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"Extra needy for affection" eh? Well getting it shouldn't be that hard, you look "extra approachable" at the moment.

[The Omega stares at you with a frown, then shakes his head, giggling and waving a paw]

* Aw, shucks pal. I know I look nice an’ sweet enough to cuddle, but you LITERALLY CAN’T SEE ME RIGHT NOW, SO HOW WOULD YA KNOW, HUH?

Okay so in Seize the Day when Les and Crutchie do the whole ripping the newspaper thing, you can hear Davey in the background go “That’s my little brother, y'know!” And he sounds so proud bUT THEN YOU HEAR JACK GO “Would ya’ look at dat, huh?” AND YOU KNOW THAT HE’S LOOKING AT CRUTCHIE LIKE HE’S SO FRIGGIN PROUD OF HIS LITTLE BROTHER

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Could you do a day6 reaction when they touch your thigh (or inner thigh) and you kind of gasp because thats your weakness and you get a little shy?

Young K: He smirks to himself because of how cute your little gasp was. “Wow, you liked that a lot more than I thought you would.” He would be so chill and chic about it and keep that sexy smirk the whole time.

Wonpil: He would get nervous when you gasp and quickly pull his hand away to run his fingers through his hair, cheeks turning bright pink as he tries to laugh it off.

Sungjin: He wraps his arm around you and speaks softly. “If you’re not comfortable with it, that’s okay.” He smiles softly and giggles as he pokes your blushed cheeks to make you laugh too.

Junhyeok: He tells you how pretty you look getting all shy around him and he proceeds to gently rub your thigh again. When he notices that you don’t move away or protest, he he goes, “So, you really do like this?” 

Dowoon: He would just kind of smile and be kind of cute/awkward but on the inside he would be lowkey freaking the fuck out like “Did she like that??? Or was she completely horrified by that???”

Jae: He would hear you gasp and look over at you like ‘damn girl’ and then smile. “You didn’t think ‘ol Jae Bae would pull that on ya, huh?”

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gym class hero; a destiel au

When Cas is placed in a dance class for his fitness requirement at college, his goal is to get out unscathed. However, his plans are thwarted when he meets the ridiculously attractive professor, Dean Winchester.

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Cas has no idea what he has done to deserve this. He’s always been a good guy; he was on the honor roll all four years in high school, mind you. He helps little old ladies cross the street and works at homeless shelters. And to top it all off, he has a 4.0 GPA in his senior year of college. So what powers in the universe are holding a grudge against him, and why do they deem it necessary to make a god-awful gym class the one thing separating him from graduation?

When Cas found out that a physical activity course is required for his major, he almost screamed at the poor receptionist who took his application for graduation. Gym class? What kind of institution makes a political science major take a damn physical education course to graduate? He was furious, and to top it all off the only class that had an opening was Rhythmic Activities, which meant Cas would not only have to suffer through day after day of freshman checking each other out in tight clothing, but would also have to show off his atrocious dance skills. Needless to say, he was far from pleased.

And that is what lands Cas here in a pair of ragged gym shorts and a whole lot of regret, surrounded by at least twenty awkward students chattering about. He is clearly the only senior in the class, sticking out like a sore thumb among the younger students. Cas may be only twenty-one, but he has lines on his face that the others won’t have for years. Well, isn’t this going to be freaking fantastic.

He doesn’t get to think of much else though before a whistle blows from the opposite side of the gym, a figure shrouded in shadow appearing into sight. The man is dressed ridiculously; he’s clad in a pair of red gym shorts that must have been from the eighties with a matching sweatband on his forehead. His white shirt is tucked into his shorts and he has knee-high socks, the whole outfit making Cas want to laugh. At least he isn’t the worst looking one in the room.

However as the man approaches closer, Cas can’t help but notice one thing. The gym teacher is…hot? Like really, really hot?

“Now listen up you maggots,” he shouts, eyeing each one of the students harshly. “I don’t want any trouble from ya over the course of this semester…”

Cas’s eyes widen as he hears the voice that comes out of the man’s mouth, deep and rich like fine whiskey. It only adds to Castiel’s earlier assumption that this guy is one fine creature.

“…Now I want all of ya to run five laps around the gym and then meet me out in the field for some gym rules. We clear?”

Oh yes, Cas thinks, we are most definitely clear.

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Dear Anonymous

Saving him… in exchange for my own life…?

We… I… never considered such a possibility before, but… perhaps, if it is actually possible…

Yukari-san… Mitsuru-san…

> Koromaru whines and nuzzles Ken’s legs.

….To be given the chance to undo your worst regrets, huh? I didn’t expect the prize for that to be anything other than brutal…

But if it were indeed possible… to give one of our lives in exchange for his… then, perhaps…

Would that be… the correct choice?

Of course it wouldn’t be!

…Ah… Sister…!

Look, I ain’t gonna claim I knew the first thing ‘bout that guy you’re talkin’ about… But that person sacrificed everything to make sure you guys would be happy, right? So, if you just went and threw that all away, no matter the reason… What kinda friends would that make ya, huh!?

What… kind of friends…? 

Friends… but he… he wasn’t just…a…


Labrys is right, y'know.


The prize isn’t worth it. Look, Makoto… He wanted us to live. When we became friends, he was always looking out for us, always making sure everyone else’d be fine around him… smiling. So what if he’d be alive again? You seriously think he’d be happy? You seriously think he wouldn’t be in pain regardless? Because if that’s what you think… you’re wrong.  You can trust me on that… Just on that one thing.

Yeah, I think so too…


We wouldn’t be reunited… We’d just be trading one kind of loneliness for another, right? For ourselves, and for him…

He would be in pain… I do not wish that on him. This pain…

Our pain…

…Let’s instead fulfill our promise. Let’s keep working to make sure his sacrifice wasn’t in vain. We’re gonna make him… gonna make them proud of us and of the life they gave us.

Agreed. We’re not gonna back down ever again.

*waff, waff!*

~The Shadow Operatives

~Fuuka Yamagishi