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Hello Bendy! What's your favorite thing to do? (I've never asked a question on a ask blog before so sorry if this question is kinda boring)

B: i only like you for your alcohol
MM: so… you still like me.
B: Piss off.

(FUN FACT: Back in the good ol’ mafia days,  if a gang wanted control over a business they would ask for half or more of the entire profit, bleed the business dry, and burn the place down if/when they went bankrupt. If the business owner did not comply to begin with, they would go after the owners family and torture/kill them, and if THAT didn’t go through to the owner, they would be assassinated. Or “whacked” as they liked to put it lmao. But the thing that Moon Man and Bendy have goin on is sort of a special case.
-Mod Moon Man)

Hell On Earth: Normal

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester (Sister / Friends / Platonic / However you want to see it)

Length: 2522+ words

TW: Mentions of torture

A/N: So here’s the first part of the sequel of Hell on Earth! I really wanted to cut this into two parts, but I didn’t know where to cut it, so I thought it would be best to keep this together. If you guys have any headcannons / ideas in this series that you would like to see being written, shoot me a message! I might keep adding to this series as I go.

Catch up on the Hell on Earth Series HERE

You stood in front of the mirror, staring at your reflection. It’s been a few months since you’ve stayed with the Winchesters, and you were getting healthier. You had the same body from your time before hell, the bruises and broken bones were healed thanks to Castiel, but the scars remains. Rope burns that left its marks, and the lashes you received on your back. Your body was a canvas for the demons that tortured you, and it showed. You were just glad that there was no marks of your time in hell. Well, that was a given. Everyday you were given a new body, healed of your torture, before starting again. A shiver still reminds you of the tingling feeling you had every morning when your body was healed- just before the abuse began again.

After Ellen’s visit, the boys kept you on a more regulated diet to ensure that your body was recovering. You were no longer all skin, and bones. The colour came back to your skin, your face filled out even more, and you finally had energy to do things. It helped that Castiel came by every week to do an evaluation of your health every week. Soon enough, your body recuperated, and you had finally gotten your first period. You’ve heard enough from Ellen, Jo, and Charlie to know what to expect, and you were so glad that they warned you in advance. Before they left, they taught you the basics, and any tips they had to making the week more bearable.

It was odd to say, and the boys would never admit this, but they could not be happier and more relieved when you told them you got your first period. That whole week, they doted on you more than usual- offering to go out, and grab whatever you were craving, not that you said what you wanted. They just bought an array of selection, and told you to take whatever you wanted. The week went by pretty smoothly. The cramps wasn’t the most enjoyable thing, but after being tortured for centuries in hell, you could take a few cramps here and there. Some days, you were bedridden, not having the energy to do anything, and other times you could not sit still. Either ways, you transitioned well into the new changes happening in your body.

The first time you noticed you were out of shape was when Sam had gotten sick, and Dean was out on a hunt.You were running around the bunker trying to help the younger brother be as comfortable as he can- making him soup that Dean taught you how to make, drawing a warm bath, getting his medication, etc. The first two laps of running from the kitchen to his room was the hardest. You were out of breath, and felt lightheaded. Luckily, Sam was passed out, and didn’t see your state. He would worry too much.

After he recovered, you decided to ask him to help you. You wanted to be healthy, like him.

“Sam?” You knocked on his room, waiting to hear his response before coming in.

“Hey, Y/N. What’s up?” He placed his laptop beside him, and smiled brightly.

“I was wondering if you would teach me to be healthy?”

His eyebrows pulled in confusion. “Teach you to be healthy?”

“Yea. I want to be strong like you and Dean.” You sat on the edge of his bed, fiddling with your thumbs.

“Yea, sure thing.” His smile got even wider before he started chuckling.


“Thank God we put you on a diet early on. If Dean had his way you would be eating junk food all the time, and that would not have gone well.”

You started laughing too.

“Well, what you’re eating is fine at the moment. We’ll have to increase your calorie intake once you start exercising.”

“What kind of exercises?”

“We’ll start with the basic cardio- like running, and while I’m at it we should teach you a bit of self-defense.”

At the mention of self-defense you started to get nervous, chewing your lip, and lowering your gaze to your lap. Sam was still talking about the changes in routine when you interrupted him. “Sam?”


“Do you think I’m useless?”

“What?!” he exclaimed, shuffling closer to you. “Why would you think that?”

“It’s just… You and Dean hunt, and fight bad monsters, and I’m just here taking up your resources…. I can’t even hunt.”

“And if we had it our way, you would never have to hunt.” Sam drew you closer, putting a finger under your chin to make you look at him. “Y/N, you’re not useless. You help with research-”

“Yea, but that’s nothing compared to actually being out there, and killing those monsters. I just want to do more.”

Sam pursed his lips. “We don’t want you to do more, Y/N. It’s dangerous, and we don’t want you getting hurt.”

“But I don’t want you guys getting hurt either.”

“We grew up in this life, we’re used to it.”

“I wish it wasn’t like that,” you said sadly, putting your hand on his cheek. “You guys deserve to be happy.”

“We are happy. Meeting you was the best thing that’s happened to us.” Sam took your hand on his cheek, and kissed its palm. “So, I never want to hear you say that you’re useless again, got it? Because you’re far from useless. You’re what keeps me and Dean afloat.”


“Now, c’mere.” He pulled you on his lap, letting your feet dangled on either side of his waist, as he pressed your head on his chest. “Dean and I love you very much.”

“I love you guys too,” you mumbled against his chest. “Can I sleep with you tonight, Sam?”

“Of course.” He shifted so you were both under the blanket. “Do you want start training tomorrow?”

You nodded before yawning, cuddling to his frame.

“Okay.” He wrapped his arms around, letting your head rest on his chest as he grabbed his phone. There were a few missed texts, and calls from Dean.

The hunt is done. I should be home tomorrow by noon.

Where’s Y/N??

She’s not answering her phone

Sammy where the hell is Y/N???

I’m gunning it home. Should be home by morning

Sam shook his head before texting his brother back.

Calm down

Y/N and I were just chatting, and she didn’t have her phone with her

Don’t drive too recklessly. We want you back in one piece

And Y/N’s sleeping with me tonight

He got an ‘Okay’ text from his brother, and placed his phone down, ready to call it a night.

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Sacrifice - Severus Snape x Reader

Summary: The reader is a telepathic muggle-born professor. Harry has to choose who should live between Hermione and the reader when Bellatrix threatens him.

Warnings: occasional curse word (only in the beginning), blood, character deaths, spoilers for The Deathly Hallows, angst (?)

Word count: 2454

Pairing: Severus Snape x reader, but really no pairing.

Reader gender: female

Your name: submit What is this?


“Harry!” a voice screams out, “I’m com-!”

The person who was calling out for him was suddenly muffled. The door creaks open as a Death Eater shoves a woman into the room. Their hands are tied behind their backs. She is knocked down to the floor when the rat like man kicks the back of their knees.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” The woman screams out in anger into the darkness. “You bastard! I bet this is why you’re single!”

The door had slammed closed once again before the hooded figure could hear what she said.

“Ma'am?” Hermione Granger asks quietly, but suddenly. “Are you alright?”

“Oh, I feel so great,” The woman says. The sarcasm is pasted on rather thickly in her voice. “I was sent to rescue you and your pa- actually, I sent myself. Didn’t tell ol’ Mcgonagall, she would’ve muted me and strapped me down to a statue. Anyways, it didn’t turn it so good did it?”

“No, it didn’t,” Luna Lovegood says softly from the back of the room. “If you don’t mind me asking, who are you? It’s kind of hard to tell who you are in the dark.”

“Professor Y/L/N,” The woman says coolly, as she rises to walk to Hermione. “New Potions professor, but I was supposed to get a job as an Auror, but..”

Harry perks up at her name. He had heard of her on the Daily Prophet. She was an apprentice to Snape, and was almost as good as him. There were rumors that Professor Y/L/N was telepathic, but he didn’t believe any of that rubbish.

The door creaks annoyingly loud again. This time, Greyback steps in.

“What do ya want?” Professor Y/L/N growls. She was clearly annoyed, and jerked her head to the right so her Y/H/C hair whipped to the side. Her hair smacks Hermione’s face, but Y/L/N didn’t notice.

“I think we’re going to start with the Mudbloods..” Greyback mumbles. “Filthy blood, deserves to die first. Then the blood traitor ginger’ll be next.”

Y/L/N looks even more insulted and annoyed, if that was possible. Her face etches into a scowl.

“Whatever you need from the kids, you can probably get it from me.” Y/L/N says stubbornly. She will not, under any circumstances, let any of them get hurt or killed. Her mission was to save the kids, not let them be tortured to death for some information on what Potter is doing.

“Oh? Is that so?” Greyback snarls. “What are you, pure-blood?”

“Mudblood, actually,” The professor says without a trace of shame in her face. Greyback snorts. “I thought you Death Munchers, or whatever you guys call yourselves, would thoroughly research us. Especially me.” She raises her eyebrow in fake surprise.

Greyback ignores the last part. He grabs Hermione and Y/L/N and begin to push them out.

“Hey!” Ron exclaims. “What’re you doing with them?!”

The werewolf ignores them and leaves them in the darkness once again.

When Harry and Ron burst into the room with Pettigrew’s wand, screaming out spells to get Bellatrix’s wand, the sight in front of them horrifies them.

“Let them go!” Ron roars out. The professor is tied up onto a chair, gagged, bloody and bruised. One of her eyes are already purple. Harry feels guilty. Her injuries came from trying to save Harry and his friends. He’s determined to save her now.

But Harry looks over to Hermione. Bellatrix has a knife to Hermione’s throat, and blood is beading against the silver knife. Everywhere else is unscathed, she just looks extremely exhausted and winces at every pressure put onto her.

“Put the wands down, and we’ll let the girl go,” Bellatrix says calmly. “Unless you want both of them dead..?” She laughs at herself.

“Let them both go,” Harry demands. “And then we’ll drop the wands.”

“Do you really think that you have the upper hand here?” Bellatrix snorts. “Your little mudblood’s and beloved professor’s fate is in my hands.”

“Bella, how about we let one live?” Narcissa says from the back of the room. Her face has a hint of pity. They are, obviously, classmates of little Malfoy. “They really should mourn for one of them.. and then they’ll slow down, trying to find the last Horcrux!”

Bellatrix smirks, and speaks to Harry and Ron again. “Well boys, who do you want alive?”

A blast of pain hits Harry in the head. He hears a.. feminine voice in his head.

‘Harry! You will save Hermione.’ The voice speaks.

'Who’s in my head?! Get out!’ Harry thinks in terror.

'Professor Y/L/N is in your head. Look my way!’

Harry looks at the beat up professor. Her face is grimacing from the pain, but her left, unbruised, eye was staring right at him.

'Now, listen to me. You’ll save your friends and get away with your elf,’ The professor shouts into his head. Her mouth isn’t moving, but her eye twitches and blood is still trickling down her temple. 'Grab the sword and get out of here. Don’t look back, that’ll just slow you down.’

'But what about you?’ Harry thinks. He doesn’t want the Professor to be tortured to death.

'I’ll be fine, just get out of here, Harry! Is that too much to ask for?!’

Harry takes a deep breath and opens his mouth to speak.

“I want Herm-” He’s cut off by the voice in his head.

'Wait, Harry..’ Professor (Y/L/N) says. 'Just tell Severus to forget about me, and that I love him, alright? Even though we’re just friends and he’s in love with someone else..’

'Alright,’ Harry replies, shocked. He glances up to see the professor, and a tear is trickling down her good eye, onto her cheek.

“I want Hermione to live.”

Bellatrix lets go of Hermione and faces the tied up professor.

'Get out of here. Your little elf is behind you. I’ll make a distraction.’

A chandelier suddenly falls, and fire bursts from the fireplace, creating a loud crashing sound, screams, and the odor of burnt carpet and wood. Bellatrix ignores it, and yells at Narcissa to blast an Unforgivable Curse onto the professor.

'Goodbye, Harry. See you on the other side, hopefully not anytime soon. It was a pleasure to meet you.’

The scream of Y/N Y/L/N, the shout of Avada Kedavera, and a green light is the last thing Harry sees and hears before he, Hermione, and Ron Disapparate out of the manor with Dobby and Griphook.

As he escapes, he can hear a faint, dying voice.

'Don’t come back for my body or anything. Feel free to rummage through my belongings.’

For once, Harry will listen.

There is little life left in Severus Snape. His face slowly drains, a ghostly white replaces what little color was there. The snake bites into Severus, giving him no chance to survive the poison and lack of oxygen. Voldemort looks down at him and sneers, but doesn’t say anything as he turns around and walks away.

Harry removes the invisibility cloak and run towards Severus, with Hermione and Ron trailing behind.

A silver material leaks out of Severus. Harry had expected blood, but no, it resembled the memory Dumbledore had pulled out of his temple.

“Take.. it.. take… it.” Severus manages to gasp out. Hermione shoves a flask into Harry’s hands as he collects the memory.

“Sir.. Professor Y/L/N wanted me to tell you that, she was in love with you.” Harry says weakly. He sees no reason to tell Snape to forget about her, since he’s already dying.

“Did she..? I regr.. regret looking back.. at the past.. an-and.. no-ot.. focusing on Y/N.. t-the present.. and perhaps.. my.. futu..re..” Severus sputters out, more memory leaking out of his mouth. He gasps out once again, to have another breath, to say another word, to live another second, minute. To join Professor Y/L/N. His eyes close, his mouth slightly ajar. His memory, the excess dampens his face, now bottled up in a glass flask to observe.

Hermione holds her hand to her mouth, and looks away. Tears are trickling down her face silently.

Harry rushes to Dumbledore’s office, getting in after shouting some words. He dumps every last drop of memory into the Pensieve.

The Pensieve sucks him into Snape’s memories.

“Sev!” A light, feminine voice calls out. A greasy haired boy turns around and smiles at the sight.

A young girl with a braid in her hair runs over to the young Severus, with a letter in her hand.

Harry realizes that the girl with the braid must be the child version of Professor Y/L/N.

“I got a letter from Hogwarts!” Y/N shouts gleefully, jumping onto Severus. Her legs wrap around his hips and her arms cling into his neck, holding him into a tight hug.

“That’s great!” Severus exclaims. His arms wrap around her waist, holding her close to him.

“Severus!” Another young girl calls out. Her red hair flows behind her and she walks towards the two. “Who’s this?” She asks in a friendly voice. Harry realizes that that is his mother, he can recognize those eyes anywhere.

Y/N turns bright red as she wiggles away from Severus, squealing as she accidentally hits the ground. Severus chuckled as he offers his hand to her, and she gratefully takes it, her face the color of a tomato. Y/N removes her hand from his grip and looks away.

“Lily, this is Y/N Y/L/N. Y/N, this is Lily Evans.” Severus says, blushing faintly as he says Lily’s name

Y/N smiles shyly at Lily, as Lily smiles broadly and offers her hand.

As Harry watches from a close distance, he realizes that Y/N has been in love with Severus ever since she was a child. Unfortunately, Severus was in love with his mother and was totally oblivious to Y/N’s major crush.

Harry’s vision swirls. Another memory.

Severus is walking around with Y/N at Hogsmeade. He chatters about potions and the Dark Arts. Y/N doesn’t focus on his words, just looks up adoringly at him. She wraps her left arm onto his right deltoid, and hesitates to put her head on his shoulder, but does it anyway.

Severus looks down at her in surprise, but puts his right hand onto her back.

The memory warps into a new one. Y/N walking down some halls with Severus, chatting with him. They’re now older, perhaps the last week of their 6th year. She suddenly stops and looks at him dead in the eye.

“What’s wrong?” Severus asks, putting a large hand on her shoulder, concerned. “Did you forget something?”

“Yeah.. uhm..” Y/N murmurs, rubbing her neck. “I.. uh..”

“Ye-” Y/N cuts him off by pressing her lips to his and caresses his cheek. Severus is clearly shocked, his eyes are as wide as saucers, totally unresponsive to her. She pulls away after a couple of seconds.

“I.. sorry,” Y/N mumbles. She is embarrassed by her actions. Y/N turns bright red, and turns around to not look at the boy. “I had to do that at least once.. I’ll just go now..” And with that, she quickly walks away, with her eyes trained at the floor.

Severus stares after her, still stunned. His shoulders are limp. He leans on a wall, ignoring the looks and whispers that are being thrown at him when people pass by.

The memory changes once again, this time Severus is alone, leaning against a pillar, studying. Occasionally his eyes lift from his book to gaze at a smiling Lily, holding hands with James Potter, or to Y/N, faking a smiling when Sirius tells her a joke.

Under Y/N’s (Y/E/C) eyes, there are dark circles. She’s clearly tired and stressed out. Her hair is limp and dry, from the hair tugging whenever she got too stressed. She looks slightly older. Harry thinks that it’s the middle of their 7th year.

Severus stares longingly after Lily, and then Y/N. Harry watches Severus. He can tell that Severus is confused why Y/N suddenly stopped talking to him after she kissed him.

Y/N looks up from her book and looks at Severus, their eyes meeting for a split second. Sirius turns to see what she’s looking at and snorts when he looks at Severus.

“Now, now, Y/N! Don’t go looking at that rubbish.” Sirius says, kissing her cheek. Y/N turns bright red, and quickly grabs her books and bag, leaving and mumbling something with the lines of “I forgot something in my dorm.”

The memory warps into another. It’s Y/N and Severus in the potions classroom.

“Y/N.. what are the effects of Manger-”

“It causes the hair on the drinker to grow rapidly,” Y/N says boredly, interrupting Severus. “Give me the hard stuff.”

“Alright then, Y/N,” Severus says quietly. “Stand up, and step aside from the desk.”

Y/N does so.

Severus walks slowly towards her, eventually backing her up onto a wall. He puts a hand on the surrounding wall she isn’t touching, effectively locking her in place

“Tell me, dear.. why did you stop talking to me in the seventh year of our schooling?”

“I was.. humiliated. I was hoping that you’d forget, you clearly remembered.”

“Now why would you be humiliated?” Severus murmurs.

Y/N shoves him away. “Because you just stood there like a dumb fool while I put my lips onto yours!” She shouts. Her eyes glisten with tears. “Why wouldn’t I be humiliated?”

She storms off and is nearing the exit when he calls out.

“You’re the potions professor now!”

“Great, now would you bloody leave me alone?!” She yells, throwing a ball of parchment at him, exiting the room.

The Pensieve throws him out, after he sees memories with Severus and Lily in it, alone. No Y/N, just Severus and Lily.

For a moment, Harry lays there, on the ground. He feels guilt for Severus Snape. Treating him so horribly and talking about him behind his back. Harry couldn’t believe that a woman, so in love with Severus, was completely pushed aside. He thought about Professor Y/L/N, feeling sorry for her.

But Harry must trudge on, to avenge Y/N Y/L/N’s, Dumbledore, and his parents deaths.

As for now, perhaps Y/N was the first person to greet Severus into the afterlife.
Can’t help falling in love (part 5)

Summary: The reader has tried continuously to fall out of love with Sam, however just when she thinks that she’s got it under her belt Sam comes waltzing right back into her life again undoing all of the hard work that you’ve worked toward.

A/N: So, fast update on this one huh? I just really wanted to get it out, anyway enjoy!

Warnings: Reader near death experience, more arguments, drowning, I think that’s it for this one. 

Word count: 2800 ish

Sam x Reader

 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

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Chapter five

Your next stop was Iowa, John had left Dean some co-ordinates in his journal you didn’t really get what they meant. Dean had said something about army code but it still didn’t register in your mind so you had just nodded your head and trusted him as you went along for the ride. Your time with Sam however was even more worse than it had been when Sam hit the road with you and Dean again a few months ago. Dean had of course realised that your relationship with Sam had once again crumbled, he chose not to really mention it knowing how it would probably make things worse however that didn’t mean that Dean was less than subtle about hinting.

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i’ve been looking through posts about theon as research for a fic i’m writing, because i haven’t really read asoiaf since i was thirteen or so… and either i’m writing some ridiculous ooc fluff, or some of you have a much darker view of ned stark than i do

(seriously in what universe would ned— the guy who gets killed off at the end of the first book because he’s too morally upstanding to survive in westeros— viciously beat theon on a regular basis while letting his own children run wild??? it’s fucking ned. mr. honor and justice and fairness. i’ve seen like… twenty different people with this same headcanon and it’s driving me up the wall trying to figure it out)
Girlfriend: Dean Winchester

A/N: I just stole Misa from death note XD, so I don’t own any characters or the show (I wish I did, just saying). Please don’t kill me, thanks XD

Main masterlist: X

Tag list: X

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“Thank you for what you did. That was very nice and thoughtful of you.” 
How am I supposed to respond to that?!
“Uh, yeah. Sure.” I mumbled as I walked away from him. As soon as he was out of my sight I went to one corner and I saw my reflection from the glass window that I was as red as a tomato. 

Part Two of the College Library MakoHaru AUMain, Part 1, 2.5, Part 3

I lied. I can’t make it two parts so there will be three parts now. OTL I made the part of them being acquainted in the library too long. Ugh. OTL So part three will be most likely next week again and that’s it! Arrogant Bibliophile Haru is arrogant. I love him. <3

Three Hours In The Library Part Two

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Need to touch you (Make it stop, please... pt. 3)

Author: theweirdymcweirderson

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Original Male Character

Relationships: Dean Winchester×Reader, OMC×Reader (kind of)

Word count: 2984

Warnings: Jealous!Dean, Annoyed!Dean, Awkwardness, Kissing, Light Smut, Needy!Dean *nudge, nudge*, Jerk Ex Boyfriend, Alpha Male Confrontation, Bed Sharing, Touchy!Dean

Summary: While on a case with Dean, Crowley puts a spell on the Reader, where she almost orgasms, but never really reaches that point, so she is left all hot and bothered and frustrated; and the only way to break the spell is by experiencing a real orgasm *nudge, nudge* + imagine whispering in Dean’s ear all the things you’re gonna do to him when you get back to the Bunker.


Your mouth fell open, as you watched him open the fridge to retrieve his pie, ‘God, it’s gonna be a long night…’ You glanced at (Ex/n) to see if he’d noticed your exchange with Dean, and then busied yourself making that coffee, hoping it would take your mind off of Dean.

You handed (Ex/n) his coffee, pouring some to you and Dean too, before you made your way to the table and sat as far away from the green-eyed hunter as possible.

You knew that sitting close to him would make it impossible for you to focus, or keep your hands off of him for that matter. You couldn’t help but let your eyes glance his way every few seconds though, and each time you found him looking back at you.

It was almost as if you were back in high school, stealing glances at the guy you had a crush on, blushing furiously and then looking away, just to do it all over again.

Another thing you knew, was that the only way you had to actually stop this torture, was to find Crowley and that God-damned gem, so that you could head back to the bunker.

You texted Sam, asking him if he’d found anything on where Crowley was hiding, and much to your disappointment he told that there was no sign of him anywhere.

You sighed and grabbed your laptop, if the gem was as powerful as everyone painted it to be in the lore books, then maybe it could have some light effects on the supernatural beings near it, so you began to look for what could be any unusual behaviour for the creatures you hunted.

You were scrolling through some of the latest articles when you got a text.
‘Whatcha doing, sugar?   -Dean’
Your eyes darted up to where he was sitting and you found him smirking at his phone.

'Actually trying to find the gem, handsome! What about you?   -(Y/n)’
This time he turned to look at you as well, his smirk now fully directed your way.

'Thinking about you…   -Dean’
A huge grin appeared on your face, even though you tried to conceal it, as you cheeks flushed red.
'That won’t help us solve the case, Casanova!   -(Y/n)’

You heard him chuckle, and you knew he’d received your answer, which made you smirk too.
'Can’t help it, sweetheart, you’re driving me crazy!   -Dean’

You felt your cheeks redden even more, and you bit down on your bottom lip to stop from smiling more than you already were.
'You look gorgeous when you blush like that, but stop biting that lip of yours, you’re giving me some dirty ideas, baby   -Dean’

This conversation was quickly heading exactly where you didn’t want your mind to go; you took in a deep breath, and went to answer Dean’s text, completely oblivious to the way (Ex/n) was looking at you.

He’d noticed your little game with the elder Winchester, and he wasn’t pleased about it in the slightest. Sure, he was well aware of the fact that you weren’t together anymore, but still he didn’t like what was happening between the two of you.

You and Dean exchanged a few more texts, before that weird feeling of someone staring at you, settled on your body.

Your first instinct was to glance at Dean, but when you found him smiling down at his phone, you redirected your gaze to (Ex/n), and sure enough, he was staring intently at you.

You smiled awkwardly, raising your eyebrow in a silent 'what?’ and he chuckled, “You’re as beautiful as I remembered you being…”

You didn’t expect him to say something like that; he’d never been the type to compliment you, hell, when you were together you used to receive more compliments from demons than him.

“Uh…thanks, I guess” You turned to see if Dean had heard you talking, and found him looking straight at (Ex/n), the look on his face making you think that if looks could kill, your ex would be probably under ground.

You cleared your throat, hoping to shift his attention on you, and it seemed to work cause his shoulders relaxed and his eyes locked on your (e/c) ones.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to wrap up this case and head back home, so what do you say you help me do some research?” You flashed them both a hopeful smile; the one for Dean just a tiny, little bit brighter.

(Ex/n) nodded and started asking you some more information about what kind of object you were looking for, as Dean got up from his seat on the bed and walked up to where you were, sitting right next to you.

After you filled him up on the case, you all went to work; you and Dean looking for more clues about a way to locate the gem, as (Ex/n) called some of his contacts to ask if anyone had heard anything about Crowley.

Half an hour later, you felt a hand squeeze your knee. Now, you wouldn’t have been worried, or bothered, if the hand had been on your left knee, which was the side were Dean was sitting, but being it on your right, you held your breath for a second.

Your eyes darted up towards (Ex/n) and you found him smirking your way, 'Okay, this one’s new. He sure has changed during our time apart…’

You tried to be as subtle as possible in making him understand that what he was doing wasn’t right; you knew that if Dean noticed, (Ex/n) would surely experience everything Dean’d learnt during his time with Alistair.

You slipped your hand under the table and grabbed your ex’, placing it back on his leg as you kept an eye on Dean, just in case he turned to look at you.

As soon as you had removed it from your knee, Dean glanced at you and smiled warmly, “Feeling tired, yet?” You shook your head, smiling at him as well.

“We practically just woke up, Dean!” He stared at you for a while, allowing himself to drink in the sight of you and to bask in your laugh.

“Yeah, but we’ve also done a lot of exercise!” He winked at you and your heart almost stopped, the things he could do to you with just a little gesture were unbelievable.

You couldn’t stop the blush that spread on your cheeks, and you averted your eyes, knowing that keeping eye contact with him would just end up getting you more embarrassed.

Your hand tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, just to do something as you regretted once more your brilliant idea to call (Ex/n).

'I gotta find a way to let him know that I don’t need his help anymore…God, I’m such an idiot when I’m mad!’ You shook your head at yourself, and turned to check what he was doing.

He immediately lifted his head and smiled at you, making your insides turn upside down at the thought of what you were, inevitably, going to have to tell him sooner rather than later.

You forced a smile back at him, and got up from your seat to head to the bathroom, the air in that room was starting to get way too heavy for your liking.

Locking the door behind your back, you allowed yourself to relax for a few seconds, taking in a few deep breaths and closing your eyes; you swallowed and walked to the sink to splash water on your face.

While you were in the bathroom, (Ex/n) sat there staring at Dean with an unamused expression on his face. The green-eyed man tried to keep his cool, knowing you wouldn’t be pleased if he beat your ex.

At first he tried to ignore it, but then it became just too much, “You want something?” (Ex/n) shrugged, going back to reading the file that was in front of him.

“You like her, don’t you?” He was still staring at the file as he spoke, and Dean lifted his gaze to look at him, “What are you talking about?” He knew what he was talking about, but he wanted him to be straight forward with him.

“(Y/n), you like her!” This time (Ex/n)’s gaze locked on the Winchester’s, waiting for his answer, “Whatever made you think that…” Dean chuckled at the alpha male aura radiating off of him, and went back to his research.

“I see the way you look at her, man, it’s the same way I used to look at her” This got Dean rather irritated, “I highly doubt that, 'man’, you see, I would never leave (Y/n) the way you did! So don’t you ever compare your 'feelings’ for her, with mine”

It was (Ex/n)’s turn to chuckle, “She likes you too, you know, well for now at least” He stared at Dean, challenging him at something and Dean couldn’t quite understand what it was, but he knew that only some people could fight him back, and this (Ex/n) guy didn’t seem like one of them.

“Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean…” He scoffed, shaking his head at the man sitting in front of him, “It means, she gonna go back with me, Dean. She always does, always will”

Again, another chuckle and Dean was rapidly getting annoyed with him, “Wouldn’t count on that!” They held each other’s gaze, until they heard the bathroom’s door open and they both turned to look at you.

“You okay, (Y/n)?” (Ex/n) was the first one to speak, and you turned to smile his way, slightly nodding your head before you locked eyes with Dean. You could see he was angry, and you could tell it involved (Ex/n).

“Uh, yeah, yeah! I guess you were right, Dean, I am a little tired, and since I’m obviously the smallest, I’ll be taking the couch. (Ex/n), you can take my bed, the one on the left”

You clapped your hands and went to turn, when Dean stopped you, “No way, sweetheart! You take my bed and I’ll take the couch, not tired anyway”

You were about to protest when Dean shut you up with a playful glare, that you knew meant he wasn’t having a 'no’ for an answer. You nodded and walked past him to reach the bed; his hand finding the small of your back.

You sighed, wanting nothing else but to feel his hands all over your body once more, and grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt you could sleep in, before you made your way to the bathroom to change.

When you walked back in the room, you found the lights off and both men in their respective places; you walked towards Dean and crouched in front of him, “You sure you’re comfortable like this? I don’t mind sleeping on the couch!”

“I’m fine, sweetheart, go get some rest” He pressed a kiss to your forehead, before he urged you again to go to your bed. You slipped under the covers and smiled when you noticed the pillow still smelled like Dean.

You didn’t know how much time had passed, but after a while of fantasising about Dean, you could hear some light snores coming from (Ex/n)’s bed, and you sighed, wondering if Dean was asleep as well.

A few seconds later your phone buzzed, and you unlocked it to find a text from him, as if he’d been reading your thoughts, 'You asleep, babe?   -Dean’ You smiled, and were about to type back your answer, when you received another text.

'Just realize that if you are asleep, you won’t be answering any of my texts!   -Dean’ You bit down on your lip to stop yourself from giggling, 'Well then, lucky you I can’t sleep.   -(Y/n)’

'Why? What’s wrong?   -Dean’ You shifted, trying to get a little more comfortable, and then answered him, 'Nothing…just not sleepy, I guess…   -(Y/n)’

'You want some company in there, sweetheart?   -Dean’ You bit down on your lip again, this time feeling excitement pulling your stomach in knots, 'I wish!   -(Y/n)’

You let your eyes close for a second as you waited for his answer, and ended up opening them in shock as you felt someone pulling back the covers on your bed.

You locked eyes with Dean, who had a big, boyish grin on his face as he wiggled his eyebrows and slipped under the covers with you.

“Dean! What are you doing?” You kept your voice as low as possible, still trying to make it sound as a scold as you suppressed your giggle, “Missed my girl, thought I’d keep her some company!”

You melted under the covers at the wink he sent you, and made room for him to get more comfortable. You lay facing each other; one of his arms under his head and the other on your waist.

“He could wake up and find us here…You’re such a bad, bad boy, Dean!” A smug grin appeared on his luscious lips and he leaned a little closer to you.

“Oh, but you like me being a bad boy, don’t you, princess?” He chuckled low and deep, and you bit down on your lip, unable to tear your gaze away from his, “I like you, period.”

His demeanor changed after you spoke, his eyes glanced down at your lips, and the hand that was on your waist pulled you closer to him; his lips parting slightly as he locked eyes with you again in a silent question.

As an answer, you pressed your lips to his, your hands threading through his soft hair, while his hooked your leg onto his hip. You kissed for a while, before you had to pull back for air.

He nuzzled your neck and started peppering kisses along the expanse of it, until you pulled his face back up to feel his lips on yours once more.

You felt him smile in the kiss, and then his tongue was licking across your bottom lip asking for entrance that you gladly granted. Your tongues lazily tangled together; your hands exploring each other’s bodies.

You sucked on his tongue, before you pulled his bottom lip between your teeth and he groaned, placing his hand on your ass and giving it a nice, firm squeeze.

Your hands tugged on his hair when you needed oxygen again and he pulled back, staring down at you, “Why do you have to breathe so much?” A smile played on his lips, and you chuckled.

“Sorry if I don’t want us to die from asphyxiation, Dean” He nuzzled your neck, placing a lingering kiss on it, “Uhm, would still be a great way to go”

You playfully pushed him away from you, just to wrap your arms back around his neck and lay your head on his chest, “This is nice”

He grinned down at you, one of his arms around your back, while his other arm settled across your waist, “What? You using me as your mattress?” You heard the smile in his voice, and you slapped his chest.

“Shut up, you love it!” His chest shook with his soft laugh, and you smiled, “I was talking about you and I, relaxing in bed like this” You shifted until you could lock eyes with him.

“Yeah, with your ex sleeping in the other bed…” You rolled your eyes at him, knowing that he wasn’t thrilled about your current situation but it wasn’t like you were enjoying it.

“Dean, I’ve alrea-” He cut you off before you could apologize again, “I didn’t mean it like that! Next time it’s gonna be Sam sleeping in the next bed, or Cas…there’s always gonna be someone unless we’re at the bunker”

“We could always book a room for ourselves” You wiggled your eyebrows at him, and he smirked, ducking his head to peck your lips, “I like how you think, woman!”

You giggled, resting your head back on his chest, as he tightened his hold on you and you stayed like that for a while, just enjoying each other’s company.

Your fingers drew some random patterns on his chest, while his rubbed on your lower back, until he began to trail his fingers up and down your leg, “Dean? What are you doing?”

“Mmmhm, just caressing you, why?” His forefinger hooked in the waist of your pants, and you brought your hand on his to stop him, “Uh-uh…not happening, Dean! (Ex/n) is lying right there! What if he wakes up?”

He licked his lips, and ducked his head until his breath was fanning across your neck, making you shiver, “He won’t wake up if you keep it down, sweetheart” You swallowed, loosening your grip on him.

“I can’t…” You whispered the words, and he pulled back to lock his eyes on yours, “What was that?” You averted your gaze, feeling your cheeks burn with embarrassment.

“I can’t k-keep it down…if you-uh, if you touch me like that” Even in the poorly lit room, you could see how his pupils blew wide, swallowing the pretty green on his irises.

“Fuck, (Y/n)! I’ ll help you keep it down, just…” His eyes darted down, almost as he could see through the covers when his hand slipped into your panties, and he bit down on his bottom lip, fighting back the groan he felt rising in his chest.

“…please, I need to touch you, babe!” Before you could answer though, Dean flicked his middle finger on your clit, and you bucked your hips towards him, closing your eyes at the feeling and making him smile as he knew you wouldn’t say 'no’ to him.

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Dating Sammy would include?

  • being told to go to bed while he stays up all night to do research
  • feeling him crawl into bed and drape his arms around you at 6am after said research night
  • snide remarks from Dean anytime you two show affection
  • R O U G H  S E X
  • but also gentle sex
  • he’s one of those guys that can do both
  • oh right and shower sex. sammy likes shower sex
  • getting hugged so tight you feel like you might die, after he comes back from a hunt
  • because chances are that idiot almost got himself killed and all he could think about was that he’d never see you again
  • he will, of course, insist you get an anti-possession tattoo 
  • and he’ll hold your hand the whole time
  • being the only light he has in a life full of darkness
  • he’ll sacrifice himself for you at least twice
  • because he loves you so fucking much
  • but don’t worry he’ll always come back becasue Winchesters don’t die
Apple Pie Life

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Dean, Sam
Words: 1258
@12-kay-kit-kat  @just-a-touch-of-crowley

This is Part Nine of the “Archangel Soulmate” series.
Part One - Winged At Birth
Part Two - Being A Soulmate Is Hard
Part Three - Hold My Hand Forever
Part Four - Never Trusted Anyone
Part Five - Brother From Hell
Part Six - The End Of Forever
Part Seven - My Boyfriend’s Back
Part Eight - Vacation With An Archangel

Originally posted by bandss-and-youtuberss

           You woke up to the sunlight coming in through the window of your new bedroom. You still couldn’t believe that you and Gabriel had bought a house together. You couldn’t believe that you were technically out of the hunting life. You couldn’t believe you were finally going to have a “normal” life.

           You stood up from the bed, went to the bathroom, and then went looking for Gabriel throughout the house.

           You found him in the spare bedroom, going through some pictures you had brought with you from the storage building you had been renting for a long time when you were on the road with the guys.

           “What are you doing?” you asked, leaning against the door facing. You could tell that he had been unpacking while you had been sleeping. The perks of being an archangel was he didn’t sleep, so he could get plenty done.

           “I thought I’d get some of your stuff out so this felt like home. And I found your pictures. I hope you don’t mind me looking through them.”

           You shook your head, “I don’t mind at all.”

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

‘(Y/N) I really don’t want to do this.’ Stiles said once again.

He had said every time a pack member showed up at his house for the “Meeting” his A.G.A had called. Not Pack Meeting just a meeting in which most of the attendants are in a pack.

Stiles I know you don’t, but its what’s good for you. They make you hurt, and until they know that they are going to keep hurting you. (Y/N) communicated telepathically.

‘Stilinski why are we here?’ Jackson sighed.

‘Because Stiles has something to tell you, and unless you want to be smited you will listen.’ the angel warned.

‘Smited?’ Allison asked.

‘Angelically killed.’ Lydia explained.

‘Well then what is it and why couldn’t we do this at the loft?’ Derek asked.

‘Why so eager to leave? Not comfortable being in the Sheriff’s house, you know, since he arrested you. Several times.’ Isaac teased.

‘Shut it.’ Derek glared.

‘Can you please tell us what you need to so I can leave? I have better things to do than sit here wasting my time on you.’ Jackson snarked.

‘Watch it pup.’ (Y/N) glared.

‘You know what you guys can just leave.This whole thing is stupid, and I don’t need any help dealing with it. I’ll handle by myself like always. Everyone go home, sorry for wasting your time,’ Stiles mumbled with his head down.

‘What?! Stiles no.’ (Y/N) opposed.

‘Really (Y/N) its OK, I can handle it myself like always. They don’t need to know about any of it.’ Stiles insisted.

‘The way you were handling things before is why I’m here in the first place! Stiles they need to know or things are going to get worse!’ (Y/N) yelled.

‘Stiles what’s going on? Is something here for you? Is it dangerous? Stiles if something is happening then you have to tell us so we can help. Its not fair for you to keep information for us.’ Scott lectured.

‘Fair?’ Stiles’ eyes narrowed.

‘Fair, what the hell does anyone in this room know about fair?’ Stiles glared.

‘Stiles, what are you talking about?’ Scott asked in confusion.

‘Stiles just got his face bashed in by Gerard, but poor Scott and Allison have broken up. Stiles had two hours of sleep this week trying to research Kanimas, but poor adopted by rich parents that love and spoil him Jackson. Stiles doesn’t trust Matt, but that’s just him being crazy. Do you see the pattern there Scott?’ Stiles ranted while flailing his arms.

‘Stiles-’ Scott tried but Stiles cut him off.

‘It’s not fair! But no one cares about what I might be going through! Nobody even thinks about me! But instead of complain and just leave like anyone with common sense would I stay. You know why because at the end of the day AAALLL of this crap is my fault! All of it!’ Stiles yelled.

Everyone was stunned into silence, all shocked by the spastic human’s outburst.

‘If I hadn’t dragged Scott into the woods looking for a dead body everything would OK and Derek could deal with all this werewolf shit by his damn self!’

‘Where is all this coming from man? You were fine yesterday.’ Scott said.

‘No, no I wasn’t Scott, but you wouldn’t know since you were so stuck in Allison’s ass. Scott yesterday I was going die, and none of you would have known or cared.’ Stiles said with watering eyes.

(Y/N) watched as everyone’s eyes widened and jaws dropped.

‘What?! Stiles what happened? Did something attack you?’ Derek asked.

‘Yeah, you guys, the pack. You guys have been attacking from day one, because I’m human. It wasn’t some monster or some killer that almost killed me, it was you. You guys make me feel so bad and so useless that I started think I really didn’t need to be here anymore. I mean anyone can do research right, and that’s all I’m good for.’ Stiles confessed.

‘This is where I come in, for the time being none of you can have any contact with Stiles. No talking, no texting or emails, Morse code or anything like it under any circumstances. That means if a new monster shows up you guys do the research. If Scott needs help or advice then he calls someone else.’ (Y/N) said, leaving no room for argument.

‘Stiles, why didn’t you tell me?’ Scott asked, sounding hurt.

‘I shouldn’t have had to. Even without werewolf powers I could always tell when something was wrong with you, and once upon a time you could do the same for me. Even if I had told you I don’t think you would have helped Scott, you’d have canceled because Allison made an appointment to have you neutered. OK everyone out, get on with you more important than mine lives.’ Stiles said sadly before heading upstairs.

The room was quiet and awkward, no one knowing what to do.

‘I think you should all leave now, Stiles needs me right now.’ the angel said.

Everyone got up and left until it was just you and Scott.

‘Scott leave, I know this doesn’t make you feel better but I think you hurt him the most.’ (Y/N) said honestly.

‘I know, just…just take care of him. Help him, and tell him I’m sorry.’ Scott said with his head hung in shame before leaving.

It was sad for everyone, and the Assigned Guardian hated it, but it had to be done. If it wasn’t Stiles would have never got better, so she had to strip him down to nothing so she build him up again.

Highlights from the Raphael Sbarge Panel at Creation NJ.

  • What is Archie been doing?  “What has Archie been doing… What has Archie been doing… a whole bunch of other things.  You know he’s got a big client list… and you know he’s not allowed to talk about his clients.  Archie’s been doing other things basically.  You know I get emailed or tweeted essentially probably 30-40 times a day about where the heck is Archie and I don’t have an answer!  I just want to say I love being here.  I love being part of the show.”
  • On being recognized on the street.  “I get all sorts of responses….” *followed by him imitating incoherent flailing* “It’s me!  Sometimes people just throw their arms around me.  Which is weird and random on the subway.  I get various responses.  Which is lovely.  I feel mostly very warm responses.  Which is sweet.  I’ve mostly gotten used to it.  What people do and what people say is how much the character means to them, and how much Jiminy Cricket means to them.  And how much they were touched in their heart by this character which means a lot to me.”
  • (Unheard question).  “Yes I kept thinking I had enormous job security as a therapist in Storybrooke.”
  • “I saw it was Jared’s birthday the other day and I felt sort of amazed.  I’ve watched him grow up from the early days of sitting in therapy with Henry.”
  • “What’s really cool about Pongo is that he’s actually the agility champion of Canada.  Which is an enormous distinction.  One of the strongest animals besides a horse I’ve ever met.  When they yell cut you just go ‘urghg’…” *imitating lurching forward* “I learned to preserve my neck to let go of the leash he’s so strong.  He’s a beautiful dog.  I think they wanted to create this … he’s so pretty.  He’s really a beautiful dog.  I’m very proud of Pongo.  Though I approach gently…”
  • Question:  One of my favorite parts of the series is when bravery comes in different forms and to me one of the most brave things I saw anyone ever do was Archie go to the Evil Queen in early season 2 and ask her if she wanted to talk about her pain.  What were Archie’s motivations for going to this very scary woman who had been part of his life as a very scary person, what made him do that? - “Yeah… the thing that is so thoughtful about this show is the heroes journeys and the call to find the strength.  I feel like his entire motive for trying to help Regina was about trying to help Henry.  Trying to help her get back to the better angels of her nature so that she would consider those around her and be better.  I think he also saw that there was a good person in there.  What I think Lana does brilliantly is show that this is a woman who is not just an Evil Queen she’s got so much more.  She’s got a kaleidoscope of emotions and feelings.  We go from rooting for her and hating her and loving her.  That’s what she does.  But again I think he was trying to reach to her, to speak to that good part in her and try to elevate that.”
  • What did you like best about your character?  “I loved the therapy.  I loved my relationship with Henry.  I loved that I was sort of… especially in those early seasons… like a second dad for him even though he has two moms.”  An extended talk about how much he loves the cast.  “I loved being part of a show with such a big heart.  I love that people come up to me and say my whole family watches the show:  my grandmother and my kids, my wife and I sit down and we all love the show.  That’s an amazing thing to be a part of.  I work a lot.  I’m on another show now.  I do a lot of film and television but this is the story that I feel apart of….”
  • His Murder in the First character “couldn’t be too much farther from Archie…” but that he has a bit of a conscious and maybe those qualities follow you as an actor.
  • “When I first read the script [of the pilot] I said this is unbelievable!  But oh no they’re going to mess it up.  It’s too good how are they going to do this?” But that once they saw the finished pilot it was so much better than he’d imagined.  “The amazing thing is that we get messages from all over the world.  Some American content does not travel.  Meaning that it does not necessarily play well in other countries.  I’m astonished, from Russia to Japan to China to Ireland, England, South America, Norway, I mean everywhere this show plays so well.  It’s been an incredible ride.”
  • About playing both Archie and the Cricket:  “You know the cricket is actually as you know CGI and done in after effects.  I’m essentially a voice actor at that point and that’s fun.  But I also like being on set.  So it’s just different.  I have a career voicing video games, I don’t know if they knew that when they cast me but it’s fun playing a part that also has a voice over aspect to it.  I’ve enjoyed that a lot.  I know that they’ve flirted with having him in and out and me not voicing it.  It’s utterly delightful to go back and forth.”
  • Is it weird to see yourself as a cricket?  “It’s totally weird to see yourself as a cricket.”
  • About being a child actor on Sesame Street:  “I was living on the lower east side back in the late sixties.  And one of my mother’s friends said they’re starting this new show and they need kids do you want to be on the show.  I don’t remember this because I was four.  But apparently they approached my mom.  My mother was a costume designer in the theater.  She’s done 20 shows on Broadway and been a professor at Yale and is really a very accomplished designer.  And we were living in a commune on the lower East Side in the sixties.  And I guess kind of on a lark … it was being shot down town and I went over and did a few.  And then I did a few more.  And then apparently they offered me a contract to do a bunch of them and my mother said no because she didn’t want to be a stage mother and she also felt she wanted it to be my choice later on.  It’s a hard road being an actor and she didn’t want to thrust me on that without me being aware of it.  And I thought that was thoughtful.  And based on someone who was in the business.  But I remember distinctly meeting Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch in his trash can and I was amazed because they seemed so real to me.  I mean how … wow… the puppeteering was so amazing.  And Mr. Hooper… [crowd reacts and claps] … he and I sat on a donkey and he and I talked about the difference between donkeys and horses.  So I would give anything to see that again.  I guess they have it out now … I guess they’ve released the seasons.  A friend of mine is producing a documentary about Sesame Street… and I know now it’s on HBO… it’s such a wonderful thing to remember.  I remember vividly being on Sesame Street.”
  • How did Archie come to marry Rumple and Belle, did Mr. Gold go at him with a cane or did he feel like he owed Belle for saving his life?  “It was very powerful being there that day.  It was in the middle of this forest, this beautiful rain forest in Vancouver.  We have access to these forests that regular people can’t get in.  You need special permits … breathtaking.  Under this incredible canape of trees… with these lost mine paths… just lit up.  The trees all lit up with moonlight.  A moonlight serenade.  I had very little to do right… so I had to just stand there and bare witness.  I remember being off camera crying.  I was so touched by their work.  It was like being able to go up and watch two stunningly beautiful actors really connect.  It was really something.”
  • He loved that Archie was there (at the Rumbelle wedding) because it seemed that Archie represents hope and trying to do good and trying to do the right thing.  “We felt like for that moment everything would really turn out alright.”
  • On playing a killer on Criminal Minds:  “I remember when that came out.  It was not long after I’d been on Once Upon a Time and I got a lot of ‘AHHHH ARCHIE’S KILLING PEOPLE!’  Those parts are really fun to do, the juicy bad guys.  As Lana will tell you those are the best parts.  They’re the best parts.”
  • About doing research on being a psychiatrist:  “I did years and years of research.  Years and years and years.  I’ve been in therapy and it’s wildly helpful.”  Playing a teacher or a therapist is a great honor.
  • Who needs some therapy with Archie?  Fan:  A lot of people on the show are really messed up… (he agrees).
  • Memories of being in Risky Business:  He was 18 and just graduated high school.  “That guy Tom …. what happened to him?”  
  • “They wrote the most sad backstory in the first season for Jiminy Cricket.  He didn’t just wake up one day to be the poster child for Have a Conscious.  He actually with the dolls, with his story, he came to his conscious for having done the wrong thing for so long that he finally decided to devote his life to something else.  It still moves me.”
  • What advise would Archie give Henry about being the Author:  “With great power comes great responsibility.” 
  • If Archie was talking to Regina now, how would he respond to her growth?  “Woo Girl.” [Crowd laughter]  “Lana is a rock star.  I mean it.  And what she gets to do is really … I mean the full spectrum of good and bad and you love her and you hate her and you love to hate her.  And you always love her.  She makes it looks easy.  She’s just a consummate actor.  I …  it’s a big step to step into a therapists office and to ask advise and to let your guard down and to reach out for help.  Maybe at some point that opportunity will come.  I would love that.”
  • Favorite Disney parks attraction:  Space Mountain.
  • Favorite Season:  I’m partial to the first season because I had more to do in it.

nothingtoseeherejustmovealong  asked:

Prompt: Sterek, #3 and #25 (I will also choose Alive Hales for any and all situations, if given the option.)

Operation: Chick Flick. Derek/Stiles. Teen.

“Do you want to tell me what’s got your undies in a bunch or am I supposed to pretend you’re just fine?”

“My underwear isn’t in a bunch,” Derek mutters, giving Stiles an annoyed look before he shoves a handful of fries into his mouth.

“So we’re going with the pretending then.” Stiles rolls his eyes as he takes a bite of his burger. “You aren’t very good at faking it, you realize?”

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You’re Related?! (Bucky x Granddaughter!Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Bucky Barnes

Persona: Female

Word Count: 729

Warning: Swearing

Request: Can you write a reader insert where you are Bucky’s granddaughter (that he didn’t know he had before the HYDRA mess/Steve being frozen mess) and you go to meet him because your parent tells you the truth. When you get there some of the avengers are flirting with you (Tony and Thor or Loki maybe) but you get frustrated and blurt out that you’re Bucky’s granddaughter? Thanks! I just randomly thought of this and thought you guys would be the perfect writers! 

A/N - This is for koehlerhwu, enjoy! <3

Nobody knew why you were here, surprisingly no one questioned it either. According to Tony, it wasn’t everyday that “A smokin’ hot chick” entered the Avenger’s Tower and that made you an acceptation. 

A couple of months ago your parents confessed something to you: You were the granddaughter of the infamous Winter Soldier. 

You weren’t sure how to feel at first, sure he had killed thousands of people, even though that couldn’t be excused, it wasn’t his fault. Doing some research on the assassin, you found out he had no one apart from Steve Rogers and although your parents wanted nothing to do with him, you were determined not to let you granddad be alone.

It took a while for Shield to actually take you serious, and even longer for Steve to be convinced you really were family. All kinds of tests had been done to check you were who you said you were, once you passed Captain America was ecstatic with joy. He really hoped you could help settle Bucky in.

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Guilty part 2

Author: perksofbeingabrianna

Original Request: Sequel to “Guilty” http://perksofbeingabrianna.tumblr.com/post/103446795109/guilty

Warnings: Some cursing, references to sex (sorta), reader is not straight (sorry but it works in the story)

Word Count: 710

Link to fic/fic: 

(A/N: Sorry if there are any annoying typos. I’m writing this while sick, so yea. Sorry. If you see one, please let me know so I can go fix it. Thank you.)

You laughed nervously. 

“Sammy? Is that really necessary? I mean, I’m still the same Y/N you know and love. I was just a demon the entire time.”


“Oh, come on, Sam, do we really need to drag Dean into this?”

The look in his eyes made you rethink your strategy. 

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Jack Gilinsky Imagine: New Girl

Part 1: http://5secsofviners.tumblr.com/post/109147392689/jack-gilinsky-imagine

I walked into Jack’s house after school to get started on our project. But it seems that Jack had a different idea as he just plopped down on the couch and began to order a pizza, implying that I wasn’t leaving anytime soon. After he was done he signaled me to sit down. “I never did catch your name, baby.” He said. I rolled my eyes. “Y/N. And I’m not your ‘baby’. You’ve got a whole town of girls for that.” I said. “But I don’t want those girls. I want you.” He said, staring me down. I felt shivers run down my spine. “Why? Already fucked the others? Know which pussy is better than the others but now you’re getting bored of them?” I asked sassily. Jack sighed. “No. In fact, I’m a virgin.” He said. My eyes widened with surprise. “Wait, what?” I asked. “Gotcha. Just wanted to get you back for what you did to me last Friday at the mall.” He said, laughing. “You’re such a child.” I scoffed. “Alright miss negative, let’s get started on this project.” He said, pulling out his computer. “Which serial killer are we studying?” He asked me. “I was thinking either Ted Bundy or the BTK Killer.” I said. “Why not the Zodiac Killer?” Jack asked. “Cause he/she was never caught so they would be hard to study.” I replied. Jack pondered his options before replying with Ted Bundy. We began our research, starting with his background and then found the names of the girls that he killed that they know of. The doorbell rang, signaling the pizza was here and Jack got up to pay for it. He returned with a large pepperoni pizza and cheesy breadsticks from Dominos. We decided to take a dinner break instead of eating while researching to keep from getting our computers dirty. “Why do you hate me?” Jack asked out of nowhere. “Hate isn’t the word I would use. I just don’t trust you. I’ve dated guys like you before you all suck.” I said back to him. Jack slowly nodded his head before he took another bite out of his pizza. “What can I do for you to trust me?” He asked. “You have to earn it. Prove to me that you’re not an asshole.” I said back to him. “Challenge accepted.” He replied. I smiled at his response. “You’ve got a really beautiful smile, Y/N. I wish you would let me see it more instead of just your eyes rolling with annoyance.” He to me. I didn’t have a response. I could hit him with some sassy remark, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment we were having, so I just sat there holding my pizza and looking at my lap. The silence grew more awkward until the door flew open and in rolled 3 guys that I had seen sitting with Jack during the rap off in English. “Hey guys! What are you doing here?” Jack asked. “We always come to your house on Mondays, remember? Monday is you, Tuesday is mine, Wednesday is Sam, Thursday is Nate and then Friday we go to parties and crash at whoever lives the closest’s place.” A short blonde kid with blue eyes said. “Right, I completely forgot. Me and Y/N have a project together do Thursday so I probably won’t be able to hang much this week. Don’t wanna start off the year badly.” Jack said to them. “Hey, aren’t you the girl who blew him off at the mall on Friday?” One of them said. I slowly nodded my head before Jack threw a pillow at them. “She did not blow me off, I distinctly remember her saying she had to go home.” Jack said, making me giggle. “He’s not used to rejection, as you can tell.” The blonde one said. “I’m Sam by the way. We have Math Phycology and English together.” The one who made the remark about me blowing Jack off said. “I’m Nate. We have Latin, English and Chemistry together.” The one who hadn’t spoken said. “And I’m also a Jack. We usually just go by our last names though. So you can call me Johnson.” The blonde one said. I waved to the boys and said hello to them. “We can come back later when you’re gone, if you want us too.” Sam said.
Jack and I said at the same time. We both looked at each other and he raised an eyebrow. “I should get going anyway. It’s getting late and and I have more work to do.” I said, standing up and grabbing my stuff. “It was nice meeting you all.” I said as I walked out the door and got in my car.

-The Next Day-

I had math first which sucked, but at least I know somebody in my class now. I walked in and sat next to Sam. He smiled at me as pulled my books out. “Hey, I know you think Gilinsky’s a player and all, but I’ve seen that guy in many relationships. He’s a great guy and really has loved all those girls and treated them like princesses. They just cheated on him. He told us what you thought about him and I just wanted you to know that you’re very mistaken.” Sam whispered to me as the class started. I looked over at him and he gave me a reassuring smile. “I just don’t wanna get hurt again.” I whispered back to him. “You won’t. I can already tell he’s starting to fall for you. He not used to having girls not like him. But he really is a great guy.” Sam said to me. I nodded my head before turning my attention back to the teacher. Sam and I walked out of class together side by side discussing the homework. He didn’t quite understand the lesson so I was explaining it to him as we walked to our lockers that just happened to be next to each other. We hadn’t noticed yesterday cause we were just never there at the same time. “So it’s really that simple? I feel like there’s something more to it that I’m missing out on.” Sam said. “Yeah, that’s really all you do.” I said to him. Sam nodded his head and closed his book and put it in his locker. “Simple enough. Ugh we have English next.” Sam whined. I giggled and put my English binder and copy of To Kill A Mockingbird in my backpack before shutting my locker. “English is so easy, though!” I said. “Yeah, but it’s boring.” Sam said to me. I giggled in agreement as we walked into class. Jack was sitting in one seat and had his backpack in another, reserving it for someone. Sam sat next to Nate and when Jack saw me, he picked his backpack up and motioned for me to sit next to him. I tried not to blush as I took my seat next to him. “Hi, beautiful.” He said, smiling at me. I gave him a small smile in return before class began. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Sam smirking at me as he pointing his fingers at me and Gilinsky. I laughed and rolled my eyes before turning my attention back to the class. “Are you gonna come by my place again after school today?” Jack whispered to me. “Yeah, if it’s okay.” I replied. “It is. We’ll meet there at 4:00 again?” He whispered back. I nodded my head. He smiled and went back to listening to the teacher ramble on about the book.


Sorry this is a pretty boring chapter but I wanted to get Y/N’s friendship with Sam rolling😂😂 I’ll try to update again on Wednesday but is still haven’t decided if I want to make this a Fan fic yet or not. Please message me if you want it to be or I’ll just make like 2 more parts and be done cause I don’t wanna keep making parts of no one wants me to.

Reminder that there is a difference between protesting and rioting. Protesting is backed by the first amendment, rioting is not and should not. The problem with rioting is the fact that in order for someone to riot, something must break or someone must get hurt. I get everyone’s up in arms today and I understand why, but harming people and vandalism is not okay. Also, you can’t spread love through hate.

If you’re going to protest, protest. Be creative. Be loud. Be a force to be reckoned with. Just don’t riot. If you wreck a government building, tax dollars will fix your damage. If you injure or kill one person, you hurt their loved ones too. If you break the windows of a small business, you’ve wrecked that business’s finances. All actions have consequences and I’m sure nobody here actually wants to harm someone.

Also, I would suggest laying off threatening the life of our president or vice president, that could be considered terrorism or treason.

And remember to do your research guys. Your words mean nothing if  you don’t know what you’re talking about. Look up his 100 days plan. It’ll give you an idea of what he’s fixing to do these next three months.

Everyone Has Their Secrets

Original Request: Can you write one where the reader is part of the illuminati and dean and sam are out to find her because of some stuff. Dean soon falls inlove with her because she is the girl version of him but with a bit more sass

Word Count: 1254

Summary: Dean and Sam have been tailing a member of a secret society for over a month but she caught on and now wants to set the record straight.

A/N: I didn’t specifically call out an illuminati or anything. Just kind of looked a few secret societies up and worked something out. I hope this is okay.

UPDATE! I wrote a Part 2- The Bloodlines


“Dean, Dean, Dean.” You scoffed at the man tied in the chair in front of you. “Should have let it go.”

You sat cross legged on a desk, leaning on one palm while the other played with Dean’s knife you had confiscated.

“Go to hell.” He spat and wriggled against his restraints again.

“That’s what you Winchesters do. Not me.” You laughed and stood up. “Look, pal. I’m not looking for a fight.”

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