would make a nice tattoo

Let's look inside Dave's brain, Sunday night edition

The caption from my picture post earlier today was a riff on an old Laurie Anderson lyric. Her work greatly appealed to me from the moment a high school friend in Massachusetts drew it to my attention, in the dark winter of 1986. Interestingly, he also introduced me to Kate Bush. One source, two strong, prolific women. Coincidence? Perhaps.

In any event, the line I riffed on is from the song “Language Is a Virus.” And looking at the lyrics just now, I was reminded of the opening and closing line, which would make a nice tattoo if I did that. It also neatly summarizes something I’ve said from time-to-time in these pages about my view of life. Regular readers will recognize the sentiment:

is exactly like
where you are right now.
Only much, much