would that be too ironic

I have this headcanon that Zen would go as the Phantom for Halloween. I also headcanon that he goes all out with singing and everything. He’d make MC go as Christine.

Besides the Phantom, I’d like to think that he’d go as a knight too. ZEN THE KNIGHT!

Also quick note that commissions are still up! A commission like this one would cost only around $4! This ends at Halloween so dont miss out!

Shane’s 2016 Sketchbook, Entry 19 - “Worse Avengers - Iron Man”

Inspired by The Drawfee Channel on YouTube, who has so far done this sort of thing for Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, I thought I’d try my hand at reimagining an iconic character as a much worse knock-off! Expect more of these; Iron Chair needs the rest of his team.


Of course Tony would like that idea! He actually has crush on every power girl in the goddamn Academy… Well, he has a crush on anyone really.

[TRANS] 151225 Music Bank Cut - Irene and Bogum

Bogum: Irene-ssi! What would you like for Christmas?
Irene: I want an iron for Christmas
Irene: What would you like for Christmas, Bogum-ssi?
Bogum: I would like an iron too!
Irene: Oh! But irons are mine?
Bogum: I want an iron for Christmas so I can give it to Irene-ssi~! ♥

Trans. by: @rororaemon329


I know we all complain about the armor making Iron Bull’s body weird, but still, ugh. Who even is that on the right?! 16 year old Hissrad? 

The only problem I have with plastic surgery is that you literally compliment the doctor who cut your bias’ face if you say “Aww!! He/She is soooo pretty!!” It’s way more fascinating for me if people are born with that handsome looks and faces. Idols can get PS of course if they feel better then but then I feel super weird praising their good looks. It’s too ironic for me becausw everyone would look good after a decent PS.

Having someone to let go is like facing an ugly truth, and ending a beautiful lie.

Ugly truth; for the reason that both of you can no longer defend the bond which was prompted together; facing another days with laden if each of you would still adhere into that unhealthy relationship. Although it was already validated that all you ever did was hurting each other’s emotions and stepping the hearts like it was a very poetic gesture; a romantic stunt that both of you had been gratified for so long.  

Ending a beautiful lie; that it was too lovely to destroy an empire state all made with deceptions. Each one of you had been cradled with too much anticipation thinking it would last; that an iron wouldn’t rust and that a sun would always show itself. A beautiful road with planted cheeky flowers, watered and cared, too bad, it was drowned with the concept of giving what you both think is enough when it shouldn’t be given, at first.

A lie that always entwined with the truth was never different with the beauty of letting go someone just as entwined with facing much better appropriates all alone.

—  vonquaint (An Ugly Truth and A Beautiful Lie)