would it be a lie to say i don't really like him

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Anakin is the type of person to go "to want to have sex with me and I love you so you can have sex with me even thought I've very nervous and wouldn't mind waiting" while Padme is the type of person to notice this and go "no you don't owe me sex"

Oh yeah I agree totally. 

The problem is though, if this is relatively early in their relationship Padme doesn’t know Anakin’s tells. They haven’t seen each other in years and often something like nervousness can be expressed very differently in people. Also if Anakin’s a virgin or generally inexperienced he can just say that any cues she’s picking up off him are because of that and not because he doesn’t want to do it. And he doesn’t want to disappoint her by telling her he wants to wait. Basically he’d lie and until she managed to cue in to some signal that he doesn’t really want to (or just the culmination of a few of them) would keep going because he keeps telling her it’s okay. 

Once she did notice she’s back the fuck off. Like I said, Padme isn’t actually the sort of person who would consciously coerce a person into sex - she just isn’t entirely aware of the sorts of things that might coerce a person into consenting when they really aren’t.