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When people say Samifer is an abusive ship they think of this

or this

they don’t think of this


or this

Lucifer wanted to be nice and he wanted to give Sam everything. Then Sam did what he thought was best and betrayed Lucifer. At least it was betrayal in Lucifer’s mind. And people do not understand that! Lucifer has been betrayed so many times and all he wanted after thousands upon thousands of years in the cage was redemption and Sam gave him that fighting chance. If Samifer were to be an actual relationship It wouldn’t be abusive , because Lucifer would not need to prove himself to anyone. He wouldn’t feel as though he was betrayed or broken, because he would have somebody who actually cared for him. Lucifer and Sam would honestly be probably be one of the happiest couples in the world , because they both had someone who understood what it was like to do what you thought was right and then be shot down for it. Honestly Samifer would be the cutest and the least hurtful relationship ever because Lucifer would do anything he could to make Sam happy, at least that is what I believe.

This is the first chapter for a 707 and main character/reader story that I’m writing. I am going to post it on AO3 as soon as I can make my account in a few days but I would love to know what people think about it. I am very impatient that’s why I am not waiting until I have my account. It starts at the evening in 707′s route day 9.

Chapter 2 here!

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Astro's Ideal Personality Type

Requested by anon!

MJ: I think that MJ would want a girl that had a good sense of humor and loved to laugh. Because let’s face it that kid is pretty weird (but we love him for it). He would definitely want a girl that was in touch with her playful side.

JinJin: JinJin would want a girl that’s into cliche romances because he seems like the type of boyfriend that would always give you gifts and tell you how much he loves you. He would also want somebody to cuddle with ALL THE TIME because he is a puppy.

Eunwoo: Eunwoo would probably want somebody that is honest and kind. He seems like somebody that would want a girl that would never lie to him and would be very supportive and kind.

Moonbin: I feel like Moonbin would be a mixture of a lot of these girls. He would want somebody honest and caring, somebody funny and intelligent, somebody that would love him for who he is. He seems like he would be very patient if they weren’t super physically affectionate or very verbal about their feelings in the beginning of the relationship. I don’t think he would specifically like an outgoing girl better than a shy girl or vice versa. Moonbin would want a girl that was also trustworthy, somebody he could tell anything to. He seems like the person that would want to get to know somebody first and probably be friends before dating. His type wouldn’t be specifically set on anything, in my opinion. He would also probably love to have a girl that likes cheesy romances. Moreso because I see him as being a very loving boyfriend and he would always want to treat his girlfriend like a queen.

Rocky: Rocky would want to be with someone that is very understanding in the fact that he may not be a super verbal person. He seems like the type that would show more that tell (that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t say he loves you all the time though). I also think he would want a very passionate person (like a person that is very passionate about something much like the way Rocky is with his dancing).

Sanha: Sanha would definitely want somebody that is sweet and energetic because this kid is a giant ball of energy. He’d also want somebody that was patient and understanding of his random actions (even better someone who liked them)

Do you ever miss someone with your entire being but you’re afraid to tell them in case you scare them away forever

is it a fucking full moon or something what is wrong with people tonight. like its not that hard to just not reblog a post that you disagree with half of?? i literally would not care if somebody just made their own post saying the same thing like just ‘archie in a gay shirt’ ‘jughead only seemed emo because of archie’ thats all you have to do. the new post button is free to use. maybe it doesnt seem like such a big deal to add your headcanon but this isnt like ‘personally i think he prefers sprite to sierra mist but the rest of this post is a perfect hc!!’ youre literally telling a gay person ‘this post you made about a character being gay is wrong’ for no good reason because THE SHOW IS COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM THE COMICS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN

What If? [Closed AU]


Ten years ago, there was somebody who always stood by Marika’s side and somebody who would care for her when she could barely leave her bed. After all, not too many people would stay and care for and interact with somebody who is bed-ridden. But not everybody can show that kindness.

A special sort of kindness, one that proves a person is extremely selfless. Marika will soon be reunited with the person who always took care of her when they were younger, somebody she will dedicate her life to. She wonders, does the other remember her? Ten years is a long time. Marika though, she will never forget.

She opens up the door to the classroom. She made sure to transfer to the exact class the object of her affections is a student in. “Good morning everybody!”


Follow up on the state of all the old videos I took down

First, let me preface this by saying that if you’re not in the know, read up on this post I made a whilesies back:


I made that post a couple of months ago now. With that being said, let’s return to present day, where a few things are a little different.

I know nothing about legal mumbo jumbo and I won’t don’t claim I do. I try to understand anything thrown my way, but a vast majority of everything copyright-law-related goes over my head, meaning there was a good chance what I was worried about in the aforementioned Tumblr post was unfounded. I only took those videos down out of worry, the thought that maybe some “distant repercussions” would happen because somebody might care… But then this video happened.


It’s a long watch (But highly entertaining if you have the time), and it addresses basically exactly my problem, addressing all the legal mumbo jumbo that I am so ignorant about.

So, the question is, is what I did illegal?

…No, or at least, it might be, but it might not be either.

From what I’ve surmised, this is Schrodinger’s legal case, it could either be legal or illegal, but there’s no way of knowing until it goes to court because there are no previous cases where this exact thing has happened. So the next question is… Should it be illegal?

…Well, if using full on clips for review/parody purposes are fair-use deem-worthy but using what are essentially a collection of curves from the show aren’t, then I think we can all agree that would be a little silly.

So, here is my final word on it all. Yes, I’ve brought all those videos back, even with the worry that something may be coming my way down the line. However, two things I want to accompany this with:

One, all those videos are completely unmonetized. This is mostly just reassurement on my side, I have no idea if it’s necessary or not, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make if it puts my conscience at ease.

Two, I don’t and will not condone any usage of the leaked DHX assets. The only reason I want to keep those videos up is for archival purposes, to make sure my older work is out and about even despite all the changes I’ve gone through, I just want to make clear that I don’t want to imply anything of the sort relating to promoting asset-usage with me bringing all these old videos back.

Right. I think I’ve gone through everything I wanted to go through. One final thing to address is I talked about my current goings-ons in this video I made yesterday, including me bringing those older videos back. With that, I think everything is all good. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a ton of playlists to fix…

Me: nah man, I don’t believe in ghosts or any of that shit
Someone: *pulls out ouiji board*
Me: FUCK no