangled your feet in the water, barely acknowledging that this water was noticeably colder.
“Aw, Y/N. Don’t be like this.”
You ignored them.
“Y/N, stop being such a sour pus!”
When you didn’t respond, they got a bit angrier.
“Y/N, you’re such a baby!”
Then, you were submerged in the deep cold water. You vaguely heard laughter above your head, but you could barely comprehend what was happening.
You panicked.
You began to kick your legs, and flail your arms. You continued to sink downwards.
Apparently, panicking only made things worse for you. You opened your eyes, then immediately shut them from the sting. You couldn’t breathe. You tried to kick up, but that just released the little breath you still had and reduced you to coughing.
Icy water clawed its way into your lungs, and you began screaming. You couldn’t breathe at all, and now your eyes were open and searching for any way to escape.
You found none, and by now you had sunk to the bottom. You attempted to kick upwards, but your attempts were futile as you had no energy left.
You began to black out from lack of oxygen, and slowly felt yourself beginning to float upwards.
Then, you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around your waist and bring you towards the surface. You couldn’t comprehend what was happening, but then you broke the surface of the water, and took a gulp of air. You began to hyperventilate as you coughed up water and choked on the air in your lungs, mingled with the water.
Your mind was every where, so you didn’t remember the stranger, (who you now knew was a man) lifting you out of the water and into a chair.
You were shivering as he wrapped you in a towel and began to calm you down.
“Are you okay? Do you need an ambulance?”
He asked in a calm voice.
You shook your head, and opened your eyes slightly.
It was the man who had taken your picture earlier.
He was quite handsome, as you’d said before, and you were attempting to display your thanks, but all you got out was a cough.
“Th-than-thanks. F-for th-that.”
He nodded.
“Don’t mention it. Are you okay? Oh!”
He got a mildly panicked look on his face.
“Please don’t cry!”
You hadn’t even realized you were crying until he’d mentioned it.
He took the edge of your towel and used it to wipe away your tears.
“Do you wanna leave? I mean, I can take you to my place so you can dry off.”
You attempted to smile, and nodded.
“Yes, pl-please.”
He carefully helped you up, and you slightly shook as you gathered your things in your bag.
He helped you to his car, and promised that he’d come back for your car.
He opened the door for you, and climbed in on the other side.
“Before we go, I always make sure the girl I’m taking to my house knows my name. Not that you’re a regular girl. You’re beautiful. Er, sorry what I meant was, these different circumstances-”
You cut him off.
“I’m F/N L/N.”
He smiled.
“Beautiful name. I’m Lin. Lin Manuel-Miranda.”
Lin stared the car, and drove began to drive you to nicer apartments in New York.
He parked the car in a spot behind the building, and escorted you through the doors.
“Let’s take the elevator, yeah?”
He handed you your bag, and grabbed his out of the backseat.
On second thought, he stopped you and took your bag along with his, so that you could hold your towel around you.
“Thanks. I really appreciate this. You don’t have to do this-”
He silenced you.
“No, I do have to do this. Your son of a bi-”
He cleared his throat.
“Your friends pushed you into a pool after they were being horribly rude to you, and you almost died after they cried wolf, instead of trying to help you. So yeah, I kinda do have to do this.”
He pressed the button for the 5th floor, and you began your ascend.
Lin led you to a door marked 51, and he ushered you inside.
“Here. Set down your bag and shoes. I’ll start the shower and grab you some warm clothes. I’ll be right back.”
He ran around the corner, leaving you to neatly place your shoes and bag on the floor near the coat rack.
He returned moments later, with a fresh towel, a shirt, sweatpants, and fuzzy slippers.
“Here. Take a warm shower. I’ll be out here if you need anything.”
He dashed away, and you made your way to the already steaming shower.
You peeled off your wet swimsuit, and stepped in the hot shower.
Fifteen minutes later, you emerged to find Lin sitting on the couch, with a steaming mug on the table.
“Hey. Come and sit.”
You sat down tentatively, and accepted the mug of hot cocoa that Lin offered you. He tossed you a warm blanket, and flipped on the TV.
After a few minutes of silence.
“Hey Lin?”
“Thank you. For saving me. It was stupid. Why did I go to the pool if I can’t even swim? It was a stupid decision, and I just-”
He interrupted you.
“Yeah, on your ‘friends’ behalf. They pushed you into a goddamn pool! I knew that as soon as I saw you not jump in that picture that you didn’t know how to swim. You looked scared. I felt bad. So I waited, and made sure that they didn’t try anything on you. I saw them put that dead cicada down your shirt, and then toss you into the pool. I saw the fear in you eyes as soon as you started falling. So I immediately jumped in and got you out. So I didn’t 'save’ you. No. I just did the thing that those girls SHOULD have done.”
You were silent for a moment. How many times had these girls forced you into something that was against what you YOURSELF wanted? Like making you get that bikini? Or going home with that one guy from the bar?
“Yeah. Yeah. They aren’t good to me. They really aren’t good friends at all. They force me into all kinds of things that I don’t want to do! They expect me to be constantly feeling no pressure when they want me to do stuff for THEM.”
Lin nodded.
“They’re that type, huh?”
“No pressure this, no pressure that. No pressure, but you have to look good for once. No pressure, but don’t fuck up my makeup or I’m telling everyone about your secret. No fucking pressure.”
Lin grabbed your hand.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. That you’re in that situation. You’re honestly beautiful. Intelligent. And I’ve only known you for a little while, but still, you’re a great gal. Honestly.”
You swallowed.
“Hey Lin?”
Lin glanced up.
“No pressure, but you should kiss me.”

How Do You Know My Name?

Hello! This is the smuttiest smutty thing I have written and I was absolutely blushing the entire time. Oh well. Happy Wednesday! Hope you guys enjoy.

And thank you @dontstopwiththelyin for proof reading this for me! >3

Warnings: drinking alcohol, language, lead up to smut, smut, roughness, oral

Summary: Your friends were invited to a party and you got dragged along and fell in lust with a stranger. Little did you know the stranger knew exactly who you were. 

Originally posted by palehand

You had never been to one of Tony Stark’s famous parties. You had only seen the tower from afar, admiring its size and only imagining what could be going on inside. 

Tonight, you would be able to see what all the fuss was about. Your friends were dragging you downtown, you had no clue how they managed to score an invite. 

You were not one to go to crazy parties, actually, you weren’t one to leave the couch on a Saturday night, but somehow your girlfriends managed to squeeze you into a short black skirt that fit like skin, and a sheer pink, strappy top. And your already aching feet wouldn’t let you forget the sky high heels you were wearing. 

The group of you jumped out of the cab and strode up to the door of the building. Your long curled hair was blowing in the night wind as you looked up at the many floors above you. All the way up on the top floor, you could hardly see the bright lights flashing, but you could clearly hear the loud thump of the music. 

Your stomach flipped and you regretted coming out tonight. You had no reason to be here, you didn’t know any of the Avengers, and you would probably faint at the first sight of one. They were superheroes for God’s sake. 

“(Y/N), don’t chicken out on us now. Here, drink this.” Your friend pulled a flask out of her waistband and handed it to you.

Your swig stung on its way down, making your eyes squint shut and your nose wrinkle. “Jesus, what’s in there?”

“Something to give us all some courage tonight.”

The door to the tower opened, revealing a large man who looked like some kind of security guard. “Stark’s got his own bouncer?” Your friends laughed at you as the group walked into the elevator. 

With every story the elevator rose, your heart rate did the same. You wondered who would be here, and if they too would think you didn’t belong. 

Like she could read your mind, your best friend said “We’re just here to have some fun, (Y/N).”

Your nod got interrupted by the parting of the elevator doors. It took all your self control to keep your eyes from bugging out of your head and your jaw off the floor. 

“Hey, I’m Tony. You girls have fun tonight and let me know if you need anything.” He looked each one of you up and down as he said it. 

You were at a loss for words, but one of your friends definitely wasn’t. She thanked him and as she wrapped her arm in his, told him how she had always wanted to meet him. You watched them walk away in awe of your friend’s bravery. 

You laughed with the rest of the group and decided to go and get some drinks. It wasn’t surprising that it was an open bar. Tony Stark didn’t want to burden his guests in any way apparently. 

The three of you that were left got some shots that seemed to kick in as soon as you swallowed. 

The second you finished ordering another round from the bar tender, your friend was trying to get your attention over the loud music. 

“(Y/N), that guy is staring at you.” She nodded her head over to a man sitting alone at a table against the wall.

“No he isn’t” you protested as you handed the girls their second round of shots.

“(Y/N), I promise you, that guy is totally eye-fucking you right now and has been since we walked in here.”

Downing your vodka and slamming it on the bar you spun your head around a little too fast. But there he was, no shame in his staring, even when he knew you had noticed. 

He was unlike any man you had ever seen. Despite his long dark hair being gelled back, some of it still fell forward, framing his handsome face. He sat slumped in the chair, his huge frame overshadowing the tiny table. His black button up clung to the muscles in his chest. Even with the first few buttons undone, the fabric was so stretched it seemed like it would rip with his tiniest move. The lights from the disco ball danced in his brilliant blue eyes. 

Your dissection of the beautiful man across the room was interrupted by a hand pulling you onto the dance floor. What started as a group of girls dancing quickly turned into couples grinding as men introduced themselves to you. 

A handsome blond was soon wrapped around you, his light stubble tickling your cheek. His hands pulled you tight against him and were traveling down your back and soon, your ass. You flung your arm around his shoulders and ran your free hand down his chest. 

“Hi.” You immediately noticed the accent. 

“Hi.” Your little-bit-more-than-tipsy state gave you a deeper, sexier voice than usual. 

You glanced over to the table against the wall and decided to have some fun when you saw the long haired man watching you with your dance partner. 

Your hand glided up the blond’s chest and settled around the back of his neck pulling his lips to yours. Two wild and sloppy kisses later, you opened your eyes and stared at the man at the table. He was watching intently as you bit your dance partner’s lower lip and pulled it away from his teeth until it snapped back. 

Before he could kiss you again, you spun around in his arms, pressing your back to his chest and placing his hands on your hips. The bass of the music shook you as you ground yourself on the man behind you. If possible, he pulled you even closer to him and pressed his chin into your neck. 

You watched the man sitting in the chair. He wasn’t even stirring. You gave him a tiny smirk to hide your frustration. He was enjoying this too much. You obviously had to make the move here. 

And like the universe was on your side you heard a voice next to you say “Mind if I cut in?”

Her sentence seemed so polite, but her eyes were threatening you to back off from her man. 

“No problem.” And with that you ducked out of his arms and waltzed over to the bar to order another shot. 

While you were waiting for the bar tender to fix another vodka for you, your friends ran up to you. “Do you know who that was?” “That was Pietro!” “Pietro Maximoff!” They yelled over each other all at once.

Swallowing some more liquid courage you said “He’s not the one I want.”

The man in the chair watched you strut over to him, your heels allowing your hips to sway with your long strides. His face never changed. 

You put your hand on his shoulder and circled around him until you were behind his chair. Your fingers started at the tops of his shoulders, slowly gliding down his chest until you reached the waist of his pants. 

Before they went any further, you hummed in his ear, “Do you just wanna stare at me all night or do you wanna take me somewhere?” And when you finished, you bit the shell of his ear. 

He stood up and towered over you, even in your heels. His arm flew around your waist, his hand landing on your lower back, pulling you into him. His free hand tangled in your hair as he kissed you hard, all tongue and teeth.

He pulled away too soon for your liking. “You wanna come with me?” It sounded like a warning.

“Yes.” You were breathless, he stole all your composure with that kiss.

He led you through the crowd with a hand on your lower back. Your smirk calmed your friends and they knew you didn’t need saving.

Before you knew it you were watching the elevator doors close from the inside. As soon as the doors met, his hands were under your ass, lifting you up so he could slam you against the wall without pushing you into the hand rail. Your back hit the wall with such force it made you gasp in his mouth, breathing in his delicious scent. 

Your arms and legs were still coiled around his huge body when the elevator opened to what you assumed was his apartment. It didn’t occur to you that you hadn’t left Stark Tower. 

All you could concentrate on were his hands exploring your body and his mouth expertly assaulting yours. Your tongue was no match for his, but his lips were plump and soft. You’d be happy kissing him for the rest of your life.

But he clearly wasn’t satisfied. You had no clue where in his apartment you were, but once again you were slammed against a door, this time sitting on his biceps.

He held you high in the air, pushing your skirt up your body and ripping your panties off and throwing them who knows where. 

His head dove between your thighs, his tongue licking impatient stripes from slit to clit. The position alone was enough to send you over the edge, never mind his expert ministrations. In no time he had you shaking, screaming and holding onto the top of the door frame for dear life. 

He growled into you as you tangled your fingers in his hair and pulled, making your convulsing even more violent.

When the room stopped spinning and your breathing eased, you fell into his arms and he carried you to his bed. He set you down and ordered you to strip of your remaining clothes. 

He kicked off his shoes and socks and knelt in front of you. His pupils almost completely hid the blue of his irises, he was hungry. But he knelt there for a minute, almost unsure. 

When you opened your mouth to ask what was wrong, he pulled the shirt off his glistening body, popping some of the buttons in the process. 

Your eyes glanced over to his left arm, the metal shining in the light sneaking in the window. You knew who he was. You couldn’t hide your smile as you pushed him back to sit on the bed so you could straddle him. 

Your fingers raced through his hair and down his chest, feeling every muscle there. He pulled you away, a whine leaving your lips. 

“That was… not what I expected.”

“You should learn to expect the unexpected. Especially in your line of work, Bucky Barnes.” You rocked back and forth on his hard length. 

He flipped the two of you over, his arms bracing your fall. He now knelt over you. He seemed even bigger and stronger than he did a minute ago, if that was even possible. 

His hands slid up your body from your waist to your chest, leaving a trail of fire on your skin. You felt his lips and teeth staining your skin as he squeezed and pinched your breasts.

You reached behind his neck to pull his lips to yours while you rubbed your hand against his member under his pants. Feeling his sheer size, you desperately unbuttoned his jeans and tried to push his pants down his legs, quite a feat in the position you were in, so you asked for help. “Bucky, please.”

That’s all it took to drive him mad. He tore the pants and boxers off his body and threw them across the room, probably next to your ripped panties. 

With no warning, he rammed into you, filling you completely, making you gasp for air. “God, baby, you’re so tight” he moaned, each word longer than the last. His low, smooth voice just about sent you through the roof. 

You were biting your lip hard as he fucked you into the mattress, releasing little whimpers from you with every thrust.

“Don’t bite your lip, doll. Don’t you keep those noises from me, baby. I fucking love ‘em, you sound so pretty.”

And if it was possible, he pounded into you harder and faster, making you scream his name. He lips crushed yours and he took your hands and held them above your head. 

His kiss was messy and starving, his teeth wracking against yours. His warm tongue traveled down your neck to your collarbone, and upon arriving, he bit down, earning a squeal from you.

“Oh my God, oh fuck me!”

He took that as an invitation to find your clit and knead circles into it. “Fuck, Bucky, ohhh.” He sent the room spinning around you, the only noises you could hear were his grunts and moans and the head board punching the wall every time he filled you. 

“Come for me baby, come on.” His command sent you falling off a cliff, drowning in wave after wave of electricity. You arched and shook underneath him for what seemed like an eternity until your limbs fell weak.

But his thrusts grew even stronger, more wild and desperate. He breathlessly grunted with every plunge into you.

Your fingernails surfed his body, leaving traces everywhere they went. “Come in me, Bucky, please.”

He dove into you one last time, screaming your name, his beautiful mouth wide open, his toned torso clenching above you.

When his breathing began to slow, his rolled off of you and landed next to you in the bed, close enough for you to rest your head on his chest. 



“How do you know my name?” You hadn’t told him. 

He rolled on top of you, his breath gliding over your lips. “How do you think your friends got the invitation?”

You couldn’t stop your lips from turning up into a smile. You pulled him down for one more long and slow kiss before you fell asleep on Bucky Barnes in the Avengers Tower after a Tony Stark party. Your friends wouldn’t believe this. ______________________________________________________________TAG LIST (IT’S OPEN!) PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU GUYS DON’T WANNA BE TAGGED IN SMUT@usannika@whatsbetterthanfantasy@dontstopwiththelyin@the-renaissance@anitavalija@yesiamdeliciouslycaffeinated@annieluc@hip5t3r-m3rmaaidd-biitchhh@blueswallow5@heismyhunter​ 

One of the boys ~ part one

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Pairing ~ Hoseok x reader

Rating ~ smut/fluff/angst

Pt1 Pt2 Pt3

“NOONA, hurry the fuck up, we want go already” you heard Yoongi shout from the living room, you were about to bite back but decided to ignore him, you knew that would piss him off more. instead you continued to get ready, it was an important night after all and you didn’t want turn up under dressed for the occasion. Ever since they won their awards all the bigger groups had started inviting them to their party’s and tonight was Bigbangs. The boys knew Bigbang was your ultimate group and were hesitant to tell you about it, but Taehyung let it slip and you had to beg them to let you go. Eventually they reluctantly agreed when you promised you would be their slave for the next month and would do anything they asked.

“Yah, why did we even invite her? you know she’s just going to end up embarrassing us right?” Yoongi scolded the others.

“Because you love me and I’m the most awesome person in the world” you said flashing Yoongi a big smile as you entered the room and it fell silent, but as usual you were oblivious.

“Has anyone seen my heels? I swear they were here earlier” you asked as you bent over to look under the couch and you swore you heard a hiss noise. “Ah here they are” you smiled, happy about what the night will bring as you sat on the couch putting on your heels. You looked up to see the guys staring at you, their mouths slightly agape. “What?” you squished your face in confusion.

“Ah I-isn’t that dress a bit tight noona?” Jin asked timidly and you raised an eyebrow in response. The truth was you had never gone partying with the boys so they had no idea how you dressed when you did go out, you guys normally just hung out at their dorm and all you ever wore was your denim shorts and a singlet, you were just one of the boys or so you thought.

“What? You don’t likeeee?” you teased mimicking your bias, Seung hyun from Big Bang.

“See what I mean? she has already started, were never going to get invited to one of their party’s ever again” Yoongi yelled, shaking his finger at you.

“Honestly I think she will get us invited to more party’s after tonight” Hoseok muttered under his breath, but everyone heard him.

“Chill out Yoongi, I can be quite charming when I want to be” you grinned at him placing a hand on his shoulder before gentle caressing the skin of his arm and walking towards the front door with a sway in your step. You opened the door and realised no one had moved. “Are you guys coming or what?”

The car ride there was mostly awkward silence, thank god Hoseok sat next to you, you and he mimicked Jimin in the music video for blood, sweat and tears, with his sexy looks at the camera and flipping your jacket off your shoulder and flipping it back again, to which Jimin looked less then impressed but only made it funnier.

The car pulled up out side a large apartment building and you just about screamed with excitement, you couldn’t believe you were actually going to get to meet Bigbang and it seemed fitting that it was with Bts. You had met them at one of Bigbang’s concert, you defended them against a sasaeng fan and they invited you to dinner to say thank you, they thought you were funny so they decided to keep you around. You weren’t like other girls they met, and it wasn’t just because you were a foreigner, you drank and swore like a sailor and weren’t afraid to speak your mind but you were respectful about it and others opinions, no matter how much they differed from you own. You weren’t afraid to make a fool of yourself in public just to make someone laugh and when it came down to it you had a big heart, even if you did try to hide it at times, you would always be the first to comfort one of them when a so called scandal would happen or anti fans were bringing them down.

Again the elevator ride was doused in awkward silence and the boys became serious for the first time since you met, their faces stone cold as they stared at the elevator doors, but you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face. The doors opened and the music hit you, the bass vibrating inside your body as a wave of people danced in time with its beat in what you assumed to be the living room. You walked behind the guys making your way through the dancing crowd as people nodded in their direction and they nodded back, it felt like you were in a film clip for one of their tracks.You entered the kitchen and there they were, Bigbang sitting around on the bench tops drinking and laughing and you felt your heart race.

“Hey you guys made it” Jiyong called out waving an arm in your direction and you froze, unsure of what to do with yourself.

‘confidence, confidence, confidence. that’s what the boys always tell me’ you thought to yourself and you instantly felt you shoulders relax as you shimmied over to them behind the guys. They exchanged the classic bro shake/hug and exchanged pleasantries about Jiyong’s apartment and the awards the guys had previously just won.

“And who might this delicate little flower be?” Seungri asked, jumping off the bench and moving towards you, parting the guys in half in the process. “Do you have a name little flower?” he smirked as he picked up your hand with his and placed a kiss on it and you giggled.

“My name is _____ and I assure you that I’m not a delicate little flower” you smirked back at him, looking directly into his eyes.

“Do you promise?” he asked moving his face way to close to your own as he cocked an eyebrow.

“Yah, sit down Seungri and leave the poor girl alone” a deep voice scolded him from behind you and your breath hitched at the sound. You span around on your heels flicking your hair to the side just like a shampoo commercial to face him, his eyes were just as dark and his gaze as intense as you had heard. You looked up at him as you ran you tongue across your top lip.

“And I’m certainly not a girl” you purred and the man seemed to blush before you which caused an uproar of laughter from behind you.

His tall frame quickly retreated away from you to the safety of his members and all you did was nod your head to the side before turning around to face the others, noticing Yoongi was glaring at you and you just smiled back at him.

“Your clearly are not a…….girl” Jiyong uttered as he eyed you from head to toe and back again biting his bottom lip in the process.

“O-k, anyone want a drink?" Hoseok asked as he stood in front of you as if he were shielding you from their gaze. You barely had time to answer him before he grabbed you by the arm and pulled you towards the fridge.

"What the hell Hobi?” you growled as you pulled your arm from his grip, he sighed running his hand through his hair.

“Cool it alright, you are way too much right now” he said calmly not looking at you, instead focusing on mixing drinks.

“What do you mean by that? you mean you think I’m being a slut? you’re one to talk with all those hip thrusts you guys do on stage” you scoffed at him.

“That’s not what I meant….. wait I thought you said you never watched our live performances?” he smirked at you and you blushed. he caught you out, you did watch their performances just as much as you watched Bigbangs but you didn’t want them to know that, they would just end up teasing you about it.

“I-I don’t it’s just…..all I ever hear about from my co-workers” you said coldly, trying to seem disinterested, but it didn’t work. He had caught you out and you knew as soon as he could he would tell the others about it.

“Do you like watching us……thrust noona?” Hoseok whispered as he leaned into the side of your face, his lips grazing the skin of your ear as he spoke and you shivered at the feeling.

All you could muster in response was a scoff as you snatched the drink out of his hand and sculled it back, burning your throat in the process and you heard him chuckle. “Fuck you Hobi” you grumbled before picking up the next drink and walked away, you could have sworn you heard him say something but the loud music made it impossible to understand so you just kept walking until you made it back to the others.

“Ah there’s my delicate little flower, come sit next to oppa” Seungri purred as he patted the piece of bench between him and Jiyong, you thought about it for a second before sculling your second drink and handing the empty plastic cup to Jimin, his mouth agape at your brash behaviour, you winked at him and then made your way over to Seungri, sitting next to him, leaning back on your palms and your legs crossed. Seungri shamelessly eyed your body licking his lips as he did so, suddenly you felt a hand snake under your chin and pull your head in the opposite direction.

“Don’t waste your time with him noona, Seungri is selfish, you will never get any satisfaction with him” Jiyong sighed, his eyes burring holes into your own. “Where as I’m a generous man, I like to give before I receive and boy does daddy like to give” he licked his lips at the last part causing you to gulp loudly, but you were so captivated by his gaze you couldn’t bare to look away.

“Alright, here’s the dr…….” Hoseok paused as soon as he saw you sitting in between the two men and Jiyong’s hand delicately placed on your chin and his face grew cold.

“Noona, I thought you might want another drink?” Hoseok sad sternly as he held out a cup towards you. You finally broke eye contact with Jiyong to look over to Hoseok, his face was like stone as he stared at you and you couldn’t help but blush as you sheepishly grabbed the cup from his hand.

“While these drinks are good, how about we really get this party started……shots anyone?” Seungri almost shouted as he produced a bottle of tequila from behind him, smirking at his own effort in concealing the large bottle. “hey you, Jungkook right? how about you go to the kitchen and get us some shot glasses, salt and some lemons. You know what, why don’t you help him with that?” Seungri said pointing at Taehyung, both men nodded and made their way to the kitchen.

You felt bad about the older man ordering them around but no matter how much you disliked it that was apart of their culture and there was nothing you could do about it, instead you just slid down off the bench, finished your drink and started to walk away.

“Where are you going flower?” Seungri called after you. You stopped and turned to face him.

“To help them and I thought I told you I’m not a fucking flower” you said before making your way to help the guys causing Jiyong to roar with laughter at your comment. You were getting the shot glasses out of the cupboard when Yoongi stood in front of you, his arms placed either side of you stopping you from moving away.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He growled. “I thought I told you not to fuck this up? so I will ask you again, what the fuck do you think you are doing?” you rolled your eyes at him.

“Look Yoongi, I understand that you have a reputation that you would like to up hold but you have to understand that I’m a woman and I have needs, needs that have not been met in a long time” you said calmly, this time he rolled his eyes at you.

“Needs? are you fucking serious? you’re going to fuck this up because you’re fucking horny? Why didn’t you just rub one out before we came?” he groaned.

“If you must know I did” his eyes widened at your confession “But it doesn’t quite work that way Yoongi, I need a mans touch, the feel of warm flesh against my own, nothing can compare to the feeling not even…..rubber” You enunciated the last word purely for the entertainment of Yoongi’s face contorting at the realisation of what you meant.

“If that’s what you wanted why didn’t you just tell us before we came?” he asked and it was your turn to contort your face.

“What the fuck do you mean?” you asked confused and he laughed.

“Are you really that blind? omg you are…. you know all of us want to fuck you right? No one as much as Hobi but we would all fuck the shit out of you if you let us” he chuckled as he shook his head and you gasped at his confession. “I mainly want to because I know you would be dirty in the sack, I bet you’d let guys do whatever they wanted to you. But I never hit on you because of Hobi” all you could do was stare at him as he made is confession, you were so confused you thought you were just one of the guys and truth be told if you knew you had a chance you would have fucked anyone of them by now, especially Hoseok. He was your bias in Bts and when you met them your attraction to him only got bigger, he was just like he portrayed himself, playful and big hearted but when it came down to it he could switch into a sex god. You had seen and heard it yourself, while drinking at the guys place one day they had girls around, Hoseok was flirting hard with a girl and long story short he took her to his room and fucked her so hard you had to turn the music up to drown out their screams of pleasure.

“W-what do you mean because of Hobi?” you stuttered.

“You really don’t see it? He has a massive crush on you, none of us wanted to make a move on you until you made a move on one of us just so we wouldn’t hurt Hobi. The guy is fucking crazy about you, you can’t see that?” he paused for a moment. “Alright who is the one that always invites you over? Who’s the one that brings food and drinks to you? Who’s the one that always sits next to you when were watching movies and lets you snuggle up to him while he plays with your hair? Who’s the one that offers you his jacket when you’re cold? Who’s the one that chases you around the house trying to tickle you and when he finally catches you he just holds you instead? Who’s the one that always drives you home late at night to make sure you got there safe? And when you stay, who’s the one that always offers up his bed for you to sleep in while he sleeps on the couch? Who took you to his parents for Christmas because you were alone in a foreign country?”

You couldn’t believe it, have you really been that blind? All this time you had just thought he was being nice because you guys were friends not because he liked you. You had just put all the sweet things he did like kiss you on the cheek when he dropped you home late at night down to it just being how he was and if you did allow yourself to think that way you had just though you had an overactive imagination.

“I can’t believe you never noticed” Yoongi laughed as he walked away.

You couldn’t move as your brain tried to process the information, Hoseok liked you? How could that be?

“Noona, are you ok?” Jungkook asked placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Umm, yeah…….. yeah I’m ok” you stammered before slowly heading back to everyone else. You placed the shot glasses on the bench where you had previously been sitting and you just stood there staring at them in a catatonic state.

“The first one is for the flower” Seungri stated proudly as he handed you the glass, you took it and sculled it, not caring for the salt or lemon and slammed the glass back on the bench. “HA I guess she really isn’t a delicate flower, would you like another?” all you did was nod in response.

He filled the rest of the glasses and handed them out, everyone took their shot at the same time and you felt Hoseok press against your back as he placed his glass back on the bench and you couldn’t help but blush at the feeling, you didn’t know if you were ready to face him. Did he really like you or was Yoongi just making it up so they could all laugh at you later?

A few shots later you felt as though you had enough 'liquid’ courage to face Hoseok and ask him if it was true and just as you turned around to face him, you saw her. The girl Hoseok fucked at the party and she was headed towards you.

“Hey handsome, long time no see. wanna dance?” she cooed placing a hand on his chest and you instantly glared at her.

“You bet I fucking do” Hoseok practically jumped at her.

She grabbed his hand and lead him to the dance floor and you watched anxiously bitting your bottom lip as she grinded her butt into him but your attention was broken by Yoongi laughing at you.

“Jealous much?” he chuckled in your ear and you punched him in the shoulder to which he instantly yelled and started rubbing the sore spot, Jimin laughed at him oblivious to the reason you hit Yoongi in the first place but he didn’t care to ask. You turned to Jimin and took the shot straight out of his hand and sculled it back slamming it on the bench and he just stared at you.

“Come on, were going to dance” you stated to Jimin before grabbing his shirt and pulling him to the dance floor. He was the sexiest dancer of Bts and had the dirtiest mind, you often thought he danced like a male stripper and that was absolutely perfect for what you had planned.

“What? how do I even know you can dance?” Jimin teased poking you in the side. It was true, he didn’t know you could dance, you had never actually danced in front of any of them and he was in for a rude awakening.

“You right, you don’t, but your about to…. I hope your ready for this?” you said leaning in close and suddenly dropped to the floor before doing body rolls back up and grinding in to him and he cocked an eyebrow.

“Alright, game on” he said before doing the same thing you had and you laughed at him. As if by fate their song dope started playing, you quickly span around backing your ass in to him as you moved it to the beat. He snaked his hands around your waist and started to grind back with the movements of your hips, you had only gotten to the first chorus when you felt a rush of cold air hit your back and his hands were no longer on your hips, but a second later you felt them back again. You just thought that he was doing something on his own or stepping back to admire your movements until you realised that the frame behind you was taller then before and the thrust of his hips were much rougher and you turned you head to try and see who it was, but the man placed his face in your hair before you could see.

“You didn’t think I would let that little shit dance with you like this, did you?” Hoseok whispered breathlessly into your ear and you practically moaned as you rested your head back on his shoulder still grinding into him with the beat. “He knows he isn’t supposed to touch you, you’re mine” he grunted as he rested his forehead against the side of you head.

You turned around to face him, snaking your hands around the back of his neck and he placed a leg between your legs as your hips rolled towards each other and away again. You were already getting breathless and it wasn’t because of the dancing, his leg was so far between your legs that every time you rolled your hips you rubbed against it and when your hips met you could feel how hard he had gotten from it.

“Hobi” you called, breaking the silence between you and he nodded in response to show you he was listening. “Let’s get out of here” you said staring longing into his eyes and with that he grabbed your hand and practically ran to the front door.

As soon as the elevator doors closed you pulled him into you and kissed him, he returned the kiss and pushed you against the wall, trapping your arms at your side and you gasped at the feeling allowing him to shove his tongue in your mouth and massage it against your own. The sound of the elevator doors opening sounded and he quickly pulled away from you, he grabbed your hand and rushed the both of you out and into the waiting car.

He barely had time to tell the driver to go back to the dorm before you were sitting on his lap forcing your tongue into his mouth and grinding against his rock hard cock causing him to growl into the kiss. You couldn’t stop yourself, you had thought about him so much that it had built up in to this need that you had to release. His hands roamed every inch of your body before coming to rest on your ass, pulling you in closer and slowling down your thrusts and you threw your head back as the first moan escaped your lips.

It felt as though barely anytime had passed since you left the party but you were already back at the dorm, you didn’t want to get off him but you had too. he grabbed your hand again and lead you to the dorm, you closed the door and he pulled you too his room. He pushed your back against the door as he stared at your face as if he were searching for something and he cupped your cheek with his hand.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this” he confessed as he looked you in the eyes.

“Hobi, you don’t have to whisper sweet nothings to me to get me into bed, you have me already” you smiled at him but he didn’t smile back.

You placed your hands on his chest and leaned in to kiss him, this time it felt different, it was gentle more sensual then before. You used your hands to push him over to the bed, as soon as the back of his legs hit it you shoved him making him fall on to the mattress. You reached around your back and unzipped your dress as he laid there, watching you intently, you slowly pulled the dress down your body exposing you matching black lace bra and panties.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful” he said breathlessly and you blushed at his words.

You stepped out of the dress and your heels and crawled over the top of him as he laid staring at you, watching your every movement. You lent down and kissed him as you lowered your ass on to him, grinding as soon as you felt his hard cock again and he hissed.

“This isn’t gonna work, if you keep doing this I’ll come before I even have the chance to get naked. Let me take the lead” He whispered picking you up and sitting you beside him. He took his shirt off and threw it across the room and suddenly grabbed your legs pulling you forward so your back was flat on the bed. He parted your legs with his knees and lent in to kiss you once again, it was so tender and soft not how you thought he would be. He cupped your cheek with one hand as he trailed kisses down the other cheek to your neck and finally stopping on your breasts. He lifted you up just enough to get his hands around your back and undo your bra and flinged it across the room, he wasted no time in taking one of your breasts in his mouth and cupping the other with his hand as he ran his thumb over your nipple and matched the movements on the other with his tongue. He was so tender with his touch and he took his time, nothing like what you were used to, the guys you dated barely wanted to bother with foreplay and they always wanted to go hard and fast at everything.

You felt his hand move from your breast and down your stomach making you arch your back off the bed, already panting in anticipation of his touch. He slid his hand in under your panties and ran his middle finger down your lips.

“Shit, you’re so wet already” He breathed above you.

He brought his finger back up, making sure to coat it in your own juices, when he reached your clit he gently rubbed circles around it and you moaned, he sped up a little keeping the pressure the same as he took your breast in his mouth again making you moan once again. You could feel the tension rising in your lower abdomen and began to roll your hips matching his movements, and he sped his finger up again. Before you knew what was happening your body began to shake and you dug your fingernails into his shoulders moaning his name as you came, no one had ever made you come that fast before.

He took his hand out of your panties and released your breast from his mouth moving up so your faces were evenly matched and leaned in to kiss you. You ran your hands down his chest and his abs finally reaching his belt, your hands were so shaky that you couldn’t undo it and he chuckled before standing up to take it off himself. You watched him biting your lower lip as he slowly pulled his pants down and his cock sprung free, you reached out to grab it but instead he grabbed your hand with his and lent in to kiss you once again.

“Tonight is about you, not me. I want you to feel good jagi, I want to make you feel good” he practically whispered as he looked in your eyes and your heart fluttered at his words.

He slowly laid you back on the bed and pulled your panties down your legs and threw them somewhere with your bra, before placing himself between your legs and you felt his cock graze the inside of your thigh as he did. He leaned in to kiss you once again as he spread your legs and slowly pushed himself inside you and you moaned. He stayed there for a moment, not moving apart from tenderly kissing you. As soon as he felt your arms around his neck pulling him closer in to the kiss he started to slowly move his hips and you groaned. He was so deep inside you but so gentle, he felt amazing as he slowly stretched you around him. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he began to move faster, you were so close already just with the sensual way he moved his hips, making his dick rub just the right spots. You began to moan louder and move your hips with his, meeting them with a light thud and he groaned as he deepened the kiss. He lifted you up while he was still inside you so he was sitting on the bed and you were riding him face to face, his arms still wrapped around your waist and yours still around his neck.

You began to grind a little harder on him and he broke the kiss placing his forehead on your own panting like crazy as he stared into your eyes and you moaned again.

“Fuck your moans are so hot, their like music to my ears. you have no idea how much they turn me on” he breathed and moaned louder at his words.

You thrusts started to lose their rhythm as you neared your high once again so he placed his hands on your hips so he could control your movements, he could feel you already clenching around him so he sped up a little again and you threw your head back letting out a long moan.

“Oh fuck….. I’m gonna come soon” He said between breaths “I didn’t want to come so soon…… you’re just so beautiful…….I can’t help it…….fuck”

Your body started to shake again and you began to thrust and moan uncontrollably as you came at his words and when you clenched around him for the last time you felt the warmth of his come fill you up as he panted placing his forehead against yours again trying to catch his breath. You both sat there for a moment staring in each others eyes as his cock still twitched inside you.  He kissed you again sweetly before placing you on the bed and heading out of the room, returning in no time at all with a damp cloth to clean you up and you smiled gently at his gesture. He left the room again and you were unsure of how you felt about all this. he was so sweet, but was this more then just one night? The boys were famous for one nighters and in your experience it was best to leave before they kicked you out, but before you had time do decide Hoseok was back with a bottle a water, he handed it to you before he jumped into bed pulling the blankets over the two of you. As soon as you were done with the drink he reached out and pulled you into him, placing a kiss on your lips again and he laid there looking into your eyes as his stared to slowly close and he began to snore.

You felt so safe in his arms but should you really stay? you were torn, your feelings had magnified for him and you didn’t want to get hurt just because you thought this was something that it wasn’t, maybe Yoongi got it wrong? Maybe Hoseok just wanted to fuck you like the others but wanted to treat you right because you were friends? You couldn’t push the thoughts out of your head and certainly couldn’t sleep. You decide you should leave, you didn’t want it to be awkward in the morning.

You got up and got dressed and opened the door before you left you turned to see him sleeping peacefully with a smile on his face and it almost broke your heart and you realised you had to leave, if you didn’t things would only get messy. As you walked out the front door a tear ran down your cheek and you knew things would never be the same with him again. 

  • Sawamura: Cough. Look over here.
  • Miyuki: Yes? What is it, Sawamura?
  • Sawamura: I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.
  • Miyuki: Excuse me?
  • Sawamura: The…party. With the… pants. Pants party?
  • Miyuki: Sawamura, are you saying that there’s a party in your pants and that I’m invited?
  • Sawamura: That’s it.
  • Miyuki: Did Kuramochi tell you to say this?
  • Sawamura: No. Yes. He did.
On The Balcony - Dan Howell X Reader

Hey guys, this is later than promised, sorry! I still have no requests… :’) Anyway this is a cute little fluff loosely based off Modern Baseball’s song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfdrSF-bWLs How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her, I highly recommend listening to it while you read or before/after or whatever. Tell me if you want a part two…enjoy! :) <3

Warning: CHEESY AS hecK, a little cursing

It was a cool house party filled with some friends of yours and some of the most popular faces on YouTube, due to your friend Luke inviting them all, but your mind was far away. Things were always this way, people would bore you, so your imagination and your brain were your escape. You were getting lost in your mind again, until when on your way to the kitchen to poor yourself another drink you bumped into someone.

His voice was soft and somewhat familiar, “Sorry.”

You look up at him and as your eyes meet his all the awkward tension seemed to melt off of him, and it looks as if he is searching for something in your face. Weird. “No, I’m sorry, I ought to have been paying attention.”

You walk past him and continue on your way, but he turns around and starts following you. “What’s your name?”

“Excuse me?”

“I was, uh, wondering if I could get your name.”

You both finally get to your destination and you begin to fill your red solo cup again. “Um, it’s Y/N. My name is Y/N.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Dan.”

You take a sip then look back at him, raising an eyebrow. “Danisnotonfire?”

He chuckles and smirks, “So you watch my channel?”

You reply with a smug grin, “No, but my best friend does, and she’s obsessed. You better run, before I go get her.”

You begin to leave the room and he starts to follow you again, blushing with embarrassment. “Sorry, that was a bit pretentious of me.”

“Yeah it was.. Why are you still following me?”

You start to walk up the stairs, and he still follows. “You just give off such an incredible vibe and ohmygod that was probably a weird thing to say-”

“It was odd but honestly seemed like a lame attempt to charm me, didn’t work Howell.” You look down at him for a second and smirk, then continue up the stairs.

He laughs, “So you do know a little about me, that’s not fair.”

You both go out the sliding glass door on the second floor, and out onto the small balcony. “Why is that not fair?”

“I want to know everything about you Y/N, and you got a head start on me.” He takes place next to you, and you both look out at the stars. “Why did you come out here?”

“Just needed some fresh air. Why do you want to know about me?”

He looks at you. “I don’t know actually, but something about you seems so extraordinary.”

You look back at him and laugh, but then bite your lip in an attempt to hide your smile. “You couldn’t be more wrong.”

“Why don’t you think so?”

You look back out at the sky. “I’m not like you Dan, I have no big accomplishments, I have no awards and I certainly don’t have millions of people who care about me and my life. I’m like every other normal person in this world.” He turns his body towards yours and leans against the railing.

“I’m still simply a person, Y/N. I am no more special than you, we’re equals even if we’re different.”

It’s your turn to turn and face him, giving a sad laugh. “You don’t know me, you don’t know what I’ve done, and you don’t know what I’ve been through.”

“But Y/N I want to know.”

You felt your cheeks begin to flush with mild agitation. “What makes you any different from anyone else who has wanted to know? What makes you any different from my old best friend who learned all there is to know then told everyone? How would you be any different than my ex who learned it all and used it against me? I’ve been through some shit Howell, and I don’t want to go through it again. I don’t have to to know what will happen.”

You face the railing again and look up at the moon. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You sigh, “I guess I blew that out of proportion. People usually all turn out to seem the same to me.”

“What is it you want Y/N?”

This caught you slightly off guard, “What do you mean?”

“What do you want Y/N? Do you want me to be your new best friend? Or do you want me to be your new boy-”

“Look Dan, you’re really nice but I think you misinterpreted what I meant.”

“But I’m still asking,” he turns to face the railing as well, and looks up at the moon with you, “what is it you want, you want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down for you.”

You laugh and look at him, “So when the charm runs out you quote old, cheesy movies?”

“I had no charm to begin with, and actually I am very awkward and have raging social anxiety and use self depreciation and peace signs as a coping mechanism, but with you,” he looks at you and gives a bashful smile, “with you talking comes naturally. That’s how I can tell you are extraordinary.”

You look away and awkwardly laugh,blushing. “I want to get to know you too, Dan.”

Suddenly his friend Phil that you also recognized because of your friend emerged through the balcony door, “Hey Dan, I hope I’m not interrupting but I’d like to leave. Everyone’s lovely but not when at this level of intoxication..”

Dan laughed at his friend’s comment and you turned to face him. “Can I get your number?”

You decided to let your witty, cold demeanor from before reappear, “Mmm, not now. But if I do want to get in touch you have millions of followers online, it won’t be very hard to find you.”

You winked, and he giggled, “Okay, then I do hope to hear from you soon Y/N.”

Then he was gone, and from then on you couldn’t look at the moon without thinking about what he said.

“I want to know everything about you Y/N.”

If the 2Ps were invited to their crush's birthday party
  • 2P!America: shows up with a red ribbon on his head and goes up to you like, "ayyee, look at me. im your birthday present" ;))))
  • 2P!China: leans into you and tilts your chin up to smoothly say "hey cutie, would you let me give you a birthday kiss?"
  • 2P!France: he'd have no idea how to act, like "uh, happy birthday. thanks for the invite... i guess."
  • 2P!Russia: "i didn't know what to give you so i hope you don't mind a gift card. um." coughs awkwardly
  • 2P!Italy: "you're glowing... i've never seen you look more beautiful. happy birthday, bella principessa."
  • 2P!Germany: shows up and crashes the party like "HEY FUCKTRUCK HAPPY BIRTHDAY" which works as some kind of ice breaker
  • 2P!Japan: gives you an authentic japanese gift like a tea set/ parasol/ kimono whatever based on your taste "but don't use them incorrectly. you'll be in trouble"
  • 2P!Canada: isn't sure if he wants to show up bc he gets annoyed with crowds, especially with people he doesn't know, but would eventually make himself go to the party just for you
  • 2P!Romano: legit treats you like a queen and spams your facebook/ instagram with happy birthday posts
  • 2P!Austria: hogs all your attention
  • 2P!Prussia: shows up late bc he isn't a social person but gives you a hand-made gift that took him weeks to create "it's not much but i hope you like it..."

Klaus x Reader

“What’re you doing?” Rebekah hummed as she stopped outside your room and found you dancing around in your underwear as you tried on different outfits.


“I’m going out tomorrow.” You said happily and held up a dress, tossing it back when she crinkled her nose and shook her head.


“Have you asked my brother?” Rebekah asked as she sat on the foot of your bed.

“Have you asked me what?” Klaus asked as he found his way into the room and looked you up and down.

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IMAGINE: You can’t help but like Damon even though you hate the idea of it.

He was generally a thorn in your side. He was impulsive, reckless, and overly-charismatic—that was your own definition of “weird.” You lived in the house adjacent to the Salvatores, so they saw you most mornings on your run before work. Damon always leaned in the doorway of his house those mornings, blood dripping from his chin or most likely in the mug he held you were confident didn’t hold coffee, tea, or the like. You enjoyed seeing him that way, it was comforting and you hated it. 

You hated that you had to force yourself to stop smiling as he flirtatious waved at you from the windows as you got in your car. You loathed his constant invites to the parties he attended and made yourself say no. And you downright despised the moments he told you, “You know, you’d be a lot more enjoyable if you actually let yourself like me a little.” 

“Oh, would I?” you replied one morning when you came over to fix Stefan’s car. “I bet you’ve got a nice smile,” he flirted. “As a matter of fact, I do. But not for you,” you pretended. He leaned on the hood as you adjusted one of the rims, testing its hold. Damon tilted his head to the side as he swished his morning drink around in a glass cup and looked at it in his familiar “puppy dog” eyes. “I bet some of this would really make you get that little grin going in just a few minutes,” he snickered. “I can hold my alcohol just about as well as the bottle,” you scoffed. “So, if I gave you some of this you wouldn’t get drunk?” he continued to play with you. 

You rolled your eyes as you finished on Stefan’s car, setting the wrench aside. “I’m done. Tell Stefan to give it a whirl when you see him and let me know if it’s okay,” you changed the subject. “C’mon, Y/N. One drink. And if you don’t like alcohol, you should try a blood bag because you’d be sucking the life out of the party if you say no,” Damon said to you. You stopped in the opening of the large garage as you tried to force a frown. Say no, your brain said. “Will you stop bugging me if I say yes?” you said instead.

You were asking for it with that question. You spent the entirety of the morning drinking with Damon and forgot what you were fighting exactly. Maybe you didn’t want to like him because you thought he wouldn’t like you. Maybe you judged a book by its cover. You didn’t remember. You got a first-hand look at the extremity of Damon Salvatore every day afterward. 


Let’s Christmas! 🎄☃️

Inspired by @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure:
1. Being caught under the mistletoe with ______ &
18. “Christmas is a time for spreading cheer, why not do that by pulling pranks?”

“Pranks are for Aprils Fools Day you idiot…”

“No Y/N, Christmas is the perfect time for pranks, now either help me or become a victim. Your choice”

Request from @daughterofautumn and anon.

This is Part II. You can read Part I here!

Words: 1168
Warnings: none

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☃ Christmas Inspired Starters ☃


  • “I wasn’t sure what to get you.”
  • “When did this turn into an ugly sweater party?”
  • “I wish it would snow.”
  • “Wake up! It’s Christmas!”
  • “It’s Christmas Eve. That means I can open a present right?”
  • “Is this eggnog spiked?”
  • “Can you help me untangle these lights?”
  • “You can’t put alcohol in the hot chocolate.”
  • “Surprise! I’m your Christmas present.”
  • “I’d rather spend Christmas with you.”
  • “Who’d you piss off to get invited to this party?”
  • “You cannot do what you did last year.”
  • “Is that supposed to be a snowman?”
  • “Can I put the tree topper on this year?”
  • “I dunno, this tree looks a little bare.”
  • “Of course I would love spending Christmas with your parents!”
  • “Is it considered Christmas wine if I drink it on Christmas?”
  • “That tree isn’t even going to fit in the house! Why did you buy it without measuring it first?”
  • “I’d rather be someplace warm.”
  • “I burnt the ham, let’s just order a pizza.”
  • “Why is there a reindeer on my front lawn?”
  • “None of these Christmas lights work.”
  • “I slipped and fell on the ice.”
  • “I’m not any good at ice skating.”
  • “Here, you can wear my gloves.”

Teddy was getting ready to leave to go the party. 

T: “ why aren’t you ready?” 

K: “ Because i’m not going…she didn’t invite me… it will be awkward. Have fun at your party.” 

She was having an unnecessary attitude. He’d asked her to come to with her several times over the last few days and now he would have to change his approach, he walked over slowly and pulled her to face him gently but firmly and said “ Kaialynn…. I would really appreciate it if you came with me.” 

Kaia hated it when people used her full name except when Teddy did it. She conceded knowing she’d be happier where she could keep an eye on Morgan. 

  • Serena: Why do you never attend our parties?
  • Invel: Because you never invite me.
  • Serena: So? You're one of us. You don't need an invitation to attend our parties.
  • Invel: I can't appear without being invited, that's just rude.
  • Serena: You sound like a vampire.
  • Invel: You know vampires don't exist.
  • Serena: I fought a vampire once.
  • Invel: Fine. You still can't prove I'm one.
  • Serena: That would explain why you don't like garlic.
  • Invel: I'm allergic. That doesn't mean I'm a vampire.
  • Serena: Besides, you don't admire yourself a lot, do you? Is it because you can't see your reflection?
  • Invel: Not all of us are narcissistic like you. We can content ourselves with looking at the mirror once after getting ready.
  • Serena: Take me to your room.
  • Invel: Excuse me?
  • Serena: Prove that you do have a mirror.
  • Invel: I don't like people coming to my room.
  • Serena: Sounds like you just want to hide the fact that you don't have a mirror.
  • Invel: I told you I'm not a vampire. Please stop that.
  • Serena: Then why are your eyes red?
  • Invel: Albino eyes are not red, they're transparent. You're seeing blood veins.
  • Serena: And you don't go out often, and when you have to, you put a lot of sunscreen on.
  • Invel: My skin is sensitive to the sun. You know that.
  • Serena: Because you're a vampire.
  • Invel: No, again, because I'm an albino.
  • Serena: Sounds like an excuse a vampire would give.
  • Invel: ... I give up. *walks away*