would that be weird or


Angel (Cafe Ver.) // Haechan

weird thought but if sdv had an actual month system, their years would probably start in march (for the beginning of spring) and end in feb…

honestly if Gaju ever partnered up with Chinatsu it would be Sengoku-pair 2.0 but with 100% more yelling 

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i'm feeling....weird about the fact that the man who got shot trying to help the two indians in kansas is getting so much recognition. i obviously think he's incredible and did something amazing that so many people would never do. but i just feel weird and i'm not sure why. maybe because people don't always rally like this for other people who do great things like this. idk?? i feel weird


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In another universe where you and your friends experienced coraline's journy, who would be who and why?

Oh, Jesus, I don’t know. Uhh…

Tom would be Coraline, maybe? Because she has blue hair and Tom… likes the color blue…? Also I think he’d have a one-up on the Other Mother since he doesn’t technically have eyes.

Tord would be that weird Russian guy with the mouse circus. 

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would it be weird if I got you on a t-shirt purely for fashion lol 🙄🙄

honestly this sounds amazing and the exact type of gassing i need so please.. by all means..

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I feel like Deacon will flirt with any and everyone if it helps him seem more mysterious. Sure, he and Cait share flirty dialogue, but what about Nick or Hancock?

i feel like deacon would flirt to push people away. like “oh classic deacon, being weird again” bc he doesnt seem serious about anything ever. i can totally see him flirting with anyone really, synth, ghoul, or otherwise. maybe he means something, maybe he doesnt. who knows

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Littering is just taking the middleman out of your equation. Instead of recycling it and Then having it end up in the ocean, you would just have it end up in the ocean with this weird devil's advocate position for littering that you're doing

I’m not being devil’s advocate I was making the point that (non-recyclable) litter & trash are equal on an environmental level, and that the reason not littering is considered better is purely a social reason (not that it isn’t valid, just that it’s different than what we generally say). never did I say you shouldn’t recycle, I was just trying to point out that plastic isn’t truly recyclable, & my point of saying that is to advocate for not using plastic whenever possible.

I have just been thinking a lot about trash lately, & on my way home I saw some litter, & had never really considered litter’s place in the trash discussion– specifically, why picking up litter (not off beaches but off streets) is considered environmentally friendly when it objectively isn’t. was trying to relate that concept.

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Look guys

a shrine is ‘a holy or sacred place, which is dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr, saint, daemon, or similar figure of awe and respect, at which they are venerated or worshipped.’

I neither venerate nor worship the Riddler, and doing that with Wally Wingert’s signature would be creepy and weird

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Not sure if this has been asked before, but do Vollarks have any taboos? Them being smelly scavengers who love death and clean themselves with their own waste I can't imagine anything that would be weird to them.

Vollarks have numerous taboos and strict customs, tho rarely on bodily subject matter (their taboos also vary from clan to clan and not nessesarily unified).

Eating more then once a day is frowned upon in Vollark society and is seen as wasteful and gluttonous. Not sharing a meal either is also consitered greedy. meal time for Vollarks is central to Vollark social ties and community, even if you kill a tasty rat on your own you are expected to give it to someone else rather then eat it yourself. 

Vollarks also tend to be very private (and “cold” by other species standards). Given names (in clans that HAVE them…) are not something you refer to people by unless you are close family or friend. To refer to a stranger by their given name is seen as intrusive and uncomfortable for most Vollarks. In many ways Vollarks are the opposite of Banxers in terms of community. While Banxer society is heavily built on forming close intimate bonds with numerous people across the community and tend to be very “touchy feely”, Vollarks see communities as “functioning units” and are generally emotionally distant to acquaintances and people they don’t know.

i just wanted to thank dodie. without her i would never have started to research disassociation and i would never have realized that i probably have it too. it’s weird. i forget things from during the day - things like walking from class to class. it’s like a blank spot in my memory - one minute i’m in english and 10 minutes later i’m changed for gym. but now looking back i don’t remember much in between. it’s a blur. for me, it’s like a dream - it seems real in the moment but then you look back and there’s no coherent plot. chunks are missing and the things you do remember are fuzzy. and then days pass by in a blur and i can’t tell apart one from the next. it’s so hard to describe but anyway here’s my word vomit

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speaking of fucked up hentai, the worst thing i've ever read in a smut (that someone sent me a link to) was "They were using an infant as a condom." I noped out SO fast. I'll never be the same and I wanted you to know that and experience how dead inside I feel afte reading it

Weirdly, that doesn’t bother me. Mostly because I know for a fact that something like that would only be added for shock factor. It’s the weird stuff that you can just tell someone made because they were like “wow having very dubious consent is really hot” that gets to me.

the thing about adding panne and yarne to heroes is that there isn’t really an existing framework for beast units yet. you could make them stone units like the manakete, yes, but a) stones hit resistance and that would be weird for basically every beast unit, b) the series technically has more beast units who don’t use stones than who do, and c) you’d have to do new animation sets for them anyway because nobody wants to see fuckin ranulf fight by spitting fire at people. so they would be better served making them like, Claw type units or something and releasing a bunch of beast units at once

realistically if something this nice were to happen, i think i’d expect Panne/Kaden/Keaton/Ranulf/Caineghis/Lethe as the focus group, but in my ideal world it’d be more like Panne/Selkie/Velouria/Ranulf/Caineghis/Nailah