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Flirty-Shop RP Starter Pack
  1. “Hey shortcake~.”
  2. “I think you’re the sweetest thing in this parlor.”
  3. “You just into chocolate kisses?”
  4. “That’s weird. I don’t see you on the menu.”
  5. “Can i get some of those hot buns? Oh yeah, and some biscuits?”
  6. “My name? ‘your future [partner.]’“
  7. “May i get two? One for me and the other for this really cute employee.”
  8. ‘-Casual wink-’
  9. “Does this place sell gummy hearts? I think you stole mine.”
  10. “Hey. Are you single like these samples?”
  11. “Has a stranger ever complimented your eyes? Because one’s about to.”
  12. “Can i have a discount for finding you cute?”
  13. “If i asked you out what would happen?”
  14. “Have you ever had a sugar [partner?] I’ve got an opening.”
  15. “Not that i looked, but, you’ve gotta nice butt.”

Thanks to @docholligay‘s Utena liveblog I now want very badly to write an RGU fic where one of the random normals at Ohtori goes to the Black Rose Seminar for some stupid teenage problem counseling and Mikage keeps trying to TAP INTO THE INNER DARKNESS when none exists.

The List.

Edward Nygma Imagine // Gotham

Request: [anonymous] Hello! Could you please do a Edward Nygma X Reader, so (Y/N) is a detective at GCPD and Ed is in love with her so he have a “15 reasons why I love (Y/N)” list and she finds his list and ask him out. Thank you!

A/N: I’m hoping that the anon didn’t mean to make a reference to 13 reasons why from this request cause this is far from that.

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Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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  • Shepard: So yeah this one time I had to seduce an ardat-yakshi
  • Liara: *spits out drink* you fuckinf WHAT
  • Shepard: yeah she nearly got me lmao it was pretty close
  • Liara: Y-
  • Liara: YOU-
  • Liara: WHAT
  • Shepard: hey it's chill the justicar I was working with killed her

Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite

“but petunia dursley was upset about her sister dying!” she told harry, to his face, that lily’s death was an inconvenience because then she had to look after him. she was active in and dismissive of the neglect/abuse harry endured while living with the dursleys. she had no qualms about kicking him out over false allegations until dumbledore sent her a letter. there isn’t much proof that lily and petunia were close before lily’s death, and by all accounts, she never spoke a kind word about her sister or in defence of her sister in any of her scenes.

idk, was i supposed to have sympathy for petunia??? 


Football Federation Australia has always been super slow to recognise and capitalise on the successes of the Matildas, but finally something clicked in their brains and they are moving a men’s national cup final (a competition consisting of pro & semi-pro teams) for the Matildas’ FRIENDLY; both games would have happened on the 22nd of November.

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).


Why did I even draw this