would make a nice tattoo


Timelapse of a quick little yokai/geisha sketch from today. Maybe this would make for a nice painting/illustration?

For tattoo appointments in July & August (Rotterdam & Amsterdam) please contact me through DM or info@janwillemtattoo.com ✌

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Literally just bored but that weird kinda bored where you don’t want to be proactive, so instead I made black and white versions of all the Dwarrowdams (and what would you call NB Dwarves…Dwarrox?) I’ve drawn for people (not including my Orocarni OCs).

I dunno. Bored. It’s nice to compile stuff sometimes, though. Puts things in perspective. I should go to bed now.

Cover Up


Prompted by @wibblywobblydragonywagonystuff: Tattoo artist AU

Clary is asked to design a tattoo to cover up an old tattoo of Isabelle’s ex’s name.

She had no appointments for another few hours, so Clary sat at the desk in the reception, doodling in her sketchbook. She loved her job. She’d loved her job before she even had the job. She had always loved wiping the patronising smirk off people’s faces when they said, ‘What’s the point of art college? You’ll never get to do anything with it,’ and she replied with, ‘Actually, I want to be a tattoo artist.’

She especially loved her job on days like today, when tall, beautiful girls with elbow-length ebony hair came into the studio. Being the only person currently at the reception desk, the girl made her way straight over to Clary, her high-heeled boots clicking loudly on the polished wooden floor. There was so much confidence about her that Clary couldn’t help but stare.

‘I’d like to book an appointment, please,’ the girl said.

Clary cleared her throat loudly, putting down her pencil and trying to act professional. In truth, she felt more than a little flustered. She girl leaned casually against the desk, one hand spread flat across the desktop so that Clary could see her long nails, the same scarlet as her lipstick.

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Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind Chapter 11

Chaptered Fic: Chapter 11/?

Rating: Mature. Nsfw in other chapters

Chapter Word Count: 2811 / Full Fic Count: 28690

Summary: Phil is weird in many ways, but there’s one thing about him that is weirder than most. He has the ability to enter people’s dreams. Normally, he just hops into a random friend’s dream and goes along for the ride. Until, that is, the new kid, Dan Howell, comes along. From the moment they meet, Phil can’t stop get him out of is head….. And Dan may have a hard time keeping Phil out of his. Literally.

Warnings:  semi-nightmares, one instance of vague bedwetting (minor character, chapter 1), some language,



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anonymous asked:

OMG I LOVED YOUR TATTOO!!! Can you make a post showing all your tattoos? I want make too, and it would nice have some references.

Those are all my tattoos so far, in order of when I got them! 

alSO because im a fckkkkin nerd 4 outta 5 of them are straight up tokyo ghoul tattoos

and also also, as for references, like if you were gonna use my tattoos as references for your own, thats ok, but I’d rather you not get the exact same thing for the two flowers because those two were custom drawn between me and my tattoo artist and they have a lot of personal meaning to me