would you get down on your knees for me

hq propsals

: you’re the most beautiful person i’ve ever met. pls let me spend the rest of my life with you

suga: your surname should be sugawara bc ur just as sweet as suga ;)

hinata: *taking a deep breath* *screams* WILL YOU MARRY MEEEEEEEEEEE

kageyama: would u like… i mean… *blushes aggressively* *throws ring at them*

tsukki: just shut up and say yes

yama: *ring in left hand, notes in right* w-woud u p-pls be m-m-m-y *reads wife/husband* *faints*

noya: *approaches with a rolling thunder* *gets down on one knee* ROLLING PROPOSAL!!!

asahi: *gets down on one knee* *tears in his eyes* would you do me the honor? *fucking big ass diamond ring*

oikawa: *orchestra playing* *raining rose petals* *wears a suit* please marry me. i love you more than i love myself… and that’s a lot

iwai: i guess i can marry you if you want it so bad *blushes aggressively*

kuroo: *hides ring in their champagne glass* thats not the only thing you’ll be choking on tonight ;)

kenma: *looks up from ds* *looks at them* do u wanna try play?

boku: roses are red but sometimes they’re thorny. when you’re around me i get sorta… corny :pp marry me?

akaashi: maybe perhaps we could perchance u know like imaginably possibly idk what a funny idea lol

Joker: *left alone with his crying daughter. Awkwardly bounces her on his knee in a feeble attempt to get her to shut up*
Come now. Quiet down… You’re gonna make your mom think I can’t take proper care of you…

Baby: *continues to bawl*

[Y/N]: *walks in to find a crying baby and frazzled Joker*
Have'in some trouble there Daddy?

Joker: *breaths a sigh of relief at seeing her. Holding his daughter at arms length to give her back*
I would like to return this. I think it’s broken and its making me sad…

[Y/N]: *laughs and takes baby*
Sorry hun. No returns.

Ted called me today

Just as i was getting ready to leave work ted called and asked me to stop by the store on the way home.  I told him i could not that my husband was home already.  He said just for a few minutes and then he said those magically words “You know how much you love my cock in your mouth”  I just  melted in the car, i love sucking that big uncut cock.  I Called husband and told him i have a few more haircuts to do and would be a little late.  I stopped by the store and ted had a few customers, he told me the thing I ordered was in the back room he didnt get a chance to open it yet.  I went into the back and a few minutes  later ted cam in the back his hand went right for my ass and he pulled me close and gave me a big kiss, then he said  i know  you don’t have much time so get your mouth on my cock.  I dropped down to my knees and opened his pants and few sucks and he was hard as a rock.  As i sucked his cock he held my head and i took him all the way.  he started fucking my mouth all the time telling me how great my mouth feels on his  cock.  Then he held my head still and fills my mouth with a lot of cum and just held it in until i swallowed it all then i licked his cock clean.  I got up and told him i had to go, he kissed my neck i left.

All the way home i was thinking how good that cock felt in my mouth.  When i got home I walk in the house and I gave hubby a big with and all the time i was thinking ted just came in my mouth and now i’m kissing my husband  it made me kiss him even longer

“The fuck are you doing in here?” he said when I walked in his bedroom.

My new girlfriend’s son had been giving me this kind of shit for the last month. But enough was enough. 

I closed his door behind me. Then locked it with a soft click.

“Boner, that’s no way to greet your master!”

He started up from his bed, fire in his eyes—and I saw the glint of panic in them before he fell forward onto his hands and knees. Ass raised high in the air.

“What’s the matter, Boner? All those clothes feel funny?”

I bent down, looking him in the eye as I slipped off his athletic shorts.

“Don’t be scared, boy. You’ll get to suck daddy’s dick real soon. Would you like that? Would ya?”

I started rubbing my new puppy’s belly. Watching the horror melt away into horny bliss. His dick hardened and his ass started to wag. 

Tenderly, I wrapped my hand around his now hard cock. The last traces of resistance faded away as my girlfriend’s boy started humping my hand uncontrollably. Panting happily below me.

“Good boy, Boner. Good, stupid, horny boy.”

Adapt… Evolve… Crystalize!!

Okay guys, let me tell you: This song is pure Hannigram inspiration gold!!

Check out the lyrics:

You’ve applied the pressure

To have me crystallized

And you’ve got the faith

That I could bring paradise

I’ll forgive and forget

Before I’m paralyzed

Do I have to keep up the pace

To keep you satisfied

Things have gotten closer to the sun

And I’ve done things in small doses

So don’t think that I’m pushing you away

When you’re the one that I’ve kept closest

You don’t move slow

Taking steps in my direction

The sound resounds, echo

Does it lesson your affection

You say I’m foolish

For pushing this aside

But burn down our home

I won’t leave alive

Glaciers have melted to the sea

I wish the tide would take me over

I’ve been down on my knees

And you just keep on getting closer

Glaciers have melted to the sea

(Things have gotten closer to the sun)

I wish the tide would take me over

(And I’ve done things in small doses)

I’ve been down onto my knees

(So don’t think that I’m pushing you away)

And you just keep on getting closer

(When you’re the one that I’ve kept closest)

Go slow…

*goosebumps* Listening to that song with Hannigram in mind can do things to you, I swear! Okay…

One aspect that you could extract here for inspirational purposes is the theme of influence.

Hannibal did apply pressure, gentle and otherwise, to nudge and push and pull Will towards his becoming.

How do you see the two of them coping with that knowledge after the fall?

What is Hannibal’s view here? Does he see it as his accomplishment to have refined Will?

And Will, is he defiant of the thought of having himself allowed to be influenced by Hannibal? Imagine Will recounting all the ways in which Hannibal’s words and touches and glances have stirred awake something in him that he had tried to keep in check…

Please, take this, lovely fannibals, and run with it as far as you can go!!

Oh, and also, take a look at this edit of Hannibal touching Will:

So Small

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“Junhong, I don’t think this is gonna work.”

Junhong pouted and leaned to rest against the practice room mirror. “You’re right,” he sighed, “I didn’t think it would.”

“Then why on earth did you make me come down here at six in the morning on my only day off?” you asked as you slid down the mirror and brought your knees to your chest.

Junhong looked away from you for a moment before he took a deep breath and sat down beside you. “I just, I don’t know. I wanted to spend some time with you, I guess. With the comeback soon, we won’t get to see each other as much anymore.” 

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sex with Calum would include:

• raspy moans from the back of his throat
• “god, yes, just like that”
• lots and lots of hickeys
• scratching down his back really hard
• “h-holy shit”
• boob grabbing
• lazy grinding
• “fuck fuck fuck”
• him burying his face in the crook of your neck while he whimpers your name
• him wearing a cocky smirk while he watches you on your knees
• “those pretty lips are just made for me aren’t they baby,”
• lots of sloppy, rushed kisses
• his hand around your neck while he thrusts into you roughly
• “you like that don’t you? my princess loves getting fucked so hard,”
• the weeknd playing in the background
• him gripping onto your hips so hard that he leaves bruises
• “say my name, say it, fucking scream it, tell everyone who makes you feel so damn good,”
• endless whimpering and soft mumbles
• whispering “i love you, god i love you”
• “s…shit you’re so hot shit shit shit”
• lots of ass grabbing
• lots and lots of riding
• “this is the best view i’ve ever had in my life”
• “okay i know that you’re tired from that but… feel free to give me a blow job”
• “….anytime….”
• grabbing at the sheets because you can’t hold it in
• biting his shoulder to keep yourself from being too loud
• “that’s my girl, come for me,”
• so much dirty talk

ashton luke michael

Faking It

6. “Explain to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?”

Pairing: Reader x Luhan


“Explain to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?” Luhan whispered, glaring around to the unknown people. You twisted the faking wedding band around your finger. You were tired of having to explain to him.

“Okay. I may or may not have told my cousin I was married because I was jealous she was getting married.” You whispered back. Luhan whined. “Why did it have to be me tho?”

You tapped his knee with your finger as people began to quiet down.

“I would like to have everyone’s attention please.” A older man stood before the crowd. Everyone began to find a seat and quiet down.

The man trailed off about the beauty of marriage, and each second of it the tension between you and Lu grew a little more. You brought him here because he was the only guy friend you wouldn’t feel completely awkward with. And deep down, you had sort of a crush on him.

A piano began to harmonize and everyone turned to watch the bridesmaids walk through the isle. You scoffed quietly at the men linked to their arms. Seriously, how come you could never find anyone?

The ceremony continued, and eventually your cousin was standing under a beautiful ark with one hunk of a man. They shared their vows, kissing rather lovingly.

You’re cousin found you and Luhan. Luhan spotted her walking your way, and quickly slid his fingers through yours. You looked at him strangely.

“Y/n! It’s so nice to see you!” She chimed. Gosh, her voice was annoying.

“So this is the guy you were talking about. I didn’t actually believe your when you said you were married.” She chuckled. You glanced at Luhan. He could tell what you meant just by your face.

“Hi, I’m Luhan.” He reached out to shake her hand. She gladly took it, smiling at him.

“So where did you two meet?”

Luhan gave your fingers a squeeze, and you kept your lips sealed so he could do the talking.

Luhan cleared his throat. “A friend hooked us up.” You bit your cheek at the cringe worthy lie. “He set us up for a blind date and I knew just then she was the one.”

Thank god Luhan was an actor. He barely pulled that one off. You thought he sold it with the romantic kiss to your knuckles.

“How precious. Well, I’m gonna go get another drink.” She hopped up, walking away. Once you both knew she was gone, you glanced at each other and started laughing uncontrollably.

“‘I knew just then she was the one..’” you mocked, wheezing and pushing him backwards. “Whatever, you loved it.” Luhan giggled. The mood quickly died down and you exhaled.

“You know, I really like pretending to be your husband.” Luhan said, reaching his hand back to rub his neck awkwardly. His finger intertwined with yours, and this time you knew it was because someone was coming.

“Do you wanna go see a movie with me tomorrow?” He asked, squeezing your hand as he felt it begin to sweat. You smiled, glancing up at him.

“Yeah, that sounds really fun.”


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Pharah and Tracer asking their s/o to marry them?


She nervously picked at her dress, feeling uncomfortable in it. You were cooing at a stray cat, hand gently stroking it’s head. She took a deep breath and called you name.

You looked at her and smiled, sweat pouring down the crook of her neck. She awkwardly  got down on one knee and pulled out a ring.

“Would you give me the pleasure of being mine?”


The two of you were cuddling, just exhausted after the long day you both had. She pressed her head into your breasts before she pipped up.

“We should get married,” you sputtered at how casually she said that.

“Don’t just say that,” you said and she shook her head.

“No I’m being serious,” her face was tender, “Marry me, be my wife.”

IMAGINE: Negan running into a female version of himself….

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Master List


“I said get on your knees bitch!” Ben yelled.

“I bet your fucken mom heard that shit all the time.” Was the reply he got back.

Ben raised his hand in the air to strick.

“Ben! Calm your fucken shit man! Maybe fucking please would fucken help out here.” Negan said, walking up swinging his trusting Lucille around. “So sexy, would you fucken please get down on your mother fucken knees.”

“Mother fucker, I just met your fucken ass and your already fucken want me down on my mother fucken knees. Shit, as least buy a fucken girl a mother fucking drink first.” She said, smiling at him.

Negan kept a straight face and everyone started to look at each other, then back to him. He place Lucille on his shoulder and walked over to the girl.

Everyone seem to get nervous. Negan wasn’t one to ever hit a woman, but they never seen or heard of a woman talking back to him like that. The he did something no one expect.

Negan started busting up laughing. “ Fuck girl. I fucken like you. What’s your fucken name?” Negan said, offering his hand.

“(Y/N). And who the fuck are you?” She said, shaking his hand.

“I’m Negan. Nice to fucken meet you. Usually I fucken bash one of you or your friends fucken heads in and force you to give half your shit. But I think I’m fucken feeling fucken nice today. So fucken join us and join me for a fucken drink, and I’ll fucken spare you guys.” Negan said, with a big grin.

“Negan? O your the mother fucker I heard about with all those fucken chicks. Man should have fucken said something before I shook your mother fucken hand. I might have fucken got something.” She said, winking at him.

Negan laugh again and put his arm around his shoulder. “Men this is a mother fucken woman right here. Not fucken scared of fucken shit and has one hell of a sense of humor. Don’t fucken mess with her or her fucken friends here. You fucken do, I’ll fucken fuck your fucken ass up, with Lucille.” Negan said, with a firm tone and raising Lucille in the air.

“Lucille?” She said, looking at the bat.

“Yes. And she is fucking awesome, (Y/N).” Negan said, swinging Lucille around.

(Y/N) laugh, Negan looked offend but before he could say anything (Y/N) spoke up.

“These fuckers here, said I was fucken crazy to name my wonderful and beautiful weapon of choice.” She said. She pointed at one of Negan’s men. “Hey fucker. Yeah you fucker, I’m pointing at you. Had my fucken shit over.”

He walked over with a large wooden mallet that had cravings of smiling faces and diamonds on it. Then there were craving at the end of it saying, “Your Face Here.”

“This is fucken Harley. Name after my fucken favorite DC COMIC character. And she is fucken awesome.” She said, placing the mallet on her shoulders, smiling at him.

“Did we fucken just become best friends?” Negan said, smiling back at her. “You know (Y/N), this is a start of a fucken beautiful friendship. Come on let me fucken get you that fucken drink.” Wrapping his arm around her again and leading her to his truck.

“It better be some mother fucking whisky and not some pussy ass drink.” She said, about to get in his truck. He spun her around and she looked at him in confusion.

“Fucken marry me woman.” Negan said, getting down one knee.

“Leave all those bitches and I’ll fucken think about it.” She said, smiling down at him.

“Fucken done.” Negan said, turning back to his men. “You guys can have your fucken bitches back. I just fucken found the girl of my mother fucken dreams.”

Negan turned back to her and smile.

(Y/N) laugh and nodded. “Alright fucker, you fucken win.” She looked over at her friends that were getting up. “Nathan. Eric. Sorry we’re no longer fuck buddies.”

Negan looked up at her. “What? A mother fucken girl got fucken needs too, shit.” She said, smiling at him.

Negan busted up laughing, he got back up and picked her up. He carried her in his arms and looked at his men.

“So boys say fucken hi to my new and only fucken wife. And you fucken fuckers, you fucken try to get fucken back at (Y/N), I’ll fucken bash your fucken heads in.” Negan said, laughing when they looked down.

Negan put her in the truck and he got in. “You fuckers, go fuck off while I fucken take my wife on our fucken honeymoon!” Negan yelled, as they drove off.

“What the hell just happened?” Nathan asked out loud.

“The hell if I know.” Ben said, as they all walked off.

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Just a short on for you guys ☺

Reflections (part 2)

A/N: Alright so I couldn’t think of who would be a good right hand man for Lafayette, so I just made up a character because I needed a secretary/Mushu character. Also, I’m going to alter history a bit(or, a lot) to work for the story. Sorry!

Blog tags(if you want to be tagged to get a notification for the next(maybe final? idk) chapter just message me!): @neaeri , @superwholockbooknerd526,@jantales

Word count: 3925

The laps were pure torture. You didn’t realize just how out of shape you were until you made your last round back to the tents, nearly collapsing at the passing. Lafayette just spectated, watching from his own tent with his feet up and eating grapes as if he were king. You would punch him, if he were not your commanding officer.

You were panting, leaned over with your hands on your knees, sweat dripping down your face, and your stomach rolling. No one else seemed to be in such awful shape, but then again, no one else was a noblewoman. Your eyes looked up to your captain, glaring daggers as a smirk slid across his lips. You stood up, tall and proud as if the last laps had not happened. You could vomit later. He stood up, setting the vine down and walking over, hands hooked behind his back. As response, you gave him a sloppy salute. He chuckled, patronizing your presence.

“Tell me, enfant. Why did you even come?” He cocked a brow, and your blood began to boil.

“My name isn’t enfant, sir, it’s-” you hissed out, before cutting yourself off. You couldn’t give your real name, it’d be a dead giveaway of your sex. “William, sir.” You said the name slow and careful, as if trying to remember if the name was called. He scoffed again, making your anger rise.

“Let me see your credentials, William.” The way he said your name cause a chill to crawl up your spine, and you couldn’t tell if it was a sensual chill or an irritated one. You handed him your envelope, and he pulled out the letter, his brow narrowing. “Y/F/N Y/L/N?” He asked, looking to you and cocking a brow. You heard steps come up behind you, and a chuckle.

“I didn’t know he had a son.” You gulped hard, digging your nails into your skin. He doesn’t have a son, only you. You turn behind you and see a man come up to Lafayette, a man you saw stand next to him earlier. He seemed like a secretary of sorts. His tag read “Johnson”.

“Well, sir, he doesn’t talk about me that much.” You looked to the man beside your captain, looking over his shoulder and down at the letter. He was lean, maybe twice as old as you, and not nearly as handsome as the obnoxious man reading the letter given to your father.

“I can see why.” He spat out, pushing the letter back into your chest. You grabbed it, wide eyed and angered as he disrespected you. You gulped softly, lost for words as he began to walk away. He had made up his mind about you. You knew you’d prove him wrong.

Nothing else happened the rest of the night, dinner was uneventful despite the glares that were cast your way from around the tent. It was demeaning, and the food was less than appetizing, but with the way the day had gone, you were starved.

It wasn’t until you had escaped to your tent that you were able to relax. You released your concealed breasts, noticing a bit of bruising along the edge. Nothing you weren’t used to, considering the corsets. You let out a sigh, laying on the ground and staring at the long point of your tent. Distant voices were heard, but since you had set up your tent so far away, you couldn’t understand anything. It was easier this way, in case they did a random check, you wouldn’t be able to hide your deadly secret.

The floor was cold, and you missed your bed. More importantly, you missed your family, but that was the reason why you were here. This was hard, but it would be harder than getting a letter telling you that your father had died. That thought alone was enough to make you stay, and you accepted that. You hadn’t realized how tired your day was until you were incapable of keeping your eyes open.

A trumpet disrupted your slumber, distant, but definitely obnoxious enough to startle you awake. Still, darkness surrounded you, before dawn. Did people really get up this early just to train? You thought. An annoyed groan passed through your lips as you stood up, forcing the bandage around you before anything else. Your vision was blurry with fatigue, and you weren’t sure if you were putting on your uniform quite right. However, that didn’t matter, if you didn’t leave now you were in for an earful from an annoying Frenchman. You parted the tent, hair dangling loosely from your messy ponytail as you look out at the barely lit field. The men were already in line. Your eyes widened in frustration as swears passed through your lips. How could men get ready so quickly.

You stumbled down the hill, finishing tying up your boot as you did so, shuffling behind a few men and coming into the commander talking mid sentence. Unlike the rest of the shoulders, his shirt was off, showing off every tanned, toned muscle that he had. A gulp lodged in your throat as you collected yourself and stood in line. If you were lucky, he might not have seen you come down.

“- for the day.” He turned his body to look to the end of the line. “Thank you for joining us, L/N. I hope your beauty sleep was worth it.” Unfortunately, you weren’t that lucky.

“Sorry, sir…” you started, but chuckling beside you caused your to trail off and heat to touch your cheeks.

“Alexander, thank you for volunteering for my next subject.” You looked towards the man who chuckled, a smirk pulling at the corner of your lips. He looked at Lafayette wide eyed, opening his mouth to coming up with an excuse, but shut it the second he realized it wouldn’t help. Instead, he just grumbled and moved towards the captain. Lafayette wrapped an arm around Hamilton, who looked less than happy to be a volunteer.

“Laf, is this really-”

“I want you to climb up that pole,” he gestured to a pole at least 30 feet tall and had quite a bit of girth as well, enough so that you couldn’t wrap your arms around it, “and retrieve the American flag. Do you understand?” He asked, cocking a brow, smirking down at him. Hamilton rolled his eyes and walked over to the pole. From the pale light now peaking over the mountains, you could see it was most likely a log, a blunt ending just above

“Yeah, I can. And I’ll do it with my shirt on.” He chuckled, preparing to climb the intimidating pole.

“Hold on, amie.” Lafayette cut Alexander’s movements off, and walked over to Johnson who was holding a box. “You didn’t think I was going to let it be that easy, did you?” He chuckled as Laurens’ shoulders fell.

“No, of course not, cap’n,” he mocked, crossing his arms over his chest. You could tell that the two, as well as Laurens and Mulligan, were all friends and allies. If anyone else were to sass Lafayette, they’d get scolded. Instead, he walked over with two spheres in his hands, leather straps dangling down. Once he was beside Hamilton, he lifted one up and rested it in his hands, still holding on.

La vaillance. Valor, courage.” He said, his accent thick and beautiful. He finally dropped his hands from Hamilton’s grasp, watching the large bronze disk drag him down. There was chuckling from the group. Once Alexander had regained his composure, Lafayette handed him the other disk. “Le puissance. Power, strength.” Again, Alexander nearly collapsed, and the irony caused more chuckles to erupt among the crowd. He stood up with a blush, sighing and looking to the pole, one disk for each arm.

“Watch and learn boys!” Hamilton called out, cocky. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. He lept on the pole, lacking grace, and tried to shuffle up. Without the weights, it would’ve been easy, but they began dragging him down, making it difficult to lift his arms above his head to grab further up. He began sliding down, until his butt hit the ground with a thud.

This process continued, including you, it all ended with a thud on the ground and an inability to reach the top pole.

But things weren’t always so equal.

Training was beyond intense ou fell behind on running hikes, you had probably caught yourself in barbwire more times than you can count, and for someone who was fed a silver spoon her entire life, building up stamina proved difficult. The three men, Hamilton, Laurens, and Mulligan, continuously made your life difficult. Sometimes, your failure was their fault, other times, you were just inept.

Lafayette condescended you. He repeatedly insulted the entire group, but you seemed to be his least favorite. He’d say you were hopeless, and there was no way to make you into a man. About a month had passed when his patience war thin, and you were sitting on a log, taking off your shoes to tend to your sore feet. His shadow loomed over you in the light of the pale of the moon, and his hand wrapped around your horse’s rein.

“You aren’t suited for the rage of war. Pack and go home, before you get yourself killed. How could I make a man out of you?” He said, his face stone cold as he dropped the rope in your lap and walked away. Your shoulders fell as he said the harsh words, and for a brief moment, you knew he was right. Would it be easier to go home, to face your family after you betrayed them? Your home would be a prison, and a temple to mock by the neighbors since their daughter ran away and didn’t do anything when she returned.

No, that wasn’t fair.

You stood up, determination in your eyes. The stress of the day evaporated instantly as you looked at the unyielding pole, the flag flickering with the gentle wind. The disks sat at the bottom, people occasionally trying again and again, but never succeeding. You stood at the base of the pole, staring up the long shaft and grimacing. It was so tall, you shook your head and grabbed the disks, noticing that despite your failed efforts at training, the disks were still easier to lift. It gave you satisfaction to say the least.

Again and again,  you climbed up the pole with your arms secured around it, but again and again, you never got passed ten feet before sliding back down to the cold ground, chilled by the night. You let out a hushed, aggravated sigh as you looked at the disks, the main reason for your failure. For a moment you just sat there in defeat, trying to think of an alternate way. Your father would say that the definition of insanity is doing the same exact thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

So, why not try something different?

A smile slid across your lips as you stood up. “I’m thinking about this all wrong,” you mutter, lifting up the disks and looking at both of them. “They’re not an obstacle…” you swung the disks around the thick log, and they easily wrapped around each other and clanked as they settled. “They’re the solution.”

Tugging on the ropes to make sure they were secure as you began to climb the pole, one foot at a time. It was rough, god it hurt every muscle in your body, but you were getting farther than you had the entire night. Mountains surrounded you, but you could feel the tickle of the sunlight peak up above the horizon. Did the bugle blow? You couldn’t tell, all you could hear was subtle ringing, and what sounded like cheering. You didn’t dare look down, you were so close to the top. All you had to do was sit, unhinge the flag, and you’d be done. You’d have proven yourself.

As your thoughts raced, your foot slipped, causing your body to slam into the pole. Your grip tightened, making sure not to fall from this height despite the shaking in your hands and the white of your knuckles. You kept going, just five more feet. Beads of sweat had trickled down your neck just like so many other times this past month, but none were more satisfying than when you realized that you were now sitting on top of the log, looking down at the cheering men. Quickly, you grabbed the flag, waving it around.

At that time, you saw Lafayette emerge from his tent, confused as to why his soldiers were causing such a commotion. You let the flag fall from your hands and fall onto his head before he could look up and see who retrieved it. The disks sat on your shoulder, and you have never felt prouder than when the Marquis himself smiled proudly up at you.

It was that moment of confidence that allowed you to continue with ease. The group of boys were decent to you, in fact aided you in some cases. You grew stronger, faster, smarter. You even were able to take down Lafayette in one-on-one combat training. You’d be lying if you said it didn’t feel good to kick him in the face. After the pole, he never disrespected you again.

While all was well and good, nothing could beat swimming in the pond about a half a mile from camp. Just because you looked like a man didn’t mean you had to smell like one. It wasn’t too deep, maybe 7 feet, and it was heated from the blistering sun’s rays on the surface all day. It felt nice on the sore muscles. Your horse was there as a place to put your clothes, so you didn’t have to put it on the ground. He was tied to a tree as you dived into the water, revelling in the feeling of being clean. You let out a long sigh, feeling the freedom of your chest relax on the water. By now, your breasts had gotten used to the bruising, but it still felt good. Like taking off a corset after the end of a long day. This was utter bliss.

Of course, that didn’t last long. Ripples disrupted your balance and your body collapsed into the water, looking up and seeing Lafayette’s secretary, Johnson, staring at you with a surprised look, before it relaxed. You were speechless, wide eyed, nervous.

“I-I…” You stuttered out, your cheeks bright red and covering your chest, even though the murky water hid it. He of course, saw, since you were on the surface. He just held up a hand.

“I know why your father never talked about his son, because he always boasted about his daughter.” He walked in further, causing you to shrink away. “I wouldn’t worry about it, I don’t exactly prefer women.” He scoffed, and that alone allowed you to relax. He was in the same boat as you, if the general found out, you’d both be hanged for joining the army. He wouldn’t tell because you wouldn’t.

“When did you figure it out?” You asked, cocking a brow as you sat in a more shallow part of the pool.

“The second you created an alias. I know everyone that comes in and out of the army, every noble and their immediate family.” He looked over at you calmly, washing himself. “The captain is clueless, don’t worry.” You nodded in response, rubbing your arms a bit to get rid of dirt.

“Thank you…” You said, feeling better about the situation. He nodded, turning around and looking at the scenario.

“You’re either brave, or stupid, Miss Y/N L/N.” he scoffed as you glared at him, shaking his head. “Either way, you better stay underwater, because I know there are a couple of things they’ll be bound to notice.” He gaze shifted to the trail as three men, three very specific men, stripped as they ran and jumped into the water. You felt yourself heat up as you swam to the center, using a lilypad to guard yourself from their gaze.

“William!” Hamilton called out.

“H-hey guys, how’s it going?” You asked, your voice deepening once more. Johnson just sat around idly, the boys didn’t even know it. “I was just washing up, but I’m clean now, and I’m going to go, bye bye.” You dipped behind the rock to hide.

“Oh come on, don’t be shy!” he continued, watching Alexander swim over with Hercules. He draped his arm around you. Instantly, you sank away, swimming behind the rock.

“We’re sorry bout the way we treated you, but we can chill now, right?” He asked, wiggling his brows and laughing as they waded over. “How about we start over. I’m John Laurens,” he shook your hand and afterwards you pulled away, smiling awkwardly as you ran right into a large form.

“And I’m Hercules Mulligan.” He said, mimicking Laurens’ tone. An awkward laugh escapes your lips.

“Hello, Hercules Mulligan.” you repeated, feeling heat return to your cheeks as you realized you were against a very, very naked man.

“And I’m Alexander Hamilton, king of the rock.” You gaze looked up at the boulder you were hiding behind to find Alex standing tall and proud of what he had. You immediately looked down as Mulligan pulled away. “And there’s nothing you princesses can do about it.” You muttered a prayer as you made sure to keep your gaze overt. Laurens just laughed.

“Oh yeah?” Laurens boasted, laughing and nudging you. “Well I think Will and I can take you down!” You gulped and swam away, looking to Johnson for help. He was holding back laughter and you wanted to smack him.

“I really don’t want to take him anywhere.” You replied, gulping. Laurens began to swim after you.

“What? But we have to fight!” You held up a finger as you kept moving away.

“No, we don’t. We could just… close our eyes and… swim around!” You suggested, offering a smile as John grabbed your arm.

“C’mon, don’t be such a-”

“Snake!” Johnson shouted, stumbling out of the water in a beautiful dramatic display. While you knew what he was doing, the others didn’t, and began yelling like children and climbing on the rock. You took this opportunity to walk back on shore and grab your towel from your horse, wrapping it around you. You let out a sigh, rubbing your arms.

“Boy… that was close.” You said, Johnson already having his clothes on.

“You can say that again.” You offered a smile as thanks, gripping the towel tighter as you began to wring out your hair.

“I never want to see a naked man ag-” Before you could finish speaking, what seemed like the rest of the camp came running past you, all men, all naked. You felt violated. Johnson, who has yet to give his first name, chuckled.

“Come on, get dressed.” He said, using himself to let you do so as he watched the men, what seemed to be one specific man , swim around. You didn’t inquire, but found it charming that he had a crush. You slipped on your tunic and tights, wrapping the cloth more loosely since the tunic was blocky on your form anyways.

“Thanks Johnson.” You said, tying your hair back.

“Adam, you’re welcome.” He smiled back as you began moving down the path.

The walk started out silent, a simple walk back to camp under the moonlight of the evening, you’ve been in similar position, except you were in ornate attire and the man walking with you was definitely straight. Adam cut the air with his sigh.

“So, why’d you do it?” He asked, cocking a brow and looking at you. For a moment you hesitated, but decided you needed someone to confide in.

“My father isn’t…. He’s sick. He was going to force himself out here and I can’t…” Your voice faded, but he didn’t need clarification.

“That’s selfish, don’t you think?” You opened your mouth to argue, but no words came out. He was right. It was selfish of you to leave your family and worry about your wellbeing, but…

“I have way more of a chance than he could, and that’s enough for me.” You concluded, raising your head up and seeing the tents. Adam chuckled.

“Well, they may not be there physically, but you certainly have the balls to be a man.” You both laughed, and it made you realize that a month ago, you would’ve been repulsed by such a comment.

“William,” you heard a French accent interrupt your laughter. You looked over to see Lafayette standing outside his tent with the flap open. His expression was stoic. You glanced at Adam briefly, before walking toward your captain. Adam mentioned he had patrol anyways. Lafayette held the flap open for you as you walked in.

“Is something wrong, sir?” you inquired, looking at him with a furrowed brow.

“On the contrary, I called you here because I wanted to formally, well, informally praise you.” The stoic expression broke as he shook your hand. It was warm, callused, large in comparison with yours. It caused your heart to skip a beat. A gulp lodged in your throat as he pulled away suddenly, only able to nod before swallowing.

“Thank you sir, but I don’t understand.” You muttered, watching Lafayette sit at his desk. His smile remained as he watched you, scanning your features.

“Well, enfant, I almost sent you home. In the matter of two week after, you became on of my top soldiers. I’m glad you’re stubborn.” He chuckled leaning back before standing up again, he seemed as though he was fidgeting, as though a thought was crossing his mind that he didn’t want. He let out a sigh, “I’m worried about the front lines,” he admitted. “General Washington said he’d write as soon as they reached camp, and that should’ve been two weeks ago. I have to wondered if maybe something happened or he’s given up on me, I-”

“Pardon me, sir but that’s a load of crap.” You blurted, interrupting him. The comment shocked him, as well as yourself, but you continued. “If it weren’t for you, sir, I wouldn’t have had the ability to overcome my weakness and be the wo.. Person I am today.” You said, a soft smile touching your lips. “I couldn’t ask for a better captain.” He looked at, an expression that you couldn’t read crossing his sharp, handsome features. You’d add that he was also beautiful to look at, but that might not work out well. He took a couple steps toward you, opening his mouth to say something, and you felt your heart skip a beat as you watched his eyes in curiosity.

“Captain!” Adam burst into the tent panting, and holding a letter. You were broken from your trance as both you and Lafayette looked at his secretary. “Urgent news from the general!” His expression returned to its stiff nature, grabbing the letter as his eyes glazed over it. He looked up to you, and then to Adam.

“He wants us on the front lines,” He said, almost in shock. You felt your gut tighten in unwanted fear, but shoved it down as you looked at him and drew in a breath.

“Well, looks like we’re going to war.” You said.

Marrying Kai Would Include

Requests: “Marrying Kai would include please? 😄💓”

Marrying Kai would include: 

  • Getting down on his shaky knee
  • “Nobody’s loved me like you do.” Speech while his voice becomes hoarse
  • “So I-I want to ask you, if you would marry me? I’m so bad at this.” 
  • You say yes and his hand is shaking as he slips the ring on your finger
  • Planning months ahead for a wedding and inviting all of your friends
  • “I-I’m not sure anymore.” But he’s only afraid he will screw it up because of what he did to Jo
  • Assuring him it will be okay, squeezing each other’s hands
  • His excitement to have you as his wife grows stronger as the date approaches
  • Watching you walk down the aisle with Stefan as his best man, big tears in his eyes
  • Smiling at him as your father walks you down the aisle
  • Saying your vows and squeezing each other’s hands as you did before and promising each other eternity of love
  • Taking a sigh of relief because everything turned out how it was planned
  • Cutting the cake together, his arm around your waist and his hand on yours wrapped around the knife handle
  • Throwing the first piece of cake in each other’s faces
  • Slow dancing at the reception while whispering in your ear, “You-you’re my wife now.” 
  • “So when can we have kids?”
  • “Are you sure? Kai and kids don’t mix.” You’d laugh. 
  • “If its with you then yeah I want kids, Sweetheart.” 
How he would ask you to be his girlfriend

Ughhh so Tumblr lagged out on me twice already, but hopefully third time’s a charm, right? 

 Remus - He isn’t one for big dramatic things to he would just take you to a nook in the library and you two would cuddle on the couch and he would read to you and look down and smile softly and say, “Y/N, would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” 

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 James - He loves to see you smile so he would take you on a broom ride over the castle and you would ooh and ahh and smile at him and then he would land under your favorite tree near the lake and get down on one knee like a goofball and hold out his snitch to you and say, “Be my girlfriend, Y/L/N?” 

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 Sirius - He’s a huge drama queen so he would go all out. After all, his parents did teach him how to treat a lady. So he would take you for a walk around the grounds and you would hold hands and then go up to the astronomy tower and there would be a candlelit dinner. Once you were done eating, he would look at you and say, “Y/N, would you make me the luckiest guy in Hogwarts and be my girlfriend?” And if you didn’t say yes right away (or were too busy shaking your head at his adorableness) then he would step next to the edge and say dramatically, “If not, I may have to pitch myself off of here! Then all my amazing talent and good looks would go to waste!”

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umm dally guides reader thru first bj headcannons :D

part of me wants to make this an imagine but idk if I should 🤷🏼‍♀️

— he would be standing, and would tell you to get down on your knees
— he’d keep saying to stop looking so nervous (because it makes him feel “weird”)
— he would hold your hair back (not because he’s nice but because he wants it out of the way)
— (plus he’ll tug on it)tbhh
— he’s not extremely descriptive like soda or pony would be
— “don’t look at me!! keep going—what are you do–oh mygOD”
— he tells you to lick the underside first (YOU WANTED THIS, I’M GOING GRAPHIC), and you do it slowly while making eye contact and he just
— dies ;);
— “you’re doing so good, just like that, yeahhh”
— “shit, you’re so good”
— he tries saying it wasn’t your first time you’re like,,
— bitch,,

every day I stray further from the light of the lord😌😌

Imagine you've been captured by a witch Part 2


When you and the witch passed through the open gate, she stopped to reseal it with the wave of her hand. Your knees trembled as you tried to stay standing, leaning onto the witch for support. The new weight of whatever was inside you pressed down against your cervix. You glanced down, fearful that something would start moving, pushing outward against your skin.

“Now,” The witch waved her hand again, this time toward the cave exit, “There’s still some time before you give me what I want, so you’ll be coming with me.”

You would have tried to get away from her, but you hesitated. The witch understood what was happening to you. If you tried to run away or kill her, you would be left without any help. If she found you again or survived an attempt on her life, she would likely curse you to something far worse. As long as you were full of the creature’s spawn, she would aid you in dealing with them. Besides, you didn’t have the energy to escape.

She opened a portal, guiding you through. A wave of nausea hit you. You leaned forward, putting a hand over your mouth to try and keep yourself from vomiting. The witch removed herself from beneath your arm, “Silly girl. So vulnerable to magic,” She walked toward a wardrobe, skimming through it.

You looked around warily. It seemed that the witch had brought you to her shop. There was a small set of wooden stairs leading to a door, light streaming from the cracks. It was the only way outside. There were no windows. The shop was built within the ground, likely beneath an inn or bar. Witchcraft was illegal in most of the world. Many feared it and burned anyone suspected of using magic without sufficient evidence. The shop was an open area, save for one small door. The witch’s bedroom, probably. Your gaze drifted some of the bottles of potions and jars of specimens she had set up on several shelves. One of them twitched, and you quickly looked away.

“Put this on,” The witch handed you a simple dress.

You looked down, realizing that you still had the torn remains of your old dress hanging from your form. You removed the rags, slipping the cotton dress on. The waist had ample room for a pregnant woman, but you were too big. It would have draped nicely over a soft, round belly, but the fabric was tight over your stomach. You pulled at the dress, trying to see if you could stretch the material. You paused, palms shakily pressing against your skin. Nothing moved. It was firm and heavy. You were tempted to sit down in one of the chairs, just so you could get some rest.

The witch approached you again. This time, with a bucket of water and other cleaning supplies. She placed them at your feet, “You’ll be here for a while, so make yourself useful.”

You stared at her. She couldn’t be serious. She had made you the victim of some monster and now she was expecting you to clean, “No.”

“No?” She removed her hood, revealing a prettier face than what you had expected. From the look of her, she was five to seven years older than you. But she was a witch. Her appearance could be changed. She smirked, her hands on her hips, “You’re saying no? And you think that leaving will be better for you? You have no money. You’re days from your home and you can barely walk. Even if you stayed in the city, what happens when these,” She reached down, her hand on your stomach, “Leave you? If you’re caught birthing these, you’ll be executed for witchcraft. You’re carrying the young of a terrible beast, my dear. A terrible beast that is created using witchcraft.”

You looked away, deciding not to argue.

“Good~ So, you’re going to cook, you’re going to clean, and you’re going to give me a wonderful supply of new ingredients,” She smiled, then gestured to the bucket at your feet, “Go on.”

You carefully sank to your knees, grabbing a scrub brush from the bucket of soapy water. The witch was being intentionally cruel and you knew it. There was a mop in the open supply closet, but she hadn’t given it to you. You were sure that, if you tried to reach for it, she would end up punishing you somehow. She wanted you scrubbing on your hands and knees. You leaned forward, a hand reaching out to balance yourself. Your stomach pressed against the floor and you had to spread your legs to accommodate the space it took up. You sighed, but kept it quiet. You glanced up to the witch, who was humming to herself and working on some potions.

After an hour, the front of your dress was soaked. Working on your hands and knees with your stomach hanging so low made it impossible to stay dry. But there was no way around it. You couldn’t stop working, fearing that the witch would bark at you to get back to scrubbing.

Multiple customers had come into the shop. You tried to avoid eye contact, hoping that no one from your town had traveled to the city. You didn’t want anyone you knew to see you in such a state. A few of the customers asked the witch about you. They wanted to know your age, how the witch had come across you, and how far along you were. The witch lied. She guessed your age. She said that she had found you in the alley behind a whorehouse. She made herself into a hero, claiming that you had been impregnated by one of your clients and fired from your job. The witch’s voice would drift into a lilting tone as she told them that you were still quite a way’s away from giving birth, even though you had already grown so much. You didn’t argue with her story. You merely kept cleaning.

It was getting close to sunset when the door opened again. You didn’t look, keeping your head down as you scrubbed the floors. Your knees were sore. Your back ached. You were covered in sweat. You huffed, deciding to take a small break. You sat back, still on your knees. The wet fabric of your dress made you a bit as you moved. The weight of your belly kept your back arched, thighs parted to make room. You reached up to wipe the sweat from your brow, only to notice something in your periphery. You stopped, looking up.

It was a man. He was tall and dressed in dark, expensive clothing. Your gaze flickered to his face, but you quickly looked away. It wasn’t his appearance that had you averting your gaze. It was the look he gave you. His eyes were dark, roaming over your form. You could feel him staring at you, like a wolf that had happened upon a defenseless lamb.

But then he turned and walked away from you, as if deciding that he wasn’t hungry. He approached the witch, starting a conversation. He made no mention of you. Still, when the witch wasn’t looking, you could feel him staring at you.

Two weeks had passed. You were terrified. Each morning you woke up from your small cot, you wondered if your stomach had grown. But you couldn’t notice a difference. Your dress hadn’t tightened around your belly. Your breasts, however, had changed. There were nights that the pressure was so painful that you couldn’t touch them without wincing. The witch had noticed, telling you that it was just your body responding to the spawn inside of you. The things that would leave your womb wouldn’t need your milk. You shivered at the thought.

The man had started coming to the witch’s shop more and more. At first, he merely watched you clean or cook. There were times that you glanced at him, trying to figure out what he wanted. But he never focused on one part of you. His stare always wandered. It was obvious that he had dark intentions. You didn’t say anything to him. You just kept your distance.

As time went on, he began getting closer to you when the witch was busy with a potion or another customer. If you were on your knees cleaning, he would tangle his fingers in your hair. He would pull your neck into an uncomfortable angle, forcing you to look at him. He would keep you there for a moment before letting you go and acting as if it had never happened. If you were cooking, he would sneak up on you when your hands were full. He’d grab your hair, pulling your head to one side. Your dress would be pulled away from your shoulder, his teeth sharp and tongue hot against your skin. His free hand would disappear between your legs, rubbing against you as you quickly discarded whatever you were holding so you could try to push him away. But just as your hand grabbed his wrist, his fingers would delve into your entrance. With the weight against your cervix and his fingertips pressing into places that had your knees weak, you became more focused on staying quiet than getting away from him. After the second time it happened, you were sure that the witch knew and simply didn’t care.

But you had a plan now. You had found times in the day where the witch wanted you to have tea prepared for more prestigious guests. At first, she merely told you to make the tea. As time went on, she decided to humiliate you by ordering you to bring the tea and serve it to your customers. So many people had reached out to touch your stomach, reminding you of why you were stuck with the witch. Some of them commented that you must be carrying twins. Others had started making bets over when you were going to give birth. It was horrible to endure, but it was the best time for you to avoid that man. You stood by the door, your back to the wall as you waited for the guests to finish their tea so you could either pour them another or relieve them of their cups. The man usually came to the shop at a specific time. If you had tea prepared and already waiting at the table, you could keep him from sneaking up on you.

The door flew open, hitting the wall with a loud thud. The man descended the stairs, still dressed as elegantly as he would any other day. But you could tell from the way his fingers gripped the railing that he was furious. His shoulders were tense, everything about his posture screaming agitation. At first, you thought he was going to storm right past you to see the witch. But he stopped, turning to look at you. You froze, eyes widening. His breathing was ragged, hair mussed as he pinned you beneath his gaze. You couldn’t move, legs locked in place despite your urge to run. He was on the hunt now, but he wasn’t just hungry. He was starving.

The witch stepped out of her bedroom. You relaxed slightly, thinking that she would see to his potion order. But she glanced between you, a smile creeping onto her face, “You’ve been eyeing her for quite some time.”

“Of course I have,” He growled, “Everyone that comes here takes notice.”

“They’re curious. They always whisper about her water breaking as she’s cleaning. Some of them have been coming more often just so they can watch.”

The man suddenly relaxed, his fiery rage turning into something dark and focused. He smirked, “But she won’t, will she? Not yet, anyway.”

“No, not for another week. I could have sped it up, but that risks some of the young. I need as much as those little creatures as I can get out of her.”

You glared at her, but held your tongue. If she could make the process faster, she could likely slow it down, too. You returned your attention to the man.

The witch laughed slightly, “Is that why you’re so worked up? You’ve been waiting to find her empty?”

He grinned. If you had met him before anything had happened to you, before you knew what he was capable of, you would have fallen in love with him easily. He was handsome. Tall and lean, yet strong. But you knew what sort of darkness he held. He tilted his head to one side, “I’ve always wanted a wife. Finding a woman to give me fresh supplies, but also keep my bed warm and provide me with plenty of children? I’m a lucky man. You only need her once. I want her for eternity.”

You looked to the witch, praying that she would refuse. She only had to use you once, then she would let you go back home. The only thing that had been getting you through this entire ordeal was the idea that you would be able to go home and continue your life afterward.

But she smiled wickedly, her voice sweet, “You can use her now, if you like. She’s stable.”

The man’s smirk widened and he approached you, “Come here, darling.”

- Keira Metz

Grim Reaper Pt. 10 (BTS, Angst)

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Sorry for posting it later than expected. This chapter is a lot more toned down than the last for…obvious reasons lol. I hope you don’t think I forgot!!! I’ve just been unable to get on a computer lately which is sooo restricting. I hope you enjoy (as much as you can enjoy angst lol). Also may I just ask Yoongi what the fuck are you doing??????

Check out the side series of all the other reapers!! (still need to write Tae’s story lol once again sorry)

Suga // J-hope // Jungkook

Words: 1939

“Put me down-” You cried, trashing in Namjoon’s grip. He did, only to watch you fall to the ground on your knee’s. Your head ached worse than it did just minutes ago, and it was beginning to cloud your vision.

“Taehyung already told you, remembering would be painful! You can’t even walk, let alone stand. Come here.” Namjoon’s voice was cold, sending chills down your spine and tears falling down your cheeks. He was right, but you still didn’t want to be in his arms any longer.

“…Miss?” A voice caught your attention, making you turn around on your knee’s. An elderly woman with a small dog was holding her hand out for you. She looked concerned, the way her eyes crinkled and mouth formed a firm frown. Could she see Namjoon?

Her expression changed when Namjoon reached for you. “Oh my…Did that man just appear out of no where?”

Namjoon smiled sweetly, picking up a hand and brushing it across the woman’s face softly. She scowled, watching as Namjoon hoisted you into his arms. Your hands wound around his neck, and he held onto your thighs tightly.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, have a good night ma’am.”

“You…too?” She murmured back, watching Namjoon carry you away the whole time. He made her forget seeing him appear. 

The whole way to your house, he carried you despite your pleas.

You’d fallen asleep somehow on the way back, but when you awoke, you were tucked under blankets on the sofa, with Namjoon sitting on the other. Your head pounded, but it wasn’t as bad as before. You looked at the clock above the TV, and it read just past 4 AM.

“Oh?” Namjoon mumbled. You sat up, noticing that he’d just woken up as well. “You’re awake. How does your h-”

You waited quietly for him to come over to you, before hitting him. Namjoon’s eyebrows furrowed, and he caught both of your wrists before sitting down on the edge of the sofa.

“(Y/N)…” Namjoon whispered, letting go of your wrists once deciding that he’d held them long enough.

“You’re not even upset someone close to you died?” It was ironic, actually. A reaper, dealing with death, taking his own loved one’s death as something terrible? It was unlikely, but once spotting Hoseok and Jungkook reacting in such a way, you were sure Namjoon would at least be a little upset.

“I am upset!” He stood up, leaning his head back and shouting. “Taehyung was one person I never expected to fucking die! Don’t blame me for letting him choose his own path, it’s the best for everyone! This is what a leader has to deal with, right? Pain and death of the ones working with him.”

“Just go. I don’t want to see you. Go!” You stood up as well, pausing to catch your surroundings and not fall again. You still felt nauseous and tired, your head seeming to pound more once standing up. Namjoon held onto your waist so you wouldn’t fall, but you ended up  shoving his body. He merely stepped back a few times, before stopping altogether.

“I can’t leave you.” He whispered, bottom lip quivering. “I can’t leave you alone anymore. I’m not going to lose two people in one day.”

“Namjoon, he really loved you!” You held your forehead,  ignoring the dizziness that was swirling around you. He held both hands out, as if he were ready to catch you from falling this time.

“I know…I know!” He burst out, pacing the small length of your living room. He stopped once you walked towards him. 

“Why didn’t you stop him?” You whispered.

“I knew I couldn’t. Taehyung said the truth when he told you any of us would’ve taken that blood without a reason. There’s no way he’d say no, even after knowing how Hoseok and Jungkook would be after dying.”

You knew it was true. Seokjin said the same thing, before sending you back to allow Taehyung to die. Namjoon gently placed a hand on your shoulder, before pulling you in for a hug. He was shaking while holding you, and you were sure he’d begun to cry.



Don’t kill Seokjin… You wanted to tell him everything at that very moment, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t tell him anything so fresh after Taehyung had given his own life up. These things could wait, they could wait until tomorrow.

“You’re tired?” He murmured, pulling away from you. He had tear stained cheeks, but still proceeded to wipe his sleeve across your cheeks to dry them. You nodded your head, allowing him to take your hand and pull you into your dark room. Neither of you did anything besides kick your shoes off and climb into bed. Namjoon pulled you on top of him, before placing the blanket around your bodies.

“Why are you doing this?” You whispered into the darkness. Namjoon shifted uncomfortably.

“Doing what?”

“Why are you trying to kill Seokjin? Do you even know what will happen?”

He hesitated for a moment. “Do you know what will happen?”

You sat up, looking at the mere outline of his face in the pitch blackness of your room. You could barely make out the whites of his eyes, but you knew Namjoon was looking at you. A dreadful feeling was piling up inside of you, one part telling you to come clean with everything Jimin hadn’t said, another part telling you to keep quiet until you had all of your bearings together.


“It’s still cloudy, right? You can’t take medication for your headache, sorry. Just tell me when you wake up later.”

“Namjoon…” You whispered.

“No, it’s fine.”

“Namjoon!” Your voice was louder this time. He flinched in the darkness. “Jimin wasn’t lying. If you kill Seokjin…he…you…you’ll become a human.”

He sat up, leaning back against his elbows. You had to hold onto his shoulders to keep from falling off of him. Namjoon’s single exhale was hot against your neck, and then he was kissing you.

His kisses were quick and sloppy, and you couldn’t pull away if you wanted too. Namjoon’s hands held your cheeks, and you leaned into him. He pulled away, and the only thing you could hear in the darkness was the sound of your heavy breath.


“I can become human…” He held your waist, and was turning you over onto your back to stand up. He flicked the light on, momentarily blinding the both of you.

“No,” you interjected. “No you can’t. Namjoon, if you become human who will be the reaper of physical deaths? Seokjin won’t be around anymore to create a new o-”

“Yoongi would get my powers. He is the second reaper, after all.”

“That’s not fair and you know it!” You snapped, getting up and stepping in front of the door. Your head ache was merely a buzz, now, and you were glad. Namjoon frowned, sliding his shoes on.

“All’s fair in love and war, (Y/N).” He murmured almost incoherently. You could feel your hands ball up into fists. He wasn’t making any sense at all.

“You’re their leader! Do you think they’re going to keep you alive after knowing you did that?”

He stiffened, obviously not thinking straight. Namjoon was showing you a side you’d never seen before, it was scaring you.

“Namjoon…Just think about it… You can’t become human without the others.”

I don’t need them! I only agreed to be their leader for you! Obviously that was a bad idea.”

You leaned back against the door, feeling your chest tighten at the words he spoke. His voice was low, loud, and it was scaring you even more. He came forward, and you flinched. Only for a moment, Namjoon’s eyes softened, before hardening once more.

“What did you say?”

“You heard me.” He huffed, taking your arm and pushing you aside. Namjoon shoved open the door, only to back up at the sight in front of him.

“Yeah, Namjoon.” Yoongi smiled, cracking his fingers. “What did you say?”

“Nothing. Can you look after (Y/N) for awhile? I have a few things to do.”

“No, Namjoon!” You pleaded, holding the back of his shirt. His fists tightened, before yanking himself away. Yoongi placed a hand on your shoulder, eyes blazing into yours.

“Yeah, sure.” He yawned, but you seemed to be frozen. You couldn’t move anymore. Was he doing the same thing to you as he did to Hoseok? In silence, you watched as Namjoon walked towards your front door, disappearing behind it with a loud bang.

Yoongi let go of you, helping you sink back onto the bed. Tears were falling down your cheeks easily, and Yoongi knelt down to level your height on the mattress.

“What the fuck happened? Namjoon looks like he did when he was looking for you- insane. What did you say to him?”

“I shouldn’t have told him…” You whispered, firmly gripping both of Yoongi’s shoulders. He rested a hand on your knee, which shot cold all the way up your leg.

“Shouldn’t have told him what, exactly?” He pleaded for an answer.

“I told him everything Seokjin told me! Except…” You gasped in realization. You didn’t tell him how to kill Seokjin. Namjoon didn’t know the most important detail, yet. He was going to figure out soon that he has no idea how to kill Seokjin.

“Namjoon’s going to him right now, isn’t he?” Yoongi froze, staring up at you with wide eyes. You nodded, standing up quickly.

“Seokjin’s going to kill him!”

“(Y/N), stop.” Yoongi backed up against the foor frame, blocking your entrance. It was laughable at how similar this picture looked to you blocking Namjoon’s way. The difference was how you’d never be able to pass Yoongi without him willingly moving himself. “Seokjin can’t do anything to Namjoon unless he hasn’t consumed a sufficient amount of souls in the past month. He’s way past enough, we both know that.”


“Hey,” Yoongi placed a hand on your shoulder, which slowly slid up to rest on your cheek. He was past the level of cold for comfort, but you didn’t want him to let go. “he’ll be fine. Once he comes back, I’ll kill him myself.”

“Yoongi…” You whispered, looking up at him. Lately he was being so much more…gentle. The way his eyes met yours was enough to calm you down.  His hand cupped your chin, and Yoongi swiped his tongue across his bottom lip.

“He’ll be back. Do you not trust me?”

“I…I don’t know who to trust.” You admitted, causing Yoongi to smile forcefully. He dropped his hand from your face, before moving aside.

“Just go watch TV. Or do you want to sleep? I kind of promised him I’d watch you.”

“You can leave if you want. Nobody’s coming after me anymore, right?”

He laughed, exaggeratedly slapping his knee. “Hoseok is ready to kill you, but don’t worry, I’m here.”

“Hoseok’s going to kill me?” You furrowed your brows. Yoongi sighed, turning you towards your window and walking you closer to it. 

“Look outside, the storm is so bad it’s probably going to flood soon. That’s the most he can do. No, he won’t kill you, but he want’s too. Hoseok knows as well as the other boys that you can’t die unless they want to stay a reaper forever.”

“What?” You paused, whirling around to stare at Yoongi.

“You’re the only one who know’s how to kill Seokjin.” He murmured, staring back at you with an expression so serious you had to look away.

  • Joshua: [gets down on one knee]Yoon Jeonghan?
  • Jeonghan: Yes.
  • Joshua: Would you...
  • Jeonghan: Absolutely.
  • Joshua: ...do me the honor...
  • Jeonghan: Any time at all.
  • Joshua: ...of becoming...
  • Jeonghan: Whatever you want.
  • Joshua: ...Mr.,...
  • Jeonghan: Do you not understand "yes"?
  • Joshua: Choi Seungcheol?
  • Jeonghan: [To Joshua]You're gonna be there, right?
  • S.Coups: A yes is a yes. Here's your ring.[steals ring from Joshua's hand]

You and Mark began your “Whisper Challenge” on a livestream that Mark was broadcasting. Normally, he would say what charity it is for but he never said anything about a charity, much less the livestream. So this pretty much caught you off guard

You began guessing on what Mark said to you while you were listening to your favorite band. You said the most wild thing after you took out your earphones.

While Mark was laughing, you asked him

“Is that it?”

“No!” Mark said “That was no where close to it.”

“Then what was it?”

“I said "Will you Marry Me y/n?”

After you got what he said, you looked to him and said

“Oh my god”

And at that point, Mark had gotten a box with a ring inside it and was down on one of his knees.

“Will you?” Mark said

You began to cry as you said “Yes”

Turns out, this livestream was for that yours and Marks fans would get to see Mark propose to you. No wonder you were so surprised! It was a Surprise Proposal Livestream!

Stuck with Matt

“Matt, baby.” You tried to keep from giggling but the look on his face was priceless. “How did you get stuck in there?”

“Stop laughing at me and pull me out!” He wailed from far below you.

You sat down on the damp ground and dug your heels in for support. Leaning over and reaching between your knees you stretched your arms down to Matt and he grabbed onto your forearms.

“Just pull, Matt. I’ve got you.”

You looked down at his sweaty face, down at the bottom of the hole he had been digging for the new outhouse. He was determined that the hole would be deep enough so that he wouldn’t have to dig it out for at least a year. But by the time he had dug a hole six feet deep, he quickly realized he was literally in over his head.

“One good yank and I should be able to get a foothold.” He was so embarrassed and you were trying your best to keep the wide smile off your face, but every few seconds, the giggles bubbled out of you.

As Matt stretched his arms up and tightened his grip on your arms, you saw a subtle change in the expression on his face. Your eyes narrowed with suspicion but before you could react and pull your arms from his grasp, Matt started heaving you by the arms and your feet were scrambling to resist. But you were pulled, screaming curses at him, down into the muddy hole. You landed on his firm chest and his muscular arms wrapped around you and before you could regain your balance, Matt had pushed you to the ground, his mouth on your neck and his laughter loud in your ear.

“I’m going to kill you when we get out of here, Matt!” You shouldn’t have been surprised. You were in love with a crazy man. He loved messing with you and playing jokes on you and your life with him was more fun than you could have ever imagined.

“You won’t kill me. You love me.” His lips moved over your cheek and onto your mouth, silencing your protests. 

You tried not to think of the insects that might be crawling over your backside as Matt rolled on top of you and pressed you to the ground under his warm weight. You didn’t want to respond to his touch. You wanted to be mad at him and smack him until he begged you to stop. But you craved his hands on you and in all your time together, he never failed to arouse you more than you could stand. His mouth and his hands teased you, fanning your desire. And just when you felt you couldn’t hold back any longer, Matt moved his head back and grinned at you, his blue eyes shining.

“Tell me you love me.” He whispered.

“I love you.”

“Tell me you want me.” He knew you wanted him but he loved to hear it.

“I want you, Matty Matt.“  You pushed your hands into his fluffy curls. As you pulled his head close to yours, your eye fell on a dark wooden ladder leaning against the wall of the deep hole. Matt followed your gaze and his silly grin made you shake your head and smack him on the shoulder.

"You couldn’t just say, ‘come join me down here?’” You spoke through gritted teeth. Matt smiled as he tried to avoid your accusing look. “You had to drag me over the edge when you had a ladder down here the whole time?”

Matt didn’t even try to defend himself. “You have to admit it was funny, wasn’t it?” He squeezed your butt and helped you to begin climbing up the wooden ladder.

You didn’t want to admit it. You didn’t want him to know how happy he made you and how much you loved playing with him. At least not right then.

“I admit nothing.” You threw the words over your shoulder and continued climbing.

As he crawled up the ladder behind you, Matt patted your behind again and smiled.