would make good

Just want to announce that I have such deep affection and esteem for all of you, and I’ve realized that I want to express that love by cooking you the biggest fucking dinner ever. 

Because apparently I wasn’t already Mom-ish enough…

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imagine numbah 3 hanging out with steven universe :o she would love cookie cats and he would adore rainbow monkeys <3 <3

OH MY GOSH… yes…. and kuki would be so excited about lion omg. steven and kuki would make such good friends

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Do you think Peeta is a good dancer?

i don’t think he’s Channing Tatum level, but he could be decent at formal dancing probably, as long as someone instructed him. i guess i’m kind of inclined to headcanon that he wouldn’t be particularly coordinated though, what with his heavy feet and all, BUT i think what would make him a good dancer, like if Katniss were to just take him out to the club or a wedding, is his attitude and humor about it. so she’d have a good time because he’d want her to have a good time and because he’d make it fun.

also it’s really not hard for guys to do the most basic kind of dancing at a club–all they have to do is shift their hips back and forth without even moving their feet while the girl does all the work lol

Got super frustrated and took a break so I drew some Rythian. Model Rythian and Supervillian Rythian included. He would make a good super villian but he’s a cinnamon roll.

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mamu, asmundrom, and nicki minaj(bcuz i couldnt think of a third tumblr user u interact with XP)

well xmamu is already my best friend so theres that 

i feel like nicki minaj would make a good sibling but not so much a good spouse so noiseycrow can be my 8 year old husband 

Honestly, in my opinion, Naomi is the best option to succeed Nikki.

  • She’s good in the ring and she keeps improving.
  • She has excellent mic skills.
  • She’s a little different than previous title holders.  She’s not quite a diva but she isn’t quite an anti-diva either.  Her wrestling style is different too.
  • It would prevent the NXT girls from getting over-pushed and some of the resentment and apathy that can result from that.
  • She’s been continuously praised by her peers and wrestling legends/Hall of Famers.
  • She’s very professional.
  • Considering the news Hulk and Zahra have been making, it would be good PR.  Let’s not forget that WWE is a publicly traded company. 

The only concern I have with her winning is the length of her reign.  Usually succeeding a 200+ day reign means that the successor’s reign is less than 90 days.  

Other than that, I’m all in for Naomi as the next champ.

I feel like asexuals would make great sidekicks for pansexuals. Or pansexuals would make great sidekicks for asexuals. Really, the pansexuals could go either way.


all that time playing trumpet in the band finally pays off!

headcanon where Kane’s been secretly watering the ark’s little tree he planted out in the forest. Hoping one day it grows tall and strong, and big enough for him and Abby to be married under. And he has this dorky speech to Abby about how he’d watered all this time; it’d given him hope. And the way it had blossomed had reminded him of them. And on the day Abby says sweet things to him about how proud Vera would be. Raven and Clarke put pretty flowers in Abby’s hair. And they find her a dress from the old clothes in Mount Weather, and Kane a nice blazer. And everyone comes out to celebrate - and let their guards down just this once, to see Kane and Abby married under the ark’s tree.

It’s been what… 2-3 months since I did my first follow forever, and I passed yet another milestone more like my follower count doubled just wow. I’m so in awe, and sort of shocked that y’all are still with me. I’m just a weirdo who sometimes makes edits and most of the time rage or cry about kyungsoo exo.

That being said, thank you for following me, and thanks to the people I follow for filling my dash with about everything I love. Lots of love to my mutuals for being the lovely people they are! Extra much love to my special ones for sticking with me! <3

You’re all fab - all of you - and continue being that way!

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Day 7: Confession

Gawd this was supposed to go up about 17 hours ago! jfc….. Buuut here it is!
Only one prompt left now x3

This follows moments after this one.

Shout Out to Girl Meets World

Shout out to the Girl Meets World wardrobe committee for having Lucas Friar, tough, Texan, 6ft athlete, wear pink with absolutely no explanation or discussion.

Shout out to Girl Meets World for subtly and seamlessly breaking down useless gender stereotypes in a way so nonchalant that most young boys (and girls) watching the show won’t even notice it.

Shout out to Girl Meets World and Disney for working towards the day that the next generation won’t even have a second thought about doing things, wearing things, or wanting things stereotypically ‘feminine’ or 'masculine’ due to the positive conditioning they were subjected to on their childhood TV shows.

Shoutout to Girl Meets World for slowly changing the world, kid by kid, before our very eyes.