would wear for brunch or something

Faking It (Part Two)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: there’s like one or two curse words

Series Summary: When a young billionaire who’s a former friend of yours becomes the target for the Avengers, you’re sent on an undercover mission. The mission should be easy; one week on the Upper East Side with Bucky as your “boyfriend.” The only problem? The two of you can’t stand each other.

Note: Sorry this one’s pretty short, I didn’t start writing until really late and I have to be up early tomorrow, but I promise it’ll pick up a bit more tomorrow.

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The car ride to your family’s apartment is dead silent. You and Bucky both put in headphones and begin blasting music immediately, neither of you wanting to argue for the second time this morning. He had finished your favorite cereal without even apologizing for it until you yelled at him. It was little things like this that made it almost impossible for you to coexist peacefully with Bucky. You consider him to be a selfish ass and he thinks you’re insane. What a great start to your fake relationship. 

The few hours of silence are welcome after the previous yelling and before the coming storm. As you get closer to your destination, the anxiety you feel builds. You don’t notice the veracity with which your fingertips are playing with the hem of your t-shirt until Bucky unexpectedly places one of his hands over both of your own.

“If you keep doing that you’re going to rip it,” He removes his hand as soon as you stop your movements, “I’ve never seen you this nervous.”

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Mikasa Ackerman. Jean Kirschtein. 

Modern AU.

Sunday Mornings. Impromptu Plans. Socks. Otters. 

550 words.

When Mikasa knocked on his door, she got a response faster than she had expected to.

Promptly, the door flung open and a familiar pair of hazel eyes came into her view.

Jean looked as placid as a person could ever be in their own home. However, the second Jean looked and realized it was her, a sense of alertness rushed into his eyes.


He looked embarrassed to be seen by her. Quickly, he pushed the door until it was only partially open, leaving only a narrow gap between it and its frame.

At first, Mikasa wondered why her presence left him flustered. But immediately, she recalled seeing the bare skin of his shoulders and chest. Clearly, there was only one person properly dressed for the occasion and it was not him.

Peeping out at her through the narrow crack, Jean tried to keep his expression composed, “Hey, did I buzz you in? How’d you get here?” 

“One of your neighbours let me in,” Mikasa answered. “He was very tall and he had a dog with him.” She could recall a rather tall fellow holding open the apartment complex’s door for her. He seemed nice and rather unsuspecting to what Mikasa was intending to do on a Sunday morning.

Jean’s brow furrowed, “Oh, Mr. Zacharius?”

“I guess,” Mikasa replied. She looked what she could see of Jean up and down. The plausible ideas regarding his current state of dress swirled in her head. “Is this a bad time?”

Jean shook his head, “No, it’s just kinda… awkward.”

“Are you wearing anything right now?” Mikasa asked.

“I got trunks on,” Jean answered. He stuck out his leg from the crack in the door to reveal his foot, which had a rather gaudy-looking sock on it. “And these bad boys.”

Mikasa was not sure what to think of Jean’s choice in clothing. She could have never guessed that Jean had a fondness for wearing socks with otters printed on them. She thought that she would have felt more comfortable with Jean if he wasn’t wearing them at all.

“May I ask why you answered the door while barely dressed?” Mikasa wondered.

“I thought you were my landlord or something,” Jean answered. He rolled his eyes, seemingly humoured by his own assumptions. “I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s caught me like this.”

“I could leave,” Mikasa offered quickly. “Come back when you’re more dressed.”

Jean shook his head, “Nah, don’t worry about it. What do you need?”

Mikasa took in a breath and spoke, “Do you want to come for brunch?”

Jean raised an eyebrow. Clearly, it seemed that he was expecting something else to be asked of him. “Brunch? You could’ve just texted me.”

“Yeah, I could have,” Mikasa agreed. She looked at the edge of the door itself, focusing on Jean’s calloused hand pressed against it. “I guess I’m old school then.”

Shrugging, Jean saw no point in refusing, “I could do brunch. Can I get dressed first? Most places have a no shirt, no shoes, no service thing going on.”

“Please,” Mikasa agreed. “I’d prefer it if you had a shirt on.”

Jean’s smirked, clearly amused by her choice in words. “Oh really? I thought you liked it the other way.”

Mikasa raised an eyebrow, “Hm?”

“Nevermind, I’ll get changed.”

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Person A proposes to Person B, but Person B shocks them by saying no. As strain is put on the relationship, Person B reveals that they are facing a potentially life threatening illness. Person A attempts to console Person B and convince them that they are in this for the long haul.

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Now, I’ve never written for them before, and I don’t really ship them, but this was a fun exercise outside of my comfort zone and a very special treat to those who do ship them and follow me anyway! Thanks again everybody for the 1,000+ follows! I love you guys! And now…without further ado…

Characters: Barisi + Mentions of Rollins and Fin
Warnings: Mention of Serious Health Issues
Word Count: 3,648

‘Don’t stop stirring, Dominick!’

Carisi smiled as he watched the spoon in his hand carefully turn the risotto repeatedly, folding the creamy mixture over itself as it thickened to the perfect consistency. His mother would be so proud. In fact, she was already beaming as she gave him the recipe for her famous parmesan risotto and helped him plan the perfect meal for the perfect evening with his perfect boyfriend.

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“Liam, we really have to go, mate. Like, right now!” Louis was about to punch him square in the face, he could tell. He knew they were running late, but Louis had to understand he needed that jumper. He made sure to ask their staff to get it cleaned and ready for him do go back home for the break, but it is nowhere to be seen.

“Tommo, I can’t find my new jumper. You know, the red one I bought two weeks ago?” he scratched his nape, looking over his stuff to check if it didn’t appear there unexpectedly.

“Well, we won’t be able to find our plane if we’re late, Payno” Liam could hear Louis’ irritation “so I suggest you forget about it and buy another one, it’s not like you can’t afford it, let’s go.”

Liam closed his suitcase with a sigh. He thought about calling Zayn to make sure he didn’t see it when he was packing earlier, but decided against it. There was a car waiting for them just outside their hotel’s back entrance, and as soon as he got inside, Liam sent a text to Zayn.

heyyyyy, we’re leaving the hotel, r u in your new hotel already? call u when i get home love youuu x oh no wait, did u c my red jumper? xx

Zayn replied a few minutes later with a ‘Yes, this hotel is fantastic, we have to spend some days here, babe. Proper fancy and stuff. Ummm, red jumper? I don’t think so, Li. Love u lots x’ which made Liam slump on his place. That was his new favourite jumper, and he was planning to wear it the day after Louis’ Charity Ball for brunch with Ruth and Nic, life was so unfair sometimes.


Mate, wake up and check Zayn’s outfit from last night, lmao ur gonna be so mad bro

Liam had no clue what Louis was talking about since he already saw those pictures. He felt so attacked by his beautiful boyfriend who clearly didn’t care about his sanity. What he doesn’t get is why would he be mad? Did he do something wrong? They didn’t get him a new girl already, did them? He got so scared of what he was about to see, he didn’t even think straight before he was blinking hard and praying for there not to be a new girl and‒ oh.

“Hi babe, you do realise it’s almost one in the morning, right?” Zayn seemed so happy, he actually felt bad for getting mad him, but no, he lied.

“Ummm, red jumper? I don’t think so, Li” he mocked Zayn’s text with a high-pitched voice.

“Yeah, about that, sorry. I don’t how it got inside my bag?”

“Really, Zayn? Really?” he sighed while lying on his sofa “I told you all about how I was gonna wear it today! You lied, Zayn. I am very disappointed.”

“I am sorry I lied, Li. I’m not sorry I got it, though. It’s really comfy.”

“Why are so mean, Zayn? Why are you like this? I thought you loved me and people who love their boyfriend don’t do stuff like this.” He pouted and even though they were miles away from each other, he knew Zayn was enjoying every single bit of it.

“Babe, everything that’s yours, is mine,” Zayn laughed on the phone, causing Liam to stare pointedly at the roof.

“No Zayn, that’s incorrect. It’s actually what’s mine is yours.”

“Exactly, Liam, what’s yours is mine. I knew you’d understand” fuck, Zayn always managed to make Liam say or do whatever he wants, and Liam somehow is amazed.

“Ughh, I hate you Zaynie” he whispered, realising he was already missing him, causing Zayn to whisper back how he loved Liam. “Skype me when you wake up, yeah, love?”

“I will. Love you, Li. Good night.”

“Love you too, sleep tight.”


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Author Themed Asks Response

Jane Austen: what social faux-pas annoys you the most?

I cannot stand when people talk with their mouths open, or when they talk over you.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: How would you describe your ideal brunch attire?

I love semi-casual, so I would love to wear something nice and simple, probably a sweater, dark pants and boots (dresses are a no).

Thanks for asking, @gloriawriting

inspired by this au with a line based on this. there’s mentions of alcohol/drinking, a girlfriend (who may or may not be based on a real person, but hey, this is fiction so they could be anyone), the concept of throwing up/vomiting/barfing (and a momentary mention of the actual act), so if any of that makes you uncomfortable, just be aware if you continue or avoid this altogether. i can’t pretend this wasn’t partly fueled by frustration, but if you looked at the au this is inspired by, all i ask is that you have some faith in me.

word count: 5152

The harsh sunlight streaming into the room shook you from your slumber.

Reluctantly, you cracked opened an eye and then opened the other to survey your surroundings, not looking for long before you decided that it was too bright and you were too hungover. You closed your eyes again, squeezing them tightly as if that would help you get back to sleep faster.

About a second passed before what you saw in the room registered in your brain, your eyes immediately opening again, widened in alarm. Slowly, you took a deep breath. Afterwards, you mouthed an incoherent jumble of words that was meant to be a prayer to any higher power that existed and was listening and could help you out. Finally, when you mustered up the courage to do so, you chanced a peek to your left, hoping – praying – that you wouldn’t see what you were expecting to see.

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Real People: The Casual Suit

Visit any store that sells suits these days and you’ll find the same thing: racks upon racks of dark grey and navy business suits made from four-seasons weight, Super-100s wool. Like how all takeout/ delivery places only serve Chinese food or pizza, sometimes it feels like we have hundreds of options, but very few choices.

Which is strange because, with so much of the world going casual these days, you’d think there would be more causal suits. Instead, we just see a bifurcation between business dress and sportswear.

A good casual suit can be a great addition to your wardrobe though – especially if the jacket can be worn separately as a sport coat. Here’s Erik in Stockholm wearing a French blue suit made from a slubby, loosely woven linen. The triple-patch pockets and soft shoulders help give the jacket a more relaxed look, while the light blue, long-sleeved polo and navy tassel loafers accentuate the suit’s casual sensibility. This is more something you’d wear to a nice Sunday brunch, rather than a Monday morning meeting.

With a suit like this, you could wear the jacket separately with khaki chinos or cream linen trousers, and the trousers separately with a tan cotton sport coat. In fact, get a tan cotton suit and you’ll have four different outfits already (two suits, and then two-mix-and-matches with the jacket and trousers). Arguably better than buying jackets and trousers separately, and definitely more fun than having a wardrobe of just business suits.

(photo via sowhatelseisnew)