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Soulmate AU: You get cravings for whatever your soulmate eats.

When you were a kid, the cravings were a big issue, mostly because you couldn’t figure out what you were craving. This wasn’t an uncommon problem in young children. After all, a little girl from South Africa isn’t likely to recognize the taste of the smoked elk meat that her North American soulmate is eating. But you almost never recognized your cravings. Yes, sometimes you recognized bread, but you could never find the right bread. Sometimes you recognized salad, but you could never find the right mix of greens. It was like your soulmate was eating food from another planet.

As you got older, it got easier. You got better at ignoring the unstoppable cravings, and at finding close substitutes. More foods in your soulmate’s diet were recognizable to you as the years went on. A sudden and ongoing craving for jelly babies left you terribly pudgy during your tween years, only for the craving to suddenly stop when you hit thirteen.

It was frustrating, but it was fine. What worried you was how you would sometimes go a whole day without any cravings at all, or sometimes three or four days. You would forget to eat on those days if you weren’t careful. Being a slave to your soulmate’s overwhelming eating habits for your whole life had left you without much of an appetite of your own. You worried that he might have an eating disorder, or that he was living somewhere where there wasn’t always food to be had.

Other than that worry, it was bearable. You adjusted. You reminded yourself to eat even when he didn’t. You didn’t let yourself be too bothered when you craved foods that didn’t seem to exist on Earth. You lived, you ate, and so you sometimes worried, but for the most part, you did alright.

But then the bananas happened.

It just happened every once and awhile at first. Bananas became more common in the diet, and at first, you didn’t mind. At least it was healthy instead of jelly babies.

It didn’t settle with that, though. You got to the point of craving bananas five, six times a day. Had your soulmate moved to a banana farm? It was getting ridiculous. You had to carry a banana with you every time you left your house.

And then it got worse.

You woke up in the middle of the night, craving bananas. And you couldn’t even be sick of them, either. Your soulmate wanted them, and therefore, so did you. But why wasn’t he getting sick of them? It was ridiculous. Could people get sick from too much potassium? Were you going to start turning yellow, like people who ate too many carrots turned orange? Were you going to start getting sick from eating in the middle of the night so often?

You took appetite suppressants that were made just for soulmate cravings, and they helped, but there was nothing that ramped down the need for bananas.

All in all… your soulmate was driving you crazy, and you hadn’t even met him yet.

You saw him in the park.

Itchy with cravings, you were fishing a banana out of your bag, when you caught sight of a man sitting on a bench.

Eating a banana.

Lots of people ate bananas. Lots of them, right at this very moment, were eating bananas and giving their soulmates banana-cravings just like the ones you were getting. But you were looking at one of those people, and you knew that this particular banana-eater was yours.

You immediate reaction to the discovery was to turn tail and run, forever becoming a lonely, crazy old cat lady, rather than face the man who was going to love you and cherish you forever.

Who came up with that? you thought, staring at him. He was wearing a leather jacket, and even from as far away as you were, you could tell that he was a big man. Bigger than you, anyway. Broad-shouldered and long-legged. It was intimidating. Who the heck thought it was a good idea to have people drawn to each other like this? We meet and ride off into the sunset, just like that? He’s never met me, but I’m gonna walk up to him and he’s gonna love me and I’m gonna love him, no doubt about it? Just like that, no slow-burn build-up? Whose idea was this?

The more you thought about it, the less scared you were, although you were still plenty scared. But more than you were scared, you were frustrated. Why?


You marched across the green field, frustration and fear warring with each other as the invisible bond between you and him dragged you forward. When you reached him, you dropped your open bag to the ground in front of him so that he had a perfect view of a notebook, a cellphone, a pen, and three stupid bananas.

“You.” It was the only word you could think to say. It was the only word that you could manage to say.

He blinked (gorgeous, bright blue, expressive, crystal-clear) and tossed his banana into a nearby trashcan without even looking (that shot would’ve made jocks jealous). The biggest grin you had ever seen on anyone crossed his face and he eagerly jumped to his feet. "You!

He looked and sounded so happy (just to see you, oh wow, that look was just for you, no one had ever looked half so happy to see you, ever) you almost awww’d. But you had a bone to pick.

"You jerk,” you snapped, stepping closer.

A fleeting look of incomprehension crossed his face, followed by hurt. His grin faded. “What?”

“The bananas, mister,” you said, poking him on his jumper-covered vest (purple, you noted against your will, frustratingly pleased with how the color complemented his light tan). "Hardly anything other than bananas for six months because of you!“

"I…” He squared his shoulders (broad, very broad, strong, good for holding onto when you kiss him, but- gah, no, no kissing, not now), defensive of his taste in fruit. "I like bananas. Bananas are good.“

Whatever. He could act innocent all he wanted. You weren’t done. "Jelly babies made me fat when I was a little girl.”

At this, he visibly grimaced (he was older than you expected him to be, but not so much that it was a problem, and the slight creases of age only served to make him look more distinguished). “Oh- ah, yeah, sorry ‘bout tha’.”

“And what about the rest of it?” you exclaimed, throwing your hands up in the air. "All those crazy foods that I could never find! What was all that?“

He didn’t answer that one. Instead, he fiddled with the edges of his leather jacket, nervously eyeing the toes of his boots. "Aren’t ya… at least a little happy t'see me?”

All the frustration was snuffed out like a candle, and you were suddenly disappointed with yourself for being so harsh. He wasn’t what you had expected at all, but your soulmate bond told you that he was perfect. And he was perfect, in a strange way.

“Yes.” His head snapped up at your answer. “Yes, I am very- ah!”

He had stepped right over your bag and grabbed you, lifting you up into a spin. You laughed, startled, gripping his shoulders for balance as he grinned up at you, even happier than he had been before.

Oh, you thought, enchanted by blue eyes that made you ignore a big nose and enlarged ears. You could only see the best of him, and the parts that weren’t the best… well, you loved those too. He really was perfect.

“Very!” you blurted out, trying not to shriek with laughter as your soulmate held you up. “Very happy to see you, I am, I’m sorry!”

He set you gently on the ground and kissed you without any hesitation, and that was perfect too.

“But we gotta come up with some sorta compromise on the banana thing!” you blurted out when his lips pulled away from yours, and he laughed.

Things I don't understand...

I am incapable of understanding how there is so much negativity surrounding Peter Capaldi’s first season. How is that even possible?!

I mean for starters, there’s Capaldi’s Doctor. Grumpy, dark humour (“No I just saved you and let everyone else suffocate. Heheheh…” I like it!), utterly devoted to Clara (“Do you really think I care so little for you that betraying me would make a difference?”). Capaldi is simply a fantastic actor, giving a skilled and layered performance, infusing every line with the integrity and gravitas the role deserves. And having the time of his life.

He was born to play the Doctor and you can tell just how much it means to him.

This doctor carries jelly babies in a snuff box, does little victory dances when no ones looking, works the stylish magician angle and hides his vulnerably under all that detached grumpiness.

I love the twelfth doctor.

And Clara. She’s so human. She makes mistakes, lies and is completely addicted to the Doctor. She’s brave, wicked smart, has killer fashion sense, and can be as manipulative and controlling as the Doctor.

There’s is the most fascinating Doctor-companion relationship I’ve ever seen. They adore each other even when they don’t get on. They bring out the best and the very worst in each other and that makes them such a compelling pairing. I believe that’s partly why Jenna stayed on longer - such chemistry and so much potential.

We also had Michelle Gomez - divinely unhinged as a female Master!!! So unpredictable it made her genuinely scary. The beautifully played Danny Pink, so perceptive and good for Clara. Lovely Osgoode finally coming into her own (sob sob). This show takes risks now - people actually die.

Then there’s the sheer perfection of Mummy on the Orient Express (the costumes, Frank Skinner, WHO IS GUS?!). The thrilling Flatlines (original, eerie monsters and just listen to that score again). The atmospheric masterpiece that was Listen (that monologue). Clara’s dress in Robot Of Sherwood!!

I am losing coherence due to sleepy ramblings. There’s just so much to love about this series. Why all the hate?! I am truly baffled! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts…

EXO Reaction when their GF confesses she can’t forget about her 10yr crush

Requested by Vietnamese anon :) Merry (late)  Christmas to you too! They say you never forget your first love… Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Pouts all day* “Does this mean she doesn’t love me… why is this happening to me… what did I do?” *Being a little bit dramatic* 


*Doesn’t understand* “Crush?! What’s that?! I’ve only heard about true love and that’s you and me” *Oh Galaxy…*


“I bet it was me… you had a crush on me back then right jagi? Because we were in the same school and all…” *He just can’t imagine you with someone rather than him*


“I’m not jealous! Of course I’m not jealous! What made you think that?!” *Not good at hiding it*


“I have only one thing to say about that…. I’ll fight him like a man! You are my jagi!”


“Why are you so worried? I still remember my first crush… oh I did some embarrassing stuff back then…. oh lord” *Still feels embarrassed*


“Maybe she would take care of him… I mean that. With me you’ll forget him” *Joking all the time*


*Being serious* “Should I worry baobei? Should I call him and tell him who’s the man here? Because  I don’t plan on handing you to him”


“She’s talking about him again… was he that great? Bet he couldn’t sing the way I do..” *Jelly every time you mention it*


“I’m not crying…. I just… I thought you had left me for him… thought you didn’t love me…” *Baby misunderstood what you meant by he is still on my mind sometimes.*


*Very understanding* “Oh I know what you mean! I had a crush when I was young too… I even wrote her a song, wanna hear?”


“No I’m not mad at you… I’m mad at him that he was stupid enough to let you go… I’ll never make that mistake”

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This Is Enough...

This is my first attempt at writing. So please be kind. This loosely based on the song That Would Be Enough from Hamilton and the idea was given to me by @hiheyhowdyhi, who encouraged me to do this. Thanks to her and @sand1128 and @zombeeegurl for the encouragement as well…I hope you enjoy!

    After 5 years of undergrad work and working part time in a Veterinary Clinic, Lucas Friar had finally submitted an application to the NYU School of Veterinary Medicine. He had been waiting for a couple of weeks to hear whether or not he had been accepted. He had just received the letter earlier in the week and found out he hadn’t been accepted. He and Riley have been married for 2 years at this point they were 24 and 23 years old, respectively. Riley had received her degree in Education a year ago and has been working as a middle school English teacher at good old John Quincy Adams Middle School for the last year. Her and Lucas were currently expecting their first child, a boy, in a few months. They were still friends with Maya, Farkle, Zay and Smackle. After he found out he hadn’t been accepted to Vet School he has been depressed and feeling like a failure. He thinks he isn’t worthy of Riley and she tries to make him see how fortunate they are.

    Ever since Lucas found out he had not been accepted to Vet School he feels out of sorts with everything in his life. He just doesn’t feel worthy of all the things he has and is worrying about how he and Riley are going to survive with a new baby. Nothing had really changed for them financially. She had her job as a teacher and he still had his part-time vet tech job at the local animal clinic. They got lucky on their rent. Cory and Topanga now owned the building in which they lived and rented Lucas and Riley a small two bedroom apartment with a big break on the rent. Of course living in New York City wasn’t cheap at all. They didn’t own a car. They took the subway, bus or walked wherever they went. Every once in a while when needed they took a taxi. Life for Riley and Lucas was fairly simple, but Lucas wanted to give Riley a house and a car and the life he felt she deserved. He needed to be in vet school to become a doctor and make enough money with some to spare.

    Lucas eventually got to the point where he wouldn’t leave their apartment. He just felt so sorry for himself that was all he could see. Yea, he would go to work, but at the end of the day he would just come home and watch TV. He was even pulling away from Riley. She would come home and try to talk to him, but he would just pull away and tell her he was sorry that he failed her and that she deserved someone better. He told her he was sorry that they had to bring a baby into this world that would have a failure for a father. It was at this point that Riley had had enough!

    Riley gets home before Lucas the next day and has practiced what she wants to say to him. She fixes dinner and waits. Lucas walks through the door and sees that dinner is on the table. He tells her he is gonna go wash up and that he will be right out. She is waiting for him at the table and they fix their plates and eat dinner in silence. Lucas has barely touched anything on his plate. At this point Riley puts her fork down and asks Lucas, “why exactly do you think I am not worthy of you?” Lucas wasn’t expecting that question as he thought she had been ignoring his rants for the most part. Lucas took a drink of his water and cleared his throat and said, “Riley, there are so many things that I wanted to do for you and our family and now I just feel like I will never be able to do those things for you. I feel like I have let you down. Remember all the things that we talked about for our future. You a teacher and me a veterinarian. We were gonna have a couple kids and have a nice place to live and just be happy for the rest of our lives. If I don’t get into vet school and I’m unable to give you those things how can we have that future? How will our son be able to look at me and be proud of his father if I can’t do the one thing I dreamed about for years?”

    She contemplates what he is saying and wonders how he can feel the way he does. Their lives are blessed beyond measure because they have each other and he has worked so hard to get to where he is, she doesn’t need anything but him and their son. She has to make him see that what they have is enough for her and that it is him and not what he does for a living or what he can provide for them that is what she needs.

    “Lucas, do you really think that all that matters to me? Do you really think I care about money and things? That I only need that to be happy? I have been happy ever since that day in the ski lodge all those years ago, the day that you gave me that jelly bean and told me that you choose me and that you hoped I would choose you too. Lucas, I chose you and I choose this life that we have. I choose this baby boy that we are about to welcome into this world.” She takes his hands and places them on her stomach and holds them there, “Lucas, look around at how blessed we are? We are gonna have this little guy and he is going to love his daddy and I hope he has your smile and your eyes. I hope he turns out to be just like you, because if he does then he will be one of the best people in the world.” Lucas started rubbing small circles on her belly, contemplating everything she is saying. We are blessed with family and friends that love us unconditionally, people that we love. Our parents love us and have always supported us no matter what we do. Our friends would do anything for us. This child will have more people to love and spoil him than most do. I know things are going to be tight financially, but we won’t be the only people that have struggled to make ends meet. I’m sure your boss at the clinic will give you more hours if you ask. You’re about do for a raise too. You are not a disappointment to anyone. You work so hard. I love that you want to give us all those things, but honestly all I need is you. And this vet school thing is just a small set back. There is next year and I am certain you will get in. I just need to know that we are enough for you. Are we?”

    Deep in thought and lost in her eyes, he realized that he had his whole world right in front of him. What was wrong with him? How could he be so stupid as to wallow in his own self pity? What was he thinking. Riley was right, all he had to do was look around to see how lucky he was. He had family, friends, a roof over his head and the love his life to share it all with and the birth of their son to look forward too. “Riley, you and this life we have are enough for me and I’m so sorry that I have been so down and feeling sorry for myself. I guess I just forgot how very lucky I am. I love you, Riley and I love the life we share together, there is nothing I want more than to be with you and this little boy, we are so lucky and I guess I just needed you to remind me. Thank you for that. She smiled up at him as he gave her a sweet kiss and gathered her in his arms…this was all he needed…this was enough.

EXO Reaction to You Having Allergies to the Weirdest Things

Xiumin: Your relationship with Xiumin had been going great ever since you moved from your home country to Korea. You couldn’t contain your excitement when Xiumin wanted you to take part in the New Year’s Eve festival in Korea. The day was beautiful with everyone in a light, energetic mood having sentimental moments with their friends and family. When Xiumin said you had to try a traditional New Year’s Eve dish, you smiled in anticipation. Although your Korean was a lot better than when you first came to the country, there were still certain words you didn’t know and tteok guk was one of them. The soup looked delicious and tasted even better but when you asked Xiu what the small, white things were in your bowl and he said rice cakes, you freaked out. Your allergy to rice cake always gave you horrible sinuses and sneeze attacks to no end. That’s where your night ended with Xiumin patting your hand as you sneeze for the thousandth time.

Luhan:  Your mouth instantly watered at the sight of the buffet table that had at least a hundred different dishes on it. Quickly walking up with a plate you started packing anything that caught your eye onto it. Grabbing a few fried dough balls that smelled heavenly, you would look up to see Luhan grab some as well. You two would smile at one another before raising your fried balls in toast and popping them in your mouth. As you thought, the balls were amazing but when Luhan locked eye contact with you, he would know you were allergic to seafood as well. The two of you would spend the rest of the wedding reception in the bathroom, rubbing calamine lotion on each other’s hives.

Kris: You don’t know what is ranking higher on the “things that make my day suck” list. The fact you had to go into the hospital to get a shot for your allergy to pineapple or having to reassure your boyfriend it wasn’t his fault you reacted (even though it was.) You had come home to find Kris in the kitchen making a mess with flour everywhere and the faintest hint of something burning, but he gave his best gummy smile and said he was baking you a cake. Although Kris wasn’t really the baker (or cook) in the relationship, your first bite was actually decent. It was on the lighter side, and the frosting wasn’t too sweet, and the filling in the middle was tasty. It wasn’t until your second slice that you started to feel dizzy and nauseous, forking out the small bits of fruit that you had thought were peaches, you would sigh in defeat. Fast forward to sitting in the waiting room you were calming Kris down from feeling too bad. “It’s not that bad of a reaction and Kris, stop worrying, you don’t have any hair to lose at this point.”  

Lay: Now we all know that Yixing is a nice guy, but everyone can fall of the cliff sometimes. It probably didn’t help that you had been stealing his snacks for the past two months or so. You couldn’t really help it, Yixing always packed the best snacks like pineapple buns or cheese balls in his trusty light brown backpack. Also, it was super cute to see Yixing be all “AIYOOOOOOO” when his snacks were missing. However, when you accepted the hot drink from Yixing you never thought he would give you Oolong tea in revenge. It was only halfway through the cup you realized what you were drinking. You knew you were allergic to Oolong but you had it only a few times as a young child. Fast walking to the bathroom for your medicine, you promise never to fuck with Yixing again. 

Suho:  “Jagi! I got you ice cream!!” Suho sang out as he pranced back to the stone bench you were seated on. Your mouth watered at the pale pink mounds of ice cream that had coconut sprinkled on top of them. Grabbing a spoonful, you would smile at your boyfriend with enjoyment. The two of you had come to Japan for a vacation before Suho had to go back on tour, it was nice to just sit down and eat ice cream with your boyfriend. However, the taste of the ice cream sent your body into overdrive. Quickly motioning to Suho to notice that you were swelling up, you swung your head to the vendor the ice cream had come from. Seeing the words “Cherry Blossom Infused Ice Cream” you sighed in frustration. Looking back to Suho pulling up the closest clinic on his phone, he would cringed inwardly. 

Chen: You weren’t really paying attention when Chen offered you the leaf wrap at dinner. You had spent the whole day trying to find a piece of artwork that had been placed in the wrong storage unit at the museum you worked at. Not being able to take a small break for a protein bar, Chen had offered Korean BBQ and you happily accepted. However, when you felt the strong taste of the perilla leaves as you chowed down on the wrap, you knew you had to get your epi pen. Thankfully, Chen was the perfect boyfriend and could see your distress; wasting no time he found your epi pen and plunged it into your thigh. You were fine now, but Chen was a little sad seeing he thought he was going to get the booty after dinner. 

Chanyeol: You were thrilled to get home from work when you got the picture of Chanyeol in a rather revealing position on your phone with the words, “I’m getting ready for you”. Even more so when Chanyeol insisted on you wearing a black silk eye mask while he prepped you for him. Following his commands to lick the chocolate of his washboard abs, you could feel the ecstasy spread through your veins. However, that changed with the taste of the sweet yet spicy chocolate coated your tongue. Ripping off the eye mask, you pushed Chanyeol to the side and heading towards the bathroom in search of your epi pen. You didn’t need Chan’s confirmation that the chocolate had been infused with chili peppers. Hours later in the hospital while you were getting checked on, you looked over at Chan in annoyance. “You can finish by yourself.”  

Baekhyun: The literal second the kimchi hit your throat you knew something was wrong. Scrambling through your purse you would call out to your boyfriend in panic. “Baekhyun, does this kimchi have ginger in it?” Nodding his head in agreement while stuffing his face full of noodles he would respond. “Of course, ginger is like one of the biggest ingredients in kimchi. Why?” “I’m allergic to ginger!” You spat out in irritation as you stabbed your epi pen into your thigh. On your way to the hospital to get you a check-up, Baekhyun would be dumbfounded. “You live in Korea and you can’t eat freaking kimchi?!?!”

D.O: Kyungsoo had said he wanted to surprise you with a special meal he had been practicing for weeks now. Unfortunately, you had forgotten to tell him about your little allergy to lamb’s quarter. You only noticed the tiny green plants in the rice dish when you felt the numbness in your fingers spread upwards into your arms. Your allergies were never as that bad but it was still awkward when you had to tell Kyungsoo his meal was the reason your arm knocked over the wine bottle onto the white carpet.  

Tao: Tao had wanted to be cute with you and had gotten you to keep your eyes close as he fed you different snacks from the market. You had a paper to write but every time your lips grazed Tao’s fingertips, you would hear his panda giggle that you adored. But when you bit into something crunchy that undoubtedly had almonds on it your eyes flew open in fear. Seeing Tao across from you nibbling on the other end of the Pepero with his eyes close, you would smack his head in annoyance. Tao would be super pouty afterwards, as he sat on the edge of the bathtub as you had an oatmeal soak to soothe your hives. 

Kai: You know it wasn’t good for you, but your allergy to chicken wasn’t too bad, usually just a few rashes on your back or neck that a dab of calamine lotion and a good turtleneck could hide. But for some reason when you went out with Kai to eat fried chicken like every time you go out to eat, it was horrible. You don’t know if it was because the chicken was especially fresh or because it had a bunch of spices that you weren’t accustomed to, but from the first bite you could tell the rashes were going to be hell this time. Unfortunately, your skin started becoming irritated while you were still at dinner and it didn’t take long for Kai to notice. Finally pulling the confession out of you, Kai couldn’t even fathom why you would continue eating chicken with him if you got rashes from it.  

Sehun: You were going to kill Oh Sehun, for the past week he had been an annoying little shit when it came to your sanity. Always wanting you to pet his head or grabbing onto your waist when you need to get things done. Or when he purposely got the two of you lost in Cheongdam-dong because he didn’t want you to go home yet. You might have slightly blew up on him when he cancelled your plans with Chen, so you would hang out with him. Of course Sebrat acted like a baby when you said you wanted a day to yourself, so before you left he pretended to be nice and gave you a sweet. Sehun knew you hated Sweet Red Jelly Bean and how you would always look sick when walking by it in the supermarkets, but he didn’t know it was because you were allergic to it. Seeing you instantly vomit after ingesting maybe two bites of the sweet, Sehun would feel horrible and would take care of you for the rest of the night after being an idiot. 

Hey guys!!!!! I hope you guys liked this reaction, also I wanted to let you guys know I meant to be a little more humorous with the boys’ reactions. But I know in a really serious circumstance the boys would be mature and take care of you.

- Admin Jade

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woa are upside down jellyfishs actually always upside down? how do they swim?

WELL MY FRIEND, they actually don’t! Or, not much, at least.

Cnidarians (jellies & co) have a pretty neat adaptation in that they have an endosymbiotic relationship with zooxanthellae - a fancy way of saying that they have photosynthetic algae that live right inside of them. The algae gets protection and food in the form of waste, and the host gets delicious, delicious photosynthesized goodies.

Most true jellies do not, of course, entirely rely on photosynthesis, but Cassiopea jellies hang out in shallow water, and it works for them. They can swim, just like a normal jelly, but they usually prefer to just hang out. As a super bonus fun fact, because of this tendency to endlessly chill, they’re also a fairly common accessory for the carrier crab to cart around as protection

Even though you didn’t ask and likely don’t care*, coral (the “& co” part of Cnidaria) also has a pretty integral relationship with zooxanthellae! Coral is made up of millions of polyps (think perpetual baby jellies) that secrete a calcium carbonate skeleton - a skeleton that would be entirely white without the various species of algae living within. Endosymbiosis!! So perfect!!!!!

JUST KIDDING the relationship isn’t perfect, and depends on an extremely delicate balance. You’ve heard of “coral bleaching” (usually in conjunction with global warming), where wild corals are slowly losing their trademark colour  - which, when you take into account where that colour is coming from, is actually much more serious than it sounds**.

The stress of a change in water temperature can actually cause cnidarians to lose their cool (pun intended) and kick out the algae as a sort of last-ditch attempt to save themselves. This would be a great strategy if the stress was, say, an infection or parasite, and not the inescapable slow burn of the entire planet.

So the algae leaves, the coral starves, and millions of other organisms have to go find a new home. Except, of course, all the corals are doing it, so pretty soon there won’t be any homes to go to. Coral bleaching is no joke and I got super sidetracked from the whole point of this message but whatever

*But I care and that’s all that really matters so sit the heck down and get out your notebooks class

**This is facetious. How can you hear “bleaching” and think that doesn’t sound serious???? how do people still think this isn’t a big deal????? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

~Requested imagine for Queen_foryou~
“is it too late now to say sorry”

I sighed again looking down at my phone
J- Don’t ignore me
J- please baby, I love you
J- if you love me you would do anything to be together
J- just call me when you can
“ let me guess it’s him again, I thought I told you to not stay in contact because it will make it harder” my manager says annoyed snapping me out of my gaze, making me look up at her
“I know I know, I haven’t answered” putting up my hands in defence rolling my eyes
“ well for a start maybe you should stop looking so miserable and get ready for your fashion sho-” I cut her off by standing up, taking my phone and mumbling a “I know” walking towards my dressing room
“ and also stop being rude, this isn’t just like any other fashion show you know, you are the host, you need to promote your designs not how to promote being heartbroken. That shit doesn’t sell” she basically screamed as I shut the door on her shutting her out, honestly I don’t even know how she got the job, she is crazy.
I just don’t understand how not having a relationship is going to make me more focused on designing and promoting! It’s not like I have to promote my body to everyone she just… I don’t know, life confuses me. My phone buzzes in my hand as I glance at it, that reminds me I haven’t seen Justin or spoke to him in a few weeks. You see this is where it all started, both of our managers going behind are backs arranging things sometimes I think we’re only here to be there puppets, as I was saying me and him had to break up and not stay in contact for us to be concentrated on more ‘important’ things, you should of seen Justin he went full on rage at Scooter his manager, honestly I thought scooter would give in after the show Justin put on but nope work comes first, no distraction.
Your probably thinking why don’t we be sneaky, well I hate having relationships like that! You can’t kiss or hug when you want to and I can’t do that, I just can’t. Justin is so important to me, it’s been 1 year and 2 months since we have been together. Those last weeks have been hell for me, having someone so close to then it suddenly changing to never seeing eachother. The amount of times I put my finger on the send button but then stopped, Justin hasn’t text that much except from those few texts he occasionally sends but that’s it. I feel like he has to do that just so he doesn’t seem like a bad guy… Oh yeah I forgot! 2 days ago there he was on the front cover with his new lover I can’t even remember her nam- *nock,nock* “sweetie I need to do your makeup, I’m now coming in”
I quickly wiped my tears away and snuffled a bit and turned around as my makeup artist closed the door, I smiled at her as she turned her head to the side a little giving me a sympathetic smile “ come on let’s glam you up, get you ready.” She said making me giggle walking over to sit down on the plush seat
“ Since I’m so kind” she said smirking devilishly “no mirror to look in until I’m done with you, I’m deciding on your makeup to tonight your going to look gorgeous” I just smiled laying back getting comfy. Let’s see how this ends up.

I let out groan looking at my phone as I get no answer, why can’t life be easier “ yo man cheer up, at least your going to support her, you can try talk to her, sort things out maybe even have makeup sex” Za says jokingly nudging me on my arm I just shook my head and looked out the window of my new laferrari… I can remember when she picked the colour

“Noooo Jay this one, please maybe we could even…” She says suggestively stroking the bonnet of this very sexy looking car
I just squinted My eyes at her as I find it so hard not to give in
“Pleaseeeeeeee baby, pretty please” pouting her kissable lips, great! Do you see what she does to me, she makes my stomach flutter so bad “only for you, and you owe me” I said winking grinning like a loved up ladybug, what? Ladybugs are adorable insects, to be honest they are the only insect I like.
*End of flashback*

I huffed checking my phone again, she confuses me so much I just want to be with her with no troubles in the way. I understand that I need to concentrate on my album but to remove me from someone who inspires me to even write some of my songs is stupid!
I’m human, I should make choices like Scooter makes his, I close my eyes and massage my temples feeling a headache coming on. I have been so stressed lately that I just need to go see my girl if she still even is and just hold her and tell her everything will be okay. Maybe she needs to hold me too, I’ve been so lost without her it’s scary to even think about “Justin, Justin , OY JUSTIN” “ Ow, shit what?” Rubbing the side of my head from the smack Za just gave me…I didn’t even realise my car door had opened “ we are here you love sick puppy” i kicked him in the leg at his petty joke and got out of the car straightening my jacket “you ready bro” Za says patting me on the back I just take a deep breath in and enter the arena.

I peeped through the curtain for the second time watching the crowd getting larger and larger, my nerves building up with it. I took a look back at all the models lining up and being organised for the show, they are looking stunning, I have to say I’ve done myself proud. One of my design caught my eye, Justin helped design that one, speaking of Justin he said he got tickets for the front row but this was a month ago… Shit what if he is here! That totally makes my nerves come down NOT. Shaking me head I quickly sipped my water, placing it back down on the mini table beside me “ y/n your on in 1” my managers stupid loud voice shouting from across the room
“ yes miss , because I have to do what you say because your the boss and your gods gift” I bitched under my breath just as a sudden shove on my shoulder made me snap my head up watching her walk past…is she a witch or something “ yes y/n I am gods gift now go!” Flicking her hair and walking away. What a manipulative cow- calm down y/n just breathe in. Just get on with the show.

The curtains open as I compose my posture taking a deep breathe. Claps where heard as I started to make my way down the runway smiling as I walked past judges “ Ladies and Gentleman I would like to welcome you all to the 2015 fashion show” whoops and cheers spreading “ I would like to mention that there are 6 categories, yes Gentlemen” I said winking “ there are 6 categories so don’t get to hot in this arena” everyone laughing at my sexual joke “anyways keep your eyes out for the best design well I’m hoping they all are but I want you guys just to relax and enjoy the show but don’t get to comfortable I’m sure these ladies will be keeping you on your toes” “ what like you are?” I heard someone from the audience making me giggle “ ahhh you will see” I said winking and blowing them a kiss walking back down the runaway swaying my hips and walking behind the curtains. I walked past the models that where now entering the stage and slumped down on the sofa next to my makeup artist “ hey kiddo, you should have seen how sexy that wink was” she said looking at me making me chuckle “ meh it was strictly business” answering back “ that’s what they all say” teasing me as I laughed and turned my attention on the TV in front of us which is live streaming my show. This is such a blessing doing what I love and making people happy, this is my job, I’ve just got little faults in my life that I need to mend but otherwise I’m feeling perfect.

After 30 minutes or so watching the models walk back and fourth it was now a 15 minute break for everyone just to get up and stretch , get drinks and everything.
Pouring myself a coffee from the machine I felt a tap on my back making me turn around and accidentally spill my drink over them “ oh my gosh, shit I’m so sorry let me just get something to wipe you with” I said frantically looking around for something as I saw some napkins reaching for them but being stopped by my arm being grabbed. I looked up.
Those eyes that I’m still Inlove with looking down on me, it felt like we had been staring for minutes, hitting reality… Fuck he is here, he actually came! Fuck I’m trying so hard not to smile, God I missed his smell “ hey baby” his raspy voice came out making my body go to complete jelly.
I cleared my throat and stood up straight “ I was just getting you a nap-” “ I don’t care , I just want to talk to you” he said cutting me off “ um I don’t think that’s a good ide-” “ how is it not, you have ignored me for the past 3 weeks only one word would of done, one word just to let me know that your okay, you let my mind go crazy about you , I’m missing you” he spoke cutting me off again , I looked towards the ground feeling upset and a bit guilty “ Jay I mean Justin it’s just that I couldn’t, you don’t understand how much I tried to but i just I don’t know” I whispered still looking down as I felt him lift my chin up to look into his eyes, he let out a sigh and just pulled me into his arms as I let a tear fall onto his shoulder. Kissing my forehead and rubbing my shoulders he finally decided to speak up “ come on baby, we will talk about this later but today is all about you and I want you to have the best time showing off you beautiful designs, I’m so proud of you baby, so proud.” He mumbled in my hair as we still hugged “we will sort out a meeting with our crews because I need you with me so bad. I’m not letting you do that to me again y/n 3 whole weeks of nothing, what do you do to me?” He spoke again this time letting me go as I look up at the tearful eyed man who I love dearly standing there.
“ promise me we will sort this out because it’s killing me, promise me we will be together.” He whispered staring into my eyes, I stared back as I gulped and stood there for a second, Justin’s face suddenly looking on edge waiting for me to answer but I think I just answered it for him as I slowly connected are lips into a slow passionate kiss. Those butterfly coming back that I missed feeling, we just stood there as we disconnected. I brung my hands up to play with the hairs on the back of his head as I said the two words “I promise”

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Heyyy, what's this about the Cerulean Revolution, I'm missing something :(

The Cerulean chapter first shows up in Lungbarrow, and, according to the author, was based on the Green Party. So from this one fact, fandom has wildly extrapolated and come to the conclusion that they touch plants, and possibly do even more scandalous things with those plants.(eighthdoctor has posted a more complete explanation if you want to know more.)

A Hairy Situation

For @timepetalsprompts ficlet prompt “I left you for five minutes!”
Tentoo X Rose (and their children)


The Doctor entered the kitchen and paused, in shock at the scene unfolding before him.

“Susannah Jacqueline Rose, STOP,” the Doctor ordered in the sternest voice he could muster in his flustered state.

Oblivious to her full name being called, Susanna smiled happily up at her father. She chirped, “I can do hair like Nannie.”

And that’s why Jackie never touches my hair, the Doctor thought distractedly. Then he took a full look at the scene. Brown hair clippings all over the table. Scissors in his daughter’s hand. Two-and -a-half year old Jamie Noble sitting still for a change.

His twin brother Jack piped up, “Jamie gots funny hair!”

“Susannah, put the scissors down! Do it now!”

The sternness in her father’s voice scared her, and since Susannah was very rarely admonished in that tone of voice, she immediately burst into tears.

It was like a line of dominoes after that. Jamie saw his Susy crying, so he started. He put his hands on his head and tried to find his hair. Jack followed his brother and sister over the edge seconds later.

The Doctor felt like crying, but he didn’t. Rose was out shopping and he had assured her things were well in hand with their lovely, brilliant daughter and their spirited twins, but really, as long as they stayed busy no one would get into trouble.

Susannah had certainly stayed busy.

“I left you for five minutes,” he stammered helplessly before he put down Jack and picked up Susannah and her scissors. He hugged her and shushed her, but then set her down on the table and looked her in the eyes. “Susy. What do we cut with scissors?”

“My hair!” Jamie helpfully supplied through tears. He glanced at his half- bald son. Susannah had been efficient and fast.

“No,” the Doctor said with patience he wasn’t feeling, “we cut only paper.”

“We cutted pipe cleaners one time with Mummy,” Jack helpfully supplied.

“For argument’s sake, just not hair!” the Doctor interjected. “Craft supplies are okay!”

Susannah’s breath hitched. “I was doing hair like Nannie! I cut Gwennie’s hair too. I had time for another customer.”

He glanced down to the floor next to him. Her very lifelike, very expensive doll Gwennie indeed had significantly shorter hair. “Five minutes,” the Doctor repeated. Another thought occurred to him. “How’d you get Jamie to sit still for that long?” If there was mayhem, Jack and Jamie were usually in high gear, in the middle of it all. He shook his head to clear his thoughts.

“Will Mummy be mad?” Susannah asked meekly.

“I don’t know,” the Doctor sighed. Likely he’d be the one to catch the brunt of her anger. Oh, then she’d want to take Jamie to her mum to sort all this out. Jackie would know all about his inability to supervise three children at once. Wizard.

Maybe he could take Jamie somewhere to sort all this out. Rose’s mum would know that his hair was cut but they wouldn’t have to go through Jackie to get it done.

Then he thought about the ridiculousness of a Time Lord having to sneak to get his kid’s hair cut before his mother in law found out.

All these thoughts went through his head in a span of seconds, but it still didn’t afford him enough time to take care of the disaster before Rose returned.

“Forgot my shopping list, so I…..oh. Oh, blimey.”

The Doctor turned to face his wife. Susy burst into tears again. Jamie and Jack took that as a cue that they should renew their sobbing.

Rose strode over to Jamie, running her hand over his shorn locks. “Aw, Jamie, your poor hair.” He was the twin whose hair took after the Doctor’s. Dark brown, and really great.

“I was doin’ hair like Nannie can!” Susannah wailed.

“We discussed scissor use,” the Doctor assured his wife. “Jack dumped his cherry juice all over himself and I know how it stains so I took him to change him and throw the shirt in the washer. I was gone five minutes.”

“Really?” She directed her next question to Susannah. “How’d you get Jamie to sit still for that long?” Rose asked.

“Jelly babies,” Susy sobbed. The Doctor saw Rose’s lips quirk into a small smile. She covered her mouth to hide it. She looked down.

“Gwennie, too! Oh, no, her hair won’t grow back! Jamie’s will, but not Gwennie’s.”

“No! It will, right?” Susannah begged. The sad look on Rose’s face said it all and Susannah buried her face in her dad’s neck.

“So, do we use the scissors to cut hair?” he murmured.

“No,” she sniffled, muffled by the Doctor’s neck.

“Lesson learned, I think,” the Doctor said to Rose, who nodded.

Rose picked up Jamie. “So, Jamie, about you. I suppose we’d better head over to Mum’s. Bring the jelly babies, we’ll probably need ‘em.”

The Doctor ran a hand through his own hair, puffing out a breath. “Could we take him up the road to that Happy Clipz place? I’m sure they do excellent work despite their inability to spell. I’ll overlook it this time. Really, the ‘Z’ for ’S’ substitution doesn’t bother me as much as the inappropriate use of apostrophes. If it was Clip'z, apostrophe ‘z’, we wouldn’t set foot….”

Rose was holding up her hand, as if she was trying to physically stop his words. He trailed off. Rose shook her head. “I don’t have time to haul him fifteen minutes up the road. Mum is across the yard. She has the clippers and can do it right. You wanted to leave for the Moon Festival on Beta/Delta X tomorrow. I still need to shop.”

“Time machine,” the Doctor argued.

“The point still stands. Allons-y, Tyler-Noble family. Mum’s still home,” Rose declared.

“This is my punishment, right?” The Doctor muttered. Rose rolled her eyes.

“Allons-y, Doctor,” she repeated. “She’s not gonna kill you.”

“Can she fix Gwennie too? I didn’t cut real straight,” Susannah sighed.

“Bring the doll and the jelly babies,” Rose ordered. The family followed.


It wasn’t quite as bad as the Doctor had envisioned. Jackie tutted and grumbled, but she got her clippers out and started to work. Jackie still cut hair from time to time, for family and some select friends. Hairdressing was not a skill possessed by Pete’s original Jackie, so they had to be discreet.

Jamie wriggled on Rose’s lap, prompting a “Would you like a jelly baby?” from his father, and together they managed to get Jamie through the fear of the buzzing clippers. When it was all said and done, Jamie looked quite different. His hair was cropped close to his scalp. Jack kept side-eyeing him until Jamie leapt off of Rose’s lap and started zooming around the large kitchen. Jack decided that it really was his brother, after all.

“I could take care of that mop of Jack’s while we’re here,” Jackie suggested. Jack’s thick strawberry blond curls were a point of contention between Jack’s parents and grandmother.

“No!” the Doctor and Rose declared, united. Jackie rolled her eyes.

“Nannie, can you fix Gwennie?” Susannah asked in quavering voice.

“I can surely try, love. I suppose this won’t be happening again?” Jackie gently asked her granddaughter.

“No, Nannie,” Susannah vowed with an emphatic head shake. Jackie accepted the doll and set her on the counter.

As she began her repair job, Jackie said casually, “Well, this brings back memories.”

Rose’s eyebrow shot up, then she covered her face, chuckling in embarrassment. “Mum…”

“I seem to remember doing this for a small girl with brown hair…and her whole Barbie collection. Couldn’t fix them. Barely fixed their owner,” Jackie commented.

The Doctor grinned at Rose. Rose stuck her tongue out at the Doctor.

“Shut up,” she murmured to her husband, hoping it was out of Susannah’s earshot.

“We’re not s'posed to say that,” Susy warned.

The adults chuckled. “Do tell, Jackie, I’d love to hear what happened to the little brown haired girl,” the Doctor said with a smirk.

“Well, that little girl…”

“Mummy, right?” Susannah interrupted, grinning in anticipation.

“Yes, that’s right, Susy. Anyway she got ahold of my pinking shears. Grabbed her hair right here, she did,” Jackie indicated a spot close to her scalp. “And whacked it off. I did what I could but she wore a side ponytail for most of 1990.”

The Doctor grinned broadly at his wife, who groaned and rested her head on the table.

“I’ll bet that was a picture,” he said fondly, patting Rose’s back.

Rose started giggling.

“It certainly was. I wish I still had those pictures to show you, Doctor. Susy looks a lot like Rose did then.” Jackie smiled sadly, shaking her head. “I wonder if Mo saved all those pictures and things from our flat. I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t.”

Rose stood up and hugged her mother. “I’ll bet she did keep it. It’s okay, she did.”

“And I suppose there’s no use in worryin’ about it now. New memories, and all. We’re making some beautiful ones with all these children,” Jackie mused. She eyed the doll and began to snip carefully, trying even out the hair disaster on poor Gwennie.

Tony entered the room with the grace of a freight train, exclaiming over Jamie’s hair and chasing his twin nephews around.

“That we have,” the Doctor murmured as his daughter crawled into his lap.

“Here we go, lovey, I think I fixed her up,” Jackie told Susannah, handing the doll back to her.

“Thank you, Nannie!” Susannah exclaimed, relieved. Gwennie was now the proud owner of a chin-length bob.

“Now, Miss Susannah,” Jackie said very seriously, “this is a one-time deal. No more scissors on your brothers or your dollies. Got it, Sis?”

“Oh, I won’t!” Susannah vowed. “I promise!”

“Want a trim-up, Doctor? Your sideburns are a bit outta control. I could….” Jackie advanced on him with the scissors. Rose burst out laughing. He jumped up from the chair, still holding Susannah.

“Nope, no, don’t think I will, thanks for asking,” he yelped. Jackie snipped the air a couple of times. “That is not a good example for Susannah. We are trying to teach her appropriate scissoring skills.”

“I’m just havin’ you on, you plum. I can’t exactly tease you about being irresponsible when I did the same thing when Rose was little. I was just gone for five minutes. Long enough to open the can of beans and put the bread in the toaster.” Jackie laughed, enjoying his discomfort. She had to get a rise out of him somehow.

“Have a laugh,” he muttered, still partially hiding behind his four year old.

Jackie cackled laughter as she rounded up the boys and Susannah for some snacks. Rose approached the Doctor and threw her arms around his waist. “You look so serious, Doctor. Don’t beat yourself up over this. I can practically hear the self-recrimination going through your mind.”

He squeezed Rose. “It was a lucky thing this could be fixed so easily. It could have been worse. It could have be something so much more serious. You sure you want to leave them alone with me again?”

“I need to go to the store, so yeah, in about ten minutes I will. Nobody got hurt, everyone’s okay. You’re a wonderful daddy. There’s no safer place in the world than with you. All four of us know that!”

The Doctor nuzzled her hair and sighed happily.

“And y'know, Jamie’s hair still reminds me of yours.”

The Doctor was confused. “No, no it doesn’t.”

Rose kissed his forehead. “Reminds me of my first you. Loved you back then, love you so much now. So I don’t really mind the hair. It’ll grow back.”

She gave him a brilliant grin. He couldn’t help mirroring it. They both turned to watch their family, knowing they had a new family memory to retell over and over again.

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Ok so you know how Usagi normally HATES children, and like when he'd bring up the "don't you wanna kids in the future" conversation to Misaki, he'd just be like "O_o but Usagi-san, you don't even like kids!" Silence. "I'd like them if they were OURS." jst. ok?

Yeah but Usagi would still get hella jelly whenever Misaki took care of the little baby rather than the big baby that is himself