would she wear something like this anyways

And she’s everything you wouldn’t want in a girl. She’s smart, and she can barely finish a book because she’s already planned on what book she wants to read next so she starts to read that book and forgets to finish the other. She’s crazy passionate about the earth and the well being of animals. My god does she love animals. She talks to them as if they could talk back. She cares about people even if they turn her a cold shoulder. She is all for the people and thinks that women should be treated with the same respect as what a man gets. She loves to talk about anything and everything. She’ll tell you about the stars and everything you need to know about dogs and horses. She’s the kind of girl you wouldn’t want. Not because she’s ugly because my god she is beautiful. And not just her physical appearance but her soul. It’s the purest and most raw and magical thing you’ll ever see. She’s the kind of girl you don’t want to touch in a physical way or emotional way. Not because she can’t handle it, because she can. She’s the closest thing you ever get to magic, I mean if you believe in that kind of crap. I sure didn’t until I met her in the coffee shop on 11th street. She was wearing all black and she had the most beautiful brown hair that would fall perfectly in front of her face even when she did pull it behind her ear. Anyways I didn’t touch her in anyway. I just admired her from the other side of the coffee shop. I guess I was a little afraid because I could already feel her existence was something that shouldn’t be messed with and I didn’t wanna screw her up. But I did. Her brown doe eyes locked on with mine and it felt like magic. Again not that I believe in it in that moment. The point is she’s not the kind of girl you want because she’s everything you could ever want in a “perfect girl” if there’s such a thing. She’s not the kind of girl you want because when you touch her for the first time it feels like snow falling and everything in between love. She’s not the kind of girl you want because when you break her heart you’ll see she won’t be the same. She won’t sing in the shower and she won’t radiate warmth from her smile when she looks at you. Like I said she’s magic and everything in between love and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t love her knowing I had all the power in the world to destroy her. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t love her because she’s not the kind of girl who you just fall in love with. No, she’s the kind of girl who you fall in love with because she makes you see that everyone is equal and that animals do have feelings. She’s the kind of girl you fall in love with because you love the way she gets along with your mother and your father adores her. She’s the kind of girl who makes you believe in magic. She’s the kind of girl who makes you see that you have all the power in the world to do whatever you want if you believe and try hard enough. She’s the kind of girl who could be broken so easily if you hit the right spots and when you do.. when you do break her heart it leaves you feeling every bad word in the dictionary. It leaves you with a bitter taste every time you try and talk about her. It leaves you with nothing but a haunting memory of girl who cares more about everyone and everything because no one cared about her. She is not the kind of girl you wanna fall in love with because when you break her heart you’ll never be able to rid the taste of her strawberry lips from yours. You won’t be able to enjoy summer because it will remind you of the time you both sat under a big oak tree near a pond while she read books to you. Shes not the kind of girl you want because when you both part ways and head back home to the grey sheets of your bed it will flash you back to the time you first saw her naked and how you were so scared to touch something so raw and beautiful. She’s not the girl you want to fall in love with because you won’t be able to sleep at night when you part ways because you’re so busy wondering if she is loving someone else. So you see, she is not the kind of girl you want because she is just to damn magical to be real. Or maybe she is and you shouldn’t take my advice and tell me to go to hell but then again you’ll feel like hell when she cries for the first time because of you. So maybe she is the kind of girl you want but maybe she isn’t. Not because she doesn’t deserve love but because she deserves to be loved right, as if there’s a right way to love. My point is she’s herself and in this lifetime? That is something extraordinary and something that extraordinary deserves to be left wild.
—  Leave her wild// Deeply Feeling Series
Living with sister

Sorry, long post. One of several similar naughty confessions with my sexy sexy sister over the years. She’s 21 now. Last year while my sister was living with me we would sometimes be casually nude or near nude around each other. Before she moved in I told her that I like to be naked a lot and I don’t care if she is naked too if she wants. We also had a talk about me getting an “inappropriate” erection because that was obviously going to happen. lol She just laughed it off and said that she didn’t really care if I got hard and that she was flattered by it. She already knew that she had been getting me off for years but now there would be no hiding it. Anyway, one time after taking an evening shower I came into my livingroom to watch tv or whatever with my sister while I was just wearing a towel. I was sitting across from her to be polite but she asked if I wanted to sit on the big couch with her to be more comfortable. Of course I said yes and sat on the couch with her. I was already starting to get hard at this point but only a little. She was wearing some kind of short shorts or something like that and a tshirt but under a blanket. After a while she decided she wanted to fully stretch out on the couch and I let her put both of her legs in my lap with her knees/calves basically right on my crotch. Like that it didn’t take long for me to start to get fully hard and with nothing but a loose towel between us it was becoming obvious to her too. She didn’t say anything but didn’t move away either so I adjusted myself a little to let my dick slip free of the towel and push directly against the back and sides of her bare legs. I was already oozing pre-cum at this point and it was getting all over her calves and shit. I was actually able to work my dick between her calves and just let it stay there enjoying the light pressure. I pretty sure I could feel her intentionally squeezing it between her legs as I was doing this but not too obvious. I was massaging her legs and thighs a bit now too but that’s something we did for each other all the time. She was still pretending to watch tv or sleep or plain just not notice my hard cock rubbing against her. lol Anyway, I didn’t actually cum but her calves were nice and slick from all the pre-cum as I was very slowly humping my hard dick up and down between my sisters tight skinny little legs. Jesus! That was so heavenly. Got hard right now just remembering it. At some point she pulled her legs back to her side of the couch and I almost fucking shot my load right there. Heh! It was already kinda dark by now but I got up from the couch without the towel and walked back to my room completely naked with a throbbing hardon ready to explode. In my room I immediately started to jack off with the door open and came almost right away. I just fell asleep right there on my bed fully naked with the door open. At some point I heard her walking past my room to go to the bathroom but nothing else happened that night. The next day she asked if I enjoyed the movie in a teasing kinda way. I said yeah but honestly I still have no idea what movie we were watching that night. My gf didn’t like it much but letting my hot af little sister live with me for 6 months was one of the best things I ever did.


consider shiro, hunk, and lance bonding over their alien partners. (lance is like “haha remember when i said at the beginning of all this that i’d bang an alien and keith rolled his eyes at me. who’s laughing NOW bitch LMAOO” and hunk is like “LMAOOOOO” and shiro is just sitting there with his eyes closed praying allura isn’t around the corner or that she doesn’t have super hearing or something)

also consider lance actually kinda being a tailor and having some sewing abilities and making them all shirts that just say 👽😛alien fuckr😛👽 or smth memey like that and making them wear it around the castle, much to keith and pidge’s amusement and allura and coran’s confusion

*Tease* (Chapter Two)(1000 Follower Fic!)

Welcome back! Thanks so much for all the love on Chapter One, this is so much fun to write!
This Chapter is more of Nat/Tony because them as besties is the CUTEST!!!
I tagged everyone who liked/commented yesterday, sorry if I missed anyone! If you want to be added to the list just let me know!


Enjoy :)


“This.” Natasha handed Tony something in a dark red, and something else in pale blue. “Wear this.” She took another sip of her champagne, which was really half the reason she even shopped at this store. A glass of champagne as you browse the lace and silk and satin lingerie in the intimate little shop.

“Um, Nat.” Tony held up the two hangars, raising his eyebrows. “I will admit to being new to this whole, lingerie thing? But baby girl there’s literally nothing here.”

“Nonsense.” Natasha pushed her hair off her shoulder and grinned a little wickedly. “This is the top.” she slid her fingers through the lace. “And this is the bottom.”

“No.” Tony shook his head. “This is a string.”

“It’s a thong, Tony.”

“It’s a string, Natasha!” Tony retorted and she giggled–legitimately giggled at him.

“Tony. Just– okay, you obviously can’t try on the bottom, but please just try on the top. I think the red will be so pretty on you and Bucky wears red all the damn time. And that pale blue will make Steve’s perfectly shaped head explode.” She giggled again, tipping her glass up to empty it and taking the mostly full glass from Tony’s hand. “I’ll take this. You go try things on.”

“Okay. So red for Bucky, blue for Steve. So what do I wear if I want them both drooling over me at the same time?”

“Ah.” Tasha rifled through the lingerie rack in front of them. “This.” She held up something black and skimpy with a triumphant smile.

“I don’t even know what that is.” Tony said, his eyes a little wide and Natasha sighed.

“So you know when I wear those little dresses you boys all like so much?”

“Oh my god, like the leopard one you wore at my birthday?” Tony groaned a little. “Nat that killed me. Killed me. I’m dating two super soldiers, and I would still just–” he cleared his throat awkwardly. “Anyway. Leopard dress.”

“It’s alright, Tony.” She winked. “I wear those dresses for a reason. And I wear stockings under all those dresses, remember?”

“No.” Tony shook his head. “No, honey, my eyes stop moving when they land on that ass of yours.” He took the champagne from her and drank it quickly. “Explain this little…this little thing. Keep going.”

“Alright, well I always wear stockings. And this—” she held up the little black item. “is holding my stockings up.”

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Hey there! I’m happy to tell you that THERE ARE COUNTLESS SAIAKA/SAIEDE MOMENTS IN THE GAME!!// Although I think it’s usually saihara>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<akamatsu in the main game(and we all know the reason why right: Hint: what happens in chapter 1) 

in the omake mode kaede invites shuuichi to her piano concert and she gives him a ticket, he says he would love to see kaede play the piano and she says wait you’re coming to see me, not just to listen to the piano? and blushes and he says yes? Is that strange? I would also like to listen to you play too.. he also asks what’d be right to wear are school uniforms okay and shes says yes anyway she ends with saying there are lots of songs I want to play to you saihara-kun they’re just really cute and pure aren’t they dating??? I think they are?? isn’t that something like a date??

Also she keeps telling him she’d like to show him to her family?? in the bonus modes in the game I found that adorable.. they’re really happy when they’re talking together there Ahh there’s also the love hotel bit and their one is super pure.. that one is about the only (romantic) one where saihara is actively engaging, he leads in the end.. in the other ones he’s relatively just going along with the flow

In the main game there’s chapter 1 for sure. They stick around together and there are so many cute moments where kaede makes the guy blush. He kind of reacts and blushes around her every single time whenever there’s a chance to;; Chapter 1 throws in a whole ton of cute situations between them. For example, there are many saiaka fanarts being drawn about this one part in ch.1 where they’re investigating the school together, and kaede finds an adult video in the shelves by mistake.. she freaks out and saihara comes right to her and asks if she’s found something important, and she freaks out even more: This moment right here. Um.. I’ll add really broad translations for it from memory (pardon me if it’s not 100% accurate!) 

..what kind of film is that?

..what’s wrong? Did you find something?

I, I said, this is really nothing to be concerned of!

The reactions that you’re showing…

But mustn’t that mean you’ve seen something important from it !?

S, Stop, wait! D, don’t come any closer-!

(after finding what the video’s contents were)

Really.. I told you so.

…le, let’s search somewhere else, shall we.

There is a reason why saiaka is my favorite ship. I usually go along with the ships that make sense in terms of the story and are implied and I say saihara definitely likes kaede a whole LOT (romantic or not, but it does suggest he has strong feelings for her and I dare say it’s really likely he’s had a crush on her)

The reason why he took off his cap after the first chapter is because what kaede said to him too. Take a look at this scene:

“and, it’s a waste to have your hat on? Saihara-kun… you look so much better with your hats off. (the word here is “kakkoii” so I guess it means she thinks he looks more cool? or handsome with the caps off??// that’s sweet)”

“W,what.. was that(phrase)…”

There are plenty, plenty more. I really suggest you either play the game or at least watch chapter 1??? There is no wonder that this ship has gotten really popular. There are cute moments, heartbreaking moments, really sweet stuff and also the pain. I still can’t get over it hhaha;; To be fair, maybe you could still call all this friendship, it could happen between friends too, but.. this next bit that I wanna show, I think that’s something that could imply the feelings saihara’s had that’s more than just friendship?

Considering how his personality is (a bit of an introvert and bit awkward around girls and a blushy mess sometimes) he’s being.. pretty direct about his feelings towards her here. I brought some screenshots of this one specific moment where he doesn’t deny it when somebody asks him if he liked akamatsu.

That one, I’ll place beneath the cut, because it might-no, would-have spoilers.

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anonymous asked:

hc : aunt may isn't even suprised about peter being spiderman bc lets face it that's kind of old news ??? aunt may instead being shocked and suprised about the extent to which tony stark has gone to in order to help peter feel comfortable with his body

lmao i feel like may would still be pretty surprised that peter was spider-man, but i do think that once the initial shock wears off she’ll be like “of course he’s spider-man. of course my dumbass nephew is spider-man, this little shit, this human equivalent of tripping on air”

and while i do think may would ultimately be happy with how supportive tony is of peter, i can see her repeatedly hitting him saying shit like “you bought him his first packer??? that!! was!! something!! we!! were gonna!! do!! together!! you!! prick!!” and tony is just wondering how buying your nephew an artificial dick is something she would consider a bonding experience. his life was more simple before he met the parkers tbh.

puffingirl23  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you could do a thingy for the RFA + V and Saren with a tomboyish MC? Maybe one that's super tough but secretly likes girly stuff? Please take your time and thank you very much (*>-<*)

I’m so so so sorry for the delay :3 I hope you like this!!


  • hi hello yes please sensei teach me your skillz
  • literally MC is sooooo good at LOLOL that yoosung needs to bow down to her
  • “let me join your guild Master MC”
  • they literally game until the day ends and pull all-nighters together 24/7
  • let’s just say that they both look like pandas now (them eyebags yenno)
  • but they’re also total couple goals to all them gamers out there!!


  • wooooo
  • MC is so manly omgg
  • low key loves it when MC and him wear couple fashion (but both of them are in the “male” version of the shirt)
  • ALSO they like to wear caps that are real cool but like his says “BAD BOY” and hers says “BAD GIRL” 
  • ooooh yea
  • das right
  • and they always go dance practice together you know like those hardcore dances like BTS - Danger and stuff and they’re SO GOOD
  • like super in sync!! they post their dance covers on Youtube and it goes VIRAL thanks to Seven ofc


  • she was so surprise because now
  • both MC and her had short hair cuts lmao
  • ngl they kinda looked like twins except Jaehee looks like an office worker and MC looks real cool and she’s got that street fashion going on you know what i’m talkin’ about
  • sometimes she would secretly try on MC’s clothes because they’re JUST SO COOL
  • and one time MC caught her so then they had a dress up party
  • they dressed up as each other and mimicked one another and it was just super fun 
  • also played a prank on Jumin where MC went to work in place of Jaehee hahha


  • wooooow was he shocked
  • for some reason the fact that a woman around him wasn’t acting feminine was
  • really surprising
  • i guess it’s because all the women around him are always trying to seduce him and “leave a good impression”
  • anyway he really liked this new kind of personality
  • it was refreshing and intriguing
  • it drew him even closer towards MC and made her 200% more attractive
  • he LOVED going shopping with her because she’d pick out super hip and cool clothing 
  • finally, he could wear something other than a suit


  • dude he already knew but
  • seeing MC in person just surprised him because MC was just so damn nonchalant and cool
  • like she had nothing on her back
  • carefree, 100% happy-go-lucky
  • he envied her for that
  • but she also brought him so much joy
  • they would play computer games together and MC would be super into his hacking skills and stuff like that
  • she also started learning binary numbers and they communicated in code whenever they had secrets to share on the messenger~~


  • well i mean he’s already the most badass guy in town
  • so when MC came in he knew he had found his dark princess
  • they were literally the perfect couple because they were both like “bikers” 
    • and i mean motorcycle bikers not like bicycles ok pls
  • anyway some people were scared of them lololol because they have this menacing aura but
  • of course within both of them are just soft ass little puppies that need hugs and kisses <3
  • ALSO they both loved eating ice cream and cuddles :)
  • MC lowkey loves cute and fluffy things (especially pink!!)


  • MC was the perfect model
  • cuz she had really really awesome fashion and just
  • everything about her was astonishing
  • he’d never felt so starstruck in his whole entire life???
  • i mean yea sure Rika was his sun BUT BOY
  • btw they wore matching sunglasses and had this really hipster vibe going on and they were like the coolest couple on the block yasss
  • coffee cafes 24/7 and trench coats and dog-tags and earrings on one ear and omogmgmo rings and bracelets!!
  • basically ulzzang couple irl but not cutesy type

thanks so much for your request! once again i’m so sorry for taking forever 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

~Cherry L.

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A No-Maj?

Anon:graves seems like the type who would be a strict rule follower but what if he fell in love with a no-maj and he can’t stay away from her and he ends up falling in love with her but keeps it hidden until someone finds out and he either has to run away with her or wipe her memory but he can’t choose?? idk something cute but then angsty 

A/N: This is so cute and right up my alley ahhh I’m wearing this dress that looks like the little mermaid dress when she first turns into a human (the white one dress) and I feel fly as fuuckkk. Anyways this was really fun to write!! This took me 4 hours to write because I kept getting distracted ahhhhhhh This is my favourite thing I have written so far though.

 Enjoy and keep sending requests and prompts my way peeps xoxox

Anything in italics are thoughts!

Warnings: non, just a little bit of fluff and I may have broken your heart…. sorryyyyyy

Word Count: 2,853


You never knew about the wizarding world until you met him. You lived an extra ordinary life, in your 20′s living in a small quiet apartment in the heart of New York city, Had a 9 till 5 job writing for the local newspaper. Doing things the ordinary way that you had always known them to be. You were just the girl next door, everyone knew who you were as you were sweet, charming and friendly. Of course you always had men chasing after you but you always politely declined as you were content with how your life was at the moment. 

You had walked into the little bakery that had opened up around the corner. You were soon welcomed by the owner, Jacob Kowalsk. “Morning Y/N How are you this morning” Jacob said as soon as you walked into the quiet little bakery “I am well, thank you” You said with your ever charming smile on your face “So what will it be today?” Jacob asked “Just the usual and maybe one of your famous donuts” You said excitedly, you always loved his doughnuts. You went to pull out your purse to pay him when he chimed in saying “Oh no Y/N, it’s on the house for you” You smiled knowing trying to give him money wouldn’t work “Oh thank you Jacob!! I will see you tomorrow” You said as you grabbed your items and walked out of the small bakery.

On your way home, you thought you would stop off at a little bookstore since you were running low on reading material at home. You were browsing through your favorite section tucked away at the back of the store when all of a sudden you heard a deep voice behind you.

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Love Square Week- Fleeting Moments

Truth: Adrien doesn’t generally try to impress people. 

But he finds himself wanting to impress Marinette, just for a second. So when he finds out her birthday’s coming up, he searches everywhere for a good present, to make her happy. Plagg laughs at him as he steps into a diamond shop. 

“Thought you didn’t like showing off?”

“It’s Marinette. And I can afford it. And she deserves something special.” 

He looks through the jewelry, waiting to see the perfect present… and then he spots them. 

A pair of beautiful pink diamonds, shaped into little rosettes. 


Truth: Ladybug is responsible, and would never do something as stupid as take out her Miraculous. 

But when Adrien gives her real diamonds, what’s she supposed to do other than put them in? He beams, clearly ecstatic that she likes them enough to take the ones she always wears out. 

She feels guilty, knowing that she’s not being very responsible, but Adrien makes her lose sight of what’s most important. 

Anyway, it’s just for, like, ten minutes. Just until he’s gone. What are the chances of an akuma attack in the next ten minutes?

Well, a blast tells her exactly the chances. 


And as her purse is knocked up, flying away, she realizes with a panic that she should never have taken out her earrings, even for a moment. 

Truth: Ladybug and Chat Noir trust each other.

But in the moment, Chat’s watching as Marinette stumbles over her words, clearly trying to tell him something about the akuma, and he shakes his head, smirking. 

“Hey, let’s get you out of here, Princess. My Lady and I will take care of it,” he tells her. 

“No, you don’t understand, it’s not what you think, Ladybug’s not coming-” 

“Of course she is,” he snaps, lifting Marinette up. “She always comes.”

But she doesn’t, not until long after he’s lost, and he realizes slowly that he should have avoided all of this, if he’d trusted Marinette a bit more… and Ladybug a bit less. 

But she does, eventually, show up, and save the day. He was right in the end. And any bruises he’s gotten because he expected her to show up are just part of the job. 

Truth: Adrien would never intentionally make someone feel bad, especially his Lady. 

But it only takes a second to say something wrong, to lash out, and when he looks up at the girl who left him for dead for the better part of the fight, he can’t help but ask. 

“Where were you? What was more important than this job? Than keeping the city safe?”

She flinches at the questions. “I… I tried to get there, but my earrings-”

“What? You lost them? They stopped working? That’s not even possible, the Miraculous-”

“I took them out, okay?” 

“I’m sorry, you WHAT?” 

She frowns, crossing her arms defensively. “A guy in my class got me earrings. So I thought I’d take the Miraculous out for ten minutes to show him I liked them.”

He frowns. Does everyone give girls earrings today? 


Truth: Adrien Agreste is completely oblivious.

But it just takes a moment for an idea to set in. Just an idea. Nothing that really proves anything. 

But the oblivion is fading. 

And this moment won’t be as fleeting. 

The Vegas Wedding AU

Featuring: Faranda getting their shit together real quick, Brotzly getting their shit together slightly less quick, and the rowdy 3 matchmaking and smashing plates.

Copied and pasted from discord, so sorry for any mistakes.

  • dirk suddenly gets a hunch that they should go to vegas
  • and everyone’s a bit weary about it because it’s vegas and anything could happen
  • but idk they get a surprise visit from amanda and the rowdies
  • and amanda is like ‘yes vegas good’ and farah is pining so she agrees and todd wants make good with his sister so he agrees and suddenly they are on a road trip
  • they take two cars because todd is still hung up about that whole wrecking his apartment thing?
  • at fist dirk is all 'we gotta travel together’ but then he realises that if he can convince farah to stay in the van, he and todd can be alone is his carthat is a very appealing thought 
  • it went quite well when they were hunting down machine parts, after all
  • soo, todd is driving 'dirk’s car’ most of the time they are on the road
  • and dirk sort of fluctuates between the car and the van, he switches at rest stops
  • mostly they drive during the day, but when they drive at night dirk takes the time to hearteyes
  • todd doesn’t notice bc he’s todd and i’d like to think that at least someone in american keeps their eyes on the road (seriously, they never seem to in any tv shows ever. it concerns me.)
  • anyway i’m not american so i have no idea how long it takes to get from seattle to vegasbut they get there 
  • and they find this one fancy hotel and farah offers to pay but she’s only paying for 3 rooms bc they do need some of that 4 mill. for other stuff
  • so you’ve got 3 rooms and 8 people
  • the rowdies decide to take over one room, it is unknown if they sleep in it or not, and the other four decide to split boys and girls
  • but (surprise, surprise), double beds
  • farah and amanda jump at the idea and it is at that point that we can see that they’re gonna get their shit together
  • dirk also is like 'yeah cool lets do this’ but inside he is dying bc he gets to sleep in the same room as todd on the same bed as todd right next to todd holy shiiiiit
  • todd is sort of… frozen
  • (bc todd is not good at this sort of thing, and we all already knew that these two would take a while to sort their shit out)
  • but todd pulls himself together, sharing a bed with you best friend? not weird 

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I know modern Éowyn would probably be waaaay “classier/regal” than this… but I have this image stuck in my head with no hope of budging of always-wearing-plaid-shirts-and-leather-jackets-feminist-vlogger modern Éowyn :’D

No really, I feel like teenage/young adult modern Éowyn would have a youtube channel where she rants about how much she hates Wormtongue (knowing he watches the channel)

anonymous asked:


This is probably not quite exactly what you wanted and it got a little risqué on account of who I am as a person but here you go, anon! Postgame BotW, 500~ words. 

“Did you get grease on my tunic again?” Link calls over the railing of the loft.

Zelda smiles and hums, paying him no mind as she sets the table for breakfast. “I made baked apple pancakes. Are you coming down?”

“… give me five minutes.”

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realorafable  asked:

do you have any ideas as to what myrish lace might look like, perhaps compared to a lace that we may have (in our world)? i never know what to visualize, and grrm does seem to mention it quite a lot so it has been bugging me! thank you so much!!!

Hi! It’s hard to say what Myrish lace might look like, because GRRM doesn’t describe it in detail, and there’s actually lots of different types of lace in our own world. Let’s see what the text says about Myrish lace, and maybe that will help us visualize it.

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Now i know this is not Cooler week but I really want to just show you on a deep level on how planned and ready Jess was waiting for Nick to kiss her. First off, in the beginning we got the flashback when Nick, Jess, and some girl was in the bar and Jess told the girl that she should be with someone else. That girl ran off and left Nick real quick. I believe Jess knew especially what she was doing and in her head she was probably like..

Sneaky but slick Miss. Day.

 Later that night after Nick told her that she couldn’t come because she was a Cooler Jess made her a Little Nick to fill in that void.

Now why would she not make a Cece. She asked Melon Nick if he liked her outfit and she went through his closest picking out what he would wear and she probably spent like a lot of time studying and drawing his face. This just tells you Jess has this big crush on Nick. I know it sounds teenage but come on me, you, including Jess has to admit that she was crushing on Nick hard. As a teenager when you like someone especially celebrities you have something that reminds you of that person and you feel are googly when you think about them. I just find this scene adorable.

Anyways, moving on. Once Nick finally decided to come home you know who she runs towards first. Yup you already know it

I mean Winnie right there but her man was closer. “Never leave me alone again’. Jess is begging him not to do that. She didn’t say hi to anyone and the first thing she does is run to him and tell him to never leave her alone. 

Okay True American or as I like to call it ” The game that started it all". let me just clear this up but I bet Jess stepped in lava on purpose to show him that purple bra “that she’s been dying for Nick to see, darling. Darling”.  Anyways when it was time to play this kissing game Nick yells to ol girl “ Two” and Schmidt is yelling" four". Jess already knows what Nick is picking so she is set, ready, and waiting to go. 

Jess honey, you had enough time to pull you fingers down and put up a four. Nick wasn’t even looking. 

Both of her fingers were in ready position. Once they realize that they have the same # they look at each other and scream “ noooooooooooo” but this is all of Jess master plan so inside she is once again like…

Both behind the iron door trying to get out (well at least only Nick). Jess calm probably thinking it wont be so bad to kiss her roommate. So no rush for her to get out. blah, blah, blah, skipping to the goodness. They are about to kiss and Nick is all like, “ noooo, I don’t know if we should, noooooo” and Jess is like

Dude this is her chance why you tryin to stop this goodness. The tone in her voice was “ I wanna pound my face on your face”, but it also had to be perfect that’s why she wasn’t going to stand for a Joker kiss. blah, Blah, Blah. They are on the floor and Jess does admit that she does want to kiss him and he is loving that so he puts his hand on her knee and she looks at him up and down with hot flashes running down her body.

Booooy, that sent her on edge. Her body was ready for this kiss. Okay “ Not like this”. OOOOOOOOOH, He basically told her that he wants to mash faces. Oh this show is life.

later that night it’s time to go to bed and they say their good nights and as Jess turns away Nick grabs her and pulls her to him. Her mouth was already open before their lips touched. Jess was looking for that this whole night. She grabbed his arm and pulled him closer to deepen the kiss. Forehead to forehead and he bent down to give her two more pecks. Nick rubs her thumb over cheek ,“ I meant something like that.” and everyone watching was like

He turned around and headed back to his room slamming the door. Jess touched her lips because he sucked the mess out her top lip and she could only feel the bottom. Dr. Sam came out and just threw Melon Nick on the floor like that was okay and told her to come back to bed. All in all Jess got what she wanted at the end of the day and probably was in bed like…


A/N: whelp it’s here thanks for being patient and all hope you like it! i tried to write it in a way so you can see both povs lol. haven’t edited it out yet sorry!!

word count: 1,1k+

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Y/N was beyond surprised when Chris asked her out on a date. It didn’t seem like something he would do from what she’d heard of him. She was actually excited, maybe she could finally see what he really was like.

Y/N hadn’t told anyone she’s going on a date with Chris, in case this was just a sick joke of his or if something incredibly terrible happened. She didn’t want to be that girl, yet at least. Even with all her efforts to keep it secret, Noora had somehow found out and had insisted to help Y/N out when it came to picking up and outfit (which was a thing that Vilde would do).

That’s how she had ended up hours before her date, lying on her bed with a pile of clothes on top of her. Noora wanted Y/N to put on something special, meanwhile she just wanted to go out with her ’normal’ clothes on since she didn’t want to look like she was doing too big of an effort.

”Alright, I’ll tell you something that I haven’t told anyone.” Noora said with a knowing look, she knew exactly what to do or say to get your attention on something. You kinda hated her for it, but nodded along signaling her to go on.

”I went on a date with William so that he’d leave Vilde alone, but I think I like him now. I really think I fucked up big time now.” Noora was biting her lip, avoiding Y/N’s gaze. Y/N couldn’t stop the smile from forming on her face, she knew there was something going on with them.

”I’m not really that surprised, you two would look great together anyway so just go for it?” Y/N suggested, giving Noora a sympathetic smile. ”Eskild also told me somethings, so if the other girls know something it’s because he told them not me.”

Noora laughed for a bit before mumbling something along the lines of ”damn you Eskild”. Y/N looked at the clock to check on the time, her eyes widening when she saw how much time had passed by already. She quickly got up and looked inside her closet, picking out a pair of jeans and a nice sweater to wear.

”You’re seriously going out like that even after I told you my secret?” Noora groaned, falling on Y/N’s bed.

”Yeah, it’s Chris after all. I don’t except much from a date with him.” Y/N was feeling slightly nervous, but she didn’t want to show it to Noora.

”Well, I guess I better get going now since he’ll probably be here soon. Good luck.” Noora got up and left before you could even say something to her. Y/N sighed and walked up to her mirror to see herself in it, wondering what could have ever drawn Chris to her out of all the girls. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell, she gave a quick last glance to the mirror before going to open the door.

”Hi princess.” Chris said with a smug smile once you opened the door.

”You seriously didn’t have to come all the way to the door you know, but hi.”

”You’re not supposed to do this on dates?” He asked, his eyes wide.

Y/N let out a chuckle at his reaction and walked outside closing the door behind her. ”You’re nervous and I must admit I like it, if this date is a total flop I can blackmail you with it.”

”Well look who’s feeling confident in themselves?” He was smirking, making Y/N blush. He found it cute how she went from confident to shy. ”Let’s go.”


Chris had cheesily enough chosen to take Y/N out on a gaming arcade, but he seemed super stocked so she didn’t say anything.

”What even made you choose this place?” Y/N curiously asked, looking around the arcade. It was almost empty.

”I don’t know. Taking you out for a movie date would be too cliche, taking you out on a dinner date would just be odd and we’d probably be acting all awkward, a picnic would be lame and it’s way too cold outside and I bet 20 bucks that you’d never come in my home for a date because you still think I’m a dick, so this came in my mind and well here we are?” Chris said breathless and went on after a moment ”Fuck did I already ruin it?”

”You’re so awkward, relax it’s fine I was just asking a question.” She gave him a reassuring smile, making Chris relax a bit. ”Seriously though, you’re always like this on dates?”

”Eh, I thought I said before but I always skip the ’dating’ part. You’re the first one who I’ve actually taken out and chased after if we could say that.”

”Oh.” Y/N mumbled, blushing again because, as a matter of a fact, he had said that before.

”Come.” Chris took her hand and dragged her all the way to a dancing game making her rise her eyebrow at him.

”What? It’s a nice game! You should see William trying to play this when he’s drunk.” Chris said letting go of her hand. They both felt a little sad at the loss of contact, but neither said a thing about it.

”I think I can live without seeing it, nice to know what you guys do when you’re drunk.” Y/N said and rolled her eyes. Chris just chuckled before motioning her to come closer to play.

She ended up having a great time and get to know Chris a lot better. He actually wasn’t a total asshole, he was actually nice and sweet and had a great sense of humor, which is always nice. Y/N looked at the time, realizing that they had spent over two hours on that stupid dancing game where he always won.

Chris’ phone vibrated, signaling he had gotten a text message. He sighed and pulled out his phone, his eyebrows furrowing together.

”Fuck, I need to go and pick William up from a party…” He said and awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, giving Y/N an apologetic look.

”It’s okay, surprised you skipped a party for this though.” It made her feel quite special actually.

”Well I told you I can be something else than a dick? I’ve got to go though, so bye?” He didn’t know what to say to end it, Y/N quickly picking up on it.

”Goodnight, Christoffer.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek before sprinting off. She felt all warm and fuzzy on the inside and she couldn’t believe what she had just done, but she hoped it was worth it.

Chris on the other hand was left standing there as red as a tomato, his hand on his cheek. He felt genuinely happy for the first time in a while.

Title: “The Spooky Truth with Dr. Jones,” (2/3) | 1 • 2 • 3

Summary: Emma Swan is a podcaster looking for a semi-interesting story. Dr. Killian Jones is a paranormal investigator who doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Emma Swan absolutely does not want to write this story—but it seems to be writing itself. A CS Black Tapes AU.

Notes: This was supposed to be a one-shot. And then it was two chapters. And now it’s three. I rather viscerally hate myself, but I hope you enjoy this chapter. I’d like to thank and/or notify a # of awesome people who helped with this or would like to be kept… abreast: @seastarved @zengoalie @ofshipsandswans @abbadons-little-witch @the-reason-to-sail-home @businesscasualprincess​ @swanandapirate @piratesails. Also on Ao3.

+ And that’s how it starts. To David’s immense happiness, the podcast becomes incredibly popular in just the first few episodes. They manage to get some spooky, soft folk music for the opening theme music, a couple of advertisers, and soon enough, she’s no longer doing a series on “odd jobs.” Instead, it’s a full-blown podcast about debunking claims of paranormal phenomena. And getting the infamous Dr. Killian Jones to admit he was wrong. Maybe. A little bit.

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Yellow (Peggy x Fem!Reader)

Hello lovely people! My name is Angelina and this is my first imagine for Hamilton! I’ve been wanting to start a Hamilton blog for a long time but I’ve never worked up the courage. I have another writing blog for girl meets world, but since it ended I figured I should start this. I’m really nervous, but I hope you guys enjoy this! Please, please, PLEASE give me feedback. I would love to know your thoughts and any criticisms you may have. So, without any further ado, here is a cringe-worthy Peggy x Fem!Reader imagine :) (I know this sucks, but honestly I’m just trying to get a feel for writing for this new set of characters) 

(Y/E/C)= your eye color

Prompt List//Request Something

Prompts used: 

5) You’re cute when you’re jealous.

83) Are you drunk right now?

155) Do I look okay? I don’t normally wear things like this.

Warnings: alcohol/ getting drunk, cursing

Summary: Peggy slowly starts to realize that she loves Y/N, but will jealousy and one too many shots ruin her chances?


Originally posted by elo-art

Peggy’s POV

“Open up please! It’s freezing and your food is almost as cold as I am!” I hear her voice from the other side of the door to my New York apartment. I rush to open the heavy wood door and immediately drag her inside.

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what’s up guys,

this is Aradia Megido, and she is a princess, she is absolutely amazing, i love her so much and i hope she has a great day, lets take a quick look at some of her stats


she dresses like she is really depressed, like if she were exposed to regular human clothing i am guessing she would perhaps wear some sweatpants or something, or perhaps boxers. anyway, her lipstick looks rlly nice, and so does pretty much everything about her? she is rlly sweet.

one of the things i like about aradia is how much she changes throughout the story!

dead girl!

dead sprite girl!

robot girl!

robot girl with hat!

is she gay?

also, i know what you are all thinking. “But, is she gay?” and to that i scream to the heveans, yes, yes indeed, of course Aradia Megido is gay, she is dating every girl in Homestuck! (besides those nasty ships, go away!) and not only that, but her girlfriends are one of the most important things to her! she’s a talented girl who is very smart and very resourceful! so good!

anonymous asked:

Shallura drabble prompt: Shiro introducing Allura to food on Earth? (Like maybe bubble tea or pizza something.)

“Where do you want to sit?”

What?” Allura shouted, peeking over her shoulder at Shiro.

He chuckled, resting his hand on the small of her back as he leaned down, cheek brushing her hair. “Where would you like to sit?”

She grabbed Shiro’s hand, leading him over to a pair of plastic chairs at a table in the far corner. “It’s louder than a Bolgogian Nunvillary in here,” she said as they settled in, their knees brushing under the table. 

“I’d blame the teenagers at the counter,” Shiro chuckled, “So, are you ready?”

Allura took a sharp breath. “Yes.” She laid her hands flat on the table, staring down at her drink with purpose. “So. Boba. Is this a traditional drink for your people? From- Japan?”

Shiro tried to hold back his laughter as Allura blinked at him expectantly. “It’s more popular than traditional- and I think it’s from Taiwan originally. But I don’t want to tell you anything else, just try it.” 

Allura tucked some loose locks behind her ears, nodding solemnly. With great ceremony she took a sip from her bubble tea. “Hm- oh!” Her eyes flew open, a hand reaching up to her mouth. “It popped!” Allura giggled, taking another sip and savoring the new sensation. “Shiro, take a sip- it’s delicious!”

“Here, try some of mine-” Shiro traded cups with a smile, unable to fight her infectious laugh. “That has tapioca in it, it’s kind of chewy.” 

Allura nodded, apparently taking mental notes as she chewed methodically. “Now that I think about it, we have something similar to this on Altea. Except you have to let it steep for at least twenty two hours, or it could burn off your taste buds-” Shiro leaned back in his seat, his lips pressing into a smile as heat began to pool in his chest. After a minute she caught his eye with a sharp look, putting down her drink to ask, “Are you okay? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Shiro leaned forward in his chair with a grin. “I just didn’t realize how amazing it would be to see you on Earth.”

Allura tried to frown at him but her lips curled obstinately upward as color rose to her cheeks. “Well,” she said, drawing close to him, “I’m glad I came. The tea is great-”

Shiro scoffed but folded his hand over hers, smiling as their lips met softly.

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while doing ser v estar, i read that "él está aburrido" translates to "he is bored" while "él es aburrido" is "he is boring". is that a special usage? or does that work with most descriptive gerunds? like "cansado"? (he is tiring / he is tired)

It’s not technically a gerund, it’s a regular adjective or it could be considered a participle since aburrir is “to bore” and cansar is “to tire / to wear out” and their participles give you the adjectives aburrido/a and cansado/a

The gerund forms would be aburriendo and cansando; which would be like a verb form está aburriéndome “he/she is boring me” or something like that.

The “boring” for gerund is used like a verb not an adjective “boring”

Anyway, it’s more of a particular function due to what ser and estar represent.

Because estar is more related to temporary things, states of mind or body, mood, status, and health when you see estar used you interpret what’s coming next is a temporary thing. You see estoy cansado/a or estoy aburrido normally as “I am tired” and “I am bored”

And ser is more related to permanent things, in particular personality and baseline temperaments. Saying es aburrido/a means “they’re a boring person”. And es cansado/a comes across as “it is tedious” [though in my experience it’s more common to say es cansador(a) for “it’s exhausting” or “it’s tedious”]

There are lots of words and expressions like this for ser and estar differences.

Like estar enfermo/a means “to be sick” and ser enfermo/a means “to be a sick person” usually in the sense of “to be twisted” or “to be deranged”

There’s also estar deprimido/a “to be depressed” which is normal “to be depressed” and is treated as a temporary not permanent issue. But ser deprimido/a would have the connotation of “they’re always like that” or “they’re morose” just by default.

There are a few different ones that are totally different and you just need to memorize them like estar listo/a is “to be ready” while ser listo/a means “to be smart/intelligent”

A good portion of ser and estar differences have to do with appearance versus what you actually are. Like…

estar viejo/a means “to look old” while ser viejo/a is “to be old”, estar genial is “to look great” while ser genial is “to be great”

You get into some weird murky territory with height and weight; especially weight. Height and weight are done with ser so whether it’s ser gordo/a “to be fat” or ser delgado/a “to be skinny” / ser flaco/a “to be thin” it’s almost always ser. It usually works the same like estar is “to look (some kind of way with your weight)” while ser is how you actually are…

But sometimes, especially in weight loss situations, people will say no eres gordo/a sino que estás gordo/a to say that weight is temporary.

Oh P.S. every so often you’ll find a ser used for passive voice that might trip you up. Like estar preparado/a is “to be ready”, but then you might see something like fue preparado por alguien “it was prepared by someone”… it’s the same word, but a different meaning in context there.