would say yolo

1d as things my roommate has said to me pt 2:
  • Harry: Can I wear floral with stripes? Oh well, I'm gonna do it anyway. As the kids would say, "Yolo"
  • Liam: How many times can I email our CA about the same thing before it starts to get weird?
  • Louis: I'm convinced there's a conspiracy with something on campus. I don't know what or how yet, but there is. I can feel it in my toes.
  • Niall: Can we have bagel bites for dinner? I'm feeling bagelicious tonight.
  • Bts debut: hello be afraid of us were this new hip hop crew ready to offend u all haha look at my ultra black eyeliner and clothes like pow
  • Bts now: we r all in a very beautiful time in our lives let us clasp hands and bask within the glory of this moment because it will never come again. Remember kids, yolo.

So here’s the digital Cashton paper child!

Feel free to print them out, i would love to see your photos of them (just tag drawasaur in the picture).

I’m really proud of this one,

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Me: I love all the characters on MTV scream! 

Will Belmont, Seth Branson, Mayor Maddox, Miguel Acosta, Kevin Duval, and Nina Patterson all in unison: Wow thank you so mu- 


First Kiss Project


Michael decides to participate in this thing called the “First Kiss Project.” It’s this stupid project that has people meet and then makeout in front of cameras for viewing pleasure, or something like that. He decides to participate in it because he gets a giftcard, but he leaves with a little more than that.

Pairing: Mavin

Words: 883

Rating: PG-13 for language 


A/N: I’ve been watching those dumb videos about people meeting and kissing and they’re just so damn cute

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anonymous asked:

I mean, it's all a matter of perspective whether or not dany is the villain? To some pov characters in Westeros she will be the enemy, it's not like she's coming with good or peaceful intentions and bringing with her a people who have a worse reputation than the wildlings, how will she control the dothraki from plundering the smallfolk? But I don't think she's losing her mind, I see it as her embaracing being a conquer (which I'm not a fan of, but what can you do)

I like the way you phrase it: “to some pov characters in Westeros [cough Cersei cough] she will be the enemy.” I think that there is very much a difference between “enemy” and “villainy” in this series, especially given the variety of POVs.  Robb Stark is Stannis Baratheon’s enemy.  I don’t think either are particularly villainous (though for Stannis, the jury’s still out to some extent in the books). 

That said, I do take issue a little bit with some of your thinking here.

it’s not like she’s coming with good or peaceful intentions and bringing with her a people who have a worse reputation than the wildlings, how will she control the dothraki from plundering the smallfolk?

I can’t really respond to this without dealing with some speculation about TWOW given the recently read Aeron Greyjoy chapter, so I’m sticking this below the cut.  If you haven’t read that chapter…I’m not really sure you can read this without being spoiled to some extent (if only comparatively lightly).

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morifinwe-carnistir  asked:

also: in general hamlet is like?? really not afraid of people finding out about him and horatio?? like he doesnt go around and broadcast it but he's not very discreet either and horatio's like !!!!!! my loRD U SHOULDNT DO THAT IN PUBLIC DONT SAY THAT IN PUBLIC SOMEONE WILL FIND OUT !!!!!!! but hamlet's like whatever they already thin k im crazy so ???? & everyone knows im w/ ophelia??? plus im a prince i'll do what i want #yolo

on a semi-related note i have been trying to convince myself over the past couple of days that hamlet would not ever say yolo but i think we all know that he would say yolo whenever the chance arose (i mean he claims its “ironic” but is it? is it really?)