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shaym: The first balloon photo I did for Instagram was for 6 million. Now to be celebrating with 16 million of you seems INSANE! Though PLL will end in the upcoming months I am SO thankful to have all of you to get me through that. Cheers to 16💃🏻 PS. If I told you I had to scale the side of a building in DTLA in the rain, heels, and my dress to get this shot, would you believe me?! 😬 Also huge shoutout to @creationsofla for capturing this moment, it’s not everyday you get a chance to climb balloons on top of a building…

Mafia!BTS when their s/o gets kidnapped

Not requested, but I’m totally into AUs these days XD

Mafia Bangtan Boys when their s/o gets kidnapped by their rival gang.



Beast mode activated. He may be shy or even cold sometimes, but not when it comes to you. Basically, he would do anything to get you back, which includes killing your kidnappers in the most painful way he knew. Jungidontgiveafook would just waltz into the place were you were being captured at, leaving a big impression. In other words, nobody would ever dare to kidnap you again.

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He would blame everything on himself, thinking about how he should have protected you better- while he was basically shooting everyone down who dared trying to stop him on his way to you. He had immediatly grabbed his weapons and informed the other boys when he heard about you being kidnapped. How he knew where you were? Trust me, when it comes to you he’ll always find a way.

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As soon as he was informed about you being kidnapped, he would forget about the ‘Rap’ in his name. Everyone, including his own people, would be scared of him. He might look dangerously calm on the outside, but on the inside, he was going crazy. He wouldn’t mind killing your kidnappers, but he would try to get you back with a ruse first.

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He would totally freak out. He’s a person who is normally amused of everything and has a 4D personality, but he definietly wouldn’t be amused now. He would basically stop the world from turning, sending for all the people he needed to save you. And may god bless the ones who were late or didn’t want to help- the word 'mercy’ was just erased from Taehungs mind.

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There was probably nothing more important for him than you, his little prince/ss. Your kidnappers knew that too, that’s why they abducted you in the first place. However, what they didn’t know was that Jin had his eyes every where, his people every where, his ears every where… If someone would actually manage to kidnap you at all, that person wouldn’t get very far.

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He would get so angry, also at himself. Like, really, really angry. To the point where he would yell a Jungkook to hurry up and get the f*cking weapons. Jimin wouldn’t be planning your escape, he would even get into a gun battle if it was to save you. However, your safety would always be the most important thing. After he somehow managed to free you without dying, he would stick to you like a koala. Definietly not letting anyone get near you so soon again.

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Bad idea. There was literally nothing that Yoongi  loved more than you and he wasn’t very lively around rivals anyways. But after you got kidnapped by them, he would turn into the devil, probably flipping over the table he was just sitting at. The scary thing was, it was a table large enough for his whole gang. His blood might be boiling, but he would still make a flawless plan on how to save you with Namjoon. He wasn’t going to risk anything. After he was done with your kidnappers, his rival gang would be history.

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I tried to make them kinda different, but in the end they still wound up pretty similar, Please Forgive.

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the adventure zone: recreating ourselves in fantasy wwe

magnus: sorry. put my actual eye color in, taako??

taako [selecting bright pink]: ok

magnus: youre trying to do a goof and im trying to unearth the fact that you do not know what color my eyes are

taako: maggie, you have insulted me. i cant believe that you would insult me like this. how could a game even capture the color of your eyes-

magnus: which are? wh- what about human language, could human language capture the color of my eyes?

taako: ..what color…is a sunset? 

magnus: …red and orange. and yellow

taako: what color is a - how - how would you say the color of a dream is?

magnus: that doesnt make sense

Yuuri’s need to win certainties

– or how I cried like a baby when I realized this.

Watching and rewatching – something like twenty times – the last episode of Yuri!!! on Ice, I noticed a detail that had me completely dazed, and which I hadn’t been able to grasp in the overall excitement, anxiety and ecstasy during the first vision of the 12th episode.
I would like you to linger for a moment on this capture.

The director deliberately wanted to draw the attention of the viewers for five good seconds to Yuuri’s right hand – on which rests the gold glittering ring – while holding the silver medal he had just won.
In this moment we are shown the two precious metals: gold and silver.
In this caption, silver stands out for greatness, and represents the crowning of a career that Yuuri himself believed was lost; while gold stands out for brilliance, because it represents the achievement of an emotional and relational stability that Yuuri had never experienced before the disruptive arrival of Victor in his life.
Again in this caption, the two metals do not visually conflict: we usually believe that the one winning gold feels superior to the other competitors, and the one winning silver – apart from probably being envious towards the gold medalist – can’t help but feel inferior to him (the second one is always “the first loser”).
But in this scene we naturally feel no conflict, because in this scene there is anything but harmony.
In my very humble opinion, Yuuri’s silver medal here represents the certainty of being able to have still with himself – and for himself – Victor as a coach and competitor, while gold – and he didn’t need a medal to prove it – represents Yuuri’s certainty of possessing something that is worth more than a thousand prizes or medals– Victor’s heart.
Yuuri had no real need to win a gold medal, because his ring’s gold was already his biggest victory.
But Yuuri definitely had the need to win certainties.

I personally find this caption full of meanings and absolutely breathtaking.

you are an immortal and have lived a very long life. Everytime you die your body regenerates as you come back to life. Unfortunately, a serial killer finds out and sees you as the perfect victim to kill again and again. So he captures you. But he didn’t expect you would play tricks on his mind

Damsel Keith
  • Lance: I have come to rescue the Damsel in Distress!
  • Keith: Oh, screw you Lance. I'm not anyone's damsel.
  • Galra Soldier: Uh-- What happening....
  • Lance: Fear not, young Damsel!
  • Keith: If I wasn't handcuffed to this table, I would slap you!
  • Lance: You are captured by this Galra and you are distress. You are totally a Damsel
  • Galra Soldier: Still can shoot him you know
  • Lance: Can you be quiet for one moment, I am trying to save this Damsel.
  • Keith: Go to space hell !!!
  • Galra Soldier: ...
  • Lance: Look Galra, I am here to save this Damsel. Why don't you leave before I go all voltron on your ass, Okay?
  • Galra Soldier: ... yeah, okay. *leaves*
  • Keith: STILL NOT A DAMSEL !!!

ok if you know me you know i would LOVE a storyline where lance gets captured by the galra and tortured for info bc AAAAANGST but!

what if he gets captured and he’s sent to the commander in charge and they try to get him to talk

and he’s been pretty quiet up till now

but then he starts to say something

and the galra are like “speak up paladin!”


and the galra are like “….what?”

and lance just sings the entire grease discography the whole time he’s there and anyway cut to a few days later, team voltron comes to save lance and the galra soldier says “if you want him you must answer one question?”

and shiro is staring him down and just goes “what?”

“why….is grease the word?”

and again shiro goes “….what?”

and anyway that’s how grease became the anthem of rebellion across the universe

Blogatog Feedback

I would love for you all to help me make this blog better. Please answer each below with as much information as you see fit.

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The Paladins Reacting To You Getting Hurt In Battle Would Include..


PROMPT?:  hello! i friggin love your blog. do you think you could do a would include for the voltron paladins, how they would react to you getting hurt in battle/captured?? sorry if it’s a bad explanation, i haven’t really requested for much ahah. thank you so much!

A/N: An option for allura lovers! yay! And hell yeh i added dad Coran. Also this is my first one in this format so be kind? and these all surround the same kind of injury! 

WARNINGS: gender neutral!! pain mention?? cursing

SHIRO: When he hears your body hit the alien dirt, Shiro loses all patience. He orders all the other paladins to start kicking ass and runs to your noodle body. Although he knows it’s probably bad, he would start cradling your neck and wrap his other available arm around your midsection and nervously smile down at you. He would laugh and brush away any dirt or stray hairs. And once you got back to the castle, he would attend to your every need, even the smallest pillow fluff. Lots of “Shiro, I can walk-” “Nope, crutches.” and “Shiro, I’m breathing. You can go to bed.” but he would stay there anyway. He would keep you from fighting for at least a week. And lots of nose kisses once he feels your ‘frail and fragile’ body could handle it.

PIDGE: Once you’re taken out of battle, Pidge’s fighting power like.. triples. She finishes it for you. She will make sure that whatever hurts you, pays for it. Most of the paladins get out of the way once the news gets over the com that you’re hurt. And once she’s pulled away from kicking the enemy and berating it, she runs endless medical tests on you. Space CAT Scans and going into the castle healing pods for at least three hours a day until even the pod rejects you. She will hang out with you and make you soup and bring you water if you even look the least bit dehydrated. She will block off a good portion of the lounge so Lance and Keith have to sit on the last three feet of the couch. No one says anything. They’re afraid. 

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not shown: the dwarves coming back and telling their master that they lost their target, causing prince ichi to become so enraged that the remaining butterflies surrounding him burst into flames, permanently destroying the princely aura he had up to that point

(in other words I was trying to get a feel for prince ichi because I figured I’d have fun writing him the most and guess what I was right about that. and before anyone asks, no, I haven’t started the fic yet, and it’ll probably be a while before that actually happens, so consider this to be a prototype scene that’s not guaranteed to make it into the actual fic? like I’m not even sure about this antagonist The Player but I guess I’ll talk more about him tomorrow)

The signs as lovers pt. 2

Note: Check your moon and Venus sign! I know these won’t all be accurate because every person is different and has a different chart, but this is what I think of when I imagine dating the signs.

Grins that light up the room, tight, warm hugs, laughs that warm you from head to toe, late night adventures, sunset explorations, goodnight texts, early morning conversations, teasing jokes, quick kisses on the nose, dancing in inappropriate places, saying “I’ll race you there,” or “I dare you,” makes you laugh so hard you can’t breathe, rests their head on your shoulder when they laugh, feeling like you’re at the top of a Ferris Wheel every time you’re with them
Aquarius: Smiles sweetest when they think you aren’t looking, would capture the moon for you, always has a random fact up their sleeve, always trying to surprise you, licks you when you’re not expecting it and makes you laugh, gives unexpectedly warm hugs, makes you feel safe and excited at once, listens patiently when you need to talk, rambles about the galaxy with you, comes up with names for aliens with you, takes you on incredible dates, gives innovative compliments, loves learning new things about you
Capricorn: Holds you closely and tightly, wants to know everything they can about you, quietly observes you, loves to touch you in simple ways, protects and defends you, wants to be the best they can be for you, gives extremely thoughtful gifts, kisses you softly and slowly, loves waking up to seeing you, always offers to help you, smiles the most when they’re around you
Pisces: Takes you on adventures, surprises you with unconventional thoughts, takes your hand and pulls you with them, gives you fresh perspectives, loves you deeply and tells you so, holds your hand, kisses you sweetly, wipes your tears when you cry, kisses your hand, cuddles up to you, encourages you when you’re at your worst, wholeheartedly believes in you, their eyes soften when you smile

Angel. You’ve got wings, baby.


“Such beautiful skin,” the Dollmaker says, stroking your cheek as his eyes roam over your body. “You’ll be the pride of all of my creations.”

Cringing away from his hand, you choke on the tube in your mouth as you think about the events of the night. The plan you had set up couldn’t have gone worse, and a tear slips down your cheek thinking about it. It was simple enough: You’d feign innocent, and the Dollmaker would capture you and take you to his lair, with Digg and Oliver following close behind.

But that was supposed to happen now, three hours after you arrived here. What you hadn’t anticipated was that you’re pretty enough to spike the villain’s interest and be taken in broad daylight. You were heading home from work, and if you hadn’t been on the phone with Oliver during your capture, you wouldn’t have the small sliver of hope you do.

You can still hear his voice saying, “I’m coming,” as you were taken away into the dark van. He was going to blame himself for weeks.

You’re snapped out of your thoughts by the man smiling and saying, “Are you ready, sweetheart?”

Tears slide down your cheeks as you realize that this is the end. This is the day you die. Just as the man flips the switch, an arrow embeds in the back of his hand as the wretched substance flows into your mouth and down your throat. Sobbing now, you barely see Oliver run after the Dollmaker, before Digg comes and rips the tube out of your mouth. The world goes black as you fall forward into his waiting arms.

Your eyes blink open, and you see Oliver sitting next to your bed, eyes on the floor. Getting your bearings, you see you’re in a hospital room, and your throat hurts. “Ollie,” You rasp, wincing at the way your voice sounds. His head snaps up and he smiles softly, taking your hand and kissing it. “What happened? Did we get him?”

He smiles, kissing the palm of your hand. “Yeah, we got him sweetheart,” he assures you. “All thanks to you.”

You snort, closing your eyes from exhaustion. “All I managed to do was get captured.”

At this Oliver looks down, eyes going blank as his mouth goes back into a hard line. “Hey,” you lift his chin up gently with your finger so he’s looking at you. “It wasn’t your fault. There’s no way we could have anticipated this happening.”

Then you cough, and he stands up, chair screeching across the floor and making you wince. “I’ll let everyone know you’re awake,” he informs, walking out of the room as you watch him with sad eyes.

Photoshoot / Joe Sugg

Request:  Joe imagine where the reader is a model and her and joe so a photoshoot together because they’re a couple and the boys are jealous?

A/N: I might do a part 2 to this, let me know if I should?

“Oh, good morning.” You smiled as Joe hugged you from behind.

“Morning.” He smiled and kissed your shoulder. “You excited for today?”

“Very! It’s gonna be awesome!”

You and Joe had been contacted by a magazine to do a photoshoot together because both of your careers, his as a youtuber and yours as a model. You two were quick to accept the offer, excited about finally working together.

Two hours later, you both were at the studio, getting your make up and hair done, people behind you discussing your outfits. You and Joe looked up from your phones when the magazine’s photographer came to talk to you.

“If it’s okay with you, we would like to capture two sides of your relationship. We know you’re quite open when it comes to the topic of sex so we thought we could do a few of more sexy photos, with Y/N wearing lace and Joe with his shirt open or something like that and then some fun ones. What do you think?” He explained.

You looked at Joe and he nodded at you, so you looked at the photographer and  smiled. “That would be awesome!”

“Perfect, we’re gonna do the fun ones first.” He clapped and left the room.

“You just said yes because you wanna see me in lace, didn’t you?” You squinted your eyes at him, smiling.

“I don’t need an excuse to see you in lace, babe.” He winked and walked to get dressed.

After getting dressed, you stood in front of the camera and did a couple of pictures kissing, or him giving you a piggy back ride and other fun stuff, and the time to start with the more sexy ones came in what felt like five minutes.

They wanted to do some shots of you and Joe on your own, so he went first, since you had to change your make up and hair style. Once you were done you went to put on the lace set they had set out for you.

Putting on a robe that they gave you, you came out of the dressing room looking for your boyfriend, and ran towards him when you saw him with the buttercreams.

“Hi guys!” You smiled at them, and they waved. “You done?” You asked looking at Joe, who nodded.

You stayed there talking to your friends until you heard your name being called by the photographer. You said bye to them and walked in front of the camera, listening carefully at what you had to do and took off the robe once you were all ready to start.

Joe kept talking to his friends, laughing and joking, his back facing you. So he frowned when he realised his friend’s weren’t paying attention to him anymore, their eyes focused on something behind him, and intrigued, he turned around, locking his eyes on his girlfriend in black lace.

“Holy shit.” He said, suddenly breathless.

“I agree.” Conor said. “Mate, I’m so jealous of you right now.” He commented, making the other boys hum in agreement.

“How did you end up with someone like her?” Mikey asked. “How did you end up with a model?”

“I don’t fucking know, but I’m the luckiest guy.” He answered.