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I genuinely hope you find happiness in England, and I hope the nhs can help you- free healthcare rocks :> <3

ME. FUCKING. TOO. this year has been a /catastrophe/ for me as someone chronically and mentally ill and not getting the healthcare ive needed…

man like the month i just spent in London w Sam was so good and it was so good FOR me…before i left i was so sick, i didnt think id be able to do ANYTHING while i was there…but it was amazing, being able to be with someone i really loved, who wanted to help me manage all my problems without any complaints (they went and bought a ton of food that i could eat before i even got there bc i have weirdly specific dietary needs lmao) and it was just. so nice. we were able to watch out for each other and we both benefitted from it so much. i was still sick, i still had pain and fatigue and anxiety but i also had THEM and they didnt hold any of my disability against me even once. and after a relationship where i was routinely manipulated as a result of the help i needed just to live with my illnesses, it was…world-changing.

and if i could get good health care ON TOP OF THAT boy oh boy we are in business i might actually be able to really focus on my art again and start living the life i WANT 

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would you care if somebody took after your style of poetry? (gray poems within normal poems, personal drawings, etc.?)

Honestly I would be heart broken if someone took my style of writing since I worked for months on coming up with my own style for poetry to differentiate from others.
But I’m sure someone will have the audacity to copy my style I’ve worked so hard on. Copying destroys creativity. I suggest coming up with something new. Something that allows people to know that it was YOU that created it by just seeing it. That was how I came up with my books format and style.

'why haven't you written anything in a while ashlyn'
  • Ashkatom: oh my god why does the world have so much history
  • Ashkatom: i didn't want to start an entire alt history for this world i just wanted something that sounded frenchish without being france but HERE WE ARE
  • Choco: oh dear

“I know what it’s like to be under the control of a man. To feel like you have no power…and the only way to get that power back is to shut down. You tell yourself you must shut down. You tell yourself to never show any emotion - to anybody. I know what that’s like. It’s the only way you can survive.”

Those one text posts: drink water !! Believe me it works!! Stay hydrated and you’ll feel better!!!!!1!!!!1!

Me: *taking one (1) sip of water after not drinking anything for several days* you’re all liars, it doesn’t work :///

Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 10

Here it iiis!

Desclaimer: So people, I am so sorry for not posting for so long, but I had the most important exams of my life and I also procrastinated a lot, but now it’s summer and I also remembered why I love writing so much so expect at least two updates from me every week! <3

Warning: More angst, more fluff, a long ramble from Sehun and how his life before marrying and more angst. enjoy <3

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(imagine this gif in the middle (you’ll know when) and it will become 100 times better believe me<3)

PART 1 |PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7| PART 8 | PART 9 | PART 10 | PART 11


“Have fake marriages become such a frequency that we don’t react even if it’s happening right in front of our eyes? Has it become a regular occurrence to be married because of money, fame, business? If not, then why is it that we decide to close our eyes, even if it’s obvious that CEO Oh Sehun didn’t marry by love? Or is it the other way around? Is the CEO’s wife being forced into this so called marriage?”

I closed my laptop with a loud thump, refusing to read any further. New articles were being released almost every day about my marriage and the subject was the same in every single one of them.

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Me: nah man, I don’t believe in ghosts or any of that shit
Someone: *pulls out ouiji board*
Me: FUCK no

Imagine #4.5 // JB

REQUESTED // Please do a part 2 to the bora bora imagine x

You stood with an attitude the whole time Justin tried to make small talk as he meandered around the villa you’d rented. It was extremely priceless and there were many things in it you would be looking at too if it was your first time seeing it, but you knew Justin and he didn’t normally notice nice things. He was just dragging out your time together now. You had to admit, it was kinda nice to see him in person again. You could keep getting more and more angry while seeing pictures of him in the media, you could keep telling yourself he ain’t shit, but it was confirmed now as he stood in front of you, in the flesh, that he would always be somebody you cared about. 

Sighing, you took a seat and offered for him to do the same. You didn’t look at him for a minute, but you could feel his eyes on you - on your sandy shins, your toned stomach, your splurge sunglasses. It made you happy that you could finally act like you were happier without him and have it affect him.  A lot of things had changed for you in a short amount of months, the biggest was that you took his advice and invested a lot of your energy into loving yourself. It seemed that once you did that, other people followed suit. Now, you were surrounded by complete positivity. 

“You look really good,” he sputtered after a good few moments of silence. The way this seemed to slip out make you chuckled breathlessly before finally swinging your head around to look at him, “I’m not just saying that because that’s what we’re supposed to say.”

“Thank you,” you giggled at his awkwardness, watching the smile creep to the corners of his lips as he heard your laugh for the first time in almost nine months, “You look good, too. Though I still owe you a punch in the face for the dreads and another one if you don’t let your fucking hair grow out,” for some strange reason, you were tempted to touch it - his hair. Knowing it would be much softer than usual, and you were honestly glad he finally cut the horrible dread locks off. He jumped as you moved from your seat to perch on the arm of his, running your hand along his head. Justin jumped instinctively at the sudden touch and proximity before leaning into your hand. You were silent for a minute, enjoying each other’s presence before the unavoidable conversation would ruin the finally calm atmosphere surrounding you. Finally, you let out a sigh, moving back to your seat facing him skeptically, “What are you doing here, Justin?”

“I don’t know,” he sounded like a five year old who was being asked why he colored on the wall, “I guess I thought that if you were in another place you would be less angry and you would finally listen,” he paused and you looked out towards the ocean - to where your friends were enjoying the unbelievably sunny day together, “You don’t understand how much I’ve missed you, Y/N.”

“No, I do - because I’ve missed you just as much,” you said this without hesitation, completely predicting the hopeful expression he soon wore. There was pause as you studied his warm smile for a couple seconds, “I wasn’t kidding when I said I was starting to get over you, though, Justin. And you just can’t give me the stability I need. I have nothing against you, and I’ll always love you, and it’s okay if you want to check in every once in awhile-”

“So there’s just…nothing I can do,” he chuckled breathlessly as if this was the most unlikely thing he could think of, “I’m not gonna let you go, if that’s what you think’s about to happen, Y/N. If I haven’t been making that fucking clear enough in the past eight fucking months-”

“It hasn’t just been eight months, though, Justin! I was unhappy before we broke up, and if I haven’t made that fucking clear in the last eight months, then you haven’t been listening very well,” you paused as he clenched his jaw, looking out the patio door, “You’ve changed, not just towards your fans, but towards everyone. Do you hear the way you speak to people sometimes? Scooter? Your mom? How you used to speak to me? You’re too angry at whatever it is you hate so much that you’re directing it at your loved ones. You’re too stubborn and set on getting your way with me that I bet you haven’t even stepped back and thought about why I’m so intent on staying far away from you-”

“That doesn’t mean anything, you haven’t seen me for so long, I’ve changed-”

“Are you even listening? I’ve seen all of the videos of you with fans, I’ve seen all of the media slips, your little flings - you think I don’t pay attention to that stuff?,” you shook your head, laughing without humor before standing, “I’m not stupid, and neither are your fans. If you’re not gonna be there for them, then I will, and if this is the only way to get your attention, know that I’m watching. Don’t just tell me you’ve changed to get me back, do it.”

With that you walked back out into the hot sun, not looking back towards the beach house.

When people say Samifer is an abusive ship they think of this

or this

they don’t think of this


or this

Lucifer wanted to be nice and he wanted to give Sam everything. Then Sam did what he thought was best and betrayed Lucifer. At least it was betrayal in Lucifer’s mind. And people do not understand that! Lucifer has been betrayed so many times and all he wanted after thousands upon thousands of years in the cage was redemption and Sam gave him that fighting chance. If Samifer were to be an actual relationship It wouldn’t be abusive , because Lucifer would not need to prove himself to anyone. He wouldn’t feel as though he was betrayed or broken, because he would have somebody who actually cared for him. Lucifer and Sam would honestly be probably be one of the happiest couples in the world , because they both had someone who understood what it was like to do what you thought was right and then be shot down for it. Honestly Samifer would be the cutest and the least hurtful relationship ever because Lucifer would do anything he could to make Sam happy, at least that is what I believe.

Do you ever miss someone with your entire being but you’re afraid to tell them in case you scare them away forever

A quick meta on Zane Ro’meave

Note: This is me finally answering an ask I gotten forever ago and I finally have time to chill, as well as giving reasons why (even though I dislike both), I could at least appreciate Zane in MCD a little more than that mess known as Mystreet!Zane.

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Astro's Ideal Personality Type

Requested by anon!

MJ: I think that MJ would want a girl that had a good sense of humor and loved to laugh. Because let’s face it that kid is pretty weird (but we love him for it). He would definitely want a girl that was in touch with her playful side.

JinJin: JinJin would want a girl that’s into cliche romances because he seems like the type of boyfriend that would always give you gifts and tell you how much he loves you. He would also want somebody to cuddle with ALL THE TIME because he is a puppy.

Eunwoo: Eunwoo would probably want somebody that is honest and kind. He seems like somebody that would want a girl that would never lie to him and would be very supportive and kind.

Moonbin: I feel like Moonbin would be a mixture of a lot of these girls. He would want somebody honest and caring, somebody funny and intelligent, somebody that would love him for who he is. He seems like he would be very patient if they weren’t super physically affectionate or very verbal about their feelings in the beginning of the relationship. I don’t think he would specifically like an outgoing girl better than a shy girl or vice versa. Moonbin would want a girl that was also trustworthy, somebody he could tell anything to. He seems like the person that would want to get to know somebody first and probably be friends before dating. His type wouldn’t be specifically set on anything, in my opinion. He would also probably love to have a girl that likes cheesy romances. Moreso because I see him as being a very loving boyfriend and he would always want to treat his girlfriend like a queen.

Rocky: Rocky would want to be with someone that is very understanding in the fact that he may not be a super verbal person. He seems like the type that would show more that tell (that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t say he loves you all the time though). I also think he would want a very passionate person (like a person that is very passionate about something much like the way Rocky is with his dancing).

Sanha: Sanha would definitely want somebody that is sweet and energetic because this kid is a giant ball of energy. He’d also want somebody that was patient and understanding of his random actions (even better someone who liked them)

The Price Of Magic: Why Rumple Rejected Zelena

This week, we finally get treated to some Zelena backstory, where we will learn something about how she became the Wicked Witch (and, it looks like, how her skin got that lovely emerald hue).  We know that her background has something to do with Rumple training her.  We also know that he eventually rejected her, favoring Regina over her sister to cast his dark curse.

This got me wondering–what exactly caused the rift between these two, and why of all of the people Rumpelstiltskin has trained did he reject Zelena?

I think it has a lot to do with Rumple’s views on magic, and Zelena breaking that most sacred (and repetitive) of rules:

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