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Hi!! Could you help me pick a name? I'm a 17 year old transboy, and I go by he/him pronouns. My birth name, Maddi, sounds too feminine to me, and I really like old-fashioned sounding names with like a twist of modern (if that makes sense? Sorry) ex. I really like names like Ezra, Gray, Dylan, etc. (could I also get your opinion on Dylan, because ya know, Bob Dylan, but Im worried my friends will think I'm weird) I'm sorry this ask is garbled but I figured I would ask. Love your blog btw! Thanks!

Mod River: 

Thank you! Your ask made perfect sense. Picking a name off of someone you like, for example, Bob Dylan, is in my opinion, one of the best ways to name yourself. The name is already important to you, which makes it more likely to fit. The name sounds lovely. What your friends might think doesn’t matter - your name is yours. Pick something you’ll want to hear for the rest of your life.

 Abraham (More modernly, can be shortened to Abe or Bram.)






Levi (Often a shortened form of Leviticus.)













While these following names may not match the feel your aiming for, they’re all related to Bob Dylan, so I thought to include them. 

Hollis (Ballad of Hollis Brown)

Davey (Who Killed Davey Moore?)

Willie (Blind Willie McTell)

Romeo (Desolation Row)

Davis (Desolation Row)

Rueben (Hurricane)

Joey (Joey)

Woody (Song to Woody)

Homer (Open the Door Homer)

Percy (Percy’s Song)

Quinn  (Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn))

Frankie Lee (The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest)

Montgomery (Tiny Montgomery)

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Joseph, for the sake of making sure Jotaro never forgot his grandfather's opinion on Jotaro's (nonexistent) sense of fashion, wrote ARRESTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST FASHION on Jotaro's arm. He then embroidered HIDEOUS TOTALLY UNFASHIONABLE CRIME AGAINST FASHION! on Jotaro's hat. In red thread. If and when Jotaro complained, Joseph would Bedazzle the embroidery he'd just done.

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Jotaro felt INSULTED. What was so wrong with his clothing!?! He didn’t get it!!

The punk hissed at the writing on his arm, anger fueling when he saw the stitched in writing on his hat. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME, OLD MAN?!?” Sure…Joseph didn’t look old but…That was only because of Hamon. It stilled rocked Jotaro to his very core though, having been insulted like that.

So, when I can’t sleep, I watch old black and white or early color films. Like the kind you would find on Turner Classic Movies or so. Anyways watching these films made me realize one thing.
I want an classic film kind of romance.
I want a romance where the guy takes his time getting to know you. I want a romance where something you do makes you unforgettable in another’s eyes. I want a relationship where the first part is witty banter and quick remarks. Where you can be independent and open to love, because they now seem mutually exclusive. I want a relationship where someone can literally sweep you off your feet. Or wants to take you dancing, but doesn’t expect anything more. I want a romance where a guy notices when you look gorgeous and pays attention to what dress color brings out your eyes. And he also wears that color to compliment you as person. I want a romance where a man will sing to you to tell you how he feels. Where a guy will want to be with you because you have substance, not just looks. I want a romance where the first time he kisses you, it is because he is madly in love with you. And when you kiss him back, you feel the same way. I want a romance where a kiss is the sexiest thing that could possibly happen, because you know it is only the beginning of a forever type deal.
But maybe, I live in a fantasy world where this will never happen. Who knows.

PSA for TURNcoats

Alright, Turn fandom. *cracks knuckles* I want to take this moment to address something I’ve been noticing on social media platforms lately, especially Instagram.

Let’s talk about etiquette.

It’s gross when you comment on one of the cast’s photos with something like “fist me daddy” or constantly harass them with similar comments. This is a small fandom–you know they’re seeing the comments, right? These aren’t people with millions of fans, where comments get lost simply because of the sheer amount of followers they have.

Secondly, you have to remember that there is a real human being behind that screen. How would you react if some stranger were to comment something disgusting and sexual on your picture? If you don’t want to see that on your feed, don’t post it on someone else’s.

Before you get angry at me and call me an old person, accuse me of being old fashioned, or call me out for being the “fun police,” remember that I have been 21 for a mere three days.

I’m simply asking for you to show courtesy to the cast. Don’t tweet rude things at them (I don’t care how angry you are about the quality of season 3), don’t comment disgusting sexual things on their photos, and don’t harass them via social media. Part of the reason I enjoyed the TURN fandom so much when I first joined was they seemed above that kind of thing. Please don’t sink down to this level.

Happy fangirling!


“I think I had many problems as the next starlet keeping the Hollywood wolves from my door. These wolves just could not understand me. They would tell me, ‘But Marilyn, you’re not playing the game the way you should. Be smart. You’ll never get anywhere in this business acting the way you do.’ My answer to them would be, ‘The only acting I’ll do is for the camera.’ I was determined, no one was going to use me or my body—even if he could help my career. I’ve never gone out with a man I didn’t want to. No one, not even the studio, could force me to date someone. The one thing I hate more than anything else is being used. I’ve always worked hard for the sake of someday becoming a talented actress. I knew I would make it someday if I only kept at it and worked hard without lowering my principles and pride in myself.”- Marilyn Monroe (George Barris, ‘Her Life In Her Own Words’, 1962)