would this be an anti pickup line

~super silly~ system ask meme
  • 1: who would try to prank everyone else by putting toothpaste in the oreos, then forget they did it, and eat one of their prank oreos?
  • 2: who would sneak around while everyone's asleep, thinking "okay, I gotta be quiet", and then make a lot of noise by accident?
  • 3: who would burst out singing a vulgar song only to realise there's family nearby?
  • 4: who would spend 5 hours playing the same game only to lose their save?
  • 5: who would anger a hive of bees because they wanted to see what would happen?
  • 6: who would have old, cheesy jokebooks from the 90's?
  • 7: who would have a book full of Fun Practical Jokes? how often would they use it?
  • 8: who would use really cheesy pickup lines on their partner(s)?
  • 9: who would laugh at really cheesy pickup lines with their partner(s)?
  • 10: who would make a cat poop prank using chocolate, wait til someone finds it, then eat it as the person looks on in horror?
  • 11: who would set up a prank on someone else, then accidentally fall for it themself?
  • 12: who would follow 50 new blogs that no one else has any interest in, just to fuel their own sideblog?
  • 13: who would make a sideblog, then never use it?
  • 14: who would send an anonymous crush confession with very obvious clues, but the person doesn't even realise who it is?
  • 15: who would sing loudly at 3 AM?
  • 16: who would run an "anti-sjw" blog that's actually just a huge joke?
  • 17: who would very loudly fake a moan if they heard someone else having sex from the room over/through the walls?
  • 18: who would actually swoon as their partner uses cheesy pickup lines they found on google?
  • 19: who has had a "LAWL RANDOM TACOS XDDDDDDD" phase?
  • 20: who is the biggest nerd of you all? (trick question, it's probably all of you)

-Greetings from the Jercy shore 

 Here’s to 3,000 followers! Thank you all so much and you’re all wonderful seriously you’re all amazing people. This is still unbelievable 

Everyone is an amazing dinosaur seriously let’s all just go hang with Chris Pratt (I’m sorry idk what to write for these) 

 Here we go: also if anyone can remind me who drew that that would be amazing bc I thought it was sandracl13 but it turned out it wasn’t so pls

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