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newtina thoughts #1
  • first things first, let’s get the fact that they’re already canonically married with at least (1) child and (1) grandchild and (3) kneazles out of the way
    • like legit married for decades in good old true love fashion like
    • y’all we’re gonna get to watch them fall in love and possibly even mARRIED DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH PAIN THAT PUTS ME IN
    • (also finally, luna lovegood is married to rolf scamander. just. family christmases man. newt and luna. just saying. they would be bffs)
  • anyway, newtina
  • what I love about newtina is how different they are as people, but they complement each other splendidly?
    • like newt has his head in the clouds when he’s thinking about his beasts and tina is incredibly level-headed
    • but they both have the same sense of spirit and also can we talk about their sense of righteousness???
    • newt with his ‘i can’t believe you have a law that disallows you from being friends with no-majs’ and tina with her ‘you abused this child i will punch you’
  • tina is a boss lady tbh just wanted to mention that again in case you had forgotten. like. she walked into high-profile macusa meetings. SEVERAL TIMES. it’s a regular habit of hers. Don’t you just love that?
  • she is every inch as tender hearted as newt
  • possibly every inch as trusting, too, since she brought him and jacob into her house and gave them a room to stay in. like tina honey please
  • they have one hell of a ‘how we met’ story
  • i haven’t talked about the ‘jump i’ve got you’ because i am too weak but like. ’I’VE GOT YOU’????? NEWT THAT IS THE SINGLE-HANDED MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU COULD HAVE SAID TO HER YOU DORK
  • finally, a few very important reminders:
    • newt scamander and his hufflepuff scarf
    • newt really not wanting to say goodbye. that last pause? when he’s boarding the boat? and everyone else has already boarded and the docks have gone from crowded to empty? like?
    • tina’s little skip in the end like she can’t quite believe it
    • that skip was such a perfect lil addition like omg they’re so good together

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Do you have any images of the henna designs used and how they vary across different ethnic groups? I'm familiar with henna and my Indian neighbour taught me her traditions around it and applied some designs to me when I was a curious child and she was getting ready for a wedding, but I would assume designs very considerably between cultures as well as the context in which they are used. Would you be able to direct me to info on this? Thanks :)

You’re absolutely right — henna designs vary considerably from region to region… I often post pictures about it if you look through my henna tag. Here are some examples of different styles:

This is the style traditionally done in much of Morocco, known today simply as “bildi” (’rustic’ or ‘old-fashioned’)… Commonly associated with the “Imperial Cities” of Fes, Meknes, and Marrakech, it shares many similarities with the traditional embroidery (terz) of that region — note the division of space into diamonds and triangles, the use of parallel lines, and the toothed edging. Photo taken by me in Fes, 2014:

This is another style seen in Morocco, in the southern regions and Sahara. This “Sahrawi” style shares some elements with the henna of central and northern Morocco, but is similar in layout to the henna done in Mauritania. Photo from Flickr:

The henna of Mauritania is breathtakingly unique and immediately recognizable. In my opinion the henna artists of Mauritania are among the most talented and technically accomplished in the world; designs were traditionally done in reverse with a tape resist, and today they are also drawn (there’s actually a whole book about it!). Photo from Flickr:

And West Africa has its own style as well, commonly seen in Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, and other places in the region — done in reverse with tape, like in Mauritania, but with longer lines and different layouts. Photo by Casey McMenemy, from my article on henna in West Africa:

There is also a unique and recognizable style in East Africa, on the Swahili Coast (Kenya, Tanzania, etc.). Unfortunately today they often use the dangerous “black henna” chemical dye, but as you can see it can be easily replicated with natural henna (from this article on henna on the Swahili Coast):

The countries of the Arabian Peninsula have their own set of styles too, known as khaleeji (“Gulf”), which are today immensely popular around the world (even in places like Morocco and India which have their own longstanding traditions of henna design). In the Khaleej itself there are many henna salons with local and international artists, and so the designs are constantly evolving; the constant, for me, is the open layout and the contrast between thick and thin. Here’s an example of some contemporary khaleeji-style work (from Instagram):

Of course, Persia was once the heartland of henna, and in the Safavid period we have many depictions of beautiful, elaborate henna patterns in illustrated manuscripts. While the tradition died out during the Qajar period under the influence of Western fashion, it is clear that there was once a “Persian style” of henna, which some artists have attempted to continue or revive. This is a (very zoomed-in) detail from Mir Sayyid Ali’s 1540 masterpiece “A Nomadic Encampment” (and for more on Persian henna, see this article):

And while India came rather late to the henna-pattern game, developing traditions of henna art only in the 18th-19th century, by the 20th century South Asia had become one of the centres of henna art worldwide, and the henna styles from the region are probably the most common and recognizable today. That’s not to say that they were always what we think of today as “Indian-style” henna — here’s an example of Rajasthani designs from the 1950s recorded by Jogendra Saksena, which are quite different than the style of henna common in India today:

Not to mention the fact that within the Indian subcontinent, there are (or have been, historically) distinct regional styles: Pakistani, Marwari, Rajasthani, and more… And of course, henna designs are constantly changing! What was popular and stylish twenty years ago is not the same as what was popular ten years ago, or what is popular now. Especially with the interconnectedness of the internet, artists around the world are able to learn from each other, spread innovations, and merge styles in new and exciting ways.

Compare this old-fashioned, recognizably Pakistani-style design (from Flickr):

To the contemporary work of Pakistani-American artist (and dear friend of mine) Sabreena Haque, who combines motifs and layouts from Indian, Pakistani, Gulf, and Moroccan patterns, along with inspiration from many other areas of art and nature (from her Instagram):

And there’s so much more to explore! There seems to be a unique style of henna patterns in the Balkans, similar to their tattooing and embroidery. What were henna designs like in medieval Spain? Yemenite Jews had their own unique patterns and techniques as well, which still need more research. And there’s more to say about the evolution of henna designs in Morocco too!

I could go on and on, but perhaps that’s enough for now. Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

Honestly, Frank Zhang

Y'all get you a boy who will apologize and be worried that he freaked you out by kissing you bc that crap is precious af. Frank Zhang cares so much about everyone, especially Hazel, and he’s the kind of boy who would ask permission before doing anything that might offend her old fashioned sensibilities. This boy deserves all the love.

I'm doing fine

I’m doing fine.

She seems just as fine without me too,
I see it every day.
She finds comfort in the words that other people say and appears rather happy about it.
Taking on a new attitude to life,
She’s on her own making the best of her time.
I wish I could tell you the same,
But instead I’m stuck in my old fashion ways.
Because with each passing moment I still wish that she were mine.

I need to break out of the habit.
I have to stop my addiction.
I still would do any and everything for her because she is my biggest affliction.
I say that I’m just being nice
And I’d do it for anyone.
I tell myself to not get my hopes high,
To not get caught in another lie.
I know I’m hurting myself in the process Because she is fine without me.
I sometimes just wish that she wasn’t obstructing my view,
Because she is all that I see.
It hasn’t been long and it seems she’s already over me.
How could I mean so much and so little almost simultaneously?

In the back of my mind I know I’ll always remain hopeful as I try to repress those feelings on the outside.
I know that I cannot let myself be destroyed by the feelings I’m trying to place aside.
But these feelings are here to stay.
I showed her the deepest parts of my soul and she just went away.
Little does she know she took some of my soul with her
And I can still see it shining through.
A part of me has been etched into her and I’m sure she knows it too.
No matter what I do,
I’ll always have intentions of finding my way back to you.

‘You know i loved her, a whole lot. Makes sense really…I would’ve done anything for her. Still would, before anyone else in the world. Although i think you’re the exception now honey; my Y/N doesn’t light a candle in comparison. And you’re much cuter, trust me. You might wake me up in the middle of the night for the stupidest things but at least you don’t complain about my huge smelly feet, or yell at me to get my hair cut. You love to pull on my hair, don’t you baby girl…’ 

‘You know if we weren’t married with a kid people would think you were cheating on me, Mr Irwin…stop corrupting our 4 month old and help me into this dress!’ You struggle with the zipper as your husband lays down your sweet little girl in the crib at your bedside, flashing a dimpled grin before running his hands up and down your back in a teasing fashion. 


‘Yes? Sorry, zipper right. Almost forgot.’ 

You can feel his breath on your neck and momentarily you pause in your actions and the flurry of thoughts in your mind about leaving for the first time for a girls night out, leaving your husband alone with his little sweetpea for the first time since tour finished.

‘Do you have to go?’ He asks, pressing his lips onto the soft spot he had memorised on your neck. He was clearly struggling. It had already been 2 weeks since you’ve been able to retain your very much active sex life, and yet he is still, at times, completely insatiable. 

‘Ash, I have to…’ you turn and fix your hair to hide the marks on your neck you’re quite sure he has only just given you with a soft nibble in an attempt to persuade you. ‘Now, please don’t damage the baby. The bottles for today are labelled, right next to yo-’

‘My fresh veggie smoothies. Babe come on, she’s my kid too, we’re going to be so in sync that by the time you’re back, Justin Timberlake will be begging to sign us for the reunion.’

‘That’s what I was afraid of. How are we responsible for another human again?’ You chuckle, picking up your keys and heading down to the front door, wedging your heels onto your feet to stand a fraction taller to peck Ashton on the lips before walking out the door without another word. 

‘I’ll let you figure that one out yourself, Miss Let’s-christen-the-hot-tub!’ He yelled over the car starting in the driveway, determined to shock you into allowing him the last laugh. 

‘I think you’ll find that’s Mrs, ‘I-don’t-think-i-pulled-out-in-time’…stay safe honey! I’ll be home before midnight, turn the jets on if you really want to repeat that night!’

As the car sped off down the street and into town, Ashton could only think of how damn lucky he was, until the crying from his sweetpea broke the stunned silence he had been left in, by his wife; the hottest woman he’d ever known.

for @complicashton and @cliffordchick ‘s domestic!5sos blurb night!!


The End to Ordinary Sorrow

I’m back! Finally! Just in time to crank out a Christmas gift (or two) for y’all. And this one’s only taken me…what, three months to finally get done? Yikes. Apologies to @nishikinico, who requested this in September and has been very patient with me. I can’t thank her enough. But enough of my procrastination, it’s the holidays! Have some good old-fashioned Elichika angst, this time in English - lyrics for Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate are under the cut!

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Can you imagine grease monkey Tyler in a old fashioned Corvette? Like, oh my God, he would have his special clothes when working on it. Not the greasy things he wears when working on other cars, but fresh clothes so he doesn't smudge the finish, and then you riding shot gun with him (let me tell you, he cleans up nicely when he wants to go on a joy ride), and you are the only person he takes riding in it...

yes yes yes

“What makes this car so special?” You ask, noticing he’s not wearing his usual get up of an old grimy t shirt and jeans. No his clothes are clean and he’s wearing gloves and there’s surprisingly no oil on his face.

He smirks at you, “Hop in and I’ll show you.”

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So... There's this girl at my school. I've had a crush on her since forever, but I thought she was straight. I just found out she's lesbian (this is the first time I've been this lucky), but I don't know how to approach her, especially since I haven't come out at school. They all think I'm straight.

Call me old fashioned but I think a handwritten note would definitely get her attention. You can even write out this ask “I’ve had a crush on you forever, but I thought you were straight. I just found out you aren’t. I feel lucky to even have a chance. But I don’t know how to approach you, especially since I haven’t come out at school.” Don’t leave your name, just be her secret admirer for a bit. That might make things easier when you tell her it’s you. Plus it’s romantic and creative, how can she resist??

- Nicole

Thanks for the Tag! @se7eneleven !

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do you have any unusual birthmarks or scars

Yup, I have a weird scar but I don’t know where it’s from lol

what’s a song that you never get old of

Ugh.. so many different songs but, literally any Michael Jackson song won’t get old for me.

if you could trade places with anyone for one day who would it be and why

I would trade places with any idol probably, just to see what it’s like

what’s your favorite era

Like history wise? I like the 80s/90s because, I admire the fashion of that time.

if you could have been on the set of any movie, which would it have been

Probably a Tarontino movie (any one).

whose your celebrity look-a-like, if you think you have one

No one really…

would you want to see what you were doing in your own future, if you could


a spontaneous trip, what could you not leave behind

My phone

favorite book you’ve ever read

A book called TEN by, Gretchen McNeil. It’s a mystery suspense book which are my two favorite genre’s.

would you erase a certain memory if you could


whose the one artist you would love to see live

Seventeen! That’s a group not a single artist but, I really wanna go to one of their concerts!!

                                        My Questions:

  1. Who’s your ULTIMATE fav kpop group?
  2. What’s your favorite music genre?
  3. What kind of pizza topping do you like?
  4. Your favorite fast food restaurant?
  5. Coffee or Tea?
  6. What is your least favorite music genre?
  7. How did you get into Kpop?
  8. Do you like pickles?
  9. Tablet or Laptop?
  10. What’s your favorite Kpop MV?
  11. How long have you had your blog?

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Loc Talk w/ King Issa

Name: King Issa

Age: 22 

Location: Atlanta GA

Occupation: Rapper

What made you decide to loc your hair?

It wasn’t my decision to start my locks. My mom started them when I was 2 years old.

How long have you had your locs?

It would b 20 years now. I have never had a hair cut.

I see you have a adorable son, do you plan on locing his hair?

Yes I’m locking him up as soon as he has enough hair and thank You !

Advice for anyone thinking of locing their hair?

If you get locks don’t just get it because it’s the cool fad. Lock to me represent much more then just a fashion statement. They represent strength and freedom.

How long have you been doing music and what made you decide to start rapping?

I’ve been rapping since I was 8 years old my dad started me off rapping he was a rapper from New York himself. Be taught me how to rap and eventually how to write my own raps.

Who inspires you musically?

Life inspires my music, struggle and tribulation inspire my music. Other people’s story inspire my music and my own life story inspires my music.

You have dropped some amazing freestyles called “Sample Sundays” on your YouTube channel, which one is your favorite/ will Sample Sundays be returning?

I think “Faithful” was my favorite and yes I’ve been getting positive feed back on those so they will be returning.
If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life what song would it be and why?

Bob Marley - One Love or Lauren hill - the whole miseducation album lol

If you had any advice for young Issa when it comes to the music industry what would it be?

Be your self be creative and never forget who blessed you with your talent in the 1st place. The most high God.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan on using my voice to spread truth love peace and awakening to my people.

Where can our fans find your music?

Issaiam All social networks

@maximation tagged me I GUESS

How old are you? 23…kinda almost 24 (yikes)

What’s your current job? Oh boy, trying to look for one in between bouts of anxiety.

What are you talented at? I dunno man, not trying hard at things and always doing well at them. I make people laugh and smile a lot as well. 

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? I would say a big achievement was getting over (mostly) depression.

What is your aesthetic? Generally vibrant colours I guess, early 2000s skate fashion, nerdy shit, pixel art, myself.

Do you collect anything? Steam games, comics, self-esteem issues, and dice.

What’s a topic you always talk about? various anime, movies, video games, and comics. Also, I tend to rant about dumb things like Gamer Gate and its hypocrisy.

What’s a pet peeve of yours? People who hate irrationally, Mia, fanservice in anime, people who want to play D&D too seriously and try to force the other players to play that way.

What are three songs you’d recommend?
Oh goodness…hmm: Kick, Push - Lupe Fiasco; Modern Love - Bloc Party; Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz. I dunno there are so many songs.

I tag anyone who wants to talk about themselves.

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Joseph, for the sake of making sure Jotaro never forgot his grandfather's opinion on Jotaro's (nonexistent) sense of fashion, wrote ARRESTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST FASHION on Jotaro's arm. He then embroidered HIDEOUS TOTALLY UNFASHIONABLE CRIME AGAINST FASHION! on Jotaro's hat. In red thread. If and when Jotaro complained, Joseph would Bedazzle the embroidery he'd just done.

Write on my muse!! (Anywhere!) (on mobile, can’t link!)

Jotaro felt INSULTED. What was so wrong with his clothing!?! He didn’t get it!!

The punk hissed at the writing on his arm, anger fueling when he saw the stitched in writing on his hat. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME, OLD MAN?!?” Sure…Joseph didn’t look old but…That was only because of Hamon. It stilled rocked Jotaro to his very core though, having been insulted like that.


Kikuhiko took a drag of his cigarette. He probably should not have spent the small amount of money he obtained from an odd job on this, but to be fair to him he was from a few generations back. He had a look about him, old fashioned, classical. Though he doubted the strange looking stranger would be able to pick up on any of those qualities. Something told Kikuhiko once he noticed those pointy ears that the two of them were not obrn in the same generation. 

He exhaled smoke then looked to the stranger again. “I’m sorry to interrupt your thoughts, but you look a bit troubled.” Usually Kiku would not have so much as acknowledged a stranger but he felt bad for staring earlier. “Do you want to come sit on this bench with me? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a bitter and lonely person so I have no interest in hearing your troubles or anything, I have far too many of my own but…”

Kiku paused and took a deep breath holding his cigarette aside. “I could tell you a story to keep your mind off of things.”

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Hi!! Could you help me pick a name? I'm a 17 year old transboy, and I go by he/him pronouns. My birth name, Maddi, sounds too feminine to me, and I really like old-fashioned sounding names with like a twist of modern (if that makes sense? Sorry) ex. I really like names like Ezra, Gray, Dylan, etc. (could I also get your opinion on Dylan, because ya know, Bob Dylan, but Im worried my friends will think I'm weird) I'm sorry this ask is garbled but I figured I would ask. Love your blog btw! Thanks!

Mod River: 

Thank you! Your ask made perfect sense. Picking a name off of someone you like, for example, Bob Dylan, is in my opinion, one of the best ways to name yourself. The name is already important to you, which makes it more likely to fit. The name sounds lovely. What your friends might think doesn’t matter - your name is yours. Pick something you’ll want to hear for the rest of your life.

 Abraham (More modernly, can be shortened to Abe or Bram.)






Levi (Often a shortened form of Leviticus.)













While these following names may not match the feel your aiming for, they’re all related to Bob Dylan, so I thought to include them. 

Hollis (Ballad of Hollis Brown)

Davey (Who Killed Davey Moore?)

Willie (Blind Willie McTell)

Romeo (Desolation Row)

Davis (Desolation Row)

Rueben (Hurricane)

Joey (Joey)

Woody (Song to Woody)

Homer (Open the Door Homer)

Percy (Percy’s Song)

Quinn  (Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn))

Frankie Lee (The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest)

Montgomery (Tiny Montgomery)

Modern AU / Blind Date / Closed


Tauriel groaned as her mother’s name appeared on the screen of her cell phone. “Yes mother?” she asked, voice strained. “Well, of course I’m getting ready, you haven’t made it seem as if there is any choice.” The red haired woman rolled her eyes, thanking the stars her old fashioned mother couldn’t see her. “It’s just so old fashioned, a blade date set up by our parents.” She listened to her mother go on and on about how successful and handsome her date for the evening was, picking out a simple, blue dress that clung to her frame flatteringly. “No, no, no, I can get a ca- mom!” Tauriel’s protests were for naught, as her mother explained that she had already given the man her address, and he would be there to pick her up in fifteen minutes.

“Alright mother, I certainly hope he doesn’t kidnap me, thank you. I will call you later. Love you too. Bye.”

She hung up the phone and set to getting ready, hoping this date was at least somewhat enjoyable.

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36. Three dreams you want to fulfill?

Um, 1. would be writing a book and hopefully working towards getting it published?? Its my dream to be a writer, and it always has been lol. I’d love to do that. 2. Would be to to go on a road trip w/ my best friend. I would fo’ real love that, it would be both cute and hilarious. And 3. is the good ol’ get married to park jimin and have children. I’m old fashioned like that lmfao

Get to know me, pick some numbers

So, when I can’t sleep, I watch old black and white or early color films. Like the kind you would find on Turner Classic Movies or so. Anyways watching these films made me realize one thing.
I want an classic film kind of romance.
I want a romance where the guy takes his time getting to know you. I want a romance where something you do makes you unforgettable in another’s eyes. I want a relationship where the first part is witty banter and quick remarks. Where you can be independent and open to love, because they now seem mutually exclusive. I want a relationship where someone can literally sweep you off your feet. Or wants to take you dancing, but doesn’t expect anything more. I want a romance where a guy notices when you look gorgeous and pays attention to what dress color brings out your eyes. And he also wears that color to compliment you as person. I want a romance where a man will sing to you to tell you how he feels. Where a guy will want to be with you because you have substance, not just looks. I want a romance where the first time he kisses you, it is because he is madly in love with you. And when you kiss him back, you feel the same way. I want a romance where a kiss is the sexiest thing that could possibly happen, because you know it is only the beginning of a forever type deal.
But maybe, I live in a fantasy world where this will never happen. Who knows.

[ Steve extended imagine ] Punching bag.

Original Imagine: Imagine: You had a fight with Steve. He leaves and takes out his frustration on his punching bag. You look for him after a while to try and fix it, but there’s still a lot of tension in the atmosphere.


-He’s always around you when I’m not which is… always lately!

-Oh my god, he’s a freaking co-worker, Steve!

-He gets to see you every single day while I’m always with the Avengers.

-Really? You’re gonna play the A-card with me? You think I don’t know that?! I’ve been nothing but understanding since the first day we started dating. It’s not like I would ask you to leave the Avengers.

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Hello, my name is Steven . I’m a 19 year old freelance model based in the Washington D.C. “DMV” metropolitan area. I recently got in contact with one of the online associates “Kyrs”( Kyrstan) on the American apparel website and she directed me to this email to the team for models. I’m really interested in modeling for the brand. You guys are more then welcome to Check out my IG for more work @melaninboy.

Boost this if you will?
#blackmodelsmatter (too) 😉✊🏾
I hope to hear from them soon!
, Cheers ✨